Fairy Trap


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Joo Yi-Gyeol, who sleeps 22 hours a day has Rostov Syndrome.

Learning to escape from the body while asleep, he follows a golden butterfly he encountered one day and crossed to another dimension.

And there, he met the 4th prince Seth and saved him multiple times…

* * *

“Who said you could die as you please?”

Seth’s hands wrapped around Yi-Gyeol’s face. His cheeks, wrapped in those big hands, felt excessively hot.

“You can’t die even if you want to.”

Seth’s face came close. His and Yi-Gyeol’s foreheads lightly touched.

“I am the owner of your body. You can’t die without my permission.”

Yi-Gyeol could just inwardly shed tears at Seth’s mysterious remarks.

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Fairy Trap
페어리 트랩
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45 Reviews

New lemonchizu
Jun 26, 2024
Status: Completed
This story is the embodiment of "crazy in love" and I'm living for it.

You might think the MC is just another weak stereotypical shou but you'd be so wrong. Definitely give this novel a chance because this is a rare case of the MC being empathic but also having a few screws loose. Not to mention being smart and proactive when it really matters. He's also aware of just how absolutely psycho the ML is, but loves him for all he is. We love the awareness in this one.

There are... more>> definitely some heavy topics such as s**cide, torture, ab*se and imprisonment so do be warned. You might also shed a few tears for our MC.

Instant 5 star plot for deviating from the typical yandere BL stories. <<less
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May 21, 2022
Status: Completed
i love it !

at first I thought that MC character will be weak, kind of damsel in distress like those japanese uke and ML some type of yandere that bully MC based on synopsis. It turned out I was wrong.

there's a lot character development for MC & ml. The plot is fun, no unnecessary things.

... more>>

MC is physically weak but he's strong mentally to endure a long time torture. Although he is a little damaged and have some trauma & nightmare abt it, but he is not Damsel in distress.

MC is obsessed with his self-worth. He don't mind if ML just use him as a tool for ML or s*x interests, as long as he is useful for ML. After MC use his new body and live in ML world, he gave all his trust to ML, even though it looks like MC is dependent on ML but at least he's not type that crybaby at some obstacle. MC doesn't give a sh*t about anyone else besides ML. MC even make himself a spy for ML enemy and it's really help ML.

in MC new life, he is not 'melancholy' abt his old family, he already let it go everything when he is on the verge of death in his old body. He still love them & doesn't hate them but just let it go, he made ML as his world and salvation



For Ml, I thought he was overbearing, yandere type that likes to force MC. Kind of normal to see r*pe and uncaring about MC. It's false. It's true that he was full of obsession and overbearing, but he cares about MC. Suprisingly, there's no s*x for quite a long time. For transfer energy via skinship, they just do some bl*wjob, kissing, and he likes to leave lot of hickeys on MC visible places (and MC proud of the hickeys 🥺). If I'm not wrong, they have their first s*x when they already catching feelings. He really loves and caring about MC. Even he tried dating culture in Korea like to stroll around the city, try streetfood, use couple ring just to fulfill MC wish. I love how his obsession for MC changed into love


i think it's normal for MC family to have that attitude, they were squeezed both financially & mentally. No need to blame all of this to the family. It's the situation that were the problem not them, even after 5 years they still don't give up to feed MC. MC decided to leave them not only for himself but for his family that still work hard.


there will be side story what happened after MC lives in ML world. His old body doesn't die but just coma for 2 years. His family will be richer and stable financially, they still longing for MC to wakes up. It will be told in his sis pov

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Jan 22, 2023
Status: c67
[08/27 edit: can someone PLEASE pick this up?? I can't believe this amazing novel was abandoned. It's been so long since the last update, I'm crying-]

Bro I can't help but be pissed at some comments "MC is weak, MC is brainless" someone even said they're pissed at him for being depressive, like 💀? How is this his fault??

MC was sick and bedridden for years. Everyone abandoned him, and his own family members considered him a nuisance in their lives. MC literally gave up on living because he couldn't take it... more>> anymore.

