Even the Villain Has a Story


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One day, gates opened, and the world descended into chaos. At the same time, Sa-yoon found himself face-to-face with a bizarre system window.

“You have been selected as humanity’s ‘evil.’ (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b”

Forced into the role of a villain and driven to the brink of insanity, Sa-yoon kidnaps Han Geon-joo, the key to escaping the damned system.

“…What’s your objective?”

“Recruiting talent?”

“By kidnapping someone? What are you, some kind of gangster guild?”

The trait that could help him break free from the system: ‘The Resister.’ To activate it, Sa-yoon aims to raise Geon-joo to S-rank while maintaining a close relationship with him…

After lavishing Geon-joo with praise and nurturing him, just as he was on the cusp of reaching S-rank, he vanished without a trace. Eventually, he reappears before Sa-yoon as an S-rank hunter.

“F*ck, what the hell are you doing?”

“You think it’s okay to discard people like old shoes?”

Who was the one who abandoned whom first?

“If you want to know what it feels like to crawl on all fours, go ahead and try running away again.”

A precarious reunion and ominous signs from the gates. Can Sa-yoon truly break free from the system?

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Even Villains Have Their Reasons
빌런에게도 사연이 있다
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jch rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: c60
It's pretty good

... more>>

The MC Sayun is forced by the system to commit crimes and villainous deeds everyday, like killing high-ranked Awakened, to act as the villain of the world. This is because Awakened are there to "save" the world from monsters, but Sayun has been chosen by the system to be the "villain", meaning that he is there to accelerate the world's destruction.

Sayun can't even die, since every time he dies, the system resurrects him into like a few hours/days? (I forgot) beforehand. Initially, he tried to resist the system's missions, which resulted in his death (from the mission failure penalty), so the system would revive him and force him to do stuff. Now, he's like completely numb to committing crimes and killing people and finishes the missions, since he knows resisting that way won't work.

(I know I wrote a lot about the missions, but the main focus of the story is on Sayun's and Han Geonjoo's relationship)

So for Sayun to free himself from the system, he needs to find and raise someone with either of 2 attributes (I forgot the names). Han Geonjoo has one of the 2 attributes, and Sayun finds him outside the Awakened Registration Center, where he's scanning ppl's info panels for one of the 2 attributes. Geonjoo was there because he was a new Awakened.

So he kidnaps him and brings him back to the Night Rats guild, where Sayun is the guildmaster. The Night Rats specialize in crime/information gathering/assassinations/etc.

Sayun treats Geonjoo better than others, since he's the key to helping Sayun escape the system, and Geonjoo notices and wonders why. Later, Sayun just says to think of it like he's in love with him to shut him down quickly when he brings it up.

I'm on chapter 46, around halfway through part 1 of the novel, and they've gone to, like, 2 gates so far: 1 C-rank gate and 1 S-rank gate. The pace might seem a little slow, but it doesn't feel like it, with their interactions.


Edit @c60:


Still inside the S-rank gate. Sayun is giving special (harsh) training to Geonjoo.

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jdjdjd rated it
June 13, 2024
Status: ~150
Keep in mind that I'm not a huge BL fan, I'm a straight guy who readers novels that look interesting when I'm bored and I don't want to skip over genuinely good stories bc I'm going "ew gay" at the tags lmao. That being said, I really did not like the romance in this story. Which is a shame, since I genuinely loved the MC and really enjoyed watching him fail and grow as a human. I love a well written traumatized protagonist, and this novel definitely hit on that... more>> point well. I felt delighted whenever the MC was succeeding, especially because of how compelling his misery and mood swings were.

The ML though?? I'm sorry this man is boring and bland as ass. The dude's done absolute sh*t all to have me wanting him to end up together with the protagonist. If anything, I'm cheering for the MC to have a healthy break up arc where he confronts his feelings and firmly separates from this loser ML. Like the ML gives me the vibes of one of those cheap, mass produced tower-genre protagonists, like the f*cking meme of all the anime harem men that look the same and have the exact same personality.

(Early) spoilers for one of the main reasons I dislike the ML/his relationship with the MC:


In general, the troupe of someone really talented quickly outclassing their mentor is one that I'm always wary of. I'm not saying it can't be done well, or that it's a turn off for me, it's way too common for that to be the case. I just always sympathize deeply with the character whose being basically told their entire confidence and self-image is founded on bullshit, and while it's not the other character's fault that this happens, I enjoy seeing that aspect of a relationship explored with respect.

In this novel, I think the author does really well at depicting the MC's reaction when he realizes the fast growth of the ML. It feels raw, it feels realistic. However, I don't think that, in the parts that I read at least, it was ever adequately resolved to the extent that a romantic relationship wouldn't feel uncomfortable to me. Like, putting myself in the MC's shoes for a second, the way I would spend every waking morning full of passive aggression towards my partner and actively having to fight that instinct, maybe along the way redirecting it towards self-hatred, is insane.

