I Couldn’t Tell You Who It Was


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Inspired by the rumored house from the urban legends, the goal of the TV show is to find the “true exit” and escape the house in seven days. To film this, eight celebrity guests were gathered in this strange mansion on a deserted island.

The rumor was that you could only visit the mansion with 101 doors when you were at death’s doorstep. When I was seven years old, I met “that child” at that huge house. After I made a deal with the kid in my thoughtless sympathy, I was surrounded by death and black-eyed goblins. What was that child’s identity? I finally made a resolution when the one I loved, Yeonseon, died—I needed to meet that kid, and…

But perhaps my wishful thinking was wrong. The death of one of the guests, the actress Goyeon Lee, awakened the malice in the mansion and the seeds of doubt sprouted amidst the people seized in fear and horror…

“I came to pick you up. I made you wait, didn’t I? Open the door for me.”

A well-made holding pen. There was no escape from this cage.

“I told you that you wouldn’t be able to forget me.”

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누구란 질문에 답은 없다
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SariSamara rated it
April 16, 2022
Status: c77
This novel is going so well in keeping the creepiness up. The MC is very unfortunate person. And this is shown by his past from making that one decision.

... more>>

In a dream the MC as a kid went to a mansion and met a child. He agreed to get whatever condition the child in the mansion had because he believed his mother would love him no matter what ailment he had, not knowing the consequences. The child insisted that he ask for a wish and the MC decided he wanted to sing like the child.




Every night he suffered from ghosts biting him and hitting him because they wanted him to sing. He didn't at first until he saw his mother almost get killed and that caused him to sing every night. His mother went insane from the constant accusations of strangers accusing her of abuse. She began abusing him and later the Grandma ended up taking care of him for a time.



When his mom got custody she started to buy everything a child could want and putting surveillance cameras and being very loving towards him. But the MC knew that this wasn't his mom from the black eyes he saw and told the thing possessing his mom to go away that he wasn't wasn't happy which caused the mom to commit su*cide



MC was being bullied at his school by a lot of kids. The ringleader though abruptly changed and started being very nice. He had black eyes. The MC told him to go away and the kid killed himself.




Yeonseon's ghost had black eyes.


There a lot of mysteries surrounding the phenomenon of what the MC experienced as a child and novel does a good job of keeping that suspenseful. Also, the novel does a good job in showing the past and present.

MC: He is very troubled by his past and is searching for the answer behind the phenomenon he experienced. He looks indifferent most of the time to the outside world. The small amount of fame is generated by hatred of the fans of Yeonseon, his past lover.

ML???: I think I know who the ML is but I'm not completely sure. (Woorim is sticking pretty closely to the MC). So I'll just type about Woorim. He's introduced as a fan of MC and part of an unpopular boy group called Lust?? Idk some name. He's seems very chill and weirdly perceptive at times. Really caught MC's eye.

Why I'm confused with who is the ML? Major spoiler


Woorim seems to be too perceptive as if he knows the MC before so I thought he was Yeonseon but Yeonseon had a particularity that Woorim does not have in that Yeonseon needs to kiss MC infront of people


Past Lover: Yeonseon was a very important person in MC's life and a bit mysterious too. He seemed to be a person with a lot of anxieties but was trying his best to live like a normal person. Him and the MC had different problems but they found comfort in each other. You'll see the MC reminiscing over his relationship with him and how this relationship led to the MC to try to unlock the mystery in his past. Kinda broke the camel's back so to speak.

Villains: I don't know who's the big villain is yet (or if it's an entity instead of a person) but there's a small villain introduced early on. Hyehyun has pretty damn disturbing behavior so far in pretending to be a good person to MC when he's actually self-serving. Really creeepy..... like really f*cking creeepy. He makes me want to throw up.

So there is past r*pe but it's mentioned very briefly and abruptly. In one line around chapter 21. Not by the ML. It kind caught me off guard not gonna lie.

BTW there are more chapters in the translator's website

AHHHHH I caught up and....I'm soooo scared what's gonna happen??!?!?!?!?

Oooo some of the hints the novel keeps sending is very telling but I won't jump to conclusions yet. <<less
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thimbles rated it
August 25, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel was completely different from what I expected - I figured this would be a horror-themed romance with a few spicy scenes along the way. Ohhhh how wrong I was.

This isn't a horror romance story, it's a story about the horror of love. This is a tragedy, there is no happy ending, the love that occurs between the MC and ML is a calamity... and I kind of loved it?

