Pursuit of the Truth


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An eternal prison, a soulless body, a sealed spirit, everything lost.

To resign before merciless fate, or to become destiny!

“I lived in an illusion, I was lost, I could not find my home, I did not have a home… but why does it matter?! Between bowing to the threat of death and a spine that would never bend, I will choose the latter!”

Associated Names
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Beseech The Devil
Cầu Ma
Gerçeğin Peşinde
Qiu Mo
السعي وراء الحقيقة
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Tyuile rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: c302
Okay, so before I start the actually review I think it's fair to mention a couple things- one, don't be turned off by the large amount of 1-star reviews here. This happened a little while ago, but if you don't know, there's been a big kerfuffle going on between wuxiaworld and the relatively new quidan international. Quidan did some shitty shit, and f*cked Wuxiaworld out of a bunch of translation contracts, which Wuxia world then posted about. A lot of the fans of Wuxiaworld got angry, reasonably, and started a... more>> kinda ban on Quidans translations.

Okay; background done. Why I'm telling you all this now. This translation, when I first read it, was called beesech the devil, and it had a VERY high review on this site. It got to about chapter 113 or so until that translation got dropped, but it was a quality translation, and the story was great, so the average review was around a 4.5-4.6. Then this novel got picked up by Quidan international. The translation quality stayed the same, the story remained just as good, but the overall reviews changed pretty drastically during that time. To put it into perspective, the overall reviews may have only dropped about.5, but the 1 star reviews increased from about 3-4 percent to about 13. It's relitively dramatic, and, while I can never know for certian, I'm pretty sure it's because wuxiaworld fans came in and shat a little on the reviews.

Anyway, all that aside, whether you belive me or not, this is a great story. I suggest reading it yourself to see. It's gotten decently far in the translations, so there's a sh*t ton of intersting stuff to read. The character of Su Ming is extremely well written, he's an intersting character and he cultivates in an intersting way. Su Ming overcomes his problems in a very satisfying way, he doesn't really have bullsh*t on his side. He's not s*upidly "smart" cough cough, lucky as hell, and the world doesn't always work out the way he thinks it's going to. He actually develops and changed as the story progress, gets more mature and experiences changes in his personality. It's probably one of the most well written Wuxia I have ever seen. The novel is, fair warning, pretty depressing. That air kinda lingers throughout the whole novel as far as I can tell, the story never really becomes funny and Su Ming isn't exactly a guy who you can laugh with and love in that sense. But that doesn't take away from the stories beauty, or depth. I would say, if you're kinda in the mood for a classic Wuxia story, one with the dark protagonist who faces up against impossible odds and pulls himself through by a combination of luck and skill, then give it a try. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
July 31, 2016
Status: c60
Reviewed at c60, rated 5.

Beseech The Devil tells the story of a boy with unknown background who grew up in a minor tribe. The tribe retained primitive customs like sacrificing animal bloods and bowing to mythical animals, but they also had a unique methods of cultivation. At first glance, the boy himself didn't have the physique needed to cultivate, thus although he was not treated badly in the tribe, no one actually expected him to be anything but ordinary. However, through some coincidences, later he was able to cultivate... behind... more>> his tribe's back.

The plot seems cliche, but the development so far is pretty solid. The characters are lively and relatable; they're not simply there to set MC stage. Disregarding the volatile quality of earlier translations, in my opinion Beseech The Devil is an above-par novel among xianxia/xuanhuan. Particularly if you are a fan of this genre, it is very suitable for your reading list.

Truthfully, the story is still laying its foundation now, so it might be too early to give it 5 stars. However, I've got really big expectation for its future chapters. <<less
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riida rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: c683
Absolute must-read!

I almost made the mistake of skipping this masterpiece because it takes over 100 chapters until the predominant tone of the story is set. Yes, a 110 chapters long chapter zero. And then everything changes.

There's certain philosophical depth, but more so, it's heavy emotionally. MC's suffering and loneliness is described in great detail and compared to almost every other title here, he admits to his mistakes and weaknesses and experiences real personal growth, which basically adds a new dimension.

