I Can Do It


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For a certain LoL competition, a certain online streamer famous for pissing people off was currently explaining and broadcasting it at the same time.

Streamer: This support, so tr*sh.

Streamer: If that jungler was my teammate, I would already be idling at the fountain and playing piano for him by now.

Streamer: I recommend that this player go back and properly practice how to last hit.

Audience: What bullshit! If you’re any better, then you do it!

Streamer: I, your dad, really can do it.

Audience: Okokok. If you can do it then I’ll chop off my head so you can kick it.

A few months later, the LPL’s veteran pro team TTC announced a new mid laner. A boy with flashy blue hair appeared in front of the audience and played Zed to utter perfection, killing everyone he saw, causing all the female fans to begin toeing the line of infidelity.

During the MVP interview after the match, everyone held their breath and eagerly watched this newcomer.

Only to see the boy accept the microphone, smile and ask, “That water friend with the StarTV user ID ‘Suburb King 101,’ my team’s address is on the official website, when will you be mailing your head over?”

After a certain regular season match finished, the staff member went backstage to urge the team members to go onstage and conduct their interviews, only to see TTC’s new mid laner and jungler standing in the corner.

TTC’s number one ace · jungler daddy Road pressed their team’s new mid laner Soft against the wall. He lowered his eyes and asked slowly, “In the interview later, do you know what to do?”

That quick-tempered mid laner, who had solidified his image as a troll in the audience’s eyes the very first time he went on stage, was currently blushing completely red. “I know. I won’t curse at anyone… I definitely won’t curse at anyone.”

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Cứ Để Tôi Lên!
I Can Do It ใครไม่ไหวฉันลุยเอง!
Tui Giỏi Để Tui Lên
Wǒ xíng ràng wǒ lái
我行让我上 (old)
我行让我来 (new)
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184 Reviews

Aug 21, 2020
Status: Completed
EDIT PT2: Whoever is editing ICDI's summary, please don't do that and just leave it the way I have it on our website. I promise you, it is translated this way for a reason lol.

EDIT: Coming back to update my review now that ICDI is completely finished (extras included) ! As a disclaimer, I'm not really someone who's too picky about my light novels - as long as I enjoy it enough to finish it, it's good enough for me.

ICDI isn't a perfect novel, but nothing is! (I... more>> also think the author might've gotten influenced by a lot of the nasty comments people started leaving about 3/4 of the way through sadly, but who wouldn't be?) For me, what's important is that ICDI genuinely made me laugh at least once in every chapter. Jian Rong is also freaking adorable, I wanna squish his face so hard. The romance is pretty slow burn, but I didn't even really notice it because it lowkey felt like they were already together the whole time.

At least to me, them getting together felt natural - it's the kind of love that happens so gradually that when you look back, you realize you maybe sort of loved the other person all along. And there are some really super freaking cute scenes between the two of them!!!

I don't play League or follow any kind of competitive gaming, so I personally can't comment on any of the game mechanics or esports stuff. All I can say is, maybe take it with a grain of salt if you're a hardcore League player? Haha. In any case, I had a ton of fun reading the gaming parts, even if they aren't 100% accurate or feasible *shrugs* And to be frank, there isn't that much wiggle room when you're writing about competitive gaming - it's obvious what competitions they're going to win, and that they will win, so I don't really think there's a need to drag it out unnecessarily.

(Also, I do agree some of the Chinese-Korean interactions in the last part of the novel might seem a little negative, but I don't think it's anywhere near the point of... racism lmao. Personal opinion.)

In short, I still stand by my original opinion: if you're looking for something cute and lighthearted that will make you laugh, ICDI is perfect. The humor is always there, and Jian Rong is genuinely one of my favorite MCs now. The dynamic between MC and ML is adorable, and I really felt like a proud dad at the end seeing Jian Rong take home his trophies. So if you're looking to adopt a new fiesty tr*sh-talking blue-haired son, I'd say look no further~


Hi~ This is the translator speaking, so this review is probably a little biased, but I just wanted to share this really cute and lighthearted story with everyone!

ICDI is a fluffy and funny gaming novel centered around League of Legends. The MC (Jian Rong/Soft) is a sharp-tongued tr*sh-talking streamer who becomes adorably meek only around the ML, and the ML (Lu Boyuan/Road) is the stoic but gentle type who also happens to be a gaming god. The novel follows their adventures in LOL and in the professional scene! MC and ML are both the OP type (but not excessively so... at least for Soft, maybe you can't say the same about Road hahaha).

ICDI is still ongoing, so I'll be translating/reading as it updates, but if you like the author's other works, ICDI is very much along the same lines. (And it's in the same universe as PUBG/Guide - StarTV is back and better than ever!) The author does go pretty deeply into LOL gameplay mechanics, but I'll do my best to leave translation notes to help clear things up.

