Married the Scum Gong’s Villain Brother


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Jing Xun transmigrated into a novel called “All for love” and became the protagonist shou who was about to jump off the building because of love.

In the original book, the video of the protagonist jumping off a building circulated on the internet; he was known as a college student who wasted educational resources and did not have self-respect.

As a learning tyrant, Jing Xun asked: “Seriously, who is that?”

Jing Xun was good-looking and good at studying. He was simply excellent in all aspects but his health was not good.

Although he had transmigrated into a BE scum novel, he felt very fortunate because he finally had a healthy body… so Jing Xun planned to kick the scum gong away and do all the things he couldn’t do before.

However, he didn’t expect that the first extraordinary thing he did after transmigrating was to stand in a claustrophobic and dim room after being drugged, and ask for help from a handsome and indifferent Mr. Long Legs:

“Mister, can you help me?”

After a night of passion, Jing Xun felt that this gentleman was a good person.

Until two days later, Mr. Long legs came to the door and wanted to marry him.

Jing Xun: …Wasn’t it just a one-night stand!?

Associated Names
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Jià gěi zhā gōng de fǎnpài gēgē
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79 Reviews

New zenivamp
Mar 11, 2023
Status: Completed
This was pretty good. The MC and ML are in a equal relationship each having their own ability and power to stand at the same level.

Age gap, transmigration, second chance at life, transmigrated to a novel, sick to healthy, mental health problems, psychological, modern world, business world, marriage, schemes, face slapping, orphan, family schemes, murder, tragic past, happy ending HE.

Our MC is a genius but he is a bit naive and not as smart with real life situations but he still is pretty OP because of his intelligence. He develops... more>> computer programs and AI. The MC was a bit slow realising his own feelings even though they were already in a relationship whereas our Gong fell first.

Our ML is a hot older gong. He's the cold unreachable CEO type. He is only soft to our MC and he is cold to everyone else but he gets a lot warmer after getting into his relationship with the MC - Like a robot becoming a human.

Loved the extra at the end where they go back to another world either way they are happy everywhere! <<less
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New Pezwitch
Mar 08, 2023
Status: Completed
I noticed the reviews on this novel are mixed. I like transmigration novels. I like slice of life novels. I like novels with an MC who is an equal to ML

This novel has it all and is translated by one of my favorite translators, so I enjoyed it and was not bored at all

YMMV, give it a try if you like slow burn novels. Skip it if you like fast paced face slapping novels
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Oct 10, 2021
Status: --
Genuinely one of the worst novels I've ever tried to read. It's hard to pinpoint just one thing to call the worst part because nearly every element is s*upid beyond belief. I think this reaches so-bad-it's-good levels if you like that sort of thing, but I really can't do it.

It starts out with the uwu fwagile genius MC getting picked up from the airport by the military and being mobbed like a celebrity because he's just that smart. Then his friend (?) decides to tell him about a poorly written... more>> gay novel he read online for some unfathomable reason and it turns out to be SO bad, even just the retelling directly kills the glass-bones-and-paper-skin MC in one vicious psychic attack. Heartbreaking for the government funding that was wasted protecting this smoll bean when he didn't so much as cure cancer before kicking the bucket. A nation - nay, a world weeps.

Then the MC transmigrates into the worst novel ever written by a human being as describes by his friend (????), which makes me think maybe our pwecious cinnamon rwoll was secretly a really bad person actually because. Truly a fate worse than death. Anyway, he enters a universe where gay people are all strictly defined by being shous and gongs like a friggin abo novel, and where attempting suicide is a sign of weak moral fiber and not *checks text* a result of being bullied, isolated, drugged, and abused by your significant other. Okeedoke.

Long story short, the MC has a one night stand and bumps uglies with the """"""villain"""""" because, as everyone knows, that's what happens after you get roofied. ("Is this a one night stand?" the MC weeps piteously to the total stranger he is getting down and dirty with after having zero conversation and not even exchanging names. Versus what? A reLATIONSHIP???) The ML then does the courteous thing by waiting three days to propose. Propose marriage. He wants to marry the person he's never spoken to before based on one night which the MC self-describes as "unskilled" because he laid there and did nothing.