But then ML appeared. He never considered the MC to be a nuisance, and was the first person in years who had faith in the MC and made him feel needed. So I also don't understand how some people here can't see why the MC trusts him so much; and it's not even a one-sided thing, they both trust each other a lot. MC is a very smart and amazing person, which is why ML naturally started to care so much about him, and MC also cares a lot about him because he was the first person who gave him the opportunity to show his worth.

Fairy Trap is an amazing work with complex characters that don't deserve to be defined by a single adjective. <<less
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Dec 29, 2023
Status: c67
After waiting many days, now I have decided to do it myself

can I translate this novel in English

I am building my own website
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Mar 05, 2023
Status: Completed
Very not for me.

The ending with the sister is ruining it for me


Personal Rant about why I can't agree with this and how I feel relate to MC but the author made the ending so meh for me (contain ending spoiler)


I m kinda relate to MC sickness. Speaking from experience, I have specific chronic illness and terrible headache which is caused by unknown. Headache is so painful that on some occasions I was sent to emergency unit 4x a week and 2 times a day. I was also Hospitalized because of it. After many test the cause is still unknown. It's so terrible that my jaw and whole face hurt, my neck hurt and I can't even touch a pillow. It's very immobilized disease which can't make me have a lot of activity or even smallest stress. It sounds simple but it's not. I can't workout much or stand under the sun or even tiny bit of stress.

Unlike MC where the family actually stress from overworked and even got into debt for his medical bill, my parents didn't want to spare any money and withhold medications as they thought I should be able to heal by my own and I spent too much of their money and how their children is not only me. They also told me useless and nuisance and blatantly wish me dead. I understand the depression MC felt that I did what he did before. I even left a will (kinda note) behind but survived. And how MC is so trusting of ML its understandable. I used to believed in my ex and thought he wil be understanding about my illness just because he was appeared to be more warm than I ever felt from my parents. But it turned out he didn't and he was even worse than my parents neglect. Depression and lack of social warm could lead people to believe whoever gave them what they desire (love, warm, kindness). It easy to exploit people in needs.

So I kinda hate the ending. I don't think MC family deserves to be able to see if MC live happily in another world or not. They are so mean to him. They shouldn't have privilege to know whether MC alive or dead. As perspective point of view of someone with chronic illness, I can't believe he still talk to them and let them know he is happy and alive in another world when they all wished him live as quietly as he was dead when he was barely even alive for 2 hours a day. I may sound petty as sick person and people may say I deserve to be sick because I don't forgive people who hurt me, but can you be me? Can you even talk to person who blamed everything to you for being sick, for being alive, for not dead yet? Having a body that won't work properly and giving painful feeling all the time is depressing. You don't know when the pain will subsidies or you should just not wake up. If I were MC, I will be grateful they cared for me. But when I m dead, I won't visit them or let them have their final talk with me at all. In the end I don't understand MC mentality as he forgive his family. I understand gratefulness but not the forgiving part. This is very unrealistic part

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Apr 19, 2022
Status: c23
I just want to say that this is soooo~~~ good it makes me cry! Literally!
๐·° (৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹) °·๐

P. S. This is my first review (is this even a review?), so please be lenient with me. Thank you. (*ˊᗜˋ*) /

P. P. S. To the translator team, thank you for translating this gem. &Lt; (_ _*) >
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Apr 23, 2022
Status: c28
Everytime I get caught up and helplessly try to press the not-yet-working next button I get angry at the translator for not magically translating the entire series at once, like it's somehow their fault I'm dying on a cliffhanger.

I think that says a lot about how amazing this novel and translator are. I check this novel everyday even though I know I don't need to.

The translation is perfect, it reads like it was written in English. (And I'm joking about being angry the translator, I really love their work.... more>> I'm just greedy.)

At the time of writing I'm at chapter 28 and the MC just woke up in the new world. You would think this would make the story feel slow but that's not the case. Getting to know the characters, the world, and all the backstory has been really satisfying and the pacing has felt perfect.

