Way of the Devil


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Demons, devils, ghosts and monsters

Plunge the weak mortals in horrors;

Arms of gods and blades of devils,

Shroud the world in untold evils.

Lu Sheng was an ordinary civil servant in the modern world. After waking from a drunken stupor one day, he found himself trapped in a dangerous world where demons, ghosts and supernatural monsters terrorize the land.

In this world, ordinary mortals live in dark fear and helplessness, without any means to fight against the supernatural.

As Lu Sheng struggles desperately for survival, he stumbles upon a game mod he had designed for a mobile phone app in his previous life. It unexpectedly becomes his special ability, which enables him to instantly level up any skill he learns, albeit at a cost.

Thus, Lu Sheng begins his journey, striving for power beyond the reach of a mortal as he treads the way…of the Devil…

Associated Names
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Cực Đạo Thiên Ma
Extreme Dao Heavenly Demon
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clowred rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c141
Surprisingly, a masterpiece that managed to rise from what seemed to be a relatively dull novel that incorporates both the wuxia and the xianxia. Lu Sheng may not be the best protagonist ever, as his change from a relatively normal human being to a monster capable of slaying even the most innocent if there was a reason to do so was done in a rushed manner forsaking the intermission where he would have pondered on his more than normal blood lust. Yet, fret not, for the story had only to... more>> gain from this.

A novel that managed to diverge so much from the usual cultivation ideas is rarely seen. There is a ladder, yet to rise on it the path is more mysterious and painstaking than in any other novel. There is no protagonist capable of overturning odds only through his sheer will and power, each and all of them need something special, and this one also had something of this kind to help him in his cultivation, something that seemed excessively strong at the beginning yet turned out to be a more down to earth advantage where the protagonist needed something in order to gain power.

Yet, the most impressive thing about this novel can be considered the fights. They all have a certain recipe where sometimes they end extremely fast or take a few chapters between a relatively normal enemy can be brought down. This created a better image of the protagonist and his progress through his path towards the peak of power.

Lastly, even though I read almost every xianxia that has been translated, I never encountered a bald protagonist that looked like some mountain gorilla. Still, it's fun to see how much his body fits his

future position as a sect/mafia leader/boss.

Enjoy the story, it has raw potential that slowly manages to get out to light. It deserves your attention dear NU readers. <<less
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kingtape rated it
December 2, 2017
Status: c29

This kid is reincarnated into another world never having killed someone before. 10 seconds later, if someone so much as glances at him wrong, he chops their head off.

He's a psycopath of an MC. When his employees try to flee for their lives because they are afraid to die, they are killed one by one. This isn't "cool, " if anything it's s*upid. Senseless, pointless brutality.
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Mistelteinn rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: c5
Looks Interesting, MC isn't entirely brain dead, he's a young master but doesn't take it to extremes, is curious about the setting and so far no horrifically reckless acts of s*upidity have been committed. Seems quite promising. Unique Selling Point is literally a cheating app, albeit very limited and restricted, an interesting turn compared to all those AI chips, Old Grandpas and Magical Plot Treasures.

Rating 5 star because someone gave it a 1 star when it's the very beginning.
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Hitexh rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c74
Way of the Devil? Nope. Its Cultivator Ghost Buster. The one and only, where cultivation novel tell about how they cultivate to fight ghost. The story behind every enemy has a horor background. Thumbs up for being different among others.
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Reindeer rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: c202
Way of the Devil. It's a novel not very well known and in fact had received some damage during the time QI set off. It has a relatively low rating on NU compared to what to me is its true value as well as its rating on the QI website itself.

I've never believed in those hidden gem myth that's been circling around on the forum but now I firmly do believe they exist, if nothing else than just for this novel itself. I've always thought that if a novel is... more>> good, then naturally it will get more and more popular, right?

Unfortunately for this novel, even disregarding the previous damage it took from all the hate towards QI in its early days, the novel's predominant genre in its early arcs is Horror, definitely Horror. It's not a genre most people would open up to. I remember constantly saying swear words while reading it. Do try to read it before going to sleep, it's quite the experience.

How exactly did I come to love this novel when it's that repulsive then? Well there's one thing the novel promised right from early on, and it's that the MC will be using martial arts to fight off all enemies. Not really interesting on its own when you think about it, but against ghosts? The thought very well intrigued me.