If any of this sounds interesting, I hope you'll check out the translation~! <<less
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Jul 14, 2021
Status: c134
Before I start my review, I would like the address the issue about xenophobia due to which a lot of people have been giving this good novel bad reviews and dropping it. So according to the reviews, the whole novel is good but the xenophobia ruined it all but I really wonder is there really xenophobia in it? I mean yeah the Korean Team HT was freakin malicious and our mains clashed a lot with them but except them was any jab made to anything else in korea? China teams... more>> had Korean players in them who were really respectable and cute and the bonding between them was so wholesome. The other teams of Korea except HT were repeatedly mentioned to be strong and nice. Korean fans were shown to like fair methods too. Tbh, it was more like the author made HT a villain which happened to be from Korea (as they were even bullying other teams from korea) but everyone mistook it as xenophobia. If you still want to say there was xenophobia then ok, even if we do admit that there was xenophobia in it even then I don't think there's much to fuss about. Even tho I love korean novels and manhwa, come on lets admit it, Korea's most famous manhwa solo leveling and most famous novel Omniscient reader both of them stepped on Japan really bad. But are there people making a fuss about it, no they are not. They are enjoying the story while ignoring that because oh come on we all know nearly every country does that. So I also don't think you guys should criticise this novel, which is really enjoyable, due to this. Note that, I don't support xenophobia, I hate it. There are actually novels that respect all countries too and I love them but I personally don't think a good novel like this should be stomped on due to this issue as I don't even think there's actual xenophobia in it. Sorry I made that too long.I know your opinions might differ and I respect that!


Now for the novel,

  • Being an e-sports BL, i'd say the gaming really took up the most part of the story like 60-70% but I think it was really enjoyable reading it.I'm not a fan of LOL but as always the Author has such a way with words that she makes the gaming parts really enjoyable to read that you would end up wanting more. The story revolves around the Mid Season matches and its all about practice but important matches are described in details and I loved them as they kept me on edge (but I would've preferred smth more like Glory with more tournaments and practice matches and every match described in detail but its fine as I enjoyed it a lot). The team was already a powerhouse and so was the MC so there was little to no suspense about their capabilities. MC only had to work on his teamwork. (A bit pity cause I wanted smth like rising from the ashes) but already being OP and the badass moments in matches we're enough to send chills down my spine.
  • The MC, how do I even say this? I love the MCs that this author writes as they don't lean towards any norms that the BL community has of its MCs now. Idk how to describe Rongrong! Like he's totally badass, cool and freakin handsome while being adorable and precious at the same time? I love MCs who are arrogant but also have the skills to back up that confidence and Jian Rong is definitely one of them. Plus, his outstanding ability to outflame anyone and never losing any argument. And lets not forget about his ability to remain calm in nearly every situation and being able to fulfill what he said.I would always squeal due to this handsome badass baby so much!!! He would always be collected and indifferent while going about his normal business ready to burst like firecracker at anyone who messes with him But then at the same time, he's so adorable with the ML acting all well behaved and digging his own grave with things that would even cause me second hand embarrassment >\\<. He's my precious baby and I love him so much!!! All of his moments in matches are so badass!!! I'll never forget his Cassiopeia match. This baby totally stole my heart! My fav MCs list just keeps increasing~
  • The most important thing I must mention about this Author that I love is that I appreciate how even tho the MCs from both her novels (this and PUBG) have sad pasts. These sad pasts are not used to sell misery and try to win the Reader's sympathies. They are just there and aren't mentioned much because yes no one likes to open old wounds! Past was sad but it was in the past! Just look at how awesome both yanyan and rongrong have become now! I love this aspect of her writing so much.I love the realistic aspect that shows that her MCs don't like to mention their past as no one likes doing that too while also highlighting how much they grew due to their hardships!
  • The ML is pretty much typical I think but damn he's so gentle!!! I love how this author makes her MLs so gentle!! First Yi Chen and then Lu Boyuan! Both of them enough to make me melt into a puddle!!! I loved how he wasn't in love with the MC from the start but he slowly fell in love with him while giving him concessions that were only for him. He really cared for the MC and loved to tease him too. He would often get jealous of other people close to MC too.I'm actually glad that ML was so open about his affections towards the MC that he never minded admitting and showing it in front of everyone and he even mentioned that it was good that MC didn't join back then because he would be seducing a minor then xD implying that he would've fallen for the MC no matter what. He never pressured the MC and was the first one to confess which kind of felt so fresh and I was so glad he wasn't overbearing with his love.I loved how doting he was!
  • The romance is slow burn but as the translator mentioned in her review, it was natural. They were always together that even the gaming part didn't actually feel like much compared to Romance.I love the dynamics between our couple a lot! Its like they both have special places in each other's hearts that no one can take. Jian Rong only listens to Lu Boyuan and Lu Boyuan only gives special concessions and treatment to Jian Rong. Both had already given each other special privileges! Its different and so new from other romances that idk how to even describe it. It felt so special seeing that MC who didn't care about anyone listen to anything the ML said and the ML who always had reservations with other people indulge the MC and also indulge in him!
  • I love the side characters! Their teammates:Xiao Bai, why must you always play with Fire and mess with Jian Rong? XD you'll really get beaten one day! P-baby doesn't speak much but always indulging xiao Bai and Qian the only straight member. Ding-ge xD I pity you too much having to deal with not only Jian Rong wreaking havoc with his flaming but also our main couple flirting while going on Weibo Hot Search xD. Poor guy had to work a lot to keep all the team under check especially after they all had been influenced by Rongrong lol. Even though MC got in a good relationship with all of them I would've loved more development about their relationship written by the author like how they got along and got used to each other. But I really love them so much!
  • I loved how everyone in esports community was super chill about homosexuality and dating and whenever anyone expressed any doubts they all be like what? You got anything against gays?That was such a fresh addition! Haha I loved how nearly everyone was shipping our main couple already due to their closeness and soft's dad fans had already married him off xD The coming out chapter was hilarious! I will shut my mouth now cause I really don't wanna spoil~~
  • Jian Rong's fans xDDDD I have never seen fans like that lol Dad fans and I love them so much. They all are freakin trolls exchanging insults with JR on daily basis while being blocked and making new accounts to continue flaming.I love how all of them call JR dumass son and dumbass darling while digging pits for him and messing with him but will always be ready to support JR whenever the need arises.I always loved to read their barrage everytime. Normally it's annoying in other novels but I actually excitedly looked forward to more of it in this!Lol this could even be called my favourite part of the novel for which I will even go re-read it!
The ending was really sweet with them going back to the place from their memories and Rongrong's final antics xD Thats so like him! (I won't mention it because don't want to spoil)

