Female General And Eldest Princess


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In order to survive in troubled times; in order to get revenge for loved ones; in order to claim justice for all 118 people who died undeservedly in the village. Lin WanYue took the residence registration of her younger brother Lin FeiXing to join the army, and was determined to kill the Huns all over the world.

The empress died at court, leaving the 16 year-old princess and the 8-year-old crown prince to rely upon each other for their lives. Several princes older than the crown prince were greedy for the throne, and the two were in a precarious position.

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Nữ Tướng Quân cùng Trưởng Công Chúa
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77 Reviews

Feb 09, 2020
Status: Completed
Me @ Lin Wanyue: call me old fashioned, but I was raised to serve my WIFE. Clean up after her, take care of her. I cook her food every night. Her needs come FIRST. I do whatever she says, because she is my WIFE and she makes the rules around the house. She owns me.
if she ever cheats, it's because I was lacking & that's on ME.

Lesbian Mulan x Scheming Princess, lots of fluff (and angst)

One of my absolute favourite novels. Very long with lots of political intrigue and scheming - I am a huge fan of intelligent and well-written female characters and this book is full of them. Authentic wlw romance, the author notes are hilarious and really relatable. Author is a lesbian!! Which is why the relationship development is so authentic and realistic, extremely sweet. Main couple isn't the only wlw romance! Side characters also deserve love - everything flowed so naturally and didn't seem forced at all. Very unusual for novels with queer themes. "Even if some people can't understand, it doesn't matter, love women, it's just loving women, I simply love women, women have never been a replacement for lacking men, women are women, I am a woman, I love women." - author
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Jan 05, 2021
Status: Completed
The first half is a masterpiece. Halfway through though, it goes from a slightly abusive love story to flat out psychological torture between a manipulative cold-blooded princess and a naive self-deprecating general. Then it gets super rushed and all of a sudden there's a love triangle, the characters become 2 dimensional, and ends with in the laziest way possible.

The first half is one of the best things I've ever read though. The characters are realistic. The story is complex. The character development is good, but it followed the common theme... more>> of 'MC is introduced to a new idea. She plays around with it for a bit. There's a time skip.' this isn't necessarily good or bad, but take it as you will.

The romance is terrible. It is unrequited until the last 20 chapters. They barely ever get any screen time once they do become mutual, and there are two back-to-back time skips directly after it happens, then they live happily ever after in a very unsatisfying manner.

If you're here for a nice little fluffy Yuri series, turn around. If you want a complex story with realistic characters and political intrigue, read the first half and then continue with caution.


As bad as the second part is, it starts of amazingly. The MC's village is destroyed, so she takes on the identity of her twin brother and joins the military. Where she falls into a pit of depression from hiding her identity and distancing herself from human interaction. One day, she meets the princess (a manipulative f*cking b*tch) who employs her to be her bodyguard to the capital. Along the way, the princess fakes an assassination attempt on herself, killing 20 loyal soldiers and leaving just herself and Wanyu to get away. They have a bit of relationship building the princess teaches Wanyu how to lead an army rather than being a normal soldier, then Wanyu goes back to the war (but not before the princess sends spies to minister her every move).

The story goes on for a bit (with several time skips) , and Wanyu becomes a commander, and is head over heels for the princess to the point where she probably would have given up on herself if it weren't for the fact that the princess would disapprove. The princess, knowing that Wanyu is in love with her, continues to manipulate her like a pawn on a chess board to get what she wants (though it's implied that she's reluctant about it). The princess sends a spy to marry Wanyu's war buddy. Once the war buddy dies, the Wanyu starts to befriend the spy and considers her as her only friend. The spy eventually finds out that Wanyu is a woman, and their relationship grows even more (in a friendly manner. Not a romantic one, though the spy would be much better than the princess). The spy decides to keep Wanyu's gender a secret, but she eventually dies of childbirth. Wanyu takes care of the child and the princess is annoyed that she doesn't have a spy anymore.

Finally, Wanyu becomes a general. Meanwhile, the princess is getting married in a political relationship. Wanyu is devastated. The princess poisons her fiance (I forgot why though, probably some political reason). Wanyu takes the opportunity to propose to her in front of the emperor and they get married.

