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1 drop of blood = 1-Up

Other people game overnight, I game overnight and bleed.

Ever since the dimensional storms descended upon Earth, numerous dimensional zones have appeared, bringing with them all kinds of dimensional creatures—Immortals, Buddhas, Devils, Angels, Elves, etc.

Yet, all these strange dimensional zones can turn into dungeon instances on my phone. Other people risk their lives adventuring, I spend all my time gaming.

Monsters drop dimensional crystals that boost stats, imbue new skills, and join me as Companion Beasts. These Companion Beasts fight alongside me or alone, augmenting me with their skills and strength. Rare monsters in real life? I’ll just restart the game with a drop of blood to grind it.

I really need a blood transfusion.

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New SAMESame rated it
March 29, 2020
Status: c5
After 5 chapters of reading this novel. My brain is battling with the novel if the MC is an idiot genius or just a attention seeker. First the MC is introduced to be a genius that became depressed because of his defeat but this is not the truth. The MC is just focusing on the game his phone had. He has the system cliche. Well I will try my best to like this one because the first impression this novel give me is nearly ruined. Edit it after 50 chapters
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New Andreww
March 15, 2020
Status: --
Good novel, nice concept, if you like unique novels such as Super god gene, monster paradise, monster pet evolution, then you must be like this one too. Cultivating monster into Mc’s strength and become his companion, new found monsters, unique abilities of monsters. I read the raw until ch. 1000, and it was quite addictable. Although until ch.500 the development is still slow and boring however, later the story managed to piqued my interest, for example about the mystery of earth, disappearances of his grandpa and etc. MC very likable... more>> and smart but he is greedy and a bit selfish in my opinion even though he already have a godlike cheat game, he still unsatisfied person, it makes even readers got jealous of him and more curious about the origin of that game. <<less
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Toralk rated it
February 17, 2020
Status: --
The premise reminds me of Shadow Hack, but with a more intelligent MC. First Chinese MC ever to have enough patience to wait to test his new attack, instead of destroying whatevers in front of him the moment he masters it. It deserves 5-stars just for that.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kingxam55 rated it
February 20, 2020
Status: 743
A very good read. Not your average hot-blooded protagonist.


MC has an actual working brain.

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Sircus rated it
March 5, 2020
Status: c1178
When I'm reading I can't shake the feeling of reading a game walkthrough. This game decided to steal all game elements from Final Fantasy VII with a Chinese twist. The story is very static with very little change. Grind/loot/grind/loot/grind/loot. The MC feels bland with no strong feelings for anything. It´s like a fanfiction of different rpg games where the focus of the story is the game mechanics instead of the characters. They will probably make a mobile phone game out of this novel.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Delorra rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: c43
5+++ as of the current chapter.

There's no pervy tone. The MC is cautious and smart. Given what's out there, I really appreciate an MC who doesn't prostrate himself in front of a goddess. The novel also has an engaging storyline and characters.

Even better, MC's friend isn't the typical pervy fatty who's only there to be a lackey or for comedic relief. Instead, he's someone I can see growing stronger alongside the MC as the MC builds his team.
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novaes rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: c216
A comfortable, slightly above average story that is sort of like cultivation with pokemon, and reminiscent of The Charm Of Soul Pets. If that sounds appealing, go ahead and have a read without finishing the rest of this review!

The pets, while there, are not just one-at-a-time fights, but more like summons that can fight for or with the summoner, and also be used as powerups. Imagine if one of your pokemon could into boots that let you kick with explosions.

The title, too, is a recurring theme and every time someone... more>> interrupts the MC's valuable gaming time, I chuckle. It's a bit light on the comedy, and even though women exist, there is pretty much no romance 99% of the time, so it's mostly video game grinding, action, pets and the pesky real world getting in the way of more grinding. It's not a masterpiece or an edge of your seat suspense thriller, so it's a fairly comfortable read for the most part. Sadly it loses points because a lot of the themes introduced in the story aren't fleshed out properly and hold vastly more potential than what we see. <<less
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GoGoInTheA55 rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: c890
This is a good novel for people who are into monster collection and merging aspects of a novel. This novel is in the same veins as monster's paradise but it feels a bit inferior as this whole novel is filled to brim with countless coincidences and filler arcs that the author tries his best to hide but fails at it.... the 800ch I have read can easily be compressed into 400ch mark as not much happened till where I read beside the usual filler.

But as for the story itself, we... more>> have a MC that can download a copy of dimensional zones on his phone and can explore them to his hearts content with no mortal danger and hence hunt for new monsters to capture. But the main gripe is that he can only take out monsters to real world.. other things remain in the downloaded world and will reset if he dies in game.

As for MC himself, he is neutral good character that faces everything cautiously. He never get's drunk on power and takes everything seriously. I really prefer MC like this. As for supporting characters, most are passable with few good ones in it. There is even character development in some.

BTW but we all know why you are going to read it... the monsters are the main heart of this novel, but even though some are unique and special, their stats are not being defined correctly, it feels more like the author just abandoned that aspect of novel and treats them like fillers too.
I would have gladly rated it 3, but as I due to its entertainment value.. giving it a 4. Monster's Paradise is a better alternative to this even now. <<less
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Poireau rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: c106
Up to the 100ish chapter, you can already guess what the storyline will be.

In fact the story seems to be resumed at this loop:

... more>>

Step 1) MC scans an icon with his phone and unlock a new dungeon,

Step 2) MC farms the dungeon and got a normal animal companion / a scripture / a mystical egg and Power up.

And starts again at step 1...

At chapter 106, MC is way too OP: he already has, even through still at the mortal rank, two evolvable companions (future mystical companions), two mutated companions at the legendary rank, three or four over powered scriptures, and most of his stats at 10/11 and thus, he seems only struggeling against monster at the epic rank. And knowing that there seem to be only four ranks (mortal<legendary<epic<mystic), the MC seems too OP.

When the MC is not in his two-steps loop, the storyline progress with him pissing off/being annoying at all the people he meets because he spends all his time on his phone. So, if it's funny at the beginning, it is quite boring after.

Add to that the fact that he already has a friendly relationship with two old too OP character (the An grampa and the evil perverted one), the story is not really interesting at this point, because you know he already has a huge background, especially when you know the political situation thanks to his step mother, you can guess how things will happen.

That the main issue: the MC seems to become too strong, too fast, and like Sircus said, the MC feels bland.

Too bad because the idea of the cheat system is really good and the novel is better and less confusing than the other novel of the author (Super Gene).

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Deathlord rated it
March 7, 2020
Status: c1278
A good novel with a mix of eastern fantasy and game elements. Doesn't follow the cliche type of the cultivation power up novels strictly. Good for Steady read.
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