Getting a handsome billionaire husband. It's that easy.

I'm assuming the rest of the novel has some variation on the theme of "I can't marry you I don't love you" "I don't care I'm an overbearing CEO male lead" "okay I guess I'll marry you wait now the abusive ex-boyfriend is in love with me for real further showcasing that the abused, suicidal former protagonist's circumstances were all due to his bad personality so really that's his fault" face slap face slap everyone is in love with the MC but he only has eyes for his coercive husband who lives in a night club and has bipolar (...*carefully reseals that can of worms and sets it aside*) "hey everyone I've decided to use my military-protected genius to... drum roll... make video games!!!!!"

But I really wouldn't know because I didn't keep reading past chapter six.

Hey. Straight people. *puts a hand on straight people's collective shoulder* The top/bottom thing seriously doesn't matter that much. Let it go. <<less
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May 30, 2021
Status: Completed
a very good novel

MC (shou) was born with heart disease
he is a genius of math and science
he transmigrated in a book
he managed to change history
and he met his ML (gong)

his ML is the villain of the story
but in fact
we discover he's too cute
and he has a very sad past

... more>> MC is drugged and he spends the night with ML
ML decides to marry her
because they slept together
and because MC can calm him down

these are not spoilers
the first 2 chapters

the first 20 chapters are a bit slow
but the rest is awesome

the last extra scared me
they meet in the real world
but finally
it's only a dream
I loved

thanks to the author
thanks to the translator <<less
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Jan 18, 2022
Status: c22
2.8'ish star 🌟...

Look, I don't hate it. I love that the MC knows what he wants but- there's just no progress. The author overly concetrates on family and side characters and the back plot so that by the time we get to the ML and MC they're just having a meal or going to sleep... ALL THE TIME!! Like, why not just make the whole novel about the side characters and just delete out the main characters if that's what you wanted?!🙄

Terribly slow. They sleep together in the beginning... more>> and then for the next 128 chapters they're acting like ancient virgins around each other. How captivating!! I'm not the kind to hurry plots but atleast do something interesting while we wait; not explain how your parents met and how your grandparents met before that and the sicknesses each family member has ever had and creating a new character every 2 paragraphs... Like gal pleeeeaaaseee😖 go become a history teacher or sum.

Also, ML literally has no humanism except the cliche cold on the outside sweet to the MC on the inside thing. Like- And trust me when I say I want my main couples attractive, but that has literally become the ML's whole personality, according to the author.

"He was such an observant person... Also really attractive 🥺"

"He went to the toilet.. with his attractive slender pair of heavenly gorgeous legs...🥺"

"He was stabbed in the back and... His gorgeous adorable attractive nose slowly running out of air and his pretty slender never before seeen slender white and transparent arms, grabbed around for something to hold onto...🥺"

Aight I'm done <<less
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Jul 15, 2021
Status: Completed

At the moment I'm only at chapter 63 (mtl), but I have to admit this story is pretty cute! Not the kind that sells meng, but more the kind that sells dog food in droves XDDD

Not to mention that this is the kind of story where you're like "respect is the sexiest thing in a partner". Like, the ML is so cute! He's kind of cold and akward, but he takes such good care of the MC! And he's not the type to care as... more>> if the other is a child! No! He gives space and respect and affection! He is a f*cking angel! I love him! The MC is also an angel! He is calm and respectful, always caring about others, but also making clear the limits of approach to others, he is so polite but very direct! I love him too! Again, what I love about them is that both only wants the other to be fully recognized and loved by other people, they themselves are so proud and admire each other so much that they only wants other people to see how amazing the other party is.

