For The Rest of Our Life


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When she was 8 years old, Lin Xian met Xiao Yuqing and was blinded by the beauty. A childish speech was laughed at for many years.

Auntie, you are beautiful, I want to marry you.

Later, Lin Xian, who thought she had long forgotten, met Xiao Yuqing again. Her heartbeat began to remind her again – I like her very much.

After many years, Xiao Yuqing was eaten and dried to know that the soft white rabbit grew up not as a white rabbit, but as a wolf.

If you say that young love is as uncertain as the wind, then I hope that the rest of my life it will last for a long time.

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Dư Sinh Vi Kỳ (Trọn Hết Kiếp Này)
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13 Reviews

New AnaB
Feb 14, 2024
Status: --
very good story, but the ending left me a little empty, I found it ridiculous and unnecessary that they had been separated for so long, the only negative thing about the story, the rest is perfect, beautiful and heartbreaking, I hope you continue translating this incredible story here. A question I read here in the reviews that this same story has an epilogue, where it is mentioned that they had a son, does anyone know where I could read it?
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New HarveyRiggs
Feb 07, 2024
Status: Completed
Good story,

but I think her giving in to the parents for them to split temp was bad idea for her to accept. Not only does she self harm her self trying to get her parents to tell her when she went, but then distance herself from the parents anyways. But because of it, It then leads to years of being split apart from her lover & lost time being together as she tried to find her again.

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Jul 08, 2020
Status: Completed
This story without a doubt is one of the best I have read in regards to Chinese Yuri webnovels. It's not a story of a rich CEO falling for an infallible transmigrated MC. It's not the sort of otherwordly love that is conspicuously self fulfilling. It's not an unrealistic story that leaves you chuckling with transient amus**ent only to be forgotten quickly. This is a story about ordinary people finding themselves in extra-ordinary circumstances.

What I love about this story is the dilemma posed in the age gap separating the protagonists... more>> and the roles which follows it. Love does not come easy for them especially with these barriers which seems impossible to circumvent. The story is mature in its assessment regarding these sort of stigmatized relationship. It's not something that is brushed under the carpet easily. The fears and worries in aspects of such relationships were well thought out by the author. It's especially commendable that the author offers another angle in regards of analyzing such relationships without any judgement which society tends to view with an unforgiving lens.

The characters were especially unforgettable. They will certainly leave an impression. My favorites will always be Lin Xian (the MC) and Wen Tong (BFF of the FL). Lin Xian is a Gryffindor material, for sure. 200% Gryffindor material, for sure. If I could have an ounce of her courage, I would certainly have less regrets in life. She is my favorite MC of all times. She is mature and honest. She speaks with a strong conviction and even when her talk seems heavy with the implications which comes along with it, she definitely walked the talk. This is the sort of character you can't help but admire even if you know that she's fictional.

Wen Tong, is the type of friend I aspire to be. Although her story is quite the heartbreak, she is the sort of friend we all need in life.

In summary of this very long review, this story is grounded firmly in reality. If readers are searching for a whimsical, quick and easy love story; this story might not be for you. There were many many sweet and heart pounding moments but it's certainly rivaled by the heartaches. This story, if nothing else, will certainly make even the most emotionally resistant of us feel something. <<less
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Oct 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Sigh.... How can I even start this review? Its truly hard for me to make up my mind on this series cuz while I find it amazing it also turned into an amazing disappointment, truly such wasted potential, now that just might be me not liking tragedies and other people will find beauty were I was just sad and appalled but really make no mistake this series has very tragic and sad outcomes for our characters, the end itself is quite happy sure but the journey to get there was... more>> just....

And this all has to do with the biggest flaw from this author, she just cant seem to keep focus on the story she wants to tell, this was supposed to be a yuri age gap story and my god was that done beautifully, the first 150 chapters, just brilliant lol I loved them all so much, granted the story starts a little slow but its understandable character development but around chapter 30 things pick up real hard and every chapter is amazing, the story is very well paced and extremely interesting and the way the author writes is frankly outstanding, you always get an exact sense for what every character is feeling she really does a great job in characterazation, everyone feels so real and distinct that you cant help but get hooked on their stories of course you can most feel it with our main pair but the side cast also gets a great treatment, worlds feels organic and real and again its just exciting seeing our main pair get into a relationship and interact with each other from the mundane regular life to their heartpounding dates and confessions, you can always really just feel alongside them, but alas author just couldn't keep focus and went heavy into family drama and it just completely halted the series....

