You Use a Gun, I Use a Bow


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SGH is a multiplayer online tactical competitive shooting game.

When Wen Xi first came into contact with the game, like most people, he used a gun as his main weapon.

But his shooting skills were too poor, often having teammates vent about whether he was the master of outlining the human body.

Until one day, he picked up a bow.

Since then, SGH has had another archer assassin named “Wency”.

It’s said that his arrows never miss their shot, a hundred shots and a hundred hits, killing with one blow.

It’s said that only the first ranked sharpshooter “Mac” succeeded in killing him.

It’s said that he likes “Mac”.

Wen Xi: …where did this rumor come from? Mac, come out and clarify!

Mo Chen: En, it’s a rumor. Actually, I like you.

A shou who wholeheartedly wants to make money through livestreaming vs. A gong who wholeheartedly wants to trick the shou into joining his team.

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Các cậu dùng súng tôi dùng cung
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New Pop_up_ninja rated it
November 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Super fun and cute.

It's an esports novel that has a very good balance of romance and gaming. I love the authors use of the game for the MC and ML to flirt.

The gaming elements are exciting and not boring, the other characters are all likeable, and the main pairing are super fluffy and cute.

The only thing I would say is that this novel is good for a one time read. I've tried to reread this novel a few times but always end up dropping it just after the MC and... more>> ML get together

which is around chapter 65 I think


It's refreshing that there is no big realisation scenes for either the MC or ml's feelings, it's very natural. The ML is really flirty to begin with and it can be seen that he has an interest in the MC from the start, although you do question whether it's romantic or because of his gaming ability, which is the authors intention anyway.

Definitely worth a read if you want a romance heavy gaming esports novel. <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: c50
If you don't mind typical BL characters thrown in game settings then it's for you. But if you're looking for something new and fresh then it isn't it. The plot is fluffy, comedic and light with some angst sprinkled in. The plot is quite similar with some novels in a sense of "I use uncommon stuffs to be OP". Plenty of dogfood even before they're dating even their teammates are complaining lmao. There are also character growth and the slow burn of MC's and Ml's journey towards love. Like most... more>> of gaming novels this one is also filled with gaming scenes. If you like fortnite or pubg you'll probably hate/love this due to OP talents MC and ML have.

MC is your typical BL MC, a silly, cute, lonely doormat pushover and he knows that he's someone easily bullied. Hence he's quite timid irl but inside the game He's a fighter and his talents are no joke. He was a "bow god" in his old game hence he's OP asf. Author exaggerated MC's talent but in author's (weak) defense he's playing with the same weapon (bow) lol.

ML is your cold and tyrannical ML but he's cold and tyrannical only to people other than MC (due to reasons). He is really awesome because he's almost omnipotent in the game

but he can't use bow hence his fascination with mc

. And he's the first rank, just not sure with mtl if it's in China or the world. He is certainly tenacious. Like a rabid dog that won't let u go once he bit you lmao. He's also super black bellied and smooth. He likes to bet with MC but he knows not to push MC to do something he doesn't like/doesn't wanna do.

Their interaction is based on different interests. ML certainly pursues MC but for different reason (which may change) that MC's audiences thought of.

ML does things like betting to bring MC to his team and in his pov it's been mentioned that he's good to MC because he sees MC's talent. Because he have motives he want to look good to MC but somehow along the way MC's silliness make his motive turn more sincere. As in he's good to MC not because he want to poach him but just because he can.

ML's smooth playa lines keep making MC's heart beat/touched but ML be like: I need to show him my good side so he want to be my teammate lmao
BUT that doesn't mean MC is s*upid/insta love with ML since he know ML want to bring him to his team. What I mean is that MC is not immediately swooning over ML's kindness. It's a gradual thing and his logic is quite clear.


The interaction between characters is like a tsukkomi and boke. So it's fun to read. The game is based on BR shooting games and I love the way author portrayed the games.

So far I recommended this and you should try to read a couple of chapters to get the feel of MC ML and the plot. <<less
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dee_ism rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: Completed
ok, I can't help but to compare this story to FOG, which in result: this story lacking a lot, imo
so anyone, I would recommend you FOG instead!

basically it's just MC and ML being so OP with the game, so there's no tension whatsoever.
game-wise, it's not dwelling so much in technical issue.
story plot wise, it's also not anything interesting.
character wise, not anything remarkable either.
and the ending feels rushed.

so, my rating is average and a bit boring honestly.

