Goblin Kingdom


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With a hideous visage they came to be known as goblins.

Hunted day after day, trampled, and crushed, these creatures lived with no other lot than to be killed.

But all that changed when the king was born.

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Goblin no Oukoku
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leedalys rated it
August 29, 2016
Status: c65
I do like the novel at first because the style of writing (or translating) is quite good. Moreover I'm a kingdom building stories lover. But once the author started the introduction of levels, classes, skills... I was disappointed. I hoped it was a true kingdom building where strength is strength, where knowledge is a must, where the MC (reincarnated) make use of the humanity to create something new for his new clan to progress... But nope. It was a fighting --> win --> lvl up --> class up --> fighting.... more>> At one point I even wanted to drop the novel.

But, I still continue this one because of two points: the writing and the plot. The writing is not that marvelous, but it did it's job to keep me reading. Second point is the plot. The author make me stay just to see if the MC will end up with the human girl. Yep just for that.

So I do admit, I often skip par of the novel when the MC (or his minions) are fighting. Overall it's good, it did it job. <<less
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Rreelentless rated it
December 23, 2015
Status: --
for me this feels like what I wanted from RE: monster, it's about a human reincarnating into a goblin dealing with those problems and trying to carve himself into the world.

while this does feel like RE:monster for those who have read that it feels better to me as it focuses more on the Main character.
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nakie08 rated it
December 19, 2015
Status: --
This is very much like Re:Monster, only loads better. It removes all the pointless leveling, the crap load of skills that's never going to all be used, the ridiculous OPness, the focus on cheesy harem, etc. It's basically devoid of all the MC bias that is the very basis of Re:Monster.

Goblin Kingdom is a very raw and primal piece of adventure. It's all about the savage law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest. The MC does not care about civilization. He doesn't try to make his life fitting... more>> of a human again like in his previous life. He's a goblin now, and he doesn't mind living like one. It has some game elements like levels and evolutions but it only serves as measure of the MC's progress and does not affect the plot of the story. And the MC is not OP which makes the story very suspenseful. It fits the theme of the story very nicely.

All in all, while I can't say that Goblin Kingdom is a must read, it does the job of entertainment quite well. If you've read Re:Monster and liked the fact that the MC is a monster and is leading a monster tribe, but hates all the OPness and crap in it, then you'll find Goblin Kingdom a much better read. <<less
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grkmori rated it
September 4, 2018
Status: c250

    • World building
    • Great Characters development (including heroes, anti-heroes, secondary characters and everyone important)
    • Army development
    • A lot of Diplomatic scheming
Could be better:

    • Battles sometimes are a bit unrealistic [small number o people die after some extended chapters, or when the author describes the Hero to kill +20 people while his army of 200 kills another 30 people...]
    • Diplomatic strategies seems a bit off for a intelligent character (well this one is asking too much for novel...) [killing the top official of a country that have an army 20 times larger and there is no immediate retaliation from them... if that country sends 1/10 of its troops would be enough to kill the protagonist army... this happened a lot]
    • The protagonist is constantly being outplayed in (gran) strategies, like:
      • Being fed battles to kill both forces while another bigger force gets away unharmed (happens a lot).
      • Attacks and make enemies of kingdoms that have 10 times their number (also happens a lot), and it is described as an intelligent decision.
      • If I could say he has a goblin brain, it wouldnt be overestimating his intellect.
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ZoorYuvonHeim rated it
September 13, 2017
Status: c100
I am not sure how to remark on this.

The translation's good, the writing is fine, the story holds up - although it falls a bit predictable and heavy on certain foreshadowing - but it remains entertaining enough.

There really isn't much I could complain on this, as the writing and style is good for the story it is trying to convey. Despite it being predictable, its done in an enjoyable manner of which parts are to be expected, and the character development while feeling somewhat shallow outside the MC fits just... more>> fine to be able to maintain interest and help distinguish most characters. It only begins to falter for me when its size grows, but that's to be expected when it exceeded 20+ characters to keep a loose thought on. The world and mechanics are complex enough to allow growth, but simple enough not to confuse much.

I would say it is worth the read so long as all you want is something straight-forward. <<less
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shylight rated it
March 17, 2017
Status: v1c71
I wanted to like this novel. I really did. I'm quite interested in the plot, but... It ask comes down to horrible writing in the end.

