My Teammates Are All Crazy


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Video game streamer Jing Yu, momentarily misstepped, and found himself in a strange professional gaming team.

Solo laner: Even if I have my eyes closed, asleep, dreaming, I can still kill you all!

Mid laner: Retreat? Not going to happen. Even if I only have one drop of blood left, I’m going to kill you all!

Marksman: Attack range advantage? I like to battle close-range! If you aren’t a coward then don’t run, let me kill you all!

Support: Support? As if! Wait until I switch to an AD build, then I’m going to kill you all!

Jing Yu: ……

Jing Yu: All of you, retreat! I’ll be the one to kill them!

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Asideaccount rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Personal Rating: 4.6

To put it in simple terms, this is a short, so very sweet, dogblood-free, BL version of Quan Zhi Gao Shou with different game settings.

Before I begin, let me clarify a few things: As of the moment I'm reviewing, there are 4 chapters translated. I did not MTL-ed the other chapters. Rather, I did a text-to-speech version for all 100+ chapters. Because of that, it was glorious.

... more>> MC:

The MC shou is best summarized to be an innocent, big, BIG fan of the ML when he's in his normal mode. He's a total maniac as described in the summary when he's playing. Worst still, he's starry-eyed precisely because he's watching his teammates dash into danger. It gets comical when you realize this pro team he's joining are all a bunch of monkeys hyping him on to become worst. Some may say that he's overpowered, and sure, he is. But it all makes sense given his beginnings.


The MC starts off playing with the weakest character in the game, and he is known for it in his anchor channel. By weakest, I mean WEAKEST -- like, weak to the extent where all other gamers would call the character 'a 1st-rated flower vase', good for nothing but looking pretty. Though it'd seem this MC is thoroughly overpowered in the mid-section to later parts of the story, where he overturns lots of games for his team and loses some, it all makes sense because this MC has been training his hand speed and game tactics for months with this Flower Vase Character. And he's been trouncing people's asses live with said flower vase. Can you believe or not?


It gets funnier after the whole arc where he'd wrestled with himself over playing his favourite, Flower-vase in formal pro matches. During their actual match, MC revealed to his teammates he actually could have been stronger playing any other character sides Flower Vase; he only didn't do so because his favourite character is Flower Vase. Can you believe how ridiculously cute and childish our meng MC is? ><


He's also SUPER strong. Ah... not in the game, but in real life too.

This cute, meng, innocent shou is the only one who can deal with waking our AB-blood type demon lord ML up.


The ML is a rather interesting character by himself as well. He is the captain of the team, said Sleepy bastard upstairs. He is not a Yandere character. Not a classic gamer. He does not overly support our MC, but rather, looks over the MC and guides him with small reassurances and affirmations whenever our MC looks to him in doubt. Said reassurances are all fully logical too, because the things our MC finds worrying are A) Small game strategies, which he often can pull off with a bit of confidence; B) ML's impression of him.

The ML who finds that funny always tosses out little lines to tease him a tiny bit. It's nice to see how he falls more and more in love with the MC whose simple mindset brings them closer every game.
Most importantly, what I personally adore is his role in the team: As a captain, his influence is quite uniquely depicted. He's not one of those leaders who just leave everything to the small fry and does nothing. You'll read it in the books.

Relationship between MC and ML:

(I will be analyzing this aspect so people can avoid stories with unbalanced / unhealthy relationships, not-long-lasting relationships, and so on.)


MC starts off as a fanboy, but you eventually see how his admiration for ML grows and grows by the day, blooming whenever ML pats him over the head and whatnot. ML initially merely finds MC amusing because of his docile appearance and cute 'fearful' look around him, but due to a certain event, grows more interested in MC and finds him more adorable each day. He dotes on him more.

As time passes, two people who live under the same roof eventually remove their barriers and grow close together. Before they know it, they are so close, it comes as natural as breathing to be together.

What I enjoy most about their relationship is the lack of forcefulness. The ML does not force MC when he's drunk, instead even stopping him, because proper consent for smexy times is very important. The whole development with them is very natural. And then, we're off to the next big part of their relationship which I enjoy:


The Team:

This is a major aspect, because this story actually doesn't focus on the rival teams, ah.