Same thing happened with her last novel too "my feelings can wait" there our very interesting story just completely halted to take care of one of the protagonists family being super conservative old teachers that absolutely deny homosexuality, now dont get me wrong this is a very real issue that has to be dealt with sure but the way it just killed off the flow of the story.... Sigh, it took center stage in a story that was already pretty drama intensive with a much more interesting point, that of the age gap yuri and the author just completely destroyed all the character development of one of her leads so she could add what I really felt was a very contrived tragedy situation into the series, it just made me hate this story I was liking so much guys.

Still we need to know the characters we'll follow here and my god do we find a gem of a character here Lin Xian our MC is one of my favorite protagonists ever, a straightforward, couragous, dedicated, strong-willed, lovable young lady with a flexible and loving mindset, a woman who knows that to find happiness you need to follow your heart and live for yourself, she cares about only her loved ones and even then she has a bottom line unlike many irrational "i love them cuz theyre family even if theyre tr*sh" people, watching her grow is such a joy, she starts the series at 17 just about to turn 18 and you can really feel her grow as a person throughout the series but her core is always unshakable, once she's set her heart on something you can be damn sure shes doing it, thing is she starts the series lost in a sense.

Lin Xian has grown with a very overprotective, overbearingly so, mother that has already set the girls path for her and Lin Xian being such a lovely girl has never wanted to find trouble since she wants to keep her parents happy so she just meanders about that path others have given her since she's never really gotten the chance to find what it is she herself wants that is till she finally finds something she's willing to give her all for, the heart and love of her mothers friend Xiao Yuqing 14 years her senior.

And my god as I said before Lin Xian gives it her all, the girl pours her heart and soul into getting the love of Xiao Yuqing and guys let me tell you while Lin Xian is 17 she feels oh so much older then everyone here, shes inexperienced and impulsive at times yes, even childish unintentionally and intentionally lol but her mentality and how she approaches things? Her view of the world and what she has to do? How she can always make decisions with long term plans in mind? As I said she just always feels reliable and composed, now during the story Lin Xian does some.... Ehem pretty questionable things but they're all backed by knowledge that she really cant do anything else and oh boy Lin Xian doesn't f*ck around, she'll do anything at her disposal to get what she wants, and while some may call it childish or even crazy I find the girl quite heroic, sometimes in life we just give up cuz we all think "well there's nothing we could have done" not Lin Xian, she will always do everything that can be done.

Now as you can see I love this character, easily my favorite chinese female protagonist and even just in general one of my favorite protagonists ever I'd say, she was even able to go against irrational filial piety, now that's f*cking magical, you all know how chinese characters are they always need to give out love, respect and appreciation to their parents and elders no matter if theyve earned it or not, you need to give in and obey, not Lin Xian though shes ready to cut off anything that stands in the way of her happiness all she needed was for the person she loves to stand by her side..... And oh boy did she choose wrong.

Now sadly this amazing woman is broken down in this novel, if you want to see how to break someone you'll find it here, she's belittled for her age, thought of as s*upid and a fool for thinking at her age she could stay resolute towards the future, no one is willing to believe in her determination and conviction she loves a person 14 years older then her? Surely she doesn't know what that'll mean going forward, she wont be able to take the discrimination against gays, she's just a 19 year old fool.... No one will believe in her.... Are all 19 year olds fools though? Are all of their words as good as tr*sh? Even when their actions prove otherwise? The tale of Lin Xian is a true tragedy since she so full of hope and love turns jaded and distrustful she stops believing in people and shuts down really because not 1 person believed in her, yes not even Xiao Yuqing.

