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The empire has turned into the land of the undead due to a spell gone wrong. God summoned heroes from countless worlds to purify the empire and plant new hope. Lee Shin Woo, an ordinary earthling, was also summoned. As an undead, that is.

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Don't Shoot, I'm an Ally!
쏘지 마라 아군이다 !
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BigBadBoi rated it
October 20, 2018
Status: c40 part3
This is a Toika novel, so expect the fourth wall breaking and skeleton jokes. This is like a VRMMO novel with the grinding and stuff at the start, but it will probably stop or lessen at the middle parts. Everyone expects it to suddenly at the end the MC killing the last boss like a tr*sh mob, probably.

Toika really wants to make a novel without a harem (but forced by fans to do it anyways) so he probably made the MC a skeleton and I envision him laughing like a... more>> villain saying "NOW NOTHING CAN STOP ME FROM MAKING A NOVEL WITHOUT A HAREM"

I pray to whatever deities out there that he succeeds.

C40 part3

Mission failed, we'll get em' next time. Can we get an F for Toika who was dragged by the Korean mob to the dark path? <<less
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hawlol rated it
October 18, 2018
Status: c5
Sorry to be the guy that shits on the new novel but, for these 25 chapters (each 'part' is as long as a normal chapter) I've felt like I was reading a videogame log.

To be more specific, a MMORPG log.

The MC transmigrates as a skeleton hero to purge the undead and so far he just kills monsters, gains skills and stats. The skill list gets longer until you're just bored to read everything once the status screen shows up.

Stats are also just numbers that mean very little to the story,... more>> serving only to compare the MC strength with that of the next monsters. There is no story so far and also no characters. His only interactions are with some other heroes in a chat ability he gets, but even that is quite mild. Just a bunch of random people talking in a chat about levels, quests and itens. The only difference with a common MMO chat is the lack of spammers selling and buying game currency.

The translation is great as most novels in wuxiaworld are, but unfortunately I can't recommend this, unless you enjoy reading about a skeleton mindless killing mindless monster mobs and getting their skills with endless repetition.

But hey, a lot of people love "Kumu Desu ga, Nani Ka" while I find it boring and repetitive, so maybe you'll like this too, which is, in my opinion, very similar. <<less
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Trent rated it
October 18, 2018
Status: c5 part5
AKA Grim Reaper: Origins

Toy Car's usual genre-savvy protagonist meets Brook the Straw Hat, complete with all the skull jokes. Really, if you at any point liked the author's other stories, you'll probably like this one. It's exciting and well-paced so far, at least, though our sketagonist's getting stronger quickly, so hopefully it'll still be interesting when he's powerful.

Plus, since he's a skeleton, we definitely don't have to deal with a harem strangling the action/adventure and turning this into a rom-com. Definitely not. I hope.... good gods, I hope, because this'll... more>> just get weird if it does. <<less
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Liron rated it
April 3, 2019
Status: c25 part2
Utter disappointment. Is this really the same guy that wrote Everyone Else is a Returnee?

ZERO character development.

ZERO plot.

... more>> ZERO interesting characters.

ALL of the nonsense and pacing issues.

ALL of the numbers rising at an exponential level.

Seriously, what the f*ck did I just read? For those that read EER, imagine that story (300+ chapters) condensed in only 80 chapters minus the fun and quirky characters. That was my experience so far.

Supermegahyper OP equipment comes and goes every two chapters for something even more OP.

MC somehow is a genius of magic, and all he did to show that was focus and manipulate mana in a slightly different way. Twice. In the entire novel.

The pacing is jarring to say the least. MC visited a few areas at this point, but with no world building whatsoever it makes no difference. One chapter he is at the sewers, the other he is at some forest that was introduced the very same chapter and only now we get to hear why the forest is important or how that one race that was also introduced on the fly is a important part of the world and also under extreme risk now. Thank god MC is there to save the day.

