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Heaven and Earth serve as the guesthouse for all living things, with Time being the sojourner since time immemorial.

As with the difference between dreaming and awakening, the distinction between life and death is diverse and confused, and changing.

What awaits us beyond time, once we have transcended life and death, heaven and earth?

Xu Qing’s world sank into deathly silence after the descendence of “God”. Master cultivators brought the human race and escaped the continent, and the remaining people struggled to survive. Every place that was met by “God’s” gaze had nearly all life forms wiped out.

Young Xu Qing was lucky enough to survive. But in a world where ferocious beasts roamed and infighting was rampant within the human race, it was difficult to survive.

“If cultivation doesn’t give me the power to fight against God, then I shall become God myself!”

This is a story of how a human teenager became a god, step by step, to survive

Associated Names
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Beyond the Timescape
Beyond Time
Zamanın Ötesi
خارج الزمان
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New DicerX rated it
February 10, 2024
Status: c270
I must say that this novel fell short in many ways where it shouldn't have. The plot felt like an experiment with a character design that seems popular among readers and which Er Gen tried to put his own spin on. This resulted in a story lacking suspense, filled with plot holes, and characterised by fundamental flaws in the design of its characters, as well as other issues. The world setting is captivating and surreal, did take hints from Lord of the Mysteries but it was special in its own... more>> way, and I just wish if he further expanded on it instead of wasting with everything else.

To avoid spoiling the novel too much, I will only mention that Er Gen chose to create a Lylin-like character who is cold, emotionless, but calculative and intelligent. However, this character's development was handled poorly. The author relied on one plot device after another to give the main character a "good" heart. For example, early in the story, he is lifted up by a loving grandpa, a kind medicine teacher, and someone that introduces him to the clan, followed by a revenge plot, which then simmers down once he joins a clan.

Once the protagonist becomes part of the clan, Er Gen almost completely abandons everything he used in the beginning and decides to start fresh with a new personality. This new personality is much colder, less approachable, and it feels like a whole different person from the original one we were introduced to earlier. The issue here is that these two arcs created two different characters, and we are supposed to treat them as one. And I will not even get started about the author tried to introduce a boat-like cultivation system only for it to be discarded as well and only used for "fast travel" to put it simply.

This inconsistency continues throughout the story, with critical instances such as a fight over a plate being made ever so important in the beginning only to be explained off later as an unimportant treasure chest. Or the characters he met in the beginning being all but recalled once every 30 chapters, but otherwise remain forgotten. Many other instances like this one keep appearing, from the cheat the protagonist had at the beginning forming consciousness to other aspects of his development.

In summary, this book feels like a mess, with inconsistent character development and plot devices that do not hold up. After reading almost 270 chapters, I must admit that unlike every other novel Er Gen has released, this will be the only one I leave unfinished. I am mildly disappointed to say the least. <<less
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Delirious rated it
April 5, 2023
Status: c479
Honestly, where to start? Er Gen I feel learned from his mistakes in A World Worth Protecting and went back to his roots. This novel is very reminiscent of Renegade Immortal and I Shall Seal the Heavens. The world is bleak, it's dark and even edgy like RI and POTT. The world Xu Qing lives in is not a happy place. The setting reveals that the world itself is essentially corrupted by a malignant tumor and life, even that of cultivators is ruled by it.

So, what can our MC... more>> do? Cultivate of course! And in doing so, he'll make a place where he and his loved ones can be happy.

The MC doesn't have a very detailed personality, as in stands out as extremely unique in this genre, but then again, what Cultivation novel's MC do? No matter how they try and make their MCs "unique" they always fall back on might is right, and it's no different here.

In my opinion, Xu Qing is a little bit of every character ER Gen has ever written. He's quiet, reserved to do things by himself in his cultivation abode (his boat, for once not a cave, that's cool right?) Indifferent and even cold to people he doesn't know (like Wang Lin, Su Ming, and Meng Hao) but with a heart of gold that loves his closest friends (like Bai Xiaochun, Wang Lin, Su Ming, Meng Hao, Wang Baole.) Xu Qing doesn't sound that bad after all, huh? Especially if you like his other novels. So personally, I think people overexaggerate how badly he's written.

