Does Love at First Sight Exist in E-Sports?


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Having nothing better to do, Asia’s champion decided to carry a girl in the game. With great difficulty, he finally convinced the girl he carried to turn on her mic, only to discover that the other party was actually a boy?!

This online love affair that had ended before it even began was tossed away to the back of the champion’s mind. Unexpectedly, when his club went to train in another city, they encountered a mishap and had a small conflict with another team.

When the other team’s vice captain showed up, the champion was so moved that he started doubting life, but as soon as the other opened his mouth, it turned out that this was the “girl” that he had personally carried with his own hands that day.

Does love at first sight exist in e-sports? It does.

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YellowNoodle rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Oh, you wanna know the reason why I read this?

Someone downstairs in the comments said this story got smut so you know what that means...I YEETED MYSELF TO THE FIRST CHAPTER.

Ahem, anyways, I added that tag for everyone (UwU)

... more>> Now, the story mainly focuses on the relationship of the MC and ML. And although its told from the MC gong's p.o.v, the author does write about the ML shou's thoughts too. So its kinda 3rd person p.o.v.

As for the side characters, they're hilarious, especially Wang Yuxi: "Would you like to watch the legal channel?", "Oppa Saranghae!" Lmao, once you get there you'll understand.

Overall enjoyable story. I won't say too much as it is a good 70 chapters.

Its just a simple love story between the Titan God Yao Sen and Noah's Ark Lefty Shao Han.

Enjoi and Adieu!


P.s. the smut is between the one line explanations and the hard core smut. Basically, its explained well to the point where you can visualize it but you won't get hard :) <<less
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YoriMei rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: c42
Ah man, this novel was really fun. I honestly went in with zero expectations and once again I learned not to judge a book by it's cover (or summary). In all honesty, this MC is probably one of the smoothest sweet talkers I've ever experienced in a book. He's so damn competent and charming, the ML didn't have a chance in resisting. Also, it's so refreshing to be following the gong and Golden Boy™ of the eSports industry for once and not some upcoming newbie or old player who has... more>> something to prove. Both ML and MC are super sweet and they get together very smoothly, there's no hesitation (ML was gay from the start and MC is very honest with himself) at all. Also, ML is a kuudere!! Not a stoic one, but a distant polite type and he's very cute after he warms up. The banter between MC and his teammates are also absolutely top notch, I read this after lunch and almost gave myself a tummy ache from laughing.

That said, the story's one flavor (sweet) which isn't a bad thing but it can be pretty boring with such low tension. As with all eSports stories the ending is a easy to predict, and it can get kinda tiring with MC being so OP or the glowing reception he gets from, well, everyone. Also, the gaming aspect isn't very fleshed out which can be a plus or minus in your book. The story tried to have an antagonist but in the end it ended up being pretty insignificant in the end. If I were to be honest, the plot is mostly there just for the background with a huge focus mostly on ML and MC's romance.

Overall, it's a top notch fluffy romance eSports story, but it's a bit light on eSports so if you have no interest in gaming that could be a benefit. MC's very charming and cool while ML is a steady but thin faced kuudere whose very cute! If you're looking for a nice light hearted story, I highly recommend this one. <<less
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enaillig rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: c26
I'm still at chapter 26 as per translation, so my review is subject to change.

This is really refreshing to read! For those wondering, the MC is the gong and the proactive one. He's so whipped by the ML, but he's not in any way overbearing, in fact he's really sweet. 😂 Not the kind of sweet you'll get tired of, actually there's just right amount of interaction from him and the ML. MC knows his boundaries and when to retreat or advance. The progress is just smooth and natural.

The ML... more>> is aware of his sexuality from the start and the MC came to terms with his pretty quick too, so we're saved from the entire "I'm not gay!" fiasco (don't misunderstand, I didn't mean this as a bad thing).

Also, not everybody is gay but they are very open. They don't have excessive reactions regarding the matter. The MC doesn't treat his friends/teammates as outsiders as to deliberately hide who he likes. From time to time, he'd seek out their advices which is really funny 😂

The ML is a really sensible lad, very likable. He knows how to reciprocate, so he has his fair share of being sweet too.

There are no side CPs, the author made it clear. Which, realistically speaking, it probably made sense since it may be actually rare in reality to have two deeply-closeted-gay-who-originally thought-they-were-straights to suddenly get bent in one frame—without sniffing out the other.

There's just too little gaming scenes. The author doesn't go into details when describing a match. The game itself also wasn't introduced that much (?) so I can't quite picture it. All I know is that it's a 4 player fps game.

