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As a new anchor of StarTV, Yu Yan’s ruthless tr*sh-talk, natural rifle-shooting skills, and character of never searching houses earned him a big crowd of fans.

He felt like he was a good anchor who treated all fans of his stream equally—you can suck at the game, you can get knocked down, but if you want the gun in my hand, sorry, no way man.

Until he heard the voice of the streaming platform’s Big Boss.

Yu · ultimate voice-con · Yan: I’m not familiar with this game, swap my Kar98k for your Mini-14.

Yi · brand new noob · Chen: En.

Friend: Daddy, I want to snipe too!

Yu Yan: I think this frying pan suits you very well.

Not-a-very good gamer but dripping with money and looks Big Boss vs Cute, super good tr*sh-talking gunslinger voice-con Anchor.

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PUBG Thế Kỷ Võng Luyến
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Pardon my french
New Pardon my french rated it
June 17, 2024
Status: Completed
Really loved it, very fluffy and funny.

I preferred guide on how to Fail at Online Dating, but this one has his cute moment and funny banter.

Its a bit cliche with the big ceo and the poor orphan. But you read this for the light comedy and really, the banter online are really fun for me. I saw my own experience with streaming and gaming and online group (for the bad and good experience).

A bit let down by the extra, I wish we had more on their domestic life, relation with... more>> their family (I feel yanyan's uncle was a bit abandoned and the notice about the building destruction could have been used more explicitly)

Also the extra with zz and lu was funny (even if overdramatic for my taste) but they should have their own "book". They felt a bit out of place for me as they don't really interact with the main couple in the extra (even if the event are in parallel and we see lu in a story chapter talk to yanyan about understanding that he's in a relationship with boss Yi)

As usual when I come to chrysanthemum garden, the translation was really good. <<less
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wallyblob rated it
October 13, 2020
Status: --
Let me get this straight: I'm enjoying this novel so far. It's refreshing and sweet with the right amount of fluff. But I'm gonna jump straight to my main point here.

I'm only writing this review to address the person who said Yu Yan was dumb because he didn't go to college. I'm disappointed in that person, because it's narrowminded thinking. First, it must be known that I am a person who highly values education. Coming from a strict Asian family, if I got anything less than an A, I was... more>> scolded and punished and humiliated in front of my relatives. I graduated at the top of my class as Valedictorian not because I was smart, but because I had an obsession with getting straight-A's and scoring the best on tests, but even I'm sensible enough to understand that not everybody has their sights on college or can even afford to go to college (like Yu Yan).

That reviewer did a big wrong when they called Yu Yan the dumb shou, because he's really not. He couldn't get into college not because he was dumb, but because his financial and familial circumstances forbid him from doing so; plus, he decided it wasn't his path—and you gotta respect people's personal decisions, know what I mean?

Yu Yan explains it perfectly well in the novel, and I think it was, you know, an important moment that we were supposed to learn from but *cough* some people didn't.


Yu Yan glanced at the barrage and softly said, "It's due to family reasons that I didn't continue my studies. I also don't think there are any problems with just having a junior high school education. You guys can laugh at me, but you can't involve others, or I'll be suspended. Not everyone's life is smooth sailing, so learn to be more understanding of each other ba.


Multiple times throughout the novel, Yu Yan showcases how emotionally intelligent and witty he is. He knows his way around people. He knows how to deal with those who wrong him. Once again, he is not dumb. In fact, he's very street smart. He's independent at such a young age and lives by himself and refuses to burden his uncle. You know who's the dumb hoe? Me. I'm the dumb hoe, because I would never be able to accomplish even half of what Yu Yan accomplished. I'm the same age as Yu Yan, but I'm still financially dependent on my parents. Once again, Yu Yan is not the typical dumb shou.

I don't push my ideals or values onto Yu Yan, neither do I wrongfully judge him, because I recognize him as his own person who makes his own choices out of necessity. I know he's just a character, but how we judge these characters and how we perceive them says a lot about ourselves, and I know many people who don't have a college education who are smart as hell. My father doesn't have a college education, but he knows all the parts to a car and he knows how to assemble one, as well as how to repair it just by listening to it.