The world, as one would expect of an Er Gen novel is huge, the plot might not be linear, but it IS well written. It slowly builds and reveals more secrets along the way, and reminds me of Pursuit of the Truth in that regard. It's slow but worth it. All the while, as you would come to expect in this genre, there is a plethora of action, and in Er Gen's writing style, lots of comedy. The comedy in some ways is even better than AWE and ISSTH. In fact, it HEAVILY reminds me of Su Ming's (POTT) brothers on the Ninth Summit, but even crazier people like his Senior Brother make it hilarious to read. The big jobs his Senior Brother comes up with are insane and a nice break from the action.

All in all, I have to recommend this to people who like Cultivation novels. It's not perfect, obviously, but in my honest opinion, one of the best on the site and leagues above better than most.

Rant about other users' reviews -

At this point, it's pretty clear that most people giving it negative reviews, and most people who really dislike this novel DON'T LIKE cultivation novels. If they did, they would realize this is easily one of the best cultivation novels on this site. Of course, it has issues, but they're just regurgitating every negative talking point about every CN cultivation novel ever.

I mean, hell, the people complaining about the sect being crap either completely forgot how messed up the world is, or somehow forgot the beginning of the story, where people killed each other for any kind of reason, even so far as killing over scraps of food, but can't handle having a sect be just as bad as the outside world. The irony is, had they kept reading, it's explained why the sect is the way it is, and once you get past the reason why it's so cutthroat and the story arc is finished, shocker, the sect isn't such a hellscape anymore because they don't need to be. Read the story before getting irrationally angry.

I've also read too many complaints about some pseudo-intellectuals thinking they got duped into a different story because of how this novel started. It's still a cultivation novel; thinking it's only about surviving as the lowest dredge in society is not the fault of the novel. Of course, the MC is going to get stronger and the world is going to expand and start focusing on what makes a cultivation novel a cultivation novel, he starts cultivating. The fact I even need to point that out is ridiculous and shows how dumb some of these takes are on the novel.

There are people actually mad that a novel with 1000+ chapters does not reveal one of the biggest plot points of the novel within 200 chapters. Or complaining about arrogant young masters in a genre where it is a given they're going to exist, and it just depends on the author's density of them in the novel. In this case, it's a moot complaint. They barely exist. Read something like Peerless Martial God or Eternal Reverence and then complain about the generic face-slapping mobs that exist solely to boost the MC.

I could keep going, but I hope I got my point across. As I said, there are too many people who hate this novel and clearly don't like cultivation novels. Take their opinions as if smelling stinky air and if you like cultivation novels, do yourself a favor and give it a chance. I genuinely believe it's one of the best on this site.

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riida rated it
July 20, 2022
Status: c102
It's the newest work by Er Gen, so you know that it'll have a (mostly) loner struggling to grow up and survive in a harsh world, but what's intriguing here, is that this time around he included world-building elements from other notable stories, such as a world of supernatural horrors from Way of the Devil and mysterious leftovers of the past, like temples and stone statues of Tales of Herding Gods.

The protagonist is pretty realistic for what he's supposed to be - surviving like an animal from late childhood to... more>> teenage years - pretty much a cautious, cold animal. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have the potential to be playful and unpredictable like Qin Mu or a forceful, dominant monster like Lu Sheng. He also doesn't seem to have a ridiculously deep background which is tied to the history of the world and would make him a valuable tool which the powerful would do anything to control and manipulate like Su Ming in Pursuit of the Truth.

There's no idiotic plot devices that usually ruin the immersion: no letting enemies go so they keep coming back to artificially keep up tension, no random people messing with MC in EVERY chapter just to have some conflict which leads to more conflict (how dare you offend our family by not kneeling to us, we're part of a sect... and so on), no random love interest with admirers whose whole family will try to kill him.