This is seriously one of the worst novels I have ever read. No world building (which includes no proper description of any area). Sewers are described as... sewers. One word. That is seriously all you will get. Figure yourself how the f*ck that place was supposed to look like or what is happening around the MC besides some monsters (that are also not described) attacking him.

I have no investment in the characters, I have no idea where the MC is, where is he going, what he wants to do or why. Who is he? What did he do before being summoned? How does that affect his mindset? If any of those themes were touched, it was for one paragraph tops.

This novel is a hard drop. It is really f*cking bad. As flawed as EER might be, I still like it, so I don't need a masterpiece to have fun while reading. Nevertheless, this novel bored me out of my mind. I am even starting to get angry at it. It is like the author regressed into a complete amateur overnight. My disappointment is immeasurable.

In the end, this novel is all about numbers rising. It is all about the 'tell' instead of the 'show'. MC is now super op, and we know it because we are told so, instead of being shown with proper actions on his part and creativity on the author's part. A f*cking disgrace. I seriously don't know how this is rated 4.2.

It only gets a 1 star because 0 is not an option. <<less
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crazykat rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: c8 part3
It was really good in the beginning, with a really strong start, but as the story progressed I found it to be a bit boring and predictable. Everything becomes really repetitive. Hero kills something, gains new skill, and this repeats with every enemy he meets. There is no goal in sight, its just a mindless power up with no real adversary. As soon as he starts a fight you already know he will most likely win the fight and gain a new skill at the end of the "struggle". Its... more>> just rinse and repeat. At the current chapter, MC already has a wall of text filled with skills.. And it just keeps increasing.

The only saving grace and the thing that kept me going were the witty remarks which are made occasionally by the MC, which I must admit are quite fun to read from time to time. All in all its a decent novel to pass some time with as long as you dont think too much about the story. My rating for the novel so far:

Translator: 10

Story: 3-4

MC: 7

Side character: 4-5 (not many side characters have been introduced so far into the story, but from what have been introduced.. In my personal opinion, there is little to no depth to their character) <<less
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Coin rated it
June 24, 2019
Status: c47 part5
As of writing this review, I am completely caught up with all the chapters that have been released so far, and I have been loving it. In fact, for me it's a personal 5 stars, but a rated it a 4 because I know that it definitely has some problems that other people might care about.

Side note, this thing is long as heck, so if you want to skip several paragraphs of reading, I've detailed the main points below.


This novel's greatest strength is the interactions between Lee Shin Woo and... more>> Jin Taylor, his companion. They make a very good comedy duo, with the MC being the funny man and Jin being the straight man. If this kind of comedy isn't to your tastes, you'll probably find it stale after a while, but to me, it always seems to find ways to develop in new directions. It mostly comprises of the MC reacting in a very absurd way to the world around him, and Jin reacting to his reactions.

Another high point is the actual relationship between the MC and Jin, as they have a strong friendship that you rarely see in novels like this. Most often, friends in shounen novels are the kind who will "support each other to the very end!" and "will always be friends no matter what!", but the MC and Jin have what feels like a real relationship with it's own ups and downs. Like, I could totally imagine them just hanging out in our world as friends without the crazy context of the Underground Empire.


I was slightly disappointed to find out that Jin was a girl, and that she would soon be turning into another, very sexy human girl, who was close to the MC, but I guess this is a Toika novel in the end. At least it became a nice point of character development for them, as we realize that the MC already new this, but was just avoiding the fact because he didn't want it to affect their friendship. It's nice watching them come over this and still be friends anyways, even though one rides around on the other's back all the time.


A third point is that you can feel how hard Toika tried to not make this a harem, even if it kind of devolved into one anyways. Like reviewer BigBadBoi said, the author seemed to have tried to make his MC as unlovable and unsexy as possible, but he still ends up surrounded by a bunch of hot necrophiliacs anyways (-_-). At least the author made it so that there were other hot guys, especially a very typical harem protagonist, Lloyd, for other hot girls to fall in love with, as well as hot girls who just did their own thing. The MC also goes out of his way to only encourage girls falling in love with him when it'll serve his own purposes, which leads us into the fourth strength...

