The Strongest Gene


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Chen Feng, of modern earth, had suffered bad luck since birth. After finding the legendary “lucky artifact,” his bad luck peaked and he became the only person killed in an earthquake. By a twist of fate, he found himself transmigrated into a different and magical world! A world much larger than earth. A world only partially explored due to the dangers within. A world where human civilization centered around genes. In this world, human beings possessed all sorts of abilities due to genetic fusion. Some went on to create world-changing technologies with their mysterious genetic abilities, while others went on to become undefeated genetic warriors with their combat genetic abilities. How will Chen Feng fare in this new world?

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Gien Tối Cường
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crazykat rated it
December 11, 2017
Status: c101
It used to be a good novel to pass time with in the earlier chapters. As of late though, it has honestly gone downhill. I wanted to ignore all the bad and just keep going with the story, but it has just become a chore to read and I have just about lost all my interest in reading this novel. Anyways I will try my best to review the novel before I drop it.

The good about this novel is that

    1. It has a really cool cheat, "if used well".
    1. Unique power up method.
The bad:

    1. The plot armor is so thick that even a nuclear missile might not be able to destroy our MC
    1. The author keeps changing his mind about how much "luck value" the MC has every single chapter. One time he has 10 luck value and the next he has 500. FYI the the "luck value" regenerates by 1 every hour. MC goes from 0-500 in 3 days. To be honest he actually gets gets his luck value depending on the current plot rather then gaining 1 every hr..
    1. The background is very vague.. Its like we are looking at broken fragments of a world. I feel like most of the time not a lot of things are explained well.
    1. MC himself is portrayed as smart but then he doesn't even have a IQ of a normal person. For example,

      MC puts his product in his store to sell but doesn't give any description about what kind of product he is selling. This leads to MC going through around 20 ch worth of problems. With a simple description he could have avoided everything. He is honestly a arrogant person who doesn't give a dam about anything. Right now I am just wondering how he survived 20 years of bad luck with this kind of attitude

    1. Everything Is made so that MC can slip though any kind of situation. He can just offend anyone he likes and just have a backer come to save him at the end.
Overall my personal review:

Translator: 7/10

Plot: 5/10

Plot armor: 11/10
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Lunitan rated it
December 2, 2017
Status: c102
Bad world building, a main character that relies on his OP luck ability and doesn't have any patience or foresight. Also every time he goes outside things seem to go wrong, if he would have an ounce of patience he could achieve his goals without trying to do stupid shortcuts. Who even cares about the rookie tournament anymore? Just a lazy plot device by the author. That said the gene system is interesting and it can be exciting to read so 3 stars.

Edit: Stupid sh*t happens and the plot... more>> armor is out of control, dropped and downgraded to 1 star <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c200
I don't know where to start with this review. The Gary Stu MC? The lazy writing? The mountains and mountains of petty antagonists who lack anything even remotely resembling logic and try to assassinate people for pure "honor" and reputation alone? The weak so-called romance? The fact that this is basically a poorly written traditional xuanhuan masked over by a VERY THIN veneer of sci fi? The God level idiot cheat?

In a way, it's refreshing. Everything above is practically analogous to the entire wuxia/xuanhuan genre for some reason, yet this... more>> one stands out in a certain way. We always complain about Wuxia protagonists' sheer luck and plot armor guiding them down the optimal path or giving them the best item out of nowhere. ' All those MCs have their own cheats, talent or skills, but it really takes a special kind of mind to write a story where the MC's cheat is LITERALLY Plot Armor. The author doesn't even bother to pretend otherwise.

Yes, the Plot Armor skill has a finite resource, as in there's always a certain amount of points he can have to spend in any given situation and only regenerates at a slow rate of 1 point per hour, but considering that the author usually, and conveniently, forgets to keep track of how much points the MC has at any given time, this "Restriction" might as well be non-existent because the MC will ALWAYS have enough points for whatever situation he has to deal with. This results in an MC that knows his ability can do practically do whatever he wants short of being an auto win button and a plot that meanders around with zero substance and focuses on merely hyping up the MC and being as stupidly flashy as possible.

From changing the weather to making people fall down stairs, whenever he wants, the MC has zero ambition, zero planning, zero foresight simply because there's no need to have them.

Dunno what potion/gene to make? No problem, close his eyes, spend some points and bam. Perfect gene out of nowhere that can deal with the situation at hand perfectly.

