Pocket Hunting Dimension


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Lu Ze transmigrated to the interstellar era two thousand years later.
The previous owner of this body had lovey-dovey parents and a cute little sister. Although his cultivation talent was ordinary, his life was fulfilling. It could be said to be a dream start. Lu Ze was very happy.
However, as soon as he slept, he came to a strange dimension.
He almost got taken out trying to fight an one meter tall huge white rabbit. After making the arduous kill, Lu Ze found that things didn’t seem to be so simple.
After killing prey in this dimension, he could get little orbs that could be used for cultivation.
This was going to make him an eternal jungler.
But he seemed to be able to hope for domination of the cosmos and invincibility?

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Bring a Hunting Space With You
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New JCloks88
September 16, 2023
Status: Completed
First of all. Thank you for this good novel author, then let start our novel review. The novel is on the light hearted side, it is a slice of life kinda genre, a little bit on a fast pace because MC has an OP cheat. It is a good read I dont know why people rated it low but I guess its preference, but for me when your not reading anything, this is a good pick. A comedic on the side, when they're not fighting, only bad thing is this... more>> a little bit rush on the ending. But all in all I like this one. Im not really good at giving comment about something. Thanks to everything author and translator. <<less
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1234gary rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Above average, but has quite a few flaws. Around 3-3.5 I would say. The entertainment of the novel comes from how fast the MC and friends blast through the levels compared to everyone else and the shock that everyone gets from this.

Some thoughts:

    • Is a harem (semi-slow speed romance, couple hundred chapters to get together).
    • Pretty much 0 young masters, people tend to be very reasonable.
    • Human-race focused pride so no racism between humans.
    • Start is very shaky (the translation quality is awful).
    • Some parts of the pocket dimension get really dull (especially in the second zone). Gets better again halfway through the third zone and stays better.
    • Everything always goes MC's way. He never eats a loss, but what do you expect given how broken his ability is.
    • Distribution of cultivation makes no sense under the Galaxy level. Basically the MC will only encounter ppl around his level, but as his cultivation scales, you start realizing that higher cultivation people really should have been present in past situations.
    • Repetitive "shock" reactions to how fast MC cultivates and his power level, bunch of repeated jokes, still enjoyable though.
    • The very end is very rushed but still makes sense. Its understandable given how much of a cheat power the MC has.
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uaxk7edhtf73rgg rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: c175
Found this very hard to watch because of how much the MC gets bullied by his supposed friends / family/ allies. Eg his adoptive dad or his adopted sister or even Alice's dad. He never really gets revenge for it when he's strong enough either leaving the reader very dissatisfied.

especially at the part where nangong jing is beating him up all the time for no reason other than she likes to. If he doesn't kill her as revenge or at least beat her half dead every time he sees her... more>> (later when he's stronger than her), then I'm dropping this novel.

this MC is too meek, he keeps getting bullied throughout the story and it's hard to not cringe reading it because he doesn't need to stay and take crap from anyone, he can just find a place to live and slowly farm light orbs till he becomes god level.

yet he just takes the abuse and beatings for a garbage comedic moment by the author.

you thought the edgy ruthless MC who kills everyone for no good reason was hard to watch?

Then how about a complete little bitsh that gets bullied by everyone and never does anything about it, other than grumble inwardly, even when he has the power to take revenge.

that's a thousand times harder to watch.

other than the this huge problem the novel is good. 2 stars (this issue ruined the reading experience for me) <<less
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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: c300
This started off as a very good Chinese novel with no young masters/face slapping and all the other tr*sh tropes that plague Chinese novels.

The downside is that annoying characters start to pop up which seems to only fill word count, the hunting dimension gets boring past 50 chapters sadly.

When he gets to High school or university (I forget) is where it starts getting dragged out and the power ups start fluctuating erratically, Example is that he'll level up a lot then slow down to a crawl since it's based off... more>> of luck in picking off strong enemies in the dimension sadly.

What made me extremely disappointed is when a certain female character that shows up and follows him since he saved her (and 100-1000 other people) and wants to beat him and such.

Doesn't help that the author gives her a huge power up from a not even being close to the MC to being like 2 levels below him, He is Core martial state yet has 120 openings strength and she shows up a month later with 50 openings in strength (There's a total of 810 openings) MC with his dimension levels up super fast but outta nowhere author levels her for no other reason than to have his harem member stick with him.