... more>>

He's a newbie for the game, yet he's so OP with his bow from day1.
He's supposed to be in his mid 20s (given he's already graduated from college and work for some time), yet he's still qualified being a professional e-sport player, when normally a professional e-sport player retire at that age
He's cute but the writer make it annoying by mention it a lot: "he's cute". "How come he's so cute" basically almost on each chapter



The most OP
Biased too much to MC and he's not concealing it at all, which is baffling, lmao

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secondthots rated it
June 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Anticlimactic. That has to be my word of choice for this novel. I have to say that it excels really well in the beginning half & it had me hooked. The flirting, the unintentional PDA, the gaming aspects- all were great! It wasn’t until we actually got to the domestic & global trials that things went downhill. Everything was sped up & lightly brushed over, making it seem that the author was in a hurry to end the story. The main CP’s connection felt bland & some of the bigger... more>> plot developments were shoved in some small tight cubby to never see the light of day. I gave it 4-stars because I did genuinely enjoy the beginning half; it’s a shame that it ended the way it did. Nevertheless a HE! <<less
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homoloaf rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: c96
The writing gets very cheesy towards the end and feels really rushed.


like they just win the championship with barely a struggle then they're off to get married like way too fast

And when they got together the writing became v cheesy and I did like the cuteness at first then felt it got to be too cutesy I dunno I'm picky

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plainbreadstick rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: Completed
If you’re looking for suspense, drama and the feeling of stress you won’t find it in this story. This is mostly just fluff and the MC and ML dominating their enemies with their (although not as strong as them but still strong) friends.

There’s not much plot going for this so don’t expect any. Purely a feel good story which I find refreshing. Is however kind of boring at some points as it’s constant repetition and praising of the MC/ML. The fact that they’re both very strong is enjoyable though and... more>> the lack of suspense/stress is a reason why this story is enjoyable (personally). Seeing someone dominant and crush their opponents is satisfying and I don’t think the story is that long either.

Main appeal though is the characters/friendship. The way they cooperate with their teammates is very nice and I truly do enjoy them even if they aren’t apart of the main team. I do find the MC a little too childish for my taste. He’s 23 at the start of the story so I kind of expected him to be a little more mature as the story (and characters) all make him out as a cute cat who’ll lightly scratch you. I wanted to see more maturity in him honestly. Nothing wrong with being child-ish, innocent and naive but I kind of expected a little touch of the life lesson reality gives you, yknow? The ML is fine, he’s your typical cold to everyone but the MC (in a cold way, not in a, “being a piece of shit/d*ck to everyone but my sweetheart” way) and I think it’s funny. It’s clear that he also likes his teammates (which he learns to) even if he’s cold to them but his sweetie.

Usually would’ve put a 4 instead of 3 on this but I don’t think it’s that good tbh. It’s fine for a story that’s suppose to be more lighthearted but obviously lacks. Whether that be the characterization, writing or plot. Especially plot, I don’t expect much since it’s just sweet but there’s no build up for the grand competition, they just f*cking win. There’s barely any struggle and we could assume there was (as it’s obviously implied) but we only get shown a bit which ruins it. The ending was bland, I didn’t expect much though.

Okay story. Don’t expect much from it and especially don’t expect in-depth plot. Good points; dog food, good side characters, the satisfaction of curbstomping your enemies. Recommended if you want something light hearted and not serious. <<less
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Queen_of_Chaos000 rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: Completed
To honestly say, this is your typical e-sport, BL novel.


I loved it and it made me happy.

The MC and ML are so precious and black-bellied!

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potxki rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: c96
i only managed to read up to 96 chapters via mtl in 88danmei because those are the only chapters available there, so I'm missing 4 chapters I guess? Anyway, I'm satisfied with what I've read. It's a nice, fluffy story with only very minimal conflict.

most BL stories here set in e-sports gaming focus on the gaming parts most of the times but this one is almost 70% more focused on the love story. Even if you have no idea about gaming, this is quite easy to understand.

some stories try to... more>> make the captain as fair and unbiased as possible when it comes to his teammates even if he's dating one of them, but in this one, ML have no qualms showing how partial he is to MC, lmao. No, he doesn't let it affect his decisions when it comes to the game itself, like team composition and which players to send in which category of the game, but he has no problem showing how vindictive he is when someone tries to kill MC in the game. MC's salary is even 10x that of regular players, lol. ML also treats MC visibly better than their other teammates, something their teammates accept because imagining ML treating them like how he treats MC give them goosebumps ?

anyway, if you're up for something light and fluffy with MC and ML being OP, this one is for you. It's also very easy to mtl but I'll still read Chrysanthemum Garden's translation because I probably missed some details, and their translations are top-tier. <<less
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idledays rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: c40
If you like gaming BL, then you should definitely check this out! All the characters are pretty fleshed out, and the side characters are all memorable!