Ambushed? No problem. Close eyes, spend points and throw a random rock at a random place. Critical hit on assassin's testicles.

Badmouthed by random dude on the internet? No problem. Close eyes, spend points. Said dude chokes on a baguette.

Like I said, in a way it is fresh. Put another way, this MC is basically a blank shell. Nothing he does is his. All he had to do, was be born with this Plot Armor ability, suffer the first two chapters of horrible flashback story where the Plot Armor ability makes his life hell, get reborn and boom. Smooth sailing from then on. <<less
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Yoburi rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: --
This is a good novel about genetic and fusions with a good level up sytem where you can upgrade your strenght using genes that you can craft From level F to S.

We got our MC with a cheat base on luck so he can always craft these impossible genes and earn money, a legal loli and some duches trying to kill the MC. The olny problem of this novel is the loli brother is suck dickface not only he is the one resposible for the MC original death but he... more>> have to see this piece of sh*t tarveling with the MC because his sister loli became pretty good friends with our protagonist and she is pretty OP so we have to see this terrible mob character that should be 100% death from chapter 2 alive and talking garbage. 4/5 because of that dude otherwise 5/5. <<less
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ARATA-J rated it
December 23, 2017
Status: --
The guy is so dumb, not thinking about long-term benefits or anyother thing.. he don't even know what to do with his power.

i started getting pissed when he trade drangon essence to that girl.. so retarded bro (so japanese like idiots..)

i wish anyone who wants to give it a try please reconsider this is to stressful of a novel....

Conclusively, this is no stimulation and being to blund of idiotic guy... I don't quite recommend it to higly intellectual people.
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Boon rated it
January 12, 2018
Status: c174

A standard cliche xianxia/xuanhuan with a gary stu MC. Not terrible for a time filler, but there's not much that is special here.

An alchemist with a cheat to be able to produce and modify any formula on his first try. Most of this novel is about him grinding potions, selling to obtain more potions, and entering contests in potion making and selling. There is a small amount of combat where his cheat lets him win with any method he can think of, as long as his cheat is charged.

Side characters.... more>> There really aren't worth mentioning. Only one OP girl who looks 12 helped him a couple times.

Enemies. Lazy author. Standard idiots without much depth of thought or action.

Competitors. Every obvious thing that should be done in the highest level of competitions are new to everyone but the MC. Using terrain to your advantage? Unheard of!

Spectators for hype. Very lazily done. It's just people on the internet hyping or flaming the MC at convenient moments.

Lazy spectators, check; everyone but the MC is useless, check; enemies are one dimensional, check; side characters are one dimensional/forgotten; check, OP cheat ability; check, reincarnation forgotten, check.

Absolutely middle of the road. Skimming is required, but there is not a tremendous amount of repetition so it gets a full 3/5. <<less
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Darkzeta rated it
November 5, 2017
Status: c48
If you like the blend of Science Fiction + Cultivation Magic, you should try this out.

I am finding that those two are my favorite kinds of stories. (I'd recommend forty millennium of cultivation, and miracle throne as well)

The translation and editing isn't too bad. Overall I'm more annoyed that I didn't discover this when it was in the 100's of chapters... now I have to wait for each chapter to come out weekly. Gah.

The premise is simple enough: boy from earth finds himself not in his home dimension anymore.... more>> but "luckily" he has something going for him, a cheat, but it still requires a bit of thinking and wit to use well. the writer does a good enough job that we don't think our MC is OP off the bat and still has to 'work' for his gains. those are the kinds of stories I like the most.

Give it a shot if you're ok with MC who use their cheat's smartly and also like sci-fi + fantasy elements. <<less
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Tomah rated it
June 10, 2018
Status: c74
This is your run-of-the-mill xianxia without any remarkable features aside from a few bizarre creative decisions. Like other poorly written stories, The Strongest Gene hides its mediocrity behind some cool ideas that could work in the hands of a competent writer, but quickly fall apart after a few chapters. Don't be fooled: if you come into this expecting an interesting mix of sci-fi and cultivation, you'll be sorely disappointed. Even if you just want some good old ass-kicking, there are many better novels out there.