I'll repeat it once more! I think this novel is worth your time.I was actually not going to pick it because of the bad reviews thinking it might really be bad but I gave it a try and loved it so give it a try too and you can be the judge yourself! <<less
78 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Disclaimer: most of my ire came from the KOREAN INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP arc. Because the novel got something good going on but then BAM the shitty arc happened. Without that shitty arc my rating is 5 stars. It makes me super disappointed because I rly like the novel.
My advice is that if you want to read this you should probably skipped the korean final arc. Skipped straight to the ending/extras. yall know they gonna win anyways.

Xenophobia brings down a good novel. It's still ok at first but the happenings in later part is too s*upid. I really don't mind some of diss or the "china is the best" or "china wins everything" because it's a Chinese novel and chinese ppl are patriotic/nationalistic and it's what other nation's novel and movies doing. But even so I'm still disappointed because it took the origin of my enjoyment. It is xenophobia and please do not paint it as "haha it's not like that, the enemies just happen to be korean/american" It also wasn't about the "Jabs" because I played games and I witnessed firsthand how people of my own country and other country can be xenophobic/racist and the novel's premise is about OP tr*shtalker so I know what I'm getting into.

But it's not about ONE VILLAIN/TEAM who happened to be KOREAN. IT'S ABOUT A WHOLE FREAKING ARC, that honestly can be written better. I expected better from author because the NOVEL IS HONESTLY GOOD and HER OTHER TWO NOVELS ARE AWESOME then BAM that shitty arc happened outta nowhere.
Maybe I hoped too much so that when something happened it also disappointed me so much.


- xiaobai mentioned korean championship have bad internet access and they have to go to internet cafe to play the championship several years ago... Even several years back, Korea have one of the fastest internet speed, free........ Not to mention an esport championship.........

-Available equipment for championship was dissed, lemme repeat, the author described the equipment was less than what they have at home (that was the equipment for worldwide championship)

-The "Shitty plot" aka sudden "bug" and rewind 8 secs like... was the korean committee need to be painted so s*upidly? I mean, if it's like, a mall championship I can probably believe it but worldwide championship? Just for money and helping some team get advertisement they're willing to make people question their integrity? In 2019??? I mean if it happened in 2009-2010 I can probably believe it. But 2019 or 2020?? THIS IS MY MAIN ISSUE BTW like no, stop defending it, just admit it's shitty arc and move on.
If author want to make it more believable, she should write match fixing instead of whatever mess she wrote because THE FIRST KNOWN MATCH FIXING was from SOUTH KOREA and they have been caught to do it again.

-Subtle dig at korean hierarchy like "why is savior calling that guy brother". (As if chinese didn't have the same hierarchy/structure although not as strict as korean)

-Author also love to make the enemies super ugly "Full of pimples with thick glasses" or at least less handsome like "Round face with glasses"or"Fat" etc. Just to highlight MC/ML's handsomeness. I noted that it happened with author's two other novels, which is quite juvenile.


Romance is good, plot is great at first but become s*upid later on. Characterization wasn't so different from author's other stories (super handsome and OP MC and ML, comical sides, etc). As usual, author's depiction of game is good if you don't play the game. (If you love and understand the game then some parts might irk you)

Thanks for reading my rant. Still recommended though
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Sep 27, 2020
Status: c88
It's a fabulous read, and while I tried to stay my hands in the end I smashed directly into the MTL to keep going. Our tr*sh talking MC is adorably feisty and confident, his weakness to ML is cute. As fiery as he is, MC is surprising steady and very competent when it comes to his performance in games, and it's cute to see him bond with his team. If you like the live-streaming parts of eSports novels, this has a good amount too and MC's fans are a treasure.... more>> Something that is both good and bad is that he fumbles quite a bit in front of ML, which you can take a endearing or embarrassing depending on your secondhand embarrassment levels.

Both ML and plot on the other hand isn't too special. Plot is just the team gunning for championship/victory as with all eSports novels. ML is your typical "well established, super powerful golden boy of the League", though he's not as stoic as other typical ML's. They are very cute together though and he's very subtle about his efforts to try and feel out MC's sexuality before they get together.