This is where it turns to shit. Everything before this moment is a masterpiece, but from directly after the wedding onwards, it turns into absolute dogshit.

They are about to sleep together, and right when Wanyu is about to confess that she is actually a woman, the princess interrupts her, saying that she heard Wanyu was impotent. If the princess didn't say anything, they would have lived happily ever after. But because of this one interpretation, the princess doesn't find out the truth and continues with her manipulation (which is about to go from a 3 to 10).

I feel it's important to mention here that the princess is actually a closeted lesbian, which causes several annoying and uncomfortable scenes where there's a lesbian who thinks that a man is attempting to mol*st his wife while she's pretending to sleep, and a woman who's disgusted as a man contemplating whether she should kiss the woman who she thinks is straight on the forehead while she's sleeping.

Want goes back to the battlefield, and finds out that her wife is pregnant. She goes back home to check out what's up. When she gets back, she finds out that her wife had a miscarriage (of you couldn't tell, the princess is up to her old schemes again). Wanyu sits outside at the princess' mansion in the capital for months, waiting for an explanation. The princess never gives her one (though it is worth mentioning that she feels very guilty for this) . She loses most of her weight and falls even deeper into depression. She doesn't feel angry at the princess since she blames herself since she can't have children with the princess, so naturally, the princess would go to someone else. After several months, the princess finally sits down with Wanyu. After a while, they start eating together and Wanyu is overjoyed just from the princess doing something as simple as serving her porridge. The princess starts to show up every day, and Wanyu slowly starts to get better (don't expect and explanation though. She never gives one and I'm still confused as to what she was planning when she psychologically tortured her 'husband'. That might be more on me missing a her explaining her plans to the audience. Even then, I can't think of a single reason to turn someone who not only blindly trusts your every word, but is also a genius who gained the highest position in the military possible at the age of 20, into a depressed, lifeless statue). After they finally (sorta) make up, Wanyu discovers a box filled with files on Wanyu and other random people dating back to half a decade ago. Wanyu, for the first time, is enraged and yells at the person who she loved for almost 6 years. Naturally, her obsession build up over those years still does not destroy her feelings completely. She wants to leave, but the princess doesn't let her and places her on house arrest. The two slowly make up and Wanyu eventually goes back to the battlefield to defeat the Mongols.

That entire arc was played as a good thing for Wanyu. Her unhealthy obsession with the princess became more healthy. She and the princess can now have in depth and intelligent conversations with each other her now that she knows the true self of the princess. She becomes more intelligent and shrewd thanks to the princesses advice. Naturally, this is all bullsh*t and made me want to bleach my eyes out. The only downside of this psychological torture was that Wanyu lost half of her lifespan, which isn't even mentioned until later.

That being said, the torture itself was actually very interesting as I watched Wanyu fall more and more into depression and insanity whilst stress was slowly building up in her. The outcome of it though was absolutely terrible though.

There's a times kip, and the princess visits the battlefield. There, Wanyu gets heavily injured while trying to save one of the princesses disposable spies. Knowing that her identity is about to be revealed, Wanyu grabs tightly into the princess' hand as she passes out (much to her chagrin, as she doesn't like physical contact with men). Finally, after 160 chapters, the princess finds out Wanyu's secret. She feels a little bit more guilt, and 'the feelings burried within her suddenly erupted.' I found that line bullshit. Obviously it would be a bit hard to replicate this in the 21st century, but if a lesbian princess meets a lesbian woman disguised as a man, and then abuses and manipulates them for several years, only to find out that they were a woman the whole time, that lesbian princess probably wouldn't suddenly and magically gain feelings for the person she perceived as a man for the last 5 years.

After the princess finds out the truth, she starts caring much more for Wanyu and becomes much more intimate. After Wanyu recovers (2 chapters later), the princess leaves her with some ninja-spies and the two are separated yet again, without either saying goodbye or even confessing their feelings for the first time since the princess found out the truth. This goes on sluggishly for ten chapters of political intrigue that suddenly became a whole lot less interesting. The amount of characters double in the final 20 chapters. Wanyu and the princess are thinking about each other. Wanyu finds out that the princess isn't just a manipulative b*tch, but also Mongol-helping, psychotic, cold-blooded mu*derer.

