I Reincarnated For Nothing


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“My life as a demon… No. My life as human is really…”

Artpe was supposed to live a charmed life as the 4th strongest in the Demon King’s Army. However, his life was cut short by the hero’s blade.

With his previous life’s memory intact, Artpe will live his life again. His boldness and resourcefulness will make him unrivalled!

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환생은 괜히 해가지고
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New BigBootyFricker rated it
October 21, 2018
Status: c47
I wanted to like it because of the concept, but it doesn't follow the "show, don't tell" technique. I kept coming back again and again, only to have information shoved into my face. This happened, that happened, this girl likes me, I killed a hundred monsters. I don't know if it's the translation from Korean to English or it's the author's actual writing.

The characters are mediocre at best. We never really understand why most of them like the main character, just told. Most of them have the personality of a... more>> cardboard cut-out and it seems the author's way of character development is to have them become stronger. The main character looks to be the only one who gets any character development whatever little he may get, while the main heroine has none so far. She plays the role of a puppy infatuated with its owner, the main character, and accepts anything he says no matter how absurd.

I really wanted to like this, I really do. But I can't. Unless the quality of the writing changes, I can only recommend this to people who don't care about details. Give it a try and if this is your cup of tea, keep on rowing. But, if you're like me though, look for something else. This web novel is the perfect example of "tell, and never show." <<less
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TerraEarth rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: --
After reading most of EER I have to confess that I am not a big fan of 토이카. The first few chapters look like they may be interesting but knowing this author, I'm afraid of this novel coming to involve a cancerous tumor of one-dimensional side characters latching themselves onto MC and telling him how glorious he is for half the novel (cough, Everyone Else is a Returnee, cough). If it does I will drop it. Let's see if the author has improved from previous works (he probably hasn't). I'm... more>> willing to give this a chance.

I will rate when more chapters are released.


Update as of c5:

1."You even know about the Demon world. Artpe is amazing.!"

2. Despite that fact, she passively accepted everything he said by saying, 'Artpe is amazing!'

3."Artpe is really amazing!"

4."Yes, I'm amazing."

5."Artpe is really really amazing...."

That didn't take very long, in fact this has been going on since chapter 2. All of these phrases were taken from just a SINGLE chapter. I can only imagine how bad it will get when more cheerleaders - I mean characters - are introduced to MC's party. <<less
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Anthony rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: c1
*reads description* Hmm not breaking the mold but it could be good depending on the author's skill.

*scrolls down*... Toika? TOIKA!!!

I'm preemptively rating 5 just cause I don't think this guy has it in him to suck and even if he does his past fictions deserved 10 out of 5 stars so those would roll over here anyway =D

Edit: Yup, already loving it.

Just like his other translated works, it might not sound like anything special but Toika's writing is just so much fun to read.
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keklel rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c3
Yet another comedy reincarnation story that brings nothing new to the table. The demon king is basically some kind of mind-controlling megalomaniac who wants to take over the world. It's the old Disney villain story - just kill the bad guy who's brainwashed everyone and they will all be turned back into good guys!

Allow me to digress a little here. A more sophisticated novel would explore for example why wars happen (hint: in order for genocidal wars to happen, the populations actually need to have a reason to fight (starvation,... more>> nationalism, racism, etc), not just "because the king wants it" - this only happens in sh*tty children's stories). Actually this is a criticism of the hero-slays-demon-king type stories in general. In real life, you don't end a war by killing one person, even if that person is the king. It's like thinking that assassinating the Roman emperor would have made any difference to Roman warmaking potential. Many Roman emperors were murdered before the Roman empire reached its greatest extent in history under Trajan (the real reason for the military decline of the Roman empire is interesting in itself. Hint: it has to do with the Romans' willingness to fight - or lack thereof). There are many novels that explore this idea to some extent, for example Dungeon Defense (although the politics portrayed there is still overly simplistic). That's why I regard Dungeon Defense as a masterpiece among webnovels, whilst most of the JP and KR hero-kills-demon-king stories are complete and utter garbage (at least the ones translated on this site).

Summoned Slaughterer answered the question of "why should a summoned hero agree to do his summoners bidding?" with "actually, he doesn't have any reason to", which I thought was an interesting take. By contrast, this story uses the tired old cliche "because the Demon King will kill all of humanity if you don't kill him - and you're the only one who can". Okay, so the author chooses to play it straight - that's fine, but it means the author has to do something else original to make the story interesting. Reincarnator plays the "save humanity" trope straight, but it does character psychology perfectly (at least earlier on it did), so it has that going for it. Tsuyokute New Saga also plays the "save humanity" trope straight, but then it has a rational thinking MC who thinks about things like "heroes need money and powerful backing in order to become popular". The MC in this novel has so far thought of nothing other than complaining about being reincarnated at the wrong time.

