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Wang Lin is a very smart boy with loving parents. Although him and his parents are shunned by the rest of their relatives, his parents always held high hopes that he will one day become someone great. One day, Wang Lin suddenly gained the chance to walk the path of an immortal, but found that he only had mediocre talent at best. Watch Wang Lin as he breaks through his lack of talent and walks the path towards becoming a real immortal!

Renegade Immortal average rating 4.1/5 - 636 user ratings
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Tiên Nghịch
Xian Ni
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New shackzy rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c453
Alright I came reading this after ISSTH since most of the people rated it good but if you are going to read it u should know some things first. This novel deserve 2 or 3(deppend on what taste do last ch's leave) stars but since everyone here votes 5 without any explanation i went and put it down a little.

One of the good things is MC development trough the story since the change in mentality and behaviour of Wang Lin undergoes extreme transformation. Also other characters here are very nicely... more>> shaped and their personalities are solid and constant. World building is sometimes little speed up but overall really nice altough confusing(but I think it's because of the translation I read). Feelings are also very detailed since you can also feel the conflict in Wang Lin hearts and how his resolution shapes.

Now some of the bad things

MC isnt really smart rather he sometimes feels crazy and relies on past experiences. At one point during his more "ruthless" stage I feel like author overdid it a little since his killings and murders feel shallow. There isnt really any socialising unless mc urgently need something or wants to scam something. Bad guys are pretty much the same as in any Xianxia the difference is that here they come in flocks and some even without reason. The number of insignificant people and their names might also pose a problem for new readers since minor characters you meet for 1 page appear like a memory fragments along the way and you might mix some similar names. Also cultivation...oh god...cultivation is really bland.

There are no techniques in it at all. Wang Lin just cultivates...that's it. At the start there were cultivation techniques but after a while seems they were forgotten. Since there arent any techniques, treasure vs treasure ensues. Few examples. vs low ivl bystanders (points hand, "die" and the person exploded in blood mist) vs "bad guys" (throws sword "sword spirit attack" 0 dmg, 1k soul flag attack 20 dmg, my soul attack, crit 70 dmg-->cut him sideways or step on his head)

There is also some heavy plot armor which can be also due to opponent arrogance or incredible luck. <<less
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New args.equals.5
July 2, 2017
Status: --
One of the better novels out there. The story is MC focused, the side characters give a proper amount of dialogue and not that kind of trash fill-an-entire-chapter kind of dialogue, the story is unique, the MC has intelligence and somewhat of a likable personality. The only downside is that this is one of those stories that has the MC plainly killing because someone insulted him; It seems like the story will go down the same path as ISSTH with just OP hero and MC killing people who insult him... more>> though. <<less
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strixflash rated it
May 16, 2016
Status: Completed
Finished reading Xian Ni (Renegade Immortal) and I would definitely say that it's one of the better Chinese novel out there. Don't worry the review doesn't have spoilers :)

The ending was satisfying. The only disappointing (and frustrating) part was the boring romace. 

The storyline focus on different phases of MC's life (innocent toddler to eccentric expert). Er Gen has done each phase very well.

For the first time readers the starting 100-150 chapters might seem bad. I can understand that as those chapters focus on MC's transction from a naive child to... more>> a ruthless cultivator instead of action. Later on you realize the importance of those chapters when the series take a dark tone. The starting chapters are light hearted and yet tell the dark side of world.

At start MC is hesitant to kill even after learning that the world follows the law of jungle. Er Gen smartly wrote the transction of a naive child to a ruthless cultivator. You could actually feel the hesitancy MC shows as he steps on the dark side. Later on he becomes totally ruthless but the starting of series provide the reasons.

Some would say that it's a revenge story. Believe me this is not the usual stupid revenge tale. Xian Ni is 2K+ chapters but the revenge part hardly last for 100 chapters and even in those chapters more than 50% of them are focused on outside adventures. In other tales you always root for MC but in Xian Ni you would actually feel sad for the bad guys.