Because I enjoyed the protagonist so much, and because his suffering felt so honestly described, this dissonance was even stronger to me. The author did so well at making me cheer for the protagonist's health and happiness that I actively didn't want him to be with the ML, since it was hard for me to imagine that someone this depressed and mentally unstable would ever be happy with this other person. I hope this makes sense lmao, I'm sure this is a relationship dynamic that some people might not mind, but for me it just ain't it!


Spoilers for the romance's development in later chapters:


So, after some sh*t happens, the ML kinda like (understandably) ditches the protagonist, which sends little buddy spiraling for several different reasons that don't just relate to "noooo I had a crush how dare he disappear >: (" This is the section I'm talking about where I was just hoping that the MC would like have a bit of a character development, especially because guess the f*ck what the author introduces out of nowhere the perfect replacement ML! I'm checking the later chapters to refresh my memory and I'm pretty sure the guy I'm remembering is Jaehee. It's been a while since I've read this, and I feel like I remember him not being gay, but the author is god and had total control over his sexuality! And these two freak actually had chemistry too like wtffff

I think I stopped reading around the time that the ML returned to the plot, mostly since I understood that the way the story would continue to develop wasn't really in a way that I was particularly interested in.


To summarize, I don't think this novel is bad at all. If anything, it's definitely worth a read! I think personally, I would rate it 3 stars, but that's purely due to my personal taste and I don't think it's fair to be knocking down it's score when I'm clearly not the intended audience. I still think it's completely fair for me to critique the chemistry between the main couple, though, and the imbalance between all the personality and charm of the MC just being utterly quashed by Mr Boring over there. Maybe it will be appealing to you, though, so give it a shot! <<less
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Stanby00 rated it
July 19, 2022
Status: c138
It's currently one of my favorite stories that I am reading on Ridibooks and I'm so glad it finally got to Novelupdates! The Protagonist Sayun has a sad backstory and is your typical cold, overpowered protagonist. The story will emphasize on this a lot during the beginning which is pretty hype imo! During the story he will see his ups and downs so you can brace yourself for some su*cides to come (can be read in the spoiler if wanted). As well as some character development! To be honest its... more>> giving me some Omniscient Reader vibes, but only very slightly, since Sayun is not Kim Dokja and has different ambitions. I can only say to give this a try and experience for yourself!

Heavy spoilers ahead!!


Sayun will meet a boy named Noah in the field dungeon. The boy has a lot of similarities to Sayun so Sayun is seeing himself in the boy. Which is further amplified by the boy also being the `true evil of mankind´ from the old world which is now a dungeon. Sayun kills Noah to put him to rest so that the boy does not have to go through the same sh*t he has. Geonjoo who grew attached knows nothing about their dilemma and thinks Sayun killed Noah out of his cold heart. This will be the point where Geonjoo seriously starts to plan an escape from Sayun. Later on when he does Sayun will be downgraded which leads him to loose the chase with Geonjoo. From here it will be a big down point which was very sad to read through (a lot and I mean A LOT of su*cides). Thankfully, the second key makes an entrance and things go up again! There will also be a short meetup with Geonjoo, but Sayun is dying so he won't know. So far I really love the story!!


Hope you enjoy reading! <<less
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IrregularPerson rated it
July 20, 2022
Status: c15
I'm all for traumatized characters. MC is a sociopath created out of circumstance, left in a time-loop when he fails to commit crimes. Man's unhinged as a result of it, but what's interesting is that he can be empathetic. By no means he's considerate, but that is tentative to change with the new goal of nurturing ML. Villainous MC's have always been my cup of tea, even in the saturated market which tries to pump out badass b*tches. It's genuinely refreshing that his criminal actions have sincere consequences.

He has a... more>> few screws loose, but the good writing leaves readers sympathetic with the unfair scenario.

My only comment about the translators is that it's inconsistent but otherwise phenomenal. <<less
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Mai Mee
Mai Mee rated it
June 2, 2024
Status: c204
I don't recommend you read it if you struggle with su*cide ideation.

The story is good at times, ok at times, but the drama is potent. Since it's a web novels and quite long, you can't even skip the parts you hate.

The protagonist struggles with living, because he's under the control of the system, forcing him to kill people he doesn't want to and so on, to be a villain. The system doesn't even allow him to die. The ML is his hope from escaping from such life, but of course... more>> he can't let the protagonist actually die.

(below is rant and why I said it's not recommended if you have struggles with su*cide)


I haven't seen a moment where the protagonist has done a "bad" choice of actions that you think of in dramas yet. No "f*cking talk b*tch" thoughts in my head at all. He's doing the best he can given the information he's got. On the other hand, the ML acts like a f*cking brat. He is younger but he acts so wilfull. I thought he had a backstory or something but it's just blank even till this chapter 204. Because he doesn't have a story or a reason to be such a dunce, I can't empathize with him at all. Unlike the protagonist where all his development is shown and done.