The first cool idea is the... more>> concept of a quite literal "plot armor" that takes the shape of a special ability after the main character, Chen Feng, dies and transmigrates to another world. Having spent most of his life struggling against everything from minor mishaps to deadly accidents, he finally gets the qualification to use the Fate Stone's power to manipulate luck at will. It's an amusing concept, but also poses an important question to the writer: can you keep the plot from becoming too boring if the main character can just will his way out of things?

Sadly, the answer here is no. An artifact that sucks the luck around it before being ready to use, which could be very interesting, immediately becomes an ability without consequences. But fine, maybe the protagonist has suffered long enough and deserves a break, so let's use a point-based system where he gets 1 "lucky point" per hour. Sounds fair, right? Not if the author keeps a very loose track of the points and the exact limitations of this power, meaning that Chen Feng can spam points whenever he wishes to get out of any situation. So at the end of the day, the Fate Stone is nothing but a lazy excuse for lazy writing.

The second cool idea is the setting. A world similar to Earth, but somehow even larger than our Sun (not much "science" in this science fiction, as you'll notice), with countless unexplored territories and dangerous beasts. Humans have made huge breakthroughs in gene engineering and managed to surpass their own limits to become powerful genetic warriors. Pretty much everyone has their own genetic abilities, ranging from simple strength enhancement to mystical skills, and they can improve themselves through cultivation and many other methods.

The setting is the only salvageable thing in this novel, even if it feels more like a video game than a proper sci-fi universe. But rather than taking advantage of the unique things about the world, the author pretty much just copy-pastes tropes from generic xianxia stories, such as the supremacy of individual strength and focus on fighting above all else. The plot formula is similar, as well: face a powerful opponent or large obstacle, become stronger, surpass the obstacle, do some face slapping here and there, rinse and repeat. Even if you could justify these things within the story... why would you? If you want to write xianxia, just write xianxia.

Speaking of the setting, there's a neat equivalent to the internet in the form of a large virtual reality community. It actually plays a significant role in the plot, so I was interested to see what the author had in mind, as it was finally a somewhat creative decision. Sadly, there might be good reasons for the author to suppress his creativity, seeing how bizarre the arcs involving the virtual community are. They're nothing more than oddly intense internet drama, with villains working on diabolical schemes such as banning people from forums, deleting discussion threads and spreading fake news. And we're not talking about a chapter or two, but several!

Now that I've talked about cool ideas that could have worked, let's discuss the worst part of this novel: Chen Feng. He's yet another boring wannabe badass making dumb choices to steer the plot in a predictable direction. He's supposed to be rational and cautious, which makes perfect sense considering his past life, but actually comes across as reckless and overconfident. He constantly tries to become stronger as insanely fast as he can, for little to no good reason, and in the process makes his life much harder by getting into dangerous spots and antagonizing powerful people. Of course, he's never punished for any mistakes due to his plot armor unique ability. His one-track mind drags everything down alongside him, turning this novel into a cookie-cutter xianxia.

Would I recommend this novel to anyone? Not unless you have nothing better to read, and even then I would urge you to try something else. Maybe write your own novel; it'll probably turn out better than this, anyway. Even ignoring the lost potential, the misuse of sci-fi elements and the pointless chapters, it's just not a good story. Chen Feng is infuriatingly dumb, even on minor issues such as managing his finances and resources, and the plot is nothing you haven't seen before. It's not the worst this genre has to offer, but it's mediocre at best. I'd give this one a pass. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
May 12, 2019
Status: c319
I came close to dropping this many times before reaching the premium chapters and finally dropping it there. Although there are a few good chapters, the majority of them are... not.

My first complaint is the logic behind the setting and world. On a planet 10, 000x the size of earth, which is, mind you, about 30x the size of Jupiter, I expected these characters to be slimes rolling across the ground because the force of gravity is so strong. With the weight of all that air pressure on top of... more>> that, I imagined they’d have a hell of a time moving. No explanation of this setting is given. It appears the author randomly threw the setting out there and forgot all about it.

