Reverend Insanity


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Humans are the spirit of all living beings, Gu* are the essence of heaven and earth.

With his three views* unrighteous, a demon is reborn.

Former days are but an old dream, an identical name is made anew.

The story of a time traveler who keeps on being reborn.

A unique world that nurtures, refines, and uses Gu.

Spring Autumn Cicada, Moonlight Gu, Liquor Worm, Great Qi Golden Light Worm, Slender Black Hair Gu, Hope Gu…

And a great demon of the world that acts as his heart pleases!

A story of a villain, Fang Yuan who was reborn 500 years into the past with the Spring Autumn Cicada he painstakingly refined. With his profound wisdom, battle and life experiences, he seeks to overcome his foes with skill and wit! Ruthless and amoral, he has no need to hold back as he pursues his ultimate goals. In a world of cruelty where one cultivates using Gu – magical creatures of the world – Fang Yuan must rise up above all with his own power.

Note :

Gu are legendary venomous insects, often used in black magic practices. They can take on the form of several insects, usually snakes, crickets, worms, etc.

Three views = one’s world view, values of worth and philosophy on life.

Associated Names
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Daoist Gu
Gu Daoist Master
Gu Zhen Ren
Master of Gu
เทพปีศาจหวนคืน (ไม่มีตอนจบ)
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Juzt a passerby
New Juzt a passerby rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: v1c200
‍‍‍I honestly just can't believe anyone can praise this load of sh*t as well written.

Its so unbelievably bad I didn't even need to search for it's shortcomings they were in plain sight screaming "look at me"

Well, perhaps its not that much of an exaggeration, it's average at best, but definitely not the pinnacle of literature. This is the disappointment coming from a reader who picked up this novel with unbelievable expectations (due to the praises.)

... more>> Admittedly, its not entirely similar to other cultivation novels but

The characters have no depth whatsoever, and the MC is legit like a robot, very predictable, at a certain point becomes boring to read about

I felt no satisfaction from reading about him, despite his being an evil character, which itself should've been in line with my tastes

But he was so damn bland

The whole novel was bland it didn't feel like it has any life, it's hard to put it into words

It couldve been the bad translation. Of course this is reliant on personal taste mostly, if you liked it then good for you. However I decided to write this because I felt like someone has to balance things out amidst the unbelievable amount of praises.

First of all ive only read a little past 100 chapters so what im judging is PURELY based off these, although the other negative reviews ive read kind of confirm my suspicions

1. There are no smart schemes. Thats it. And anyone who claims theres any semblance of cunningness and scheming that goes beyond surface depth clearly hasn't read a single well fleshed political novel

Although the author and his fans like to claim the characters are cunning and intelligent but truthfully there wasnt anything mind-blowing, I read without anything catching my interest.

Somethings felt forced, im not going to give examples because I havent read much and this is purely my subjective opinion, mixed with some objective points plain in sight.

Anyways there was something about it's vibe and the setting that felt forced, I couldn't picture it as a world that flowed smoothly, it felt like the world was cardboard, or paper, its hard to put into words. This leads us to how everyone seemed to love claiming the characters have any depth. It felt like the author was forcing mannerisms onto the characters in hopes they'd feel unique from each other¿ but it ultimately failed in showcasing each of them with their own unique personality, it also failed in showcasing them in different lights.

The author tried to highlight the intelligence and wisdom of the MC, and also put effort into tryna avoid making the other characters fall in comparison

but when it came to the actuality of things, no character in the village striked me as smart, not one of their actions or thought processes was different from the rest, ultimately they adopted the same values and even their mannerisms and approach at handling things felt forced, as though there was no inner basis for it. They might have had goals but none of them stood out. For example all the students of the academy adopted similar views, they behaved similarly towards the MC, they even spoke simarly. They were either full of anger towards the MC or fearful, if they were weak, and all their screen time was centered around that.

The academy elder and most other characters also adopted very similar behaviours, they tried to repress the MC and hinder his rise in influence in their own ways, and their sole desire seemed to be centered around following the rules and regulations to the point I felt we got nothing else from them. The way they behaved... Was predictable to say the least. They weren't fleshed out. The uncle's efforts in scheming against the MC were like a joke and I knew from the start I dont need to take them seriously because none of them seemed to have any semblance of "intelligence"

It was mostly utilizing his authority in the most obvious ways, so that when it failed to bring him results, he didn't know what else to do. It was pretty... Insignificant. When it comes to my ideas of good scheming for example, you should be able to tell there is wit behind their actions, they reason well and utilize good judgement to their benefits. Their actions are well-reasoned and thought out, while their failure for instance is due to factors they didn't know, which you as a reader are privy to, such as bing outschemed or outwitted, manipulated etc.

And this leads us to the conclusion which is, at most it was basic mind games? That's the best it can pose as. (This is btw coming from an avid psychological and mystery themes lover)

•character commentary and inner monologue

Another point that sucked is the commentary of side characters to, pretty much any event. It always seemed to be unnecessary and just there, to further accentuate how ruthless and uncaring MC is to rules, clan system, whatever. It was just there without value, and felt like it robbed whatever quality left the chapter had, because of the wording or the repetition, as it was always in very similar scenarios and under similar circumstances. Whenever MC did sth in public view it was always there to further highlight the "look at that fang yuan c grade talent, I heard about him, isn't he the rank one gu master who blah balh blah. I thought he was just insignificant and arrogant, to think he was this ruthless!"

I can't even imitate the bad writing

It was along the lines of this tho, if not this then its the opposite, but pretty much all of it felt forced, just as though the author programmed it to pop out to state the obvious or to add nothing. Bc ultimately this so cold reputation and whatever he tried to garner never really held much value, the author tried to act like it had an impact on his life in the village but it was just a bunch of repetitive nonsense that the MC oh so wisely worked around. It was there to seemingly prove that the MC despite his "500 years of cultivation" still needed to put in a lot of effort and thus is not backed by plot armor, weirdly enough most things were unnecessary and just there to further rub it in our faces, that there's no plot armor and everything the MC is getting is due to his hard work and intelligence... But meh, it felt forced too.

On another note this leads us to the inner monologue which was horrendous, sometimes it went ways no actual person would think. The MC would come across an enemy or sth and in his mind for example, he'd explain every little crook and cranny from who the person is to what he thinks of them to what gu he's going to use, what he's not going to use and why, what he wishes he had, what in the fight is to his advantage and blah blah. This ultimately gave the impression that he's narrating and not actually thinking, because no kind of inner thoughts would go as rigidly as this. It made his actions fail to seem automatic towards certain situations like they should be due to his years of experience, and thus these block of text were seemingly just there to prove to the reader that he's calculative and knows what he's doing? So it was just a bunch of unnecessary explanations that were either obvious or defeated the purpose of inner thoughts. Because inner thoughts are supposed to be smoother... and messier. It's usually these inner thoughts that convey the essence of a charac, however the inner monolgues of all characters kind of flowed the exact same way, with the same order of thinking, as though all of them possess the same arrangements of thoughts and flow of ideas. For a more accurate description, it's evidently clear that they're "coded" by the same person.