When you call people without a college education dumb, you call people I love dumb (and I am very, very protective of people I love) and they are the reason I am alive today. Without their knowledge or their wit, America would've eaten us clean long ago (my parents are refugees of the Vietnam War and they came to America with nothing).

So once again, for someone to call Yu Yan dumb because he's missing a factor in his life that he's not even obligated to fulfill is pretty erroneous and prejudiced. Seek to understand a character before casting wrongful judgment or hate. And before you do so, analyze your own values and question yourself first.

Plus, Yu Yan is literally a pro-ass PUBG player (that's literally what this novel is about lol), and just looking at the way he analyzes his enemy's moves in his gameplay and turns the situation to his advantage, you can tell he's pretty sharp.

Another instance of someone picking on Yu Yan because of his education:

Li Hang had only drunk a bit of alcohol by this time, but his face turned red as he retorted, "I have no inner quality and upbringing, but you, who only graduated from junior high school and played games at Internet cafes every day, has inner quality and upbringing?"

Yu Yan looked much calmer than Li Hang. "Inner quality and upbringing have nothing to do with formal education. I don't know if anyone in the anchor industry does what you have said they do, but, I do know that most anchors earn money by relying on their own skills and time; unlike you. Look at the assets you have. Which one of them wasn't given to you by your parents? Even now, you haven't started working yet, ba?"

Li Hang sneered. "Yes ah, so what? Is it my fault that my family is wealthy? Don't be jealous."

"Your family being wealthy is just your advantage." Yu Yan paused and then continued, "But I don't think that you have the right to mock those who rely on their own skills to make a living."


Yu Yan, you don't need to have a higher education for me to like you. Just be a genuinely good person (which you already are), and I'll naturally cheer you on. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: Completed
interesting and fun for the most part. MC isn't an idiot, ML isn't a yandere. There was some laugh out loud moments at the start when games didn't go quite the way he expected, and some drama later on. Of course, no story in the entertainment genre is ever written without lots of people trying to black the MC at one point or the other, even if he's a livestreamer rather than an actor or idol. ML drove me a little nuts at times, (low eq), but overall it... more>> was cute. ignore the 1s. They're usually the stallion/harem loving crowd who get triggered by the genres yaoi or shounen-ai, and instantly rate all of it a 1. Apparently, they are offended by BL showing up on the recent releases page and can't figure out how to use the filter. <<less
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Silver_Lotus_Under_The_Moon rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: c5
Bah, ignore the 1-star ratings!

Ignore the ranking!

With the power of rotten fans, we can overcome this!

The novel has a very promising start.

The beginning is strong and -like every other high-quality BL novel found on Chrysanthemum Garden- the translation quality is just- mwuacks. 10/10 so far! It's certainly easy to read and understand. Thank you to the people who contributed to the novel.

This is a BL Esports Novel. It's focused on the new anchor/game streamer, Yu Yan, who has a very good voice!

... more>>

Yu Yan has that kind of quality voice to sound like a meng sister and a good brother, noted in Ch 3! Quite the humourous talent~


Yu Yan is a skilled tr*sh-talker; he can back up his talk with his skills in shooting! He's a breath of fresh air and is unique.

We're already given the heads up on who the ML is early on!

Surprise! It's Yi Chen!


So far, my impression of ML from all 5 chapters can be summed up like this -

ML: Watches Yu Yan play PUBG

Yu Yan: Ah! I remember you! You're my first viewer from day 1!

ML: 'Happy.'


I would insert an innuendo there but I'm sure you'll catch my drift if you subtract the last four words Yu Yan says. Wuwuwu, enjoy the dog food~


I'll be sticking around in the future for more updates.

Give this novel a try, you'll like this novel!