(Spoiler of chapter 62)

Like rn, ML wants to build a AI departament in the company, and wants to put MC as the director leader of the project, not only coz he recognizes MC talent, but also coz he wants MC to be respected and loved by others! This! THIS is what I call "sexy respect"!!! &Gt;< ✨✨✨✨✨

The side characters are interesting. It doesn't have a lot of details and appearances, but when they do appear it's pretty interesting too. I love the Tang brothers (was that their last name??), and the employees at Yiwei (was that the company name??) are also very professional and fun. Love much! I'll update my review when I'm done reading. But so far, for this kind of slice of life kind of genre, I'm loving it!


Thats it. I really loved this one! It can be called slow paced, but it's more coz the novel itself is sort of slice of life (add some sad bcg for both MC and ML; but no worries coz they both are optimismtic about life, they are straighfoward and live a good couple and individual life as they should). In any case I think this story is really lovely and heartful, there is parts that I felt bittersweet in a good way (like when it described MC feeling distressed for ML former life before they met, also his past and illness; or when they both would confess their love for each other in the most unusual yet heartful way, like in the little thing in their daily life ukn). It's a rlly good story for ones that like slow/slice of life bl genre. <<less
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Aug 01, 2021
Status: c27
MC has a protagonist halo and the logic is a bit broken. But that's what lets you turn your brain off and enjoy a low pressure, relaxing read for this story.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 10, 2022
Status: extra 1 part5
I’ve just finished reading at it took me a bit to fully understand why I’m seeing so many bad reviews that got so many likes as well. I’m honestly surprised and not in a good way at all; sure, this story is a light read and it’s full of excitement but did you really saw the genre and tags, read the summary AND STILL EXPECT SOMETHING ELSE?
Y’all are ridiculous 눈_눈
And the laughable thing is 99% of these bad reviews haven’t read the entire thing, there’s even a glorious... more>> seer that stated what they thought would happen for the rest of it when it was quite the opposite😶

😪 Anyways, this story took a soft approach to this genre and it was good. I got to know more than a handful of characters which is always welcome; the MC’s personality and characteristics suited him well and really shouldn’t bashed to the ground like that. Not every MC that have OP abilities needs to always shove down others throats that they are.
As for the ML, I fell in love with him and that feeling grew over time. He’s one of the few that has the overbearing CEO templates that is actually more human under that shell.


Therapy exists here and even though he wasn’t fully healed, he’s well on way; a constant work of progress and that really touched me because no one is perfect yet he can still be RESPECTFUL and wanting all of the good things for his lover, which made him wants to get better quicker and I just wanna give him a huge hug and spoil him rotten🥺😣 Even at the beginning I felt disappointed when I assumed that he would do tons of non-con s*x with MC while he wasn’t in the right state of mind (even the MC did lol) but he didn’t, controlled himself to an insane degree and succeeded.. I’m so proud💖


I think the only thing I didn’t really like but in a lowkey yet funny way is that MC calls the ML Sir or Mr... It just feels like they’re gonna do some kinky s*x at anytime and anywhere🤭 <<less
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Nov 17, 2021
Status: c43
I usually love these kind of fluffy novels and to be honest I liked this one too till 25th chapter or so.

BUT then I started noticing the problems. Even if it doesn't have a plot I don't mind but I couldn't ignore these points.

It's too slow.

... more>> ◆Here, these are some points that I didn't like :

● I thought The MC was smart at start. But later I realized the he only has high IQ and no EQ. No issues. Dense, I get it.

But how can he ignore obvious things even after he had s*x with the ML. For eg.

Taking kiss marks as mosquito bites.


In chapter 43 he said the ML doesn't have a desire at all. Here is his thoughts in this particular chpters

Besides, the “old-fashioned” and polite Shen Yijin was someone who didn’t have a shred of desire at all, he wouldn’t suddenly... give him a kiss that resembled biting

. Really dude, that guy had made out with you so many times on his own initiative and you are saying he doesn't have any desire.?!

● The MC is extremely thin skin for my taste. He doesn't want to be looked at all even by their own servants while hugging his own husband's arms. It's too intimate to be seen (?).

● They super formal with each-other even till now. It's not like couple at all. They both talk to each-other so formally. The MC says that because they have respect for each-other. I can't buy this as this kind of respect looks more like an employee-employer not a couple. I have read many novels where the couple looks so lovey dove yet respect each-oher.