The MC is really interesting, actually calculating, and realizes that there are girls that are in love with him and uses that! Yay! Unlike some of Toika's other novels *cough*EER*cough*IRFN*cough*, SFF's MC is completely cognizant of the fact there are females who exist and that are attracted to him. He also acknowledges that he totally wants to have s*x if he can get his human body back. Asides from this, the MC is very clever. Although it seems somewhat over the top on occasion, he actually uses his brain to solve mysteries with clues that the reader was given, but that they probably didn't figure out. Also, though it's mostly because of his karma, he is quite good at using others for his own ends, which makes for very interesting and funny fight scenes. Despite of this, there are still characters who drive him into a corner, either through pure strength or by outwitting him, like the Generals and the Emperor.

Lastly, the world and the mysteries hidden in it are very interesting. I won't speak on it too much here, as it's a huge spoiler, but there are enough twists and turns to always keep the story fresh. Unlike most CN (yes, I know this a KN, I'm just using them as a point of contrast), where the same things happen, just on a larger scale, the set pieces and action in the novel are always changing so that you never lose interest. One chapter, it could be infiltrating a city and setting up a spy network, followed by fighting a giant monster, followed by army building. This novel is packed with flavorful and dynamic world building and power systems, even if karma make no sense whatsoever to me.


Unfortunately, like many Toika novels the main problem is a lack of tension, and it's especially egregious here (yes, I said egregious). Unlike with some of his other MCs, LSW is never really in any danger. Since it appears so early on, I won't put it in a spoiler box, but one of his starting skill is Invisible Heart, which essentially gives him 100 lives, as well as a boost every time he revives. Although it might seem like he could still be in danger if he loses a lot, by this point, he's only died like 4 times, and he's always finding cheat ways to get more. Jin's revival system is a lot more limited, but by now they're both way too OP for it to matter.


It does seem like the Invisible Heart is going to be part of the way he becomes immortal later on, but we knew that was going to happen anyways, it's a Toika novel. Lee Shin Woo also seems to be taking the path of a flame god like the MC of EER, but at least this time he's mixing in the power of edgy-ness.


Second! Problem! The MC gets OP way too easily, which also hamstrings the tension. What, I can't beat this guy because he's a higher level than me? Oh, let me just absorb all the bones and mana on the battlefield for miles around, level up, then whoop his ass. While some people might say that he has to put himself in deadly situations to raise his resistances, we all still know he has like 90 lives left, and that he's too smart to ever put himself in real danger without a backup plan. Although, Jin's reactions to this do make it a bit better.

Numero tres! Frankly, some of the side characters can get kind of one-note, especially some of the members of his pseudo-harem that's only now really getting off the ground. The Dryads and Ye Jin Jin are purely devoted to the MC, which is the same with his entire army. In fact, pretty much everyone who is in an army is completely devoted to their leader, which I think crippled what could have been some interesting characters, like Chi Paul and the Giants. Also, because of the base instincts of the undead which get explained later in, a lot of their actions are like records on repeat. The more background heroes like Lloyd and Ereina (too lazy to check if that's how you spell it) are kind of flat as well. Character growth, much like luck and beauty, is not evenly distributed in this novel.


    • Great comedy.
    • Deep and hilarious friendship between LSW and Jin.
    • Tries not to be a harem, and even when it ultimately fails, still focuses on other things.
    • Self-conscious, clever and non-doormat MC.
    • Large and interesting world and action.
    • Rather severe lack of tension.
    • OP MC (could be good or bad, depending on your taste).
    • Character growth, but not for everyone.
Essentially, if you're looking for a fun, comic romp through an apocalyptic isekai world, this is totally for you. If you're okay with a lack of tension and just want to watch the main characters work their way up through a screwed up world as they get closer to finding out the truth behind everything, then you should definitely give this a go. If you can't do without proper stakes or an underdog protag, then... Well, I hate saying "this isn't for you", since I think a novel this good deserves at least a chance despite it's flaws, but you are less likely to enjoy it.

