Netheril’s Glory


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The protagonist, Punk, is a cautious, cold-blooded, and ruthless Mage.

His goal is always his top priority, over feelings or morality. When unnecessary, he doesn’t like to act like pigs to eat tigers; there are almost no life and death struggles, sometimes risky but steady progress. No strong enemy everywhere, Instead, Punk is always a strong enemy of others.

And he has a very keen interest in the secrets and teachings of the Netheril civilization.

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New Sanesse rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: Completed
  1. After 1 week of intense reading I've finally achieved success in completely finishing this read and I've got to say that Punk Saian- the protagonist of this novel is undoubtedly an insensitive, cruel, truthless guy. He went as far as to completely massacre cities, kingdoms, empire, planets, stars for mere benefits, all so without any at all guilt or sorrow. The story takes a different route and doesn't end with him being above the heavens I am the only omni but merely (~spoiler) Brilliant sun spellcaster which is not even the strongest rank or close to it. Relevant characters such as- Kane, Smile, Aikal were incredibly fleshed out and each of them were funny and had a somber aura around them which really made this novel feel unique.
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New Fachi07 rated it
April 18, 2021
Status: c100
So far I love this, it feels very similar to another book "Soul of Negary" and "Reverend Insanity" but it veers more towards "Soul of Negary" due to the experimentations and the overall feel of the story.

As a reference, it is very difficult reading MTL's (never mind it gets much better at around 85-89), but that may just be due to the bad writing. The writer adds in his own notes in sentences which is dumb, and it isn't like "this is how this works" it is literally just a... more>> wuxiaworld comment.

As an example

"When the girl came to the White Tower looking for knowledge and guidance in anticipation of the long journey, her Tutor presented her with a meeting full of "labor plans" and was sent to the small room for a while. Still feeling stunned, this kind of workload... Does the Wizard think of itself as Golem? (you are right) "

Why would you add that? It completely pulls me out of the story, so the translators should pull them out when they get to those. It's this type of thing that makes me pull this to 4 stars and due to the fact that the beginning is arguably the best parts in many stories it may just go down to 3 stars.

The author does have dividing lines unlike many other stories but it is also strange.

——–Dividing line——–

This is also weird, you don't need to do that, maybe once or twice just to get the point across but not every single time a dividing line comes up. The author also says that Punk has a hood covering his face with only his glowing-ish blue eyes appearing through however countless people see his face even through his hood so why do you say that we can't see his face?

These aren't large problems so they won't drop this any more than 1 star, but you will be annoyed a little bit while reading this.

I will get to the good parts now (Very small spoilers up ahead, any bigger ones and I will use the spoiler function)

The author does a great job adding to the world which is what I want from a D&D type story, and he doesn't do a dumb job like adding in multiple perspectives which just makes me want to skip chapters. Well, I lied he does do that but he uses them to show things through a person's eyes, not just showing the character living their lives until they met the MC. Another time the MC used an AOE spell in a war scenario and an ally soldier attacked him because they killed her lover, they don't show up later fueled by a desire for revenge against the MC, they die there, but it really makes you feel like those soldiers had their own lives. Too many stories have moments that "add to the world" when they really just showed me another plot-relevant character that doesn't feel "a part of the world" they feel "a part of the plot". <<less
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NightmareWyvern rated it
January 27, 2021
Status: --
Yes, finally! After having read RI I have only found this novel that has a evil and calculating MC and also has no romance. My hopes are high for this novel and I will edit my review after having read the available chapters.
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Abiss Emperor
Abiss Emperor rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: c512
I like this novel, but it has a very annoying problem. Anyway, everything goes well for the protagonist, no matter the situation, he always wins. To the point of being really forced, the guy never takes damage on anything, and when something seems to go wrong he always ends up profiting even more than he planned.
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NothingIsEternal rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked this novel, I did read it on MTL/Comradmao and translation was okay, still this story was very interesting and pretty original the MC - Punk, don't have some op gold-finger or have something special in a way (Netheril succession can be but more than millions exist so) , world don't turn around him and the world of this novel is very huge and have some good background,

Personality - Rationnal, Cold, Calculative he is not Chaotic Evil he only do thing that can profit him, no `friend`... more>> or familly, and for sure no romance or any love interest.

Power system is quite good like no one can beat somebody whit higher realm other than having trump card, legendary mage are the start of leaving mortal spirit and becoming higher species. The biggest threat of all thing in multiverse is It he is sleeping but did impose river of destiny that don't let people pass higher lvl than 70.

Only bad point, is that MC will not reach the apex level in the world (63 out of 100) I would love to see him fight or even destroy the multiverse and the big boss of Multiverse. <<less
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