I’m the Villain’s Constellation but I’m Broke


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I was the same, but the world had changed.

[You are the new constellation of realm #381jh051.] As if it wasn’t enough to have entered the world of a novel, I became a constellation.

To make matters worse, the guy who was stuck in the elevator with me was the problem.

This man is the enemy of mankind, someone who turned evil in the novel and destroyed the world.

‘Wasn’t one of the reasons why he turned evil was that he wasn’t chosen by the constellations?’

But now that this has happened, I have no choice but to sponsor Baek Tae-beom and get out of here!

[Skill: Activating Sponsor.] [Skill: Sponsor has been canceled.] [The sponsorship of 10,000 coins has been canceled.] [Reason: Insufficient amount of coins] [Possessed coins: 0] Wait a minute.

I think I’m screwed.

[Line from the novel] “Don’t disappear in front of me ever again, hyung.”

Baek Tae-beom smiled with brilliant golden eyes like a beast’s. I couldn’t help but stare at him as if possessed by his fatally beautiful appearance.

“Then I really don’t know what will happen to me.”

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I'm the Villain's Constellation but I Have No Money
악역의 성좌인데 돈이 없어
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New notyourcupid rated it
November 5, 2023
Status: c60
4/5 stars! (forgot to include it lols)

A lovely read of a story! It's well-paced and information is not thrown at the reader's faces like a freight train, the words and sentences meld together nicely and the flow of one scenario to another is perfect.

ML and MC make me weak🥹 they're really adorable. but let's talk more about the other character dynamics!!

Anyways, I adore Apollo and the MC, , the father-son bickering relationship is incredibly funny especially with how much Apollo ships MC and the ML together! Apollo always protectively... more>> calls MC his child that he 'raised' and is full of whimsical energy and provides beautiful and entertaining comedy with how he is, , quite literally, , no.1 MC and ML shipper.

(it's also very funny how both sides only acknowledge the 'father/mother-son' dynamic they have when it benefits them. if MC benefits, Apollo says he doesn't have such a child. If Apollo benefits, MC says he isn't his child.)

to be fair... Apollo is more of a mother-figure especially with how he keeps fussing over MC like a mother hen and MC has canonically called him a nanny. HAHAHAHA... truly tsundere nanny Apollo is canon🤣🤣

I'm incredibly thankful that Apollo isn't the second male lead. I really like that Apollo and MC are just platonic and goofy. It's nice that MC has someone like Apollo to sort of 'confide' in and joke around with!

The other constellations, such as Anubis, also have me so happy to read because it's so nice to see MC having a friend-support group!!! All of them have such funny comments about what's going on, some deadpan humour and others are energetic hilarity, it really gives the story more life and the constellations are everything I adore!!!!

I especially enjoyed the part where Apollo and Anubis were throwing stones and arrows at each other ++ the time where they were 'play fighting' and Apollo chased Anubis away and Anubis went into a corner like a sad dog.

The constellation network (basically their chat group) is one of my greatest joys and enjoyment when reading this. Yes I love romantic love, but seeing platonic and familial love is just as wonderful as well and I'm ever thankful to the author that they've given MC a support group!

That aside, the ML has me feeling things (sad feelings) for him especially when his past was revealed and all his negative thoughts were shown to us. I'm rooting for both MC and ML to be able to power through despite the adversity and make a beautiful future for themselves and for each other!!! <<less
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Starlight Stream
Starlight Stream rated it
October 18, 2022
Status: v30
Hello, I am the editor of IVC. First of all, I thought that this was similar to ORV, which intrigued me to be the editor. But, it's pretty different and interesting in its own way. I love the Apollo and Anubis interactions as well. In the overall, I love it, and will continue to edit this novel to the end without giving up.
58 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
srrrahim rated it
September 30, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is almost like ORV, but MC is half constellation and half human, and ML is the original villain

The story is really interesting. There's some twist and conflict, so MC journey is not a smooth sailing

MC purpose is to prevent destruction, but he is actually ... more>>

a being who is born from destruction
In a sense, he is actually a destruction himself
So, his constellation name is not the one who prevent destruction. But his real name is destruction


I love MC and ml's relationship development. From stranger, to friend to family to lover

I also really love the 2nd male lead



I think I want to read an if world where MC end up with him. I was so sad that he's

dead or gone. I hope he can somehow resurrect or something


I really love the constellation's chat room. I love it when apollo, hermes, anubis, etc bickering at the chat rooms lol

The main story end at chapters 121. The rest are only extra chapters

The extra chapters has 18+ scene and their life after the ending of the main story


4.6/5 stars <<less
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Ireadbl rated it
October 6, 2022
Status: c16
Story is interesting so far. I've heard about "Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint" but haven't read it so the concept of Constellations and Contractor is very interesting to me.

Translator is doing a good job translating and is buying chapters even when broke so 5 stars.
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akegamai rated it
September 9, 2022
Status: c42
It's a promising and extremely interesting story. There are many intriguing aspects of this novel that you can't really find elsewhere. The plot is very engaging and fast-paced. Seeing the total number of chapters though, I can't really blame it. The characters are very likeable and their interactions are quite enjoyable. Especially with their comedic tones. If you're looking for something interesting and fun to read with no visible problems/icks, then you won't regret giving this novel a try!
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chocoltaa rated it
August 30, 2022
Status: c4
Ok, up to chapter 4 and it's pretty standard, obviously still early chapters. Really like how the dude is a constellation and a player, but I'm really curious on whether other constellations will recognize that he too is one of them.