So what does this novel have going for it? Comic relief? Sorry, that gets old fast. Levelling up? Sorry, if I wanted to level up I'd play a video game. What is actually interesting here? It's been 3 chapters and all I've seen is a 12 year old girl acting like she's 5, and a MC that thinks of nothing except how to avoid work so he can laze around all day. The novel gives no reason to continue reading it. <<less
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pentadrian rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c36
This novel is patently absurd. There aren't even any pretenses on what it aspires to be. Much like the author's other works, you've a seemingly omniscient God masquerading as a poor mortal who apparently hates what he is (an hero, please press F to pay your respeks) but goes around doing heroic things. Completely by accident.

All characters other than the MC are one-dimenional cardboard cutouts. You've the main female lead in what's already become a harem by chapter 10. The female lead is a gorilla. Yes, you read it right.... more>> A gorilla with boobs. All she can say to the MC are "Ooh" and "Ooh-ooh-ooh" and "Kyaaaah~". Sometimes, I think this is an autistic gorilla.

The MC does MC things, and all women when they look at MC go sploosh. With copious wetting of undergarments, said female characters also lose their sense of reasoning. So far the MC has been gaining absurdly OP powers, all because he wants to be a farmer. What a n0ble goal! Anyway, the long and short of this is the MC is a self-insert. A wish fulfillment fantasy with an army of female gorillas who cant wait for the Big D of the MC, all the while going "Ooh ooh ooh", with a splattering of "Hihihi"s.

Read at your own risk. You have been warned <<less
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Insanist rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: c1
This will be a simple review.

The author is Toika.

You'll either absolutely love it or hell bent on hating it.

The author writing style revolves around humor and comedy. Readers whom expected a serious novel and relatable characters will be disappointed. Those whom came in here are expected to let go of their common sense and in for a good snicker is going to have a great time.

I repeat, this is a comedy.

Those that didn't like it probably expect something heavy and serious.

Those that like it knows what they're in for.

Simply that.
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Shance rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: c34
This story is a good one, it is disguised inside the Demon King Vs Hero cliche.

In this story we have a reincarnaed demon with a power that cannot be turned into pure battlepower, making him weak.

Or at least as a demon he could not exploit it completely, if you can't hurt someone, what's the use of knowing their weak point?

... more>> He reincarnates as a hero (And we all know what that means, OP) that is the childhood friend of the original hero.

They go on a journey and escape the human kingdom, as a bit of a spoiler

the human kingdom goes through a coup and is replaced, putting in power a tyrant, making everyone that lives in the human territories downgrade in living conditions, corruption runs rampant.


Now, the only thing that made the old timeline fail it's coup was the hero, our MC interfering indirectly caused the suffering of every human in the realm.


In his past life, the Diaz Kingdom had been held together quite easily. It wasn't as if there wasn't a rebellion caused by the Archduke, but the hero was able to suppress it easily.

Diaz had been peaceful thanks to the hero, and they were able to prosper. This was all before the full-out war with the Demon King's army had started.

'However, it isn't like that anymore.'


He knows it is a concequence of his actions in a way, but can actually see the root problem instead of heaping piles of blame on himself as any self respecting cliche hero would.


In some ways, this was the biggest change that had occurred, because of Artpe. If Artpe hadn't run away with the hero, this rebellion would have never occurred.

If the agitated Maetel, who was next to Artpe, was still inside the castle, the humans that sought to satisfy their own selfish interests and desires wouldn't have been able to take control.

Still, it was as Silpennon had said. This occurred because of the internal politics of the kingdom. This wasn't Maetel's fault. Of course, Artpe wasn't at fault either. This was why they didn't need to feel any guilt.


We also have a realistic view of the world, the demon king being defeated does not mean a happy ever after. This is a conversation had after our MC says that they only need to kill the demon king and the people will be happier.


"Will everyone become happy when we defeat the Demon King?"

In the old tales, the world became peaceful when the hero defeated the Demon King. Of course, these were only old tales. Artpe's view was grounded in reality.

"No. However, if the Demon world loses its leader, people will rush towards the Demon world to conquer it. For a brief time, there would be a need for manpower, and even civilians with no abilities would have a chance to get their hands on a good amount of loot. Of course, it also depends on the ability of humans to defend their newly found peace."