This was my first review, and I liked this novel enough to get off my lazy ass and make an account just to write this. Thanks for reading, even if you just skipped to the Summary.


P.S. I'm too lazy to go back and write a paragraph for this, but as expected of WuxiaWorld, the TL is exceptional. Keep up the good work. <<less
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Higira rated it
October 18, 2018
Status: c5 part1
If you like infinite competitive dungeon, you'd love this. Basically same concept, except hes a skeleton and everything that he does has bones involved. It's not surprising since its written by the same author. The MC thought process is smarter than a moron though, which is better than his older works where everyone was basically a big fat idiot at first. This one actually has a decent common sense. Lol
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Seregosa rated it
October 3, 2019
Status: afterword
This is a novel that was decent enough to read but nothing to write home about. Honestly, if it wasn't for ratings being so inflated, I would deem this more of a 2/5 instead of a 3/5, it's not that bad but it's certainly not that enjoyable of a read. As we all know, anything below 3/5 is deemed as not readable tr*sh here.

It had quite a lot of potential. I expected something somewhat grand, because this setting was truly interesting and in the hands of a truly talented writer,... more>> it would've been amazing. Sadly, while readable and even somewhat enjoyable for the first half of the novel, the author just made way too many bad decisions and it's clear that he's not truly invested in his own works, at least not in finishing them as he tends to lose interest after a few months, it's always clearly reflected in his novels when he stops caring and just feels like ending it.

Honestly, one of the most disappointing things is that my expectations were betrayed. The novel title and the picture tells you a story about how he'd get chased by humans and get into awkward situations because how he's undead, but that never actually happens during the entire story. He hides his identity to everyone and never has any issues like that, just a few people know and those he tells would never attack him. It could've been hilarious if it was used for comedy, but the author never uses the very thing that seems to have been the core idea of this novel at the start.

The karma system is just confusing, no one really understands what it's about and it's not explained even at the very end. I guess the author just thought it sounded cool and mysterious. The battles are honestly so-so at best, it used to be decent enough at earlier chapters but quickly turned into a bunch of deus ex machina. One of the most infuriating parts of this novel is honestly the part where we don't understand anything that's going on, clearly the author hasn't really thought it out and that might be a big part of why he just ended it all without explaining all these things, because he didn't know and didn't want to think about it. We're not going on an adventure with the MC, we're just being dragged along forcibly, that's how it feels.

The author also has this peculiar habit of making everyone love the MC and praise him to the heavens. The girls are rarely ever present without saying how awesome he is or praising him in some other way. It all feels quite artificial. Also, the author doesn't keep in line with his own power levels, we KNOW that the MC is supposed to completely crush any enemy he meets with his ridiculous abilities that we know for a fact that he has and can see in stats, but he always pretends that it was a hard fight, often after the fact by telling us that "phew, that was so difficult, you didn't see it during the fight but god was it a close call!", it doesn't really work well, it tends to be more annoying than anything. The MC just keeps on getting abilities very easily to the point where you don't even care to keep up with it all and none of the abilities seem to notably increase his fighting prowess. I never felt that I had a clear grasp on the powers of any of the characters. The immersion was just way too lacking to make it a good read.

The biggest issue I have with this novel is the utterly anticlimactic ending and all the several dozen chapters leading up to that point. Nothing is explained in the end, we don't get to see him actually reach god level, we don't get to see him getting to the final point in his relationship with all the girls, we don't get to know what happens after the utterly rushed final battle. You know what this reminded me of? Yeah, an axed manga. Everything is just suddenly cut off as if he has no choice but to stop it because the publishing company dropped him. It's very underwhelming and ridiculously disappointing. It somehow felt even worse than when authors drop their works in the middle as we were supposed to get answers but didn't get them. Managed to read all the way until the end but everything just drops right at the finish line, the last few chapters and epilogue seems to be missing even though they aren't. "Everyone is a returnee" had a pretty disappointing ending but this is far worse as we at least got to see him reach the peak and settle down in an epilogue. Sigh. The author essentially acted like a kid building up a sand castle and then kicking it down right at the finish line.