The MC is suffering from a fantasy illness that makes him sleep 22 hours a day and his body has become so weak he can't even walk or take care of himself. The author does a great job of showing the MCs struggle with his illness and how it impacts his mental health. The MC is such a perfect little cinnamon roll who's so strong but life has been so unfair for him.

The ML is the most yandere yandere ever. He's incredible, he's strong, handsome, smart, better than everyone in every way and he knows it. He's a psychopathic ahole and does it in a very charming way. There's a ton of political intrigue in his world that's going to be super fun to learn more about. He talks big but I think he's going to dote on the MC. I'm so excited to read about their relationship and watching the meany-bu*t ML heal our cute little MC (hopefully!). <<less
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Jul 17, 2022
Status: --
Really wanted to read this but it might be too early for me. If you're writing reviews calling the MC weak, I'd implore you to think again. I couldn't get past Chapter 2 because the MC's situation was my situation for almost 3 years. It hurt to see him degrade himself (been there done that). It's too fresh of a wound and too early for me to read about that. I'd just like everyone to know that surviving that kind of hopeless situation and choosing to live when society thinks... more>> you should just die for everyone else's benefit is difficult, painful and sad but definitely the right choice. You never know what the future is like and you deserve to live each day. No words for the caretakers, it must have been difficult for 5+ years but never if at all possible make family members caretakers. They get burnt out, resentful and that makes the ill even more sad and nervous, nervous that they have to rely on someone who has made it clear they don't want to be bothered. That just makes them feel even smaller, it's not nice to feel like you're not allowed to have feelings anymore. Hoping the MC has a beautiful ending with someone he loves and who loves him back madly, hopefully one day this will be so far behind me I can read this novel peacefully. <<less
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May 28, 2022
Status: c48

the plot is unique and I enjoy it sm

ML is truly a madman yandere hsjshsh but he's doting and treat our MC so good 🥺💗 but he's still didn't realize abt his feelings lmao, he think all of his care, worry and possessive behavior towards MC just because he think the MC is just an interesting toy 😔✊

our MC is the best!! He's not dumb and so smart hahah he can adapted fast with the situation, he kinda got obsessed with the ML tho since... more>> the ML is the one who makes him have a purpose for living and treat his loneliness also what I like from this novel is the MC can accept the ML obsessive behavior 😭🙏 he's dense and innocent tho, thinking the ML pe*verted acts is just for saving him shjsjss

MC can live by absorbs ML body's fluid


fck zair anyway, he is the second ML right? Fyi he's the ML brother and such a greentea (two faced)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR U IF U WANT YANDERE ML AND SMART MC!! The tension between of them is so 🥵🔥✨😳 didn't lie hahah I love to wait their papapa scene (although so far they didn't do it yet)

nah I admit it, I got turned on by their kissing scene and when ML mark the MC 🥱💆🏻‍♀️


sorry for the bad grammar <<less
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Sep 07, 2022
Status: c59
Fairy Trap, just the description itself gives off a yandere air. For now though, I don't see a major red flag.

The protagonist, Joo Yi-Gyeol, is definitely not your usual type of strong-and-smart main character. He's weak, especially in his physical and psychological health.


He's depressed. He have suicidal thoughts and insecurity issues. Stemmed from his family treating him as a burden and his illness.


Some of the reviews said they don't like JYG because he's 'weak'. For me though, his character has a certain depth, it's hard to explain but it's like, the character is really well-written. It's not like those novels with strong MC but they look more idiot and weak to me than JYG. Those characters are shallowly written. Unlike JYG, even if he's defined as weak, I, including some of the readers don't hate him and found him likable.

I also don't think he's not smart and weak, I mean– he's just defined as weak by some people because of his physical and mental illness. Passing the CSAT with a good score also required capabilities you know, whether Yi-Gyeol did it with hard work or with a smart head, he did it by himself. And that's worth something.

Now that he's in a place full of scheming, he also keeps Seth's advice to his heart and they certainly helped him avoid being schemed.

