After My Ex-Boyfriend’s White Moonlight Proposed to Me


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Xie Ning knew that his boyfriend was a player, seeing him pine after his white moonlight, and caught him with a little fox in bed. After finding out his boyfriend was cheating on him with that little fox, the boyfriend became the ex-boyfriend. His ex-boyfriend’s white moonlight coincidentally just returned to China, so everyone around Xie Ning looked at him with sympathy.

Xie Ning: “…”

Xie Ning: “No, I really did dump that player.”

One day, his ex-boyfriend’s white moonlight suddenly proposed to him.

Everyone: !

Xie Ning: ?

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Melange rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a really wonderful and touching inspirational novel. Although the summary makes it out to seem like it's a dog blood drama love triangle, that is not what this novel is about. If you're looking for any drama, action, or revenge, there isn't any. This novel is less fantastical and more realistic. It is something reminiscent of the It Gets Better Project.

Because this is a slice-of-life inspirational novel, this is not for everyone. It's mainly geared towards people who are sympathetic to the struggles faced by LGBTQ individuals, or... more>> those who might be facing those struggles themselves. Some might think this novel is cliché, but it's only cliché because it is a reflection of reality.

It tells the story of one young man who has utilized self-coping mechanisms in order to deal with the trauma of having undergone gay conversion therapy. Because of this, he (MC) has become detached and apathetic towards basically everything including familial relationships. After meeting with ML, he slowly finds the will to change himself, the key point being that in order to change, the individual themselves need to want to change. He is hindered by his parents, who don't accept his sexuality, even in the end.

There is no follow up on the toxic ex, and that's okay, because sometimes, moving on means cutting those people out. It shouldn't matter what happens to those people anymore. Maybe MC's parents will never accept his sexuality, and that's okay too. There will be those who will never accept you for you who are. That's just life.

Even though I wasn't expecting this to be an inspirational work when I started reading it, I think it's a great, poignant piece. It's already hard to find gay solidarity in Eastern works, so I appreciate adding another to the number. <<less
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zary11278 rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: c6
I might have got lots of hate if people could reply to comments here in novel updates but actually at the chapter six and I feel insulted by the way author calls every other director out there as someone cheap bending to the public opinion or money. Like there is something wrong with public opinion? Our main lead does not lack any money so doesn't need to earn any and therefor so any one who needs to do so is beneath his majestic level? Believe me if I could speak... more>> mandarin I would have liked to know do they think any one other than the Dali or Monet and Matisse or any other contemporary artist are not worth being artists? I agree people do have preferences in art as well as anything else but calling others cheap because you think they are not worthy since they don't follow the same taste as yours isn't it being arrogant. ARTISTS DO CREAT ART TO SATISFY A NEED WITHIN AND THEY DON'T CERTAINLY FEEL PUBLIC'S FAVORED AESTIC AND TASTE IS TOO IDIOTIC! As the author mentioned in this chapter. Since even as an artist you would like to be understood as any other human being, if an artist does not fell todo so they would keep the created piece to themselves since in their mind no one else's idea matters. But as other parts like the translators part they did fantastic their work was first class but still I would like to drop this story for the facts stated above. <<less
35 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
karwasama rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c53
You know what? It's decent. It's cute, fluffy, an absolutely heart-warming romance between a timid, cute MC and a confident ML. If you want to turn off your brain and indulge in something that doesn't really involve face-slapping or revenge, this is perfect for you. I wouldn't even say it's boring - I thought the plot progression was alright.

My only issue is with how... the author treats mental illnesses as a whole...? I don't know, something about it feels off. Like, first of all, the MC's mother is a blatant... more>> homophobe even in a world where homosexuality is normalized and same s*x marriage is legal, but it's excused by calling her mentally ill. Um... what? I'm pretty sure h*mophobia is NOT a mental illness, it just means you're a shitty person who should be educated.


I know she ends up having backstory that "explains" her h*mophobia... but I don't buy it or think that's a valid reason.


Second of all, I kind of dislike how the ML and the MC's friend pry into the MC's mental health issues without asking him. They talk to his psychiatrist (who just gives away information, as if patient doctor confidentiality isn't a thing) and then the ML bribes the MC's past psychiatrists to figure out what happened. Like... that's kind of messed up?

And I dislike the narrative "I'm mentally ill but true love can make me better". While this novel doesn't directly have this trope, there are a lot of elements of it - like, the ML is the only one the MC can open up to, the ML makes the MC's insomnia go away, the ML is just "different".