● I have huge issues with the writing.

In a single chapter, 35% content is what they are doing and 65% content is how handsome they are looking while doing it. For eg

-How handsome the ML looks while sitting, standing, drinking coffee, walking, talking etc etc etc. Mentioning each time how long his legs are.

-how thin skin the MC is. He will describe a whole chapter about how he doesn't want to removes his pants even for applying medicine on his injuries after falling. Or how he should sleep so that he won't touch the ML at all while sleeping on the same bed.

Literally them going from home to coffee house takes a whole chapter because the content is all about how good they look while doing simple necessary things.

I really want to drop this novel now but I'm gonna read a few more chapters as I already have come half way. If it still doesn't have any development then I'll drop it.


As of now it's not recommended as the fluff given is also not worth it. There are so many better fluff novels with kind of some premise if you are interested. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 04, 2021
Status: c50
I really enjoy the MC and the ML relationship here. ML is a typical cold CEO type character but HE COMMUNICATES. In fact this is what I like about this novel, the two of them communicate with each other and don't have any silly misunderstandings.

This novel is pretty good for a light read. Don't expect too much plot wise, just enjoy.
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Jun 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Actually its not complete yet.

There's still some extras. But I can't find it

I was really shocked when its ended like that and then I noticed the should be some extras

I love the couple. ML is so sweet towards MC. Sweet and totally fluffy.

I laugh when Bohan suffered. When the original owner head over heels for him, he let his friends insult the original owner. But after MC transmigrated into original owner, MC ignores Bohan, and Bohan be like "you still love me, you get together with my brother because you mad at me. Im sorry lets get back" ARE YOU KIDDING ME BISH!? And the way MC talks back to him makes me laugh so hard😂😂


But the story is too short tho😢😢 I want more of it😭😭
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Ame Chan
Ame Chan
Jun 26, 2022
Status: Completed
First thing first.. I see some really nasty reviews here, especially one particularly long rant and I need people to know that that person has NOT read the novel!!! Everything they wrote in the description is NOT how it went in the novel. For some reason, this person just wants to flame and throw hate! Read it for yourself and make your own judgement. Go check the comments on the actual site and see if anyone is complaining like this!

... more>>

It's NOT a dog blood novel, even though it talks about dealing with mental health issues. Both main characters are strong, and most importantly the ML is NOT A DISGUSTING BASTARD! That's the narrative that most people like so they hate this character. If you're looking for dog blood, back stabbing, angst, depression, [email protected], ridiculous misunderstandings upon misunderstandings and all that gorey stuff that comprises most BL novels, then this is NOT the story for you.

It's not a happy-go-lucky story either. The main difference between this and many other novels is that from the very beginning our main couple actually COMMUNICATES! If they suspect something or are uncertain, instead of sitting in negativity and letting their imaginations run wild and do all sort of madness, they actually ASK the other person and CLARIFY! Apparently this is something taboo...

Not saying people must like the story, however, if you're going to tr*sh talk something at least get your facts straight! It's people just like them the couple face slaps in the novel! (I'm laughing my @ss off at ppl complaining about the amount of face-slapping.. honey, I wish there was more!)

If you are looking for an interesting transmigration story, that is IMO well written and has some unique and interesting elements not usually explored in BL or Transmigration novels, then you definitely need to give this a read! It may seem 'slice-of-life' at times, but that's because the MC determined from the beginning that he wants to avoid the drama and actually sticks to that mindset. He realised he has the opportunity to live life differently than how he was previously able to and wanted to take that opportunity. ML was the one who recognised his brilliance and encouraged him to not hold back and show his own strength because he doesn't want others to say bad things about him, which many tried to do, including the MC's scum paternal family!

Their relationship did NOT start out on the basis of love (I'm not sure why people complain about this when there was absolutely no way for readers to think it did!)), but they were courteous and respectful to each other despite the awkwardness. And we see the development and changes into them being in love.