Overall, the story and the translation quality is great. The matches don't drag on forever either, but MC's tr*sh talk king status isn't a huge focal point, so if you're expecting heavy amounts of MC insulting the other team you might be dissatisfied by the lack of it after one incident. He's still very sassy though, and quite cute, if you like eSports novels, I would definitely say this is one you should give a shot reading.

edit: to be honest I disagree with the claims that this novel is racist. While I agree the novel does paint the Korean team and committee in a negative light, it's not like there's any slander towards real Korean people or real Korean players. Yeah, the plot twist bug being pretty unbelievable, the villain trying the same sh*t twice and the having your enemies be ugly are all cliche and overdone; but that's not racism? How is having bad internet or lesser equipment racist? If you wanna argue that it's bad or unoriginal writing, that's up to you if you feel that way. Can you say it was a fast and cheap way to having Chinese readers and Chinese eSports community (in the novel) root for MC's team and having something different than the norm of "then the two teams fought and MC came out on top"? Sure, but don't throw around accusations attacking their character and trying to label the author as racist just because the Korean team was the antagonist. <<less
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 05, 2020
Status: c68
the only league novel I will read, especially since its very up to date (mentions lillia in later chapters I believe) and well versed in the pro scene (!!). Matches arent excruciatingly long with play by plays for every single action, and the game talk isnt unbearably simplistic.

i love the mc/ML and their dynamics and all the side characters, which usually isnt something id say. The entire cast is great and the writing is hilarious. Soft has such a way with words LOL. But more importantly, the ONLY league novel... more>> I will read!!

and cherry on top the translation is fantastic (!!!) <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 06, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked the novel and the characters were super funny and cute.

Slight spoilers in the review ahead.

I loved the MC Soft/Jian Rong. He was super fierce but still so freaking cute!!! His frequent embarrassing situations with ML were hilarious. I just love love love this blunette. I definitely became one of his Dad fans 🤣 At the beginning he did have a fan mentality but after LBY confesses JR soon evolves (he too already had feelings for LBY by then). Its noteworthy that despite him being so young he's... more>> gone through many hardships that even LBY or others in his team hasn't ever faced causing him to have a very strong mentality. So he's very decisive towards his feelings and as his feelings deepen for LBY he doesn't run from them but accepts them. And there's zero fan mentality when they are in a relationship. He's very frank and straightforward towards LBY and he tells him what's in his mind, even shades him a few times🤣. There's one time where he almost cursed at him. And then there are other times when he's all cute, eager and shy with LBY🤭

I found this novel when I was looking for novels with the tag 'Love interest falls in love first' and it didn't disappoint. Lu Boyuan is just the ML that I was always looking for. He's personality is not actually cold. He's more of a frank, serious and introverted person. And his bad boy side made me swoon💘. He's super caring and supportive towards JR.

I have reread this novel mutiple times and still come across some microexpressions that I missed or forgot between these two that make me smile.

I have read almost all the novels of this author and she doesn't disappoint.

The one thing that irked me was the

That one world championship arc. It's only that last main competition arc that slightly put me off. Yes, the Chronobreak part. There's no way for something like that to happen in an international championship. And even if it happens no party will so easily accept it like TTC did. The author just kept on downgrading the Korean esports committee starting from equipment to internet.

Also with how she depicted them having unpleasant facial characteristics.

But she didn't make all the Korean teams as villains. Its only that HT team. Others were mentioned many times as pretty good.

I know many famous korean novels equally do this to others countries in their novels. And it irritates me then too.

But I guess the trick lies in how smoothly and smartly its written. Also the readers can just skim through that arc.

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Nov 05, 2020
Status: c55
As a person who is a yearly spectator for Worlds, this novel was super trippy! Its like I'm actually reading what's happening S10 but in a parallel world. It delves into the celebrity status of being an esports player and a streamer in general (like contracts and policies to protect the player and the team's image). It does get quite technical with some of the terms especially if one isn't well-versed with league but the translator is super kind to put footnotes. Thank you translator! Gameplays usually take a whole... more>> chapter but it goes by pretty quick thanks to MC's shenanigans.

MC is like a stray cat; he's only sweet to the ML. But on other people, ehem xiao bai he probably has his little claws ready to attack. He's very transparent; what he puts up in the stream is his personality offline as well. Even though he's like that, he is a well-mannered kid and has solid principles. His past is still a secret so we'll have to see~

ML cares for MC a whole lot (and even MC and some team members have caught on to that) and their interactions are super sweet! He basically spoils MC and rides whatever bs he says on camera. He seems like the perfect boyfriend but we'll see what he does when they get together.

Overall its a cute and funny novel but not to the point of cavity inducing fluff. Cuteness mostly comes from Soft being weak to Road, and the funnier part is him dissing everyone especially Xiao Bai spare this boy. Thank you author and translator for providing us with this enjoyable story. ♡ I enjoyed this way better than the other stories in her franchise.

Anyways #TTCWIN for S11! I guess I'm an LPL stan in this parallel world lmao <<less
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Apr 11, 2021
Status: --
There's little to say except...

Read it!!!

Soft is so cute and adorable, especially when he's flaming, and I absolutely adore his fans! They're always so hilarious, and it really adds to the story! Road is gentle and also involves himself when Soft gets flamed~ too cute~~

Wholesome, beautiful, fluffy, made me burst out laughing and choke on water several times-- what're you waiting for??
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Nov 08, 2020
Status: c122
I registered just to make a review, that's how great this novel is.

It's an e-sport novel so more on about the e-sport and the players interactions. It's great for someone who doesn't really play LOL because you won't be bored since the matches are not really explained technically but the writer also writes it interestingly that I've now watched guidelines for beginners, a few matches, and browse thru the champion's profile to learn more about them especially LeBlanc (Soft's most beloved champion I think) and actually deciding to play LOL.... more>> There's not much drama, just a few players who likes to spray that got sprayed back by Soft and his army lol. What I love actually is the lack of brainless attackers on the net that got no better to do than spray the characters like some novels that I read with an e-sport or entertainment genre. Cause that kind of thing could really take away the joy in reading since you just wanna get it on and argue with those brainless fans. Soft's water friends, who doesn't want to admit that they are fans of Soft lol, makes the weibo scenery nice since they would wittingly attack those who sprays Soft and despite them being only a handful their spraying powers are unmatched since they practice everyday with Soft lol.