So far it's neither bad nor amazing. It's solid and unusual enough to look forward to new chapters, but it's not unique enough to really captivate readers with a lot of mileage. Character development is very mild, but at least there's a decent variety of character types and protagonist's attitude is really good.

For now it's something to read while looking for outstanding titles. (P.S. scummy "webnovel" is splitting chapters in halfs to make readers overpay, turning every original chapter into two) <<less
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berdanka rated it
December 31, 2022
Status: c258
It began very well, making me think for a moment that, unlike the usual pipe sludge wish fulfillment xianxia, this would be a unique piece of literature. However, this feeling did not last long.

After the initial struggle of the main character surviving and living a grim but realistic life of compromises and difficult decisions, comes the sudden and absurd power creep where nothing matters and mistakes have no consequences. When the good part of the novel is over, it becomes obvious how painfully boring the main character is. His modus... more>> operandi is "stay away from everyone, kill when threatened". When he does neither, the protagonist exudes beauty that causes every woman in 10 kilometer radius to fall to his legs. Of course, he is also insanely talented, and despite being an orphan who barely learned to read in the slums, after only a few lessons from a doctor, he mastered medicine enough to be better than the direct disciples of the medical department of the largest sect on the continent. The protagonist also has a perfect and pollution-free body that makes him cultivate 100 times faster, but thanks to the author making so that no one covets his secrets, he gets away with it.

Did I mention that the main character also has a cheat-like artifact that heals him almost instantly no matter the damage and gives him immunity to any poison?

Plot also has nothing special to it. There is no direction, the author just throws random stuff at the wall to see what sticks. The main character literally just takes and completes quests for the cult, occasionally going to hunt for rare materials to make upgrades for... his boat, yeah. All of that somehow brings him life-changing opportunities on the way.

After reading the first chapters, I feel cheated to find the average story full of boring cliches. It's not a bad story per se, but it is trying to pass itself off as what it is not. Read it if you want a picturesque and meditative story about a bland and vengeful man that loves solitude a bit too much and kills people so often you feel desensitized by it. <<less
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Maelstrom08 rated it
March 23, 2023
Status: c464
(Just as a forewarning, this review will be more of a comparison to what Er Gen usually writes as I believe his other works are enough to show his level of quality. No need to bring up the obvious. Also, there won't be much "content" brought up in the review as I don't wish to spoil anything)

After the disappointment that was A World Worth Protecting, Er Gen has returned with a novel that is easily comparable to what ISSTH and his other books were. The novel still has... more>> his standard Er Gen style with lots of fateful connections between characters, lots of talk about Dao, and obviously an amazing MC.

However, OOT (Outside of Time) also has many tropes that we have never seen Er Gen do and in fact, is rarely done in Xianxia in general, I believe that Er Gen wanted to change his writing style due to getting bored of his usual formula and it 100% worked out for him this time.

So to actually get onto what makes this novel so different, one of the major differences is the setting. The usual Er Gen novel tends to have a very simple setting for his mcs, small sect, stays there for a while in peace (with the occasional young master or normal early xianxia stuff), and then sh*t starts to hit the fan. OOT instead starts off as a survival novel with similar tropes to modern-day Lovecraftian Novels (Lotm, Deep Sea Embers, Soul of Negary, etc) mixed in with all the usual cultivation xianxia fun. The setting of OOT is in fact a dystopia, other than very few areas (such as sects), most of the world is inhabitable for humanity and this is due to the face of a god in the sky where when they open their eyes, wherever their gaze lands become akin to a corrupted zone. Due to this setting (which is common in other novels but not particularly cultivation, especially xianxia), the MC starts off very... primal? Very cold and instinct-reliant. Along with this, these "corrupted zones" act incredibly akin to Eldrtich, rather than Mystical. Surviving in these zones requires a lot of understanding as to how they work and the quick thinking needed to survive, regardless of your strength. This makes the characters in this world (well, most) feel quite different than what'd you expect from the usual Xianxia cast.