It's a complete ErGen universe, with all of his cultivation systems... more>> included. The world building is amazing, but it took another 300 chapters until I realized how grand a stage is being prepared and how much backstory there is to it. It blew my mind and I had to write this, because it's only after the first 400 chapters that I had a proper feeling for this work.

P.S. It's repulsive how the current translator overuses either unnecessarily sophisticated or archaic words, ESPECIALLY the word "serendipity" which means "unexpected discovery", in places where it doesn't fit. This one single word appears several times in almost every chapter since the current translator took over and replaces "chance", "fortune", "luck", "opportunity" with an ancient word nobody uses or understands. It would be a weird linguistic fetish if there were no clumsy mistakes in their translation, but there are, so it seems like an expression of an inferiority complex. <<less
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Sparteh rated it
September 9, 2019
Status: Completed
This review will be in 2 versions: Short and Long.

Short Review

Usually, I don't write reviews, but this time I have decided to write this review because I see a lot of people who haven't even read the first arc complain about this novel even though they know nothing about it.

... more>> For those who are lazy to read full version, here are the most important points:

  2. This novel (PoT) belongs to the same universe as Renegade Immortal (RI), ISSTH and A Will Eternal (AWE). Based on the release time, order goes like this: RI>PoT>ISSTH>AWE. Based on the order of the timeline, it is the first and goes like this: PoT>RI>ISSTH>AWE.
  3. The majority of people I know who have read all 4 of Er Gen's completed novels agree that ether Pursuit of the Truth is the best Er Gen's novel or ties with Renegade Immortal as the best one. The overall consensus is that in terms of quality Er Gen's novels goes like this: Pursuit of the Truth>=Renegade Immortal>ISSTH>>>AWE.
  4. Personally, I consider this novel to be the best Chinese novel on NU.
  5. You can pretty much ignore everyone who have read less than half of the novel opinions because they still have seen nothing.
  6. Speaking of endings, Pursuit of the Truth has the best and most fitting ending I have ever seen in Chinese novels.
Long review


Pursuit of the Truth is different from most Chinese novels. The vast majority of them don't even have an underlying story and simply follows the main character who wonders aimlessly. Pursuit of the Truth has an actual plot which is build on and expanded throughout the story. Some people complain about the first arc and MC during it and call it boring, but it is a necessary part. If we viewed Pursuit of the Truth as a mystery novel, then first 200 or so chapters are nothing more than a crime scene.

It is possible to say a lot about the plot of this novel, however Er Gen pretty much summarizes everything perfectly in the prologue:

"The word “Pursuit”, has two meanings: one is to follow after something and the other to implore.

The title “Pursuit of the Truth”, uses the latter meaning. Yet at the same time, there are also other meanings to the title. What does “Truth” mean then? It is written with the word 魔 (Mo), meaning devil. I believe all of you believe that devil is simply a villain, a person who does all sorts of bad things. Someone who would soil their hands for the sake of success, even practicing dark arts like a demon lord. I once told a friend of mine that I wanted to create the Devil, the true Devil. Not a villain or a demon lord that will be lost in time and be viewed as crass and evil by future generations, but the Devil! One that will walk on the path and the truth he resolutely believes, even going against the natural order of the universe!

I want to write a story where Su Ming stands on the pinnacle of the mountains looking over the world and muttering in a voice burdened by his experiences and grief, murmuring about things no one has ever cared about." - Er Gen


“If the world calls me a devil, then so be it. Henceforth, I, Su Ming, shall become the Devil!” (the first devil is left intentionally in small letters.)

The main character of this story is Su Ming. He started as an energetic, smart and a bit naive youth who deeply cared about his family, however, throughout the story he changed and became more mature, ruthless and his naivety disappeared. It is hard to say anything more because I want to avoid spoilers, but I will note 1 more thing. Some comments (especially of those people who read 200< chapters) here mentions and complains about a certain obsession/attachment that he had. There is a reason for it which was explained in the latter parts of the novel.

Another thing worth noting are side characters. In most of Chinese novels there are a lot of them. Most of them are some random [insert cool sounding name here] characters which usually have 0 IQ and are forgotten in the next arc. In many cases, its even not worth remembering friends of MC or Heroines because they will be forgotten. However, in this novel, cast is a bit smaller. Important characters are not forgotten and enemies can actually think.