•blandness of emotions

There was no flexibility in their showcasing of both thoughts, actions, and emotions. Their state of being was: worry, pride, fear, anger. But even then, the emotions felt bland, like they've hardly scratched the surface of the complexity of human emotions. For a more accurate comparison, it's like they've been simplified or categorized into these 4. I can't explain it better, the best way I can put it is "they've been simplified"

In a sense, it could be because the characters seemed to lack a bit of a free will, as though their every day life was scripted, which it was. But that's what made them a bit predictable and plain. Everything was kinda in plain view with plain driving forces, but I guess this is my like for psychological themes speaking. (Which is subjective)


There comes the icing on the cake

Ultimately I can summarise as: He was robotic, very robotic. His 500 years of past life shouldve made him smart and wise and what not but he seemed very one-track minded and a little inflexible in his world views and beliefs, which is fine, if he wasnt as much of a chunnibyou as he was. Although I'd like to say every action of his had a goal, it didn't. Sometimes he took the extreme route which would give him the most trouble even when he's claiming he's tryna keep a low profile and not invite trouble. Other times, he did things for ruthlessness sake despite the author and himself repeatedly emphasizing that he's only ruthless when need be.

He was... Predictable. Nothing ran deep so after some chapters and some inner monologues you'd have most things about his personality down and it becomes easy to guess how he thinks and such. I couldn't feel that there was any layers underneath the descriptions the author provided for us on a silver platter.

His motivations were supposed to be intriguing but idk I didnt feel any intrigue towards his character. His beliefs and stuff can be summarized into "resources matter the most, survival comes first!"

Thats it

Everything else is a manifestation of that one, there's no inconsistencies and such because the author made him walk on a rigid straight line, actually it was like you wrote that sentence on a paper and pasted it onto the eyes of a horse and they forever ran in a straight line with their eyes trained on it. It kind of makes him lack a personality. Its just a goal that he has, I think it was eternal life? Not sure, anyways yeah its definitely not a good model of a deep character. Or a smart character. I'd say... He's smart enough to be a cultivation novel's MC. Because there doesn't seem to be any complexity involved in these worlds, perhaps it's just bad writing. But it's a bit of an offense to actual intelligent MCs to praise his nonexistent iq. Actually nah that's an exaggeration, but what's not an exaggeration is his *intelligence* and *cunningness* being nowhere near enough to hit the mark. You can just tell his actions don't really stem from careful judgement and wit. Experience? Sure. That might be it. His saving grace is his lack of attachments or fear of death, which makes it possible to accomplish stuff daringly, that would have him hailed as *smart*, but he's not that much of a challenge to outwit.

Also it's hard to imagine there's anyone who can recall the most insignificant details of their past life unless they had some kind of photographic memory, so this bit of a plot hole was left hanging there.

writing style and storytelling

There comes the cherry on top.

Boring. Repetitive. The author is terrible at writing in a smooth flow. Each chapter was following one template, where every little detail needs to be repeated and explained hundreds of times in hundreds of different characters' heads, ofc after the author gives yet another explanation through another charac's pov. Its to the point where whatever happens, the MC needs to explain the scenario and situation from all sides, whenever he does an action and after its over he just needs to sit down and reminisce on the exact steps of his plan, how and why he did what he did, when most of the time this is unnecessary bc his motivations are plainly obvious, just like the plan itself. And AFTER that, there comes another summary about what happened, and a few chapters later when sth comes up the author would re-mention this thing and restate the motivation and steps and goals and everything surrounding that one incident as though the reader either has amnesia or is a ret*rd. And if this isn't enough, most of the time it's to re establish how ruthless the MC is *BUT FOR A REASON* and how only the ones who discard the system succeed and how the relationships between people are so ridiculous and unnecessary and weak and would not aid him in achieving his goal, and also how much of a lone wolf he is and how he's not like these s*upid people because he only does what benefits him to achieve greatness while they care about meager stuff only the lowly and failures would care about because relationships wont aid him in success and and and and


its so so repetitive

It's not his values and beliefs that irked me as much as it was just the repetition.

It makes him appear chunnibyou because he just keeps repeating this like a broken record and the character's attitudes and reactions go to further emphasise on this as though we haven't memorized it already, its like his whole life just revolved around that paragraph, to the point that whenever he does sth he needs to think the words I just wrote in his head and re -establish the fact that he always does ruthless things for a reason and isnt naive like the common people and has a goal and whatnot and how he did this specific thing correctly or knows this specific thing because of his 500 years of superior experience

Like what human would just repeat these in their head like a broken record

We got it from like the 2nd chapter, and we memorized it by heart by the 10th

The author just has a knack for stating the obvious in a sh*t tone of colorful ways. We can remove half of the novel and still be left with unnecessary fillers. You have to skim read to actually get to the stuff that are consequential. I must say it prolly contends with naruto and it's likes when it comes to filler. Even then, nothing comes close to the snail-pace riddled with filler.

Would I suggest not reading it? Probably not. It's not my business whether anyone reads it or not. It was my own personal taste that made me judge it as a waste of time to me. However theres tons of songs of praises about it so obviously it's not complete tr*sh. I suggest to always give things a try. Maybe it's for you, maybe it's not. <<less
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New Luvd007
November 22, 2022
Status: c481
Update C481

I'm loving this so far. The world and cultuvation system are quite unique. Fang Yang... what can I say about this character... He is one of the only actual amoral MC's whose only interests lie with taking care of number 1.

I found myself mouth agape, at some of his decisions, because the novel reader in me still expected a modicum of decency and conscience from this MC. Key word being expected Alas, there is none to be found. My respect for him still grows nonetheless. At this point, I... more>> can only feel sorry for the poor unfortunate souls unlucky enough to encounter Fang Yuan and his scheming deviousness.

I feel like it would be a fitting end for FY to die after just reaching his goals, or maybe right on the brink of it. He is an excellent character, yes, but an absolute sh*t of a human being, and that's ok. That's why we love him <<less
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Stark3 rated it
March 22, 2017
Status: c1671
I find it a real shame that there are only 6 chapters currently translated for this series (which is part of the reason of why I'm writing a review for it, hopefully it will get more attention)
... more>>

I highly recommend this novel if you're tired of storylines from the good guy's point of view or just like evil MCs in general. What sets this apart for me from the generic evil MC novel is that it doesn't try to rub it in your face that the MC is evil : most of them make a show of mentioning mindless slaughter (the gorier the better), or including lots of NSFW scenes. Most of the time that kind of approach falls flat for me though, turning the novel into one-dimensional depictions of good vs evil.

Here, the MC is simply what he is, plain and simple : someone who wants to reach the topmost level of cultivation so that he could have eternal life. He's incredibly focused at it, and he doesn't want to be held back by the moral conventions of the "correct path", emotion, etc., hence his decision to travel the Devil Path (he's incredibly similar to the MC from Warlock of the Magus World, but less psychopathic; he doesn't get a kick twisting people to his will, he's all business). He's very cold blooded and calculating, but he's not a prick; in fact he can be very sociable at times, usually when he's setting someone up.

The cultivation is unique as well, with insects being used as material representations of world concepts : kill a wild beast, and there's a chance you retrieve an insect representing that beast's strength. Build that insect up, and you get to use that strength for your own. Same thing for that beast's defense, stamina, etc. Other insects include something that represents moonlight - build it up, and you're capable of long range attacks with arcs made of moonlight. So on and so forth. The insects have their own cultivation level aside from the user, and there's recipes where different insects can be joined up to get more powerful ones.

