I’ve Liked Your Boyfriend for a Long Time


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Pei Ran discovered two things recently:

1. His boyfriend of 3 years seems to be cheating on him.
2. The way his boyfriend’s roommate looks at him isn’t quite right.

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Ta Yêu Thích Bạn Trai Ngươi Rất Lâu Rồi
Tôi đã nhắm trúng bạn trai của cậu từ lâu rồi!
Wǒ xǐhuān nǐ nán péngyǒu hěnjiǔle
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chiffonade rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c39
I found this gem yesterday and couldn't wait so I binge read the raws all the way to chapter 35.

Simple summary: The MC, Pei Ran, catches his boyfriend, Luo Qingshan, kissing a friend called Su Nian. At the same time, he realises that his boyfriend's roommate, Yan Zhun, has always been in love with him.

Sounds cliche but the story is really cute so please give it a try.

... more>> My Rating: 5

Plot-wise, it is a simple love story with a bit of gaming elements included. But what makes the story so addictive is the interactions between the MC and the ML. The ML treats the MC very well, silently catering to the MC's needs all the time. He would even make sure not to let the MC feel jealous unlike the MC's ex. There are so many cute interactions between the MC and the ML but I'm not going to spoil for y'all.

My only complaint for this story is the antagonists. The MC's ex, Luo Qingshan, and his cheating partner, Su Nian, are ridiculously annoying. They have no redeeming qualities (especially Su Nian) and simply exist to be hated. I almost got a stroke reading all of their nonsense. Even after they have broken up, the MC's ex shamelessly contacts him nonstop.

I can't remember which chapter this occurs, but he gets drunk along with the ML and tries to beg the MC to bring him home. When he realises that the MC is taking the ML home instead of him, he immediately calls Su Nian. An absolute scumbag.


Su Nian is even more annoying than the MC's ex and this says a lot. A classic example of a 绿茶婊, he acts all innocent but is actually a sly person.

Taking advantage of the MC's reserved personality, Su Nian constantly harasses the MC even after he has broken up with Luo Qingshan.

Later on, the ML and the MC's ex get into a fight because of the MC. Su Nian being the green tea bit*h that he is, starts spreading rumours of the MC cheating with the ML before he broke up with Luo Qingshan in their group chat. I was ready to mu*der Su Nian at that point but fortunately the MC's friend adds the MC into the group chat and the MC clears up the rumours by sharing the actual reason for their breakup, shaming Su Nian. ???

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Roro97 rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: c38
I saw this from the same author as How to fail at... and PUGB! Oh my, I love her books sm so I am very excited about this one.. can't wait to see more

Read with the raws it took me time and I know some words were missing so I am happy there's a translator. I will reread again with her work updates *happy *happy (.-.)..... Anyway It is a story of MC who break up with his boyfriend that he saw kissing with another person, then the ML that... more>> had feelings for years finally started his chase and MC realize ML has acknowledged him since High school.

As always I loved this author's characters so I love MC and ML. MC has good personality, is quiet, clean (but is he a germaphobe? dnt know) anyway..

ML is a smooth one, love when the ex boyfriend was demanding to help MC and ML said " who am I to give you that chance again?" Haha damn. (._.) What I love most about him is that he didn't Impose. He just going with the flow and take what MC gives, he didn't came between MC and his ex-boyfriend relationship before and kept things to himself. I liked that!

Anyway it's very light reading, love it. Definitely recommend <<less
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phosphores rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c41
This novel is quite cute with a very simple story line. Despite the simplicity, it is heartwarming and full of feels. The ML and MC are just right for each other.

... more>>

It becomes clear that the old boyfriend didn't love MC, and MC didn't love the old boyfriend either. MC gave the relationship a full-hearted attempt, but old boyfriend messed it up.

ML on the other hand, has been silently there for MC all this time. He changes his habits for MC and understands MC. MC is actually attracted to ML as well.

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Lindsy rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c37
Was up til 4 am reading this e_e I loved the development and pacing of the MC and the ML's relationship. It felt natural and not too slow. Though because they are both more of the quiet type, their relationship is more so built on how they treat each other, and they are just super sweet and considerate to each other.

... more>>

Even with the breakup, it might seem like the MC was cold & indifferent about a 3 year long relationship. He even thinks that he thought he loved the ex bf but he didn't actually feel sad breaking up... but I feel like it's really more way to protect himself emotionally.

I like how realistic this novel is, there' s no over dramatic drama or dumb evil villain/revenge. There was no big ploy, ex bf just got tempted and made a "mistake" bc oooooh something new and shiny.