The MC is hilarious and only soft towards the ML, the only one who can extinguish his thirst for blood lol. He has some sad childhood but it's not that really explored. Like it's just his past that happens to be somewhat sad as compared to some people. He's a pro in spraying and hasn't lost a match yet in spraying battle. His remarks are hilarious and witty. No profanity but would really anger anyone cause he just knows how to poked on the sore spot. Xiao Bai is always his victim since Xiao Bai can't outmatched him. But I think that's the beauty of their friendship, childishly bantering. He's also OP, one of the best midlaner. His only weakness is his lack of cooperation, not asking for help and being a loner as he is like that in really life before he came to play professionally. But as the story goes and the more he interacts with his teammates and after some setbacks because of his lack of cooperation, he gradually overcomes this. His personal strength is really strong so his only development is his lack of cooperation.

ML is great. Loves to spoil the MC and really nice towards the MC like everyone around him notices it and he just shrugs it off. Like I care about him so what. He doesn't try to hide anything so their fans gradually got on the ship and started to sail the cp along with their Captain Lu lol. He's OP, the best jungler and already veteran in the scene so every players respect him.

The side characters are nice and funny. Xiao Bai gets special mention because this boi is hilarious with his bantering with Soft lol. It's really saddening cause only one team can win and you just want them all to win cause you know their struggles as an e-sport players aiming for the championship. Others would appear as villains for awhile but doesn't really last long. Just some e-sport drama.

Soft army needs to be mentioned in a separate paragraph and be given a lengthy praise because these bunch are gold plus they are my favorite in this novel. Their interaction with Soft is just so hilarious. Borrowing God Lu's word, "neither side is speaking in a friendly manner, but there was an inexplicable harmony in their interactions". They don't hesitate to scold anyone. Their spraying powers is unmatched. They could 1 vs 2 anyone so anyone who dares to spray Soft will go back crying and carrying their bloody body. They have an overwhelming support for Soft like they don't care even if Soft is gay, they are just sad they were not informed lol and they are already convinced that Soft is the shou. But they also don't hesitate to scold Soft. They're a bunch of tsunderes like their master. They are not fans, they are fathers and mothers of Soft who would go to heaven to for their son.

All in all this novel is a great read. Funny with a touch of sweetness in an e-sport genre. If you're looking for something like TKA with an in-depth explanation of the matches, this is not for you (you might check out The King's Moment from the same author of TKA). But if you're just a wandering soul browsing thru Chinese BL novels who want an e-sport genre, with enough fluffy interactions and dog food, lack of dog blood and angst, lack of toxic brainless fans, and hilarious interactions with the side characters and fans, then this one's for you. I honestly read this because of the e-sport genre and because I am a fan of the author's other work but I don't regret reading this novel. The translations is a also great, kudos to the translators, tiny salt translations, you guys are awesome. But being an impatient reader, I learned to google translate chapters myself but I still reread the translations because though I can understand my google translate, the translations is still better. <<less
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Mar 20, 2021
Status: Completed
this novel has all the reasons why I love reading e-sports stories despite me not playing many competitive games.

the team dynamics, the stressed out manager, pro-gaming competitions, friendly and not-so-friendly rivalries with other teams, an esport god being the ML, it’s all very charming!!

a lot of other reviews already talk about the ML and MC, so instead i’m going to talk about what made me adore this novel.

... more>> you get the gist of the MC’s personality in the summary, but what you don’t know about is the MC’s fans.

unlike most characters in e-sports (and even showbiz novels!) that have girlfriend fans, boyfriend fans, and mom fans, our blue haired brat has dad fans!! They sound like sunspots (anti-fans) in the summary, but in reality they are dad fans through and through!! They’re judgmental, tough loving, borderline black fans that believe “only they can flame their unfilial son”


my favorite shining moment of MC’s little fans was when TTC went abroad for competitions. When jian rong when on the stage and looked at the unfamiliar crowd, he recognized a signboard from his first professional match. That made me really love these crazy fathers of his.


their loyalty rivals all, following him since he was a tiny, snot-nose streamer, to a big time pro league player, and I can’t imagine our MC without them.

the dynamics in this story is hilarious, given the MC’s personality, so I hope this review wins any potential readers over~ happy reading! <<less
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Sep 04, 2021
Status: Completed
When I first started reading the novel, I did so with low expectations due to a comment I read about xenophobia in the novel. I read the entire novel and I can say that this is not true.

... more>>

The only thing I did see were teams from different countries facing each other. I never saw that they insulted anyone specifically for being from a certain country, the insults were due to the person themself, not due to their nationality. There was a Korean team that constantly made fun of the Chinese league, but they didn't make fun for being Chinese, but because they were rivals.


(english is not my first language btw ^_^) <<less
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Jul 02, 2021
Status: Completed
EDIT: I really like this novel so I want to address the xenophobia mentioned in some reviews that is putting people off trying this story. In my opinion, there are some xenophobic elements regarding the Korean esports scene that, while not outrageously racist, is jarring for many international readers. This issue stands out especially because the rest of the novel is well written. It's not so horrible that it destroys the rest of the story, but it does make the last arc less enjoyable. I'll put the rest under spoiler... more>> tag since there are small spoilers in the next part.