These are all just kind of my opinions though. Overall, it's a solid 3.5/5.0 stars for me. <<less
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JamaisVu13 rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Some novels are like this :- you read those until the end, process the whole story and then realize that the MC is not swallow, just traumatized. Mistaken by everyone else.. Even their own parents, has given up hope but when they found their own person, they knew that they've been saved. They don't have to live a robot life anymore. They'll fight their own battle to become a better person. This novel is about that.
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Irissska O_o
Irissska O_o rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: c36
I have read 36 chapters and then skipped straight to 45. I liked the idea behind the novel but the story was pretty boring.

And isn't it against law for a psychologist to discuss a patient with someone else in such details? It is not just asking about him, but sharing confidential information back too.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 29, 2021
Status: c37
Am I the only one who thinks this story walks a very fine line between teasing and coercion?

The MC is cool and distant to others but practically unable to say no to his partner (due probably to hinted at past trauma) and the ML seems mostly aware of this. If one partner is unable to say no for various reasons, it's the responsability of the other to say no to himself on their behalf.

The ML is pretty arrogant and elitist but in a not too offensive way. Everybody is... more>> aware of it but still accept him. He is doting and caring only towards the MC. However, he often realized the MC is unconfortable due to his actions, or even scared in some parts at the beginning, but mostly ignores it and keeps on doing his thing ignoring the other. Forcing a person is not just about s*x.

I dunno how this could be called an healthy relationship... the only saving grace is that in the end he ML doesn't do anything too bad and the MC ends up mostly liking it. However I feel like they walk a very fine line in some parts and it makes me really uncomfortable to keep reading this.

If it weren't for that I would have liked this story quite a bit. It would have been a good slow, fluffy story about art, trauma and how to get past it.

However I really can't look past that fact. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 18, 2020
Status: c85
I found that this book was entirely to my taste, I won't say there's no flaws but the healing story is good enough to excuse them. This is a pure romance between two people that fall in love in first sight and then the ML works to help the MC through his trauma. The ex boyfriend hardly turns up at all to the point that at one stage you will completely forget his existence, apparently the author wanted to change the name of the book but got a lot of... more>> comments saying not to change it. One thing to be noted is that even though there is showbiz in the tags neither of the main characters are actors at any stage in the book. There are also no unnecessary rival characters who like either of the main characters, if this is not your thing then you may not like this but I personally felt that it was a breath of fresh air. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
December 21, 2020
Status: c22
I like slice of life but this one really bores me. The story is predictable and cliché. So the author should make up on writings (arrangement of words and plot) to not make it bland. But it seems like the author is just narrating with MC's POV.

MC's personality is not my cup of tea. I like him being apathetic, and doesn't care to everything but it pisses me off to see an out of place personality of his where he keeps blushing when he is with ML while the ML... more>> is the usual yandere pervert that keeps forcing the MC. Fortunately the ML didn't touch the MC while the MC was drunk yet he only harassed him verbally.. Will probably drop <<less
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Starboyhuangs rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: Completed
The author wanted to do a misunderstanding where they didn't know who each other was until a big event but it ended up just being odd, forceful and out of place. How do you not know a person's name yet still dared to follow them to their house with the only excuse that's "he's rich so he must be safe." Are you a child? Also the male lead is VERY obnoxious.

... more>>

Basically, the ex boyfriend liked the MC because he resembled the ML, the white moonlight. So, that means MC resembles the ML in someways.

What's funny is that the ML, who was supposed to be picky, was drawn to MC, who resembles him, just after meeting one time. They didn't know each other's identity then and ML kept saying how much the MC was his type.

And the ML only started showing the feeling of 'Like' after MC started praising how much of a 'not like other directors' and how unique this director Max, who is also ML, is. And the ML started becoming like "oh he's special/interesting. He understands my uNiQuE artistry." Just, go kiss yourself in the mirror or something bro.


I like the MC tho. He's not very amazing and is kinda flat but he's very endearing for some reason. I like his friend too. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 15, 2021
Status: c36
Not gonna rate it yet because it's still early on but damn I'm eating dogfood almost every chapter (keep going pls).

The MC and ML flirting back and forth is like chewing on soft candy. I came here for the face slapping primarily but ex-WHO? I forgot all about him already.

Edit: To the people who think the ML is an arrogant snob when it comes to his very picky tastes. You are not wrong. Even the the people around ML are aware of it as even his own personal cook has... more>> been taught by his own hand and even what she makes until now still needs a number more adjustments in order to cater to his taste of satisfaction.

The ML is a perfectionist and maybe he does look down on movies that are made for the entertainment of the public instead of what he wishes to express. It's true he does not lack of money so he can say things like that. You are right about that.