Like what the title suggests, this book focuses on the gameplay between everyone in pg ('Play Gaily'), the team.

pg is not a highly-ranked team, though it is a professional team. It's ranked in the top 8 of the nationals in the last tournament, and MC started taking note of them ever since. As the story begins, we are heading towards the 4th tournament in history, also the first live event to star in this game's history. All professional gamers are gaming up to gun for the Championship this time. (You get my pun?)
In this game, 5 players are required in every team: solo-laner, mid-laner, marksman, support, and jungler. All 5 are required to cooperate to win the game. The methods of winning the game will be elaborated in the novel, but that's not really our focus here :D

pg, Play Gaily, has been having troubles to fill in all positions for a while now. Because the people filling one of its positions keep changing in the last tournament, they had their feet dragged down and received the historically lowest score in the tournament. Still, this particular team kept up their style of play, that is---


Because of that, the four members of this team - Sleepy, hhh, Leaf, and One - have been vexed not being able to find a fifth member who can keep up with them. :D What a coincidence that they run into a casual player with skills one day who can keep up with them on the game!

These guys are super hilarious, always jabbing at each other instead of their opponent. They live in a dorm together and are about as domestic and homey as you can get between five 20 yo's. Worse still is how three straight-guys now have to watch their openly-gay captain chase after an oblivious shou in the boundaries of their house. (Captain's being biased again!) All in all, I have to say this is the most oblivious, supportive bunch of idiotic monkeys side characters I've ever seen in my history of novels!

... Also, did I mention how these troublemakers play around while they literally are playing a game?


'Let's switch positions this game! The opponents are weak anyways!' [casually corrupting MC],

'Don't talk. I know which character you guys (to opponents) are gonna ban next. Don't worry. I'll help you ban this character' [Glumly banning own character],

'You guys don't like my game play? Well, I'm gonna DISGUST you to death! Mwahahahaha!' [Cue evil laughter]

'Do you guys know you're being recorded live during games?' - Captn.

'....... AH, SHIT'


God My sides are aching, I love these monkeys so much. XD


Here, I'd like to just say that I didn't understand everything from my text-to-speech audio version.

However, whenever the announcers for the live games spoke, and the exclamation marks were clearly conveyed through my text-to-speech audio, I couldn't help but get excited and feel like I really was one of the audiences present watching the game! This was super exciting!


So, what are you waiting for? I wouldn't say that this is easy to MTL, because I clearly didn't do that anyways. But if you're interested in gamers and if you're interested to see the very natural progress of a sweet MC and captain ML, you might find this interesting!

Reason for -0.4:

As for why I deducted 0.4 points, you can also say it's because of the greatest strength of this novel :)


Make no mistake. This novel is the rise of a team from the dredges up to the championship. With its length, one shouldn't be surprised that it focuses on the 'how', rather than the 'whether will they' when it comes to winning the championship.


I wasn't warned about the above point, so I went in totally blind and got bored thinking MC is way too OP. But even so, I get that the MC being OP is a strength of this novel.

Readers don't want to be fed all the game mechanics and suffer through losses for no reason! Readers want to be fed dogfood, and that's exactly what this novel gave us! More time spent focusing on tournament drama would only have drained away the excitement, and thanks to the lack of such things, we got plenty of fluff

I'm not all that into OP characters nor am I a gamer, so I was a bit bored near the last part, going through the rhythm of



But nevertheless, in hindsight, I remember all the epic times because of these settings. I think this novel will definitely be in my re-read list :D <<less
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zetsuen_dark rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Subjective rating: 5/5

Objective rating: 3.9/5

We are following the story of Jing Yu, a casual livestreamer of the game Demon Lord. Jing Yu is known for his notoriety of using unconventional heroes, due to his preference of playing high face value ones. One day, he is randomly matched with the 4 players of Team PG or PlayGaily, widely renowned for their fast pace games and infamously known for switching out their order player as if they're drinking water.