This one is a bit tricky to explain. First, if you are looking for massive harems or jade beauties, you won't find it here. Since I am trying to avoid spoilers I will summarize it like this, if you want pure romance story. This isn't what you are looking for. Romance here follows the same trend as in Renegade Immortal and overall quantity of "romantic" elements is much lesser than one in ISSTH or AWE.

Power system

Many people find this important. Usually in Chinese novels, MC learns some random techniques which origin is never explored. These techniques usually are related to fire, lightning, swords or spears.

Meanwhile, Pursuit of the Truth follows the same trend as Renegade Immortal did, where techniques are born from MCs life and his journey/dao comprehension. Techniques vary as well. So if you are tired of cliche you might like this one. Though, I must warn that the most interesting stuff appears in the second half of the story.


Pursuit of the Truth is great but it is definitely not a novel for everyone. First arc (s) can be greatly misleading. Lucky MC and big harem fans might have problems with this story as well, however, if you manage to avoid these 2 pitfalls, you will find one of the greatest cultivation stories ever. <<less
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gaardi rated it
February 28, 2016
Status: --
this is the kind of story you will expect from ER GEN. Although the cultivation method is quite different in this story, the way they cultivate is a mix between Perfect World and WESTERN CULTIVATORS from ISSTH.

so far there is only 14 chapters translated, in these chapters you will get enough mystery to get your attentions.

i have a high hope for this story. I believe it is going to be as popular as ISSTH and Perfect World – if we get frequent updates-.
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clowred rated it
January 4, 2018
Status: c404
Enjoyable... yes. Annoying... yes.

While these two characteristics seem to be as far away as possible from each other, by some miraculous chance they stumbled upon each other in this novel. A novel that could have simply slashed away the mysterious past and simply advanced with the relatively cliche path of cultivation of a normal berserker that goes against the immortals, was instead forced to take a path that makes the reader feel more and more uncomfortable as the story progresses. At this point, I can say that while some of... more>> the mysteries were brought out to light, I'm more annoyed than relieved, even more than I was prior to finding the so called answers. The reason? Er Gen became too full of himself and tried to control the emotions of his readers through grief and sorrow. He thought he could make the readers cry themselves to exhaustion each night thinking about the suffering of our protagonist, be amazed of his desire to move forward together with his scars and finally bring glory to him and his talent...

Sadly everything turned to ashes the moment the story actually needed almost 400 chapters before a few answers were brought out of the bag, and to make matters worse, they were brought in the most s*upid manner

we are forced to digest the existence of a brand new character that was sealed inside our protagonist and acts as some cruel cultivator that enjoys stealing life force from men through their heads and from women from their.. dantanian...


Anyway, this story is extremely complicated, yet the world itself is a beauty that never feels recycled. This is the most important ace in the sleeve of this story. The landscapes takes form and makes the reader see them through their mind eyes in their most glorious appearance possible. This is the reason I could leave aside some of my resentment and upgrade my ratting from one star to two stars.

The next interesting thing about this story was actually.. the intermission... When the author finally put aside the complex background, the mysterious past and hidden enemies and made the protagonist the member of one of the most awesome group I ever encountered in a novel, the ninth summit gang of pe*verts, I actually lost track of time while reading... Yet Er Gen couldn't stay his hand and slowly dirtied this too by giving some mysterious background to each of these characters before putting them on the side so the protagonist could move on towards his glorious destiny as Destiny. Yeah, that sounds as a brain fart, but I'm not at fault for the author decided to give the protagonist a stripper nickname.

Anyway, the interesting debauchery of the ninth summit gave another star to this mess of a story.

Conclusion 3/5 of stars with indulgence and a huge question mark as I really don't know if I will actually pick this story again later. Good luck to future readers. <<less
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args.equals.5 rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: --
MC goes through a really boring process of powering up, especially his first one which was basically a lot of c*ck-praising and shaming the rest of his peers; Maybe this is the kind of content that the author is aiming for? The novel lacks any adventure so far and the achievements that the MC has obtained are really nothing that he has actually earned for himself; He has a OP bloodline and his elder passes down a hack that any first grade elementary school student could solve which starts him... more>> off on his path of glory. The adages are extremely funky and most of them are just common sense but apparently common sense is not common in this universe and because of that, they are very profound. World development is very lacking, you get like one piece of world development knowledge that isn't filler material per ten chapters and it might not even be important or interesting. The plot is very straightforward and predictable.