The story hasn't gotten to it yet, but it seems obvious that the ML has liked the MC for years since HS, and secretly did things to help him. Poor him, the MC somehow didn't even KNOW they went to the same HS. haha He probably felt like he missed his chance and is now finally get a shot!

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erialolita rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: Completed
It's Okay, I like the authors other works better. This story doesn't seem as fleshed out. MC and ML are ok, the old bf was realistic, he wasn't exactly bad just immature and not right for MC ... more>>

also MC realizes he doesn't like the ex, just the ex can't let go. They were just too different to be happy


I wish the author went more into why the ML liked the MC. The past was only lightly touched on. I just wanted more from the novel but it wasn't a bad read.

I wish someone would translate it, it's not the easiest to MTL. I got some of the references from the translated work of the authors other stories, like lick is looting and box is turning into a loot box, but some parts I felt I missed something important. <<less
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Rutabaga rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: Completed
It's quite sweet, but it ended so fast... I still wanted to read more (´Д⊂ヽAnyways, I'd definitely recommend this. No complex plot or amazing story, but it's really sweet and fluffy. Sorry for the bad English and have a nice day.
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judeiiro rated it
January 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Gosh, this was adorable?! Such a short story but it's written amazingly from start to finish. I'm surprised the raw (at this time of writing) is completely free on jjwxc! No VIP chapters (though that may just be because there's only 40 chapters+extras) :O I dropped all my moonstones on this gem of a novel ;w;

The plot and progression of the novel was great. The romantic decline and development felt natural. Conflicts are resolved swiftly and without any extra drag. The characters aren't over the top and are each unique... more>> on their own so it was really easy to read. In short, there is

    • calm and emotionally-collected MC
    • wild and kinda lost beast boyfriend
    • unrequited love but still heavily eating vinegar ML
    • and, one annoying self-inserted white lotus/green tea b*tch
My favourite character is the ML. When his crush is still in a relationship, he never steps out of line--unlike some people. He does not intrude or interfere, lying in wait for a fair chance at MC's heart. Fortunately for ML, fortune favours the bold and the patient!

Really recommend this novel! Lovely read! <<less
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August 31, 2020
Status: Completed
I mtl-ed this novel till the end. Luckily it is quite easy to understand.

I've always love all the MLs in the novels wrote by this author. The ML in this novel is so gentle, patient, and mature. Not overbearingly posessive or domineering type.

How the ML pursues the MC, &how the MC starts to pay attention to ML & treats him well is so sweet & tender.
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nandemonaiya rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Mature, introverted MC x ML. Soothing fluffy read. Totally up my alley.

The communication between the CP is simple and good. They don't flirt very much, but they don't have to for you to feel their closeness and affection. MC is a perfect and sincere boyfriend, and ML is a good match for him. Fluff mainly comes from considerate actions.

Break-up was quite realistic, and I relate to the feeling of not really trusting your feelings, especially after spending a long time in a relationship only to have it end so simply.... more>> There was no unnecessary drama (aside from Su Nian and Luo Qingshan periodically being annoying), no overreacting and no excessive misunderstanding. S*x scene was not heavily described. Humour mainly comes from the ex being an idiot, or their friends being clueless or misunderstanding them.

I finished the raws, but I'm bad at Chinese gaming lingo so I really appreciate TLs for those parts. <<less
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Kassandra rated it
May 22, 2023
Status: Completed
I LOVEEEEEE! The novel may be short, but it entered my heart. I'm like wondering why this is not popular because it's so good. This is truly a gem, I highly recommend it if you're hesitant to read it.

The MC, Pei Ran, I love his character. He's just so honest, and so cute! I really thought at first that he's gonna ignore the cheating signs but seems like I'm wrong. He's a strong character despite his appearance.

And the ML, Yan Zhun, he's so sweet! Accccccckkkkkkk! I really can't wait but... more>> to deliver the Civil Affairs Bureau to them. This couple is too sweet, but I love it!

This is a 5/5 for me. This the sign for you to read it. <<less
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goobsjie rated it
October 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Short but fluffy and adorable. The gaming aspect is a lot lighter compared to ICDI and GHFOD. Art student MC (Pei Ran) who stinks at PUBG x reserved & sweet ML (Yan Zhun) who was once on the verge of going pro. Yan Zhun comes in a very similar flavor as the MLs in ICDI and GHFOD but somehow it doesn't get old haha. Pei Ran is pretty reserved, as well, but he is by no means timid.