One thing author loves doing is throwing names at you. Bad names. Just open any of later chapters and look at the name cheat sheet that translators give us. There's over a dozen similar names. What's worse a couple of names characters that have any semblance of personality are simply lost in this mess.

That makes reading everything involving said characters (I.e. 80%of the... more>> novel) a pain. You just start glossing over large parts because it's impossible to understand what exactly is going on.

In the end, if you have enough mental capacity and fortitude to ensure that then go for it. Aside from way to obvious plot armour and aforementioned issues it's a decent read. Otherwise don't bother and look for another novel. <<less
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GroseHerrscher rated it
February 15, 2017
Status: c73
Definitely an excellent piece of fantasy and medieval romance. It revolves around an ambitious person reincarnated into the weak body of a goblin, whose race is shunned among the powerful therianthropes and cunning humanoids. In the world that offers them nothing but misery and internal strife, he rises up to become a figure akin to a monarch. In his journey of building a kingdom, he wins over loyal subordinates who devote their professions and aspirations to his nominal crown. Truly an exhilarating novel of the prodigal struggle of an upstart... more>> king who wishes to lead his kin to the paramount.

Along with interesting background and plot elements, this story will immerse you to a world of burning desires and seething passion, of rebelling against authorities like gods, and of fate running amok by his unprecedented existence in the chessboard of "kings." <<less
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April 10, 2019
Status: v2c164
There are things I like and dislike about this series, but if you like kingdom building stories then you'll probably enjoy it.

The main character has a clear goal and is constantly working to achieve it. He's different from most isekai MCs that just wander around and react to the things that happen to them. Instead, he is proactive, and is the direct cause of most of the things that happen in the plot. Unfortunately, since nearly 100% of his thoughts are focused on building his kingdom, he doesn't have much... more>> personality when it comes to anything else. He can basically be summed up as "wants to conquer the world because he doesn't like being told what to do."

Like most kingdom building series, there are a ton of side characters. Some of them are cool and get some pretty good development. The side chapters that focus on them are some of my favorites. That said, most of the goblin side characters have incredibly similar names, and the translator even had to make a dropdown chart just to help you keep track of all of them.

The one on one fights are kinda boring and I usually end up just skimming through them. The large scale battles/wars are much better though. They aren't just "This guy uses this skill, but that guy blocked it with that skill." The big fights have some real detail to them, and it's easy to imagine the author drawing out battle plans and whatnot as he decides how he wants everything to happen.

For the worldbuilding... an attempt was made.

  • Most races are fairly monocultured.
  • If the demihumans were created before the humans, why do they call themselves demihumans?
  • Even though there is obvious and easily verified proof of this world having multiple gods, there is still a monotheistic religion.
  • The usual "saints being living people" and "knights that don't ride horses" nonsense you'd expect from Japanese fantasy.
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Doorman rated it
March 13, 2018
Status: v3c173 part2
Personally I love it when the protagonist is non-human and is not afried to make an enemy out of humans. And as far as I know there is only 3 novels with a goblin as the protagonist that gives it more originality. If anyone were to find something similar to other than Green skin and Re:monster I would love to hear about it
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nin rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: v2c110
It seems like Re:Monster at first glance, but it quickly becomes its own story.

1. The Main Character establishes that he wants to conquer the whole world early on. At first, it's just because he wants to make the most of his second life, but as he warms up to his subordinate goblins, it becomes clear that he's partly doing it for their sake too. He wants to be the invincible King that they all praise him to be and be a shining example, not necessarily morally speaking, but more in... more>> the sense of sheer greatness. Also, he has a sane number of skills in his skill list (less than a couple dozen) unlike most protagonists in the Weak to Strong genre. More than his strength, skill, and intellect, the most OP thing about him is willpower and ambition, and that makes the Goblin King extremely compelling and worthy of his title of King.

2. Most of the named goblin side characters have hilariously simplistic names. The fact that some of them end up being memorable regardless is a testament to how well developed they are. The author will effectively switch viewpoints to show the named Goblin's point of view and characterize them effectively. They are far from mindless loyalists in a monster horde. Gi Ga, in particular, gets his own time as the protagonist. The unmemorable name issue starts getting alleviated in the latter half of volume 1. There are some human side characters too, a couple in particular that are really well developed, and even other monster species occasionally have a cool side character.