Plenty of worldbuilding as well. The world is divided into 5 separate regions, with each one having a distinct culture and flavor.

Currently, I'm at the latest RAW (c1671) and I can say that there are no boring story arcs. There's the occasional ho-hum chapter, but then every web novel has that. :P Daoist Gu has this way of reinventing itself every now and then, keeping things relatively fresh.

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Sky Farrow
Sky Farrow rated it
April 27, 2017
Status: v5c680
Amazing story, non-cliche main character and interesting concepts.

Every volume ends with a huge bang that blows my mind away.

The pace of the plot moves in a good pace, worldbuilding is rich.

... more>> The main character is really fun to read, he is evil and has no qualms about killing people; he will do anything to reach his goal and uses whatever means necessary to do so. He also manipulates events and plans things very well - his intelligence is his biggest strength.

The other characters are all quite smart as well - there is not many s*upid characters around (especially the trope where some books write surrounding characters to be s*upid so the MC looks smart)

The plot twists are pretty damn fun, anything can happen in this story at anytime the least you expect it.

Another bonus is that there is no harem - in fact so far in there is little romance that involves the MC. It feels refreshing as too many chinese novels have harems in it. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: c2267

Let me remind you first. If you are a person that love saviors, family bond, romantic relationships and loyal friendship, then you can stop reading while you are ahead. Same with people who like short plots and simple villains. If you read novels where MC always has to defend his pride, then this novel is where the MC sh*t on pride.

Daoist Gu plot is real deep. Story is on a whole different level. Here you have real cruelty unlike other novels where everything goes smoothly for the MC and the hot chicks always survived. Also for once there is also a great meaning and explanation for him to be transported from another world. After you manage to read past 1000+chapters, you would throw 99% of the other Chinese novels you had read and admired in the garbage bin. It's like comparing a kid story book to a adult novel. Story is told from past, present and future. Here you don't get ret*rd geniuses, rich arrogant young masters or worthless enemies that appear out of nowhere to annoy MC. Every single enemy is a real master that has experience real life difficulties and are veteran in plots. They are harder to kill than c*ckroaches. MC has real shitty luck and is a loner. The whole world is his enemies and has no real allies. Any good luck he had was false, scheme by the heaven in the dark to control him. Anything he encounter has a meaning later on in the future (like 500+chapters).
MC has 2 personality: In the past his personality is more to the kinder side and is more reluctant to do evil. Spend 500years on pain, despair, difficulties and being suppress by heaven. He experience every kind of mood from love, friendship to hate. He is but a chess piece slowly being molded by heaven to become useful later on.
Present personality:because of his 500years of life, he already experience everything life can throw at him. He already love once, so he no longer need to love anyone else. He already shed tears before, so he has no tears more to give. Compassion, friendship, family, pain, torture, schemes can no longer faze him. Here is where his personality shines. His determination and endurance is on a whole different level. Nothing can stop his path. MC has 1 goal ever since he ended in the Gu world. Eternal life. In order to accomplice that he would keep walking the road ahead no matter how many enemies or difficulties ahead. Both in past, present and future his goal has never change. That make him so different from other people. He not afraid of anything and has never regretted anything he has done.
The amount of enemies he has is ridiculous. Basically the whole world want to hunt him down later on. MC has to survive by only using his brain, mouth and tricks. Here you have no hero story with rainbow and color, but cruelty and only the strong survive. Forget about novels with beauties. Here author treat female equally as hard as males. MC literally has no compassion toward them.
Best things I like about Daoist Gu: MC is always true to himself. Never a hypocrite. Also he is shameless, greedy and cruel on a whole different level. He would swallow you whole without even spitting out the bones if he get the chance. But what great about Fang Yuan is that evil and good has no meaning to him. For him there is no such different between black and white. Only eternal life matter to him. For MC things like pride, morals, justice, team work, loyalty etc are just bunch of nonsense. He always see what benefits him first and see if something/someone is useful for his purposes. Another thing I love about the story is that it has a lot of philosophies and life lessons. Author put real background into the story like the Gu insects, world settings and dao school (like human, blood, stealing, wisdom, information, time, space dao etc). I especially like the Human Ancestor Biography. You can see author really spent effort on it.
My personally opinion is that you really need to finish the first book to actually fell in love with the rest of the books (6 in total).
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Slants Perpendicular
Slants Perpendicular rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: c2095
I decided to make this review because someone asked me for my opinion on Reverend Insanity.

Daoist Gu is one of the few good Chinese novels out there.

... more>>

Though do try to keep in mind the term 'Chinese Novel'; for it is the key with which one should base their opinions of this review upon.

Just like it would be unfair to make Mike Tyson fight Danny DeVito, it would be unfair to judge a Chinese novel by the same standards as one would use to judge an actual novel.

Now, I'll begin with what I found bad with this novel, since that's what most people tend to focus on.

The most prevalent issue is the redundancy of useless information. The author loves to ramble on about things that are of no consequence to the plot, which essentially turns a great many chapters into a chore to read. There is so much pointless information that could be removed, which would shorten the novel, yet detract nothing of importance from it. The author writes histories for everything but the kitchen sink, I know nearly every inconsequential character's life story and the history of their clan, I even know the life stories of characters who die within 10 chapters. If that isn't superfluous padding, I don't know what is.

Cultivation is also a problem. The cultivation in itself is something to be praised, because it's fairly unique, and something newish to read is always welcomed. No, the problem with the cultivation is the parts of the cultivation author focuses on. He for some reason concentrates on the boring sections of the cultivation. The author spends over 600 chapters on two boring Dao, strength and ens*avement. These two paths of power are unbelievably dull, so boring in fact that if it wasn't for the satisfying endings to both volume one and two I would of dropped this novel instantly. Strength is simply about hitting things hard and then making shadows which hit things even harder. Ens*avement is purely about catching animals and making them bite and scr*pe hard, while you hide behind them. These two paths of power offer nothing but boring action scenes and simple anti-climatic endings to fights, and the fact that there were many more interesting options of power showcased just fuels the tediousness.

Another thing that nearly diminishes all the merits this novel has to offer is volume four. Volume four is completely terrible, it highlights all of the problems I've mentioned and brings them to new heights; I even had to skim read this volume simply because I couldn't stomach it any other way, though the fact I forced my self to read it, instead of simply dripping it, is a testament to the novel's quality. A certain condition thrust upon the MC is the main fons et origo of this volume's dreadfulness, it twists the plot into another hunt, this time a hunt for a cure. Keep in mind that volume four is 350 chapters long, it took me an entire week of skim reading to finish it while it only took me about two days of actual reading to finish the previous 649 chapters.

Now onto the merits of the novel.