Although not much description is given, the people appear to be humanoid? The MC's appearance is only given briefly, finally, in chapter 127, but it's painfully vague. I spent a good portion of this series imagining him as a purple-skinned dude with three eyes because, why not? There is no explanation about how they’re defying this gravity either. When you read this series, you definitely want to ignore everything you’ve ever learned from science. You also shouldn’t pay attention to the MC’s finances because money appears out of nowhere without explanation. Ditto for the inconsistencies with expenditures and profits. Honestly, you may just want to censure any numbers when you come across them in this story. Why are there shop-keepers for digital shops? This sci-fi world needs to study Amazon, Ebay, and other selling sites because they’re surprisingly under-advanced compared to our world, even if they're in the sci-fi realm of interplanetary travel. If the MC’s golden finger is enhanced luck, then why doesn't he enter any lotteries? While reading this, you can expect to find a plot hole or inconsistency or mathematical problem every few chapters. Reading this series gives me a headache... A lot of inconsistencies. Formulas are expensive, but later the MC buys them by the dozen... He has money, but not that much. If a formula cost at least a million dollars, how is he buying hundreds of them when he only has eighteen million? He can’t use his abilities in the rookie battle in one match, but he can later on. Although abilities are forbidden, a contestant who relies solely on her ability to battle uses it constantly. The author frequently forgets the history of this story, too. The baddies went completely undiscovered until the MC showed up, but, later on, the good organizations had faced off against them prior to the MC appearing in this world and appeared to have full knowledge of who they were, for instance.

All of the groups in this series are incredibly incompetent. The MC is also shockingly unintelligent... I'm not sure why "clever protagonist" is a tag here. His decisions and forgetfulness gave me the urge to smack my head into my desk on many occasions. Worse yet, everyone else in this series has an even lower IQ than he does... Where did all the smart people go?!

The character design is redundant and unimaginative. The MC's personality is fairly consistent as are some other characters, but they all have limited depth and complexities. The descriptions for any of them all seem to be the same, too, which makes it hard to visualize.

Not only is the plot full of holes, it is also full of filler. During a genetic production competition, there are at least TWO TO FIVE ENTIRE CHAPTERS OF FILLER for each phase of the competition as people look down on the MC and are then shocked by him. It's good when the action picks up, but I definitely had to skim through several chapters because I couldn't take reading the same things over again and again anymore... They don't contribute to the plot either. I like face-slapping, but spending 5/6 chapters on face-slapping is too much!

The story developments are all over the place, often leaving me wonder how bizarre plot twists came about. Not only is it generic, the MC encounters the gang of baddies almost every time he goes out. It's nice to have surprises once in a while, you know? This is way too predictable.

The translation quality is readable, and it's usually pretty easy to tell what's going on. They have some errors. My biggest complaint is with some of the translation choices, but that may have been the original author's fault. First of all, what does any of this have to do with genes? The "genes" used in this story are more like magical coding nonsense than anything involving genetics. While reading this, I can only believe that the author doesn't even know what genetics are. The idea was good and reminds me of genetic splicing and modification, but the carry-through was terrible. DARK FREAK. Seriously, what is this time? Instead of giving them a name that makes us giggle and think of a circus or a little kid, why not call them deviants or aberrations instead? What the hell is a half-android? Even when multiple uses commented about the proper term being “cyborg” from a year ago, this still hasn’t been corrected.... Like I said, though, I'm not sure how much of this is the translation team's doing and how much of it is the responsibility of the author.

It is fun at times. It has made me laugh once every hundred chapters or so. However, the plot holes, logic holes, and wtf setting make this downright painful to read at times. Definitely not worth paying premium for and barely worth wasting hours of your life reading the free chapters. <<less
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rincewind rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: c90
Review as of chapter 90.

Run of the mill Xuanhuan with some interesting twists in the beginning chapters but loses that uniqueness in the later chapters with all the common mistakes that most webnovels fall into such as, mediocre boring uninteresting MC, extremely quick breakthroughs and a very boring cultivation system that has almost nothing to do with genes and you could remove them entirely with anything else such as cultivation technics, spirit stones, etc.

And the most heinous mistake an author can make, conveniently forgetting cultivation and attacking abilities.

For the moment... more>> I give this webnovel the benefit of the doubt and rate it 3 stars but if this downward trend continues it's one star and dropped.

EDIT: Update chapter 150

Minus 2 star and dropped, 60 chapters of the most terrible and pointless tournament in existance was excruciating to read. <<less
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AskPlays rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: c661
cool MC, has a uniqe cheat. Actually smart with schemes and such. Very cool world. Nice theme of gene making and cultvation.

higly recommend.
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Timid rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: c300
Not bad exactly, more a misstep in the execution. By having the cheat rely on a constantly replenishing luck pool, it takes a lot of the tension out of the story. Any situation you know it's going to be resolved by an arbitrary number of luck points being deducted.