Maybe this novel is aimed for a younger audience than his previous novels but it certainly isn't an improvement over ISSTH.

A lot of fans just ghost writing and overrating the novel just because they like his previous works when the novel itself barely qualifies as a average novel. <<less
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Damonwex rated it
July 16, 2018
Status: c83
Ok for all the people who's interested in this because of Er Gen's previous work like me... DON'T. This is by far Er Gen's worst novel hands down. The first issue is author trying to manipulate readers emotions and failing miserably at it. He dosen't make the effort to naturally ease into this by showing us meaningful interactions with characters or building up character relations slowly nope he just says Su Ming care's about this and that and then just throws him into hamfisted, forced scenarios to give the the... more>> readers the "feels" and the only thing that accomplishes is make the MC look like an idiotic whiny crybaby.

The other issue is all the glory hogging and "basking" like I kid you not more than 20 chapters are wasted on him literally climbing a staircase (no exaggeration here) and everybody wanking on about how awesome he is. I get that ISSTH and RI has this issue some times too but here it's way worse. And then there's the romance which pretty terrible and the standard Er Gen affair which is to say bland and cliche and utterly unnecessary.

Talking about the MC at the beginning he seems a bit bland but is alright and pretty rational but then he turn's into this crybaby whiny idiot like in one of those Japanese anime MC who goes like "I will protect you no matter what" and then screams and pulls powers out of their asses dragon ball style. This turns into exactly like that and at this point I couldn't even believe that I'm reading an Er Gen novel. I'm gonna stop here before this gives me an aneurysm and can only leave this warning for those who follow behind me. <<less
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Klepar rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: c336
I understand that you people dislike QI, but that really isn't a valid reason to give such a great story a bad rating.

Almost a quarter of the novel has been translated, so it should be pretty fair to write a review at this point.

Pursuit of the Truth is the second story by Er Gen (notwithstanding the dropped Against Heaven), and is the only one where the cultivation path is different from the standard Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, etc. It's done extremely well, since cultivation here seems to be more about... more>> the Dao right from the start instead of endless seclusion, which is a fine break from most of the other xianxia and xuanhuan stories out there. I can't say that Su Ming is a super exciting protagonist, but he is not bland, has his own values and thought processes which evolve over time, and he doesn't act out of character. The world-building is as decent as in any other other Er Gen novel, so there isn't much to say about that. The whole mystery vibe of the story keeps drawing you in — this is probably one of the most immersive chinese novels I've read to date.

Basically — read this. The translation quality is very good, the release rate fast, and the story amazing. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
December 12, 2016
Status: c99
One of the best you can find out there;

The MC is not one of the barbarian birth as he was adopted into the village clan by the villages grand elder and because he has a body of an immortal cultivator, walking on the path of barbarian cultivators is very difficult to almost impossible (think of barbarian cultivators like the western one from ISSTH) the cultivation realms are different compared to the other three popular novels from Ergen however there is one aspect that most people will link with ISSTH is... more>> that cultivators in BTD will condense an Totem Tattoo based on their dao or technique which is really cool.

At the moment all we know is that the MC found a special object which contains memories of certain civilization but to access them he needs to insert special pills into the object according to the memories of how to concoct them shown to him by the object.

The world also knows nothing about pills so he needs to be careful after he made and sold them however the ones he made are only useful to lower level people. Also because of a certain event which caused their surrounding territory and other tribes to be in danger he through bravery acquired a technique which allows him to practice faster but at danger of exploding.