The protagonist has to be one of the best aspects of this novel, he's 'fairly' pure and free from contradictions. He doesn't develop at all throughout the novel, yet his lack of development works perfectly. It works because we've been told about his difficult past life, it allows us to enjoy the 'flashback' chapters; since gaining insight into the past mind of a person still developing is boring and can sometimes be confounding, whereas learning about the past of a fully developed character acts as a different form of development. He's wholly selfish and obsessive, he's both sane and crazy, and he makes choices solely by cold logic tempered by benefits. Though there are times when the author forces the MC to do things out of character or simply makes him do things that serve no other purpose than consolidating the protagonist's status as 'evil'. For example, if [problem A] can either be solved with [harmless solution 1] or [harmful solution 2] the author will undoubtedly go with solution 2. With that said, without the protagonist this novel would not be worth reading, so if you don't like him you won't like this novel. I also agree with Pranefuji that the MC's inner moral monologuing can often comes across as the pubescent edgy ramblings of a teenager. Which I just put down to bad exposition.

The side characters are also a merit. They aren't dumb and have their own goals that aren't centred solely around the MC. The author also tries to give them their own personality, though he often just ends up giving them mannerisms rather than full-fledged personalities; but it's the thought that counts. Also, I liked Bai Ningbing more when he was a man, since after he becomes a woman he simply became an ice queen and lost his playfulness. Another thing this novel does nicely is the antagonists, or more specifically the Shadow Sect master; he's truly a good character, even if he's a bit lacking personality wise.

Now the cultivation. The cultivation is somewhat new; I say 'somewhat' because it feels a bit like beast souls with more steps. I have very little to say about the cultivation other than—like most other things in this novel—it gets better in volume five. Before volume five the author focuses on the most boring aspects of the cultivation system.

Finally, onto the last merit: the plot. Daoist Gu actually has plot, proper plot; not just the childish 'gotta get strength' (gotta catch em all) plot. While the MC does have the motivation for acquiring strength, the author has the common sense not to make it the plot. The plot really only starts to shine in volume five, while all previous volumes simply seem like foundation and introduction, with a subplot of searching for things. Whereas in volume five the MC focuses his entire mind on the one (collective) enemy hindering his path and plans from there. Very simple, yet miles ahead of most other Chinese novels. The addition of the plot is all that was needed to add enjoyment into a novel I found relatively boring for four straight volumes, though do realize that while those four volumes were boring they weren't terrible, only the fourth volume was terrible. The first two volumes had good endings, and the third had a slightly intriguing scenario that felt like a heist.

Overall this is a good Chinese novel, though a novel where only a forgiving man like myself could rate it so high. The first four volumes are severely boring, with only slight enjoyment to be gleamed. Most of my rating comes from volume five, and without volume five this would at most be a 3/10. Unfortunately, volume five came a bit too late and was only able to gain the novel another two points. This is without doubt a superior Chinese novel and just stands to highlight the horrendousness of the other dregs parading as novels.


PS., ., In case anyone cares, I don't think this novel has any of the token young masters common within many other Chinese novels. I believe it has maybe at most three or four at the very beginning, and even then they have better motives than the usual token young masters.

(Edit) - There seems to be a couple of reviews witch vaguely look like responses to my own, so I have decided to address the few rebuttals I have read.

First one being Pixeldrum's defense of the 'redundant useless information' (if you can even call it a defense).

This is his defense: "Sorry for adding detailed information to have a more fleshed out universe... Lotr is also awful too haha!!"

There's three problems with this statement, the first being the fact he ignored the word redundant, the second being he misunderstood the meaning of useless, and the third being his fallacious comparison to LOTR.

The reason him ignoring the word 'redundant' is a problem, shouldn't require explanation.

And the reason I judged the information as useless and not in-service of a fleshed out universe is because if it had been removed it would make no difference in the slightest. See if you remove some of the, as Pixel puts it, 'detailed information' from LOTR it would cause a certain chain reaction of inconsistency to the created world, that's what happens when pertinent and proper world-building information is removed: it snaps a finely tied and interconnected web. Thus you can easily judge if the information is useful by removing it, if nothing else changes when said information is gone, then it was useless (there are exceptions, of course, just very rarely in CN web novels).

Lastly, and undoubtedly leastly, the LOTR comparison. I would just like to inform everyone that there have been many such criticisms directed towards the LOTR, by respected critics and authors alike, for this very issue. Tolkien cared more for the world than the story, and it undoubtedly affected the novels, though the main difference between DG and LOTR is that the 'detailed information' Tolkien gave was usually interesting and of a grander consequence than the rabble DG often provided.

There was one more response (maybe not even directed towards me) to my complaint of the boring cultivation in the early volumes, he said something along the lines of "the cultivation served a purpose and made perfect sense" which I agree with, but I find ultimately beside the point on whether it was bland or not.

If there are anymore responses in the future I shall respond to them whenever I see them, and whenever I'm bored. <<less
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eirifllyn rated it
July 21, 2018
Status: c2053
There are already so many good reviews here it feels almost unnecessary to add another one, yet I can't help but feel that even the "good" reviews aren't properly doing this story justice. In particular, some complaints in previous reviews are based on false information:

    1. The claim that the story tries to justify the main character as not evil is wrong. He is unrepentantly selfish and will literally go to any length to achieve his goal, with absolutely no distractions. He cares for no one at all, and ruthless to both himself and everything else in the world. In fact, the author's opening notes for the story discusses how this is the story he truly wanted to write from the beginning of his career -- one of a truly immoral character, a profound and extreme resolve to pursue selfish aims, with NO compromise for toning things down for readers' sensibilities. I honestly don't understand where other reviewers are seeing the "justification". I mean, did they just ignore the fact that he is universally hated by the pretty much entire world as the worst and most fearful "devil" sage, and even most of his own "allies" who were forced or manipulated to work for him? I'm especially talking about those reviewers who inexplicably think the author is trying to justify him as an antihero despite having read to the later volumes when he is ACTUALLY at war with almost every faction in the world. This is a true villain protagonist -- but of course nobody is a villain in their own mind. That's actually this novel's greatest, most groundbreaking strength. If you've ever enjoyed stories where the villains were serious and posed real threats to the hero because their strength of will was just as high as the hero's own, and wondered about seeing the story from the villain's perspective, well this is the story you need to read.
    2. Comments about the MC's choices in cultivation being bland are just nonsensical. He is making efficient choices. This is a rational MC who operates on pure logic -- he's an emotionless machine that doesn't hesitate, rage, despair, or love, no matter how many readers ship the various potential pairings that have cropped up. He may falter at times of extreme distress and from enemy techniques attacking his mind, but that's all. It would be OOC for him to choose some sort of flashy, complicated cultivation method or battle style. He simply find the best possible short-term and long-term cultivation method to achieve... short and long term goals. The post-Xian cultivation is far more complex and flavorful because he started to need those, and the ones before were not because he needed rapid paths to power matched to accessible resources. He even completely abandoned his former life's cultivation path because it was not expedient in his new situation, and so there was no cheap path to power.
    3. Other characters have real personalities. In fact, this story goes far beyond most others in fleshing out characters. Some die quickly, but that's not a failing of literary presentation. Those who have strong or threatening characters or backgrounds are killed because the MC eliminates all threats, and so does everyone else. Nobody has plot armor (except, perhaps, arguably the MC himself due to his revival mechanism, but there is actually an in-story explanation for many "lucky" or "unlucky" occurrences eventually which becomes a major plot point). "Allies" eventually get less screen time and relevance because the MC doesn't care for them and they've been completely subjugated. Before anyone gets ens*aved or forced to work for the MC, or killed, they always have colorful and unique personalities, though many characters are devious and immoral by virtue of the world they're in. Again, I would consider this a strength of the novel as every character, every little faction, from families to individual cultivators to sects to confederated groups of major powers, and all the "dead" 9th circle supreme sages (" ") of history have/had their own motivations and ability to influence the story. This isn't a story that happens in a sandbox with crappy caricatures -- everything everywhere matters, and somebody will react.
    4. The author does not suffer from math problems. One reviewer mentioned that you'll see what the issues are when the number of Immortals is discussed. I'm afraid the reader failed to read between the lines. This is unfortunately also a spoiler if I gave a full explanation, but basically, the numbers provided before on the number of people who cultivate to 5th circle and then to Xian (the "Immortals" the reviewer mentioned) appear to be strange when you see how many Xian there are. The ratios are not off. The problem is that what you see in the normal world is not what the ratio is for Xian groomed cultivators, and the pool of people that exist is a hell of a lot bigger than the people in the normal world.

