A Contractual Marriage with the Best Leading Actor


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Bai Qi was going through the unluckiest period of time in his entire life.

His boyfriend married another person.

His boyfriend’s older brother came to him with a cheque book in hand. “I’ll give you fifty million…”

Alright, I understand. I should take this fifty million and leave your younger brother alone, am I right?

“I want to hire you to act as my companion for some time,” the older brother said.

“Huh???” Bai Qi asked.

“No kidding, I can be all things. All from a cute and pure white lotus to a flirtatious and calculative minx! I can even fake a pregnancy, an abortion, a break up and get into a quarrel with you! Please dear sir, do tell, which type would you require me to be?”

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qeesa rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c1
Not sure if it's just me, but does anyone realize that each new danmei has 2 people voting for 1 stars and 2 people voting for 2 stars? Like, it's in every new danmei updated. Either it's a homophobe with 4 accounts or 4 homophobes just deliberately giving bad reviews on purpose. I hope novelupdates can do something about those people.

So, this novel was a great ride. It was hillarious and fun to read, MC is very relatable (who doesn't want money in THIS economy lmao) and also, he's an... more>> idol-otaku which probably many danmei readers can empathize with. I love ML's uncle and aunt, they're emotionally stunted but they love each other and are also supportive for the ML despite everything (their entire family is emotionally stunted actually but when you see their background and story, I'd be more surprised if they're NOT lol).

MC's ex was a scumbag, he deserves what he got in the end.

Not sure what else to write here other than you should totally give it a try, it's lighthearted comedy and I'm sure you'll enjoy MC's character. <<less
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applebeans rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Cutest thing ever.

I get everything I expected from the summary. 'Obsessive' ML, 'scum' MC, crackship, fanwar, and copious amount of PDA on live broadcast, MC playing around with his fans. It has a simple structure and focused on things it does well instead of other things. MC is somewhat OP/gary stu, but it's because he likes learning new things and


he was a rich young master before.


It's not impossible, I've really met people in real life who can play piano, violin, draw, AND ace their class. They also can do sports and fluent in 2 other languages. MC's skills are not to the point he'll leave professionals in dust, first time he does acting, he is not instantly good at navigating with camera and acting with others.

They have many cute moments,


like ML willing to quit being actor if MC wants to be one, so they can always be together, or changing his schedule for more Couple variety show and to suit MC's study period. MC is usually very capable, but he'd often act delicate in front of ML, asking his 'knight' to come forward. MC works hard to provide the best for ML, ML too.

They do have different resources tho so different scales. ML more well-known, so MC is called wife, sister in law by a lot of people, but MC's friend also call ML 'mother' and his parents call ML 'daughter in law'.

ML is a possessive lover, but his feeling does not become justification to hurt MC. He has extreme thoughts and he tries to process it. He deals with his jealousy using roleplay and actively seek professional help. After they're official, ML gets more mellow and secure about their relationship. His feelings are heavy, Qiqi is basically his everything.

The supporting characters are funny!

I was a bit worried for some of the couples in Perfect Spouse, they seem to be heading to divorce! But later I thought that was just rumours, I like many people too, and I don't think I should drop everything and pursue a married person.

They found a Hidden NPC. A cutie! His upbringing is different from the rest of the cast, so he might come off as flirty. He asked if he can be the flower girl (boy) in the wedding LOL

There's a director who usually wrecks his megaphones 'accidentally' so Qiqi buys him a loudspeaker kindergarten teachers/MLM marketers usually use! And he's really happy about it!

The fans start off really against this marriage -> awed by Qiqi's chemistry with Xi Chengyun -> becoming sister/mom fans -> sets up fangroup to keep Qiqi from getting poached by other people -> is confident because MC-ML is married and so is the 'official consort' while others are just crack ships.


I like the feeling of 'present' in this novel. MC started out with a humble family, instead of moping around, he keeps advancing step by step, day by day. It gave me both this feeling of 'life is only once', 'past can't be changed' but also gave me happy endings in a typical webnovel fashion. Everything MC-ML's experiencing, we are advancing with them. We don't know what will happen next, they also don't know what's in the future. We don't have omniscient POV, so we don't know if some characters will get together or separate later.