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Mar 31, 2022
Status: extra 1 part5
Ok story that started good and became rather boring.

Really positive is the relationship and communication between MC and ML. Both are rather straightforward and express themselves well. Even delicate and complicated matters between them were solved instantly without dogblood.

As good as it started, the author somewhere lost the way. It became boring and the writing style was not my cup of tea.

There were rather often story parts that were told after it happened which is confusing. Like at the beginning ML was searching for MC, didn't even know his name,... more>> met him and asked him to wait for him (ML had a meeting to attend). Then they meet and talk about a video incident. I was really confused as to when he has seen that since he didn't know MC. Half a chapter later the author tells us that MC saw this video while walking from his meeting to that Cafe. Something like this happens all the time and it feels like the writer just came up with this and put stuff in belatedly and justified it this way.

As much annoying as this were the narration- answer parts. Something is clearly written in an explaining narration or thinking pattern and then MC/ML actually answers or comments this. I can't tell you how often I checked if I missed the brackets... this made the reading somewhat bumpy.

The translation itself was rather good. I just wish the translator went with the original honorific for ML cause it really feels wrong when MC calls his husband Mr. or Sir throughout the whole story. I mean.... you know... they just had an intimate moment and then " Sir, I love you".... yeah no. This just killed the mood for me.

So as I said it is an ok read. Nothing special, the faceslapping is somewhat insufficient. Didn't feel really satisfying and there were a lot of strings left dangling. Lots of side characters were simply forgotten and left without a satisfying resolution. Even the "scum gong" didn't have a real ending. The story went into a good direction at first and there were a lot of good possibilities but unfortunately the writer didn't grasp those opportunities.

It is OK to read this but better turn off your brain and do not try to be too logical. <<less
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Jun 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I kinda like it. Sweet and fluffy. But sometimes boring, the story isn't detile, no climax.

It's about the MC crossover the book become a s*upid protagonist shou whose fall in love with Scum gong and make a bloody love story. MC avoids the scum gong so as not to get involved with a tragic love story novel, instead he meets and entangled by the novel's fierce Villain who is the half brother of the scum gong. After know the villain and marry him, he realized that ML actually not a... more>> bad person but a pittifull person and blackened after knowing some truth. Here the MC try to make the ML avoid his tragedy and happy ever after.

The MC is innocent, who never see the world because of his illness. He is genius and kind, virgin from heart to the body but not s*upid in EQ. Just slow. The ML is cold and Fierce, but melt for MC. He knows when to be jealous but never limits the mc's movement. So he's actually very tolerant of MC, but to other people he is scary.


the ML has a mental disorder, a little paranoid. His mother suicide in front of him. This truth event is the cause of the ML blackened in the book. There Will be mc's senior (the story teller of this book) crossover


So actually the storyline already good, but the main problem execution isn't good. I mean, I was looking forward to the main event but apparently there was no wave. Ordinary. And the Scum gong scene actually short just spices for the development of the feelings of the main partner. But it's ok. If you don't like rollercoaster feeling, you can read this. <<less
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Jun 07, 2022
Status: Completed
to be very honest I dont know why there's so many bad reviews?? I thought this novel was quite good! Very cute and sweet and light hearted. The plot wasnt complicated and it was mostly about the MC and ML's life and their sweet moments!

I found them to be soooo adorable. Throughout the whole novel I was eating dogfood and gushing about how cute they are!! Totally recommend this if you want to read a lighthearted but cute n sweet novel.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 20, 2021
Status: Completed
It’s cute, but the ending could have been better. But for fluff and no heartache, this is the book to read.
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Sep 01, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't know, aiihhh, this is good.

This is satisfying in emotional side. But on the last chapter you will find many thing that has not been explained.

Many question arise after I read lat chapter (maybe cause I haven't read the extras).