Already this premise puts Xu Qing (the mc), in a vastly different setting than other Er Gen mcs, there is no time to slow down, and the novel starts off running compared to the slow starts we've come to expect. To further show this, the first arc of the novel hits incredibly hard and does a fantastic job of showing off the various sides of Xu Qing. It comparatively is my personal favourite start out of any Er Gen novel. (FYI, the first arc is not even a sect)

Arc 2 is where the story really is what Er Gen excels at, sects. At the time of my writing of this review (ch 464), only recently has the story reached Arc 3, so most of what is currently available is set in the 2nd arc. To say it in the simplest of terms, this is the best first sect I have seen from Er Gen hands down. The amount of depth from the characters, the setting of the sect, the rules and its functions, everything is peak performance Er Gen. I can say with certainty that it will not feel like an Er Gen story but the style remains the same. It's fresh and unique, without losing what has made Er Gen such a reputable author.

Now let's talk about some auxiliary stuff.

As I read the novel, there was one line that can sum up like 20% of the situations (it ramps up over time), "Xu Qing is a quiet punch line straight man, in a world of the best f*cking comedians". Er Gen has gone all out with his characters this time, his cast is both incredibly serious, crazy and oh so f*cking funny. It takes the comedy that ISSTH and AWE had and ramps it up to 11. The comedy isn't even immersion-breaking, it fully stays true to the serious situations they end up in (the reason for said situations is where the comedy comes in).

In terms of the serious stuff, every Er Gen MC has some inherent detail that makes them interesting outside of "OP MC with possibly weird past", Meng Hao with pills or Wang Lin with Formations (forget the name of his thing). Xu Qing's is just... learning. He does have a focus which I won't spoil, but overall, Xu Qing has a thirst for knowledge. Usually, he's quite a calm and cold person, (with occasional banter as he opens up over the course of the story), but the times you will see Xu Qing genuinely feel happy and content, is when he's learning, especially when being taught. Due to this, he is similar to Meng Hao, in how mentors, protectors, masters, etc are incredibly relevant to his character growth. Every time I see him find someone to learn from, it's always incredibly enjoyable as it's a breath of fresh air in a story that just keeps on pushing him into the ground.

Outside of all this, it's pretty much what you'd expect from an Er Gen novel, if you like his books, your gonna love this one, if you don't like his books, hey, this one might just be different enough for you to give it a shot. I genuinely believe this novel has the foundations to be his best novel written and with the current writing speed, it should be done in about ~1 to 2 years.

Whether you want to catch up and read as it goes along or wait for it to finish and then see, I think the novel is 100% worth your time if you enjoy Xianxia.

Edit: Do be warned it seems likely that the novel will be a harem, as Xu Qing is a bit of a lady killer due to his appearance and there are a lot of possible love interests at the moment. (Xu Qing currently does not care as romance is currently a waste of time in his opinion.) <<less
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ZephyrFpv rated it
March 7, 2023
Status: c443
Er Gen is back. I read all his novel aside a few chapters from a World Worth Protecting (which I disliked) and I promise you that Outside of Time has all the ingredients to stand close to the top (I won't say at the top because it's too early and is a matter of taste).

I started my Dao journey with MGA and ATG, went through WMW, Emperor Domination, A record of a mortal journey to immortality, Desolate Era, Ancient Strenghtening Technique, Martial World and True Martial World, I am... more>> The Fated Villain, Chotic God Sword, Sovereign of The Three Realms, The Great Ruler, Wu Dong Qian Kun, Heavenly Jewl Change, Sage Monarch, The Founder of Diabolism, Sage Monarch and at least another dozen...