The revenge arc was full of bittersweet moments. The best part was the epilogue of revenge arc...I won't spoil them for you but believe me they are the most beautiful chapters a xianxia series can have.

The most unique part of the series is that Wang Lin's life is full of tragedy unlike other xianxia. Sure MC is lucky in cultivation but he's hardly happy. The storyline is grim and even the death of minor characters would make you sad.

A novel worth reading even though it gets dragged out later on. I would call it my favorite novel but sadly the annoying romance stopped me. But still worth a read. <<less
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crazykat rated it
August 6, 2016
Status: c514
Xian Ni.. It was a series that i was very reluctant to read or even try to read due to all these comments about it not being a very good story or MC being too heartless and not likable or no character development or there being no romance.

Honestly speaking i dont regret a single moment since the first time i started reading to the point i am at currently. It has a great story with a world that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. MC feels very unique and likable.... more>> He is smart and cunning.. not just from the perspective of the characters inside the book, but you feel it yourself while reading it. On top of that you can tell exactly how brilliant Er Gen is from the way he writes his character. They all feel unique and fun to read about, the characters make you emotional, mad and sometimes you just cant help but have a dumb smile on your face. I also want to point out that MC doesnt get Super strong from the start and he has to actually struggle and fight with his mediocre talent, you can actually see him struggling which i find very refreshing.

To summarize, you see a little innocent village boy with almost no talents in cultivation, a person who is just trying to make his parents proud by following the so called immortal cultivation path slowly getting to know how ruthless the cultivation world actually works, which in turn end up turning our MC into a ruthless cold hearted person who will kill anyone that means to do harm to him or anyone close to him.

All in all i dont think this is a story for everyone. There isnt alot of romance, MC doesnt do good deeds to save people to get glory, there are some humor which are really fun to read and finally there is no drama which i find intriguing. Its a very straightforward story of a innocent boy who turns into a cold hearted person due to the environment around him. If you are looking for romance, harem, drama, and are expecting the MC to be kind and nice to people that try to kill him.. then you are looking at the wrong novel. <<less
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LoneDK rated it
August 6, 2016
Status: Completed

One of the better Xianxia you'll find. The story is not as formulaic as other xianxia and it always keep things interesting by mixing it up. The MC's adventure is interesting to read and not just go here -> insult this generic villain -> find treasure -> kill villain's entire family. Villains in this novel has personality and not just some jumped up rich boy who gets offended by everything that the MC does.

The pacing is also excellent. You don't feel like the MC is rushing from one thing to another with no stop like some other xianxia (cough cough Martial World). Took off one star for the horrendous romance. Er Gen knows how to do many things but romance is not one of them. The main love interest is a non-character that is somehow the "driving force" for MC even though their time together is shallow to say the least. There's a quasi harem that gets going but you will end up feeling sorry for the harem member more than anything else.

Overall, if you discount the romance this is a must read. Especially if you are tired of formulaic and repetitive xianxia.

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Animesquad7 rated it
May 9, 2016
Status: --
Slower pace than ISSTH, but no less inferior. Read up to chap 238

As a novel created by Er gen, we can expect great things such as a story that stands out among the many generic wuxia/xianxia novels, a smart main character with an equally firm determination, immersive world of immortals, and unique ways of fighting and cultivation methods.

Since this novel proceeded issth, you can clearly see many similarity and will be delighted to see where the author gets its inspiration on writing things we loved from issth. The pacing... more>> is a bit slower than issth which provides the story to develop with a clear understanding. The main character has a similar personality as meng hao, especially at the beginning of the story, just a lot colder and less comedic because of things that happened in the story. Revenge seems to play a big part in the current arcs, but I can see him moving past this after we move on the story and delve into bigger issues as the main character is becoming more involved in the events of his world.

