Monster Paradise


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怪物乐园(Monster Paradise)

Translated Synopsis:

800 years ago, 3000 dimensional gates opened across the entire world. In that moment, it was as if 3000 different colored eyes opened across the world as hordes of monsters swarmed out of these gates like tears.

Some could destroy city walls with one strike; They had bodies the size of a giant and fed on humans

Some latched onto humans, absorbing their bodies’ nutrients and enslaving humans

Some infiltrated the humans’ cities, disguising themselves as normal human beings while feeding upon human blood to sustain themselves.

In a night, the Human race fell to the bottom of the food chain.

The world had turned into a paradise for monsters…

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metazoxan rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c28

First let me say quick ignore that terrible picture. I don't know WTF that is but it doesn't reflect the series at all. The series description is also pretty inaccurate since the series takes place LONG after humanity has already adjusted to living in a world of monsters and the initial invasion is nothing more than a minor backstory. This series so far is interesting and has potential. It's got typical elements of chinese novels like cultivation but a few twists.

First off cultivation in this world is done by absorbing life crystals which may or may not drop when monsters are killed. Meaning there aren't any pills or centuries of cultivation. To cultivate you just have to either be REALLY good at killing things or have enough money to buy crystals from those that did gather them.

Additionally the MC has a special divine blessing that allows him to just absorbe energy directly from ANY monster killed by a monster he controls. The way he obtains monsters to control and strengthens them is VERY video game esque but it's done in a way that doesn't feel too unnatural.

One of the strong points of this series is it's MC who is a refreshing change of pace from most chinese MC in that he's not a ruthless killing machine. Early on he runs into conflict with a spoiled noble and his followers. It goes about as you might expect for a chinese novel until the noble proves he's shockingly smart and actually offers a treasure as an apology the moment the MC shows his strength. One of his followers doesn't take the hint and tries to continue the fight but the MC only half kills and threatens him and then lets him go after looting him.

If this was ANY other chinese novel chances are their MC would have slaughtered the lot of them. Seeing an MC who isn't a wimp but also not a psychotic madman is refreshing. Another thing that is refreshing is it's use of modern weaponry and technology. Most chinese novels tend to look down on science and technology and act like science is nothing more than an obstacle to true power through cultivation and true comprehension and all that nonsense.

The series so far has a decent sense of humor and some decent fights although the MC is still low level so nothing too amazing so far.

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Susken rated it
July 22, 2017
Status: --
I give it a 5 stars because it looks really fun. Gives me a nice feeling for the upcomming chapters and story. It has a modern setting but has wuxia elements. For the start it kinda is a bit rushed, I kinda need some more info but it has started with the world building and it seems intresting. Never heard or seen this translator but I hope he will update regulary. The novel is really new.

Dont be fooled by the picture as I have read the monsters are not... more>> that fluffy and nice.

I will keep this reeding and update the score when 50 chapters come out. And again with the nex 50 chap.

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SethArk2136 rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c115
After the catatopatch translations went down, which I had read fully, I went to Qidian and used google translate up to chapter 115, which is free. The source is on reddit, simply post the URL in GT as the numbers aren't in characters.

It has really interesting ideas, and although I'm not an expert on the monster tamer genre, it does it in an interesting way, and even in google translate, I didn't get bored for a single chapter.

The main character is a bit of a Mary Sue, but... more>> this is made up for having him constantly have to deal with, interact and work near enemies that are far stronger than him, I feel like he doesn't really lose, so if you want a main character that isn't one of the best, or isn't OP, then you may not enjoy, but for me, the aspect of him taming and powering up himself and his monsters is rather interesting. The Catatopatch translations themselves were highly regular and well done, so it's a tragedy that Qidian didn't even buy them in the end. I'm not sure if it's possible to read these without google translate at the moment, that might change, I'm assuming it will on Qidian international.

It has some problems, but it's still a 5 for me personally because I'm addicted to status updates, showing the MCs skills like a game does, and the MC was also very likable, not dum at all, and competent, yet unlike most Chinese MCs he's not a psychopath. I recommend this to anyone who like's the IsekaI genre, or game like stories with skills/leveling.

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Raker rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: c43
This story has a rather interesting concept, it combines the seemingly FOTM reincarnation archetype with a card gacha system of sorts seen in most mobile games now as well as some mission type reminiscent of Absolute Choice. I found myself oddly attracted to it the first couple of chapters, however as I read on it became apparent that it suffers from the disease many other novels on this site do. The Extremely poor world building in addition to a lack-luster plot. The Mc/Author (It's hard to track at this... more>> point, it feels like one and the same) lives in a apocalyptic world filled with monsters forcing the humanity to live in strongholds ranked from A to D according to their population or something as it hasn't been explained yet. We get no concept of time/period or location the MC is, no country name so far. Judging by the presence of guns, schools and even completely random 5 star hotels the period should be one close to contemporary. The only information that we have is the name of the stronghold he currently is in, "7d101", no words about the surrounding relief nor administrative system in the stronghold other than some loosely described "hunter's association" and some council which was mentioned once in a single line. We get some half-assed "cultivation" system with a "life wheel" and "life crystals" which can bestow prana to the life wheel and that makes it keep going. We are told people in the world get stronger by absorbing the prana from monsters and become what is known as "Hunters", acording to a certain chapters there are a variety of hunter types but so far we only know of Gourmet hunters (Think Toriko) and... regular hunters killing monsters for money.