I believe that my Dao of reading through the years has crossed bad, shallow, good and excellent novels, so let me tell you again: Outside of Time is a top novel! <<less
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Wakashii rated it
November 1, 2022
Status: c417
This was my previous review (chap 137) :

... more>>

Almost everyone knows Er Gen and what I can say is that he's by far one of the best authors rn.

This novel, until now, is ridiculously good. It's a mix of the usual cliché (ISSTH) with a lot of misteries (POTT) involved.

Our MC looks like an average kid trying to survive, he had his lucky chance and everything that he does is to survive. The world building is very good, not everyone is bad, not everyone is good and the only real ''villain'' is very smart.

There's no romance, the MC meet few girls and not a single one was important enough. You can say that he's a teenager that only cares for surviving in this cruel world. Even so, he's a hunter, extremaly serious, doesn't make jokes and it's more like a quiet beast. He would treat others the same way they treat him, as usual from Er Gen's MCs.

I would say that this novel can become my favorite one, I read 137 chapters and even with a lot of improvement, looks like I just read 30 chapters, it's like a novel that could get with thousands of chapters without being repetitive and even now, we didn't see anything from the entire world.

Side characters are kinda meh until now, I read about few interesting ones but truly well made are being showed rn since... (i'll put the spoiler but it's not that big deal)

MC is going to enter a sect and in this place starts to appears a lot of interesting people

I would say an easy 5/5 until now and has a lot of potential, there's no face slapping and arrogant young masters since they are aware of their envirolment, the world is about the law of the jungle but it's like everyone understand that and people are not dumb, so far, I think very few characters can be called dumb, in other words, ppl are self-aware of the state of the world.


Now I'm at 417 and I should make some changes.

First of all, this novel is THE BEST novel from Er Gen, whoever read just a few dozens and did a review, just forget, they are not even close to the essence of the novel.

I said in my previous review that there wasnt many side characters interesting, well, it's like Er Gen read my comment and wanted to tell me to shut up. This novel is one of the best in terms of side characters.

Everyone is awesome, everyone is different and have motivations for those actions, everyone is smart, there's no old dumb cultivators, only cunning ones. The MC is insane, he's not ridiculous op, he's hard working even so he's very talented and had lucky chances, but every genius is like that (ofc our MC is a tier above).

It's not like any of Er Gen's previous work, it's a mix of the best aspects of his novels, it has comedy, a dark world, a lot of mysteries and a lot of emotions, you can feel MC's happiness, angry and sadness.

Already one of my fav novels. 10/10

100% worth a reading. <<less
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MonkeDanana rated it
August 21, 2023
Status: c280
This was interesting at first but later it became boring. It's just the usual arrogant young masters provoking the MC. The gods and other stuff never appeared again after MC joined the sect. It's just the MC doing mission to earn spirit stones and different arrogant young masters keep provoking the MC.

The sect is also shit. They encourage their disciples to kill each other secretly. I don't understand why MC don't just quit the sect or change to other sect since staying there puts him in danger. The benefit from... more>> sect is also pretty meh. For example Foundation Establishment cultivator gets 5, 000 spirit stones every month. But a single pill or weapon for Foundation Establishment cost several hundred thousands even millions spirit stones. So most of MC and other people's resources comes from looting other sect/organization instead.

Most cultivator have the same personality. Almost no good cultivator in this novel. As for MC's strength, he's not weak but not that strong either. Because no matter how strong the MC grows, his enemies will always be stronger than him.

Cultivation speed is inconsistent. When MC practice body refinement. At first it took few days to make a breakthrough, then it took a month to make a breakthrough, then it's back to a few days again to make a breakthrough. When MC cultivate qi technique, it took a few months for the MC to expand his spirit sea from 70 to 100 zhang but then later it only took 3 weeks for the MC to increase from 290 zhang to 470 zhang without any special resource.