Some people have problems, some people are imperfect, they keep living lives in their own way.
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Miccie368 rated it
June 30, 2021
Status: Completed
As with everything let's start with


-Likable MC who knows what he wants and isn't shy about it

... more>> -ML, tho he still suffers from "perfect, rich, emotionally stunted" syndrome at least had his own interactions outside of just being MC's man

-Things are resolved pretty quickly and it isn't dragged out 100+ chapters

-Nice family dynamics

-Cute and fluffy moments of MC and ML falling in love


-MC is pretty Mary sue in which he is good at most things and can basically do no wrong

-MC resolves things for MC and basically MC never faced any real challenge

-Plot holes and author's lack of research and understanding in regards to the entertainment industry, business, and the socialite lifestyle

Overall a good read but definitely a one time read only kind of thing <<less
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March 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtled the novel but I can read Chinese as well.

About the novel

On the surface, fluff and sweet variety show drama between MC and ML that garners a lot of fans. The romance is not well built up and very one sided. There are lots of cute and comedic moments and you can read this book for the variety show bits if that's your jam.

... more>> About the MC

MC is cute and clever in how he handles different situations in front of an audience and with the ML. His true thoughts are mostly unknown as the author only shares his inner thoughts of trying to act his way in public situations as ML's spouse. However because almost all of the novel comprises of his fake acting, there's very little to no build up for his own emotional depth at all. Everything is how diligent he is at presenting a romantic front for the ML. The romance happens inexplicably and is just weirdly accepted without much question. He appears far less invested in the relationship even to the point of being very clueless about how to be in a relationship. All of this is very weird considering he's supposed to have dated his ex for two years and seems to still be such a romance noob that it makes me wonder whether he ever had any true feelings for his ex or whether it was even more casual and distanced as a relationship. Basically all that is described is the facade he shows others but his true self is almost hidden completely from readers though I can make some assumptions that his acting may be based in part on his personality.

About the ML

The ML is somewhat dark on the inside and finds in himself an awakened desire for love from the MC the more they get along together. ML's emotions are explored quite a bit more than the MC to the point that it feels like the ML is the protagonist. While the author doesn't go into much detail to what made the ML the way he is, at least his insecurities, his budding emotions for the MC are somewhat presented to the reader. Yet nothing is ever deeply delved into. While the author explains how he feels, the author rarely shows the why. It really makes for a very incomplete character. Though still better thought out than the 2D MC. The MC has been presenting his fake side in front of the ML the whole time with only rare small moments of genuine personality. With what assurance does the ML have that he is falling in love with MC's genuine personality? That's what baffles me so greatly. It's more like a novel about an ML who gets caught up in acting that he can't distinguish truth from lie and falls in love.


Fluff and comedy with no brains. Don't read this for the relationship. It doesn't really make sense. Just read it for some fluff, dog food and light comedy. This book aside from a few laughs is very mild and lacking in any depth. I've read a lot better fluff with a soul than this. Not a poorly written book but one that focuses so much on variety shows and fake personas it forgets to show who the characters are. My personal preference even in fluff is to at least be more than surface level so this wasn't the novel for me. But if you don't want to think and just want to relax to something with no drama, some fluff and comedy, this might be an okay read for you. <<less
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren
June 30, 2021
Status: Completed
This is sweet. Yes, despite the ML being possessive and territorial af but he knows his limits. He plans to capture MC without being overbearing. He just annoys MC on his star-chasing career lol. MC is really adorable. He acts like he really love ML and do all those jazz that everyone believes him that he likes ML. He scammed everyone including ML, which he knows it's an act but he fell for it.

Ok for the plot. It's okay for me and could say the author have poor execution on guiding the readers.


For example, Frank. I hope the author already hinted at the beginning instead of putting that plot twist in the later end.


There is a first to me that I didn't hate Jiang Fencheng (??). I felt kinda bad for him. He's the reason why MC became bend. I know that MC stated that he felt confused when he and JFC broke up and he still doesn't have feelings for him. At least that MC have subtle hint us that he have feelings for him. If ML was not there, that confused state of MC will develop something to JFC.