      The Xian all have internal worlds formed by the ascended Aperture. People can live in those worlds, and those people can't interact with the outside unless the Xian allows them to. Obviously (but I guess it wasn't obvious enough for some reviewers), the Xian are going to focus grooming the people living inside their own worlds, and only keep a nominal force or family outside to maintain control of certain resources. Getting somebody groomed from 1st to 5th circle for an actual Xian with huge resources is extremely easy. Not so for people who think Xian are semi-mythical beings, who don't even realize their families have Xian.

I will admit one failing of the novel, which some would argue is not a failing because of the format of web novel. It suffers from repeated information that the author really doesn't need to say so many times. Unfortunately, reading some of the comments from readers on the raw site and elsewhere, it seems like they actually are necessary because people keep forgetting details of the story. That's partially a problem of the web novel format, but probably also because readers in general don't expect so much depth to the story. They skim the novel and end up confused because the answers aren't spoon fed to the reader and repeated at every turn. So unfortunately the later volumes the author had to put more exposition reminding readers of information presented multiple times before.

That's not enough to deter from the novel's tremendous good points. As one final note, I point to the way this story's rating on Qidian has developed. Several hundred chapters ago, the rating was 8.8. Now it has risen to 9.3. That's a stunning feat for any novel -- most stories are rated highly and eventually fall off as it gains popularity and the burden of too many readers drives the average down. Something similar happened here on NU, the rating rose from something like 3.7 to 4.3.
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Aoto rated it
February 25, 2017
Status: v3c172
It's a different kind of cultivating novel. In this novel insects are part of cultivation. The cultivation system has 10 level, there are not much differences between the first 5 lvl except for the amount of energy you have, but after lvl 6 there are huge changes (only after lvl 6 you will count as immortal and your lifespan will greatly increase). Insects also have 10 level, but are much harder to cultivate the higher you go. These insects basically always give you 1 ability or have auxillary uses.... more>> For example one can boost your speed for a certain amount of time, another one can boost the defensive capabilities of your skin and others can shoot a fireball. You can split them into attack, defense, speed, "awareness" (hearing, sightboost), auxillary (itembox) and ones that can boost your cultivation speed or energy regeneration (healing insects are another group). Our MC changes his insects threw the novel and so does his fighting style. The novel is about a youth who is born with poor talent, that cultivated thew many hardships to overcome his innate talent and becomes stronger and stronger until one day he manages to cultivate a Spring and Autumn Cicada. Because this insect was coveted by everyone and he has done many evil deeds in the past to cultivate it (the insect) he gets hunted down, at the final moment he chooses to use the ability of the Spring and Autumn Cicada to go back in time. The MC is rather cold but he isn't a ruthless monster, he treats all living beings as equally, so he doesn't really care if he kills someone or something (would you care if you stamp on an ant? That's basically the MCs mentallity). If it is a threat he kills it, if not he doesn't care and trys to enhance his own strengh by any means

Because of his innate talent he couldn't break through the 3lvl without external help and refined a relic that needed a herbivore to devour a young virgin with good talent (he used the granddaughter of someone who made things difficult for the MC and the granddaughter annoyed him, blame her bad luck that he needed this relic)


Overall this novel is pretty good and definitly unique, it's interesting to see all those different kind of insects cultivator. But the MC is a cultivating freak so if you hope for a novel with good romace or don't like a coldhearted MC you better not read it. Otherwise I would definitly recommend this novel to everyone who is already fead up with the standard xianxia novels. <<less
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xzpwnz rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: v4c175
The main character is extremely cunning and ruthless in his pursuit of immortality. At no point in the novel will the main character develop any love interest or true comrades, even when it may seem that he is on good terms with someone. To the main character people only exist to be exploited in some way.

There are two types of cultivators in this novel, the righteous way cultivators and rogue/demonic cultivators. Righteous way cultivators usually rely on their family or sect backing and will rather speak flowery words and scheme... more>> behind the scenes to maintain some semblance of justice, whereas demonic cultivators are usually independent and ruthless upfront. The problem is that the righteous way cultivators possess most of the cultivation resources, so there is some form of control on the growth of cultivators. Most demonic cultivators struggle to improve their cultivation due to the lack of resources and are forced to join a family or sect to continue their growth. The main character is an exception to this because of his knowledge of the future, being a demonic cultivator he has to rely on hidden inheritances of past cultivators and his knowledge of their locations to improve his growth. Although the main character is a demonic cultivator, he is skilled at acting with his 500 years of experience, manipulating events behind the scenes and appearing ambivalent in acting as both a righteous and demonic cultivator.

Volume 1 (first 199 chapters) covers the main character growing as a cultivator and improving his innate cultivation qualifications in the righteous way clan he's born in while being at a disadvantage with his poor initial qualifications. He schemes against the clan elders and the clan's inner power struggles. There are some enjoyable scenes, but I personally didn't really like this volume, and would maybe rate it around a 4/5.


Although it doesn't really matter since the majority of the clan dies at the end of the volume. The clan appears as a righteous way clan on the surface, fooling everyone including the patriarch, established by a righteous way clan ancestor turned demonic cultivator. The main character screws the clan's ancestor who was planning to use a demonic ritual that sacrifices the entire clan

to improve his qualifications and uses the ritual for himself instead by using the spring and autumn cicada to go back in time, so everyone in the clan

dies anyway after the two hundred chapters except the main character, his brother (who just happens to be outside of the ritual zone), and one of the main character's traveling companion


Volume 2 (chapter 200-405, 206 chapters total) covers the main character leaving his clan and his efforts to re-cultivate after a cultivation drop. He blackmails someone into becoming his traveling companion and bodyguard, and competes for inheritances with other cultivators. The first half of this volume is somewhat boring, but the plot twists and events that occur during the latter half of the volume are mindblowing. Definitely a 5/5.


The main character gets plotted against by the traveling companion he blackmails after finally gaining an inheritance, and it reveals the schemes and measures taken behind the scenes that made it happen. I won't spoil too much on this since this and the subsequent events are just amazing, and you'd need to read it for yourself


The main character isn't omniscient and omnipotent. He has knowledge of the future and is intelligent, but things may and will go wrong due to his lack of strength. His saving grace and plot armor is his spring and autumn cicada that turns back time with limitations to give him a re-do when things do go wrong. <<less
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Elementarteilchen rated it
December 5, 2018
Status: c233
There are so many positive reviews, so let me talk only about the (imo) important negative points of this novel.