Anyway the beginning was interesting when it's about the gods but later it never appeared again and it became the usual generic novel filled with endless arrogant young master. <<less
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Kit1sunii rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: c117
NOTE: I'm not very good in writing reviews but firstly, since this is an Er Gen novel, I gotta share it with others. Secondly, unlike his previous two novels, this will be a serious one like Renegade Immortal so I have high hopes for it. Contains very little spoilers, I don't think they matter a lot because they only happened within only 100 chapters.

An abondoned world, ruined by gods is a dangerous place to live. A rain of blood almost caused the extinction of humanity and beasts. Be it mortals... more>> or immortals, they all shared the same fate. Years later when the restoration of civilization achieved a certain point, cultivators started to appear again. Since techniques, manuals and information were lost, humans had to start with a mostly blank page. And this story, tells the experiences of a fourteen year old boy, who started cultivating by chance.

Xu Qing, the protoganist of this novel lives near a rundown city and corpes were everywhere in the city. He had to do anything to live. He ate raw, used items of dead people and all of these caused him to be like a wild animal. He is extremely cautious and cunning because if he let down his guard for even a few seconds, death awaited him. If he didn't have the power, he used tricks. Humans could be the cause of his death too, thus he didn't mind killing humans for the sake of survival. He doesn't let go of his enemies too, he finishes the job because he knows that they will cause him future trouble if he doesn't kill them.

At some point in the story, humans appeared. When Xu Qing met other people he couldn't and didn't want to socialize with them, he grew up like an animal so he felt uncomfortable around humans. But despite all of these he experienced warmth too. He helped a little girl just for his own goals but after experiencing the girl's kindness towards himself, his heart softened a bit. He grew up to love an old man like his own family, he wanted warmth, attention and this old man gave them to him. He also got a master who payed attention to him, and shared all of his knowledge. But let me remind you guys again, this is an Er Gen's novel. And the path of an MC written by him isn't a happy one. He parts with the little girl, and his master at some point. But what affected him the most was the old man's inevitable death.

The world building seems interesting, the MC is nice but what I find absurd is the fact that Foundation Building cultivators are considered as powerhouses lmao. Actually when you think about it, it makes sense since this is a post apocalyptic world but it still sounds absurd to me after knowing that there's even tenth step and so on (probably). I look forward to the MC's growth in personality, hope there's more tragedy. I want to cry to my heart's content. <<less
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edvy69 rated it
November 14, 2022
Status: c10
not a huge fan of his work but his previous stuff was better written, it almost seems
as if it is a different person and they are fixated on certain phrases such as "gleaming"
etc, either that or the translator did this novel dirty, contradictions with the character
within the first 10 chapters no real hook, I think his new way of writing is a fail
and he should've stuck to the previous way of writing not the style of novel just
the writing.
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Slief rated it
July 9, 2022
Status: c40
So far at chapter 40 it's painting a solid plot and world building, clearly exposing us for what's to come, it start's of with the MC, at 14 years old. the whole city he was caught in an incident, he survives (By means which we don't know yet, probably will come later in the novel) and displays to us his cautious and ruthless character, but deep inside you can clearly tell he is still a child and the ruthlessness and cautioun is forced onto him because of his situation.

anyways I'm... more>> not good at reviews so I will just sum it up, Good world building, character development even though it's only been 40 chapters. we're exposed to some emotional parts and.... okay okay anyways it's good that's what I'm trying saying so I suggest you read it. <<less
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Hunter8k rated it
December 16, 2023
Status: c867
Disclaimer: Only read the wuxiaworld translation (called beyond the timescape) and not the bs that webnovel is releasing.

As someone who has read all of Er Gen's novels, this is the best he's ever written by far. The world building, the mystery, the interactions, the comedy, the side characters (captain especially), are all peak.

I have followed all the 3 translations for this novel (wuxiaworld, webnovel and novelhi's mtl) and at ch860+, it only continues to get better and better. I have no idea how Er Gen has managed to think of... more>> so many different weird and interesting situations but they never seem to disappoint. The captain especially raises the bar of this novel so high it might end up being the best xianxia of all time.