What I don't get is if she can level up that fast without the school and it's resources why even go? Especially since 1 month makes her level up that fast, could just be a personal gripe but to me it's bad writing.


Really goes to the dump when a Loli character gets introduced and MC complains that she doesn't like him and other s*upid shit. <<less
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gemberforces rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly, I don't know why people rate this novel quite low even though they only read less than 100 chapter. After all this novel is a rare gem that took different plot compared to other's chinese novels.

Simply put, this novel is non-mainstream modern chinese novel: No racism, no arrogant young master, no repetitive face slap (except against some aliens), a harem filled with girls with characters (not just as decorations or lustful object, btw no 18+ scene in this novel), no hell level difficulty cultivation (MC and later his girls... more>> will always raise their cultivations one small realm every month), and my favorite impression is when all humanity was truly united in order to survive against alien races, without any schemes or vicious betrayal.

This novel main genre is sci-fi interstellar cultivation era, in this aspect I can compare it with other novels that I know with same genre: Swallowed Star and Legend of Mythological Genes.

If we compared this novel's superior point compate to those two novels, it's in the difficulty aspect. SS and LoMG are akin to Hell level difficulty games where MCs always being cornered to almost despairing dead end. It truly was masosistic novels for readers that want easy or normal difficulty plot. As for this novel, not only MC possesed OP cheat, he also have final trump card in the form of Last Boss OP Loli. Everytime MC met last boss like enemies that induced despair (a regular scenes in both SS and LoMG novels), he will summoned this OP loli to clean up the said boss. So don't expect any despair scenes.

Other superior point in this novel is that there is No Racism. I truly hope author of LoMG to learn from this novel's author about how to clearly differentiate patriotism and racism (LoMG have tendencies to always mention chinese culture in 'holier than thou' style compared to other's culture, to the point he insisted to changed an innocent western A.I to change her race and name to chinese ones). Come on dude, earth is already in a very dangerous state coz of external alien threat, why the hell you insisted to break down ethnicity in a future interstellar coz of trivial patriotism to chinese culture, when chinese nation itself already no longer exist.

Huff, enough with my complain regarding those racist modern chinese novel, anyway if you tired of those mainstream chinese novel then do consider read this novel. Though don't complain if you feel that MC's luck is too heavendefying everytime he met some crisis.

Plot armor quite thicc in this one, though I'm sure majority of readers will be fine since this novel was quite laid back in the cultivation aspect unlike those hardcore masosistic MCs that often met arrogant young masters.

The only pity is that the ending is too rushed. When I read upto chapter 1300 I thought there will at least several hundreds chapters more before the novel end. Unfortunately it end at ch. 1330:


Just in this dozen chapters MC upgrade his cultivation 2 big realm and directly reach the strongest in this universe


Aside from this rush ending, I'm quite satisfied with other aspect.

Anyway, enjoy reading... <<less
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Graboid_42 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c509
The story starts off well enough. Its actually enjoyable but after a couple hundred chapters the 'author' just delves into contrivance and cliché. There are portions of the story where all human lives are awesome and everyone is willing to sacrifice themselves to rescue even one child and then there are parts of the story where they are like meh let them get eaten by whatever bug instead of going to so and so who can solve this situation immediately because like we need umm experience? Or something? Like why... more>> go to them for something small... I guess? even though said super powerful people are basically just sitting around at home with their hands down their pants. The world 'setting' just goes back and forth between whatever the 'author' feels like they need it to be at whatever moment their half wit self has contrived. OFC the MC is surrounded by all females and no males for no reason whatsoever, OFC he's also bullied by them relentlessly. Every now and then another male shows up but its just to make a face at how lucky the MC is or to get kicked into a lake by the females. Its just garbage. One big steaming pile of garbage. You'd be better off sticking your hand in a garbage disposal for entertainment. The sounds you make would also be a better written story than this as well.