This absolutely isn't a novel for everyone - the horror is genuinely creepy, there are instances of non-con, and it... more>> will make you feel Bad™️ while reading. If any of that doesn't sit right with you, don't subject yourself to it, trust me.

That being said, this is a beautiful descent into despair. Much like the MC, the more you read, the deeper the sense of helplessness and horror you feel. There were several twists and reveals that blindsided and chilled me. There is smut, but it only seems to heighten the feeling of unease and hopelessness present throughout the entire story.

This is a deeply fascinating story about love - the lack of it, and the obsession it causes - and how two people were utterly ruined by it. I'm going to be thinking about this story for a while, and I know I will only get even more out of a second read. However, I have no plans to reread it anytime soon - it's very very heavy.

I think the whole story can be summed up by this quote from the MC - (mild spoilers)


What was the scariest ghost in the world? If one saw a ghost laughing in one's dream, one needed to wake from the dream, and if one met a dancing ghost on a road, one needed to run from the area. (...) But in my opinion, the most fearsome ghost was one with no goal or motive but an obsession.
Me. That ghost was me."

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kaytiti rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: c114
So far it's really good horror, smut, mysteries and suspense all along.

My only complaint, the cast's similar characters' names made me so so confused and mixed up... such a pain for my old brain to remember who is who to understand and follow the story. I intend to reread the whole thing once the translation will be completed.
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cutekittensmeow rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: c41
So far the story is interesting and I really want to know more about the mansion and the MC. The translation is also great. The story is just getting started so I can't comment on it much.

The chapters are incredibly short, I would estimate each chapter is about 2 pages of a standard paperback. I'm on chapter 41 and it feels like I've only read 5-10 chapters of a standard web novel. They literally just entered the house at chapter 40 and the pacing isn't slow.

I'm going to wait for... more>> more to be translated and I may update my review with more story related stuff then. <<less
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Smtha rated it
October 4, 2022
Status: Completed
This really a very fine read. The suspend and horror is beautiful done the later the twisted psychological burden, chaotic mind narrates MC deep rooted guilt, his sense of existence, abused and the obsession of extreme horror of love was so perfectly written out (and thank you translator for this wonderful translation) ML... well I won’t spoil it... if you love dark, twisted horror, no hold barred psychological deep reading this is for you. Long time no read something that really stimulate the brain. Thank you
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Yaoisha B. Lood
Yaoisha B. Lood rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: c158
This was a very interesting read. This is coming from someone who normally doesn't read thriller/ psychological very often. The feelings of anxiety throughout the story, and the depression and guilt that the MC feels are depicted well. As the story goes on I really enjoyed unraveling the mystery.

On the BL front, it takes a while to get there. One thing that interested me was all the versions of love that the ML and MC have for each other.

I also helped myself to adding some tags so y'all can know... more>> what to expect.

The amount of smexy scenes -v


There are probably about 4 snu snu scenes in total but they're not too super short and extend more than 1 chapter.


CHARACTER LIST for my struggling fujoshi ;)

  • Hyehyun Ham- Haeseo's manager/ Yeonseon's younger brother
  • Yeonseon Ham- Haeseo's deceased lover/ singer
  • Woorim Eun- lead singer of washed up idol group
  • Seohang- idol group member w/ Woorim/ superstitious
  • Seogeung Ahn- comedian/ older/ aggressive personality
  • Goyeon Lee - (female) first to die/ listed in description
  • Seoyoon Kim- Host role
  • Raehee Park- (female) sports caster/ knowledgeable
  • Hawoo Kang- TV personality/ rarely speaks
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Scaredofmilk rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: Completed
INCREDIBLE. I can't even convey with words how amazing this story is. It completely surpasses your average BL story, the mystery and drama are all so perfectly done. The pacing is perfect for the mystery and horror. Respectful and truthful depiction of LGBT+ community, other authors should take notes. The horror maintains is terror the entire reading. The emotions you feel while reading are sincere. I hope so much that this gets an adaptation to something.
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Lara Night
Lara Night rated it
October 1, 2022
Status: Completed
It's hard to find a horror piece that excited and make you anxious as this novel did, not especially horror bl novel. I really love this. Honestly, I love tragic and complex novel with dark obsession like this, this novel is a noble. I have a few other novels that give same vibes as this novel in my list.

Checkout my fav bl list with amazing storyline. They're great ride.
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probablyanna80 rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I really liked this novel.

It has mystery, horror, little bit of smut, and tons of twists. This has a (good) creepy atmosphere throughout. The side characters weren't too memorable, but that ok because the MC and ML more than makeup for that. Everything ends up getting explained by the end, even things I didn't think were connected.
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