In the first or second chapter it's said a person can't survive the true appearance of a constellation, well, will the MC have a second/true appearance?
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Realvnv rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: c33
I wasn't a big fan of ORV to begin with but still gave it a try, it didn't work.

What I liked at the start of ORV was KDJ's decisivness and nuts to butts action lol. Yeah he did sum sh*t I didn't agree with but damn at least he felt original.

Here, the MC guy feels like the store-brought KDJ. Same boring office worker that read novels to escape reality, same "self-sacrificing quality" that's often blown out of proportion- LIKE COME ON HE JUST SCRACHED HIS HAND WHY BE SO MELADROMATIC?

ML,... more>> replacement of YJH so to speak, is a Netflix adaptation of him lol. Even worse than MC.

Holy shit, I thought I knew the world but I guess not. How boring a human can be? It was a question nobody asked but we have the answer here. ML is so bland that I feel like I'm disgracing YJH's good name by comparing him with this.

... and he's not even as half cool.

... tho if we are talking about coolness, they are way outta "S Classes That I Raised"s Hyunjaes' league. Man I wanna reread it.

Another thing, netizen comments. Dear god I hate them with passion and it doesn't help that when they appear the take up half the chapter, one time it was full chap of comments even. I have yet to see sth so irrelevant but still present against all the odds like them.

Let's say public opinion of them is the best it could be and all comments praise them. So? Does this change anything? Same with nobody liking them. Unless they are planning on blowing up MCs house in chat and actually gone through with it, it is f*cking irrelevant. Comments just do nothing.


Anyways, like I said I wasn't die hard ORV fan, and I found it even more boring (I could at least finish ORV) tho if you like ORV to death yeah why not, give it a go. Maybe you will find it's not as bad as I picture it to be <<less
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WindFiend rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: Completed
This story is easily a 4.5 for me. Although I don't really like comparing stories with other stories (mainly because I believe a story's merit should be on its own), this story is really close to Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint. It is an interesting story where the main character becomes a constellation when the world changed and decided to be the constellation for the villain who destroyed the world in the novel he read.

The relationship between the two is gradual and fun to read.

There are issues I have with... more>> the story, mainly with the chatroom dialogue chapters. I usually skip those since they are opinions of ignorant people and I find myself only reading the rumours than anything else. I am a person who finds media part of stories easier to ignore, since there are not that many good example of media exposure of characters. Or good writing of media exposure in general.


Baek Tae-beom plots ways to make his own constellation to fall in love with him after he realized the truth of his own constellation and I find it so adorable. Due to the regulations for constellation's emotional control, it makes the ordeal harder to figure out his own emotions for Tae-beom for that reason alone. It makes the ending and the extra story pretty sweet.

[spolier]Choi Ga-hyun's existence is also quite something. Being the constellation from another world's destruction, it caused a butterfly effect where the original hero who fought against Tae-beom, the villain in the other world, to be the villain himself due to certain constellation being 'true gods' themselves. It makes you wonder where the hell these constellation came from when the other world's destruction is caused by Tae-beom himself.


I should mention Apollo is literally best dad. This man supports these two and wholeheartedly help Ga-hyun to the very end.

The extra is the aftermath of the original story. I think it is sweet and nice to resolve Ga-hyun's character, though personally, I think the ending of the main story should be enough.

I know 120 chapter (+10) isn't short but it is nice story and if you are interesting in this genre, it isn't a bad read. It gets to the point and it isn't too overwhelming with any complications. Also it is slow romance, so please be patient too. <<less
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oujideredragon rated it
April 25, 2023
Status: --
good ideas, poor execution. not sure if its the original writing or the translation but the story is pretty boring and drags on a lot, while also being too fast paced... ? it was really hard to keep up with the action past the first few chapters and I'm still not sure what the MC and MLs personalities are. they feel extremely bland and uninteresting...

certain plot points sound good but while reading it feels full of missed opportunities and poor delivery...

beginning was the most enjoyable, quality dropped a... more>> lot after

MC died the story became sooo confusing and fast paced. I couldn't figure out who on earth was on the scene or what they were doing, random characters popped out of nowhere a bunch of action happened and I had no clue what was even happening. had to constantly reread paragraphs and go back to old chapters because they would reference a minor character and be mad and I was just like "who on earth is that"



the old MC is just... IDK I absolutely have no idea what is even happening with him.

it describes old MC as this big scary giant man and then talk about him being all scared and cowardly and then go back to talking about him being a death warrior under anubis and all that. my mental image of him was twisted into so many different directions and it made following the action even harder lol.


I did really enjoy the interactions between the constellations but they took up entire chapters worth of dialogue... might've been best to have only the constellations or only the plot because bouncing between them just made reading more confusing.

gave an extra star because I liked the beginning well enough <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SketchedCorgi rated it
October 14, 2023
Status: c42
We don't get much of this type of BL and it's sad. This is such a good story for what I've read. I am on my hands and knees begging for someone to continue translating.

I was never really into the action side of novels or webtoons but this introduced me to it and now I love 'em. This doesn't seem dragged out or too fast, except for ... more>>

when MC dies for the first time

only because the updates stopped a little bit later.

I so love the concept of a Constellation MC. Why isn't this more common? At least in the way it's pulled off here.

It's interesting for a weak "god" to be the main character. For such an important position, he sure gets carried by his contractor haha

Love this

I am once again asking for a translation continuation. <<less
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