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An era when compassion for the weak has disappeared, instead stared at them with eerie eyes.
Thirteen years ago, the life of a peaceful family of four was thoroughly destroyed.
One mutant that crawled out from the depths of the world.
Old Calamity, the most powerful star, ‘Almuten’.

Baek Yoogeun lost his one and only older brother left to the encounter once again.
Woo Shinjae, an S-class Hunter who appeared just in time, saved his life.

“Be a guide to ‘Erewhon’ and obey my orders.
Endure anything that come to you, and…….
Follow me into the gates.”

He whispered his long-cherished desire.
Join ‘Erewhon’ and die together with them.
Yoogeun is in the midst of those who want to ruin him.
Love and hatred that bloomed between Woo Shinjae and him…….

“Don’t try to escape with death.
I, as your guide, won’t let you do that.”

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09/10/22 Hsubeans Translations c6
08/15/22 Hsubeans Translations c5
07/30/22 Hsubeans Translations c4
07/15/22 Hsubeans Translations c3
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4 Reviews

New Couldnt_Tell
Sep 24, 2022
Status: c6
ah my god what a winner, I was looking for a good bl with smut and gore dont ask and they delivered. Very descriptive in both.

Story-wise, amazing as well. There is a main cp

I was a little hesitant at first cause the plot summary was a lil confusing, but it's pretty much a story about a guy who is a guide, someone who can calm and heal hunters with their body, and four hunters that are a part of a team that he was forced to join so they will... more>> save his brother from death.

As you read the story though you learn more about each of the characters and their story, it gets heartbreaking and you can see how they turned into the f*cked up people they are now. <<less
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Jul 22, 2022
Status: v5
yall this thing is crazy this shouldnt be a hunter/guide novel but a horror lol

(considering the author also wrote another horror type bl deadman switch, I guess they love writing disgusting monsters lol)

aside from the outrageous 'romance', the setting of the novel is so fascinating, thats the only reason I kept reading til the end. You know how most of the actual dungeon crawling/ hunter novels have powers that goes mostly for 'wow' factor? fire, ice, lightning etc etc and fights not so gruesome?

the hunters/awakeneds in this novel... more>> got god awful powers honestly. and the fights..... they fight in the most gruesome way possible... like telekinetic ability user bursting out human heads... the poison dude melting ppl.... and the monsters are genuinely terrifying?

i LOVED reading this shit

the romance tho 💀💀 I mean the way how the MC, yoogun ended up with the main ML is a little baffling. But honestly after a few days since I finished I think I sort of understand now??? they have this


going on. both have fuked up way of understanding romance. plus with the background setting of how the world is on verge of apocalypse and the society order is just fuked in the novel, I think I understand how they ended up together???

ppl wont really like it if they come only for the romance.

all five of them need therapy I swear 💀 <<less
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Jul 13, 2022
Status: c2
if you're unsure whether or not to pick this up, I say START READING NOW. This is an amazing story and the author has great storytelling skills. I wish I could write more about how good it is, but I'm not good with reviews so just read it already.

Short description of setting:

... more>>

It's the classic Awakened hunter world with gates, guilds, etc. But there's also something called guides (the MC is a guide). Guides are very rare, and they help calm Awakened ppl or else the Awakened will go on a rampage because of oversensitivity or whatever. Many Awakened go insane and/or die because they don't have consistent access to a guide, and higher-ranked Awakened need to be 'guided' more often.

The 'Erewhon' in the summary is the name of the best guild in the country, the only one with 2 S-classes in it.


Anyways the chapters are so satisfyingly long, to the point where it took me ~45 min to read one. So it's not actually a short story even if it only has 11 chapters + 3 extras.

To the translators: thank you so much for doing such an amazing job especially since the chapters are so long <33 <<less
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Aug 02, 2022
Status: --
For many who like cute or soft romance story, this is definitely not your choice. Since it is hot steamy, may be a bit violent romance. The setting is about end-of-world situation where people are crazy in between choosing dead or alive. All characters have deep self-hates and desperation in somehow that makes them want to kill everyone. The story has a lot of thrilling actions and the emotion is climbing to climax so those who seek for rough romance in battlefield will super love it. Through darkness, all 5... more>> main characters found each others warmth, self-forgiveness, and light for themselves to continue to live. There are not so much pains. Harsh in body, and sweet in feelings, absolutely bittersweet story that cannot bore you till end.

All 4 semes saw uke as their first soulmate love. "In this dark world, you appear to us like God" said by Shinje. Even they knew who uke chose, the other 3 still longing for uke as their ideal vision of guide. They all treat uke as their most special light in their own style. No characters are perfect, because they are not born as normal person, they grew up with harsh and un-kind world where they fight not only for the world, but also fight for their own morality. If using physical body to heal, they are not human anymore, so the story is progressing to turn all 4 semes (cruel in beginning, and soft heart till the end) transforming from a machine to a human because of uke.


They deserve to have their light of hope at the end T^T. I do not like NP, but first time, I wish the author will give NP ending instead of 1v1. <<less
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