I really like the characterizations! It's a cute airhead but kinda a pushover MC x an overpowered, overbearing but kinda cheeky ML! The relationship is really sweet, and the ML never really pushes MC out of his comfort zone. It's nice seeing MC come out of his shell when he focuses on the game itself and really wowing everyone with his abilities.

I like how the... more>> way the plots make sense, especially when

MC joins ML's team



They have to kick someone out of the official roster to make room for the MC, and I like how its portrayed semi-realistically. The person kicked out doesn't create unnecessary dogblood drama, but they also don't leave instantly with no emotions. It's nice how he doesn't resent the team, instead he chooses a fresh start somewhere else. There's no heavy betrayal and no unnecessary drama.


I mtl'd the chapters, so I might get some details wrong. <<less
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scrapsd rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: c42
Sorry, it's a 3/5 for me even though I haven't completed it yet. It did not keep me engaged at all... as funny as it is. I sat back and then thought of the reasons why:

1. The gaming aspect of this isn't well written out. The hame concept itself is like PUBG, but like imagine needing to cash in from the start and no picking up loot as you land and explore. And the game is considered no. 1 trending internationally... like how? Anyways, the author really doesn't do a... more>> good job describing any of the in game details, you just almost get a summary... compared to others shooter type gaming novels I've read? I've read better.

2. It's slow burn, up till chapter 42, MC still doesn't really know or take ML's advamces towards him seriously... which brings up another point of how ML fell in love with MC, it's soo abrupt we did not see that coming... literally. He just decides to treat him gently and good after playing a few matches with MC... I love their interactions though, but ngl, the courtship is bland as boiled chicken.

3. Sadly I was there for the live streaming, and it soon fizzled out as the plot goes (not going to spoil it here, plus lazy to type it all out). The e-sports apect of it seems so meh. The ML belongs to one of the better teams, yet the team seems so empty. Like it's more of a just formed team than a formally set up team (is what I got from them anyways). <<less
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tharrinne rated it
September 17, 2022
Status: c60
I don't understand why they grade this low because the Couple is OP... 🤔 They actually aren't. I was also worried before reading this cause they said that the protagonists are too OP... But that was wrong... They are good they have strength but they are also some weaknesses... Obviously they cannot win just by themselves unless this is all just about solo gaming matches I could say they are really OP... But here they are a team, the author's thought process was to showcase how human Mo Chen was,... more>> he was OP but he can't survive alone "no man is an island" as what they say. This story evolves on how he learns to trust people and don't shoulder everything by himself.

I kind of relate with his character, because when in groupings I also don't trust my teammates would do a proper work and thought that they would just lazy around and rely on you. So working with projects as if you're one man team is really taxing and it affects the person's psychology. So I like how the author made them human and not that immortal OP.

Actually Mo Chen will never survive without Wen Xi and vice versa... So I don't understand where's the OP- ness there. I like how the author describe the scenes and the transition from the casters POV to the leads POV is good and doesn't made my head dizzy unlike the other book I have read. The slow burn romance isn't really slow burn I don't know why they call that slow, but this is just the right pacing weren't you supposed to flirt first with your crush and made some presence before you make a move🤔 so their pacing is just reasonable. You could say it it was typical but also still unique in it's own way. Wish the author could have lengthen the chapters a bit more and use some more tactical strategies for team CLM and their opponents for more thrilling match that way the protagonists skills won't look like too OP for others <<less
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Kassandra rated it
May 29, 2022
Status: Completed
This was a nice e-sports novel. Quite light and fluffy.

Story Development – 4/5. Just minus one because the Global Competition feels a bit rushed to me (?).

Except for that, I LOVE THE PACING! It's nice and it flowed really well.

... more>> Character Design – 8/5!! I LOVE THIS PART!

See, our protagonist Wen Xi was first know or shown as timid, shy, doesn't like to talk, and other similar descriptions. BUT! As the the novel progressed, we dived deeper on how was his personality like. He might be timid, but he's also stubborn and firm.


And for, Mo Chen, HIS DESIGN WAS GREAT! He was actually a bit dark in my opinion. But still great.

At first, you'll see he's good and perfect on the reader'sperspective. But Liu Wenzhe (their manager) pierced that facade he put on for Wen Xi. (I won't spoil, sorry.)

THE OTHER CHARACTERS ARE ALSO GREAT! Even if some of them doesn't appear that often, they still shone, like Lighting. Just like his blonde hair. They have their own pros.

World Background – 5/5. It's nice, mostly their in China at their base (CLM).



Ai Zhe was quite an opportunist, he moved decisively.

You'll be entertained by their story in the extra.

Another thing, I'm actually shipping...


Please tell me I'm not the only one. They matched quite well to me. Youngest couple.

Bye bye, calamitous loathsome men~

XiXi and MoMo, have a great married life.

