Princess, Spare My Life


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A female assassin transmigrated into an ancient world and turned into a female prince consort.

Whether it be a cold and ruthless modern killer or a scheming first princess, they will both fall once they encounter love.

Yuan Sheng, an assassin of the modern era, made a fatal blunder on one of her missions and died. The next thing she knew, she transmigrated into a world similar to ancient China and became the prince consort of the county’s Princess Minghui, Gu Yuemin. However, even in her new life, she is still a woman!

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公主饶命 GL
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TypeAxiom rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: Completed
I love this series. So cute, and full of yuri. Pretty much all the female characters get their yuri partners and everyone is uber-gay.

5/5 yuri. Also the text is nice.
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