But I think you might be taking this fictional character's opinion a little too personally? Is this the author's own opinion and not their portrayal of how the ML's mind works? But alright, I suppose you have your own reasons. <<less
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Aachiin0914 rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is really great. The way the author wrote every scenes reflect reality in every way.

Let's forget about the coincidence and fated meetings, but the experienced and the present moments of the protagonists kind of represent society as we are right now.

Same s*x marriage is not very much accepted in many countries in Asia, we can't ignore the facts that many gay people experienced what Ningning had experienced in his early teenage years.

I like how the author expressed this reality in round about way. The story didn't focused much... more>> in Ningning's psychological problems and family conflicts, but we can see in the novel how they resolved every problems and conflicts which strengthen their bonds and relationship.

This novel also made me laugh at how irrelevant the ex-boyfriend is. I though, it will be a love triangle the most. However the ex seem too irrelevant that instead of being a canon fodder he became a mob instead.

I'm not going to talked about our Ningning's psychological problems much, cause Dr. Hi already made a report on it.

But let's talk about some of it.

Mtl is very vague. I was shocked when I read schizophrenic, but when I read the later words, I was relieved. The author seems to made effort researching about Ningning's disorder to even made a report about it.

Written on his report, Ningning was diagnosed to have Schizoid PD and mild social disorder.

Schizoid PD is under cluster A/ odd, eccentric PD. And like how Ningning's character settings describe him, people with Schizoid PD lack interest in social connection, their very introverted, they're very cold, indifferent and detached, and the word apathy describes them very well.

Mild social disorder. I think it's social anxiety disorder with "mild". I'm not professional but this is just my opinion. The author is really great in terms of this. The shyness and embarrassment Ningning is experiencing is what this disorder is what is about.

It's just mild, that's why it's mild social disorder, cause worst, Ningning will never want to go out of his house every again. This mild will become a complete hikikomori person, because of the strong anxiety.

More so, he have a medical history of suicidal ideation and attempt.

Thankfully Dr. Ji already stamped him as treated. Actually, PD is very hard to treat. Like it's name it's personality disorder. It means it was part of the person. It became a disorder because of its negative impact on person's everyday life not just for others but also for himself.

PD developed from childhood to adulthood. Actually there no treatment to this. But it could only be supressed. No, more like could only balance it out, so, Ningning could be mentally healthy. And the medicine for that is our ml, Mr. Blue whale.

Mr. Blue whale is our mc's balance. Without him, MC will still be on his house drawing infinitely without compromising into anything. Stubbornly living in isolation without caring about the world or people around him.

Still, when I read this novel I see Sigmund Freud everywhere.

And I also thought there would be a scene to recover Ningning's mother and white wash the bad things she did. Like her bad past about homos.

Well, there's none. So let's not talked about it.

The ending surprised me. Really.

It's super unique and this is the first time I read an ending which didn't belong to the protagonists' POV.

But it did appear to work.

If there's a picture, I very much wanted to partake to that forum.

And those scenes engaged with the readers as well. It's like you are part of it. A passerby munching on Mellon seeds.

You can feel the excitement within the forum and will even thought that it might be happening at the moment. You can imagine the scene yourself as you read, every post.

Sadly it's mtl. I want to read it again after the translation was finished.



(♡ω♡) ~♪ <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GoldenTiger0 rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: Completed
This is novel is entirely based off on healing aspect. The ex-boyfriend is almost non-existent. He is there just to show how scum he is. Mr. Blue Whale and Mr. Rabbit both don't fall in love instantly. Especially Mr. Rabbit. Mr. Rabbit has always appreciated Mr. Blue Whale's other identity. However, Mr. Blue Whale does seems to have fallen in love at first sight. He may see a little too active in relationship but there's no doubt that he's very considerate of Mr. Rabbit. I appreciate both of their little... more>> steps to reach their love destination. If Mr. Blue Whale took initiative in his own hand and accommodated Mr. Rabbit so he feels at ease, Mr. Rabbit also tried hard to overcome his trauma.

The novel may seem really cliché but it is definitely not a boring read nor it should make you upset. It is one where you overcome your past and rediscover yourself. Also psychology of any family member should be guided gently and nicely.


Mr. Rabbit's mother herself is a psychological patient as she has extreme aversion to homosexuality due to her brother's incident. Her family's acceptance of her brother's sexuality shows that she didn't hate homosexuality actually. But the incident of her brother left a bad impression and trauma regarding homosexuality which could have been treated or guided gently by Mr. Rabbit's father. Unfortunately, Mr. Rabbit's father wasn't that much firm to guide her and Mr. Rabbit's relationship to a different direction. Rather, he supported the mother yet gave up on son despite of his unhappiness and shock towards his mother's sudden change of attitude.