If you liked issth, you shouldn't miss out on this. Trust in Er gen, the plot master to give you high quality story. <<less
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Deohge rated it
June 6, 2016
Status: c224
This is novel is a whole new take on cultivation novels. This story is so compelling that in all my years of reading xianxia this is the first one to make me attempt learning Chinese. That should be enough to explain it.
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keklel rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: --
“The initial arc tries to remind us that Wang Lin has emotional ties to his parents, and yet time passes as if it means nothing. Months and years are written off as the MC secluded himself and cultivate multiple times, making you wonder what’s the point of all the characters introduced so early if they aren’t used regularly. What you are going to encounter after the dramatic defeat of the MC’s sect is chapters and chapters of struggling to power-up while in life-and-death circumstances. Lots of description of seclusion and... more>> powering up. Lots and lots of it. Power up yes, but to what end? I appreciate the efforts of the translators, but there is no driving force, no motivation to the MC’s behavior except to survive. It’s like reading on and on about some kid painstakingly solving his math homework. The only mystery is in his cheat item which houses a powerful immortal (as usual), but after 90+ chapters I am not aware of any long term goal set by the MC. Initially he wanted to take revenge on the said arrogant cousin, but after the authors made the time skips, the goal seemed insignificant compared to the power scale being talked about.”

Have to agree this is an accurate summary of the story at least up to chapter 300 which is where I dropped it. He powers up, gets revenge, then continues powering up for no apparent reason (oh yeah, to free that old man in the marble, i forgot that since it literally happened 400 years ago).

The comment about time scale is extremely accurate. MC secluding himself and training for 400 years straight is considered NORMAL. There are people waiting THOUSANDS OF YEARS for a plan to hatch. Distances in the millions of kilometers are used to describe the length of an ocean. There are Gods who can literally eat planets, and these Gods have physical bodies which survive for MILLIONS OF YEARS that MC can somehow travel in. The sense of time and space is totally distorted. I heard by the time MC travels back through the ocean to his love interest she died of old age already…that is in line with the rest of the novel. Lightning bolts….yeah, you can’t eat them. Don’t know if this is a translation error but…yeah, you can’t eat lightning bolts, sorry. idk why the author thinks you can eat lightning bolts as if they're physical objects or something.

Also, MC comes back to avenge his family…in the process of doing so he causes the death of his only surviving family member. This guy is not smart, I’ll tell you what. <<less
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Erenox rated it
March 9, 2017
Status: c112
I see a few things people complain about a lot that I'd like to retort.

1)The MC is too ruthless/evil

He's not evil, he doesn't go around killing people for fun or kill someone just because they annoy him. He doesn't kill people even if they have something that benefit him, he'll ask them first and only if they try to kill him will he kill them.

Although this is a fantasy world, at least this type of personality is much more aligned with the real world. Real men will do whatever... more>> it takes to get what they want, and destroy anyone that stands in their way. As you can see all the most powerful and wealthy people in the world aren't saints.

Either way, this is how it should be. If God stands in your way kill God, if Buddha stands in your way kill Buddha.

The Christian God wipes out the entire planet, wages war, and mass murders regularly throughout their bible. Why do they still worship it? Because power is everything. With power, it doesn't matter what you do. Might makes right.

2)He doesn't have a reason to get stronger
This is a idiotic complaint because this is like telling people in our world that they don't have a reason to become rich so they shouldn't bother trying to get money.

In the novel you have to be strong to stay alive. Also there's no need for a grand reason to become stronger, just like there's no need for a grand reason to try to obtain wealth in our world.

That being said, this novel is following the adventures of the MC, just like most novels are. Reasons for doing things will reveal itself eventually, they don't need every single goal listed from the start. <<less
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Ark-End rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: c375
This story is SERIOUS. I liked Er Gen for I Shall Seal the Heavens and A Will Eternal, but the feeling I got from this story was completely different.

I was deterred from reading this story for a long time by a review that said the MC became an arrogant and horrible person. The MC goes through immense struggles and turns into a ruthless person, but he's never a cruel person. It's just a cruel world. The MC may act like a demon sometimes, but his pain and emotion is... more>> just as prominent.
I have never been as emotionally invested in a character as in this one.

Having caught up to the translations, I am feeling so sad that I'm writing a review for the first time in a few months.
I can firmly say that this is my favorite story ever. Please read this story.