... more>> Plot: 4.2/5

The premise is very simple. Livestreamer meets e-Sports team that need a new player and livestreamer fits their criteria. Livestreamer also admires players in that team (not a spoiler, you'd know this early in) and accedes to join. Then they begin their road to winning the championship.

Characters: 5/5

The protagonist is well-fleshed out. He can be coquettish at times and he can be shy the next. He is more of the straight guy (tsukkomi in japanese) to the bunch of ragtag meme stars that is his team.

The male lead is your typical iceberg male god who finds our protagonist interesting. It is also nice to see him gradually have indecent thoughts about our protagonist and how this subtly changes the atmosphere within the team.

The side characters aren't all that lacking. Although they might not be given as much detail as the two main characters, you'll find them amusing specially those on the PG team. Their banters are hilarious and their dynamics are refreshing.

One footnote:

"You're better off reading this in mtl because the translations are stopped due to conflict in permissions. The site that translated chapters 6 up to present (tamagoyaki's wordpress) didn't have permission for translation [check their cease and desist order chapter as they explain the full reason behind the taking down of the translations in their site."

Edit footnote:

"There seems to be another translator in wattpad continuing this novel. I don't know if it has author's permission but hey, it's something." <<less
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Votrecoude rated it
August 23, 2019
Status: c1
The open chapter is a lot of fun. I was dreading every time I scrolled the mouse down because I didn't want it to end.

The first chapter was a sweet treat, and I'm looking forward to getting to know the MC more, as well as meet his supporting cast!
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Spaciry rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: c83
Finally, after some complications, I managed to read this far! But look... it was worth it! Would do it all again hehehe


Sorry, Zhis really intoxicated me.....

I felt my soul refreshed with this novel with no dog blood in sight and some clichés not showing up! I know I'm making a splash with little,... more>> but the last things I read really upset me, when I found this story I got a sweet surprise!

Weak shou? Not! Whether in the game or in real life he is incredibly strong in every sense! With a very direct personality that I particularly love a lot!

Fools and denials of sexuality? Nops! MC and ML accept each other very well and are more concerned if the other feels the same too!

Exciting games are also on the list of advantages of this story! I almost lost my breath in many moments of the matches!

Good secondary characters? WE HAVE ALSO! (I love the crazy people from PG) I would have to spend the whole day writing to convey everything that this novel made me love, so I will leave it up to you to decide if it really is all that because for me it is and much more <3 <<less
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YoriMei rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: Completed
Leaving all outside drama aside, I truly want to give it a 4.5 out of 5! Jingyu is arrogantly adorable but supremely charming and the main couple is absolutely delicious. Once they both figure out they’re both gay, they get together quick! I do think both the backstory of MC and ML are sped through very quickly, but nonetheless it was a super enjoyable story. The banter is fantastic and I really enjoyed the whole team’s dynamic. As always, the netizen commentary was a pleasure to read!

Since second half was... more>> mtl’d I must admit it was a little less enjoyable since it gets pretty heavy on the gaming aspect and google TL isn’t the best at deciphering all the game lingo and positions. While not unbearable, my eyes did glaze over quite a bit during the game matches and it was a little confusing as to who was what and what was truly going on. Jing yu also has very little progression as a gamer, he’s OP and gets the team dynamics from the get go and while it does make sense because he main’s the most difficult (and thus weakest) character in the whole game, it gets kind of tiring to see people constantly underestimate him.

Overall, it’s a fantastic book even with MTL, though it’s a shame that the English tl stopped, especially since the second half is very heavy on game matches/lingo. If you’re into gaming novels or “live-streamed turned pro” I highly suggest this one, however I suggest looking elsewhere if you’re looking for an “underdog”, PG and Jing Yu are very strong and OP right off the bat so tension is pretty low! <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
December 29, 2019
Status: Completed
Full of dog food, I approve. Recommended for people who like gaming/esport and BL

This is a story about pit anchor who met crazy teammates. They took the gaming world by storm.

MC is a little sunflower to ML's sun. He worshipped ML to the point of yandereish and it's quite refreshing to see his character. He is a GENIUS in gaming. He doesn't fall short to ML.