:) <<less
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Ritsuka rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: extra 2
I like writing reviews for completed novels but I didn't want to forget the inspiration I have now just after binging it for 2 days so here goes nothing:

This being an e-sports BL, I was really reluctant to read it but when I saw the ratings and summary, I gave it a try and it was worth my time!!! Previously I had read an e-sport BL but I didn't like it because the gaming part wasn't enjoyable, ML was better than MC as always *rolls eyes*, MC was your typical... more>> uke. But this novel actually managed to clear up all these points and it was sooo good!

First of all, for the gaming part (the thing that worries people) since it was pubg and since the translators did a good job, i, surprisingly, thoroughly enjoyed it!i enjoyed it to the point that I can't even remember if the gaming part was a large portion or not lol. And there wasn't much internet drama (i mean there was some but it was always resolved quickly) and unlike other novels thankfully this novel didn't showcase netizens' comments and barrage that much.

The MC is someone I'm deeply satisfied with. Starting from the first chapter I even thought he was the cool and quiet type. But he was such a precious cinnamon roll!!! He wasn't like typical blushy weak ukes. He stood up for himself and for the ML too. He quickly accepted he was in love without any bulls**t. He was better than the ML at games and I really like how the novel didn't go for ML dominance for this and kept it this way.I totally loved how he always tried to give the ML whatever he could and worked hard for him. The one moment I totally loved was when he was low on money and then he looked at ML. After that, he was like money's not a problem, as long as he is happy. That totally made me melt!

Totally loved how he surprised Yi Chen on his birthday and one thing he'll always have my respect for is him being the one proposing (he was the one to take the initiative to buy rings and wanted to make their relationship public) I've seen a lot of yaoi novels where MCs mention it yet its always the ML doing it. When yanyan did it, it just made me squeal! It felt so genuine! If you love someone, you take the initiative to express it too!


The ML on the other handle was so gentle that it made me swoon. From their first interaction, I loved how he was always so gentle to MC. Ofcourse, he was possessive, but it was to the point of normal relationships. He wasn't like typical yandere MLs. And he wasn't emotionally detached from everyone and from his family like most MLs are. He cared for them and their opinions.

Even after he thought that the MC's in love with him, he was still so gentle (even tho it was a misunderstanding at that time). He was head over heels in love with MC but didn't get it and when he finally got it, I loved how he just went for the confession and even admitted that he was slow to understand!!!


Their dynamic even after getting together was great and so fluffy. They both loved and helped each other. Even tho the smut scenes were vague, I thoroughly enjoyed them. (lel they were hawt.) Edit:I just read the last extra and I really want you guys to know that these two ARE LITERALLY ONE OF MY FAVOURITE COUPLES!!! The communication and respect between them is just... spectacular! Its a relationship in which both of them strive to do their best for the other and its so wholesome. After reading this, ngl, I felt so envious that I'm not gonna have a love like that in my life. The extra's end made me tear up.I've read a lot of yaoi mangas and novels and only a few couples have managed to make me love them this much!

One thing, I often like about Chinese BLs is that they can tend to be quite comedic and I love that. This novel didn't fail to bring forth a good comedy. It was really funny! And I laughed out loud a lot of times whether it be the interactions of ML and MC or the antics of our dear Yi Ran and Lu Xiuhe! Yi Ran is my baby! I just love him to death. The Ge loving cutie was the one who made the novel quite fun and I loved it whenever he appeared. Lu Xiuhe was such a loyal friend and we stan that! I'm currently reading the extras which are his story and he's so freakin funny! The author can literally write a whole novel about him and I'll happily read it!

I'm so excited about his love story with Zhuo Zhen! And ZZ is so nice! He followed him to his city but left him alone even tho he loved him!


I recommend this novel to everyone!Its extremely bingable. And because of this I'm gonna read more e-sports BLs even tho the last one didn't impress me, I'm quite sure i'll find more gems like this! <<less
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Froliczxc rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a highly rated novel amongst Chinese readers and it absolutely deserves its standing. It is fun, endearing and a light-hearted read. There is no earth-shattering romance nor heart-breaking angst, instead there is warmth, giggles and the anticipation of two pure souls figuring out what love is.