And that intrigue has served its purpose well. The payoff was very real in deed. It was more than just satisfying, it was exciting to see the MC beat the f*ck out of the ghosts that f*cking creeps the hell out of you.

Now of course, many chapters later, it's no longer like that. The novel has turned from fighting mysterious and creepy ghosts to PUNCHING THE HELL OUT OF THESE WEAKLINGS! And I'm quite satisfied with the direction the novel has taken. This novel has the best OP MC I've ever experienced during my time here.

So all in all, it's a novel definitely worth trying, and even worthy of being a favorite. You should definitely try it out, is what I'm saying basically. <<less
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AvERaGeNP rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: c800
If you're are not reading this then you're missing out. One of the different yet interesting novel. It has a certain vibe of secrecy of what will the world offer MC and where will he go after certain point and what will he do. I am a huge fan of Get Lost and this certainly is one of his masterpiece. [5 star review -> Chapter 250 ]

Edit: [3 star review]
Well after reading 800 chapters i'd say the novel went from master piece to mediocre. The transmigration although most jumps have great settings the execution failed miserably. The goal and how the MC goes on dealing with problems after each transmigration are recycled now. I can't help feeling Get Lost cannot break out of his bubble of story writing and include many more aspects of fantasy than just punching everything that he cannot solve. Also the character are forgettable and its not helping when authors chooses to write various characters in a dozen chapters arc than scrap them up for next transmigration arc. You can actually ignore the transmigration arc and just jump to the chapter where he returns back to the main world and you will miss literally nothing. All n all this novel would be far better if author didn't throw out the worlds and its characters and somehow made use of them.
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kawadakoji rated it
February 12, 2020
Status: c521
This novel makes me really sad, it makes me sad because the novel started REALLY DAMN GOOD! everything was great, the mystery was really well executed, was planned out, everything was unique. The protagonist begins without even knowing that cultivation is a thing, he thinks that is a world like ancient china, and then his family suffers with a paranormal activity, a few ghosts around the city, and he takes the path of a martial artist (not a cultivator, just a guy learning sword techniques) to proper defend himself and... more>> his family from these things.

It was rather his survival instead of cultivation, every ghost story was amazing, with great plot twists and everlasting consequences, it left the protagonist scarred for life, sinse that tragedy with ghost he couldn't see the world like regular people anymore, he couldn't just enjoy going to an academy to become a scholar and work for the royal family, what he saw and experienced changed him.. permanently. WOW CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IN A XIANXIA!

Then he encounter people (humans) with supernatural powers and discover that only if you are born with that specific supernatural trait in your blood, you can actually cultivate, and the world of cultivation is like a secret society that no one knows about only the top tier of the government, the protagonist is just a regular human, without magic powers.. so which path he follows to get stronger?the physical path.. he becomes a f*cking hulk, he train his body like crazy, in anime terms.. he becomes Escanor from 7 deadly sins. and challenge magic powers with unmatched physical prowess.

And then.. the story begins to go downhill... I belive that the creativity of the author was gone at this point, he created AMAZING and Horrifying paranormal encounters during the first 100 chapters, it was so freaking good! but then the novel goes full on cultivation mode.. and it becomes less and less about the paranormal (which at this point is so weak that he can ens*ave ghosts just by breathing near them) and more and more about cultivation descriptions.. no joke, I skipped at least 5 chapters which only existed to describe his breakthroughs over and over again.. he spends his life now.. locked inside a cultivation room.. reading, researching and experimenting with cultivation, and all the plot is around that, motivation? he lost long ago, he became powerful enough to survive.. but the author added a cliche "end of the world" event to give him a basic motivation, but the protagonist itself doesn't care about it, in fact the author reminds us of the end of the world every 50 or so chapters just so we can remain clear that.. is the protagonist's motivation!

In the end, I got bored.. it kinda gave me a bad taste in my mouth, such a good and unique novel.. a great one! 5/5!.. there was no young master, no jade-like beauties, NO TOURNAMENT arcs, only pure good storytelling with politics, character development, mystery, horror (seriously some of the supernatural stories creeped me out!).. but nothing good lasts forever, and that ended.. and all we got left was a massive tome of cultivation descriptions.. endless and endless cultivation realms, the sky above the sky.. the new expansion that makes all the previous achievements obsolete, the new zone.. all the overused cliche that authors use when they want to extend the life-time of their story.