Virtually no side characters in this one:

    • MC's ex-boyfriend, Luo Qingshan, who unfortunately kept popping up at every turn like Team Rocket. He really just needed to go away.
    • Su Nian, annoying guy who kisses Luo Qingshan and embodies the very definition of green tea.
    • ML's esports gaming buddy, Lin Xuhuan, a chatterbox and a source of comic relief.
    • Pei Ran and Luo Qingshan's mutual friend, Lin Kang, who is kind of caught in the middle, kind of has a conscience, but also just kind of interested in the drama going down.
I just wish it was longer!
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periperi rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: Completed
5 stars

Oh a really short read. I read this halfway before and stopped because I didn't understanding the gaming part but now that I've completed many (MANY) gaming novels, I understand this much better. The gaming aspect is really minor in comparison to other books so no worries.

The romance is really sweet, it's actually a tad fast considering the timeline of when MC broke up with the ex but looking at that relationship, can see that it sizzled out long ago (or was there even anything to begin with?).

Again, as... more>> with my other reviews, my only nitpicking is please don't smoke T^T but like that ML

makes some effort to stop smoking around MC since MC doesn't like it.


Saw another review about

MC giving up control/asking ML to control him, along those lines before I read the novel and was a little hmmm about it. But now that I read it, I think it was more along the line of "because we care about each other, I want you to care about aspects of my life". Kind of hard to express the exact meaning since the chinese word "guan" can mean "control" but I don't think MC really means to submit to ML but more like he cares what ML thinks and is willing to follow what ML thinks because that context, major spoiler, is whether ML would allow him to still be friends with the ex.


Got to agree, the ending of the extra was a tad abrupt. But otherwise, this is a really sweet short relaxing read. Easy to MTL. <<less
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DubiousWaterMelon rated it
October 18, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a really sweet and fast read story. Not much conflict and a very realistic scenario of falling in love.

Sometimes you remian in a relationship simply because of convience and habit. You lose your self in it and though things have become muddled and intentions unclear, you remain still to maintain the status que. This is a good story that illustrates this perfectly from multiple angles.

The two protagonist are really lovable and how they interacted with each other is natural and easy, without forced romance genre cliches.
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etsuhun rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I like it as a short, quick read. Has potential to expand the story a little bit but other than that I don't really have major issues with it.

The ex and Su Nian irked me the most, good example of a slag and a scum. Both say a lot of dumb sh*t throughout the novel and it's lowkey funny almost.

I recommend it! Read for the cool headed MC and stayed for the smoooth ML
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rhianirory rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
cute story and the MC isn't a total idiot for a change, even if I don't understand

his desire to be controlled by the ML (he asks the ML to take control and tell him what to do at one point). I'm not much of a submissive so I don't understand the need to give control of self to another person.

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Book_crazyy rated it
December 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Its a really cute, fluffy story its kind of refreashing.

I really Like the MC he is handosme, smart, talented and doesn't allow people to treat him bad because he has self-respact.

The ML omggg I want him for myself 😍, he is so nice, sweet and he liked the MC for a long time since high school (ohh ML my sweetie😭) in the end
he won MC's heart.

Very nice story.
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Froliczxc rated it
February 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Great penmanship by the author (in CN raws).

It's a quaint little story about how a cold and stern ML manages to coax his way into a prim and proper MC's heart, after said MC caught his current partner making out with another guy while drunk.

One thing to correct from a previous review I came across: The MC (Pei Ran) does not know that the ML (Yan Zhun) had liked him for a long time (since high school to be exact) until close to the end of the story. It was... more>> a nice little tidbit that:


The little things (e.g. Putting new books and sweets on his table) that Pei Ran's ex did for him that made him accept the ex's wooing in the first place was actually the credit of Yan Zhun instead.

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otpsfloat rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Loyal MC and ML. ML is caring but also not a pushover. MC is not vicious but also not a pushover. There's no "denial of feelings" between them. A cute relationship and a well-developed plot!

It's really good and MTL-ed was easy to understand starting from ch 12.
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YellowNoodle rated it
July 31, 2020
Status: Completed
A quick and fluffy read, however, the author could have expanded the story a bit more.

I was disappointed and surprised when I cl**ked the next chapter only to find out it was the last one. It felt unfinished because ... more>>

the ML literally told his parents he was into guys, laid in bed with the MC, then BAM: "the full text is finished"


Anyways, not too much drama, mild character development, and lots of dislike towards Su Nian.

Okay read but feels unfinished. The main couple's relationship is established and fluffy but not expanded.

Adieu and Enjoi!

4/5 <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rhia89 rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: c7
It's amazing. I'm only at chapter 7 but even then the sincerity of the ML is obvious. Thanks to translator for picking this up and looking forward to updates. To anyone wondering if they should skip or read, I vote read
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