Super God Gene


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The future unfolded on a magnificent scale into the Interstellar Age. Humanity finally solved the space warp technology, but when humanity transported themselves into the other end, they discovered that place neither had a past nor future, nor was there any land under the starry skies……

The mysterious sanctuary was actually a world filled with countless tyrannical unusual organisms. Humanity faced their great leap in evolution, starting the most glorious and resplendant new era under the starry skies.

“Slaughtered the God Blood organism ‘Black Beetle’. Received the God Blood Black Beetle’s Beast Soul. Used the God Blood Black Beetle’s flesh. Randomly obtaining 0 to 10 points of God Gene(s).”

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Super Gene
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Carnivalle rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: c196
MC's personality - robot pretending to be human.

Biography doesn't reveal why he exceptionaly talented in everything. Even without his "Dragon ball" he is OPAF. No fear. No pain. Submissive bootliker with one girl, Casanova with another. Explanation? Naaaaaaah, too boring. Characters - plain. Every male - petty. Every girl - pretty.

Summary: Don't waste your time.
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Stark3 rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c1526


I'm dropping my star rating on this to a 2, and dropping the series as well.

In my previous review, I mentioned that the quality of the story started declining around the 3rd phase of the sanctuary. I have to say now that that decline has turned into a steep nosedive. All the cons noticeable in the previous parts of the story seems to be highlighted (immersion breaking fillers, erratic / wandering storyline, super plot armor), while the stuff that made it good / bearable (the boss "raid" / "raid" preparation, interesting beast soul usage) are nowhere to be found.


- Kinda slow at first, school life is boring, but beastly soul usage is an interesting premise.

- Story hits the peak when MC starts encountering the super god gene / super god beasts. 4 rating.

- Story goes into a steady decline after MC gets to the 3rd phase of sanctuary. Not recommended to read at this point.


Have read up to the latest chapter of the RAWs c1461. There's good news and bad news.

Good : The story becomes REAAALLY interesting once the MC starts encountering the titular Super God level of genes / beasts. From the name itself, it's a level up from the God level that was previously thought to be the top of the hill - encounters with them are incredibly hard, needs a lot of planning and luck. There's a lot of tension involved, and it sometimes reads like a fight against a raid boss.

Bad : By the 3rd level of the sanctuary, a lot of the tension just gets pulled out. Instead of hunting for the genes required to power up, the MC just gets them from plants. Plants! Eat a couple of fruits, and he's received benefits that he would have gotten from a satisfying fight from the previous levels of the sanctuary. The super god level that provides a lot of the tension gets trivialized as well.

More Bad : The author has this tendency to put in really annoying filler in between chapters, stuff that obviously doesn't further the plot in any way or build on the MCs character. Just. Annoying. Filler.

It's kind of a shame actually. With a bit more polish (and editing!), this would have been a really good story - personally I find the concept interesting.


I would give the story up to the 2nd level of the sanctuary 4 stars. Once the MC gets to the 3rd level tho, it runs out of steam IMO, and I would rate it a 3.

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Irisia rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: c345
I actually liked it very much. Some said that school arc was a con. The romance was good. Very realistic. I consider it a pro. It's just difference of opinion. Also filler chapters. If you get annoyed by that, you are basically dissing every novel. A novel cannot go only by plot. It will get boring, moreover where there is lots of angst. Filler chapters are good to improve and smoothen the mood.

About plot armor (not just this novel) : there is no novel without it. It's a basic need... more>> for a good novel. If there is no plot armor you'll get a boring story where the protagonist dies in the first 10 chapters. The end. Would you read it then?

For the plot holes: people who read less than 200 chapters and said there are lots, how come I didn't find any??? Please elaborate on the plot holes you found. I read it in one go so plot holes would be very obvious. So where are they?

And for those saying that it should end at second gods encampment. Would you read it if the story finishes in the middle basically, when nothing has been achieved? Also, once you become the strongest who are you going to fight then to improve. People gave bad reviews basically for too little fighting??? Then do you fight every day to make your world more colorful???

If you quit novel after 20 chapters and say it's s***, without actually reading..... Those people should be banned from voting. Just because they prefare different types of novels, to diss a novel because of that....

In any case I like this story very much. The romance is good so far. The MC is getting by, progressing steadily. Though the review had little to do with the novel itself, you should read it and make your own opinion.