ML is your archetype ML BUT without the a**holeishness. His play style is fierce and quick. He's also handsome (duh) and supportive of MC. He's... more>> like a very capable senpai in shoujo manga lol

The teammates are cute and capable. Everyone have distinct personality. I'm honestly surprised.

The game was based on vainglory or mobile legend but PC version I think, and despite the MTL I still can quite follow the game. The strong opponent team is strong and they struggles alot, they even lose too. It doesn't seem like how most novels describe how a team is strong yet MCteam is able to defeat them easily.

Their love story progressed quietly but brilliantly.


They schemed against each other to get drunk, while ML only want his confession, MC wants to eat ML's tofu, and at one point cried grievously because he can't lmao

They're also doing things step by step, and ofc finally someone realized how having buttsecks before competition is bad lmao

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Boba rated it
October 27, 2019
Status: Completed
5 stars. Biased. Cause it has gaming elements wwww. And OP MC and ML

Full of fluff and not much dog blood. Love the characters interactions (they're such a doooorrrkkkk im in luvv). I don't really remember if I read the extra or not but the main story is full of fluff and good feeling ??
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Old_Cat rated it
May 18, 2021
Status: c34
Reading this story so far, and it's actually focused more on the game than romance which is good for me. I don't play LoL PC, but I play a similar MOBA in my phone so it's quite exciting to read a detailed professional match in a danmei. This reminds me of I Can Do It and Glory which are two of my favorites in regards with e-Sports danmeis.

Also, it's funny and their ideas in tactics and heroes they're going to use in professional matches are hilarious. Like the title basically... more>> said it. Unlike in other e-Sports danmei and irl where you'll all the players tense and serious once they're in the field, these team are actually crazy and comes up with different combinations of heroes for fun in pro games, what's more is they're able to win with it. They even go as far as switching places just bcs the other is sleepy and doesn't want to do a lot of work (it's in pro game also). It's both ridiculous and hilarious...

The relationship between the MC and ML is subtle but sweet. They're literally a power-couple and MC's fanboying is adorable. Moreover, they act like the parents of the whole team especially in matches. Despite not being the team captain, what MC says especially if he's in command or if it's about the game, they have to listen, even the team captain, ML.

All in all, it's satisfying to read. The characters isn't flat and they all have a huge contribution in the story. The plot isn't that deep so far.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
veihakase rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: c45
I'm still not halfway into reading this gem but all I want to say is that it's worth your time especially for those who love e-sports themed BL novels (yes, BL). The story so far is not so fast paced. It gives you the feeling that you are playing with them. I'm quite familiar of LoL/Dota 2 kind of games or the tower conquering games so it makes the read more enjoyable. The MC and ML (at this part) is already so shippable, the rest of the characters are also... more>> cute in their own ways (Ye Hong to mention). I still haven't gotten to the part where they'll be lovey-dovey BF kind but I think we'll get there. It also has a comedic feel into it. Looking forward (i I hope to you also) to finishing this. ^^ <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
January 31, 2020
Status: Completed
Loved this. A classic but beautiful gaming BL story. Though why are all these gaming novels based on some version of LoL.

MC is actually OP here. Usually in these kinds of gaming romances the ML is OP one, but while they do claim that the ML is OP, the MC is the one who seems much more OP. He's a gaming genius, basically the carry of the team. In comparison the ML doesn't exhibit his skills very much. I would have liked it if the ML was portrayed as more... more>> OP. It seemed like for all of the games, it was the MC who made big plays or showed off his skills and was super OP and domineering. Not that I don't like that—I loved it. But with all the indirect claims about the ML being a god, I would have liked to see more of it. Plus the MC is like also a prediction and calculation and observation genius and so often shotcalls, which usually doesn't happen for the MC of these stories. He's an absolute cutie, and also beautiful as well. Teammates fleshed out quite well and actually hilarious. Their characteristics and interactions and dialogue are amazing. Some other teams are also mentioned quite consistently, also really amusing.