I actually see him as smart, not the type of super super smart, but just smart enough to be aware of his capabilities.

Even Seth praised him,


(Chapter 49)

"Yi-Gyeol's upright eyes were infinitely placid even until the end of his narration. Only then did Sethian understand Kirsty's reaction. Nothing had changed on the surface, but his aura was obviously different. He seems like a hunter who laid a secret trap and at this stage was shrewdly and patiently watching his prey get cornered from afar."

"He is quick to judge the situation and is cool-headed. On top of that, he has a good eye as well."


I also empathize with his emotions, especially when he feels like a burden. I can't help but cry whenever a scene like that reappears.

It's actually hard to see who's more to blame, but I can understand some of his family's feelings. Understanding doesn't mean I agree with them though.


They're exhausted with work, and they have Yi-Gyeol. The thought of your family lying sick in bed it's not just physical exhaustion but also mental fatigued.


On the other hand, Sethian, the male lead, or more known as Seth, is certainly a yandere (in thoughts, for now).


In thoughts only because he still haven't act on it. He can't bear to do it to Yi-Gyeol, he doesn't want to see him in pain. He only dared to think but not act.


This type of yandere is still green to me, they don't disgust me. Unlike those yanderes where they break off their partner's ankles, feet, or chain them.

I can also tell you that, Seth. Is. So. Sweet!! He always says sweet words regarding Yi-Gyeon, that makes just wanna go "Aww." I just want to yell, "Get married already!" to them. You'll definitely like this sugar, I promise it!


I can't help but tear up whenever he soothe Yi-Gyeol with kisses because Yi-Gyeol's insecurity is acting up.


But we'll see where this take us.
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Apr 22, 2022
Status: c150
Even though the ML is possessive yandere kind of type, I just love the troupe of this novel!

Totally recommended, and its plot is exciting and new!!
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 14, 2023
Status: c67
First time reviewing here ◉⁠‿⁠◉.

And OMG one of my favorite novels ever.

The story is sooo good. I really want to find a similar novel.

I don't understand why they dropped it (⁠╯⁠︵⁠╰⁠, ⁠). Is there fr no other translation??

My friend recommended it to me and damn this is the 4th time re-reading it cause wth so cool
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Jun 18, 2023
Status: c67
Please someone, anyone pick this up. I don’t speak korean but I love this novel so much I tried to make a RIDI account, I would have happily paid for chapters but it’s an R-19 novel so I have to give them my passport info which just seems like a bad idea.

To say I’m obsessed puts it mildly. It starts a bit slow but this is exactly the kind of Yandere that I love. The character ML some violent fantasy’s but treats the MC as if he is made of... more>> glass doing everything to treat him preciously and heal his wounds. The translation stopped right in the thick of exciting things so it’s haunting me. <<less
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Dec 24, 2022
Status: c63
It's been awhile since this updated ahhh I miss Seth. I have read this till the end but mtl is really bad...

For those who hates the MC.... MC may look like a damsel in distress at first but actually he can fight when he wants it!! He isn't dense and he is very aware of his surroundings and knows how to be careful with ML's enemies. Anyway you'll like him more the more you read it.

Also one thing I really love about this novel is that ML is a total... more>> big GREEN flag. He acts like a red flag towards other people beside MC lol <<less
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Apr 30, 2022
Status: c28
The MC is a precious cinnamon roll. He is always careful to not cause inconvenience and tries his best to be helpful. However, his family doesn't appreciate his efforts and view it pointless. Which causes MC to feel useless and worthless, but the ML cherishes mc's helpfulness and tries his best to reassure MC.

I really like the plot so far. This was one of the few novels that made me tear up, I wasn't expecting to cry. If you're sensitive to depression and su*cide. I suggest not to read it.... more>> Besides that, I think this is a good story to read. <<less
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Apr 26, 2022
Status: c25
The MC is not likeable at all. He reminds me too much of those Japanese MCs in BL isekai harem novels; ignorant and gets on your nerves.