I actually wanted to read it half a year ago but couldn't get past the 1 chapter. At different times a novel can be good and bad. It mostly depends on yourself. <<less
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dwoolfy rated it
November 8, 2017
Status: c40
So here we have a guy that gets on the 'wrong' side of a particular girl who has power in his community. He is made the target of everyone else there, and then he gets his lucky break and then things start to change for him.

All of a sudden after being placed on this snobbish girl's torment list for what is probably 4 years all of a sudden she decides that he needs her attention in his torment. She is wowed by his sudden potential and decides to change and... more>> make him one of her people.

This story can be 'fun' to read as long as you ignore all the massive inconsistencies as well as ignoring the entire universe that it is placed in. The further I read the more I found that the story was a bad twist of some generally pretty decent story types. <<less
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Slants Perpendicular
Slants Perpendicular rated it
October 3, 2018
Status: c3074
Super God Gene's quality can most easily be understood when put in the perspective of a bad hand-job. For this novel has build up galore which if had been acted upon and brought to a logical crescendo would have garnered the novel a certain level of enjoyment only a few CN novels can match.

You see, I've always been under the opinion that CN novels are usually always terrible in any objective regard, and that their only value is the amount of 'enjoyment' they can ring out of their unique... more>> publishing manner. Yet as it stands now this novel has neither 'objective' quality nor 'subjective' enjoyment.

To put it simply: the author strokes you to near climax, yet once nirvana is in reach he slaps you down and spits in your face while calling you a dirty slut; and while I don't doubt that they are some people out there who get of on such treatment I am not one of them.

There are, of course, some things I still enjoy even if the author never takes them to their most enjoyable climax. Such as his whole God B persona, which reminds me of the superhero genre and the idea that the 'title' is better than the 'person', of course the author simply treats it as a hidden identity motif and never comprehends the gold he left buried beneath his feet, which I find overwhelmingly egregious.

The idea of sanctuaries and genes is not new, yet still fresher than most other systems and worlds. Which would be nice, if it was placed in anything other than a web novel. For as it stands now, bad writing overwhelms the 'freshness' of the cultivation and world; since there's very little descriptive writing to give the 'fresh' world any life, and there's no good fights to highlight the novelty of the power-system. After all, bad writing out-shines the glow of minuscule originality.

The characters are simply caricatures seen a thousand times before. They have no life outside of their one-dimensional traits. All females are the same CN novel women and all males are the same CN novel man: there to be Yin and Yang, yet nothing more.

Overall, I would recommend this novel if you want some enjoyment. Of course you must be prepared for the author to never take the enjoyment to its most ultimate zenith.

Chinese 3/10. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
September 25, 2017
Status: c200
There isn't anything... bad with the novel. However, nothing sticks out either. Usually the MC would be someone who is unique in some way, but this MC is all too normal and all too boring.

... more>>

Everyone around can easily obtain god genes, so don't expect anything cool from the start. The only thing going for the MC for most of the 200 chapters I've read is a cultivation technique that isn't even unique considering he stole it off someone he killed. I'm not like @Stark3 and won't read it all just to find out if he finally gets the super god gene.

Probably the only thing I can see anyone following this for is the slightly original idea of killing beasts to acquire their beast souls and equip themselves with equipment. Everything else is rather boring and offers no 'replay value'. I don't see myself continuing this unless I have literally nothing else to read.

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May 17, 2018
Status: --
This novel has so much potential that's just wasted. I'm not even gonna go into it, it makes me mad just thinking about it.

The number one thing in this novel that pisses me off is how the author does so much work just to make the MC look weak. The MC literally never tells anyone sh*t about his accomplishments he hides EVERYTHING, which I wouldn't be mad about if it made sense, BUT IT DOESNT. First there is dollar, who is basically the MC in disguise. Now at first I... more>> thought Dollar was cool, and necessary because of his enemies. After like 200 chapters though it becomes nothing but an annoyance, he no longer has any enemies but still hides behind dollar. While the MC is getting sh*t on by everyone because they think he's weak, it's like really dude? That's the best you could come up with to force conflict? The worst part to me is how it's never even revealed that he's Dollar... Why? Is so f*cking unsatisfying.