It could've ended in the first 150 chapters, with way more descriptions and world building, more social descriptions to immerse us into the world and experience the daily life of the MC struggling to survive against ghosts and other supernatural creatures and would've been a GREAT short novel, but now we have a MEDIOCRE long novel.

But eh, if you really reading this, is probably bcuz you are already inclined to give it a try anyway, I just need to warn you... when it goes down, it never comes back up! <<less
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mrttao rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c124
Story starts off interesting, it seems like a subversion of your typical "transmigrated into xianxia" story, as the world building shows that it is a horror story. With the MC running away from spooky creepy stuff that human martial artists can't fight. And that MC was not born with the ability to be a cultivator, instead having to use lesser "martial arts" (which is basically cultivation, but very weak compared to "real" cultivation with strict limits. Although still very superhuman, they are at a massive disadvantage against ghosts and above... more>> a certain level of spookiness are completely helpless)

MC's cheat is rather annoying and s*upid. During his life on earth he programmed a cheat for an extremely hard xianxia style video game that lets you instantly master martial arts by adding levels to your skill for free (it is a minimalist cheat engine).

Suddenly he has that cheat "in real life". At first it is constrained by draining his life and leaving him crippled and bedridden for months as a backlash (and only reason he recovers at all is due to consuming "expensive medicine" from chinese traditional medicine to augment his depleted life energy). But pretty soon he learns he can just kill ghosts to fuel his cheat engine instead.

The horror vibe that made the story at first quickly goes away. Cultivators aka Nobles turn out to just be using a magic item that is fueled by human sacrifice to empower their bloodline. Ghosts turn out to have their own nobles and politic with the human nobles. Both sides are basically your typical xianxia sects. MC rapidly skyrockets in power, managing to finally breakthrough the limitation of a non cultivator but with his own power and Qi and as such not dependent on blood sacrifice to magic items, making him the most mary sue person in the setting. By c124 he can 1 hit kill a noble cultivator of level 3 or lower.

MC is a complete and total psychopath. Even for a chinese xianxia MC he is a psycho. Worse, he lacks the charisma to sell it to the reader, coming off as just an ass. And even worse than that, he is a huge hypocrite about it; constantly switching between massacring innocents and sacrificing them, exploiting people, patting himself on the back for being righteous, and swearing to exterminate all nobility because blood sacrifice is evil (never mind that it is necessary to prevent humanity from going extinct to ghosts). <<less
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Evanbond rated it
August 7, 2017
Status: c50
Update: c180___4 star

Damn it's awesome!

Upto c50____2 star

It's good. MC is not like those typical characters. One thing that I dislike very much about this novel is that MC is self-centered. He doesn't care about the family that he lives with and his half siblings. He doesn't show any concern about them. Author has repeatedly written that he is not the real owner of the main body so the new "person" will not have to sympathize with anyone. Well I am not against this type of behavior but the new "taken... more>> over" person eats food and spends the family's money to which he doesn't show appreciation which I think is the trademark characteristic of an immature teenager.

Another issue is that the MC can subconsciously feel that some stuffs happening around him are eery no matter where he goes yet he still casually goes around without enough protection or gets drunk from liquor. He's as if exuding "throw at me whatever you have and I will be able deal with anything despite I am weak as a child" vibe. I think he knows he has a plot armor somewhere lying around. The author hasn't shown any smartness in these areas.2 <<less
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keklel rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: c215
UPDATE 2 (c215) :


I kept on reading after c69 and it turns out that the story doesn't fall off that hard. I'm reading c215 right now and the story is still pretty well-woven. I'm not seeing any fall off in consistency of storytelling here. The characterization is still decent and story itself is a good mix of action and intrigue - in particular the revelation that all Noble blood is based off of the Divine Weapons. Let's see how it plays out. 4 stars for now.


UPDATED (c69) :

I can't f*cking believe the MC just up and killed a sect member for literally NO REASON other than her uncle not allowing the MC to have the lands which were originally assigned to her. This MC is one greedy motherf*cker! As soon as he doesn't get what he wants, he starts killing everyone in his way even though they've done nothing wrong!

This was completely out of character for him and has never happened before. Even the MC in Great Demon King was not this rash! This is like something straight out of a shitty 3rd rate xianxia tr*sh.

I'm downgrading this novel to 3 stars because of it.