    • The cultivation system: It isn't your own power, that makes you powerful. It is most of the time a borrowed power. There are (pokemon), uh, I mean Gu in this world. Even if you are a level 3 Gu master, you are almost defensless without a Gu. So, you need a high cultivation for the usage of a gu and you need (legendary pokemon) strong gu to tr*sh your opponent.
    • MC spends a lot of effort to get a rare/good/important gu, which will be disregarded pretty quickly or will be killed by enemies. For example, almost half of his Gu were killed in the latest chapters I read.
    • Lengthy fights between other parties. (Fights without invovlement of the MC)
    • MC is very predictable after awhile. He is like a robot/ai, which is optimized to get the best recources. He disregards EVERYTHING for resources. Side characters? Friendship? That doesn't matter at all to him. EVERYTHING can be and will be sacrificed for resources and you as the reader know this very clearly. There just needs to be the right opportunity. As a result the MC feels more like a boring ai, instead of a real human with emotions and personality. You will know the outcome of every "human relationship", because of MC's "algorithm". No character growth, no enjoyment from complicated relationships and human interactions (everything is just acting to get the best resources).
    • Author likes to show you a juicy piece of cake, but you only get broccoli instead and sometimes you need at least broccoli, but end up with nothing. "I could do the most awesome attack with this gu. *describes awesome situations with this gu and cool characteristics* 20 sentences later: but alas it can't be forced. I have to move on. I'm only destined to get the the lefotovers. They aren't as awesome and cool as the described gu"

      Authors approach is to show you a lollipop and immediately take it away.


      "I need a healing gu"

      "Such a pity there is no healing gu"

      "There are so many good/rare gus, but I already have this type of gus. I'm just missing a healing gu"

      "I need to apply mortal medicine, because I don't have a healing gu."

      "This situation would be so much easier with a healing gu"


      "Finally I got my healing gu. Such a pity my movement gu is dead. Now I need to search for a movement gu" -.- Author, do you want me to cry and scream like a little baby?

      "such (a coincidence) bad luck. It just so happens, I need to travel a big distance and I currently have no movement gu, because it was killed moments ago. Now my journey will be 100 times as long as expected"

      "I could avoid this dangerous area with a movement gu..." -.-

    • IT IS LIKE AUTHOR READ TONS OF CRICITCS ABOUT OP MCs WITH PLOT ARMOR ON EVERY CORNER AND NOW HE NEEDS TO POINT OUT HIS LACK OF PLOT ARMOR ON EVERY CORNER. Author invented this new type of forced situation (at least he made it painfully obvious) and henceforth it should be called: "REVERSED PLOT ARMOR"

      He tries to shove a piece of cake down on every readers throats, but it feels more like he shoves tons of whole durians in my stomach and I mean the really big ones without even peeling the fruit. It hurts and it feels forced. Besides, forced feeding is never enjoyable.
If there is nothing else to read, I come back to this novel, but it isn't something I'm really looking forward to. It is just something to bypass time. 2/5 stars seems too little and 3/5 stars seems too much. Sometimes the novel is really enjoyable, so it is hard to get a final rating...
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00petar00 rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: c200
I really like MC's that are cold and cruel and just plain realistic, why would he save random people and cause troubles for himself like many other MC's.

He is not overpowered at least as far as I have read. Many other novels where MC goes back in past they have really big knowledge advantage over everyone else but that is pretty much it.

It is amazing how he has no talent and has to use his knowledge and that is why it is so fun to read. He has to outsmart... more>> his enemies when he can't fight them. <<less
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NCpower rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c2320
"A dying god is still a god." - that's how I'd phrase my thoughts about this novel.

I've been reading it for five years and went through several stages. From pure amazement to bliss, and finally to the now, when I see the flaws.

The story tells us about Fang Yuan—a 500-year-old person who already went through his fair share of adventures, then barely managed to be reborn to his childhood 500 years back, and now he knows what he wants. And by "he knows" I mean he's deadly sure. No other... more>> novel takes the pursuit of one's goal to such a degree of dedication. Everything is an instrument to reach his goal. Morals, rules, allies, enemies, good, evil—these are just concepts that are exploited for the sole goal.

The story is sometimes brutal. Imagine an artificial intelligence that was given a single goal without any restraints, and you will get the basic idea. Fang Yuan does not shy away from any methods to increase the probability of success. He'll kill, blackmail, steal, betray, use politics or psychology—whatever necessary to reach his objectives.

The plot itself is a thing that was praised by many reviewers in the past, so I can only say that I enjoyed it a lot.

Even though the story setting is magical, it captures power relations so well that you can't stop thinking about how it relates to our world. Especially to the business side where company's profits and personal gain are the main things. Betrayals, alliances between former enemies, cruel and amoral moves to get more assets. By reading the novel, you take a peek at the world of business, where power and pure logic are the kings. No scruples, no conscience, just growth and profits.

As for the cultivation system, Reverend Insanity has a fine balance between a soft and hard magic system. There are some rules, but the system itself is so unique and massive that many areas are still unseen. Fang Yuan himself, even though fairly skilled, is still very far from grasping all the aspects of the Gu world, and you will explore this exciting world together with him.

But as wonderful as it sounds, the novel is definitely not perfect. I'd say, it's good enough, but it's still far from the published works of the west. The main problems are the exposition and scenes.

The exposition is given as info-dumps, which are tolerable at the start, but when you see them all over after 1800 chapters, that's a bit discouraging. I'd even say that info-dumps usually are the main part of the text. You might find chapters that have only a couple of character actions when everything else is the narrator explaining the Gu system.

Even more disrupting are the descriptions of important scenes. Sometimes you can have a decent description, but most of the time you will see important moments being described as "After a serious struggle, he succeeded." It's like you're going to eat the most delicious thing in the world, but as you're about to do it, you discover that you've already done it and can only feel the aftertaste.
To alleviate the issue, I'd suggest to treat the text not literally, but as a guideline to imagine the events yourself.

Overall, Reverend Insanity has a perfect core idea, a deep magic system to back it up, a great plot to show the idea, but it largely fails to deliver it all through the art of penmanship. And still, even in such a terrible state, it cannot extinguish the shine of the ideas it presented.

Thus, "A dying god is still a god." <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: --
Take any expectations you have, and multiply that by fifty. You have this. Gu Daoist Master possesses not only an amazing world of possibilities, and growth. But also rationality. The protagonist himself is exceptionally unique. A one in a hundred thousand. An old veteran of the world who behaves his age. Displays his cunning, wisdom, and intelligence in abundance.

Furthermore, are you bored of reading stories from singular perspective? From the eyes of the 'righteous side'? If you are, then this story is purrfect for you. Enjoy the devilish ride, on... more>> the 'Dark Side'.

Evil after all isn't born, it's created. <<less
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skankhunt42 rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c1402
One of the best Xuanhuans out there. The MC is calculating and callous like Leylin (WoMW), and the story is really interesting so far with minimal use of plot armour. Plus, MC is like Yan Zhaoge screwing over typical xianxia protagonists.