The MC starts as a loner but slowly starts meeting new people and eventually makes very good lifelong relationships with them. The apocalyptic feeling is prevalant in the first few chaps the most and not that much later on.

Ps: the MC is not focused on romance at all but there are a few chaps of women throwing themselves at MC, nothing s*xual yet but it might go the harem route sometime in the future. Its definately the weakest link. <<less
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GianCarpio rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: c1015

If you want to read the best Xianxia Er Gen has ever written, go read Beyond the Timescape - Translated by Deathblade.

I’ll write my actual review later but if you want more explanations on this, basically Webnovel is using a loophole that by NOT just recycling and selling what deathblade translated, they are not stealing from Er Gen therefore they use MTL to basically get... more>> more viewers by getting more chapters out and fooling the market that thisis the only product. Er Gen could technically SUE them but Webnovel is owned by qidian which basically controls the market so it would be more pointless.

The review :

So basically Er Gen looked at the comments on his past novels, took what the audience loved, and shed what they hated and made it into this masterpiece. The MC is my favorite one yet. They all share the same traits but this MC somehow shines through.

Not only did he learn from his own novels, this also shows some inspiration from the best xianxias such as Reverend Insanity.

I can boldly say that this is the best Xianxia of this decade, maybe even EVER placing this second to Reverend Insanity in the hundreds of Lightnovels, Xianxia’s and Novels I’ve read.

Each main side character has a great personality and Er Gen patience in writing all of them. He makes the audience feel as if they are going to be key characters for the thousands of chapters Xianxia will have and they are! Unlike some xianxia’s who just go up and up and leave characters everytime.

The humor is maintained without repetitiveness nor using brash things such as rap* like the other novels. For a serious reader, the humor might as well pass through their eyes but for a reader like me, I appreciate it.

What I meant for Er Gen having been inspired by Reverend Insanity is that every single Arc has that one reverend insanity explosion. Er Gen looked Gu Zhen Ren straight in the eye and said I can do it too. And yes he did, so don’t read the MTL one cause all the foreshadowing and specks of information is completely misinterpreted by the sh*t ai translating it. <<less
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Bijen rated it
October 30, 2023
Status: c851
Best Er Gen novel by far.

This novel has an amazing wold building alongside top tier storytelling and great cast of characters.

It is one of those stories that you do not just enjoy but are invested in it. And it just keeps on getting better and better.
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strixflash rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: c530
I regret to say that I can't offer praise for the novel. The concept is intriguing, set in a dystopian cultivation world with a clever and low-key main character. However, the issue lies in its repetitive nature – each storyline feels the same, and there's a lack of character development. While it's a common challenge for xianxia novels, many successfully captivate readers by offering entertainment.

Regrettably, Beyond The Timescape falls short in this aspect. In his earlier works, such as A Will Eternal and ISSTH, the author, ErGen, entertained through comedy... more>> or a cold yet likable protagonist like Wang Lin in Renegade Immortal.

Unfortunately, this novel doesn't share the same success. It's poorly written, and the author seems to believe he's creating a masterpiece.

Furthermore, the author frustratingly tends to ruin the endings by providing abrupt conclusions and leaving crucial plot points about the main villain or world unexplained. This tactic appears to coerce readers into picking up his next book. What's even more disappointing is that, despite being over 10 years in the making, we still haven't received answers for his previous works like ISSTH and A Will Eternal. I would recommend skipping this one to avoid unnecessary frustration. <<less
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Face The Fact
Face The Fact rated it
November 4, 2023
Status: --
It was very interesting at the beginning but it becomes worse and worse ever since MC joined the sh*tty sect...

It is literally cutthroat competition...

It is beyond ridiculous seeing 'jade beauties' blindly throwing themselves upon him despite MC being so cold...

Those annoying arrogant 'young masters/young elitists' picking up fights with MC for no sensible reason are also started showing up and becoming plot devices...

MC's himself is also not that likable...

Just because someone is 'cold, ' it doesn't mean that he is also 'cool'...