Firstly, ignore the 1 star ratings. This novel deserves no less than 4 stars. From the first 10 chapters alone, judging from how well the setting has been thought out, the level and depth of characterization, the realism and the knack for tension-building that the author has displayed, it's obvious that unless the author messes up really badly later on, this is a 5 star novel.

Now, finally a MC with some common sense!

"All the young masters were infatuated beyond reason, resulting in a massive melee, which resulted in quite a number of injured and even quite a few killed, " fatso said as he clicked his tongue.

"Even so, those who were seriously injured and handicapped remain devoted to this woman. But she's already forgotten them in the blink of an eye!"

Lu Sheng narrowed his eyes, a shiver in his heart. He had heard of these incidents, but never imagined that this woman was the cause of them all. For them to pine for her even after they were handicapped... this was not something that could be explained by her beauty.

In that moment, he labeled Duan Muwan as extremely dangerous in his mind. For her to be able to twist so many people around her little finger, she either had extremely high EQ or employed some unusual methods. It was best to stay as far away as possible from such characters.

This is clearly a MC who takes things seriously, does not underestimate others, and prefers staying away from unknown risk than going towards it.

The fact that the world is dangerous provides the main motivation for the MC to get stronger. Throughout the first 10 chapters, the dangerousness of the world has been demonstrated through "showing" rather than "telling". For example, the death of the entire Xu family for no apparent reason, the burning down of the restaurant, ghostly hallucinations that the MC experienced before the restaurant burned down. Everything comes together to build increasing tension, like each wave being followed by a bigger wave.

The way in which the MC regarded his first kill is worthy of note. In most run of the mill xianxia novels, the author would usually spend a few words justifying the killing, and most likely a few more sentences describing how awed the onlookers are by how amazing the MC's skills are. However, in this novel, the MC feels turmoil at killing for the first time, and immediately reflects on the consequences of his killing, namely that he exposed his martial arts skills, which he intended to keep hidden. This scenario was unavoidable, however, since his guards were incompetent and he would have been killed if he had not used his martial arts to defend himself. It is telling that his first thoughts after the killing were

'The good thing is, the Black Tiger Saber Technique moves are unique and distinctive. With a bit of investigation, they'll be able to clearly trace them back to Uncle Zhao. That's not such a big deal, but I've got to be careful in the future... '

All in all, a fantastically well thought out novel. The characters are not only realistic and thoughtful, but also the plot is exciting and the tension is expertly built throughout. I will update this review as I read more chapters.

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The Hamster Overlord
The Hamster Overlord rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: c1007
A very rare hidden gem.

It's not your average xianxia, this story is a unique and beautiful clusterfu- uuummm... It's a unique composition of various genres cleverly interwoven to create a very interesting world.

It is a mess of genres: xianxia, wuxia, drama, comedy, romance, mystery, even quick transmigration - but all of it is combined in a way that makes the story seem both cohesive and engaging.

... more>> The main character is probably the most interesting part of the story. Frankly, he's a hypocrite and a psychopath. He's a monster.

Throughout the story he does all kinds of things that are well below whatever moral boundaries one may draw and he has absolutely no right to be as interesting and charismatic a character he is.

Following him doing his usual shenanigans is always fun and you can't help but rot for him.

Also, it's not a harem! MC isn't a skirt-chaser either! Unbelievable of a Chinese xianxia, I know, but it's true.

Also, out of all the 1007 ch's I've read of this story there was not a single line where anything concerning politics or nationality was mentioned. Name of China wasn't uttered even once!

Also, in this story there are many kinds of humans (there was one type where the human had no facial features at all, it was kinda cool), many kinds of languages and the civilizations that often aren't inferior to Earth and MC can't pull a Japanese high-schooler and show his endless depths of knowledge by giving some dumb piece of trivia.

Also, the aesthetics regarding the main character are truly unique.


like, in the beginning, he trained and became a huge oily lump of muscle with no hair, then he turned into a huge fat monster with horns and a tail, became a giant creature with three faces and knife-like teeth and generally has become all kinds of abominations.

A huge spoiler but his 2nd love interest (after like several hundred chapters after 1st died) was a giant 2 headed dragon goddess (she had the ability to ahapeshift to human shape) and there was a scene of their passionate exchange of feelings in their true forms, like the main character who looked like an eldritch horror bit chunks of flesh out of the dragon being with his saber-like teeth and vice versa...