... more>>

1. What happened to the vegetative father Shen?

2. What Shen Bohan's reaction after the last chapter scene?

3. What would happen to the side couple?

4. As I remember there are two senior with our MC in a car crash accident so why the other didn't appear in the novel?

5. What happened to the Yan Jingxun (original) 's family?

6. I want to see Yan Jingxun (original) 's little brother.

7. They always talk about marriage, when will it be held?

8. MC is Prof. Huo's student but the two never had any mentionable teacher-student relationship at all (?)

9. I want to see Yan Jingxun graduate (?)

10. What happened to Yan Jingxun (original) ?


... and many many more question.

The most distressing character in here is of course our ML, the Big Villain Mr. Shen.

Well, until I found where I can read the extras (asap), I will keep looking ;) <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 19, 2021
Status: c36
This story is pretty boring, before reading I've saw a comment saying that the first 20 chapters were boring and slow so I wasn't surprised, the first few chapters were pretty interesting but even after 30+ chapters the story still doesn't seem to go anywhere. If you're looking for a sweet story to spend time I wouldn't recommend it to you either.
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Jul 02, 2021
Status: Completed
Really like the novel. It's quite simple and kind of full with dog food. Anyways, there's no angst so you don't need to worry about it. The ML is very good and doting towards the MC. While the MC is also very good towards ml. Their relationship may start awkward but you can gradually see both of them start to care for each other.

I do think that if you don't read the extra chapter, you might think it end abruptly. Anyways, just Google the chinese name, and there's a website... more>> for it. It's piaotian something. Idk. Just Google it.

Anyways, don't expect much since its really simple with no conflict between their relationship. I love how the ML respect the MC. <<less
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Apr 14, 2022
Status: Completed
With an MC who may be naive due to growing up kinda sheltered and with slightly low EQ due to lack of life experience, but still not s*upid, the novel did not exactly hit the mark with me since I prefer calm, strong, hard-working, independent, high IQ and EQ MCs compared to the cutesy naive and clumsy shou type. However, since the MC here is calm, hard-working and smart I do not mind him all that much, although I would have preferred him not regressing into a spoilt child as... more>> the story and the relationship with the ML progressed.

The plot itself was fine. For the large part of the story I was confused about the ML's condition/sickness since they didn't really say what exactly he had. Figured it was some sort of PTSD that led to mood swings and violent tendencies sometime along the way while reading. Hallucinations were also mentioned once. I'm not exactly sure how accurate my assumptions are or how accurate the portrayal of his mental disorder is considering how it was so easily cured within a few months of knowing the MC. So I won't comment on that.

Another thing that confused me sometimes was the time span where everything played out. The plot moved so fast yet felt so slow due to something happening seemingly every day in succession. So while it felt like the plot and relationship of the main CP progressed slowly and gradually since the writing did not seem hurried, when you look back on how few days had actually passed, you get a whiplash. Heck, they fell in love and got a marriage certificate after only knowing each other for what, two months? And within that time, they got into several conflicts with the MC's ex, several other antagonists and started the MC on a new career next to being a student. So much happened in so little time.

If my life was that eventful, I would faint from exhaustion. <<less
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Jan 07, 2022
Status: c59
Too much faceslapping in the latter half and plot progress is a bit too slow. I initially liked MC's character and his mature and somewhat comedic thought process, but he acts too frail and pitiful with the ML that it's hard for me to digest. Sometimes I think MC is better off alone so we get to see his independent, smart self more. Yes, he's 179cm- which is great to see that he's supposedly not the typical small and fragile shou, but the author cannot stop praising his good looks,... more>> porcelein smooth skin every single time the MC gets brought into the scene. You cannot go without at least 2 paragraphs hailing his beauty whenever the novel introduces the MC. His character wanes off later in the story as he becomes more meek..

Romance is a bit stale with the ML being too good to be true tbh! A big boss who just throws off his schedule to take the MC to university every single day.. And even on a bike before work. Not sure how he functions as the boss now being in a relationship with the MC as he always seem to be available and at MC's beck and call. He provides the MC with everything to the point of MC being really spoiled. On another note, I was interested to see how the ML recovers from his mental illness, and was hoping to read about MC helping ML in his path to recovery, but the novel doesn't focus on that unfortunately.