Because it's partly theme and he's the ML, you can't escape this irksome guy. I'm not looking for all smooth developments here but it's really hard to read without being able to shout at this guy who said and made it clear in this chapter that he thinks "I don't care how hard it is for you to live, f*cking live hating me even b*tch" when he knows how hard it is. He doesn't even call it 'love' but 'selfishness' doing this much to someone else.

I'd feel so drain—actually I am very drained—if someone said that to me. He doesn't even acknowledge the current suffering and helping the protagonist through it and just say (to the effect of) "I don't care, you must live." If he wanted someone to live he could at least say "I want to you be happy" or "live happily" or something but he didn't. He even says he will stop any su*cide attempts by the protagonist.

That's to me crossing the line no one should ever cross. Denying someone the right to die however they choose (that implicates no one, aside from their own emotions which they should take care of it themselves) is the most egregious offense someone could do, and to me, that's both the system and this ML.

If you don't want someone to die just say it. Say you'll be sad. Say you want them to be happy. Help them be happy. Say to the protagonist you'll help him destroy the system if you promise to not look for ways to die.

Now that I got it out here I think I can continue reading somewhat. I'll let you know if it's worth the torture. Don't f*cking treat someone in your life like this. As someone with strong boundary skills, I can say they may not be dead, but you will be dead to them. If someone's being vulnerable enough to tell you all this and you answer with control and deprivation of autonomy and what reads like a curse? That's betrayal.


c218 update: at some point the immersiveness is breaking and all the main characters' actions and supposed thoughts became unrecognizable. The initial emotional scenes were done so well but at this point it seems a conflict is just forced to happen or something. In a nonsensical way. I'm not really invested anymore in any of the characters. The thoughts became hard to believe. If I take it as part of some self-deception or something maybe I could continue reading but really I think the author broke their own characters here. <<less
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Usagixneko rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: Completed
It was detailed, confusing, amusing, heart-touching, sad, crazy, exciting and slow at the same time, but the plot is just amazing, always something new, and when you start to get bored, something unexpected shows up.

The personalities of the characters are different and colorful, so each of them add something extra to the story.

The MC has a tragic background so we can sympathise with him, and I really loved how his behaviour slowly (really really slowly) starts to change but still has his old temper.

It's a hunter themed novel, but it's... more>> not boring and definitely not a typical story, and as for me, it's combine different parts of other stories (which I liked amd read) :

[I'm the bad, guy can I leave?] ~ The MC doesn't care about his body while everybody else is worried about him, and secretly care about him. Even though he looks weak he is really strong.

[SSS class su*cide hunter] ~ Try to solve his problem with killing himself, and because he's "immortal", he doesn't hesitate to fight to death. A lot of fighting scene.

[Omniscient reader's viewpoint] ~ The system, the regressor, and the meeting with gods are also similar, and of course killing himself.

I'm not sure if we can call this novel an R-15, because, there is nothing beetwen the MC and ML (I mean "that way"), only some hand holding and teasing, and a last kiss around c250. But it was funny how the jealousy shows up during the chapters.

It became one of my favourite novel, and I highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in reading a crazy but beautiful story (it made me cry).


They are going out! After revealing a few secrets about the past, they meet again, and their romance starts to bloom♥! <<less
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Cloudsteps707 rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: --
Not lacking in character, plot, action. I will say, awesome visual imagery, character buildup and crazy roller coasters of action that gets your heart beating wildly with excitement. The main character Sayun is a bit crazy which is not surprising considering all of what he’s been through, being jerked around by a black system that won’t let him die. But really, all the fans cry out in the comments that it’s crazy cute when he goes out and fights insanely while laughing and I totally agree 100%. Our Sayun is... more>> originally very caring and soft-hearted (and he still is, even though he doesn’t think he himself is anymore, with all that the system made him do). But on a light-hearted note, Sayun also makes enemies out of all the top Hunters he meets being the main villain, aggravating the lot of them lol and it’s so funny to read. Our main character is so popular though! Love it. <<less
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June 24, 2023
Status: c70
Great novel. To sum it up, the world falls into chaos and some people become the Awakened who can use superpowers. The MC gets chosen as a villain who has to destroy mankind. He wants to escape this role and finds a guy who can supposedly twist fate. Said guy is the ML (the male lead). Their interactions are fun to read since both of them are quite c*cky, stubborn and quick-witted. Despite that the novel's quite dark (apocalypse and all), it has a lot of humour and it made... more>> me cackle out loud a lot. I read around 70 chapters and I don't regret it. From world-building, to characters, to plot. I highly recommend it. <<less
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0r30 rated it
May 27, 2024
Status: c46

This is so good!! I love our MC and ML's relationship at the moment and how MC keeps showing favouritism towards ML. It's also really funny watching ML complain about how the MC treats him, but his status says otherwise.

the only thing I don't like about this novel is the bastard system that made our MC suffer so much T^T. Really when I was reading the MC's backstory I was tearing up, he was just a little kid. T^T T^T T^T

It's okay now though since the ML will treat the... more>> MC well~~ <<less
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