Edit after reading even more of this drivel:


This whole story is built on a false premise. MC does not need to go to dangerous places to get stronger. He does that in his own dimension which the real world can't even compare to. The whole federation has obviously been created as a place where he doesn't have to worry about those in higher power back stabbing him. Both of these point to the fact there is no reason he should be believe it would be more beneficial to him not to discuss everything about his power with the saints. They would surely have him guarded by a saint at all times and provide him with everything he needs, divine arts or whatever, to become stronger for his pocket dimension to bring out more resources for humanity as a whole. The whole story is just pointless garbage with contrived 'drama'. There is no scenario where him going to fight on the front lines makes any sense what so ever in the world that has been created. The author is a brain dead nitwit who couldn't properly formulate a story to save their life.

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kuroyasha404 rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: c648
I really liked the start of the novel and the MCs mentality, but as you progress you realize that there seems to be no character development of any sort. Also there are no arrogant young masters and face-slapping.

The best part of this novel is the MCs ability and thats it.

... more>>

He was pretty smart and funny at the beginning but as the story progresses he seems to become more idiotic. He falls for obvious traps for example chasing an enemy into their territory while not expecting any sort of ambush and traps. He then relies on the power of an op god level Loli to save him.


The romance is pretty slow. And the harem members seem to always bully him.

    • Girl 1- not blood related little sister who keeps blackmailing him
    • Girl 2- friend of sister whose only trait is that she has op power but needs the MC to activate it and she is a cook
    • Girl 3- MCs friend/classmate who wants to surpass him. Has too much pride and attitude even though she is weaker than the MC.
    • Girl 4- Violent teacher and is addicted to hitting the MC.
    • Girl 5- Seductive fox who likes putting MC in difficult situations (the least abusive)

Also for some reason even when they are not his lovers the MC keeps giving them resources that make them way stronger than their peers. Which was okay at the start as he shared only some of his powers and the girls understood and felt grateful to him. However as the story progresses the MC starts sharing all the things that he has and they just take it for granted and never give him anything back. When the MC gets new powers they even expect him to give it to them soon. And all this time almost every f*cking day they keep reading/bullying/hitting/blackmailing him.


I would say the first 400 chapters are good and then the novel is butchered <<less
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God_of_laziness rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: c448
This novel was very good but for comedic plot author just ruined (it still an okay novel if you are looking for an laid back comedy semi-CN novel). Most of my problems with this novel is probably with Mc's harem, he literally their salve as story progresses. Don't even talk about respect they always beating him up or blackmailing him even though he provides them with his resources which basically made them stronger than there peers, they don't have an shred of gratefulness once they get orbs from MC, I... more>> even feel they just there for his resources rather than him. <<less
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selweron rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: c20
Comedy that is not funny at all, pe*verted kids running everywhere, reality and pocket dimension both boring, and the plot totally unexciting. I don't see anything that would make this novel stand out from the tr*sh bin.. It's actually no different than your usual cliche japanese novel. Almost every other "trial" (60 chapters) CN is leagues better.
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DicerX rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: c183
Honestly, the MC has an eighth-grader syndrome going on; he's "silly" and garbage of that sort despite reincarnating as a f00king ADULT; harem members are IMPLIED to be the MC's love interest but are thrown to a planet and are seen but occasionally. Oh, he does "text:" them, so that's all the "romance" you're getting here. The novel's development rocketed, and the pace was not that bad, but the emotions, world-building, the "cheat, " nothing gets a detailed description.

I would not recommend reading.
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bloggbigg rated it
January 6, 2023
Status: Completed
This is basically a Sci-Fi cultivation novel with many of the expected setups- but not as many of the cliches.

The Good:

  • Fairly reasonable humor- nothing exceptional, but not bad most of the time
  • No 'face-slapping'
  • MC frequently fails in the Pocket Dimension (though it's a 'safe' area to lose in). It's still a change from MC's who never lose.
  • MC is mostly aware of others and considerate
  • Some of the plot-lines and actions are interesting despite the overall 'plain' flavor of the story. A lot of the Pocket Dimension 'Cat & mouse' and 'accidents & challenges' are fun or random enough to be laughable/interesting.
  • Cute things are cute (there's a non-harem loli character)
  • The harem is very low-key for a harem- they might as well be good friends except 'more' happens, but it's all sanitized with the occasional suggestive statement for the most part.
The BAD:

