My Younger Brother is a Hero


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“Hyung, I’ll protect you from now on.”

After 10 years of being taken to the other world, he barely returned, and his brother, whom he had not seen for a long time, became a hero.

“In the past, my brother protected me, so now it’s my turn to protect you.”

‘No, I’m really strong. You don’t have to protect me.’

Anyway, according to his brother’s wishes, he was going to take a break now, but strange forces are targeting him…

Somewhere familiar a man is kneels in front of him.…

“I can quit being the guild leader, then can I follow you?”

“You don’t have to stop being the guild leader, and I’ll tell you about it if you visit me from time to time.”


To sign a contract without even reading the contract that protects me in exchange for just telling a story… He was a person who seemed likely to be deceived wherever he went.

“Come closer. So that, I can protect you. It’s hard if you stay away”

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My brother is a hero
동생이 영웅이라 꿀 빱니다
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2 Reviews

Apr 15, 2022
Status: c37
MC and his brother rly is the definition of Brocon, lmao. Well, it understandable though, just like in S-classes I raised where they have some traumatic experiences and long time apart so they attached more importance to the other due to their guilty consciences in addition to some weird-placed stubborness, but still loving.

Summarising. At c37, he's acclimating to the current world, has lovely doting family moments w/ his bro, we got to know bits n pieces of MC past before he got strong enough to beat anyone who messed w/... more>> him, then we got to know ML candidate. Sadly they just have a brotherly-kind of relationship.

Many characters were also introduced like the GoV, hunter association, and various GMs of KR and other countries' Top Guild who also wants to snatch MC away or learns information from him.

Even though, honestly 'No Earthling could do any harm to him at all'

if not for MC doesn't want to make a big scene easily defeating opponents that others couldn't imagine horrifyingly, not conducive to fulfilling his lil bro's wish to protect him, sigh. Not that he did well in hiding it, just his appearance is very deceiving and only those who have been beaten or intuitively felt sth would be mindful. That's right, not wary or cautious, quite the optimistic as they couldn't see through him after all, only the dog scared sh*t everytime being in the know (experienced being meat pastes multiple times+knowing his daily match with 1st Demon lord).


Oh yes, a couple of chapters ahead, another pet lizard came~ Fire Black Drake~ in the synopsis was it? Quite entertaining and promising for now! Waiting for updates! <<less
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Rin Shouta
Rin Shouta
Mar 27, 2022
Status: c102
Um, I don't know if I should really give this series 5 stars but it's okay. I gave it for translator!

... more>>

Hmm, I found it interesting at first. This series reminded me of My S-class Hunters.

But but but you see, I realized lately that the plot kinda changed into something I can't predict. A bit boring too. It just my opinion tho, please give a chance to read it!


I still read this series for archiving purpose haha! The series is still going on so I'm not sure where the plot will bring us! <<less
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