You'd think that with 10 chapters left, that would be the end. An unsatisfying ending where the princess gets what she deserves and both she and Wanyu are all alone and commit su*cide. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Surprisingly, a double su*cide ending would have been better than what ended up happening (with Wanyu killing herself because of depressant the princess because of guilt).

What ended up happening was a weird and unnecessary backstory for the princess with a creepy doctor, weird ninja shit, the Mongols suddenly becoming allies, the princess' brother randomly betraying her, and more weird shit. The worst part is that less than 5 chapters after Wanyu finds out about all the horrible things the princess has done, there's a two year timeskip. After the timeskip, there's suddenly a rebellion in the capital, so Wanyu, realizing that she still loves the princess, rushes back to save her, where some more unnecessary sh*t happens, then they reunite and confess their love, then even more unnecessary and weird sh*t happens, then they fake their deaths and live happily ever after.

There was no relationship development. The climax was unsatisfying. Too much was happening, and none of it was interesting.

Rereading this, I accidently gave a summary instead of a review, but it took me an hour to right and my thumbs hurt, so I don't care. I wasn't exaggerating that ending there though. Wanyu finds out the truth about the princess and loses her love just as the princess gained her own. There's a two year timeskip. They make up and live happily ever after. No buildup. Just 'I have hated you for the past two years for manipulating me, helping the people who pillaged my village, and abusing me to the point where you cut my lifespan in half, but suddenly, I love you again."

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Melina Red
Melina Red
Aug 01, 2018
Status: c3
This is very great yuri novel that hooked you up. I find this novel very interesting. It's about MC who join army and become soldier to revenge on enemy country who destroyed MC family and villages.

This novel is getting better, we got cold and strong female protagonist. Looking forward general MC meet princess and how their love blossoms.
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Dec 25, 2018
Status: c120
Great novel!! Don't let the yuri put you off, this novel has extremely well written characters and plot. If you're looking for fan-service, then this is NOT the novel for you but if you're looking for a well-written action/adventure/romance story that will make you laugh, cry and be attached to the characters, then this is the novel for you. I highly recommend it. It's really different from other romance novels whether be it boyxgirl or boyxboy or girlxgirl or whatever.


Note: The romance in this story develops at... more>> a rather slow pace but it is not absent. In fact, I like the pace, it's very realistic for an orphan who wants revenge on the enemies who killed her family and a princess who lost her mother and needs to scheme to protect her only brother. <<less
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Apr 27, 2020
Status: c183
This was my first time ever reading GL and, I love, LOVE this story very much. I don't even have words for describing how the story made me feel!!!!

Plot: 5 stars

Characters: 5 stars

... more>> Main CP: 10 stars!!!! (I'm not exaggerating haha)

i liked the fact that the story is just very realistic, it isn't rushed for the main couple to get together nor the flow of storyline. The female protagonist isn't OP from the start, she works her way into the camp and I wouldn't say she has the Golden Finger........ everything she obtained was because of how much effort she put into (and also a little help from Her Highness haha).

The main couple development is so beautiful, also when it said slow romance, I kid you not, the slowest romance ever!!! If you love something like that, it's definitely your cup of tea~

Some said that the battles are not written well, for me it was good enough. Also, it's mostly about palace politics.

I agree that Her Highness was VERY ruthless, however, she did what she had to do. Maybe she could have spared some people, but this is the world where you eat someone or else they might eat you up,

There is another lesbian couple and they are also very sweet.

Also, I didn't expect there to be a gay couple and more so Qi Wang and Chu Wang!!!!! I lost my sh*t after that lol


The translations are amazing!!!! One of the best translations I have ever read~

This story is worth reading and I highly recommend it~ Happy reading!!!! <<less
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Jan 18, 2020
Status: Completed
story : 4.5/5

characters : 4/5

world building : 4/5

... more>> writing style : 5/5

(translation : 4/5 remember to read melts' translation from the beginning, I'm thankful for the first translator but it wasn't nearly as well translated x'))

haa~~ I hate and love this author, hate and love this story... The story has been planned from even before the beginning, only the little details were left for later. This is why this story has a clear setting phase - development phase - explanation&conclusion phase. It has a pretty good writing style, the descriptions were just enough to get us immersed, the transition aren't bad, the foreshadowing were really good. I love the author and this story for all those planned out plot that turn interesting and the completion at the end for each character.

