Wait For Me After School


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Yu Fan didn’t like the sight of the new transfer student in his class.

The other party glanced at him.

Yu Fan: He’s looking for a fight.

The second glance.

Yu Fan: He’s asking if I’m scared.

Third glance.

The transfer student with his usual expressionless, iceberg-like face handed him a letter, “Classmate Yu.”

Yu Fan internally felt that this top student is annoyingly fastidious, even handing out a letter of challenge to request for a fight. He proceeded to roll up his sleeves and stand up.

“Please accept my love letter.”

Classmate Yu immediately sat back down.

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9 Reviews

Oct 29, 2022
Status: Completed
'Wait for me after school'? Might as well rename this to '36 Stratagems to Taming a Tsundere'! We get a refreshing male lead who is a blunt and extreme straight ball (except he's as straight as a macaroni) and a 'hard mouth but softhearted' cutie I want to take home and tease 'til he's red and steaming.

Couple Dynamic:

... more>>

I love how there is little to no dog blood misunderstanding between the two because of how straightforward and blunt ML is. Especially liked it when, after the long separation, they were still honest about how they have spent the last 6 years without each other. They com-mu-ni-cate! They care for each other a lot (reminds me of those times they cover up for each other without being asked to, and that one incident where a canon fodder's mother is involved and rumors evolved into a funny version of what happened), and they just want to give each other the best they can.

ML is a black belly who likes to sell misery to MC who has no guard against it. They're sooo cute. I really like their character configuration, especially MC's! There's that one time he tried to coax ML when he got into a fight and the latter found out about it and another time when (before they even got together) he gave ML a meal in a very tsundere way. He didn't discriminate against ML and even tried to let him down the best way he could.

After they got separated, I thought ML would blacken (because that's what usually happens in the novels I used to read) but I'm so glad that the author writes decent MLs except that questionable one from My Nemesis. Jingshen got a slight trauma from Yu Fanfan's sudden departure though (even I would T_T). Although Yu Fanfan tried to make up for it by saying, if Jingshen left him, he'll search for him longer than ML did, even if it takes his whole life (which is basically proposing to him considering MC's character *dies of fluff*).

I love how ML didn't give up on finding Fanfan (not the doggie haha). He's very patient, a virtue which is very important when it comes to dealing with tsunderes.


Who said this is boring!!! You guys, I don't know what kind of c-novels you usually read, but when it comes to this type of genre (school life/campus novel type) in c-novels, this is the standard formula:

    • little to no actions below the neck (might also be due to the Giant Wall of Censorship)
    • subtle romance/flirting
    • general focus on studying/improving one's studies
    • most couples keep it low key until they graduate/enter college
Since, you know, 'puppy love' romance is generally not encouraged in Chinese Society/culture (at least from what I know). So I don't know why you found it boring because they got handsy halfway through the novel and they make out a lot. They even dared to make out at school that one evening event.

Maybe you haven't read this laidback type of story before or it's just not your cup of tea. Also, I read a couple of novels by this author before. If you enjoyed their other works, you'll probably enjoy this as well. It might not be as exciting as getting a pentakill in a LOL competition, or eating chicken in PUBG while being carried by cutie who is a closeted voice-con but you'll get warm fuzzies from the main characters' interaction and get to snort in amus**ent from their friends' antics/shenanigans. I also enjoyed reading about the side characters, I find them amusing (that scene where the three friends smoked at the back of the car after they discovered their relationship hahahaha

Tremblingly smokes a cigarette. Jpg).

As a side comment:


I like how it's a female homeroom teacher (might not be 100% sure since I read MTL version) who shows care and concern for delinquent MC for once! It's usually characters like Hu Pang (Fatty Hu/Fatty Tiger) who are casted in Fangqin's role.


All in all, this novel leaves a refreshing taste. Nice job, author-san (^__^) b <<less
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Oct 07, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a sweet story 😉. I finished them in one day as I cannot let go. I feel like I even join their classroom and enjoy school life.

I'm glad MC didn't have up and no matter how bad situation goes he still didn't give up and walk straight on forward. I'm happy ML also finally get his first love.. Even after things happen, they didn't gave up on their 💕 love.