So far, I can say this is good for a light read. Too stressed? Wind it up by reading this. It will maaaaake your heart warm and fuzzy. Happy reading! :)) <<less
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Farika rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: Completed
My impression while reading this story was to remember when I fallen in love for the first time. Its sweet, and full giggling every time I found out something new about him. Aih~ I can't stop smiling.

The story was light, have more weight on romance, not really e-sport centered (not so technical, and detailed if we make comparison to similar e-sport theme [god level summoner, the king avatar], still it has weight to the plot). I think its more similar to the antelope and night wolf.

Interaction between MC and ML... more>> so cute, MC rather shameless here... hahaha and between MC and his teammates was interesting and funny.

Its full dog food. hahaha...

There are mature scene... actually I'm pretty surprised, this novel give impression of pg 13+ story... still the author decided to write it... so I'm happy...

update :

Its a bit detailed when they're at final for ingaming process, except that time author only write who wins and who loses. <<less
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June 15, 2021
Status: c42
Umm, my personal opinion would be that for an E-Sports novel it's a little boring. Or should I say there's no excitement or fun to be had about the game part of the novel. It is basically a romance novel about the love between two people who happen to be pro gamers and not about two pro players playing the game and competeing while falling in love. In short if you are here for a fluffy romance go ahead but if you are here for the fun of esport danmei... more>> novels like glory fog or icdi or others you are probably going to get bored just like I did. <<less
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May 30, 2021
Status: c40
I don't really understand what's so good about this series? I mean there is nothing perticularly bad about it either. But its also nothing extra ordinary.

The MC is your typical more or less good at everything, cool and better than the shou at every aspect type of guy. Though I haven't read the whole series but I am already getting tired of his charecter.

As for the ML... I really don't know what to say about him. It feels like he is there for just the sake of it. I really... more>> didn't find anything interesting about his charecter as well.

The plot was also like any other e spot series. Though I am not really complainng about the plot. I am mostly annoyed about the MC and ML more.

I was going to read the MTL if I liked the novel. But now I am only going to follow the actual translation. Who knows maybe they will have some twists in the future?? <<less
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lazykitty_99 rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: Completed
A enjoyable read.

Romance and gaming elements.

Relationship development is good.. Good part about seme MCs are most of them aren't forceful

Relationship development is smooth. No one is forcing other party to be in a relationship.

As for smut part no flowery language.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
etsuhun rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: c23
This made me giggle like a school girl not gonna lie. Its a sweet and bubbly romance novel. There are no forced situations between our cp, they just go with the flow to the path of romance lol.

Reminder that this novel is e-sports centered and romance is only a small bit (for now!). Its a cute novel so please read it!!
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tharrinne rated it
August 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Five stars! no argument. This is a refreshing read MC is a gong who knows what he wants in life and achieve it no matter what. No dog blood drama, no scheming bish and bastards. I was actually vigilant in every characters 😂 but all of my anxiety fade away as also the author placates her readers. This is one of the most matured and realistic story I have read.. no pitiful background for the shou that the ML needs to pity him.. it's just fluff.. how they started as... more>> random playmates to friends and to lovers.. I love how the gong is portrayed.. understanding and doting. No force is use all are consensual. I also like how the author made ML adopt his attitude in game towards his boyfriend.. he is perceptive and observant with his partner's needs and feelings. The author also showed how things are if they mutually communicated, understand each other, and sensitive to your partners feelings. The relationship just go with the flow. Plus the smut in this story is a plus 🤭🌟😂 it doesn't show much details compared to other smut novels but it's just perfect amount.

About the game topic, it's not really tackled.. it was just right amount since the focus of this is romance. I don't get why others rate it low for it is not purely based in game.. for me it's just enough especially I'm not a fan of eSports, so this is a good start cause it actually made me dizzy reading technical stuff for eSports. But if everyone wants to understand eSports like me I think this will be a good start plus it has romance and smut.

Actually the last two battles in championship, which where the author focus the game thing is actually exhilarating.. and when finally the MC defeated the defending champion makes me emotional too... I only wished that the author kindly prolonged the after finals moments like he just hug his baobei infront of the cameras showing their love or some additional comments of the netizens. But all in all it's a good healing novel that a gong is finally understanding and isn't a tr*sh. <<less
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June 18, 2021
Status: c42.5
SO GOOD!!! I was looking for some e-sports novel but with not too much e-sports (if that makes sense, lol) and then I found this gem! It's sooooo cute. There's not much angst and the couple is sweet, hehehe. Would recommend if you're looking for a light read. Also, idk why the translator went private. I hope they are well and come back soon T.T
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kin0monogatari rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: Completed
meow....I really love this story... not to mention the smut part is also hot... ehem ehem...

but that's not the main thing that made me love the story so much... ehem ehem...