In the real world if you can think, you have the possibility for good and evil, and even then, good and evil are defined by cultures, religions etc, and even between humans those of differing belief clash causing conflict and war. Imagine a completely new race appearing, how many crazies would turn against them to ignore their own suffering?


"You don't have to worry about the Demon race. We just have to kill them all."

"Everyone said that Demons are bad, but.... There are bad people amongst humans, so wouldn't there also be kind Demons in the Demon race?"


Artpe shut his mouth at the unexpected question. Her eyes did not falter. She stared at Artpe with sincere eyes. This was why he was hesitant to give her a rash answer.


In the human world, everyone grew up being educated that 'Humans are good and the Demons are bad.'

The power of indoctrination was scary. Even those that were learned and experienced in the world held absolute hostility towards the Demon race.

'However, she came to hate the humans first.'


So yes, up till now chapter 34 we have had a good run, the chiche is there but without unthinking characters, gthey rationalize, they make judgement of stuff, even Maetel our heroine who has deep unflinching trust in our MC has had her time of doubt, indecicion bettween blind trust.

It all makes a good highlight on their growth since they are still kids, how they will end up, how the world changes, I want to know, I want to read, and I recomend you all to read too.

It is a fun light read, with bouts of serious contemplation about the morality of it all, and to top it all a solid translation. 5 Stars. <<less
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Shirt3 rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: c38
Probably one of the best Korean novels that i've read so far, although i've only read a fraction of the novel.

While the basic premise is the cliche "hero vs demon king", the characters themselves, and the world around them do not really follow the cliche. Most notably, the characters throw the ideas of absolute morality and the obligation of heroes into the trash at the beginning of the novel, and they only live to protect each other.

The main character, Artpe, isn't the most powerful person, or even the one that... more>> grows the fastest. At every stage of the novel so far, he is weaker than his companion Maetel. However, because of both his ability and his previous life, he knows more about the world and the path she must take than anyone else. I think that this is the biggest difference compared to all the other "level up, become the strongest guy in the universe" type novels. The main character doesn't want to do that. He only wants their journey to end because the universe will not allow their lives to be peaceful otherwise. He doesn't even care about his own strength, and he takes every opportunity he can to give power that either one of them can acquire to his companion. His female companion Maetel is the one who has the character of the typical protagonist. She's simple, impossibly pure, gets stronger faster than everyone else, and has the mindset of wanting to save everyone

The relationship between the two leads is where the novel really shines, and I think the characterization is among the best that i've seen. Artpe used to be a demon, so he doesn't think like other people do. He doesn't sympathize with others, and he has nothing resembling "honor." On the other hand, Maetel is always conflicted on whether what she is doing is "good or bad", with fragile innocence. You can see them becoming more similar to each other as time passes. Artpe feels happiness for the first time by using his power to save someone else, while he never would have wanted to bother before. Maetel loses all of her reluctance to killing people when Artpe shows her that even if he stands by innocently, others try to kill him for trivial reasons. This dynamic poses serious consequences. Notably, Artpe worries that he is leading her down the wrong path when she begins to hate humans before she has had the chance to hate demons.

For a story like this, what stands out the most is the relationship between the two main characters. Each character on their own isn't interesting enough to be a main character, but the both of them together result in an incredibly compelling duo. <<less
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Eriht rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c107
I just love how story is parody of usual "hero journey".


MC want to be Villager A


Novel have a lot of comedy moments, is easy to read but also (what brought my attention) many psychological and sociological questions with which MC has to deal...
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GabeZhul rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: c99
A very entertaining adventure story with surprisingly few flaws.

The premise: The protagonist, Artpe, was the weakest of the four generals of the demon king, more of an intelligence officer than an actual fighter, as his unique Innate Ability allowed him to read stats, decipher magic, auto-scout dungeons and all sorts of other perception-related stuff. Unfortunately for him, the Hero showed up at the gates of the demon king's castle, and in line with the sorting algorithm of evil, he sent Artpe out to fight her. However, as he was dying,... more>> his innate ability evolved and instead of reading reality, it rewrote it so that he is reborn as the childhood friend of the hero, Maetel. Even though at this point all he wanted was to retire and become a dairy farmer, he realizes that the demon king wants to eradicate all humans, he is a human, and therefore it is in his best interest to get rid of the demon king first. Because of this he sets out to use his innate ability and knowledge of the future to guide Maetel's path... except it soon turns out that he has received the Hero class as well, so the two of them set out on a journey to gather party members, grind levels and acquire artifacts while foiling the plans of the demons, even if by accident.