Better luck next time dude.

It's a good read, even though the MTL is kinda confusing.
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Hell rated it
June 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Very cute story, the characters are well developed and the plot is good. The MTL might be a bit confusing but after all it's still understandable. The translation so far seems amazing and very nicely written.

I would have been way more satisfied if we had more chapters about ... more>>

Li Yu and the villain, from the historical setting of the movie Xi Chengyun made

, to be honest, but since that's a subplot from a subplot I'm okay with it.

The story is sweet and fluffy and even if ML is a Yandere, and very possessive, he's still quite cute and respectful, making sure Bai Qi is fine with his advances before/during actually making them. Plus it's cute how nicely they get along and how both MC and ML are quite secure on their relationship after it's properly established, even with all of ML's jealousy.

Overall, you can read this for a happy, fluffy, no-brainer fun time, and one could reasonably finish this novel in 2-3 afternoons, so... :)

About entertainment industry and elders:


ML works in the entertainment industry and MC does a couple variety shows here and there, but the focus is mostly their relationship and how they better each other and their lives, so there's not that much of entertainment drama or anything. Plus, aside from Xi Chengyun's immediate "family", we have a lot of great familial relationships and nice elders and friends alike, very sweet and supportive! Specially Xu's aunt and uncle, they are very nice and I like them very much.^◡^.//

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January 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Won't rate it yet, MTL is on the wonky side, definitely not the easiest to MTL. Translated chapters are broken up a lot translated chapter 153 = chapter 53 in the raws

If I had to rate it now, it would probably be 4 stars until they got together and then 2 stars for everything after. The novel dragged on.

MC is a big Gary Stu, everyone loves him. He is smart and kind, but is a novice when it comes to feelings. I really liked him.

ML is the typical cold ML,... more>> he is Mr perfect, but that is also is downfall in a way. I liked his character set up.

Their romance is sweet and they slowly fall, it's not love at first sight. Many funny and fluffy moments.

My biggest problem is the authors lack of understanding on the outside world. The hockey parts were so bad, who thinks hockey is played like that. The whole international plot was cringey as well.

I also kind of felt bad for MC's first boyfriend, yeah he didn't go about things the right way, but I felt like MC lead him on and he was caving to the pressure from his jerk of a father. Kind of wanted a redemption extra story for him.

All in all I will probably read it again when it's fully translated, but will probably skip a lot of the international plot.

The translation is fine, the explanations are helpful. The broken up chapters with no indication is something that really bugs me though. I would much rather the chapters numbered something like 1.1, 1.2 1.3 etc then sequentially like this, seems deceptive. <<less
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twobada rated it
May 16, 2022
Status: --
5/5 for the silly-grin-inducing fluff. Plot-wise and character development-wise, tr*sh lol

BUT BUT BUT the author doesn't even pretend to be artsy and philosophical and all that. You can easily tell this was written to witness and enjoy dog food. Nothing more, nothing less. And it works well too!

Gary Stu-levels for both MC and ML. Face slapping on a nationwide level. Invasive live broadcasts filled with netizen barrage. It really is so cliche 😂

But I really really love how proactive the MC was. He knows exactly what he wants and knows... more>> how to enjoy things. I was hooked the moment he unhesitatingly accepted the money to play pretend 😂 <<less
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January 5, 2022
Status: c46
Sorry... probably will be dropping because MC is just too Gary Stu.

Normally I don’t mind MC’s being a little Mary Sue, they do need some kind of protag aura after all. However, this MC is just too OP in weird and unsatisfying ways. For example knowing small and insignificant details about other actors including what food they like. Like honestly, who cares? And if that’s not far enough, revealing these small details on broadcast has to go and create a wave of popularity and attention to those people, helping them... more>> sell out books and or gain support for lawsuits they have been battling etc. In other novels with excessive OPness, at least its done for things that are actually interesting and/or funny! The MC right now is set to become a national icon/saviour for entirely meaningless and s*upid reasons.