Now, the MC is an intense fan of the ML. I'm a little confused about why his history is so complicated and tragic. I suppose that it was to explain his feeling of inferiority, which was something that I wasn't as big a fan of. I suppose it's nice that there is a big contrast between his serious and confident self while gaming and his meek and innocent and weak attitude when facing the ML, but I was often frustrated that he was looking down on himself so much and just so worshipping of the dude. Especially when they already got together. But the ML falls in love with the MC quite quickly and really dotes on him and treats him really gently, so I don't think the MC's timidity went too far. I also still want to know why the MC is made to be so good at fighting. What's the backstory for that. But I love that he is, and that the ML is as well. Wish there was a little more slice-of-life moments with the MC and ML and the teammates or something, it was mostly just game after game after game. Loved the last three extras, and I think it's adorable that the MC is willing to crossdress and show the ML his beauty. They're actually so attached to each other at the end, and bc of their complicated pasts, treat the other person as their entire world. I can't. Seriously recommend this. <<less
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MyLadyShip rated it
January 24, 2024
Status: c93
Someone please pick up this book and continue from where it left off at chapter 93 *sob* *sob*.

This book is similar to 'E-Sports Circle Toxic Assembly Camp' and 'God Level Summoner' because of the vast styles of the teammates, and the unique and smart MC, but it's supposed to be taken in a lighter note because it's comedy.

I really wish a translator can pick this up and finish it once and for all. The two translators that did this book were so top tier (I even followed the game battles... more>> down to the last detail. I left nothing unturned), I couldn't read this in mtl to finish it. The difference was just too great! *Sob* *sob* <<less
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rotten anna
rotten anna rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the sign to read if you're looking for one. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ, Especially if you like e-sport themed BL.

This book focuses more on the e-sports side than the romantic side, but don't let that deter you from reading this. There is so much dog food to eat that skipping this novel would be a waste. ^_~

The ML is absolutely playful. YES, A PLAYFUL ML, who, despite being bossy, isn't like the other fictional MLs who seldom smile. He's also OP, but it wasn't highlighted enough... more>> (?) because the focus was on how powerful the MC is and how brilliant he is. MC, as I previously stated, is OP; he is snarky and extremely cute, the hug and kiss cute type. They're both sooo shippable, you just cant help yourself shipping them lol.

And the supporting characters, OH THE FREAKIN SUPPORTING CHARACTERS!!! This is yet another aspect of the novel that I enjoy. The characters are so ridiculously funny that I can't help but fall for them. Yes, some of their opponents included. O (*////▽////*) q Their interactions are hilarious, especially the entire team PG, who are a bunch of wacky kids. They're just fantastic.

Overall, this is a fun, drama-free novel. 5/5 would recommend it to anyone. <<less
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idledays rated it
February 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I've actually MTL'd till chapter 20, but I'll probably stop now that someone has picked it up again. Thanks so much translator-san (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́) ੭ꠥ⁾⁾

I like how the describe the matches itself. The team has a playstyle that usually won't work in terms of regular play and it's super refreshing to see the author make it work! I have high hopes for this novel!

edit: after finishing the novel I have some extra thoughts & backstory spoilers

... more>>

I think the backstory of both Jing Yu and Qin Fei could've been done better. There was some suspense and build up but it ended up being rather overshadowed and fell flat. It isn't that surprising, as this is a gaming focused novel after all.

I'm not sure if it's just because I MTL'd it, but I'm still not sure why Jing Yu's grandfather arranged his father death? It was mentioned a couple times but when the reveal came, it was only a chapter and didn't really tie up all of the loose ends (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

I probably have read too many novels with dramatic plots, , , ,



I highly recommend chapter 104. Its great, and the stuff that's said in the chapter makes me feel warm inside


I still believe this is a super cute book, and I think its rather similar to God Level Summoner :) <<less
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damnmei rated it
September 19, 2023
Status: c93
By pure entertainment quality, this story is great. By actual character development and plot line, it's so-so. But given that it's an esports novel, my standards are a little different than an average novel haha! What matters most in this genre for me is that the gameplay is engaging, the team dynamics are fun, and the main characters are compelling- and this novel has it all!