  • Very 'Gary-Stu' Adventure. MC wins all the things
  • MC, though likable overall is pretty bland
  • Lots of OP character nonsense.
  • Many characters are introduced, slightly developed, then fade into the background
  • The rise of the MC (and allies) level, scope, influence in the universe, (etc.) is excessive/ridiculous. Everyone is surprised by the MC almost all the time. That is the 'schtick' of this particular humorous angle- but it gets tiring at some point.
  • Very abrupt ending. More or less an acceptable wrap-up, but some unfinished business. Clearly the author quit for whatever reason.
The Different:

  • The 'farm your own OP power-ups' angle is pretty infrequent to say the least.
Overall, it's going to be more interesting for some than others, but passable overall. It's probably in the line of 'a good first draft'- and could be more interesting with a proper edit, rewrite * proper clean-up & end-- but that will likely never happen.
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fangyuan rated it
February 10, 2022
Status: c543
A novel that could have been great but fell flat for multiple reasons. While the pocket dimension is an interesting concept, the author failed to utilise or create a plot around the pocket dimension. Hence, MC's story in the pocket dimension became very repetitive with little progression. The character interaction and comedy element in the real world were interesting but became rather stale as they were recycled like mad. My last gripe with the novel is how the author insisted on making the female characters to keep up with MC.... more>> MC had a head start, better physical state and more resources than the side characters but somehow, the female characters are able to shadow MC's cultivation speed. Personally, I thought it would be interesting if the MC had more solo adventures instead of doing missions with the female characters. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Data rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: c100
It's a very bland novel.

It's like this happened then this happened. Not a lot of things are explained enough in detail so it leaves gaps.

Also the dialogue isn't that great.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ResidentialPsycho rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: c40
This is a series that starts out with the MC being reincarnated once or twice (the first chapter is confusing) and ending up thousands of years in the future. There's no need to clarify since his past life (lives?) have absolutely nothing to do with anything and no impact on the story at all!

Except for space travel, aliens, and gaming pods, this is not actually a sci-fi series. I guess technology just experienced zero improvements for those millenia? It's more of an alternate universe modern-day series than a futuristic one.... more>> It has a strong dose of Xianxia, though.

The MC enters a mental world where he hunts giant rabbits to get stronger. His parents are trying to hook him up with his sister. The action scenes are plentiful but weak and lack vivid description, intensity, and suspense. There are so many logic holes, this series is coated in metaphorical pockmarks. You will definitely need to turn off your brain to have any chance of enjoying it.

The "humans" in this world have some weird illness involving muscle spasms, especially of the face, that remain unexplained. There are also a lot of baffling translation errors and mistakes.

Altogether, this series is very disappointing before going into premium chapters. I'm not sure it has any praiseworthy qualities. <<less
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Allex2001 rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: --
Keeps getting worse and worse, the characters are really boring, MC letting everyone bully him aint fun at all, romance is sh*t since it makes no sense, is harem after all but even for a harem this is s*upid, most of the women are actually annoying, and you know how one trait of your personality leads to something else? Like lets say you are an evil person, you cant be doing genuine kind acts.. So how tf the characters here are so chaotic, they have no genuine personality, but yea... more>> just like some people said this is not a serious novel so is supposed to be read like that but I am not a person that can turn my brain off, I was able to do it when I first started reading xianxia and xuanhuan novels but now I am just bearing s*upidity and nonsense but I have limits, I want my power to shut off most of my brain when needed back, it was pretty useful to pass time <<less
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stanljpierre rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Quite liked this one, but became really repetitive after some time.

Nothing new with the MC being some super genius that has breakthroughs at unheard of speeds and absurd strength for his cultivation level.

Comedy can be a bit too much at times, and I especially don't like how they chose to express it half the time with the MC getting beat up. Really throws a damper on things when it happens consistently. MC retains his immature like personality for the entirety of the novel as well and it gets tiring really... more>> quick to see people think of his as a fool or a ret*rd as he was called by several people for a good period of time. MC never really has any real character development, or rather none of the characters really do. The only things that change is their strength. Honestly felt that the characters were a bit superficial, especially with how quick they were sometimes to change their standpoints as soon as the MC displayed his power, whether the intentions be good or bad.