For the story, a 14 years old girl living in a poor village lost her whole village one day, including her parents and twin brother to the neighboring "country" full of multiple huns tribes. After burying and cremating the villagers, she takes her brother's name and enlisted in the army for revenge.

Some people says that she shouldn't have been able to fall for the princess, but I think that without choice, her life has been painted entirely white to survive, needing to forget everything a normal girl should be. Some others hate the princess for making our orphan girl hurt this much but for the princess too, she had to be painted black to survive in her circumstances... The author made a great job to breathe life-like character from different backgrounds. You could see the characters adding their color to the other little by little.

the first part of the story made me interested, waiting to read when their relationship would start and how wanyue climb up as a strong character. The middle part was really full of angst, that's the part that makes people hate the princess, but like I said, for me, she didn't have a choice either. The third and last part of the story were amazing, when the explanations for everything comes to light little by little, it was as amazing as the deduction of the detective when he found the truth of the crime.

I hate this author for the lack of fan-service but that also make this story a solid one rather than a slice of life webnovel that's written by the day and the foreshadowing is for 2 later chapters... You'll remember 2-3 word to describe that kind of webnovel but when you think about one like this yuri story, you'll want to re-read it because it left an impression.

I can also understand why the readers couldn't take the ending of the main story at that time, you can't just end your story at that point... x'D

then the author brought the extra and I really thought it was a sweet dessert after a heavy meal but she (the author) didn't forget her style and fill up a mug of bitter coffee... it's a happy end, happily ever after, yes,... but I'm still feeling it's not entirely a happy ending.. dang it...


The translation (melts' one, I'm thankful for unsure translation, but many things were left out and the grammar/meaning wasn't on point) was really good, not perfect, but you can feel the translators effort. The annoying thing were the pingying about the princes' names... so confusing.

Lastly, if you're intending on starting this novel, try to not read the author's notes at the end of the chapters, she has a tendency to spoil her own readers... this story has a good development and many foreshadowing, just read at least once without reading comments from either reader and author. At the end, you may feel like re-reading this later because, even if there's a lot of angst, it was really a good plot with plot twist and great foreshadowing.


The only one that made me stop thinking 10 sec was the first prince ending, seriously, didn't saw that coming, but then that explains his action during that hunt


tldr: a good story well-written, a lot of angst, characters are not 2D and has good developments, not fluffy, totally recommended. Please, give this a chance and read till the last 40 chapters, don't miss this :)

4.5/5 <<less
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Aisha Ann
Aisha Ann
Jan 13, 2020
Status: Completed
This is great best GL story that make you crying and smile. It's pleasing, satisfying and intriguing novel. Honestly I wasn't into action, war strategic, but this novel change my mind. It's was amazingly well written novel that make you craving for more chapters. Every characters has their own excellent background.

It's story about the Loyal and determined General who pledge to protect country from harm/enemy And ambitious Princess who scheming to protect her brother from harm. Their relationship is realistic, like how they cultivate their feeling slowly. There were lot... more>> of drama, connected, emotionally, devotedly.

My favorite character is general?, she is wife material?. I love her so much. I love her character growth, I can't help but envy princess who got love, attention of General. I wish I were princess. It was great read novel. I recommend you guys to read this novel. <<less
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Jan 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Best. Read. Ever. (For me, that is)

Human has flaws. Hence, these characteristics also had it. I like how the romance slowly get cultivated here, yes, there's lot of things and trials they had to face, but, overall it was good!

The translation was greated (even the one not edited for grammar proof!).

... more>> I can't described well of my thought for this one, but, those that into Chinese medieval era + yuri-ness, then give this one a shot!

I just binge read this in one go (even though I was supposed to study since I'm in the middle of taking my exam papers!).