Lots of plot twists and no cliche arrogant young masters.
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Beel rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: v3c50
There are some novels which take your breath away, this is one of them. This novel does not have your usual comedy, romance or knight type MC who falls for beauties. But what you do get is some amazing plot full of twist and turns and a rebirth story told like never before. This novel is really good at making the characters seem real with ambitions while still making the MC look OP and weak at the same time.

So if you want to read a good novel filled with real... more>> characters and suspense thriller this is for you. The ending of vol2 was the best I have read in a while and there will be no rinse and repeat of the plot at least till now <<less
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deathcoy rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: c869
Pretty much reading this for the protagonist. Not your usual righteous hero but instead a Neutral Evil kinda character. He is selfish and has no qualms about turning on allies and usually makes allies primarily to further his own goals. He plots behind people's back, switches sides if theres better benefits and will kill or massacre if need be, though he does not often needlessly kill. Still, a very despicable character nonetheless.

As for the storyline, pretty much reminds me of another xianxia novel Transcending The Nine Heavens, both dealing with... more>> a special item and rebirth. Like all novels, MC wants to reach the peak but the catch is he wants to do it the evil way. Lots of scheming, cunning & guile, court politics, betrayals and such. Basically 80% of the plot is the MC undermining and outwitting his opponents. Author excels in creating such stories with elaborate schemes, much superior to Transcending The Nine Heavens, this is where the novel shines.

However, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. Author needs to be more flexible with the narration and learn to switch out plots and style. Maybe a change of pace, scenery, storyline or a wholly different theme, you know, push the tempo a little bit. Several volumes straight of the same plot of characters trying to outsmart each other can turn into a pretty frustrating read. Right now, the narration is pretty much monotonous, it lacks color. Its much more tiring reading this novel than the other xianxia stories with cliche repetitions. Furthermore author has a tendency of throwing redundant content or plots and introducing insignificant details to the story, which will be regurgitated again in later volumes, kinda like the first few volumes of True Martial World, wasted dozens of chapters just to describe how the protagonist cooks a bloody meal, its infuriating! An obvious method for web authors to buy time while they plan their storyboard. I'm not against it but if its too frequent, thats bad writing.

An important thing to note, since MC is pursuing the path of a demonic cultivator, don't get too attached to side characters. Most if not all end up being used by him, tossed aside like tr*sh later on and if they're lucky, get to die a quick death. In essence, MC does not have companions and friends, only people who can be exploited. That said, author still put in a lot of effort to create interesting and relatable side characters and opponents with a myriad of personalities, its a shame that they'll get killed off later on.

Cultivation system is as simple as it gets, kinda mix of pokemon and traditional xianxia cultivation. Not impressive nor unique but serves its purpose.

Overall a good novel but monotonous plotline and narration as well as rampant fillers just kills it. Hopefully later volumes will prove otherwise, introduce a little bit of spice maybe. MC's alignment can and will offend some readers. Author WILL make him annihilate these well developed side characters (no matter if they're innocent, righteous, good or evil etc) that you've grown fond of. <<less
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KaliYuga rated it
October 1, 2020
Status: c2353
The best novel I have ever read. I've read around a thirty, mostly top picks such as LoTM, Renegade Immortal, etc. I mainly try to read novels with smart MCs and other smart characters. Now for why this is the best in my opinion:

  1. Cultivation. I love the style of cultivation. To put it simply, it's unique. Gu are fragments of the great dao (essence of the heavens and the earth). There are a plethora of Unique Gu for different situations. Battle, storage, movement, etc. I'd say the most positive aspect of the cultivation of Gu is that it's always moving forward. In every other cultivation novel I've read, the primordial/ancient time cultivators are stronger than the current ones. Here, it's different and more realistic. Gu Immortals are constantly refining, comprehending, and finding new ways to use Gu. The world is always moving forward in advancement, and there is new paths created in every Era. The part of cultivation I enjoyed the most would be the development of the aperture. It's a very fun and creative process watching the MC display his resourcefulness and logical planning when developing his aperture. The concept of tribulations keeps it balanced, and the strength of a Gu Immortal relies solely on themselves.
  2. Plot. The plot is very complex, yet simple, just like the dao. Even though I've read over 2.3k chapters and we're still on the same world, I never got bored of it. The Gu master world is very large. Usually I begin to lose interest in most novels after 1k chapters, they all lose some sort of flair. But this isn't the case for Reverend Insanity. It simply got more and more interesting to me. I enjoyed how his enemies are established. His enemies are his enemies simply because a conflict of interest. Fang Yuan does not care about pride, morality, revenge, etc. He simply prioritizes benefits that can help him reach his goal, Eternal Life. If someone or something stands in his way, he will destroy it. But if not, then he won't even bother to glance at them. There is sometimes a surprising twist, a slightly simple turn, but it all makes sense and engages the reader. I also like how things are always explained. Some people who have read this novel think that something wasn't explained properly or at all, and will leave a bad review or comment before moving on, but the author does this on purpose. If there is something the author doesn't explain in the present, he'll do it in the future. The narrator is third person and slightly unreliable. I'd say that if you don't understand something, wait until the next few chapters, it will most likely be explained.
  3. Characters. The best part of this novel, for me, is by far the characters. All of them are fleshed out properly, and the MC is very realistic. All of the characters are smart. Some people think that the MC's brother, Fang Zheng is dumb, and I disagree. He is simply naive. But you need to remember that the other fifteen year olds aren't like Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan was also naive when he was young. He was also and emotional and made slightly irrational decisions at times. Even though Fang Yuan never receives character development, that's positively one of the best parts about him. He isn't supposed to receive character development, as he's already five hundred years old. I was also tired of seeing supposedly hundreds or thousands of year old cultivators in other novels being reincarnated/rebirthed and suddenly becoming childlike again, but FY is the opposite. He stays cool, calm, and collected all of the time. So do the other characters. They're all smart in their own right. They each have their own experience and are all adept at scheming.
  4. Philosophy. I enjoyed the philosophical talks and Fang Yuans view of life in general, since I am also a believer of the extreme Buddhist philosophy. Fang Yuan views all life as equal. He sees a human the same as he would see an ant or a tree. Most people think this is psychopathic, but the Buddha was the same, except he embraced benevolence instead of ruthlessness. The novel mentions that the end of Buddhism and self-realization has two roads. One benevolence, and one ruthlessness. Fang Yuan chose ruthlessness, transcending the concept of "evil" and "good." He has no bottom line or morals holding him back. Most of the readers hated his talks on philosophy, and simply called them edgy or dismissed them as psychopathic rantings. But in essence his philosophy and view on life is simply extreme Buddhism. All existence is equal. An ant, a tree, a human, a beast, a rock, a river, they are all equal. I find it funny how people think everyone who agrees with the MC's views is going to become some sort of killer or something when that's the exact opposite. Killing, to the MC, is simply a means to an end. If he needs to kill, he will. If he can get it done through scheming, he will. Maximize benefits and minimize loss, this is the ruthlessness of the main character. Always plan for failure, think ahead, and use the situation to your advantage. However, this doesn't make the MC all-winning. He loses a lot, actually. In fact, the MC admits that in the heroes of the past, present, and future, all of those dazzling stars, he is simply extremely ordinary. Yet that doesn't discourage him, instead it makes his life and goal even more interesting. We can see this in the Reverse Flow River. He has emotions, he lived a tough life, and he steeled his will. The Main Character, his thoughts, actions, and philosophy, are very, very interesting.
  5. Proactive MC. The MC is proactive, meaning he actively creates his own events instead of simply reacting to events that happen around him. He journeys in the wilderness, schemes to become part of other clans, steals inheritances trough his memories, and uses his experience as an advantage. He needs to get his own resources, and simple inheritances don't cover it, so he schemes and uses his cunning to get them. He is the one who creates events or decides to participate in him, not the other way around where the MC simply reacts to a situation.
Summary: This novel has a pragmatic and ruthless main character. He feels emotions but finds them boring compared to his goal of eternal life. He doesn't care for the seven vices or virtues, nor does he care about good or evil. They are all simply a means to an end. If you dislike the MC, you won't get into the story. The MC is an extreme Buddhist that... more>> has reached the indifferent side of self-realization. If you're s*upid, can't read in between the lines, keep up with the plot, or you simply have a soft modern outlook on life, you won't like this novel. Not to sound pretentious, but most people on this website are idiots. Looking at the "top ranked" novels, I can tell most of the readers here are probably brain dead ret*rds with dogsh*t for brains. So this story would probably fly over your tiny little head, so read at your own risk. <<less
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DepressiveCritic rated it
January 19, 2018
Status: v5
I created an account on this site just to be able to comment how much I enjoyed this novel.