Xiao Yuqing ah Xiao Yuqing my thoughts on her are the same as of this novel really, wasted potential, another sad case of sh*t parents difference being that Yuqing here is the complete opposite of Lin Xian a cowardly, soft spoken, timid and hurt woman who'd always rather avoid conflict unlike Lin Xian that always follows her own happiness without minding others Yuqing is the type of person that needs confirmation of everyone around her to feel safe, a lot of bad things have happened in her past though so its very understandable where she starts this series mentally, fragile and afraid but slowly thx to Lin Xian she's slowly able to gain back her confidence, her courage, its an extremely difficult battle for Lin Xian, Believe that, but the younger woman's dedication is able to touch Yuqing, able to make her trust again and look forward to tomorrow.

Yuqing's development is truly amazing I was really loving her character and the finesse with which the author handled her growth and her acceptance of such a relationship cuz author really takes her time with that and again its just amazing the way all the problems and mental/emotional anguish one would feel is shown here, their disparity in age eats at her, Xian being entrusted to her as the daughter of her good friend, Yuqing remembering her own harsh time coming out as a lesbian and not wanting Xian to go through that herself, Yuqing is a truly pitiful character in a sense being hounded down by Lin Xian lol poor thing never stood a chance against Xian's dedication Yuqing really wanting to believe that this is just a game for Xian, the excitement of a young girl that will go away with time until she truly starts believing Xian thanks to her actions, she proves its not a game to her she proves she's planning for the future with her and Yuqing opens up to her starts believing, and we see her backstory which is frankly amazing and really lets you understand why she's so cowardly but for Xian sh decides to grow, she has her falls though, again shes very distrustful and like 3 times she tries to just run away without facing things head on but Xian's sincerity (And a bit of crazy behavior) moves her, she promises Xian she'll be stronger for her, be couragous for her and face all the hardships their relationship will bring with her, their relationship starts when Xian is 18 and for 1 whole year Xian proves with her actions she'll always be with her, the onl thing she needs is for Yuqing to believe in her.

Theres a certain point in the story where things reach their dramatic high, we knew the moment was coming of Lin Xian's parents finding about their relationship but the way things play out is just.... Yuqing has had such amazing development and growth till that point and I thought it was all for this moment when she needs to show her courage, her guts, that she really believes in Lin Xian, and well yeah as you can figure out by what I've been saying.... Bit of a spoiler but again I just want everyone to go in prepared knowing this is a tragedy


and this truly was such a bullsh*t part, mom asks Yuqing to leave and everyone is against her in this moment, they break down the little courage she'd built up but she still loves Lin Xian she wants to believe in her but she just cant..... She had promised Lin Xian she'd be with her no matter what but she couldn't handle the stress of people not accepting her relationship and she decides to leave the city, she knows Lin Xian will go to her so she just up and leaves without telling anyone where she's going... She betrays Lin Xian's trust in her so badly and for such a s*upid reason for 6 f*cking years..... Xian just breaks down


The thing she does just breaks down Xian, Xian just needed her to stay by her side she just wanted to live their life happily she knows while others may not accept its inconsequential she just wants herself and Yuqing to be happy but Yuqing again is a person that needs everyones approval so she leaves and it just breaks Xian.

Xian proves to us that she really was willing to do anything for Yuqing but Yuqing is not even there to see it.... Theres this quick timeskip of 6 f*cking years of them being separated and that just f*cking made me so mad 6? 6 f*cking years? Author what the f*ck were you thinking? Xian is ruthless too she broke of her relationship with her mom for what she did, starts living alone and proves herself..... but for who? All she needed was Yuqing, she was willing to do anything for Yuqing and she just betrayed her.... Mom even tells Xian she'll help her look for Yuqing and I just loved Xian's response to it she laughs and thinks "this is all you left for Yuqing? For this 1 sentence of acceptance? Is it worth it? No, not worth it at all" Xian does kind of get along with her dad, family and friends but you can see she just cant really see people the same, everyone betrayed her....

And again as I said the ending itself is happy Xian finds Yuqing and the last 12 chaps are them and their reunion and Yuqing swearing this time she truly will trust Xian and her life will be hers but by that point Yuqing's words were as good as garbage to me, she was scared of going back and lived in misery and made Xian live in misery for 6 f*cking years.