And the translation is going on very nice and easy to understand.

I will binge the translation later. Wish the translator success. (^_^) <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fisukisuki rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: c61
This novel is soooo much better than I expect but also Heavier than I would expect.

Heavy as in MC actually has Traumatic past that IS a Major plot in the novel. I thought it was sudden when Psychologist/Psychiatrist was mentioned. But I slowly realised that there's always hints of something, beside MC's seems apathy, like his attitudes toward a certain someone. Why he's so different toward that one person, the great dislike. And the obvious mentioned of that someone's mental illness too.

While the Ex-Boyfriend, he mentioned a lot, but his... more>> existence is barely there! His existence is like a Flea. He's not Evil nor an overly Ass. He was just a bit Persistent and ehemamildMehem. Seriously, there's no real Villain here, just someone with problematic Mental Illness that caused MC's Trauma.

Anyway, this Novel has the BEST Fluff!!! A Caring ML who like to Tease and Dotes MC so much. Who will protect him and Loving him. Who always like to mention Future Marriage even when their relationship still Unofficial. 😆 Lol. But definitely the only person who MC FULLY Trust and Comfortable with and the one he feels really Safe, beside his Grandpa and slightly his Only Bestfriend.

Pray soooo hard someone continue this Wonderful Novel!!! I need to see the ending!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
thebadgirl05 rated it
August 13, 2021
Status: --
The story had the potential to become so much more but it fell off just as I thought that it was quite interesting.

After a few couple bland chapters, enthusiasm can die out if there's nothing to retain it.

ML and MC's feelings at the start was already ridiculous. What they say and think later on in the chapters contradicts the characterizations the author built for them.

... more>> Where was the 'it doesn't involve me so I don't care' in the later chapters?

It just poofed out of existence when ML came?

How come MC seems so apathetic towards his ex and yet seems to have magically retained his emotions---romantically speaking---just by meeting ML?

There's a whole lot more I want to say but overall, less than 10 chapters in, I don't think I really need to read more to figure out what most likely will happen later on in the story. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shortk rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: c49

I don't think that just because something is "fluffy" justifies it being kinda dull. Imo truly good fluffiness is not boring. It makes your heart squeeze. I don't know why but this book is by no means bad, but moves perhaps too slow. It's focus is too narrow and focused on the main leads perhaps that it makes their romance seem dull. I just don't know what it is man.

People looking for a slow "fluffy??idk" no drama feeling but has a certain attempt at depth romanic book, I would recommend.... more>> I almost wish there were more face slaps bc that one face slap they did was really good and actually entertaining for once. Personally dropping now tho. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tricksyness rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: c85
Great fic to read if you're looking for romance and hurt & comfort.

Honestly, it's a very refreshing novel especially since many out there tend to have the MC bent on face slapping, revenge and very very slow burn romance, but the development of the main couple's relationship in this novel is very well-paced. And I like how you gradually find out why the MC turned out the way he is.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rubyspecs rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: c22
The romance and characters follow the typical charismatic overbearing flirty gong × easily teased indifferent or cold white rabbit shou. And the initial plot of getting with white moonlight of ex boyfriend was resolved so early in the story and their interactions were as good as if they are in relationship.

It's nice read for fluff and casual read. Plot wise introducing this ex boyfriend and white moonlight thing didn't make much of an impact. And frankly idk how the gossipers thought the ML aka white moonlight looked similar to MC,... more>> who seemed to be a substitute in other's eyes. And those nagging bffs each of ML and MC ruined my mood, so irritating. Like they were spouting about xyz rumors and the leads were indifferently nodding their heads. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nkai rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Thissss is soo good!! Completed by MTL.

I think the MC misunderstood a lot by some readers :/ I mean, there's nothing wrong the way he decide for himself. Let him be. Glad that the ML, his friend, and grandpa are there for the MC. Plus, the ML's parents are so good to him <33

MC and ML are both suitabe for each other ngl. Perfectly match. maybe I disagree a lil bit on other parts but if u focus only on fluff you'll like it ngl. I guess this novel is... more>> not for everyone tho, try to read few chapters then u decide. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dragon_Reader rated it
January 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Read using MTL

This is a v sweet, kinda slow but not so slow romance between two adults. This book as a small element of 'love cures all mental ailments and emotional problems' but MC also seeks external help. MC is the one with some psychological issues due to certain acts of brutality at a young age. It's a beautiful healing book. Highly recommended.

T/ L - 5/5
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
blackwatersinkingshipper rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: c17
I'm enjoying this one so far. The MC is the expressionless type but he's not boring and unemotional and the ML is sticky but not overly aggressive. The romance so far is very sweet.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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