I'm surprised this isn't higher rated. Usually with bad stories I can understand why they dislike it, but a lot of the reviews seem ridiculous to me.

Yes, he is not the kindest person ever. That's because the author is willing to make a complex character. In most Xianxia you have an amazing person who is never put into a situation complex enough to result in anything hurtful happening to anybody not a horrible person, and everybody who is not on the MC's side is a horrible person.

Yes, the heavenly artifact is put aside a lot. I find that a lot more interesting than Wu Don Qian Kun, where the artifact gives him everything he ever needs. The MC actually needs to work hard and have more than just an artifact.

No, to the people saying he has no clear goal. There was only some time after the revenge plot before he has a very important purpose again, and that's not the bead. Even if you don't include that, Er Gen really likes to focus on how power is everything. The MC obviously wants the power to protect his friends. Most Xianxia protagonists just cultivate for no reason.

Please try this story. <<less
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Ogami-kun rated it
June 9, 2016
Status: c253
When I started reading I thought that it was the usual revenge story with the MC being OP thanks to his secret treasure and the secret technique left by the usual grandpa and I dropped it.

Later I started again and I have to say that I misjudged it.
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CookieMonster rated it
November 2, 2016
Status: c301
This is a fantastic novel!

I keep reading for the worldbuilding. The concepts are just so fresh compared to the other xianxia novels I've read! Or they at least put a new spin on things. Like (I don't think these count as spoilers? But just to be safe)

... more>>

weird cultivation methods and creatures, mysterious law-defying trial realms, soul devourers and wandering souls, different cultures, and -- this part really stands out from most xianxia -- having to revert to a mortal to make a breakthrough. I also find it refreshing that not all foreshadowings actually come true in this novel, and that he joins so many sects at different points in time XD.


Admittedly, some ideas have holes in them like being able to travel through space, but I'm the type of reader that's like meh.

The MC is likeable. He's decisive and smart, and he knows when to take risks. He's ruthless but he has his reasons for it, plus he mellows over time, in certain situations. He's not humorous like Chu Yang (again, Lone Wolf tag), but he's not bad compared to other MCs.

There is some romance. Barely. Sadly.
But it really is impractical for him to have a serious romance at this stage, as an unaffiliated lone wolf. That would just get the both of them killed.

Sometimes there are clusters of chapters where he just fights and it feels tiring to read. But his devils give some comic relief in the middle. And it all pays off when you get to his experience in the mortal world! It reminds you that our MC is still human. Plus, it's NOT just fight-kill-repeat. His situations and environments change enough that it keeps you interested and on your toes.

Overall: MC is average. Romance and humor are nearly nil. 3 stars for being likeable.
BUT BUT the worldbuilding is awesome!!! Plus that heartwarming experience in the mortal world. So 5 stars!!!

PS: I nearly missed out on this amazing novel because of the 4.0 rating. More people, please rate it 5!! XD <<less
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IXAzraelXI rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: c241
Totally awesome. Just started reading it, and i already caught up within two days. Just like coiling dragon i could not stop clicking next page. The storytelling is fantastic. The reader gets to see a common youth transform from a naive but smart cultivator into a cunning and ruthless immortal. Although there is a lot of closed door training montages, this is by far one of my favorites CN.
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Promethean rated it
April 24, 2016
Status: --
The story isn't that different form Er Gen's other works, but the character is. He is not the typical hot headed cultivator. But he is calm, collected, and apathetic. He has no lust (so don't expect a harem much), which is always a good thing, but there is almost no comedy in this series.

More than anything, it is the author's attempt at creating a darker hero. Which is good, since it is fresh, compared to the other MC's out there. Most of whom are psychopathic killers who always think they... more>> are in the right. He knows he is doing bad things, but he just doesn't care, because he isn't morally righteous, nor does he pretend to be. He is unforgiving and merciless, and pretty much treats everyone equally bad (even females, so at least he isn't a pervert). And he is silent. He barely talks at all. But its part of his persona.