I was tired of these novels in which the protagonist lived for over 1000 years, and reincarnates, and when reincarnated, does not act as if he were 1000 years old, but as a young 15 year old in the heat.

Always making strong people as enemies, never acting discreet and cautious, most of the struggles are because of the women who walk with the MC, and worse, always all your enemies are s*upid... more>> who only know how to think with your di*k.

In Reverend Insanity we can read about Fang Yuan, an old demon who lived for 500 years. He acts according to his age, he is a cunning old fox, his plans are always deep and sinister, even the reader can not guess what he will do next, and so leaving the novel always unpredictable.

Here you will not find random and s*upid people trying to kill the MC for some casual reason. All people are intelligent and shrewd, they know when to move forward, and when they step back, for you to survive in this world, you have to be a smart person, so the stronger the person, the smarter they are.

The cultivation method in romance is something good and unique, here for you to advance, you will need Gus, adorable little insects (some are not rsr.) That are terrible to get, evolve, and create them. And worst of all, you need to feed them. Some insects need strange foods like the heart of a vicious woman, and others need something more rare, and difficult to obtain.

If I had to say something that I did not like, and that made me a bit uncomfortable while I was reading, that was when...


At the beginning of Volume 4 a few things happened, and Fang Yuan turned into 1 zombie.

At first it was strange to get used to it, but as I read it, I ended up accepting it.

And I did not regret it, at the end of volume 4 something incredible happens.


Apart from that fact, the novel was incredible for me!

If you're tired of the same romances, come read Reverend Insanity. Can come with high expectations, you will not be disappointed! <<less
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adsegm rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: c1911

The single best Chinese fantasy novel I have ever read hands down. And I have read a lot of them but never have I been interested in reviewing them, simply because they could never compare to any of the great western fantasy writers like Martin or Abercrombie etc. This so far is they only Chinese novel that had managed to kindle that sense of awe and immersion that comes when you get lost in the author's world.

The best part is the world building and the plot development. At the time of writing this review a total of 1911 chapters are available (raws) and the entire novel is still set in the same "world". There is no "but wait.... There's a more powerful world with stronger cultivators, better treasures" and so on and so forth. The magic here is harnessed by using "Gu" insects which have a single purpose like increase strength, shoot blades etc. They are then combined in interesting ways and one cannot simply pile on a bunch of them together because they need to be fed and can have opposing properties.

The plot is absolutely amazing with no lucky "I just found the greatest treasure in the universe, in the tr*sh bin." Everything the MC gets is truly earned.

It's not all perfect though. The unavoidable issue with the stereotypical "dog eat dog" cultivation world is that it does not allow for deeply flawed characters, all of them inevitably are a bit too realistic and many a time can seem a bit mechanical. Most of them are still well written. The biggest concern though is the main character who has a psychopathic attachment to increasing his strength, where it is the entire point of the novel. While there is a reason why he gets this way it's a problem with all xanxia.

EDIT: And when they punch during fights the fists do not connect with each other. Just trying to imagine that sequence of events makes my tooth itch.

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Tenku_kun rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: c564
Definitely a book worth reading, the MC is evil, calculative and badass. Well, He's Also Evil... Very Evil

He's done stuff like:... more>>

make a Bear eat a girl to advance in cultivation.


So if you're not comfortable with MC being a selfish and evil prick, this novel might not be for you

And he actually uses his intellect from past life to help himself in his current life, since he knows stuff that happens only in the future. Every change in his personality is for a reason, and nothing he does isn't without one.

This isn't a stereotypical Xianxia, so you won't find stuff like arrogant characters hating the MC for no rhyme or reason. The translation is good, I haven't found errors in grammar and the like. Stuff actually makes sense and there are reference notes at the end of chapters too.

The Cultivation system in this world is unique. It is somewhat similar to Pokemon I'd say, With Gu's (they are basically insects however at times they are different animals too) being able to fuse and evolve. There basically 9 Ranks for Gus and Gu Masters each. Gu Masters, however, have each rank divided into four parts. Namely Initial Stage, Middle Stage, Upper Stage and Peak Stage. Each having slightly different colour of Primeval Essence (basically Qi)

The Worldbuilding is good, you aren't introduced to much at the beginning, but you know what you need to know when you need to know it. This world doesn't seem to have different realms and most of the things have happened on the same continent (at least as far as I have read it).

A bonus thing to look out for are each book's ends. Because they always end with insane twists and a big bang.


I haven't experienced cliches at all (it might just be me but still!).

One thing I really like about the novel

Is what the author did with Bai Ningbing 10/10 for that ? ?


One thing I didn't like

Author kinda f*cked up the names of two people at Chapter 160ish but the Translators have taken care of it seems so thumbs up to them for that ?



A must-read novel for those who like Evil MCs (not Anti-Hero MCs, EVIL MCs) and a nice change from the usual Xianxias too.

PS: I very much liked what happened with Bai Ningbing (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <<less
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deepak1100 rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c500
Well, I must say that this story is one of the most underrated and one of those which is ignored by the quidan. Our MC is a villain here Compare to WMW he is more heartless (a true demonic cultivator). The world building and idea behind the gu's are awesome. The action is also pretty good. I have read till 500 ch (MTL) and it doesn't get any dull. As this story in China is still going on and have more than 1800 chapter already. At the current translation pace... more>> I don't know whether it's going to complete or not before I get old, hence I decided to read raw. I think the main reason this story is unknown or have low ranking is all because of translation speed <<less
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The Observer
The Observer rated it
June 30, 2017
Status: c35
This novel is very well written, at least up to the 35th chapter. The good old powerful main character goes back to the past trope is excellently done. By that, I mean it actually shows from his mannerisms that he is x hundred years old. He actually acts like an old demonic cultivator.

It is very enjoyable to read and the translator has done a wonderful job of translating.

In short if your looking for a smart anti-hero MC this is an excellent choice.
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