Also, Author-San... who hurt you?

I'm guessing he's been mocked/screwed over on some social media platform or forum, and this story is his frustration bubbling over. Every plot point seems to be resolved online, through the protagonists mad posting skills. Half a cultivation... more>> novel, and half Qidian forums. <<less
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Ginko rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c153
First 100 chapters; interesting concept and direction.

However, this novel is soon riddled with problems!
Plot holes! Plot holes! Plot holes! -
... more>>

For example - People dying left and right in broad daylight in a world filled with video recorders, mastery of genetics, and investigational powers... but no one is ever caught or investigated!! This is an occuring theme. How does this society even function?
Second - MC pretty much creates miracles for millions to see, yet no government nor organization ever steps in to recruit, kidnap, nor even question...??

I read this due to another respected reviewer... but I don't know what she was smoking for this one.

1-Dimensional characters galore - Big brothers revenge is everywhere.
Everyone is constantly in a state of shock at the MC's awesomeness, and the author makes sure we as readers know this. This is like a mutated form of Library of Heaven's Path.

I just can't anymore...I really can't... <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: c235
This is a story that scorns xianxia cliches. The protagonist is a male, not under the whim of Fate, Artefact, God, or Women. This is instead a protagonist whom is independent, a tool of no man, or women's machination. Definitely not a tool. He is a man, with his own bottom line, which are usually so hypocritical as to be vile... yet in this story, the bottom line is instead the protagonists tolerance level. Just how much can he tolerate before he kills? It's a minor difference, yet it's so... more>> absolutely refreshing from all the moral hypocrisy the phrase is usually used in.

Furthermore, the entire story is subtly humorous, little quirky parts full of personality. Be a mutant beast evolving from being cooked as a delicious dish, or even a stray spell victimising an individual over, and over again. The small things in this story add a distinct flavour, they make the story rich, immersive, and actually makes the world itself so much colourful.

What more? The world-building is unique. The system of power is unique. The characters are unique, with something called 'individuality'. The plot is unique, complex, expanded, yet at the same time, not too complicated. This is the story one reads, if they Just want to keep reading, without feeling like their IQ is degrading.

Highly recommended! <<less
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bighandxyz rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: --
Can CN author write novels without pointless arcs and constant face slapping? It is seriously getting overused, annoying, and contributes nothing to the storyline.

It is also filled with one dimensional/petty villains and mountain high egos. MC also faces no hardship and his cheat is the solution to everything. Just another feels-good CN novels without much substances

Other than that, the concept and system is somewhat unique. 2/5
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VvAnt rated it
April 11, 2019
Status: c500
Sorry bad English.

First of all this a normal story, not good not bad.

Its really annoy me in the begining bc of face smacking (i dont like this) simply bc repetitive.

... more>> ◇Story 2.5/5

In the first couple hundreds chapter, we will see how MC get underestimated by other and how MC smack their face, later on we will see how great and magnificent our MC, be in research or when battle. Especially in research, only MC that can creat/improve formula to a whole different level, as for other?.. meh.. who are they?? They're simply BG. I dont know what they're doing all this time..... its weird for me. I know MC have LUCK.... but other to have their lucky time okay... but no... never. Repetitive plot, one dimensional chara... meh!

--For me this a story that solely focus on MC while other chara simply BG.

☆Battle 2/5 (can become 4 if not repetitive situation)

Ex: MC battling an enemy, be it alone or with other (not much different though) got upper hand, almost win, then enemy power up or new enemy arrive, suppressed, MC (and other) shock and start panicking, then MC will think something like: weapon,.. knife.... wait... could it be?!》》MC got answer then battle end. As for other when battle... OC for the sake of BG, they will say MC amajing, great, etc and start worship him.

☆Comedy 4/5 fortunately a good one, this the one that save the story.

☆Romance 2/5 meh! Bc MC too focus in research and our loli WY always going everywhere.

Note: for someone who still new to CN, then try to pick this one, Its a good story for beginer.... maybe??