The male lead is a stern man with little to no friends and has distanced himself from family due to his maturity. The main character is an up and coming streamer who has trouble facing family due to the death of both his... more>> parents. Both of them took notice of the other purely by voice but stayed for the person. It is an alluring story of two guys finding their better half and learning that life's got more to offer than just solitude. A story fit for those who are trying to heal and those who just wants something light-hearted and fun.

There's also a touch of comedy scattered throughout the story if you're up for a giggle. :) <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
January 25, 2020
Status: --
This shouldn't be ranked so low - it's a promising start to an BL eSports novel.'

Yu Yan (MC) is a college student who is recruited to be a game streamer. So far what we know about him is 1. He has gaming skills, 2. He has a nice voice, and 3. He has a good sense of humor.

Chapter 1 is a little boring, but Chapter 3 is pretty funny.

Yi Chen is the mysterious ML. No info about him yet.
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karwasama rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel inspired me to play PUBG, a feat my friend couldn't do even after she begged me for a whole year.

I think this is one of the few gaming novels where I was actively interested in the gameplay (the other being Guide at How to Fail at Online Dating, coincidentally having been written by the same author). Most of the time I'm reading for the romance and the drama, but the author described the MC playing PUBG in such an engaging way that I felt the urge to do... more>> so myself. And now I'm addicted. Not sure how to feel about that, lol.

Anyway, our MC is a very likeable, resilient little cutie. He's been through some rough stuff:


When he was younger, he joined a pro-gaming team that ended up scamming him out of his full paycheck. At the time he really needed money in order to pay for his parent's hospital bills, but they couldn't give him much nor were the required to, as his contract with them was not official. It's never fully stated (or at least I don't think it is, I MTLed the nontranslated chapters and some info may have been lost) but it's implied that this directly correlated with his parent's death, so MC is also an orphan. He dropped out of school to livestream for money.


Despite all that he retains a positive lookout on life and is very optimistic, and I liked that about him. I also enjoyed reading about the ML. Despite being a CEO he's not overbearing nor is he a tyrant, though he is prone to unreasonable jealousy at times. In fact, he's pretty far from the CEO ML archetype, and his unique character stood out to me. I found him somewhat pitiful and was pretty upset (for him, of course) when I heard his backstory:


Basically, he became the CEO at a young age and people, including his family, only tried to get close to him for money. His parents, while they aren't bad people, are "artists" that like to travel the globe and don't really think much about leaving this huge burden on the ML's shoulders. Due to this, the ML is a bit of an anti-social, lonely person. However, I still don't like his mother or his father very much. Again, they aren't bad people, but I do think they're rather bad parents.


Their romance was cute. Progress was a bit slow, but I liked how it wasn't an instant, fall in love sort of thing. They really got to know each other online before they realized their feelings, and I was cheering when the ML overcame his low EQ to realize that he liked the MC. I think they're a perfect fit for each other too. Both have hardships they faced in the past that they can heal for each other, and I think that was a sweet, fitting touch to their relationship.

One complaint I have, however, is that the ending to this novel was rather abrupt. I don't know - everything that needed to be covered was covered and all the loose ends were tied up, but when I scrolled down and saw the "End of Text" I was like "wtf???". We only get one extra with the MC and ML (the rest were about the MC's friend and... well... you'll find out once you read the novel lol) which made me a bit sad. I didn't feel ready to say goodbye to them....

TLDR; a good, cute novel that balances the romance and the game play well. I liked it a lot and rate it a 4.5/5.0 stars. <<less
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Ling Xiao Mo
Ling Xiao Mo rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: c5
I would like people to stop giving 1 rating because this story is soooo amazingly funny and sweet.

The author doing a great job convey the popular game of PUBG. I'm actually not a person who prefers game type novel but I'm hooked at the first chapter, making me want to play the game.