Unbelievable dude, by the end I hated her i'll be honest, especially since author shows us Xian just didn't end up right after everything, she has trouble sleeping and wakes up when Yuqing does cuz she can't trust her anymore, puts all the fault on herself for not protecting Yuqing, had multiple accidents, constantly having to soothe Yuqing's frail mind cuz she feels bad she left, its just sad bro both women end up broken.... Even if the ending is happy you can see Xian was broken which is the biggest tragedy here.

The most passionate are the most ruthless and the most ruthless the most dedicated, I think this phrase perfectly captures the essence of our 2 leads.

And I know author likes tragedies cuz she keeps referencing Makoto shinkais works and you know that dude loves sad tales too.

Side characters again are quite good but sadly are very underused, same thing happened in her last novel too at the beginning the side cast got plenty of time but towards the end they disappear, bro if author focused on the side cast instead of family bs this series would be a 10/10.

Well Shi Man and Xia Zhijin have a very interesting dynamic going on, theirs is sort of a sad tale too though, theyre Lin Xian's college friends who also go through quite a bit Xia Zhijin is a poor girl that was helped by Shi Man's family but Shi Man really likes her and her more simple family having grown without familial love due to having no dad and her mom being busy handling a big company and getting a lot of young men and women in bed Shi Man gets mom to bring Xia Zhijin to their house and she has been following Shi Man for years, Xia Zhijin though has a lot of pride as a person wanting to make a name for herself and always fels oppressed by Shi Man's big name, she feels she's not worthy and Shi Man just wants to get Xia Zhijin's love she's been in love with her for a while and thinks that's all they need, thankfully Xia Zhijin loves her too but their relationship.... Well again its sad and we really needed more chaps with them at the end, they end up in a happy but shaky place but its truly sad we didn't get more on their relationship, if only the author could have focused on their story instead of the bloated BS with MC's parents.... It feels lacking really, also Xia Zhijinis a really annoying person, she's the type to actively choose a hard path even when there's an easy path in front of her, not because she enjoys the challenge or because she wants to better herself sadly though, just cuz shes afraid and nervous others will judge her for taking said easy path, shes a lot like FL really, so concerned with others she forgets her own happiness, sigh, Shi Man too is very childish, she can't look outside what she herself wants, never tries to see things from others POV and that really just spells disaster for them watching their relationship is a sad ordeal cuz they just can't connect, wasted potential too cuz they just kinda disappear midway through the story.

Yuqing's best friend Wen Tong is a very interesting and sad character too and she as well needed more chaps lol, a straight girl that was bent by Yuqing but never had the guts to go anywhere, understandable too with how Yuqing is but still.... Shes a good friend to Yuqing even while shes "stolen" away lol but.... Towards the end when Yuqing really needed her she just said the worst thing she could have said and so I cant help but dislike her.

Shi Jinglan she is Shi Man's mom, didn't appear much but I quite remember her since she always has a commanding presence to her, I knew there was more to her then was first shown, a terrible mother but a good woman, a ruthless one that only thinks about herself sure but a good woman to herself at least nonetheless lol, look at her actions carefully, she has quite a funny development and quite a wholesome ending too.

The parents of Lin Xian... They're horrible lets be honest here, dad maybe not so much but he was too much of a dickless wimp to help out when it really mattered and mom? If you sympathize with her youre just not right in the head, shes one of those god complex parents that wish to command every aspect of their kids lifes and when anything goes outside their own box of what's correct? Well then the 'kid" is just an ungrateful piece of sh*t clearly, stubborn, radical, unapolagetic, only wanting to see things from her own pov... Ruined the life of a 19 year old woman who she wanted to treat as a 12 year old girl she could control.

The only saving grace is that theres no forgiveness at the end after what she did, I've seen a lot of series where parents disgusting things are forgiving cuz you know family but not here, Lin Xian will forever hate her mom and its told to us clearly, now im not saying this is good but I am saying some things just are not forgivable, the woman ruined her daughter and Yuqing's life for 6 f*cking years and traumatized both for life, just cuz she was personally offended with how Lin Xian wanted to live her life, absolute tr*sh this mother, her love is exactly like gods if you step outside what she thinks is right you're garbage.