I get that the MC has depression but his cowardice and self-pity make me unable to feel sorry for him at all.... more>>

Even his family situation. I know the way they treat him is wrong, particularly when his sister blames him for failing her exams, but I do understand to a certain extent.


The rest of the characters are quite interesting though.

Maybe it's because I'm used to reading about strong MCs but this novel is not for me. I don't like the power imbalance between the MC and ML. <<less
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Oct 30, 2023
Status: --
Quick knowledge to everyone, it's not called "Rostov" It's actually "KLS" aka "Kleine Levin syndrome" a rare sleeping beauty syndrome.

Occurs multiple times a year but eventually subsides overtime. Excessive sleeping lasts between few days or few weeks. Their sleeping hrs are usually 20 hrs or more

So far, there's no specific treatment yet, people with this syndrome are advise to carefully keep track of their symptoms (an approach called "watchful waiting") at home, instead of treating the disorder with medicines.

There's still no known cause for this syndrome for now and because... more>> of its rarity. Some studies suggest that an illness or injury causes damage to the part of your brain that regulates sleep (hypothalamus). Most cases of KLS occur after having an illness similar to the flu or an infection.


  • Flu-like symptoms.
  • Overeating.
  • Irritability.
  • Childishness.
  • Disorientation (not being sure where you are or what is happening)
  • Hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not there)
  • An abnormally unlimited s*x drive.
  1. Kls is a symptom to MC's disease, I haven't read the novel yet but I just want to share what sleeping beauty syndrome means.
So basically, it's not just KLS, MC may have other underlying disease that made him in a state where he can't stand and is bedridden... <<less
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Oct 26, 2023
Status: c67
To anyone who has rated this lower than a 5/5, let me just say that, personally you are wrong.

This is such a cute story.

Also, if like me, you read the summary and still wonder what its about, skip to the end of this review.

Lets just do a quick TL;DR:

    • The first two chapters make it hard to get into, so if you can, just skim read till you get to chapter 3, and from there it just keeps getting better.
    • Good plot
    • minor amount of unrealistic elements
    • good characters that you can come to care about
    • Villains make sense and are fun to hate
    • the MC is not weak or unrealistic, in fact he is just as, if not more obsessed with the ML than the ML is with him
    • The ML is a psycopath but he absolutely adores the MC, and helps to build him up, not break him down.
    • The romance is sweet.
    • Trigger warning for an animal being killed and for mentions of human experimentation. The human experimentation is just a really mild mention tho.
It has everything that makes a good novel. It has its flaws, but its charms more than make up for it.

The books biggest problem is that its not very realistic, and I'm not refering to the romantic aspect. Yes, it has magic, but still. (The magic is kinda fun tho, ngl). Generally, people are not going to be loyal to you if you hurt them, they'll be scared, obedient even, but not loyal, which... yeah. Anyway.

The books doesn't need to be totally realistic, however, and the unrealistic elements are few, so if you can get beyond that aspect, it really is a very enjoyable novel. Plus, the unrealistic elements get less and less as the novel progresses.

First off, the novel is primarily a romance with a secondary political plot but they are very seamlessly interwoven.

The plot itself is very interesting, and the novel balances the romance and plot very well.

If you like a bit of plot with your romance, this is for you.

Now unto the romance:

If you think this is a toxic relationship, you have very little ability to read between the lines.

The ML, Sethian, has a tendency to have very dark, very Yandere thoughts regarding the Protag. It kinda comes down to squat tho, because his "control" is politely asking The protag to get enough sleep, eat enough and as much as he wants, to be happy and to do whatever the protag wants.

He literally goes: "I'll use you. And I will use you by urging you to take care of yourself, because that is all that I want, for you to be happy and healthy."

He the yandere version of the meme about the kid going "I'm going to say a swear word. Imma do it... heck" and then cries because they said a bad word.

Don't get me wrong, he's very much capable of voilence. He's very voilent and a horrible person. Very much a psycopath. But even the idea of hurting Joo Yi-Gyeol makes him extremely uncomfortable and distressed. He doesn't even indulge those thoughts past the early chapters, and even then he thinks about making it as painless as possible and still feels bad about it.