If you enjoy sweet but face slapping MC, you should read this. I highly recommend it!

The ML so far is one big mystery. (Like always)

Trust me, you won't regret it.
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Accellia rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: c5
If you read GHFOD, you will love this. Really. The chapter ahead is as funny as MC.

Give this novel a chance, its just 5 chapter and for me this is promising enough (╹▽╹)
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IndusEla rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: --
I agree with ria. green, this novel doesn't deserve a rating of 3.8 as it's not that bad of a read. I've rated it 5 to compensate for the low rating, it definitely deserves a rating above 4 stars.

The info mentioned by ria. green is a bit wrong tho, because the MC doesn't seem to be a college student? I've read six chapters and he comes off as someone who's avoiding his responsibilities and not studying despite being 19. Maybe he becomes a college student later on? I don't know.... more>> But his lack of education kinda turns me off a bit... I've grown up valuing education above everything else and here he is, going against that very value my life abides by, so I'm not much of a fan.

Also, this novel seems to have that cutie, dumb (cause no college, remember?) shou x overbearing, rich, cold CEO setting with is way too overused. I've read it so many times that I've lost interest but this doesn't mean the novel is bad. It's decent.

Rough Explanation of PUBG:

PUBG is a very easy game to understand. I'm a rookie but I know the basics so it isn't hard to follow. This is a battle royal game in which about 50 or 100 (I don't remember the exact number) players drop down from a plane into a map at their chosen location. Then they sneak around gathering weapons, med kits, bullets, etc. and fight amongst themselves until only one person is left standing. The players can form teams as well, they voice chat to know whereabouts and cooperate to win (it's not like only one player can win, if a team is the last one standing, all of the alive team members are considered winners).

Also, a huge circle appears after some time at a random place on the map and players are required to remain inside it, the ones who are left outside end up dying; this means that when the circle appears, there is a mad dash wherein players from all over the map rush to come inside the circle (lucky ones are already in, cause the appearance of the circle is random). Players already in the safe zone (aka the circle) attempt to kill off the ones who try to rush in and many actually succeed, hence lowering the number of survivors. This circle keeps on shrinking so this mad dash continues, it's chaotic. The smaller the circle, the less number of survivors are left.

In a team, there can be four players at a time. They are numbered from 1 to 4 randomly. They communicate through voice and there isn't an option to chat. Also, if a team member dies, he/she can follow their alive team members to see how they're playing. This dead member wouldn't be considered a winner tho, if the team wins. For example, let's say team member number 3 is a dead but she wishes to watch her team members' fight, she'll just watch the screen like a live movie where her other team members are fighting, she actually can't control anything but she can watch. Let's say, in her team, the other three (1, 2, & 4) actually end up the winners, these three would be the winners cause they're a team and still alive but their dead teammate (our girl, 3) wouldn't be considered a winner. I hope this makes it clear.

Also, in a team, when the players usually drop down from the plane at the beginning, they usually pair up and meet up with the other pair to play together. Example: Let's say, player 1 & 3 decided to jump together and player 2 & 4 decided to jump together, they would communicate and drop close to each other and meet up, then fight to win.

Do mention if I'm wrong since I haven't played PUBG personally but I know how it works... a bit. <<less
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smolgingerfox rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: c5
The main character is so cute and playful!!! One of the main updates I’m looking forward to each week!!!

Also I just love gaming novels!

Maybe I should try PUBG
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black9cat rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: Completed

First of all, thank you for your amazing translation (as always!).

I'll be short. Amazing ML (even tho m8 you are a bit slow), amazing MC, great side characters. I laughed a LOT (dont read in the middle of the night like I did), I facepalmed a lot (but it was fun), my heart felt like it broke (but it was restored).

... more>> No useless plot, everything was as it should be. And as I play PC games, it was a bonus that I understood everything about it. Go read it right now.

And thank you again for the translation cause it was a pleasure to read.