In the end, there are so many things to complain about concerning how the author handled this novel. So many loose ends and plot holes. So many expected scenes that we were waiting for and were "promised" but didn't happen because the author just rushed to end it all.

The romance between the MC and the main heroine for one. We don't even get to confirm if they became a couple. Neither did they even have s*x, despite the fact that he did a few of the side girls. We don't understand what'll happen later on to any of the girls nor any of the other people there. We don't know what'll happen to the world afterwards, as it's all cut out right at the end of the final battle. What of the god and all the other characters? All the unanswered questions are grating. Will he even reach level 10 (god level) ? What will the god that sent them there do now? what are gods in the end and what's the situation concerning all these worlds? The main heroine just got turned into a human from an undead horse, don't we get to see her enjoy herself instead of just seeing one line where she's transformed by the mc? The MC got a ridiculous power-up at the end for no real reason and instant finished everything... Seriously, calling it an "axed novel" would be the best description of what happened, even though it wasn't forcibly stopped or anything, the author just had enough and wanted to end it all and start his next novel, so he pummeled the card house right before placing the last two cards at the top. Saddening and even somewhat infuriating to have read this all the way to the end only to get hit with that.


Honestly, I don't have anything that good to say about this. It wasn't too bad of a read, the humor was good at times albeit extremely repetitive as it was usually the same thing over and over again, like being called a demon by his teammates and him pretending to be innocent, in other words, very low-level stuff. The only reason this was worth reading was because it was so short. The first 200 chapters were decent enough but I feel like it got progressively worse after that as the author tried to end it quickly. If anything, it was easy to read and the translation was great. If you have nothing to read and want something with absolutely no suspense whatsoever and where you had better not think closely into things, this does the job. It's not bad to the point of dropping it, but it's not really a novel I can recommend. Something you can expect from toika is that all of his novels tend to be identical even in completely different settings. It's a gathering of nonsense, soulless harem members that exist to praise the MC, a MC that is a god disguised as a human right from the start, a bad and rushed ending and usually a lack of explanation for most things. Everything always goes in the best way possible for the MC and nothing can stand against him as he meets absolutely no real hardships. His MCs are also kind of crazy in various ways, they're surreal as human beings. It just doesn't seem to change as he always seems to write day by day without proper planning. That's why I recommend just reading one of his novels, then it might be quite a good experience, and "everyone is a returnee" is easily his best work thus far, so go for that instead.

I hope this overly long review has helped you. <<less
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October 21, 2018
Status: c3 part3
First off, each "part" is about the length of a normal Web novel chapter, so the author has that going.

The premise was an interesting idea, but maybe it was just my misreading it, but I thought the story would be more about the challenges of being an undead while his friends who weren't kept trying to kill him. Instead its about the MC who is undead and killing his natural teammates, the other undead. Not necessarily a bad story idea, but just not the one I was expecting or hoping... more>> for.

Here is the major flaw of this story in my eyes - the story revolves heavily around stats and levels, making a big deal out of it most of the time, but then the MC pulls these miracle wins out of his hat all because he stabbed harder after dying. Now he gets a stat boost from dying, but there is a significant difference between level 1 and 2 but he ignores that? Find myself not caring about the stats, which means I find myself not caring about the main portion of the story. <<less
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LordGrim102 rated it
August 28, 2019
Status: epilogue
I will keep this short and precise.

It was good and entertaining. The author keeping sure that there are no contradictory or plot holes as much as possible in the novel, so I really appreciate reading it. The characters and their development are well done. Even the side characters are developed to an extent.