His talent in cultivation is low, but he still relies on some "luck", but its mostly just preparation beforehand and strategy that he uses to defeat stronger opponents (in fact, he usually has to rely on tricks to beat them). But yes, he does end up OP later on, but I don't really read this for the fighting.

I read it because the main character is interesting. There is almost no plot (which is common for Xian xia series), except for the cultivate to become a god goal. The world itself is large, but it only gets slowly revealed over time. There are other planets out there with alien cultivators and the like, in massive universes, where it isn't just "human" cultivators.

Unfortunately, it also falls under the "side characters don't really exist or don't matter" category as most xian xia series do. Its sort of like the blazing sun character where everyone else is outshined or doesn't matter.

But, there is character development (which is more than I can say for most xian xia series), but it happens slowly. The story also progresses slowly (which is as expected for chinese webnovels). However the world itself and the character more than makes up for the slow pacing.

Lets see... the action is fine. There is actually less "skill spam and skill name calling" and more descriptive fighting style. But they are ergen style cultivation battles, so it isn't that exciting (compared to say... Blood and Steel, which has some of the most amazing fights ever). But at least its better than "He uses a technique. It insta kills. Battle over" (though this is only for when he fights people that are equal to him).


If you are looking for something a bit different, but still has the classic ergen style xian xia, than this is probably for you.

If I had to compare this to ISSTH, I would say the main character in this series is more interesting to read and more my style than ISSTH. I prefer more calm and apathetic characters than... well... Meng Hao type characters. <<less
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Rice1321 rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c513
Initially, I was conflicted about picking up Xian Ni due to the mixed reception from readers. However, after reading Meng Hao's fight with the 10th Wang Patriarch in ISSTH and Deathblade's footnotes, I got curious about how the MC of Xian Ni would develop as a character and as a cultivator.  So I decided to finally give Xian Ni a shot. I have to admit I was very surprised by how much I would enjoy reading this novel.

Wang Lin's cultivation path is dark, tragic and bloody but it emphasizes the basic law of... more>> a cultivating world better than most novels; kill or be killed. Although the story's pace is a lot slower and the writing is less distinctive compared to Er Gen's later novels, you can see Er Gen's skills develop as you read along. Despite not having any of the shameless and silly antics enjoyed in ISSTH and AWE, Xian Ni makes up for it by beautifully showing Wang Lin's transition from a naive youth to a ruthless and calculating immortal. What makes Xian Ni more realistic and enjoyable to read is the fact that Wang Lin is the antithesis of almost all the stereotypical cliches seen in most Xianxia/Xuan Huan novels.  Although Wang Lin develops into a cruel and ruthless person as expected in most xianxia novels, he is a complex character that has shown multiple sides to his personalities through his few enduring relationships with characters such as Situ Nan, Li Muwan, Zhou Rou, his family, and the mortal family he lived with. 

Another element that makes me want to continue reading Xian Ni is Wang Lin's developing cultivation techniques. I really enjoy how Wang Lin develops his arsenal of abilities such as his Ji Realm, creating devils, the restriction flag,  the mosquito beast, and attaining part of the Ancient God bloodline.Since I have read ISSTH, this makes me feel excited about what new discoveries he will make and the people he will encounter. 

To sum it all up, Xian Ni is a great book to read. I'm really looking forward to how the story will develop in the near future. <<less
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sleib rated it
March 14, 2016
Status: --
awesome!!!! great xianxia novel….as expected from Er Gen. this is story of revenge, fights, about world filled with people who would do horrible things to get stronger. mc is like meng hao from issth but darker and crueler as his world is darker and crueler than issth world. if you liked issth this is from the same author so there are similarities and you will like this one too.
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Kyourashi rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c320
First of all, the complaints about the story is one of the most idiotics.

How come readers can complaint a about it when the story goes after beseech the devil. Of course there is a lot that we don't understand given that none of us completely read BTD.