If anybody put a low ratings I sincerely recommend they get their brain check.
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Aug 02, 2022
Status: Completed
A very good school life/love novel, just look at author's other works, quality guaranteed. Good pacing, there is ups and downs, I even shed a couple tears, but after reading it I have a very positive upbeat feeling.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 02, 2022
Status: --
I was expecting to like this as I have a preference for stories where the ML is in love from the start, or from very early on

But I found it extremely boring. Nothing happened. One chapter was focused soley on them taking a test, others were the morning assembly, or monologuing about something or another.

Ive read slice of life before, and ive enjoyed it too, but this felt a bit bland. None of the characters really showed any emotion at anything happening, I couldnt connect with anything. Even the MLs... more>> interactions with MC were very serious and lacked much emotional depth.

Thats not to say this is bad. Slice of Life tends to be a big hit or miss with me, and this just so happened to lack the extra bit of emotion I needed to actually care about anything going on.

But you may like it, especially if you like slice of life. Definitely give this a go if you enjoy MLs who are inlove from the start (and very blunt about it too) <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Absolutely amazing, I love that the characters have depth and the plot pacing is great. I didn’t expect to think about this one as much as I did after finishing it, but it really makes me feel so much, it’s fantastic!!
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Jul 07, 2023
Status: Completed

Jiang Zi Bei's strength is her sense of humor and she really delivers on that front, from Chen Jingshen's green tea ways, Yu Fan's scathing remarks, to Wang Lu'an and Zuo Kuan's endless squabbling. What I didn't expect was knives from beibei. They hurt! But luckily it's a HE.

Slow to start, I was initially unimpressed until nearly halfway in when the characters started to grow on me, which is honestly far too late. Simply put, this is not JZB's standout work and there are better slice of life novels out... more>> there, but still very much an entertaining, hilarious, and sweet read.

Lastly, there is a side pairing revealed at the end that I didn't really care for but I'm sure some people will be happy to see it. <<less
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May 24, 2023
Status: Completed
finishing this story, I really feel so empty 🥲🥲

I read this story last year, but stopped at chapter 60. I searched for MTL and other translation links but nothing. Suddenly last night I found a complete translation link.

maybe a few months have passed, but this story is so very memorable, that without re-reading, I can continue reading without a hitch.

... more>> first, I really believe in the ability of the writer 🥲 this is really one of his masterpieces..

This tragedy is not really dark. This is sad, but not the type of drama, more to a story that touches the heart 😭😭

I really love ML and MC characters. Very very realistic.

To be honest, I hate stories in this genre, but this story seems to be full of exceptions.

this story is sweet, touching, and very memorable 😭😭🥺

its really so deep. <<less
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Dec 31, 2022
Status: Completed
Liked this novel a lot! I finished reading the raws very recently and just discovered that it was being translated here.

The beginning parts is your typical slice of life/school life/sweet romance. The ML is in love with the MC from the start, confesses really early, but it takes a pretty long time for the MC to fully warm up and accept him. No dog-blooded romance development, pretty straightforward. The MC is the type to be cold on the outside but really soft on the inside towards the ones he cares... more>> about (even if he will never admit it). We see him becoming more and more tolerant of the ML slowly inching his way inside his life, and also reacting more and more to his romantic gestures. In the later part something pretty angsty does happen (made me cry) but everything does round off well in a happy ending. Ngl the novel didn't necessarily stand out to me until the later parts because I have already read so many school life novels but a good spoonful of angst always does it for me 🤣 You truly start to see the strength of their bond and their feelings towards each other through this event and the distance it caused. And when everything is finally resolved there's a lot of really touching moments of just. Honesty. From both characters and the writing does well to portray the emotional depths of those moments. Anyways, nothing too spectacular, but definitely still would recommend. <<less
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Oct 01, 2022
Status: v1c63
I like the writing, the pace is a little too slow for me, but nothing extreme. There are still a few chapters left to finish, but I already liked it. I was thinking it would have more physical contact scenes (I like that kind of love demonstration) so I ended up being a little disappointed. But it's just my personal preference, it doesn't mean the book is bad. I totally recommend it!
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