Then theres the God beast. The MC is the first human to kill god beast, to max out on god beast points, have god souls etc. but he doesn't tell any f*cking body. It's like why? For what reason? THERES NONE. I was annoyed at first about it but got over it. I thought maybe the author was just building up to some kinda dope reveal. NOPE. He continues to hide EVERY-f*ckING-THING. eventually some one else kills a god beast gets all the credit, is called the hero of the alliance etc, while the MC is just standing around playing with his d*ck while telling NO ONE as usual.

Overall this story is like an itch you can't scratch or a piece of food stuck in your teeth. It so f*cking annoying and unsatisfying. The worst part is how it could all be avoided but the author for no reason decided to go this retarted ass route. <<less
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I like what i like
I like what i like rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: c1246
Oh well I like this

I first found this novel through novelupdates and seeing all the negative reviews I was like "Oh dang this probably isnt that good, it even has 3 billion chapters like any other wuxia novel out there"

I started to read and to be honest I didnt like the first 100 or so chapters very much, mainly because the translation was kinda weird and the MC was really angsty at the time, he got a lot better with time tho, I actually like him

I kept reading since even... more>> tho I wasnt thaat pleased I was still quite interested and oh god do I love this novel, literally created an account here just so I could give a good review, the number of bad reviews is insane and they're always at the top lol <<less
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Littledragonlady rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: c1305
The story is very wide encompassing! Lol

From medieval like knight and lord setting, to interstellar travel, to mecha fight, to adventure in RPG style, all neatly packaged in one story! And lo and behold, the author managed it very well, at least enough to make the story not boring even at 1300ish chapter. It offer new kind of story at each arch, which is very unrepetitive, unlike many others webnovels.

One more surprising thing: no harem in the story! Yay! Well, it is understandable since the setting is in modern world,... more>> but even in the medieval styled world, the MC keeps faithful to his wife <3 <<less
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RegulusSSS rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: c2807
I really don't understand how this peak among peak level novel could be rated so low in the reviews. I doubt whether this is done on purpose or some people just cant see a masterpiece even when it hits them in the face xD. Even some with some fancy words that I am pretty sure they don't know what it even means xD (google it to make sure guys xD).

Also for the people that say they don't understand where the system is and whatnot that they didn't understand. Its explained... more>> later on since its part of the mystery and all xD Monster paradise also answers the question one way or another.

Well enough of that, back to super gene.

Super Gene is absolutely a god lv novel that is in my top 3 list of over 40 completed novels and 3 ongoing novels.

This novel is just so amazing because of the following points

    1. Mystery: Super Gene is actually a pretty slow starting novel. Even though it is still very awesome throughout it actually just starts moving at around c 1600 or so, with a small part of the mystery being uncovered. I really have to praise the author for how well this mystery plays out, like a tree growing and branching out throughout the novel flowing and connecting. When you think you understand something you actually didn't. This is not particularly rare in books however in this type of updating novel it is pretty rare and rarely as good as this.
    1. Abilities: super important in a novel, cuz you can stand combat repeating itself the same way only so many times. Abilities in here are incredibly well done, its amazing how these abilities keep improving and even though some are the same abilities that he always had its done in a way that it never gets boring. The fights are also very well done. Overall not gona give more details xD
    1. World build : is very well done as well, which is almost an infinite possibility world build. I say almost cuz its really hard to make an infinite possibility world build like for example Hunter X Hunter. Super gene is well done with all types of creatures all types of abilities with an amazing story and mystery flowing throughout.
Bad Points

    1. There are actually no bad points for me in this novel otherwise I would not rate it god lv or 5 stars. The MC's other identity not bringing glory to the MC seems to bug many people however in the novel you will be annoyed by that and happy about it at other times throughout the novel so far so it's just part of the novel just enjoy it xD
    1. There is also a lot of hate cuz MC is good at everything xD for a period of time during the novel. There is actually reasons why this is the case. Anyways this is a fantasy novel I tolerate and deduce the possible reason so unless its its absolutely impossible or impossible is repeated over and over I usually ignore it. Show some tolerance, not to mention there is reason here.
There are many more amazing things in this novel, these 3 however are the ones that I personally find more interesting.

in all this novel is a MUST READ for any fan of cultivation novels. I must say however that you might wanne read other novels first because this one is so good it will influence how you see other cultivation novels, making them pale in comparison. Don't let low rating disturb you from reading the peak among novels. <<less
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simianpower rated it
April 3, 2020
Status: c1043
The worldbuilding for this story is great. The action is well written. The pace is pretty good. But. There are a lot of problems to go with it.