... more>>

If I were MC's shadow, I would rather die than serving such an *sshole tyrannical master...

I would rather seeing the patriarch die than becoming MC's s*ave...

It's really sickening seeing an enemy using his brains reduced to something like that...

I keep wondering whether the captain is the real MC here...

The captain is ruthless but also cool and easy-going compared to MC who is being ruthless but so cold to the extent of being cutthroat paranoid...

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RalphieW rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: c298
It's ok so far, comedic undertones that make you smile once in a while, but it's overshadowed by the amount of killing/mu*dering going on. Some are justified, but it falls into the same category as every other Xianxia where one person from a sect/race does something so now everyone has to die and not just the person responsible, The difference is the amount of detail that goes into it, it's not just this person slapped my face and now he has to pay, more like this person mu*dered one of... more>> the only people I liked so now I have to take revenge. It's also only non-human races that does something wrong, never humans, which gets old pretty quick. Not to say that humans don't get killed by the MC, but all large scale killings are of non-humans.

The MC has changed in some ways but not for the better I would say, in the start he was very curious about learning new things but in these later chapter the only thing he does is fight fight fight fight fight, you get a glimpse every once in a while of him being curious but it's overshadowed by how cruel he is becoming.

3/5 stars for now, might update later. <<less
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Ancestor xiaxionping
Ancestor xiaxionping rated it
August 31, 2022
Status: --
I don't usually write reviews and English is not my first language so bare with me, thanks.

I don't know why the translator choose 'outside of time' as the title for Ergen's new book, I feel that 'beyond time' sounds more philosophical and rolls of the tongue better.

'outside of time' feels like the authors first book 'renegade immortal' giving a cold, merciless and dark over-view to the fictional world, the protagonist 'Xu Qing' is a loner, distrustful and suspicious of everybody, rightfully so, growing up in a harsh world where death... more>> can find you at any corner.

The author is taking a change of pace this time, unique world building with supernatural elements akin to western books, it doesn't give read like his previous novels, it gives a post-apocalyptic feel.

The authors reputation is rightfully deserved, I could not find any major clichés, no over-the-top comedy like his previous books awe and awwp, no jade-like beauties to capture or young masters on every corner to fill up word count either.

Shoddy translators dividing chapters. (͡❛ ▭ ͡❛) <<less
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Kabal n7
Kabal n7 rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: --
I dont usually read this kind of thing bc I Honestly hate most power fantasy novels and I have to admit when you put all the shitty bullsh*t overpowered MC novels this one stands out but only if you look at it this way and thats why im putting 3 stars and not two

... more>>

Basicaly after the old man death its downhill from there. The start was really good the crystal stuff was cool the shadow too I felt the emotion in every chapter I felt bad for the old man but I cant anymore

Chapters and chapters filled with bullsh*t and talks about how the MC is so powerfull, his f*ckin killing intent every two seconds and how he kills people and dont care bc hes so cold how he wants to prevent the enemy to pursue a possible vengeance. It gets to a point where you start to think this guy isnt cold hes straigh up paranoid


Its complete downhill after like chapter 70 I honestly Dont recomment it but maybe im just being too hard this novel is probably better than most novels. Its really great compared to all the sh*t out there but only when you look at it this way <<less
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Lordwizzy rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: --
I think this will be a very intresting novel, the action is dope, and the most important stuff Is the MC. He doesn't have a hero complex of saving every body, he minds his business and thinks rationally
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puffiness123 rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: c220

Some concepts are pretty dark. Seems like most people on both sides are evil and cruel-natured. It's just whoever is stronger. MC is also pretty evil, he uses his enemies' souls to power up. One of his elders also refines enemies into pills to eat. MC also eats it too.


Nevertheless, this story has great world-building plus characterization. While reading, you can immerse yourself into the new world that Er Gen built.


As of chapter 220, there is no romance. But there are female characters that show that they like MC. MC doesn't respond so far.

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