Reading this novel is really immersive most of the time. This novel is the prime example of normal novel. It isn't a masterpiece but it is good enough to read. Unlike novels that are no brainer out there.

The... more>> only flaw in this novel is the ending. The ending is kinda rush but Korean authors like their endings that will leave you "meh" or surprise in a disappointed way. Well for me the ending is still okay. It doesn't really need a dynamic ending that will make the readers tears and snot.

Now that I finished this novel, I feel refreshed and the ending didn't leave me any heavy feeling, empty feeling or book hangover. So it's all good and I am ready to read another one. Maybe that's why Korean authors get their endings that way. To not let the readers get a "book hangover" <<less
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Xonarag rated it
April 12, 2019
Status: c11 part1
As much as I enjoy the other Toika novels the power ups of this novel feel so incredibly forced it's not even fun anymore. He uses a Mana skill in a slightly unique way and suddenly he gets the hyper uber Mana skill with infinite potential because of his apparent knowledge even though all his "Knowledge" is what the skill tells him. Everything falls into his lap and not just at crucial parts but every chapter sometimes more often. Not to mention the author made him immune to emotions and... more>> thus completely uninterested in other people and completly without motivation beyond getting stronger.

So this story is basically the log of a bot grinding a completly unbalanced MMO. Nothing is earned, nothing is deserved and nothing of interest happens because MC just dodges any chance of interacting with others. (Not including the horse but it's even more clueless than he is) <<less
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GabeZhul rated it
January 21, 2019
Status: c24
If I wanted to be a little mean, I could describe this story with a single sentence: "Yet another Toika novel."

Premise: A fantasy world is on the brink of destruction after one of the empires discovers, and unleashes, an undead curse that threatens to kill all living things on the continent. The goddess in charge first sends heroes from her own world to deal with it, but they all succumb to the curse, so he switches to reincarnators as a last ditch effort. Our MC is one such reincarnator, who... more>> wishes for immortality and infinite growth potential in exchange of his services, and due to a case of classic "literal genie" wishgranting, ends up as a low-level skeleton with the ability to infinitely strengthen himself with the bones of his fallen opponents. The local RPG system works with levels, with each of them being a "tier". People have to first qualify for leveling up by reaching a certain sum of stat points, which are granted through achievements, leveling skills through use and by buying stat-increases in the Goddess' Shop. However, since the protagonist can absorb the stats and skills of his opponents, his power level pierces right through the stratosphere, much to his peers' bafflement.

Characters: The MC is pretty much your usual Toika protagonist. He is a hard worker who is also really bad with people, preferring to swindle and manipulate them instead of properly connecting with them, trough. He is also a bit of a tsundere. The side-cast so far includes Jin, another unfortunate undead horse he figuratively takes under his wings, the pretty shop keeper lady, the pretty low level heroine with a crush on him, the pretty wizard girl, the pretty elf and the pretty dryad princess. Following Toika's track record, I would not be surprised if all of them ended up in his harem. Yes, including the horse. Jokes aside, the side-cast is not particularly developed so far.

Plot: The entire plot also follows the ebb and flow of Toika's other works: The MC travels around to grind something to power up, but stumbles upon some kind of strong enemy, then in a daring attack he beats the enemy, uses the drops and materials to power himself up even further, then uses the shop to buy stuff to power himself up even further, then his skill or class or items or whatever evolve, giving him new options when he goes to another place to grind for powerups, until he stumbles upon a strong enemy, rinse and repeat. Sometimes we have slightly longer breaks, where we get some world-building or get info regarding the empire and the curse drip-fed to us, but the author never spends enough time on this to flesh these parts out, instead throwing the MC right back into the meat-grinder after a chapter or two. As such, just like all of Toika's other works, I can confidently say that this is a story entirely about the power-up cycle.