    • Decent comedy.
    • Maetel is adorable in a dumb puppy kind of way.
    • The protagonist is very proactive and he is not entirely dense either.
    • The writing plays with the tropes of the genre in a tongue-in-cheek manner, but it's never so overt it would disappear up its own anus.
    • The pacing is pretty good.

    • There is a harem forming around the MC, and while all the girls are likable, they kinda pale in comparison to the absolute love of Maetel and thus feel unnecessary.
    • Related to the previous point, the heroines seem to come out of nowhere and they are immediately smitten with the protagonist at first glance.
    • There is a lot of cool power-fantasy themes here, but if you have read a lot of that genre, it becomes a little samey after a while.

    • The Heroes' plot armor and the Demon Kind using the sorting algorithm of evil are actually plot-points in the story, but it still doesn't help with the lack of tension.
    • The many small time-skips help with the pacing, but they also emphasize how the characters stay mostly static over time.
    • Way too much focus on looting and the MC scamming people just because he can.
Overall this is a really good, entertaining light read. It follows a similar power-up cycle as Toika's previous work, Everyone Else is a Returnee, and it has most of the same strengths as that story, but with its flaws greatly lessened. All things considered, I would recommend it to anyone not allergic to smug OP MCs and unnecessary harems. <<less
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Maulty16 rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: v1c4
Many people are gonna down rate this novel because of the generic plot. However if an author can produce many unique comedic situation and the comedy is very funny it would still be a worthwhile read. From the few chapters available I feel that I will enjoy reading it very much.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kurumekun rated it
January 16, 2018
Status: --
The author is really good at his plot. Just from the synopsis I could guess that it will be the one I will like to read. The author have many plot twists in the story that's why I really like it.

Just like in this novel

... more>>

I thought for sure after reading the prologue that the MC will be reborn as a demon again then work hard to resist the hero and become the Demon King but DAMN!!. He became a HERO together with the original HERO now that's a BADASS PLOT TWIST that's why I got motivated to read more on this


The author's character is unusually talkative but it gives a nice vibe in the novel although some of his jokes are hard to understand or just bland or hard to translate from original.. whatever... but still I highly RECOMMEND THIS if you like his other works

Also the author's MC is mostly if not all they are all SUPER DUPER DENSE in romance and it's hilarious to see the hopeless girls chasing the MC.. THAT's ALL THANK YOU <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
September 14, 2018
Status: c107
This is a fairly entertaining, OP, deus ex quest chain of semi-random pop-up events all resolved with overwhelming efficiency.


  • It's occasionally clever.
  • It's well-written, and interesting. Some arcs drag on, but overall, it generally maintains the curiosity of 'where will this go...'
  • The characters (though cliches) are ok.
  • Some of the interactions (though cliches) are amusing/cute.
  • Frequent attempts at humor, sometimes successful.
The BAD:

  • It's very plot-armored and (mostly) predictable.
  • So OP. Not even a hint of real threat- or at least one that could pierce the thick plot armor.
  • Very forced plot- the writing is at a high enough level that it may no be noticeable, but there is very little suspense, and all rewards are excessive.
  • MC is another beta-male, though he's not 'dense' & instead de-prioritizes (I guess) relationship complications He's also got unrealistic views & standards considering his background (s*xist, Japanese views in a reincarnated demon) - but 'whatever'.
  • Faux harem. All females will fawn/fight ove MC & think of very little else unrelated to their future relationship to him or how current actions/others may interfere with those desires. No- seriously- everybody wants him & he mostly can't be bothered.
  • Random people chime in with conveniently scripted commentary all the time. This is presented as a point of humor, but happens too frequently to not be nonsense after a while.
The Different:

  • Nothing really. I guess that the writing is as good as it is for an 'on-rails' OP hero 'fantasy-fest'. I will give the author some credit for being able to maintain some sense of 'challenge' despite the increasingly OP party level. It's not an aspect of 'real threat', but does continue to allow the implementation of 'clever' solves (so far).
Overall it's an acceptable read, recommended for those who like OP protags. I'd generally peg this as 'good writing' (competence/skill) in spite of the boilerplate/cliched plotting/structure. Another case of 'We'll see if the author can keep it up'.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
September 24, 2018
Status: c111
Fun novel so far. Mostly just wanted to comment on the revelations of the latest translated chapter: ... more>>