As the second novel of ergen it is awesome however because it is still in its early stages I cant give a proper review at the moment but from what I have seen if the way it continues on wards it might contest with Xian Ni on my list for no.1 from ergen as for ISSTH at the moment it is No.3 because I dislike Meng Hao and his personality however as the story of ATTE or AWE (still ATTE but different name from DB) ISSTH might drop to no.4. I totally recommend reading this one as reading Ergens novels is always a good experience and its always enjoyable. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
July 7, 2016
Status: c150
The story is well written. The first ten or so chapters are poorly translated, however PiggyBottle is a good translator and is able to convey the story very well. While the translation is only up to c50 it is hard to make definite statements about the story, but the main character seems to be a intelligent MC similar to all other Er Gen protags, however he seems to be lacking other personality traits. The cultivation is slightly different from the usual wuxia fair, and I look forward to see future... more>> developments. 5/5 Has promise

Now I'm reading further I'm going to change my rating, the main character is boring. Side characters are also boring, I'm just bored reading this. The story is okay if your ok with reading about a generic honorable genius main character. The problem is that if you read one or two Er Gen novels you already know what to expect, and this novel is the least interesting of all his works I've read.

5/5 -> 3/5 <<less
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LoneDK rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel is excellent. While not perfect, it is leagues ahead of other xianxia novel in terms of quality. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone.

Story (1 star/1 star) : There's actually a story here and not just the typical "I need to get stronger" that most xianxia novel has. Cultivation is important but it takes a backseat to Su Ming's story. There are plenty ups and down in the story and tragedy galore. It keeps you guessing every step of the way as you question the reality of... more>> the world. Definitely not a feel good story but it doesn't need to be.

Character (1 star/1 star) : A big step up from Renegade Immortal. I actually cared about the cast of side characters in this story. While not outstanding, the characters are not 1D like many xianxia character. The MC actually has character development throughout the story and it's a refreshing change from the other 1D MC out there who are just Mary Sues.

Writing (1 star/1 star) : While there a parts that dragged on a bit longer than it should have, the overall writing of the story is excellent. Each arc played out meaningfully and you feel that they contribute as whole to the story. Er Gen is definitely not one of those author who writes filler to pad out the story. The world that is being built is mysterious and breathtaking to explore and read about. The MC faces sufficient challenge and while he is not too OP in most of these, he feels sufficiently powerful.

Enjoyment (2 star/2 star) : I enjoyed this novel immensely but then again I have always enjoyed Er Gen's novel. The story kept me hooked all they way and the only time I stopped reading is to take in the awesomeness of this novel.

Overall, this novel is a must read especially if you have read RI or ISSTH. It's too bad that the translation as of time of this review has been stalled. However it's good enough that you should go buy some eyedrop and read the MTL (may God help you stave of blindness if you do). I do recommend reading RI before this though as there is a bit spoiler for RI at the end of this novel. <<less
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Legion_Harbinger_of_Souls rated it
January 15, 2020
Status: Completed
This... is not a happy story. Like all of Er Gen novels, but a story of tragedy and despair, but fighting through it.. for love, happiness, and relief. Pursuit of the truth is an excellently written novel that follows the path of Su Ming... Some fights are of course alright, Others are great but... the great part of this novel is the sentiment of it, the characters. Some are alright, but others... make great lasting impacts.
If you're on the cusp of reading this novel, I insist that you do. It's a life changer... In the end I'm left sitting here: Love, Hate, Strangers, anyone. I feel desperate for any form of familiarity. Seeing old villains and giving farewell... Seeing old friends and giving farewell... Even people you barely know.
POT is a novel, that leaves a lasting taste in your mouth. There is no good nor is there really any evil. Friends become enemies and enemies become friends. There were people you will hate who you eventually care less about, make up with, or might even find comfort in their presence. People you love who will leave, betray you, or stay by your side till the end. Finding comfort in a lie in refusal of the truth. Cause that in the end is what this entire novel is about isn't it? So, Pursuit of The Truth a masterpiece among Er Gen's work and a novel I can never recommend enough.
I hope if you're reading this and deciding whether to continue on, you will take my advice and give it a go... In The End: What is the Truth? Even now, I couldn't tell you.. Are you willing to sacrifice to travel this path to the end to find out?
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listy rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c686
This novel is a rare gem with a long and extensive buildup where all the individual pieces are meticulously prepared separately from each other and don't seem to make too much sense at first. Then they begin to connect and the growing picture made out of them is amazing.

It feels very rewarding to look back and realise the meaning of the encounters the main character went through when he was still ignorant hundreds of chapters ago. Whatever people say or do is a puzzle piece that has meaning and will... more>> come together to reveal more.