Conclusion: Overall this is really not a bad story. It's main strengths (good prose, entertaining character interactions, fun abilities and skill-combinations) and weaknesses (pacing issues, lack of proper worldbuilding, skills and powers getting forgotten and then rolled into other powers) are the same as with the author's other works. If you liked those, you will enjoy this one too. If you didn't, this work is not going to change your mind. <<less
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Draghnof rated it
January 5, 2019
Status: c12 part2
It's a really good novel when you went with the flow but there are illogical things and it's for that I rated 4/5.

The concept is really good and it leads to funny situation.

... more>>

Even more when we discover the MC is not the only one in this situation and that there is worse than him. I mean the undead horse was hilarious (even if at first I dislike it)


The story flow is good and lead to different situation which I enjoyed reading.

The naming sense of the MC is just too good (you'll know when you'll read)

Now I will tell a few problems in this novel (it's problem only when you think too much so for an easy read it's negligible... Not mind f*cking errors)

one problem is how easy the MC level up his skills.... or the other way how hard it is for other heroes to level up their skill.


The MC can gain skills or proficiency in a skill by absorbing bones and thus it's easy for him to acquired skills and to level up these skills (though it's only for low level skills as of now).... So the MC, even as a low level, outclass others high level heroes in skill number and in skill proficiency.... And it's not the MC who said that but the author.

So there I must say : OK the MC surely had a lot more skills that high level heroes but it's impossible for him to be more proficient than them... I will be fair with you it was said only for his magic ability (at the time the declaration was said the MC was only a beginner at magic and only had a tenth or so of the mana capacity of the high level heroes if they split their stats equally...) So it basically say that nobody is a magician.... they can go to a fantasy world where magic exist and you even have wishes but nobody ask to have magic ???


Another thing


There exist Karma tokens extremely difficult to acquired who can only be obtain by doing some incredible feats... Or that's what everyone believe since the MC just need to literally play with low level monster to gain them, and when you gain a token you can have the other more easily than the first one (you need 10 identical tokens to gain a special skill and stats... and perhaps more)

Just by doing things the heroes should naturally acquired these token but no, it's very rare to have. I mean these conditions are dealing with a lot of monster with a specific type of magic to deal with a lot of monsters (Ah yes I forgot there isn't a single magician hero) or just slaughtering a lot of monsters, the heroes do that all days but they don't have the tokens WTF?!?!?


And to finish the last of my complain


The MC gained some achievements as if he was doing them in solo even when he have helpers.

Exemple :

  • when he killed a higher level monster with the aid of a hero of equal level than the monster and gained the achievement for having killed a higher level monster (So the achievement can become easily done with the aid of high level helpers)
  • When he killed a monster two levels higher than himself wit the aid of a hero one level higher than himself and gained the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY achievement for having killed a monster with two level more than himself (So nobody ever ask high level people to help them kill high level monsters????) -> It's really weird when you know that the heroes often help each others.
Well that all I have to say about this novel for now, the last point is what forced me to write this review (I think a lot when I read and I have a... big mouth... and it was too much for me, if I didn't write the review I would have dropped the novel and since it's a good novel I didn't want to drop) <<less
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kane2929 rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: afterword
Great read.

Volume 13 (277-end) felt rushed to me.

The ending was too sudden.


The author didn't make a chapter for Jin Taylor (The Horse) making love with the main character at the end. What a bummer, I was really looking forward to that! Even though he slept with the Druid & Ye Jin Jin

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LAFORGUS rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Interesting on the early chapters, but then the Author starts to convolute the Plot with useless things. Making the Novel feels longer of what it is.

Later you will see yourself skipping large paragraphs of random banters and useless info that only serve the purpose of word counts.

Without any effort, you will notice that the Plot is Author driven:

... more>>
  • There is no reason or Precedent as of why the MC should be Undead
  • There is no reason or Precedent as of why the should hide info from other Heroes
  • There is no reason or Precedent as of why the MC should be a liar
  • There is no reason as of why the MC should have an undead horse as partner.
  • There is no reason as of why the undead horse had to be female

These and many other things are out of place, if you tell me that the MC had a traumatic experience, I concede. But just because no reason whatsoever? You notice MC don't say things and hide X details for PLOT issues.