The plot makes little to no sense so far, It feels as if all the characters and the world exist solely for the main character (author) with one good thing after another happen in a row without warranting anything.

MC's house gets destroyed by a vampire, MC meets a random "Gold" ranked rich kid which basically throws a "3 life crystal" gift to him for no real reason. The following morning construction workers/carpenters appear and remodel his barely described 2 story villa (in which he lives all alone with his sister and no wards about their parents so far) into a 3 story mansion. They are also booked a room in a random 5 star hotel where the owner makes steroid-like drinks for the MC to aid him in learning an "epic"-level sword technique from some random guy whom he never met/had any interactions before


The dialogues are similarly horrible and incredibly stiff. It's more plausible to believe that the author/MC is taking turns talking to himself in his mind than interacting with other thinking human beings. Mc's decision are of course always "Correct" and the author goes at length to explain why he is right following right after.

All in all i'd say this is a pretty bad novel and more of a wish-fulfillment on the part of the author. I wouldn't recommend anyone to read this as it's mostly a waste of time. If it gets to 100 chapters i'll come back edit if I find anything has changed otherwise it's in your best interest to stay away. <<less
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reddonagaiyo rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c49
The story is confusing at first but gets you hooked with its narrative, interesting MC, side characters and antagonists.

Chapters are kinda short which is a bummer but the translation speed is really good with 12 chapters a week (till 100 then its down to 6 : ( ()

Final conclusion

Translation: Little to none grammatic errors with fast speed. 5/5

Story: Interesting world with interesting characters. 5/5
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Viiyen rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: c40
Warning, contains spoilers up to chapter 40.


After reading the first couple of chapters I was really intrigued. The author sets up the novel as if the main character was in one of those Japanese, card-collecting mobile games. He can get cards from the monsters he kills, gain skills from the cards, fuse different cards together, combine fragments into cards, etc. It also has a system that reminds me of Absolute Choice, where he is assigned various missions from the "system".

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it could have been, but it was poorly executed.

The author drops you into the world with zero background info on the main character as most reincarnation stories do. He was just some random, unimportant dude who got transported into someone else's body due to some weird phone app. "Fortunately" he retains 98% of the host's memories so he naturally knows everything the genius host knows about monsters and the new world. Plus, he is super protective of his new sister to the point where he would fight a vampire to protect her. Let's not forget to mention the awesome combat skills he mysteriously has.

That aside, he does have one flaw. His "life wheel" if injured and he is due to die in 90 days or so. Awesome! Now we can see him struggle. Oh wait, nevermind. Anything his minions kill extend his longevity so he ends up extending his life by 8 years in the span of 1 chapter.

However, if he doesn't complete the missions given by the system, his blessing will disappear and he'll die from it anyways. That makes sense, the character does mention how awful his luck is after all. Well, no, his luck is actually phenomenal.

He's poor! Some random guy gives him an expensive life crystal and renovates his house.

He doesn't have an attack skill! Fortunately some random guy teaches one to him under the orders of some mysterious benefactor.

He used the SOS beacon so he should be disqualified from the trial! Good thing he's a super duper important beastmaster.

His life wheel is still injured! Some powerful yetI uses his blood to revive a sleeping deity and she heals him in 2 seconds as thanks.

Seriously? He has the audacity to try and say his luck is poor?

All these points aside, I truly enjoyed the story up until chapter 39. On chapter 39 the MC finds out there is a dangerous monster in the area and that he needs to stop people from leaving the hotel to prevent widespread panic.

Sounds simple enough, except that when a girl tries to leave he points his pistol at her head and threatens to kill her. Fortunately a couple people try to protect the girl, but they're painted as the bad guys because they have ulterior motives and aren't the MC.

The instructor eventually arrives and settles things by claiming the MC made the right decision and trying to get the other party to apologize to him.

I dropped it at that point.

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Storyhunter rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: c56
the story for the first while is quite good up until you get to what should be smart minor characters. For instance hunters that are two or three grades above him that should have experienced this type of thing before.

The instructor for a test for our MC ends up being a bit of a dim person who is really unimaginative. The MC for the entire transcendent episode beginning to end is leading her around and feeding the whole hero org ideas on what should be done.

This bothers me... more>> because shouldn't the hero org have contingency plans for this sort of thing. Wouldn't they put a smart/experienced instructor in charge of testing recruits. At least some of his battle plans must have been used before else ware they are just pain common sense.

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ththth12 rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: 50
This is good read. The story advances at very quick pace. There are no annoying side characters so far. MC has summoning ability so far, but may gain other powers later on.


This became very generic story. I dropped it at 50 chapter.

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