I love how sweet it is, actually. Of course, stories with having rivals to fight your love for is also good but these two main characters from this story is just the best... like I can award them 'the sweetest couple of the year' all year lol...

The conflicts are not too stressful, and that's good when u need a light... more>> read... real life is already so problematic right now so sometimes we need to take a break and this story is the right pick for that..

The translator of this work did a good job too... good translation, not many grammatical errors...

I read thru the raws and I don't suggest others to do like me since my Chinese is quite okay so it's understandable to me but I think it will do justice more to the story if you read the translated version.

So yeah, that's all from me. Read this. You won't regret it. My only regret is that I wish there are more chapters T.T.... <<less
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January 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Honestly wasn't expecting much about it. I love the e-sports genre and as I was running out I found this book. It's neither outstanding nor is it bad. The fluff and love in this one is immaculate, but the character building and world development is actually quite bland. Take everything I say with a grain of salt though as I finished this with an mtl and that might've taken away from its brilliance, but with what I read that's what I thought.

I'll be updating this review after I read the... more>> real translation so don't let this discourage you from reading it.

It actually isn't a bad read, it's actually quite good. Only regret is that the game itself wasn't given that much attention, except for at the end and I think that's what took away from it. You literally only get a few gaming scenes here and there, and only during the latter parts was it given actual background. Even now I still don't quite get what the game is, all I know is that it's a 4 player FPS. I imagined it a little as PUBG but I don't think it was quite accurate.

Overall a 3.9/4.5 but since I'm an e-sports bl sucker I still gave it a 5.

P.S. The romance in this was actually really good, so if you're here more for the romance tag than the e-sports tag then it's a perfect read. <<less
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Ouryane00 rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: c53
So cuteeeee!

This is a smooth sailing novel with no dog blood that focuses more on the MC/ML’s love story, it’s a really relaxing, sweet read!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Leonberger123 rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: c41
Masterpiece! No more words needed. Top-tier characters, enjoyable storyline, good comedy, overflowing shamelessnes from the MC lol I love him sm! God Sen! And ofc the right amount of fluffiness and *cough skinship and the ML is just too adorable ah anyway super recommended!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
maims rated it
May 27, 2023
Status: c67
All sweet, all fluff, excellent friendship/family moments, no excess drama, there's a few moments when I was sure there was going to be some sudden Betrayal TM moment, but no, just people being people, sometimes being a bit hot-headed or misguided or young, but. People. And treated as people too, not as The Rookie TM, The Arch-Rival TM, etc.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cas_ciel21 rated it
April 1, 2023
Status: c67
I mtl-ed the rest of the main story chapters. I hope to read the extras.

The translation was clear and concise wished it wasn't dropped. But still appreciate the work done.

This novel is a ROMANCE NOVEL with Gaming/eSports backdrop.

So further away from sports, it has a cute, funny plot and a sprinkle of smuts here and there but it focuses on dating not subtly but not overt as a eSports players.

I think it would be better to read this on manhwa for the fluff.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shortk rated it
August 21, 2022
Status: c50

I believe homosexuals deserve unproblematic smooth love stories so I do think this is good. It may come off as slow or boring because of that and how it's relatively slice of life, but like I said, I still think the romance is good enough.

This is suffering from boringness due to its slow pace (which other people can enjoy ofc) and its weak game plot. The gaming is near non existent - it's merely the background and honestly any attempt to make it the plot point is missing the point... more>> bc this is obviously written as a romance first. It might have been less to skip if they just focused on the romance too. I didn't finish this due to this, but I do still recommend for people who like smut and slow unproblematic bl romances. <<less
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zenriu rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: c44
Cute and heart fluttering story.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aliquis rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: --
A good read. Tbh this has more romance elements than actual e-sports, which made me more than a little bit disappointed. The fluff is great, but because the focus on the actual e-sports and gaming is not enough, the plot seems a little dull to me.

If you're looking for a book like 'I Can Do It', I don't think that this is for you, but if you're looking for something more light-hearted and lovey-dovey but somehow still with an e-sports theme, I do recommend giving this a read.

Anyway, I actually... more>> wanted to give this a rating of 3-3.5 just because I was so disappointed with the e-sports and gaming tag, but the fluff was too good, and if you're after that, I'm sure you'd really enjoy this. <<less
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angelstar1000 rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: c39
I so in love with titans captain Yao Sen, he is everything that you want in a person.. So a good friend, boyfriend and an amazing leader. To be honest I'm a bit tired of Shao han blushing and all.. I wanted him to show more love towards God sen.. He definitely deserves more love.. He deserves everything.. He is the perfect boyfriend ahhhhh

Also, the smut was a little confused for me.. I hope it will be more detailed later on :)
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