3. This relates a bit to number one, but in pretty much every major battle, it's obvious that the protagonist needs his subordinates. Even if he's doing a climactic duel by himself, the side characters are always around to help him out in any way they can, whether that may be through waiting patiently to prevent themselves from interfering during an important duel by keeping faith in their king, by holding back the enemy forces, or even by assisting during a crucial moment. In turn, he does the same for his subordinates, to the point that he is hesitant to use risky plans that may directly cause subordinate deaths. They have a extremely strong bond overall as King and Subject.

Honestly, the only complaint I have so far is that the beginning battle in Vol 2 is a little too long. Yet, that battle has so memorable moments that I can't really hate it at all. <<less
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DarkberserkerAA rated it
October 27, 2018
Status: --
If you like selfish MC then this novel has it. But if you don't like unproductive, easy to be depress, weak minded, acting smart but truly an idiot, and unreasonable/nonsensible sudden power gain MC. Then you better turn around and pretend you don't see this pretty attracting many chapters isekai nove, cause most if not all will find this MC pathetic at least and hateful at worst. I mean I like selfish MC that doesn't get swayed by anyone even if they try to threaten him, but this MC throws... more>> the best part of Selfish MC's and takes the worst trait.

I'm burned out reading this novel. I'm done rationalizing the actions and mind of the MC and the power system in this novel. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I hate this novel for giving me head ache. Please change the seinen genre to shounen instead cause its more appropriate for shounen this novel. <<less
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jolly-crow rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: v2c116
It sets up a wide array of support characters, quite refreshing in the realm of webnovels.

Is what I would like to say but sadly it never goes past that. They never take the plot by the horns and have any impact on how it proceeds. Arcs are always about MC fighting the enemy of the week as an underdog, and ultimately winning through his wit or effort or (literal) Deus Ex Machina. His retainers function is to keep the enemy's nameless subordinates busy.

What I mean is, it lacks depth, the... more>> characters are there, populating the story, but it never goes beyond that, they have no agency. So yeah, if you came here interested in the kingdom/faction building and the rarity of a well-developed cast, turn back.

The equivalent of a side-scrolling game? <<less
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LordGrim102 rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c59
First of all the TL is kinda... redundant at times and inconsistent but can be read enough.

On to the plot. First he starts off fine his reactions are normal, not irrational. Then here comes the humans s*aves, as expected when talking about goblins there should be that... but his actions and thoughts at that time are not the best. I don't know if the author's of this novel is a 'HUGE' fan of Re:Monster that he copy paste first half of it with the exception of OP MC and ecchi... more>> scenes (typical japanesque style which is his P***s only exist in his fantasies).

For now I'm at Chapter 59 and will continue reading this novel and will update my review if I dropped this on the way or finished it. <<less
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mrttao rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: --
This story is just an inferior in every way blatant rip off copy of RE:Monster, which itself is a bad story too, just that this story is even worse than the one it plagiarized.

For example, in RE:Monster the MC kills the human breeding s*aves because he wants to eat their flesh for power (because of his cheat lets him steal skills from those he eats). He personally benefits from their death and thus acts in a ruthless and self serving manner.

In this ripoff of a story, the author copied that... more>> scene but didn't understand the scene in question and how it doesn't fit with the fact that this MC doesn't steal power from people whose flesh he eats. So it doesn't actually make sense here and comes off as being moronic since the MC here doesn't actually gain anything from it, he just randomly murdered a bunch of human women because "reasons" (specifically, the reason being plagiarism).

To be perfectly clear, I am not upset at killing off the breeding s*aves. I am just giving this as evidence that the author is doing such a crappy job plagiarizing other stories. Some of my favorite stories are plagiarized improvements (for example WMW is a massively improved ripoff of the terrible story called Wizard World).

And no, I did NOT drop it after this one scene. I continued reading for a bit before dropping it, and it continued being a bad ripoff. <<less
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Takumi168 rated it
April 1, 2016
Status: --
I split on this series so 3.5/5 it’s good and bad at the same time. Although the MC isn’t op his methods doesn’t agree with me. I like characters that can endure, train to become stroger before tackling dangerous situations. But this guy jumps into the frying pan and into the fire each and everytime. I think what’s getting to me the lack of feasibility his endeavor shows.

Fighting orcs when they are out number and outmatched but still manage to barely win?


The good part is probably originality though there is similarities with re:monster it’s still different.
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Asf rated it
January 4, 2016
Status: --
This and re monster focus on different aspect.