>^.^< <<less
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jianguooo rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: Completed
this is the kind of novel that you'll read, laugh, and cry in. Rather than being outright sad, the emotions are more like you're experiencing them yourselves along with the characters--no one really feels just sad, they feel frustrated, angry, tired, lonely, and all of these other small things at the same time. And you'll feel it--trust me. You will.

the story is very much one where when you meet your fated one, things will start looking up. By coming into your SOs life, you'll change their outlook and smooth over... more>> all possible problems that could have happened. I loooooved this highly recommend

you should definitely procrastinate on studying or doing homework with this novel lol it's very worth it <<less
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Killgore rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: c95
Amazing Novel with a god plot and a fluffy romance..

Holy! I Love this book! It's hilarious, has enough gameplay for a E-Sports novel and the romance is also gradual.


The Plot is great and is very consistent. It's humorous and funny. Their relationship is great! With each of them contributing a certain something than just being a one sided pampering. If you like GHFOD, You will Love this! And if you haven't read GHFOD - Go read it. And rather than having the 2 Great Gods who games really well,... more>> its the shou who takes care of the ML in the game and even gives him guns.. The ML drinking vinegar before and after their relationship was confirmed is super cute.


The MC and ML are laid out beautifully. The ML comes off as cold but he really didn't receive much love so that's how he just comes along as though he has a gentle heart and of course the ML is the CEO. The MC doesn't have much education because he had to stop due to some family problems and Education is never the standards for judging how a person's personality is and MC conveys this perfectly. The MC has been through a lot of hardships and honestly he just deserves ML. Them apparently knowing when each other needs comfort and just going to the other side to keep them company just shows how understanding they are..

Anyway yeah, This is a hilarious and awesomely good novel so don't miss it amigos.

PS.. The translations are excellent as usual. <<less
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Axvii rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Pretty much every review here has spoken out my thoughts and, views I'm just gonna condense it into two words:

Very cute.


I've changed my initial five to three.

The story is very cute, but at the same it feels empty, some of the characters were flat, like flat as a plane.

Re-reading this It felt boring in a span of 20 chapters, there I knew that reading this novel once was enough. In the end the novel can be a past time read.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Roro97 rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Story about a newly employed anchor and big boss fan! This has a shared universe with Guide on How to fail at Online D...!
I love MC, such a likable character. He just became one of my favorite shou (I especially love characters that know what they like or sexuality already instead of figuring it out after, don't know if you understand my saying but I appreciate that). I also love ML, he stoned face person but soo endearing, basically a sugar daddy and such a die hard fan. I also love the SIDE COUPLE, Ughhhh I want to steal them (*_*), They sooooooo Cute OMG! I definitely RECOMMEND. Hopefully this author will do another novel like that, can't wait already! hahaha lol.
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Jwel rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: Completed
As someone who likes to play games, I found this entertaining. I now have the urge to watch live streaming.

The ML and MC was adorable.

The cousin is also funny and always digging pit for himself.

... more>>

When ML avoid MC for a week. MC was jealous when he found ML giving gifts to a female game anchor. ML explained that his cousin used his account to follow that anchor.


I never thought that MC has a sad past and it became one of the issues he has to overcome. ML helped a lot on that issue.


MC used to compete and won championship games but the management doesnt pay them properly. When he had problems at home and needs money for hospital bills, they only give him few dollars. : (

When MC became popular they attempted to get money from him saying that he broke the contract. Good thing ML already knew the truth and help him settle the issue.


ML also have issues with his family and it is so heart warming that MC was there for him.

I also love the extra story of MC's best friend and his online "girlfriend". <<less
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Dorooo rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I've put off this novel and just gotten to read it recently but I'm honestly kinda.. Disappointed?

Unlike other e-sports novels, this novel is about live streamers so the gaming aspect if it didn't take up too much of the novel. Probably 50% romance 50% gaming. The initial chapters are really fun to read and made me laugh quite a few times but got a little dull later on.