Theres other characters that flesh out the world but dont matter too much really.

Damn this went on for way too long I really doubt anyone will read it but I just had to get my thoughts out somewhere, this is more a rant then a review really but it just pained me to see such an amazing series ruined.... The story of a woman being broken.... Age gap romance first 150 chaps pure gold 10/10, last chaps utter disappointment 5/10, gonna give it that 8 overall since the very end is a happy end.

Also the very last chap is an epilogue were the two

have a child

so be sure you saw the right one cuz some sites dont include the extra/epilogue ch'ps. <<less
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Jul 08, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a really nice story. This might not be the most original since we all know about relationships with age gaps. The sufferings of the people which comes hand in hand with it. The prejudice and criticisms of people around them. However, what makes this story wonderful is how well you can delve into the story. You will be able to feel the experiences of the MC and FL, you become immersed in their world and begin to sympathize with their story. Though I've used MTL to read this... more>> so there might be some inconsistencies with what I've read.

This is YURI! So people who do not like this genre, beware!

The MC fell in love with a woman who is 14 years older than her. To make matters worse, the said woman has been considered to be treated as an elder or relative by the MC's parents. The MC had to go to college in a different city but her parents did not want her to be too independent thinking that she is too immature. Hence MC's mother thought of her friend who is living near the same vicinity of the university. At first, everything was normal. They lived together as aunt and niece. As time pass the MC started to realize her feelings started to develope...

To follow... <<less
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Oct 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Woww... Just woow... I can't describe how much I love this novel. The story is too realistic in a way that you can feel the emotions and thoughts of the characters, and also, the situations that sorrounds the characters really does happen in real life. Honestly, it's really hard for me to let go of this novel after finishing it.... I was too attached with the characters because it felt like I had this long journey with them facing the odds.

I really admired Lin Xian's confidence and maturity despite her... more>> age and inexperience when it comes to love. She's so brave throughout the story. She's the only one who can truly heal our precious Xiao Wanqing. Ughhhh! They're chemistry is too much! It's not too cheesy nor cringy. It feels so natural and romantic. Their age difference became a charm to bring out the best version of themselves.

Again, I'll discuss the raw emotions that the novel penetrated in my heart. The writer skillfully played my emotion throughout the story. There's a lot of emotional Rollercoasters here so be aware, but there's a lot of dog food here too *sobs in single dog* Anyways, the writer successfully allowed us to emphatize on the characters even on the mother. The characters are so well-written that I can describe every major characters by their personalities.


The flowbof story is slow because they need to develop the story steadily. Ngl, I was bored reading this and I was about to drop it until I reached chapter 30. Boom. Everything changed. No chapter as in NO CHAPTER bored me after that. I became too excited. I think it was that time when Lin Xian realized her feelings and decided to pursue Xiao Wanqing. Geez, this brat is really smooth she successfully seduced our auntie!



I cried so many times while reading this novel.I cried becausenof sadness, joy, worry etc. But the most touching oart that I just cried like baby is when Xiao Wanqing remembered the little Lin Xian saying "Auntie, you're so beautiful. I want to marry you" then she said on Lin Xian (25), "Auntie, will marry you." I was like f*ck!!! Vsjsjakka!!

FYI there's nongrooming that happened here. Lin Xian our little fella realized her feelings first and then shemade her elder fall for her. Geez I'm sonproud of this fella! Her hard work has been paid off! *sobs* I love you guys so much!


WHAT THE F**K! IT TURNS OUT THAT THIS NOVEL IS WRITTEN BY THE SAME AUTHOR OF "MY FEELINGS CAN WAIT" WHAT THE F**K!! I'm a big fan of that novel. I'm not surprised that I felt some kind of familiarity while reading "For the rest of my life". <<less
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Cereal Is Life
Cereal Is Li
Aug 07, 2023
Status: Completed
The novel was written quite realistic with the obstacles in their ways: gender, age, identity (good friend's daughter) and family opposition. It highlights what a couple not defined in the traditional sense (especially in Asia) faced when coming out to surroundings that might not accept them (since another CP pairing is the same as them).