That's how much fun and enjoyable read, this is. XD

Cheers! <<less
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Mar 26, 2020
Status: Completed
This work of art is simply that, a work of art. While it's not long enough for all characters to be fully fleshed out, there's enough fleshed out characters that the world seems alive. It's not a story of everyone is happy forever, the usual FL Halo is conspiciously absent in many ways. To live is to suffer is an abt way to put it, and given the subject, and time period, I'd expect nothing less. The story simply feels complete and whilst some might argue that this or that... more>> aren't rational, Emotions never are, and in the end it's portrayed in a manner that is believable, and if at all, only slightly forced by the hands of the author. The intrigue is there, the bittersweet romance is there and there are a few sprinkled moments of fluff that just tie it all together. In the end, This is a work that is as flawless as it can be, given that nothing can ever be perfect. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume
Jan 13, 2020
Status: c25
The author set some realistic goals for her characters that make it easy for readers to not like the pairing.

The setting is:

• A female who enlists as a male in military service, who ends up falling in love with a princess. She gives the princess a lot of leeway due to guilt of being a woman who loves a woman and deceiving her.

• The princess loves... more>>

only women

, but recognizes that one day she will have to marry for the kingdom. This general who was "injured in an unmentionable place" in battle is someone she can safely befriend and comes to respect. She doesn't feel guilt about scheming around this general until the eventual discovery of true gender.

What I like best about this story is that the love is a slow burn and the main drama has the parties involved learning to come to grips with the other person's deceit. It's a realistic type of drama that didn't make me want to flip a table. I also didn't hate the battle sequences. It's not a historical masterpiece, but it is not meant to be. Despite this, it manages to give the feeling of one. <<less
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Jun 10, 2020
Status: Completed
The novel that got me into reading CN novels. It's genuinely such a good story with a satisfying romance. There's a shortage of yuri with genuine conflict or action so this filled that void for me, which shoots it up even higher. If you enjoy historical fiction, then you'll really enjoy this story.

Characters: 5/5

I really really loved both Li Xian and Lin Wanyue. I would even say the main appeal of this story is seeing these two development as people. Wanyue is basically a cooler Mulan who's also gay, like... more>> that's all I need to say. And then Li Xian is such a sexy character, she's so smart and cunning and it's really interesting to read. The other side characters are also likeable and I even wish they had more screen time. The only flaw I can point out is that the side characters just didn't get enough time to shine, but this story isn't about them anyways so I'm fine with it.

Plot: 5/5

God... the plot is so good. It's essentially a military story with a massive side of political intrigue. AND it's set in Ancient China. The story just made sense. All of the political maneuvers that happened, the shady things happening in the background, all of it made sense and made it so interesting.

Romance: 5/5

I was concerned about something going into this. It's a cross-dressing story, and I was dreading the cliche of "I fell in love with you as a man, but you being a woman is okay cause it's you." As a lesbian, I dislike this cliche. I don't mind it that much, but also I prefer seeing women love women because they love women. Not because they love men, but make an exception for someone. This is not the case here, and it stuck with me so much that I genuinely can't do anything else but praise it.

The romance is extremely slow-burn because Li Xian is a lesbian and she saw Wanyue as a man. She could not fall in love with her because she believed Wanyue was a man. It was only after her identity was revealed did Li Xian finally start falling for her. This completely endeared me to both Li Xian as a character and to the story in general. It's just something I don't get to see much and I deeply appreciate it. I do wish the reveal happened earlier, but that's the only real issue I have with it.


Also f*ck everyone talking sh*t about Li Xian in the reviews, you can't appreciate a good villainess at all. <<less
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May 23, 2020
Status: Completed
So far, this is the best yuri I've ever read. The character development is amazing and I can always simpathize with the characters whenever they meet any hardships. The plot is also really interesting. Definitely recommended.
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Apr 08, 2019
Status: Completed
I didn't like it at all.. It's very sad story.. Lots of suffering.. Poor general..i didn't like the princess at all..


the general suffer a lot because of the princess


It's waste of time for me.
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Nov 14, 2018
Status: c16
I like this surprisingly. I thought it would just be a weird and random mess of a story. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Unlike most Chinese stories, It's actually more of a slow burn pace instead of the really fast type of pacing I see in most Chinese stories. We are just now having the Princess meet the MC and it's chapter 16.

Some parts of it I find confusing and hard to follow along. Mostly when it's talking about the royalty side of the story. It being Chinese I also have... more>> issues keeping track of characters names.