So turns out the church is mega-corrupt (we already figured that) and they convinced the Holy Priestess that the only person she's allowed BY GOD to be romantically involved with is the Hero, and so because the Hero was female in MC's past run she ended up turning into a traitor boss encounter all because she was thirsty AF... Perfectly reasonable. s*xual frustration will f**k you up, man. That being said, here's a prediction: MC, now confident that he knows the priestess's motivations for why she went psycho last run and everything that makes her tick, will show her indisputable proof that she's been bamboozled, thinking he can make her move on with her life, but in her eyes his actions amount to saving her and she falls for him for real, the very thing he was trying to make her not do.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
pomoli rated it
May 10, 2018
Status: c69
Great, as always from this author:


  • Good MC, clever and good natured.
  • Interesting and powerful allies.
  • Cute romance/harem, it's like a Japanese harem, but with an MC worth being with.

  • The beginning is weak.
  • Too much comedy sometime.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sleib rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: c35
This should be rated lower than 4 stars. Action is not bad (nothing amazing), too much talk about nonimportant staff, MC is just too passive, worldbuilding is not done properly, characters are one-dimensional. I'll just list much better novels: amber sword, I am the monarch, dragon maken war, monster that levels up, breakers, doulu dalu, arifureta and many others. Still, if you just skim through some boring parts it's not bad.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 24, 2017
Status: c2
Not that I am looking for something deeper in the genre, but rather I'm not really fond of this type of bland comedy with shallow plot and characters. If comedy is all it has, then it is worse than having nothing because it really makes me want to vomit. I haven't read that much yet, but from what I've seen, I can already guess that most of the characters would be cheerleaders (or so someone would call them) that will only be there to inflate the MC's ego.

I'm fairly certain... more>> that this will be a bad novel considering the author's previous works, but since I haven't read much, I won't rate it, so there's that at least. You can just consider this as a warning, I guess. But who knows, you might like it. I might've liked it a year, or even half a year ago, but now this kind of novel just feels so shallow and worthless to me. <<less
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November 21, 2017
Status: c11
So far the early chapters are very well written and I'm excited to see more.

I originally didn't have any expectations when I saw this but seeing it is written by Toika made me change my mind. I have I high expectations for this. He wrote both Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society and Everyone Else is a Returnee. Both of those so far have turned out to be a great read.

There are too few chapters, so I won't be rating it as a of yet.
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Frescko rated it
September 17, 2018
Status: c108
Toika is my favorite Novelist, he has a way with words and great ideas, some people may think that his MC's Harem is just there to tell you how good the MC is, which can get annoying but the MCs in his works either don't care, Stupid (like low IQ at the start), or just don't know what love is due to being alone (mostly) for 1000 years. The MC's fanclub praising them makes some sense, Who wouldn't love a strongest human who is a handsome young man? (Even though... more>> the author say "no harem this time", the fans make the minor things of the story from what I know, like the Harem). Given the Author know "oh they will want a Harem this time". <<less
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rhianirory rated it
August 7, 2018
Status: c50
i thought the whole 'demon reborn as one of the heroes' thing could be really interesting. It was a good idea but not so good on the actual execution of it. The MC is a typical old cultivator/mage/ powerful-whatever in a kids body instead of the more interesting 'demon trying to live as human for the first time' which was disappointing.

aside from the wise and all-knowing MC, the lead female, aka original hero, is vapid and downright stupid (MC's words not mine), and none of the other characters are interesting.... more>> The bickering and comedy gets old pretty fast.

I read until chapter 50 in the hopes that it might get better because here and there were some really good paragraphs and even pages, in between all the brainless cat-fighting and continuous ego-stroking and bad villein-of-the-arc dialogue. Sadly, those few good parts just aren't enough to make up for wading through all the crap to find them. <<less
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Dragon rated it
April 20, 2018
Status: c33
The novel itself is okay, the story is about a demon reincarnated into a hero/hero companion.

My biggest problem with this story is the endless annoying dialogue, not only from the main characters but even more so from the enemies.

Every enemy mob is a collection of chatterboxes, constantly spewing lines like "The bastard isn't trying to kill us! He is just trying to inflict pain! The bastard is not a hero! He is the devil!" and "These bastards don't have the right to take the test. We'll kill you! We'll destroy... more>> you!"

Please, for the love of god, you guys are skeletons and zombies, why are you constantly talking trash? The heroes aren't very good either, they constantly tsukkomi and aren't funny. Kinda feels like a less mature version of Returnee. It gets a bit better as it goes along and the story is interesting enough, so I rate it as average. <<less
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