The gameplay is different than any other esports novel I've read, being much more fast paced and unpredictable. Granted, you can expect the MC to... more>> pull some crazy play out of his ass and win the game for them all pretty much every time, but the game setup is always fun and I loved the team dynamics. The banter is hilarious, and I love how they don't take themselves too seriously, and are always willing to switch things up at the last minute, whether it be with picking an unexpected character in the game, or even switching lanes with other team members.

The romance is not exactly slow moving, but it's definitely not the focus of the novel. There's some thirsty moments between the two leads scattered throughout before they get together, and it was amusing to watch them dance around each other while thinking the same dirty thoughts about each other. Once they confessed their feelings, they were both very upfront about what they wanted out of the relationship lol. Honestly them getting together was a bit anticlimactic for me, especially after all the build up.

The MC has a sad backstory that is mostly glossed over, probably because the tone of the novel is overall quite humorous and lighthearted, and his past is anything but that. Not sure if I would have wanted it to be treated differently.

Esports novels are really difficult to MTL so will see if I end up actually attempting to do so, since at this point the romance plot line has been mostly fulfilled and I don't know how much I can take of badly translation gaming scenes haha! It seems like the rest of the novel will just be MC and his team beating everyone silly in every match, and while it's always a fun time, an OP protagonist does tend to get boring. Would still recommend this novel though, it's highly amusing especially in the first half! <<less
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Rubyspecs rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: c85
I am suckered for esports bl aaahhhh! Loved it! The team of the leads are hilarious bunch of monkeysm it's entertaining 🤣 😆..... the personality of MC and ML are also very strong and easy going, sharp tongue. It was overall nice read.
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Roxasfleur rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: c150
What I love most about this novel, is that MC teammates are really crazy and hella comedic.

ML is not your typical male god. He is very lazy, sometimes rude, but very gentle to MC. He frankly admits that he is gay and not ashamed of it.

I just never thought that MC past is kinda dark like..

... more>>

his mom got r*ped when she was 11 y.o. That's pedo, child abuse, r*pe, and maybe child prostitution (I don't really get it when reading the mtl) all in one.


Anyway, this story was fun until you get the point where it gets boring. <<less
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Kassandra rated it
February 5, 2022
Status: Completed
The article was nice and cute.

The pace of the novel is a little bit slower but it'll quick up its pace later.

The game Demon Lord/Lord Devil is like LOL, the heroes used is just the difference from LOL.

... more>> I also like how the teams in their country are friendly (except that one team) to each other. Even if they fight, even lost, they never took it personal.

I love the scenes when they play solo/duo, they were inexplicably match up to other team's players.

I most like was when 3 junglers of 3 different teams became teammates. They don't want to give up to each other so they became a jungler on their own. [Laugh my head off]

Anyway, if you like light and sweet novel, this is the one for you.

Bye, Jing Yun! Always do your sass~

Bye, Qin Fe! Now you can't be a sleeping God. <<less
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HIMETAN rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: Completed
No drama, MTL quite easy, gratefully I play some game so I can understand when I'm MTL-ing, why I think MC and ML not that have chemistry, well I think its because this novel full of game, yeah they just play game, romance? Just a bit. But I like it, no misunderstandings and no angst
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Saikick rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: c87
Reading this is pretty complicated because of the different places, formats, and even occasional missing parts in the translations. There's first few chapters on a web page, then several chapters as a download except one (1) of them has half missing so you have to look it up on a website, then the translation returns to another website again.. Complicated.

I still like the story, however, since it's eSports and the characters are personable enough and the idea of their rogue team playing wildly but still winning fights is entertaining, as... more>> is the requisite face slapping. There's focus on both the games and their lives, though the balance is sometimes skewed more one way than another.

I'm not sure there's any schedule to the updates, however, as the chapters pop up quite at random; hopefully the translator doesn't give up or at least finds a new one to continue the project, since I'd like to see this story to the end. <<less
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Yumeru rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: c80
A good game novel. I got a lot of laugh from reading this hahahha you will also see some hardships about being some gamer. Slice of life. Good translation!
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