The author isn't horribly racist. There's no direct attacks on Koreans in the novel as a race. However, most of the Korean characters (except Savior) are depicted in subtly negative ways.

Now, the MSI tournament in this story is setup as a Chinese team against a Korean team, and so there's going to be team and country loyalties. I have no issue with fans being outspoken about the teams they support. Also, it makes sense that the author wants readers to cheer for the MC, so the MC's team is going to shown in positive way. Again, perfectly fine.

The issue I have is how unprofessional the Korean esports scene is depicted in this novel. This is especially strange for anyone familiar with IRL esports. I found the following unnecessary and detracting from the quality of the story:

  • The Korean tournament organizers treating the Chinese teams/LPL poorly (no need to make them be petty and unprofessional)
  • HT team members all being arrogant jerks (they're the best team in Korea, surely someone on the team is not a bully who hates LPL)
  • HT resorting to unsportsmanlike behavior to win and the tournament organizers supporting that (again, these people are professionals. It hurts to see them written like schoolyard bullies)
  • HT being a top Korean team yet somehow only one person on the team is actually skilled and the rest of the team is mediocre (makes no sense, they have lots of resources and experience to build a good team)

Both LPL and LCK are well established, organized professional leagues. Both teams are talented pros from their leagues and have worked very hard to get to this tournament. It would've been much more satisfying to recognize the strength and hard work of both teams. That would have made the ultimate (predictable) victory by the MC's team more rewarding.


That being said, those parts are pretty much concentrated in the last arc and so it is easy

to skip or skim if it's something that will bother you. The rest of the novel is really good, so don't be scared away by one problematic section.

original review

I love this author's ability to execute well the fine balance between gaming and the plot/character development so that even non-gaming readers stay engaged. Also this author has a knack for comedy. The humor keeps up throughout this entire story, which is really refreshing since lots of novels tend to start funny but then ramp up angst and drama as the story progresses.

The MC really shines in this novel. He's such an adorable firecracker. I got so invested just cheering him on as he trained and grew stronger. The ML is also very sweet. They make a lovely couple. Some of the other reviews talk about this novel being xenophobic, especially in the last arc (MSI). I think that while the author wasn't blatantly racist (eg "all Koreans are tr*sh"), the emphasis of China vs Korea was unnecessarily hostile. If that's something that bothers you, I also recommend skipping the last arc and go to the extras. Honestly the result of the tournament is so predictable there's not much plot to miss.

TLDR, funny lighthearted gaming novel. Characters are 10/10. Skip the last arc of Chinese nationalism bothers you. <<less
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Mar 25, 2021
Status: c93
Okay, so before I get started, I'll admit I'm Korean, and I'm a fan of Korean gaming, so the subtle jabs here and there in the text about Korea irritated me a bit. I took off like half a star off my review for that, so my rating dropped from 4.5/5.0 stars to 4.0/5.0 stars. The xenophobia wasn't super overwhelming (so far) or anything, but it just annoyed me personally. Also, based on other reviewers who have finished the novel, it gets worse, so....

(Just a quick rant down below,... more>> not super related to the novel so feel free to skip.)


Listen, I know Chinese nationalism is intense and that the author needs to paint the main characters and their team as really good, but let's keep it within the realm of reason, yeah? Everyone agrees that Korea blew up e-sports and that they have some of the best professional players in the world (*cough* Faker *cough*), especially in LoL. There's no need to paint the Korean players in this novel as inferior to the Chinese characters. Why can't we have them both be good and have an intense competition, rather than have it be a one sided steam roll fest?

The xenophobia is just so... unneeded. I didn't expect it from this author in particular (they seemed chill in their other novels) but I guess I live to be disappointed.


Other than that though, I'm really loving the novel so far. It definitely is a slow-burn, so you shouldn't be reading if you're looking for a quick hot romance, but I'm actually loving the pace. The description scared me a bit, because I thought that a relationship between the MC's idol and the MC might have skewed power dynamics, but due to the slow romance, we get to see how the ML tries to establish himself as just a normal person in front of the MC, and how the MC's view of him transitions from some godly, unattainable figure to his boyfriend. The process is natural, not a "love at first glance" sort of ordeal, and I loved how they subtly (or not, in the MC's case LOL) took care of each other.

I love how fleshed out the side characters are as well. They all have some back story and definitely feel as real as the ML and MC, which was great. Also, I'm not MTLing this so I don't know anything past the current translated chapter, but I smell a


side couple with Xiao Bai and Pine, two of the MC's teammates. Not going to lie, maybe I'm just blind but I never saw it coming until I read the recent chapter, where someone mentions Xiao Bai getting a girlfriend and Pine starts paying attention. In any case, I support them! They have a really cute dynamic, with Xiao Bai being a funny loud oblivious idiot and Pine being the ever suffering victim of his blabbermouth. They have a CP and "sell rot", in which Xiao Bai is carrying, so poor Pine, having to deal with fake flirting from the person he likes haha. In any case, I really hope we get to see more of this relationship develop past mere "implications" and that we get extras about them getting together.


My favorite side character has to be Savior, because he's really cute and he wants to be friends with the MC so bad. Unfortunately all the MC does is ignore him and subtly insult him (LOL), but I really liked the part where


they start playing in the Korean server, and both of them get harassed by trolls. Savior gets it especially bad, and he loses a bunch of games. When the MC finally accepts to play with Savior, he teaches him how to get back at trolls even if they're on the same team, and ultimately this ends up with Savior's manager yelling at the MC's manager, saying that the MC is teaching Savior bad things (lmaoooo). Then, to stop their fans from arguing about this online, Savior write a Weibo post going on about how the MC is his favorite Chinese friend outside of his teammates and that he wants to play with him more, which everyone takes as a love confession (LMFAOOOO).