MC had no idea where he was going to be, besides the "Curse" thing the goddess mentioned, she claims everything was based on MC's wish, but that was an Author Locked Choices, the Goddess and the quest system is he author itself, after a while you cant help to think that way, because things doesn't flow naturally.

Later you see MC being an as*hole without precedence that it was his original personality. He was 27 Years old before resurrection, and Author makes it act alike a virg*n Pre-Teen Kid.

And the most annoying part I found was the female horse jealousy coming from nowhere.


Most offending Issue with the

Novel was the ending, the last chapter was on it's majority, a wall of text of MC leveling up and Skill upgrades and stats info. ON THE LAST CHAPTER! WTF Author?!

Only 1/3 of the last chapter was the ending, which it was rushed, what is wrong with these Authors? They expend hundred of chapters filling them with random nonsensical filling text and Word Count Orgasm, and they cant spare couple the extra chapters to wraps up a good ending? Why the f*ck they have to rush it like that?

Do they expect to all the readers to headcannon a customized ending for each of us?

3 Star novel, those who rate it higher should check their brains. Or simply are new to novels, or even worse. Just read the Comic which only shows the best side of the novel. <<less
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hontoni rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: afterword

It's disappointing.

Long Version:

... more>>

It was great at start. Later, the ones opposing MC (villains, etc.) are dumb (even though they have ruled empires, though they have stood at the peak of magic/knowledge). MC solves everything easily as if it's natural, where countless people in over hundreds of years have failed to do, in a few years. At start, I though this one would have a great story/plot, but there is no story (it's just MC beating up people, tricking people as if only he is the only one thinking). Read this if you are bored, or you want a novel where MC is OP in everything (this novel has basically no story).

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sunkenpanda rated it
December 17, 2018
Status: c17 part4
A surprisingly good read. At first, I had my expectations lowered thanks to some comments, which I feel judged the contents too early. I can understand why considering the chapters are divided into parts and uploaded at different days or weeks and some chapters do contain quite a bit of log which you can just skim through and partially ignore.

It's not an overly complex novel, but it does have some depth to it. The MC isn't mindlessly leveling up, there is a goal and I would say it's a bit... more>> unfair to call the side characters undeveloped as of chapter 17. Most of the side characters have yet to show themselves, the ones that do only meet for a brief period of time. The one side character that is sticking around the MC (that will not be described because spoilers) is decently fleshed out... the irony in that statement (which you'll know once you get to that part).

Well, that's all I really wanted to say and I hope you give it a try. <<less
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masterpotato rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Nothing ground breaking, but consistently good throughout the whole story. Much better than a lot of the other high rated dogsh*t on this site
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kaaliya rated it
December 14, 2019
Status: Completed
It started pretty decently but then midway I started to get bored, I mean really bored. But then somehow I forced myself to continue and it became interesting again all of a sudden. Yeah, the ending sucks but at least it was different. I would have loved to see their life after they fulfilled their mission. One of the most disappointing things about this light novel is that sometimes you think that everything is going too smoothly and it kind of seems predictable. Towards the end, the protagonist seems way... more>> too overpowered. Also, many unexplainable things happened just because he was JOKER and sometimes it was really hard to comprehend it. But still, I gave it 4 ? Because I thought that even though it had many flaws but somehow I was able to complete it and there were many good moments in it. Although reincarnation is an old concept, this is my first time reading a novel where the protagonist is an undead so a different read for me. Please excuse my English and lack of skills in writing a review as it is my first time writing it. Thank You. <<less
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Icura rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: c30 part6
This is a story that was heavily inspired by Dark Souls (video game). That pervasive despairing and lonely atmosphere affects many of the characters due to the isekai world being a sealed underground empire in which they fight against the overwhelming curse of the undead.

Except for the main character who is in a different genre from everyone else! It's a fun and good read. I highly recommend it, especially for the distinct contrast.
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