It's really a fun story and I hope it can get more attention. <<less
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Jun 11, 2021
Status: c31-40
I think I'm just not a fan of how PDL tells her stories. Not to mention that most of them have the MC crossdressing and it takes FOREVER for the FL to find out. Makes you question if it is even GL from the start. I'm just so tired of this trope as the underlining theme of the relationship. There are also way too many characters introduced at once and certain parts just drag for no good reason so she can describe in painstaking detail why this and why that... more>> without any of it being of any real consequence to the actual story. It's more just a hint and wink to the readers. Like fine, I get it already can we please just move on? Cannot finish this, and I just don't like the MC or FL so far so there's no real reason to keep going. I'm glad other people are enjoying but this type of storytelling is just not my cup of tea. <<less
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Ishikawa Kiyoko
Ishikawa Kiy
May 14, 2020
Status: Completed
I read it again...... and I cried again ? it really burned me slowly. Anyway so amazing?? I really love the story~

P.S. The world needs more Yuri/百合/GL❤️
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May 26, 2020
Status: --
I dont understand how the protagonist just falls in love with a random pretty face. Like she is depressed, has nothing to live for, but still looks at this pretty princess with nothing in common with her and worst personality that uses the lives of the soldiers around her as game pieces and still loves her. The princess is literally manipulating her the whole time and making use of her kindness, that felt wrong to read. That logic made no sense, it wouldve been better with no romance.
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May 18, 2020
Status: c183
This story is like the fantasy I have been daydreaming all my life. Thank you. I don't regret not sleeping just to finish this all. Thank you. Such a wonderful story. Am so envious. I give 5 stars to all factors of the story.

Edit: I read that Nippy's review. You prolly didnt read the whole novel that deeply. Did the author stated how the MC is always at the battle field? I mean pretty goddamn common to at least fell attracted to a beautiful person specially if you saw them... more>> admist a battle camp. Also who said she fell in love with the FL right then and there? Lmfao. And what logic? I have no idea what's your logic. You're saying as if the FL didnt have feelings for the MC and just manipulated her till the end. They both suffered so much in the whole story. Deepen your views anyways. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 13, 2020
Status: c167
I tend to make my judgment on stories without reading any extras, so if you want a complete review this one is not it. Tl;dr: decent novel, that could've been fantastic, hampered by a bad (maybe rushed?) ending (not as in a bad ending for the characters) and a lack of development for any characters outside of the two leads. Worth a read for anyone who enjoys scheming and plotting without everything spelled out for the reader!

First of all, the story is extremely well written and clearly planned out from... more>> the start with an overarching plot line and story for the main cast of characters (The MC and FL, as well as some of the others around the MC like Yun). I could definitely see myself returning to this story to re-read it to then get all the behind-the-scenes activities that were going on as the story progressed. I'd also like to tip a hat to both of the translator, who did an absolutely fantastic job and it flows extremely well.

If you enjoy a story that doesn't spell out everything for the reader in the heat of the moment, this is definitely a plus. On the other hand though, if you prefer the author to be a bit more upfront about what is going on, what people except the MC and, sometimes, the FL are thinking, this isn't for you.

Secondly, the characters are well thought out and have depth to them and aren't just there to fill out a "role" or "archetype". The MC goes through a very intriguing arc from being this blood-lusting warrior that only wants to dish out punishment equivalent to her own losses, to this mature and wise leader and it all feels natural and it isn't a case of her jumping from one extreme to the other without effort. Similarly, the FL has an arc too, not as well developed I'd argue, but still very well done. Her arc is almost the reverse, from being this cold, emotionless schemer who cares for no one. When she later starts to realize her own feelings, it hits all the harder when she despairs because of the MC.

These two parts are most definitely the highlights of the story. If you want well-built and well-written battle scenes that are logical and realistic (keep in mind this is not a novel with Qi or other types of enhancements) then you've come to the wrong place. First of all, there are relatively few of them consider the length of the novel, and they are fairly short too. But they are done well enough that I personally didn't mind, despite some of the "tactics" being described awkwardly I got the general gist of what was going on.