And yes there is no romance. This is not because of the author since it was the MAIN plot of BTD. And there is a reason to this. ... more>>

in chapters 1200 issth we learn that she goes with another one he didn't care enough for her and solely focused on cultivation


He doesn't have a clear goal except staying alive. What's wrong with that ? He is an everyday people. He doesn't want to dominate the world nor save everybody. He just enjoys life and keeps loving it in it's on way of a lone slaughter. Later on if you read ISSTH you willl know what he became.

Er gen does things in a good way with his hidden plot between the sequels. There is a good story plot sonce cultivation isn't just about power up. And people complaining about Wang Lin being heartless isn't true. He is the wang clan patriarch and i won't say more go re-read it.

So yeah go read it but if you don't want to get spoiled don't read ISSTH first otherwise it will become tasteless since you lnow what will happens. <<less
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wowprohunt rated it
October 25, 2016
Status: --
Awesome novel from my favorite author. Very engaging story. Good flow and great plot development. Cruel cultivation world molding a weak and struggling MC into a powerful hero. Thrilling fights, close calls and tragedy brings life into the story. Cultivation is detailed and beautifully explained. MC's power ups are not rushed and well imagined. New arcs are often accompanied with a new setting like many other novels but the feeling of a fresh new adventure is always maintained here.

Overall a very good read. Good job by translators.
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Night Ghost
Nighterfield rated it
July 16, 2016
Status: c700
Well if you are looking for a novel where the mc either always finds artifacts wherever he goes or makes a good harem. Then I must say that this novel is not for you

But if you are looking for a novel where the mc is a ruthless person, but still using his brain to face his opponent. Give it a try

And the funny thing is someone gave 3 stars because this novel is too depressing. I guess he didn't look the tag. This is a tragedy xianxia, if it's not... more>> depressing then you can't call it tragedy, right ?

and this novel has romance, it's bad though. Lol

*sorry for my bad english* <<less
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Maleandar rated it
June 12, 2016
Status: c254
AS of C254 you can scratch Romance and Beautiful female lead from the tags. Maybe in the future, who knows? At this time The MC is just a spoiled brat who got bullied and decided to take revenge not taking into account the consequences.

The MC is not likable in any way nor is he a saint or a justice seeking person. He is just a person full of hate and kills anyone who looks at him wrong.

The Author wrote the story at the 3rd grade level and there is no... more>> plot but just the flow of life theme. This is more slice of life than adventure with lots of killing. It is basically the life of a killer. The story itself is confusing and in no way has any direction but goes on the whim of the author who decides "oh yeah let throw in a grandson to taunt the mc and let the mc kill him so his grandfather can try to kill the mc and kill his entire family...good plot (pat on back)".

As for love not get me wrong, girls like the mc, but he is blind, not dense, but blinded by hatred.

THe new arc starting at 252 may improve upon the story, but I am not getting my hopes up for this one. <<less
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Rreelentless rated it
May 29, 2016
Status: c248
This is the story that put er gen on the map and reading this you can see why. The story follows protagonist wang lin as he goes from a mortal to a cultivator and the life he leads. the world of xian ni is very much a kill or be killed world which wang lin figures out very quickly.

The story is very good at tragedy and makes you feel for wang lin and all his struggles. Don't expect too much plot armour in this novel, every struggle that wang lin... more>> ends up he solves with his wits if nothing else and makes a refreshing read to not see some random senior show up to save him.

To conclude. I would read it but wait a while as the current translator at this point is re doing the story from the beginning while continuing where the previous translator left it. so he still has some chapters to go before he's completely caught up with himself, however, there are still 100+ chapters on wuxia world so feel free to get started!

Some flaws i spotted though is the weird way that people interact. Expect a lot of sneer/shocked inwardly for people talking to each other. also lets not forget how every technique is powered by qi that is spat out. Yeah that's weird <<less
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r rated it
February 1, 2016
Status: --
Brilliant work, slow start and proper descriptions, similar to other Er Gen works. Which gives it a feels a bit more like proper litterature than a "reader digest". Much darker tones than other flashy light novel, with proper scheming plans, where antagonists actually have a brain, with an articulate plot that goes beyond the "you kick my ass! I kick yours".
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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