It's a good read on how the MC (Lin Xian) falls in love and grows up into an adult in her mid-20s, taking in more responsibility while never giving up to having the authority (as an... more>> adult), wealth (enough funds to start a family and the future), and permission to protect her future wife.

I shed a few tears, especially after reaching the climax of the story, and immersed myself in egging for FL (Xiao Yuqing) to fall for the MC like her friends. The 2nd cp also has its own set of obstacles, like gratitude and wealth disparity that divided them. It was even half resolved only till the end. There are quite a few times I worry her efforts will be for naught

(cutting herself or getting into a car accident when searching for Xiao)

, so when I see the ending, it's like 'god dammit, good for you, Lin Xiao Xian'.

This book differs from the author's other book [My Feelings Can Wait] that has a theme about redemption, this is about courage, overcoming difficulties despite facing opposition and never stepping back.

P.s. A long-awaited review. There is an audio drama for it (in chinese) that's finished. The voice actors are amazing. Altair545's review is also amazing but I'm a sucker for angst. [Clear and Muddy Loss of Love] can beat the cr** out of me. <<less
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Apr 18, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is going to be hit or miss I feel.

Light spoilers


Three "problems" here exist in the context of the novel, the fact that it's a lesbian couple, age gap, and identity. The age gap is slightly too big, and the identity part makes things messy. There is a lot of angst and honestly maybe a bit too much of it. It's a good novel, but it has a lot of frustrating moments.



Good but twice the amount of angst needed.
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Nov 18, 2023
Status: prologue
It's written by Min Ran. A+. Case closed. Quite a large age gap for those (easily) triggered. Aside from that, you and I are in for a real treat.

Ecstatic this is being picked up by a translator that I know will finish the job. I've waited a long time. Thank you.
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Jun 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This is Min Ran's second novel I've read and I have become a fan.

My heart still hurts even though there's HE. In this novel as well I suffered from side couple syndrome...I mean well, who wouldn't? [Shi Man and Xia Zhijin deserve side chapters!]

The story is really sweet and the angst is worth it.

When I was reaching the end I kept wishing that it had more chapters.

Also, I MTLed it but I was surprised to see that the translation was a lot smoother than I expected.
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Dec 17, 2020
Status: epilogue
It is one of the most beautiful novels I've read so far. Aah it's a big age gap. What else do you want? And lots of sweet and fluffy moments.
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Nov 18, 2020
Status: Completed
2 sleepless days and nights. That's how long it took me to read this whole novel. Can I say it was worth it? Im not sure. I completely did not study for my math test because I was so fixed on reading all 170 chapters of this novel.

Well, that's how it is, isn't it? Our addiction to novels is all f*cking us over lol.

As for the actual story. It's a very well done age gap GL novel. The beginning is slow and with no romance in sight even after, idk,... more>> around 20 really long chapters, I almost dropped it. But I perservered and was rewarded by the fluffiest middle ever. In the middle, I seriously could not read a single chapter without squealing like a little girl. The middle was extremely well done. I can say that for sure.

The end... ah. The end. I have to say, it felt a bit rushed. Just a tad bit. Im not sure if it was because I read that last 100 chapters all in one 10 hour go, or because of the timeskip. Probably both. Whatever the case, the end was very sweet. The main couple got together, and so did the side couples.

If you're into GL, I highly recommend you read this novel. Although, you may or may not want to MTL it, since with the current pace of translations, it's going to take at least two years to finish. The MTL isn't really horrible either, since this is a modern day romance novel.

I'll come back to this novel in 2 or 3 years, and hopefully the translations will have finished. I'll read it all over again. <<less
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Nov 01, 2020
Status: Completed
Probably my favorite GL now. I f* love age gap novels haha.

I really liked the way author portrayed different traits according to their age, sometimes I was mad at immature actions but it was understandable coming from a young inexperienced girl. And the fears that came with the adult life and past experiences / social pressure from a mature woman. The bittersweet first love and breakup, losing loved ones... or hoping for their acceptance. Hey, I think this is my first review writing so much :v

And the side couples/stories were... more>> also very good, it's nice to have some good friends :) <<less
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