I'm immensely happy about finding this novel. <<less
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August 23, 2017
Status: c98
First off, I just have to make a statement to the reviewers rating this as 1-2star/s, or even the reviewers of other novels that rates one to two stars... You frikkin hypocrites.

At least leave abelievable review.. y'alll just generalizing stuff. Have you even read the novel yet? Well then put the status chapter of where you left of so that the people reading your reviews would know the marker of until when they're supposed to read at.

Tss. This story, to me, isn't actually that bad. I give this four stars.... more>> The MC is a pretty logical dude.. and also reflects the characteristics of the author himself. Although Ihaven't crosses a hundred chapters yet, I know that there are definitely mysteries that the MC will definitely be involved in.

although the author could have made the MCs powering up more interesting, the boring way he wrote it actually is enough to satisfy the story progression. Thank goodness there weren't many unnecessary face slapping of side characters that just exists for that part of the novel.. or that would definitely would have taken a few chapters basing on the progression of the story.

So for now, I'll rate it at for stars since unlike other novels. I have read that actually deserved two stars and below. And to those who actually read novels before rating them one or two stars despite its obvious better quality thanaverage web misjudgment, If you want a perfect novel, go read real novels, the published ones just like game of thrones or books by Tolkien or even Dickins.. don't go to these novels that are obviously not prioritizing good writing and other literary standards. <<less
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StormHawk rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c129
Actual story with real plots that you can enjoy. Not your typical 'aiming for God realm' novels with freestyle plots. You'll know what I mean when you read it.

As much as I hate Qi, I can't devote the stars because of them. If the story keep the steady interests, it might reach the popularity of MW and TMW. Oh and you have less s*upid, arrogant young masters who's only role is to be killed by the MC.
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L3tt3r rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: c696
Wow, it's the most immersive journey i've had while reading. Gotta admit I first quit after 30 chapters because I thought it's all there gonna be. Huuuge mistake. This novel is like watching a master painter slowly making seemingly ugly strokes at first but they add up to a painting and it gets more and more beautiful as you watch patiently.... most misunderstood and underrated novel ever! I'm addicted (i _ i)
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ljin75651 rated it
April 21, 2018
Status: c302
I really really love the MC and watching him grow up from a naive little kid into someone strong in heart and mind. It's made pretty clear that most of the schemes from his craftier opponents tend to go right over his head, especially in the beginning, but that's what makes it so much greater when we see him begin to mature and start to understand people's thoughts and motivations. He's really just a normal person, but with very strong perseverance and an even stronger love and loyalty to those... more>> he grows to care about.


And it's really touching as well, since he's trying so desperately to go back home, and never stops thinking about his grandpa, his close friend, and especially his lady love.


But what I love the most definitely has to be the plot. There's just so much mystery to be found in this novel, whether it's to do with his bloodline, since it seems that his body is special in some ways, or his missing memories. There's always so much to think about.

Then for those who are looking for strong MC's and got a little put off by the first few chapters, where he's still pretty weak, don't give up reading! Once it picks up, especially


that battle against the other tribe right before he's brought to the other side of the world


you really get to see some amazing battles. And even when he's up against opponents many levels higher than him, he uses a combination of quick thinking and some secret techniques to hold his own. It really won't disappoint!! <<less
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sonido rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: --
This book is a masterpiece.

If you have read Renegade Immortal and enjoyed it then you will definitely enjoy this book too, especially since it is closely intertwined with Wang Lins Universe. Unlike many other novels, Er Gen knows the proper meaning of the Word “Shared Universe”. There is nothing else to say about this Book, the author knows what he is doing and he is doing it right. Don’t believe a single word of anyone giving this novel less than 5 stars, their dao is wrong.
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GDLiZy rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: c221
Even though the beginning is a bit boring with slow cultivation and such, but the cultivation method is quite different from typical Xianxia.

MC got some pretty cool moment and has his character developed throughout the story.

The first few chapters' translation quality is quite bad.

... more>>

Don't get fool by the prologue, it has nothing to do with the current story (Ch.221 ATM)



MC suffered incredible homesick and value memory as precious as treasures, he even refused to gain the 1000th blood vein because it will replace his scar, the only thing he has back from his tribe.

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