The MC also doesn’t seem to show a single flaw (he has to be OP in all of sports/cooking/everything possible). Like at least make him bad at cooking or something to make him at least even a tiny bit relatable.

Rating: 2/5

Great translation though. <<less
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nctzen rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: Completed
it was cute and pretty well made. Not much can be say because it's quite predictable as well. The only bad thing to me is that sometimes the novel feels boring right after such exciting moments (i mtled this so maybe that's the reason) and that there are a few parts in this story that doesn't need to be added.
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Dooka rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Really cute and fun. Love the ML and MC.

The overseas plot is incredibly cringey, though. Just, I wish the author had at least watched foreign movies first, I can’t even describe it, but the cringey ethnocentrism is crazy. I’ve been to China and I was followed down the street by photographers because I was the only white person they’d ever seen in person, BUT NO ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY IS SO LACKING IN ASIANS that they’d be described like they are here, every country I’ve been to is more diverse than... more>> China. But it happens to be a pretty important plot point so it can’t be skipped <<less
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November 4, 2021
Status: c34
Cute and lovable MC!
Can’t wait for more.

Translation is good but it’s split into several smaller chapters. Currently on chapter 34 on the translations but the actual chapter should be lesser.
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mariaflora1208 rated it
June 3, 2022
Status: c76
I love OP and black bellied characters, but this story has become too bland for me. MC is OP in a way that's kind of OA for me as people or netizens love to put him in a pedestal. I know this is fictional but those kind of scenes just make it more unrealistic and rushed for me. I don't find joy in it. It started as good but has become, really bland for me. But if you love a relaxing fluffy read, you can try this one.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Psychoutre rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: c75
MTL'd but struggled, did get the main gist of the plot. They're so cute, and I love possessive MLs that still know how to respect the MC's boundaries. My only issue with the story is that the MC is too OP. He's breezing through all the show's challenges and seems to get everything right in one go. I wish the author has given some background as to how he's earned his skills. I thought him being able to play ice hockey so well against an actual team was kinda random.... more>> At least with the ML I could reason it as him gaining his expertise through filming.. Otherwise MC may as well have been a celebrity from the beginning! Author seems to love to highlight how MC is so pretty, so smart, so skilled that it's kinda ruining it for me reading how perfect he is. Maybe I'm looking for some realness, slice of life, or maybe just more of MC's thoughts just for me to be able to empathise with. Though overall the story was really cute and their lines were so so sweet! Maybe I'll continue reading when the novel's been fully translated, but at the moment the MTL I think isn't giving me the best reading experience! <<less
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trash_generalist rated it
August 14, 2023
Status: c41
2.5/5!!!! This novel is a bit dry. Idk if it's the writing style or what, but there's a lack of emotions in it. Also, the entertainment factor is very plain with nothing to looking forward to. All you've got left is the romance. But the fake marriage aspect is also very genetically played... XD SOOO in conclusion? It's kind of boring. Nothing too bad, but nothing too good either. If what you're looking for is a casual read about a hot ML and a perfect MC living a sweet and... more>> sweet life. It might not be a bad read for you. The TL is very good, and that alone makes it worth reading. But yeh. It's really not my thing.


SUMMARY: The MC of this novel, Bai Qi, had a boyfriend for two years. This boyfriend ended up getting engaged without telling him, and didn't even bother to explain anything after sending an invitation. In his anger, he posted a help request on the internet and was advised to take a hotter, richer, and overall better man to the wedding.

Fate somehow worked out to give him what he needs. The elder "brother" of his ex came to him and asked for a marriage. He agreed after being given fifty million and ended up joining his husband in the entertainment world thereafter. Assumedly, everyone fell in love with him after seeing how sweet and sweet he is. <<less
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cozypillow rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Enjoyed it.

Nothing really memorable but is entertaining to read if you like dog food thrown to the public and a too perfect pair of lovers that aren't yet lovers.

They are basically too perfect in every aspect, especially the MC (Gary Stu). Both MC and ML treat each other nicely.

... more>> This is meant to be read mindlessly and when you are really tired of dogblood or heavy plot novels.