  1. Entire plot lines are dropped at random. Characters who were very important, and have pending actions just disappear.
  2. The translation is... sometimes a bit inconsistent. For example, the often-used term Jadeskin randomly switches to Ice Skin, then later switches back. The term "primitive beast" switches to "ordinary beast". Names are misspelled or separated by syllable and then later put back the way they were before.
  3. Sometimes there are wildly inconsistent bits within a few paragraphs of one another. For example, in the arc I'm reading now the MC has been carrying around a baby for quite a while, and then he finds a sword that's too heavy to lift with all his might. Ten paragraphs later he's carrying it like it's nothing. No scabbard, no effort, nothing, and it isn't even mentioned. And a chapter or two later he's fighting with that sword AND another one in his other hand, and the baby is... in the ether somewhere? He always has enough hands to do four or five things. Similarly, the author has no concept of scale. The MC WALKS hundreds of miles in an hour or two. He has a hard limit on some of his powers, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours, yet he chases people for DAYS with the active power the only thing letting him keep up. What happened to his limitations? Well, they were inconvenient for the scene, so they were ignored. They'll be back later.
  4. The MC is hypercompetent. There's never a sense of challenge. Sure, he occasionally loses out on some treasure. It'll be taken by a companion and eaten, or he'll have to flee due to unforeseen circumstances. But in general, whenever there's a "he's going up against the best of the best" moment, I have zero doubt that he'll not only win, but win in a total curbstomp smackdown to make everyone ooh and aah about how awesome he is.
  5. Similar to #3 above, there's some word-salad inconsistency. Sometimes the MC is overpowered because his "fitness" is so high that it doesn't matter how good someone else's skill level is. Then a chapter or two later he comes up against someone whose fitness is far higher than his, and he smacks them down because his skills are higher. Then later you add in other dimensions like super-spirit body, beast-soul armor or weapons, and so on, and basically he'll win in every instance because ONE element of his is better than his opponent's even though just a short while ago he's denigrating someone who has that element superior to him because he has a different element superior to them. It's rock/paper/scissors where he wins no matter what he casts.
  6. Some/most of the characterization is very flat. Partially it's because of the MC's hypercompetence, but it's also because everyone else is very one dimensional. They are either good or evil, and everyone is VERY FAR toward the ends of those scales. For example, his girlfriend is a total b*tch... and then thanks to the story's inconsistency she's totally in love with him and Best Waifu with basically nothing in between. He doesn't see her for literally years at a time and yet nothing changes. She's a completely static prop, essentially a pet. Anyone who ever wrongs him (from his perspective) is an enemy forever, and so's the rest of their family, and when we see things from these enemy's perspectives they're always scheming villains.
  7. It's repetitive. The first arc we see the MC go from wimp to superhero, starting out barely able to kill a primitive creature and later slaughtering stuff three tiers higher, something nobody has ever done before. And then he evolves/ascends to another plane and starts over from scratch. There are new elements in the second world. Spirit shelters, super plants, smarter beasts. But it's the same story. And then he ascends again, and starts over from scratch AGAIN. New elements again, but the same story. I'm assuming this will just continue. By the point I'm reading he's about 2/3 of the way through the third tier, with at least one and probably more tiers ahead of him.
The internal inconsistency is by far the biggest problem with the story. I almost dropped the story around chapter 150. But the worldbuilding really is interesting. It's basically Monster Hunter plus Warframe plus Dune plus every kung-fu cultivation story plus celestial Chinese philosophy plus aliens. Of COURSE some plot elements... more>> will be lost over time. But that level of worldbuilding, with better care toward internal consistency, characterization, and less repetition of the same plot lines. This would be an absolutely AMAZING story if it were capped at around 500 chapters, or even 300, with all the repetition taken out and more care paid to writing a GOOD story rather than simply an endless one.

Overall I give it 3 out of 5 because I spent a lot of time reading it, I'm still reading it, and despite all its flaws it's still interesting. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
April 22, 2019
Status: c1362
If you like action/adventure settings and can turn off your brain to enjoy them, then you may like this story. If you don't, then there isn't much here for you.