The Romance was kind of meh, nothing too special really. The whole sister thing was really forced at the beginning as well and she's quite the distasteful character until late into the novel when they finally consummate their relationship. Think a few other characters would've fit perfectly into the harem as well, but simply didn't only because these few came first.

There's also the fact that it's kind of bs how all the girls are able to so easily keep up with him in both cultivation and combat prowess. Cultivation is one thing, but they're always just a level or two away from him in combat prowess which feels so cheap. MC just gives everything away and keeps nothing exclusively to himself.

Moreover, up until the very end we still don't really know anything about the pocket dimension. Like where it came from, how'd it came to be, why does the MC have it, etc. Something so important was entirely ignored as if it weren't important.

The MC faces almost no real danger up until the very end of the novel, and even that was a bit anticlimactic.

In all, the novel is somewhat decent but expectations really shouldn't be all that high. <<less
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peghius rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: c397
When you go through the read with the mindset that the author is trying to be comical, and he exaggerates element on purpose, you can enjoy the novel as a casual read. You shouldn't be expecting high quality content still. I personally stopped the reading here because I have different tastes for what I search in my reads, but I can easily see it as a novel that could feasibly be completed by the majority of readers.

Reasons to cringe:

    • The context misses out on a lot of elements, not very strikingly in the begging since we have to be familiarized with everything, but the more you read the more you feel the emptiness of the story. The only elements in the spotlight are those directly around the MC at that current moment, everything is a mass of unkowns that gets reavealed without expectations and a continuos flow. This lack of exposision creates a sense of plot events: a series of scenarios where the MC gets to be in the center of only because he/she is the MC. This is a classic problem with a lot of this kind of novels, and it is present here.
    • The balance of powers is completely off. As the MC grows stronger obviously he has to face stronger enemies, but their delivery and the situations in which he faces them have the same tone and stakes disregarding of the power level. This creates a confusion in the reader, which can't help but keep wondering every time where the heck were those experts before, and what is the "place" for weaker individuals.
    • The relationships, interactions and the characters' character are completely monotone. Each individual has a childish behaviour when interacting with others, or when thinking about others, lacking the complexity of the human social aspect and the capability of building on top of past experiences and changing based on them. Each individual gets stuck with the same pattern of dialogue and behaviour that they had the first time we saw them.
Reasons to continue:

    • The powerleveling of the MC has a reasonable foundation, even if it's speed is completely bonkers it has a solid reason as for why it happens (which is very impressive in my opinion). The concept of the pocket dimension is very intresting and it keeps the reader curious of what will be encountered next.
    • I believe that the author decided to be intentionally not serious in a lot of elements and exposition. While this is partially the reason as to why some elements aren't carefully considered and developed, it is still and element that can tick your boxes and provides funny moments that can make the read worth.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
White Dragon
White Dragon rated it
January 31, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is a joy to read. So laid back and relaxing. Slightly rushed ending but not a bad end at all.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SAMESame rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: --
Well after reading chapter 1 and absorbed the info while reading this novel.

My brain actually liked it and continue to read, to chapter 2, then that how I see the flaw and the most powerful punch that ruined my hype with this novel.

MC is a martial arts lunatic that only loves practising martial arts. And by a sudden reason he loved to had a sister.

... more>> Well that cliche is a norm but what turn me off is when MC encounter a white rabbit, a huge ferocious rabbit.

At first he looked down at it like a bug because what? His a martial artist lunatic.

But when this devious looking rabbit looked at him meeting his eyes, our MC from a martial artist that know techniques to a well know chicken that only waiting his death with sweats on his body.

After this martial art lunatic thing ruined my hype the story.

He fight the rabbit stating his life on the line. Only winning by sheer luck of plot armor and stated that


Lu Ze sneered, "Hmph, rabbits are still rabbits. No matter how big they get, they're still weak and pitiful... What?!"


And that's how it went down for me and knows that this hypocrite MC that stated he is not idiot to provoke idiot because he an idiot by him self.

Good read :) <<less
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Mad jackal
Mad jackal rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: Completed
The story has a fun premise but it is let down by the authors understanding of what funny is.