The MC came across as a mild-tempered and naive character. Not in a dumb way but just innocent and trusting. It was even... more>> mentioned in the novel by MC thinking that he did not have enough life experience. There are several misunderstandings that could be avoided if MC wasn't so trusting. Although yes, he is young and spent most of his time gaming, still he should have learnt his lesson from the incident where he got cheated by the e-sports club he was in last time. MC is also kinda slow at times which made it a bit frustrating to read. Perhaps I prefer characters that have more personality hence MC coming off as plain to me.

That said, MC did have moments where he stood up for himself and was firm in his liking towards ML. He was also quite proactive in his relationship with ML after they got together.

ML is a little like your typical cold doting CEO. A bit possessive and protective but with how the MC is, you kinda need these kind of ML to clean up s* for him. But as compared to the MC, ML at least had character development. I especially like the part where ML's friend blew up at him for being too cold etc. And ML did reflect on his behavior.

MC and ML are not the most mature in love and there are bouts of jealousy happening here and there but nothing too serious. Although I do think that there are too many misunderstandings. In a way that made it feel like only misunderstandings can bring them closer. More communication would be preferred.

Overall, the novel is fluffy, fun and nothing too deep. The story and characters are not very memorable but still something ok to pass time with.

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woonie rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I usually never review anything, but I had to run here after finishing the novel. I originally started reading translations but after I caught up I ran to the raws right away.

This story has so much depth compared to author's other work GHFOD. The power of ML and how he's constantly taking care of MC really warms your heart, and the extremes he goes to when he becomes jealous really makes you go LOL and wish you had someone like him backing you as well!

This story also have a side... more>> couple and a few chapters dedicated to their story. Let me just say this, I MFING CRIED. It was so cute and heart clenching, however not the angst feeling of clench but more of the yearning feeling. IT IS CUTE. Because we the readers know it's HE, it will keep your heartstrings tight. It is also realistic as LXH who has always been a straight guy comes to term with his own feelings and falls in love with ZZ. Spoilers of plot below.


Zuo Zhen x Lu Xiuhe (yy's best friend who's the son of internet bar owner)

LXH got catfished by ZZ. His LoL gf, his sweetheart, is indeed a man. Not just any man, but the super hot & sexy leader of super popular #1 idol sensation "pz" group!

LXH is a straight guy, 'but why is ZZ so mfing hot?! He looks familiar... it's the guy from the picture my sweetheart sent me of her ex! Why did my online gf's "ex-boyfriend" suddenly trap me to a wall?! W-why did he just kiss me?!?'

LXH: "Fate destined for us to meet here today, we'll be brothers in the next life too.
Bye, bro!"

... Within half a month LXH became the representative of ZZ's official fan club.

ZZ: "Here's my signature, and this pen. Thank you for being my fan, please keep loving me."


Fans: Can I buy that pen? I'll pay ¥10, 000!

No, sell it to me, I'll pay ¥20, 000!!

LXH thought, 'Why did he give this to me, I'll sell it for money!' However what came out of his mouth became,

"Sorry, but the pen is Not. For. Sale!!"


Sorry I'm bad at summaries but it's a super cute story with very comedic situations!! I might even love this CP more than the main couple!

This novel's final chapter also offers a 2 years later time skip and resolution to wrap up the story delightfully. It was a great read! My heart still feels like it's on fire!! <<less
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Shortk rated it
August 24, 2020
Status: c71
I'm sincerely curious how is it that this writing is so much better than "guide"s?? It beats it by leaps and bounds.

I literally read it thinking I'm in this world. Nothing feels out of place. The MC is logical. The ML is logical. At the same time, they both build such a solid slow relationship to cute romance. Hello. The game writing is also immensely more interesting than the author's other book. The writing is interesting and concise. The plot moves forward in a understanding and moving way.

How is it... more>> that this writing seems like it's in a totally different level from "guide"?? I'm cannot even believe they are the same author.

This is 100% a romance book btw. Yes the other characters are also well written and the gaming portion as well but holy f*ck yes cutest slow burn romance. <<less
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