And yeah, overall, I like the novel. This may change once we head into later portions of the novel, where I hear


the disses against Korea and the plot gets worse


but I'm looking forward to the extras and the side stories. <<less
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Dec 19, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is light and calm without greasy fluff and sweet cotton. It more like freezing cola, which is fresh, spark, and tinkle.

Jian Rong's personality really suits his age, while Lu Boyuan is like a gentle brother who always caring for him. Other characters are hilarious, especially their fans.

Also, the SCENES come late but very hot.

Ps. The author fights days and nights with the Review Department to deliver What Things We Know for us. It is quite funny, but I really adore her efforts.
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Dec 07, 2020
Status: c57
I just love this! Although the second hand embarrassment I've felt while reading this was a lot but the cute and adorable moments just make up for it. There are so many funny and exciting moments and you can't help feeling sad you finished the chapters so fast. Truly one of the best BL e-sports novel I've read so far! Thanks so much to the translator and uploader!
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Nov 20, 2020
Status: c50
Usually E-sport novels aren’t my genre, but I was intrigued by it’s very high rating and all the good reviews, so I thought I would give it a try.

And I have to say I LOVE IT!!!! The MC is an adorable sassy boy who’s only really “Soft” towards the ML, but also has great, well developed, and funny relationships with the side characters. All the characters have wonderful personalities and all rounded that every interaction makes me die with laughter!! And the MC’s fans are hilarious as well and love... more>> their “Dumb@** Son” so much!! I even started thinking of the MC as my “Dumb@** Son” as well!!

I would definitely recommend this story!! It definitely deserves it’s rating!! <<less
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May 22, 2022
Status: Completed
lately I've been reading more stuff that, in the middle of my read, has gross aspects to it that qualify it as something I should drop and it’s so sad because I was enjoying it until that moment. to make my review not seem so baseless, I had to read everything and just look at how this would have been such a cute read but it has some disgusting stuff :’)

this had so much potential but it f*cking s**ked because of two reasons:

1) MC is 17 when the ML... more>> starts developing feelings for him and ML is 23.


i’ll summarize my thoughts through bullet points so it’s easier to read even though I want to vent so bad because it’s really such a shame how this would have been cute if the MC was at least 20 at the youngest but it had to be where he was barely legal 💀

  • the ml, conveniently, starts dating the MC when he’s 18 but started liking the MC before that: the MC starts out as 17 and his birthday still happens a lot of chapters later. sometime after his birthday, the ml’s “love” blooms and he starts chasing. really weird to do when he met the MC before he was an adult. you can’t tell me he didn’t like him before he was 18. you dare to tell me that the ML started liking the MC from 12 am of mc’s birthday to the few days he was already 18 before the ML started pursuing him? when he was already showing slivers of fondness and interest for the MC here and there before his birthday? okay, but even if he “waits” for MC to turn 18 that concept in itself is already creepy and predatory, like he knows it’s immoral for him to be with the MC since he’s a minor so he’ll wait for the time the MC is an adult so that he’ll be in the “safe zone” because they’re both adults now.
  • here are some examples to put inti perspective why this dynamic is disgusting and wrong: (1) a 23 year old is far, far more mature and developed than an 18 year old and we see that a lot, very easily, in the contrast of MC and ML in where they are at their career: MC is just starting and has so much potential because he’s YOUNG and talented while ML is near the age where injuries may be catching up to him and the end of his career is starting to haunt him; (2) if we look at them based on how they’d be like as students since they are pretty much within university-working young adult age: MC would be a freshman in college—if not a senior in high school who is about to graduate—and ml, by his age, would have already graduated with a bachelor’s and started working; (3) MC is always mentioned to look young and like a f*cking highschooler or college freshman (these exact words are actually used as descriptors) like it’s part of his “charm”/makes him more handsome which is so f*cking off???? is the author just attracted to high schoolers and wanted to self-project on ML so they could have a high school-aged boyfriend??? I hope the author stays away from high schoolers. sincerely, I am begging you to just send yourself to jail if you find a high schooler attractive as an adult; (4) their dynamic outside of age is also just as skewed and imbalanced, ML is rich and the captain and almost like a mini boss for the team while MC is just a sprout with no parents and who had to strive to earn money by himself the moment he was a teen. who has more power? who could take advantage of who? (5) if you just can’t face that this is wrong because the MC is a man and “he can take it, ” you are f*cking wrong but fine, imagine if the MC were a girl then. the ML would be on a watchlist and in jail by now.

i love doting type ml’s but with how young the MC is, this was way, way off and even predatory. it’s just not it. it was also really weird for ML to say “i’m glad he joined when he was turning 18 or I would have seduced a minor” too. I had to pause because, what the f*ck??? what is wrong with this author?? ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW THE AUTHOR SEXUALIZED THE MC, WHO WAS STILL 17, THE MOMENT HE TURNED 18??? that birthday stream where he had to crossdress and he even lifted his pants and showed his leg which looked “suggestive” to others was such a huge red flag. author, go to jail. I had to skim through that and skip the weird parts. that was oddly s*xual for a time where MC was just turning to an adult in age. remember, 18 still isn’t a fully developed adult. LITERALLY, that’s when you’re at the beginning of adulthood and still way more immature compared to a 20-year old.