The translation quality.... Let's just say when I see Nyoi-Bo Studio as the translator for a series, I will think twice about reading it after squirming my way through this one. The translations are inconsistent with occasional unreadable sentences. I often had to go to the comments to figure out what was going on or who was who. Random names appear,... more>> such as Harry, Henry, Lindsay, Sam, Wendy, or Philip, none of which are the names usually used for these characters. Even though I will be wary of this translation group from now on, the quality is still better than with Transn, so they're not the worst I've seen. Most of the chapters are readable. Several chapters are even translated well.

One of the biggest weaknesses here is the setting. It is an interesting setting, one that would make a fun game or fan fiction or something to play around in, but it isn't fleshed out at all. IT HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL. It's sci-fi and fantasy, but hardly anything is described. Even the technology has barely any information provided.

The story development is all over the place. There are more plot holes in this story than I can count, and they are incredibly distracting. These are not filled in and are often ignored. In a realm where guns do not work, then how can there be combustion to start a fire? How can just anyone be allowed into this realm? It sounds like an excellent escape for criminals. What is the voice in the MC’s head? I thought for sure it was an electronic chip until I remembered that electricity doesn’t work here. If electricity doesn’t work, then what about nervous systems..? Are there still thunderstorms in this world? If the government is in charge of this, then why do they let bullies run amok, and why don’t they put any effort into protecting or training their future heroes? Why is the person who teaches martial arts a hologram of a naked woman? Although this is a sci-fi world with spaceships, they still have paper books? Are they made from alien trees? Did people forget how to make snow shoes? Apparently, humans can travel in space without spacesuits. If the military is full of so many disobedient, arrogant, and law-breaking soldiers, then why haven’t the aliens killed off their disorganized and undisciplined forces yet? No one in this series acts like a real soldier at all. No one even has the slightest bit of patriotism. Honestly, the MC’s group is more like a band of pirates than trained soldiers. I have so many questions... At any rate, you definitely have to ignore the questions you have because they will not be filled in even 1, 000 chapters later. Even basic information about the world is not provided.

Random plots appear out of nowhere and are often left dangling. Characters are randomly forgotten about for a couple of hundred chapters. There aren't even concluding sentences like "Xxxx stayed at Yyyy Base to look after the MC's mom" or anything like that. The characters and plot devices are completely dropped out of nowhere, often making the comments more entertaining than the story at times.

The MC is a gambler who thinks rationally and makes decisions based on what he knows, but he throws out anyone who wants a reason for his instructions or goals. He only wants those with blind faith to follow him. HOWEVER, this is only his personality at the start of the story. He spontaneously becomes a generic shounen protagonist after this, and then his personality becomes weirdly forgiving... I really liked how he cared about his family at the beginning, but they get completely forgotten about for hundreds of chapters. Honestly, the MC's personality is rather inconsistent, leaving me wondering at times if his name was used on accident until I confirm it really is him. That said, the other characters' personalities are fairly consistent.

For the most part, there is only limited character depth for anyone. The MC isn't all that smart, leaving people wondering why he didn't do such-and-such in the comments. (It looks like the author forgot about those plot devices.) Although he's depicted as a genius of combat, he really isn't all that cunning or impressive when it comes to his wits. HOWEVER, everyone else is even dumber than he is. For instance, no one seems to point out the obvious discrepancies in his test results or combat when he intentionally does worse than he would at full strength. Also, the MC is a Gary Stu who is an excellent fighter and researcher and pilot and all this other random stuff he has no time to practice, which doesn't make a lick of sense.

I'm not sure why this is tagged as a harem, a tag which I usually avoid. The MC dates and marries only one girl. Sure, there are some people with crushes on him (quite a few of them are men) and there are plenty of female characters, but the MC doesn't have the habit of dating many people or sleeping around. Romance plays a role in a surprise high school arc that pops out of nowhere, but that's it.

There are significant amounts of sexism at the beginning, but this improves as the series goes on.

There is hardly any imagery in regards to the setting, monsters, environment, or people. All of the women look nearly identical if you compare the descriptions of them... I honestly just picture them as stick women with long legs, bulbous butts, and large breasts at this point. Are they all clones or what? This is still better than the amounts of description the male characters get, which consists of them either being muscular or fat or getting no description at all, which is what occurs most often.