Goblin kingdom is more about war between races and building a kindom. He will find his own generals and lead war.

While re monster focus more on evolutions, harem, and making his ideal environment.

Re-monster MC is more OP and almost invincible. While goblin kingdom MC power are more down to earth, as he tries much harder to beat his enemies. Naturally, the battle of goblin kingdom are more intense..
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graydragon12 rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: c86
Good start but it the MC behavior is starting to wear on me. This will be a spoiler heavy review though I will try my best to not actually spoil any story related thing, only character interaction but just a head up, MC get more attached to a random girl more than his fellow goblin that dedicated their live for him and that pissed me off.

... more>>

Reshia is a side character the MC captured from around chapter 10. She is a special girl that is like by the god, having a Saint title and may be related by blood to one of the god. Basically she is a powerful healer that is important to the human kingdom. Why did she wander into a forest full of monster with a group of 10 amateur I will never know. MC being a human reincarnated as a goblin didn't kill the man and r*pe the women like Re:Monster but keep them as convenience healing machine as well as craftsman to produce goods. MC has a hard on for her for some bloody reason. At first he is under an influence of her "Saint" effect but after the effect is removed, he still fell attached to her cause "love". In every bloody fight where MC is about to lose his life while Reshia is safely tuck in village doing god know what and contributing nothing to the battle, MC think of her name and got a massive power boost to kill the foe. Even when the MC left of a 1 month expedition to subjugate another goblin tribe and while being beaten to dead, scream his lovely "Reshia " and proceed to chop off the enemy head. The author try so hard to make her relavent and every time I see MC utter her name, I got annoyed as hell. Think of your soldiers who are sacrificing their life for you. You are throwing their life away so you can get back you lovely healing doll, put her in a room and look at her pretty. Get rid of her, build up your goblin strength do anything productive. She serve nothing. She is a healing device that you call for whenever your guy get a cut. She have zero effect on politic, planning and personality of the MC yet the author keep making her the primary source of MC strength when MC hit depression. I am finding myself skipping all the part where MC start calling "Reshia" just get a power boost and I hope that author stop overlying on her. Author can write good supporting character but the one he choose to give MC emotion support fall flat on their face and make me more annoyed than believe in the stake that is happening

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GabeZhul rated it
August 12, 2018
Status: c37
Not bad, but not particularly great either. It is threading the same ground as most other monster reincarnation stories: first it's about survival in the wilds, then it's skill acquisition/evolution, then forming a group of humanized monsters and turning them into a village, then a kingdom. The added flavors this time around are madness (the MC has a blessing from the goddess of the underworld that constantly erodes his mind and turns him into a berserker) defiance and rebellion (he also has a skill that allows him to directly resist... more>> the same mental encroachment by pure guts and determination) and unreliable narration (the MCs paranoia, self-loathing and denial paints a very different picture of the world, the gods and people around him than other POVs do).

The story's main weaknesses are its pacing, which is simply too fast and doesn't allow the side-cast to properly develop, and the repetitive nature of constantly facing foes that are just a notch above the MCs power level and requiring him to beat them with only an inch of his life remaining, and even then he sometimes gets saved by literal divine intervention. As my old teacher once said; if the main character barely manages to overcome every hurdle, it's just as boring as if he did so with ease. After the n-th time, the reader already knows that he is going to succeed by a narrow margin, just like he did the twenty or so times before, and thus the struggle stops being entertaining and becomes routine and padding.

That said, as far as my subjective opinion goes, my main problem was that I simply didn't care about the characters at all. The MC was not likable enough for me to ever fear for him or hope to see him succeed in his goals, the female lead is kinda soulless, while the rest of the characters are mainly defined by their class and what kind of weapon the use. Overall, I couldn't say I really cared for any of them, and that is pretty much the death of a fictional work.

But that's just me. If you are looking for a monster reincarnation story that is neither too dark, nor just a normal isekai with all the characters being "monsters" while acting like stereotypes, I suppose you might give this one a try. <<less
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hbsock rated it
September 2, 2017
Status: c371
Goblin Kingdom early on (volume 1) is basically a Re:Monster clone. You got a goblin protagonist leveling up, gaining skills, building a community and uniting the goblins.

However, after volume 2 onwards is where Goblin Kingdom really shines as a story. At this point the author switches to writing in third person practically all the time, and hence focus on other characters to build personalities for the huge cast that's been set up.