If you want more deep romance then don't read this. If you enjoy fluff then this is a nice novel.

Translation is really nice and I recommend waiting for the full TL. MTL was a bit hard. 70% understandable but for new readers it might be difficult if you don't know some commonly used Chinese phrases.

Eg: hating iron for not becoming steal, driving the car, BaiYueGuang (which I later realized is "white moonlight" and mtl made so much more sense).

Overall an ok read. <<less
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July 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm not sure what to rate this so I'll just leave it blank as I don't want to rate this unfairly lol

The start is really cringey and very wattpad but on a bearable level as MC is so loveable even at the beginning. I'm not sure of it is the author's writing or the translation that makes it cringey but it became better as the story goes on. The plot is not deep but the satisfaction is enough.

Qi Qi is such a cheeky baby that I want to shove him... more>> inside my pocket... I love him so much hahahaha. He is a walking sunshine that people who connects to him can't leave his shadow. He is so charming that some haters became so fond to him haha. Yeah too OP for others but it's just fine for me because I don't like seeing babies like him suffering hehe. ML is kinda standard but he still has a presence and own uniqueness, although not much highlighted by author so it tends to make his character a little boring.

Btw I super love their fams (except that s*upid Jiangs), they are so lovely and fun characters. ML basically inherited his uncle's default setting lmao. Bai family deserves the best! I'm happy that those bastards who wrong them were sent straight to jail.


Frank is such cutie, he's not like his brother and uncle at all hahaha. Well to fair, he grew up away from them due to father Jiang's rotten brain. Qi Qi seems to like babying him too but ML is cool with it and doesn't feel jealous towards his innocent brother.


This story is one of the stories I've read with best wedding chapter because its not just cramped in few paragraphs like others. Although short but at least full of distinct details.

Overall, just bare the early chapters then the rest is great. I just wish, author writer more extras and didn't made the last extra ending kinda sad... <<less
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Darla9999 rated it
May 21, 2022
Status: c86
This is definitely one of the best novels entertainment I have ever read.

It is full of fluff and unlike other novels they are not so secret but publish their wedding and the whole story is about how they get accepted by their fans and how MC rose to popularity

It is so light hearted and funny. I am constantly laughing.
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Yumeru rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: Completed
Well our couple met in an unexpected situation though ML did the first move. It's not love at first sight but they gradually fall for each other. Nice revenge/face slapping anyways our MC is adorbs and can stand stand on his own😊
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WallEyeKnee rated it
April 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Well it went from good to average towards the end. Around chapter 50 author kun seems to be rushing everything like a bullet train.

I love Both the MC and ML their personality and background very is to my taste. MC upbeat attitude even when he comes from rich to down right being poor really is worth admiring. I love his quick wit thinking and he's unapologetic stance when he do things. ML with his mysterious background and his nature of holding back, split personalities, adds alot to the dynamic between... more>> the two.

Well the unfortunately thing the story was build pretty good but everything just got thrown into your face at lightning speed with construction at halfway point. We never really get explanation why ML become like what he is, what was the real trauma that set him way. We were made to guess and give brief explanation but I don't feel it was enough. He almost beat his step brother to death accidently? It was explained properly

Halfway MC becomes honestly like a side character get drag around By ML. His story seems to be over and he's there to react to ML or provide fluff. He's career path never get explored and would be written in one sentence near the end. Why and how he became who he is never get explained. He's childhood when he's rich I really want to know how it went and he felt when he fell from heaven to the bottom. Everything was rushed with fluff. MC Became docile and doesn't have his own mind anymore. Like a mindless puppet. ML lost his aura and became a black belly clingy husband. Side villain gets swept within one chapter. The best emotional side character was this friend of ML near the end. Similar to another novel I read the other day. Randomly introducing a character who has more potential than just cut it off because its the end. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I don't why author refuse to let MC to be in the entertainment circle it really suits him. If you're going to keep making ML asking him and not getting a pay off then why bother.

The more I talk the more I want to give it 3 stars. But it was enjoyable, I like their relationship and enjoy their small journey and it was relaxing. So I will hold back and give it a raise. This was a good read regardless. <<less
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