That said, for all of its faults, this is a fun series with incredibly short chapters. There is plenty of action, and the fantasy world is interesting. I enjoyed it as long as I reminded myself to not think about the numerous plot holes and dangling plot threads all over the place. If someone were to adapt this to a comic or animation, then they'd have to do a lot of reorganizing of the plot and clear characterization of the MC. They'd also have to use their imaginations to build what everything looks like from scratch. <<less
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Dante777 rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c1450
I serious hate this MC and author. The author can't stop using the same damn sh*tty plot points by having him hide his identity over and over and over and then some? I have never seen an author play out the same bullsh*t over and over to the level this crappy author has. It was useful and amusing the first handful of times but, this is just getting f*****g ridiculous. Every 50 chapters is like the same crap over and over with him hiding things he has no reason to... more>> hide. They can get away with it early because the MC does not have the strength or influence so he has to be a little careful. However, it gets to the point where his power and influence are far beyond others and he still keeps hiding like a *****.
He runs into Beast and Spirits and he acts like a passive *****. Like before it was OK early but, it simply becomes annoying when the same crap happens over 100+ times late on in the book. On most occasions later on when he acts like a little pu**y there is simply no reason too but, the author is so used to writing him as such a coward that he just sticks to his guns.
Its so bad that even at the current point of the book the hiding identity troupe is so overplayed that it becomes annoying even when it actually makes sense for him to be cautious. To top it off it only gets worse later on when he even takes on the identity of some Prince who he killed and absorbed. It's so s*upid to think he could just pretend to be the prince and everyone would just go along with it even after he starts showing power and strength he never showed before. Great world building but, the author writes to MC into a pu**y to often to enjoy this. If he would stop using the same crappy plot point over and over then maybe the book would be more readable. At this point I just roll my eyes and skip over any crap having to do with him hiding his identity because that plot point has already been used to death even after 2200+ chapters. <<less
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ziki rated it
February 7, 2019
Status: c1101
Hmm... I'm really surprised with being able to read over 1000 chapters of this novel. I guess it's not terrible but over all, it's basically the same thing over and over again.

On the plus side, the world setting and leveling system is quite cool.

The weakest point is definitely MC though and considering how we follow him the entire way, the annoyance with him slowly builds up until eventually you flip the table.
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Wes rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: c247
I love the concept of this novel, gaining beast souls which can have different uses, I just wish the writer was better. The problem is that the author has the same repeat plot and s*upid MC and companions. What is written is very VERY inconsistent. Originally, in chapter 1 or 2, the MC is weak and has no talent then gains a stone which lets him get beast souls (basically)... suddenly the MC has loads of talent in EVERY SINGLE THING HE DOES!! It makes absolutely no sense. Some things... more>> I can overlook like every game he's recommended to do ends up being a super important game with world-wide recognition or the fact that

he wins a girlfriend whom he has no knowledge of in a bet, then somehow they both are super in love.... they literally have spent maybe 3 hours together total at chapter 247 in the novel

or that the school seems to have no classes, only clubs, and lets their students be gone for half the school year, though I have no clue if there is a school year anymore.

Basically Awesome idea, ruined by terrible plot and writing. The editor gets some flak as well, but not terrible. Also lots of people post in comments how it's becoming pay to read, not looking forward to that if I continue. I'm only reading since I've read my other things and I like the idea, read till like 50 and decide yourself. <<less
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genkigenki rated it
August 3, 2018
Status: c30
The story starts out interesting. But I just can't continue after the bullsh*t with the female lead. She is just a complete b*tch. She basically says: Join my squad or ill beat you up everyday. And so he does. She tries to hypnotize him later-on and he still joins her army thingy as to protect his family. Then later or before that he meets a nice rich dude who he rescues, that maybe could have protected his family (he has money and influence enough), but then he tries to basically... more>> scam his money for some water. So unlike your typical MC this guy repays kindness with sh*t and sh*t with kindness. Its really frustrating. <<less
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Hikicarl rated it
October 3, 2020
Status: c3008
A novel for wasting time. This novel has a huge potential to be one of the greatest chinese webnovel ever. But like every chinese novels, this novel suffers the same ailment as every chinese novels. Rushed plot, a large number of chapters but nearly every chapters in the late phase of the novel is a summary.