We get a focus towards wars, domestic affairs, and diplomacy rather than the MC leveling up/gaining skills/getting loot. Enemies... more>> feel like threats, and they get enough development so they're not just fodder for the MC's armies.

Goblin kingdom will bring you a story of war, army building, domestic affairs, and social revolution...

If you can get past the first volume. <<less
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May 13, 2020
Status: c67
Here I got something to say to people allready reading, I would not like to drive away anyone from reading this since I enjoy it quite a bit, it s just me yapping about some stuff that dissatisfies me. ... more>>

There is one thing that bugs me and takes a lot from the story and that is MC goal. There are so much ways for our MC to progress as a character but all we got is everchanging character with ever changing thoughts and opinions. One time he things and acts like he ll become king by using his mobs and another time he doesn t want his mobs to die. ahh this is the worst, with a character like this you can t expect anything and the character is just everchanging and there is no real progress. For example the story could have been set up for him being reborn as weak goblin and him getting the taste of the weak races suffering and him getting to like his fellow specimen and leading them to glory. I don t eat author sh*t by him saying that goblins don t have the instinct of family and act on instinct and pursue only power. Or he could just go against gods who got him and his fellows the way he is, like fighting against the destiny since he was from the start destinied to become strong and die by some heroes hands. There is not even any clear reason for him to becoming a king and the world conquest. Like why the f*ck do that? It s one thing to want to survive and become the leader and deal with threats but our MC is not a coldhearted killer so why mindlessly kill people in his path of world conquest when he can t even hold resolve to kill impending threats like the saint. I got to this chapter fairly quickly so I can see all of the development still freshly. It could be just so much better if author made MC follow clear goal. Like he should choose to kill the girl or just get her on his side. She said she will be going against him but in the end it s gods who are making her do that. She could just abadon her god. And I don t understand why MC is dealing with everyone differently. By logic some characters as they are portrayed to be won t bend and some will just cooperate, some will bear grudge etc. But MC is acting like he doesn t care. You know if he is to be a king than he should act like one. I don t get why he let gimli clans people die acting as baits and not care when gimli is allready subordinated and acknowledge MC as king. f*ck man that Gnara clan was full of dissatisfied people and had that c*cky girl as leader without much ability. He should make some people examples and get rid of old stubborn gobling and recruit young flexible blood, they would get to know in time that their elders were shortsighted and didn t recignize the rightfull king. I know what you think... Not all MC have to get their goal by killing mindlesly and stuff, but then for what reason is author presenting us characters with personalities when they are acting completly different from how they are portrayed. Logickly MC should get in favor with inteligent strong and obedient and as he is shown he should punish and organize those clans. In the end MC is not looking into future at all. I don t get him at all. It s like some guy just set his goal for becoming the best bodybouldier on planet but not only does he not know anything about being a bodybuilder he is going for it wrong. He doesnt set any goal like getting 10 kg of pure muscles up or anything like that and just builds up muscle disbalances on his way of becoming the biggest bodybuilder. Ahh and than there is leveling system which is completly wrong too. Like our MC progressed as rare goblin to next race by killing one orc but his tribe fought so much opponents and only few evolved. Than he gets levels just from overcoming something or accomplishing something which is weird. I don t get how those small pups just playing aroung got 20 levels up and the kobold girl hunting prey got zero levels. So how exactly is this level up system working? The naming sense is the worst too. MC could have done so much more and thats what I like the most about these kingdom building novels. It s those small things you enjoy. f*ck MC is actually more uncivilized than goblins. Not wearing clothes and stuff and f*cking everything else, like him getting to know leader goblins got surnames. And the time is going too quickly. By the authors timing it hasn t even been 2 mounths since him getting born but by all the events timing its been around three weeks. I don t know where he got that one mounth in the orc village. Basickly it got some strong points but got even more weaker points. There is so much I kinda expect from these novels like world building and MC training from weak nobody and discovering magic and stuff. If author is not certain about his numbers and how it will work than it s just better to not use definite description in numbers, that just corners him. The game like premise is weak too. It feels like those skills and other stuff are there just to fill the space. They re just taking away the storys value. Well there is a lot to say but I will end it here. I just said some things I had on my mind and I definitly could have said them in a better way. So sorry for my grammer and I hope you got what I wanted to express, it would make me happy if you commented on agreeing or disagreeing with my statesments.

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