It feels like every chinese author writes funny as autistic and unlikable. The MC of this story is no different, he is unable to understand social cues and can't read emotion. He is frequently the bu*t of the joke by virtue of him not doing the minimum effort on anything other than cultivating and eating. He fights with a literal child frequently in the story over small portions of food that his... more>> girlfriend makes for him in massive piles.

The same phrases are tossed around at every turn as well. The spasming mouth that every character has must be some new infectious disease brought on by the mc's autism. That same autism is infectious as ever female character he sleeps with catches it as well.

All on all it is a massive waste of time but if you are scraping the bottom of the bucket you could do worse. I mean MGA is still ongoing and god any person with taste wishes it wasn't. <<less
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kirtil rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: c802
I very much enjoyed the premise and the early parts of this book. It starts as a comedy, sort of like a parody of cultivation novels.

MC transmigrates into future where space is explored, a lot of aliens are found, weirdly most if not all aliens are very similar to different races from our fantasy novels, movies etc. And (more) weirdly enough, while technological development is important, there is a cultivation system, and it is much more critical. See, humans are relatively young in this "era" and both technologically and cultivationwise;... more>> humans are considered weak.

The fun parts comes with our MC when he transmigrates into this timeline. MC read a lot of cultivation / xuanhuan novels in the past and he immediately assumes he is the MC here. Yes he is pretty narcissistic. Whenever something happens or he enters a new scene, he immediately acts like he is in a novel; his inner monologue keeps on describing/explaining the scene as what usually happens in these kinds of situations. Like if he is introduced to a new girl he immediately assumes she will fall in love with him and be a member of his future harem. Things nearly never happen as he thought but MC continues on.. Believing he is the MC and all these will naturally happen. A lot of "Quirky MC" vibes during the early parts.

MC also has an OP plot armor. He has a pocket dimension he can enter and fight animals, beasts whatever you want to call them. The mobs drop loot as orbs when they die and these orbs can be used to improve cultivation, or learn new skills/moves. Stronger mobs drop more powerful orbs, and when MC dies, he just wakes up in the real world.

Even more OP plot armor is the fact that author never lets anything happen to MC. MC is super lucky, nothing bad ever happens to him, everything goes his way.

Considered to other races, humans are young, not experienced, poor. They don't have access to better cultivation resources. These facts are supposed to make a gripping underdog story full of tension right? No, because with his pocket dimension drops MC doesn't need ANY resources. Also, the orbs are transferable so as he gets stronger and gets more loot he can also "feed" others to be as OP as him. The best, most advantageous thing for MC (and humanity) is to stay at home or any safe area and just enter pocket dimension and cultivate. There is no tension, there is no purpose to MC ever leaving a safe area to gain experience or resources. So most storylines end up being boring as time goes by.

At this point I was already primed to drop this novel.

But something else happens as the story continues. The novel MC slowly turns from funny to creepy. Like from "haha this new girl must be one of my love interests" to "they are ALL mine and it is ok to have them all at the same time" creepy. As novel goes by the author makes MC act more and more like a pe*verted creep. As soon as he learns he was adopted, he thirsts for his sister. He starts grooming his sister and other girls. As he gets stronger than the people in his harem he starts to act like he owns them, starts sexually harassing them. These are all played as cute scenes. Girls are willing, their families are willing, well everyone is willing. But still, to me, these acts are grooming and SA, loud and clear. The novel starts to have a deep ableism vibe as usual for xuanhuan novels. Might makes right. As he is a genius prodigy, it is ok for him to have 5 girls. Human persons at the top of cultivation levels, "saints" tell him to have babies, and lots of it. The father or relative of these girls are also saints, but they too accept polygamy and ask for babies.

In my mind theater I saw this as his getting further and further away from humanity as he keeps dying and dying in the pocket dimension. Physically nothing happens but mentally he couldn't handle the stress and gets broken.. But it is more likely that the author could not write a good story without relying on cliches and turned his novel into the exact things they are parodying.

It's not all bad tho, good things I saw in this novel are that there was no racism between humans, no betrayals or traitors in human race. There's no scheming, everyone (humans) is united to survive. I don't remember seeing any non-Chinese person until I dropped at c802 so maybe no racism is not that accurate. No repetitive face slapping. No "not killing people (other alien races) to show the MC is good and just". MC acts ruthlessly when opposed <<less
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