Manager Liu, have fun with your husky Chen Wei. ;)

I'm rooting for you, Xinyi and Kitty!

Ruby, Lightning, CC, and other, bye bye ~ <<less
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
As my rating suggests, it's an OK read. Didn't enjoy the ride as much, because the typical OP levels of the ML and MC was tiring. I actually looked forward in seeing the side characters improvement due to it...I never do that.

Honestly it's kinda tiring to read after it hits c50 or so. I can already predict the ending and there's no waves or storms affecting our main characters. Plus, the esports aspect is too anticlimactic... ML is not that great of an character... And MC is a bit bland... more>> after a while... So I give it a decisive 3 stars. It's a pity since the beginning was quite nice. <<less
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sunwolf rated it
June 13, 2020
Status: --
our MC is the cool and clumsy type who is really meng! Even though he hates it when people call him cute. His shooting ability with a gun and a bow is inversely proportional. I haven't read far but as far as I have read is enough to get me hooked and begging for more.
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xiao Yi
xiao Yi rated it
July 26, 2022
Status: Completed
As you all may have noticed, I am not into gaming novels since the gaming terms were a bit too much for someone who's not into it. But for this one, maybe it's the humor and the fluffiness. I actually liked it a lot.

I love the cunning ML and the super cute MC. I love their friends and teammates.

I definitely recommend this even to those who are not into this genre.


“Calamitous Loathsome Men.” 😂😂

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Asteroit rated it
May 31, 2022
Status: Completed
It is a beautiful novel. I like main and Side characters. To be honest near the end it felt like author didn't want to write more about the game so just speed ran the championship games but I liked this novel it made me laugh and made ne happy in my exam month. My stress reduced so I'm very thankfull ;) if you like something light with e-sport and no drama you should definitely read this...
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Dooka rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: Completed
If the pacing near the end wasn’t so terrible it would be 4 stars, because it’s sweet and light. Translation was great but the story was really disappointing as it had so much potential that it didn’t fulfil. The last third of the novel is a giant tease, all sorts of great setup that was just skipped over or missed. It really feels like the author either gave up or had some kind of external pressure to finish asap. And the comp setup annoyed me out the wazoo😩
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lotuslilac rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: Completed

after binge reading this amazing novel for a week, I can honestly say that my diet consisted solely of dog food and now I’m severely lacking in nutrition ahaha
This novel was perfect! I’ve only read a few e-sports novel but this is definitely in my TOP 5! Our main couple, Mo Chen and Wen Xi, are a match made in Heaven!! Mo Chen’s flirty and doting character was perfectly conveyed and Wen Xi’s cuteness yet fierceness while playing was remarkably written!

I hesitated to read... more>> this after someone else wrote that it got boring after ch 50 but this is NOT TRUE!!! It only kept getting better and better! The relationships between teammates, the main couple, side couples, the audience, everything was perfect *chefs kiss*

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EternalMoonlight rated it
December 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I rate it 4.5. A fun read, not too much competition, more on romance. And since both of them are already great gamers, it's not very much a challenge for them dominating the game in a duo. It's okay. Easy and light read, no deep plot going on, pretty much focused on the fast improvement of MC using a bow in another game. Recommended read for a break in between other novels or after a heavy plot novel.
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chiizuholic rated it
December 2, 2021
Status: Completed
It was fun reading about the MC shocking and terrifying everyone with his bow, and I really like his personality, but I didn't like the ML at all. Aside from his god-like sniper skills there isn't anything else good about him imo. Even the way he's so devoted to MC is a bit of a turn-off because he does it in a way that shows that he doesn't care about everyone else, even his teammates. And that's just terrible considering he's the team captain. The team dynamics are just so... more>> bad, though it does get slightly better later on, and ML does reflect and change for the better. But it wasn't enough for me to like him.

I did like the other teammates, they had interesting personalities. And I liked the side CPs. My fave character is still Ai Zhe/Love Pig, though lol. <<less
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Kari95 rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Another fairly low-rated novel. I like the beginning of the novel especially between the interaction of the main couples but sadly towards the end, the author barely gave it attention. It suddenly became the side dish of this novel. It focuses more on the game elements. I just feel disappointed cause it has a lot of potentials especially since this novel has a few side couples. I just hope the author grabs this opportunity since this novel has a romance tag. I'm sure it will attract more novels since the... more>> author did a good job of giving life to the characters. Only the romance part is rushed and bland. Especially towards the end,


I was so shocked when suddenly the main couple wanted to get married already. Like, just like that. It was so surprising cause it wasn't a few chapters that they confessed to each other then suddenly get married so, it was shocking.


Either way, if you enjoy reading novels that focus more on the game elements, you can read this. At least the author did a good job of writing that part. <<less
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