And its still much better than GMC.......... Really??? <<less
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raizel362 rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: c684
Most useless story. Time is supposed to be some awesome power, according to the novel. But at the later chapters everyone can mess with time. Time is like a toy to MC and he is playing with it everyday. When some power can be used by everybody it is not awesome anymore.
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NaM rated it
July 7, 2018
Status: Completed
After I finished reading this novel. I kinda feel like I have an obligation to rate and review it.

It was actually pretty good.

Sure, The earlier part of this novel were kind of generic xuanhuan with numerous plot armors and cheat. But that all changed at the latter part, the latter part of this novel is no longer about individual strength but of those with deeper schemes. Latter part were all about schemes and plot twist. Honestly this novel is kind of short and rushed compared to others however it was... more>> also well done compared to them.

World building is awesome

character development is above average

Early chapters were a bit meh, but will turn to better 550 to 600 chapters above.

In this novel there were scheme beyond schemes. And some impressive antagonist who can truly make change, and make the MC black in blue in his own game. There were schemes that is inevitable and the only thing MC can do is counter-scheme it.

The Last boss is one of a kind. His the kinda of boss that makes us reader feel despair toward the MC.

MC is no longer about skill and luck at latter part. Almost everything he did later were only accomplished using his brain and fighting skill seems to no longer that important.

My only problem here was those characters who were once important but was gradually forgotten, but considering how most chinese novel are like that. Then lets just make it slide. <<less
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clowred rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: c209
If this story lacks something, that is common sense and.. A better editor.

Leaving these two flaws aside, I can say that this novel has been a nice surprise. Even though it feels amateurish, the combination between the dull and the interesting made my reading very smooth, even though there wasn't even one moment when I felt my blood boil or at least some sort of excitement. At the very least, I can say that I was intrigued by the premise and the way it developed from there. And the entire... more>> premise can be resumed to one single word, luck.

At present, there are many novels with genius protagonist that through luck they manage to rise to the top, yet only a few use this in moderation. In this novel at least the protagonist clearly knows his flaws and is willing to use his ability to influence luck to a large extreme. In the end he

even manages to distort reality, making things happen no matter how low that probability is. This becomes a strong ability even in battle later on.


At this moment, the protagonist has embarked on both the gene warrior and gene producer paths, some sort of cultivation and alchemy path but for a more advanced world. Most of the epilogue of the story, or at least that's how I prefer to call these 209 chapters I've read until now, have to do with the protagonist desire to gain money and prosperity. Only after having to deal with stronger experts later on he decides to gain power more than anything. Still, until the real protagonist appears, I think another 100 chapters will pass. Even so, I expect an interesting story to unfold once the protagonist abilities are used mainly in battle.

Lastly, I said this story lacks common sense and a better editor. The problem with common sense comes from the clumsy and immature way the protagonist deals with problems, fame and women.

his main interest is a woman that looks like a kid that is extremely strong.

. Many times you will feel like punching this protagonist for his lack of shame. Even so, the protagonist slowly grows on you, and becomes acceptable as more than just another run of the mill creation of a lousy author. Secondly, a better editor is needed as either the real story jumps from one scene to another too crudely, losing not only the tension that had gathered in the former scene but also the emotions. I don't know if it is a problem of translation or of writing, but the story losses quite a lot of its substance by forsaking these seemingly unimportant connections.

In conclusion, while this story doesn't deliver a strong punch, it manages to obtain more than many others thanks to its well written premise. I hope that more people will read it, especially now when too many novels simply borrows ideas from other novels. Have fun reading! <<less
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Zerak rated it
January 7, 2018
Status: c162
Amazing start but the writer seems to want put all the popular elements he can think of into the book, and it feels forceful. Also he seems to keep throwing numbers around randomly to show how big things are (it's not a big deal but it lessens the empact when it's done like that) the worst thing is that the writer seems to forcefully add bad guys into the story and wants every day to be eventful instead of proper pacing with good ups and downs.

Still it is very enjoyable... more>> to read specially the start but the climax seems to be forced in some events

there was a competition and every event was nice and sometimes unpredictable but when it came to the final bit it seems like the writer wanted to squeeze every thing the MC can do I to the fight and again it seems forced


the story is interesting and fun to read only con that can be a turn off at times is that the progression of events isn't always smooth or that every event has every possible element in it to the point where the climax losses is meaning. But it's improving.

If if you like stuff like crafting/pill refining to get stronger and enjoy multiple special abilities for each person that are different than one another then I recommend this novel for you. <<less
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