It'll be hard to not touch on the romance too. I definitely got it, from the MC's points of view. The FL expands and opens up her world and manages to pull her up from the darkness that she has faced for three years. I get it, she definitely loves the FL and I see why. The other way around though, I am dubious about. Earlier I mentioned how the FL has an arc, well part of it does revolve around her realizing her own feelings for the MC. And I just don't see where it comes from. It seems more like care for a friend, maybe even a sibling, but never did I ever get the sense that it was romantic love for Li Xian (FL). That is the main reason why her arc never felt complete to me.

Additionally, towards the end of the novel


the MC learns that she has been used for years by the FL. I mean she knew that already, having seen the silk reports (that we still got no resolution as to where they came from, since Xiao-Ci burned them, but whatever). But she then learns how she cruelly would allow the soldiers she has fought with for years to starve to craft up a scheme with a Hun chief by stealing their supplies, cruelly mu*dered 20 of the same soldiers to then go on a charade with the MC, etc. All of this, Li Xian doesn't even dare tell to her face, acting like a teenager breaking up through a text message.

So naturally MC is pissed. And remains pissed. For almost three years. Not seeing her for a moment. And again the "romance" becomes a problem in my mind when she then after three years finally returns, still in love with Li Xian.


It's basically Stockholm Syndrome as far as I can tell. Or something related to it. The romance, in a romance novel, is easily the weakest part of the story.

Another huge issue with the story is to do with characters, and character development. But wait, earlier I mentioned that it was good, right? Well yes, for the two main leads. But any side character seems to be left in the wayside. Maybe this is handled a bit better in the extras, but for me that doesn't really redeem that fact. There's plenty of side characters that are just not handled well. The most obvious examples are the two other army buddies of the MC, who are so neglected in the second half of the story that I've actually forgotten their names despite how prevalent they were in the first half. There's the named shadow guards of the princess, especially Yu Xian, Xiao-Shiyi who are upstaged by just a few moments with the late-comer Youqin. There's the named Huns, particularly Mansha. There are the brothers who are fighting for power and the throne, particularly egregious is the lack of development for Qi and Xiang who seem to be the biggest threats, in addition to the rebel Chu


In particular the dynamic between Qi and Chu seemed very strange to me. Qi suddenly revealing that he is in love with Chu and isn't their blood-related brother came out of nowhere, and goes nowhere, and isn't explained either. Very odd.


I get that developing all of these would lengthen the novel dramatically, but I'd argue not as much as people think. A lot of the story is seen from multiple angles, particularly through the silk reports we see Li Xian reading from time to time basically retelling what we've already read before in a summarized manner. There's also the repeating sets of history book texts that pop up every now and then explaining a bit more how the future world views these events, etc.

But the oddest turn of events is one I have to make use of spoiler tags for, and warning it does spoil part of the ending (pre-extras) so readers beware.


Wtf was with leaving the person they both consider to be their DAUGHTER behind as they elope after faking the MC's death?! What the hell was with not caring one bit about the common people despite a few chapters earlier considering the idea of retiring early AFTER a worthy successor has been groomed? That just came out of nowhere and seemed COMPLETELY out of character for BOTH of them.

Another minor pet peeve of mine is that in this ancient setting, no one seems to mind gay relationships. Or how prevalent they are. There's at least three in the story: The main leads, the two shadow guards, the miracle doctor who has the hots for Li Xian (and I think they are hinting at the fact that she might've been getting busy with the Empress before she passed? Or did I misunderstand that part completely and she just fancied the Empress and that sorta transferred to her spitting image, Li Xian?), and finally Qi who has the hots for Chu. But I can look past that, as I am used to most GL and BL to have a very high % of gay or bi-s*xual people in them even though it does kinda take me out of the story.


It's a great novel, that sadly is ruined somewhat by what seems like a rushed ending or an author out of ideas for how to expand their original plot line. I'd definitely recommend it strongly to anyone who enjoys a story that deals with nefarious scheming, in addition to a light bit of fluff if you can look past the fairly poorly executed romance and the fact that Li Xian does not in any way deserve the MC's love as far as I'm concerned. <<less
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May 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Great story with great characters! But it really sadden me that our generals friend in the military didn't make an appearance after they left the court and that she didn't meet Li Mu's daughter and her wife again. Feel bad to Li Zhu too but over all it's a great work of art and character development's just on point. Thank you author, translators, and other staffs for your great work! Splendid
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