Sethian is a despicable human being, but he's very, very soft for MC.

Which reminds me: if you are sensitive to animal death, this is not for you. So far, it has only been

a horse that got mu*dered (RIP horsey, you did not deserve that)

but it could show up again in the novel, so watch out for that.

Now, unto the MC.

He is not weak. In fact, he is very cunning and intelligent. And between Seth and him, he is very much the more obsessive one. This is NOT a "Big bad yandere x weak submissive weak little bun" story.

They are both equally obsessed with each other. JYG is just waaaay more subtle and by subtle, I mean he's not straight up thinking about sawing off Seth's legs, which may be why some miss it.

His thoughts are constantly and only filled with Seth, in the same manner that Luo Binghe's (from Scum Villain) thoughts are exclusively filled with Shen Qingqiu.

And despite what Seth thinks, JYG is very much aware of his dark side. Not all of it, but enough. He does not give a F.

In JYG's mind, the world is conspiring unfairly against his poor little meow-meow sweetling Seth, who can do No Wrong Ever, so obviously the horrible fates they meet are completely deserved.

Seth is constantly stressing about JYG finding about his darker side, but there are multiple instances of Seth being possessive and the MC's reaction is always relief that he is wanted and loved. He would not even flinch to see his darker side.

JYG is use to having to fight for any scrap of care or attention, so when encountering Seth who gives it to him freely, he becomes extremely determined to keep it no matter the cost. He's clinging to the only person who has ever given him the regard, respect and love he has fought so hard for.

It seems like he is weak, but that's just the low self-esteem his family left him with after their neglect.

He wants to be useful, and is quite distressed because Seth doesn't care if he's useful. He just loves the MC, even if in his embarrassment he tries to cover it up with "dark thoughts". His actions speak louder though, and even the characters can see that what he says and what he does are not the same.

One thing I really appreciate, is the way the MC's mental illness and hurt body are treated. Seth is very tender and understanding with him. The MC is not made to be perfect or heal immidiately and suddenly. The healing proccess takes time and the novel treats it with the respect, patience and kindness it deserves.

Seth treats the MC with respect, and loves him no matter how he looks, which is just total hubby material right there.

All in all, its a great read. The translator did a fantastic job.

What its about:

A university age Korean guy suddenly gets sick, and becomes bed bound because if he's awake too long and uses too much energy, he will die. A few years pass, and he starts to leave his body by ejecting his soul from his sleeping body. Eventually, he follows a golden butterfly to an archway and enters another world. He meets the ML, and they keep meeting up every time he goes to sleep.

Eventually, he goes to live with the ML permanently,

and the real plot and the romance starts. This happens relatively early in the story. It starts off slow, but quickly picks up after the first 10 chapters.
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Aug 12, 2022
Status: c59
I thought this will become like one of those typical yaoi fantasy novel but this is surprisingly very interesting to me. Didn't expect to be emotional when I first read it ;;

also, idk why some would say our MC is dumb. Clearly they don't know how hard it is for people with trauma. We don't need a perfectly easy strong personality development in every story like wtf. Find that somewhere else if you can't deal with this type of MC.

i relate to his self doubt and insecurities so bad. I... more>> hope he'll get to be more confident with himself as the story progress ❤️ <<less
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Jul 21, 2022
Status: c57
The plot: 10000/10

The story:100000/10

The characters:10000/10

The chemistry:100000/10

The translation 1000000/10

Overall this is a masterpiece thank you for this amazing and wonderful translation and thank you translator for all of your hard work😍♥️
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Apr 24, 2022
Status: c28
OMG, this is probably one of my favorite Korean bl web novels so far. I read all the chapters that where available in a couple of hours! This is a hidden gem. I am eager to see how this is going to go! I am so excited for future releases by this translation group!

hahahaha.. Wanna add this but this novel actually made me tear up, this does include some dark topics so please be warned.
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