I'm also not sure why this was tagged yaoi instead of shounen-ai, the only intimate scene is at the beginning of the novel. And it's not even written explicitly, only implied. Everything else is in riddles and hardly ever goes beyond kissing. Censorship is real on this one. <<less
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Jan 03, 2022
Status: c70
Pephem summary of the beginning is about right, but I read a bit more, and scrolled that far to find sleep (at least it's ok for that, albeit a bit unnerving which is not great)

i also found the story repetitive in describing how supremely good looking cute or cold (MC /ML), etc caricatural traits the protagonists have - both of them are very poor when it comes to emotions : the happy Sunny boy has not social experience and only knows how to smile and be obedient to his... more>> owner, the owner might have too much, and is unexpressive and deranged- in a very different way, you could nearly say both are autistic, for their world is strangely limited ?

The pace is awfully slow, the character development inexistant, or maybe negative when it comes to the MC, and that's probably what ruins it

It could have been fun to follow that little genius with no social experience, a lots of personal talents but limited by the fact he shouldn't show too much - his world discovery could have been interesting, his growth had quite a potential too, lastly his ability to change the story could have bring extra challenges

There was not much difference between the MC and the person he replace, that was good too... he's just more assertive and quite a bit more talented, enough to change everything without anybody noticing - It was also really good the previous incarnation had a lot of qualities. But it's not used either alas... How fun would it have been to send our awkward genius tackle ordinary labor, at least, until he's replace ? How interesting would it have been to see him really struggles with no money for a little while : honestly how can it be so easy to change his conditions ?
The setting could have been really nice, lots of characters could also have changed through the ripple effects of that one transmigration, and that would have been fun to see what wins : the peer pressure or the independent mind of the new soul ?

Instead of that, the protagonist becomes the tycoon boyfriend after so very few chapters, that you entirely lose the focus of growth and discovery and, you absolutely pass by any potential difficulties - the end ?

It also really doesn't help that one is called by a short name, while the other is still called « sir » or « mister » after 70 episodes : how does it feel for a loving couple ?

i also found the writer to suffer a very common schizophrenic depiction of wealth : let's be clear, all the misery from childhood the characters from the book suffered is basically the result of a very unequal society and greed for either money (alimony) or inheritance (status plus money for the rich family) , it's almost clearly said it makes people lazy and wicked (the scum gong, his friends and supporters in the family, but also the step brother of the MC on his father's side, etc.)

Despite that clear toxic statement, you have to throw a modest and uninterested MC into the arms of a billionaire, make his rich over night, and accumulate fanning episodes about the compulsive buying or use of big brands that are recognized as the ultimate value to evaluate a person's worth - while of course, it means nothing to them (waste is never a problem)

« Hate the poor worship the rich « still the show while the author doesn't even realize it !

Romance wise, it started with a curious and enthusiastic grown up relationship, it also starts with two males protagonists having the ambition to become husbands...

how refreshing ?!... but all that good stuff doesn't last :/

The second husband soon will be labeled « wife » / sister in law. But that's not the worse: the mature perspective of two grow adults enjoying a full relationship is soon replaced by a 12 years old romance, full of ridiculous 20+year old couple blushing to hold hands, obsessing on hickeys, and nothing more... What with the adulation of abstinent spirit and of blushing « innocence » ? How about hormones deficiency ?

i don't mind ellipses, but how tiresome it is to read roundabout ridiculous ways to add s€xual innuendo in a pile of ridiculous misunderstandings (broken butt ends up in but massages, with several interruptions, etc.) It's not cute, it's borderline gruesome !

good point : there's no violence and the dynamic between the two is on the sweet side, the ML is truly devoted and cares in many nice and empowering ways. Strangely. Despite being described as an actual psychiatric patient, he's way more normal than your regular abusive yandere president - go figure

good again, the communication from the MC is extremely good, he never leaves room for misunderstandings ans he's particularly attentive to explain without ambiguity. He also mostly ask when he himself has doubts, it makes for a very clean way to trust one another, that's really cool :) <<less
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