2) extreme xenophobia to the point of poorly hidden racism. does the author have a grudge against koreans?


why did the antagonists-ish have to be a korean team and a bunch of its members. also, not the author applying the racist stereotype slapped onto All east asians on that one member (rish) by describing him with “small eyes”.... this author has issues, seriously. what was with the anger for koreans??? I don’t know what they were trying to do. if it’s to make it look like koreans hate china, and so, china is a victim, then they’re doing a bad job of trying to look like a victim lol. with how korean members are referred to as “imports” like they’re just foreign goods, the author might as well admit they hate anyone outside of china lol. if you wanna get with that topic, then they should accept that some countries have reason to hate their country, but it never extends to its citizens for no reason and out of nowhere like hating them just because they’re chinese lol.


hey, people come to this fictional world to be rid of real-life things. people don’t wanna see pe*ophilia, xenophobia, and racism in their sources of escapism. there’s enough of that outside of these silly stories. I hope in a parallel universe, everyone is enjoying this story but with an MC in his twenties and don’t have to feel weirded out by their maturity gap because we are not </3 <<less
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Jun 07, 2021
Status: --
It's hovering between 3.5 - 4 stars.

The story is good, the characters are good too but like most CN novels, xenophobia seems to make its way through and has me thinking if I should drop the book entirely or soldier on through. Of course, I decided to keep going.

I have no complaints about how the characters are written out to be and I love where the novel is going, however, the constant jabs made towards Korean players or even Korean imported players were close to killing my reading experience. Especially... more>> with the Main character, Love him to bits and found him incredibly adorable however there was a small run-in he had with a Korean player (saviour) that sparked a nerve with me. The author had me disliking them for that encounter.

That is the only little issue I had with this novel tbh. If we exclude this part of the book then you have yourself a well-written esports romance. The translation team is doing an amazing job. Appreciate it. <<less
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Jan 07, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5 stars

Been following for a while, finally finished the extras as well. Really liked the first half of the book, felt the second half dragged a bit hence the cutting of half star but overall still really enjoyed it.

MC and ML had a really good relationship and it was adorable. After reading like several gaming stories, I think I had a fair grasp of it so it wasn't that bad either though towards the end I was probably getting a bit lost (hence feeling a bit draggy) but it was... more>> good wrap up. No big drama or anything bad happens.

One thing I just can't stand after a few Chinese books is the smoking. Would have mentioned in a previous book review but please, you're young, please stop smoking. Not that being older is an excuse to smoker either. (They probably do it as a stress reliever but reading them smoke is giving me stress, must be because I'm a HCP.)

As for the extra, it's cute but a little rushed in terms of plot. Kind of compared it to author's PUBG book and that extra felt better in terms of plot in my opinion. Maybe because

in this book, Xiao Bai and Pine were together in the team for most of the book and yet only had the relationship climax in that short moment in the extra. Would have been better to have a stronger build up in the main story throughout the timeline? Just my opinion. They did have some chemistry in the main plot.


Overall still a good read. <<less
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Dec 28, 2021
Status: Completed
★★★★★ [5/5 stars]

I am completely, utterly ignorant about e-sports and gaming. I never played LoL before. For real. And I was anxious that, despite knowing how well-loved this novel is, I won't be able to enjoy it. But my worries were all for naught. This novel, though it has a lot of technical terms that I've seen for the first time here, it didn't affect my total enjoyment. The gameplay is understandable. The translator did a good job at providing footnotes for those LoL terms, and aside from that I... more>> actually found myself google-ing. I really did learn some basics about the game.

The MC (Jian Rong/Soft), I freaking love him so much!! I've seen countless shameless characters with different levels of arrogance in a novel, but I can tell you that the MC has a charming uniqueness in his characterization. He's the absolute king of tr*sh talks. He claimed to be the kind of person who never fails an argument, and I actually can't imagine him losing to one. Aside from being so good in playing, he's also great at throwing insults. He's a trueborn savage! He only clams up in front of his idol, the ML (Lu Boyuan/Road). It was actually so funny when he was trying to act like a decent, well-behaved person in front of the ML, though his fierceness is one of the many things the ML loved about him. Their relationship can be considered slow romance because they got official pretty late, but I'm telling you, the dog food crumbs were scattered since the beginning. You won't be starving from their sweetness. I also freaking loved the other people in their team: Xiao Bai, Pine, Yuan Qian and their coach Ding-ge, and also the pro players in the other teams like XIU, Savior, Kongkong, etc. All their dynamics are so entertaining and so funny (Savior is the absolute pure human being, he's so adorable!!)

And the most hilarious part of this novel? Of course it's Soft's dad fans!!! They're the most unique fans I've ever seen, and their interactions with Soft are just as unique. Reading their barrage, my stomach genuinely hurt from laughing so much. It's so much fun reading how Soft and his dad fans exchanged insults with each other, but they're also the most real fans out there. Soft actually doesn't need his anti-fans anymore because his dad fans can do the job of flaming him themselves. They're the kind of people that will beat someone who will bully you, because they're the only ones allowed to bully you. They're the best!

Also, the extra 7-chapter story of the side couple (Xiao Bai & Pine) weren't really enough!!! I want more chapters of them!! It's just too bad that the two of them really developed into that kind of relationship after the main story, otherwise, we might have received more dog foods from them. Try reading this one out, I swear you're not gonna regret it! You'll definitely enjoy it. <<less
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