They are really bad in creating formulating their plots for the mid to end. They are only good in writing early chapters only to rush the story to finish it since they got themselves burned... more>> out. I like the way jp authors do their story as they aren't rushing. But jp authors also suffer flaws like cliched story, dense, too childish or too beta.

I say if you combined the good traits of chinese novels and of the jp novels... That will be the best novel ever.

For this novel though... The plot is interesting but the way the author writes about it is not. There is a lot of writing materials if he only sticked writing this novel. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
June 17, 2018
Status: c533
Has a pretty decent start and a relatively interesting method of "cultivation" unfortunately, as the story goes on, inconsistencies in the plot (the bane of basically any Xianxia/webnovel) crop up and after just too many annoying points that start as important but later aren't even a talking point.

... more>>

Let's see... MC wants to get more points to be a special class cultivator so people would pay attention to him. We're told repeatedly that they are VERY limited in number and posses an extreme amount of power compared to normal people. In fact, his direct superior takes several years longer sitting in a lower realm just to obtain that status. Ostensibly all this is just so he can get a better life for his sister.

Tough luck, his sister's drama is handled through money instead (and he literally stresses he wants to be fast in order to make sure she gets into a good school and she's started schooling WELL before he decides to leave the first realm.)

Still acceptable. We're then told repeatedly (or rather during the debacle above) that stat levels exceeding 100 are incredibly rare and a vast majority of people will never achieve it. MC gets sent to a barren wasteland where it's hard to find any resources and there's 3 competing factions for the same resources.

MAGICALLY HE RUNS INTO GRUNTS. (Let me stress this again, GRUNT. They do not even get NAMES) that have over 100 stat points. What the absolute !@#$!@#!@@ author?


I feel like getting hyped over the current "zomg super rare" thing is going to be dumb too when magically everyone has millions of them in the next few arcs anyway.

I expect inconsistencies from Xianxia tropes, but this one doesn't even try to compensate for itself, it's clear that author didn't write up any form of a draft beforehand and is just writing new chapters based on what he feels is interesting leading to more and more plotholes over time. <<less
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iamsololeveling rated it
November 26, 2021
Status: c1306
Alert!!!- Only read this above novel if you have all the time in the world, are unemployed, or if you are an immortal.

Waste of "TIME", Absolute tr*sh, has lengthy and meaningless chapters, plot armor that is thicker than Nicki Minaj's ass, and to top it off a ret*rded MC. That's right you've got it all-the entire package. Just thinking about all the bullsh*t written in this cursed blood hole of a book, I regret not getting hit by a truck and isekying to this world, and spit on this man's... more>> face. Don't even get me started on the hogwash mess of a romance that was mentally exhausting to just glance at. Cliche story and yeh big power scaling, the sky beyond sky bullshit.
The author who I had greatly admired from his novel 'Let Me Game In Peace' has thoroughly let me down. All females regardless of which f#cking hole they come from are hot asf and is this guy really any realistic? I mean has he ever gone out of his house whatsoever. Only a 12-year-old author who has only seen movies or anime, in general, can have such a low bar of imagination. Op MC who offends any guy just by glancing at their direction just to make more low imaginative plots and finally reach the milestone of +3000 chapters. I mean look at this guy (Mc) who rap*s any woman who comes his way or communicates with him.
So now after saying so little about such an overhyped and braindead novel let me go bury myself in some random hole in peace, just so I can eternally forget the process of reading this manuscript from a literal zombie <<less
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asi rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: c932
It's good at the start. But then it steadily declines throughout every single chapter, never once improving except for when god genes are introduced, then it declines at an even faster pace than before. The worst part is Dollar. Early chapters, he's necessary. Hiding your identity, a smart idea! Until it's not. As far as I'm aware, his identity as Dollar is never revealed in the entire ~3000+ chapters. Which royally pisses me off. It's fine for like a few hundred chapters to keep his identity as Dollar under wraps,... more>> but it gets to be WAY too much and annoying when it's 1000 chapters in, and he has NO reason, literally NO reason AT ALL to hide his identity. It just becomes an eternal suspense of "oh, when is his identity revealed?" and it never is. Eventually I was forced to google when it's revealed, and found it never was. Immediately dropped the novel.

Also, MC is generic as f*ck. <<less
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