You get that the aesthetics here are kinda fun.

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Putrangos rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: c1119
What would happen if Hulk meets Jason? According to this novel, Jason will shits his pants, hard, and painfully long.

We follow the journey of Lu Sheng, a local young master that live his lifes peacefully. It's his second lifes apparently. And as a young master that govern over little piece of land, he's pretty humble.

Until there's series of misterious death and missing people in town. Monster sightings and finally his sister kidnapping. So our "hero" decided to decend to the dark depth of wuxia to punch and tear the living... more>> sh*t out of ghosts.

You don't read it wrong. He make ghost wish they're dead, like real dead. Never to be undead.

This is very unconventional wuxia story. Everything you know from reading wuxia/xianxia can be throw out of the window when reading this novel.

Lu Sheng is not the nicest person in the world. He's one of the most creative muscle brain there is. If it's a martial technique, he'll learn it. If it's strong he'll ambush it. If it's stronger than him, he'll yield, and kill him later. If it's breathe its food, if its not breathe it's a gourmet. Anything that touch his will be burn to not even taste hell. Anything he touch will still be burned to not taste hell. If he cant touch it, he'll make it so he can. If its not dead yet, he'll fond something that can kill it.

And he'll do anyting for everything he thinks worth the trouble.

And the most interesting thing is his mind set. His tought can be classified by this:


family - protect

Ghosts - food

Martial artist - food

Monster - food

Super special weapon/treasure - food

Somebodyelse - I can eat him now, later or I can sold him to others

Another Ghosts - food

Hidden super bloodline - tr*sh

God - food

Devils - food

Ghosts/zombies - food

Matter - food

Antimatter - food

More ghosts - food

(yes he like eating, and yes he very much like ghosts as breakfast)


The author did his best to gives lives (death) the the world. It feels like breathing living world (deadly and hellish). Every ghost arc is filled with scary and creepy atmosphere. You can feel every cold wind the caracter in this novel feels. The hopelessness of being trapped in a nightmare, the despair of how weak being a human is, and the creepy disgusting face of your killer.

But the Lu Shen will the come and 'here's jhonny!' that abominable.

I will recommend this for horror/thriller fans out there, and every scaredy cat there is. After you read this novel, you won't have a nightmare anymore. But the translation, GOD, the legendary translation update. You may expect nothing for 5 months in update. If you desperate you may read the MTL, with alot of salt ganted.

But it is a fantastical read for sure, Lu Sheng have one of the most interesting power system there is. You won't even regret reading the MTL (At least you can read the end, and not dies of old age waiting for the next chapter).

9/10. <<less
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GoGoInTheA55 rated it
August 18, 2018
Status: c252
Though this series may contain testosterone filled fights with the MC going Hulk Smash all the time. I don't consider that the actions and fights are the biggest appeal of the novel, instead its the mysteries and the politics going on the background, the character interactions and the immersive world with it's own laws and rules that the author never breaks.

The Main Character-
The MC Lu Sheng is no saint instead his behavior highly mirrors the depictions of western devils apathetic and striving for a certain goal. The MC is also not evil, because even after the experiences he had went through, Lu Sheng maintains his humanity (even though his real self is a deformed giant spiked man with thick tail and shark like jawline). The true goal that he strives for from what I can tell is to give the rest of humanity a "way" to follow so that they can attain strength similar to supernatural beings (noblemen included). His personality is for some reason very likable, because he never makes any mistakes you would find the MC would make for more drama and he never gets out of his character. But he is an angry man, and you won't like when he is angry.

Power System-
The power system is pretty unique and feels devilish, so I may assume that this system is unique to Lu Sheng's current continent.
The main power system comprises of 7-level of veins and 9-levels of snake. The main focus of strength and the potential one contains depends on the strength of the bloodline he/she carries and exceeding the cultivation level to fight people on the upper stage is not unique in this world due to it. The Dilute bloodline may destroy the potential of people and the only way to strengthen is to take help from Devil blade or holy swords and carry out blood sacrifices to imbued the strength from those said blades..... in the end its borrowed strength.
The best part of the story is that the MC Lu Sheng doesn't have any bloodline..... but..

In later chapters around 220, the MC uses his pathetic sects devil cultivation technique to create or forcefully extract the nobleman genes present in all of humanity, which for him was able to burn a piece of paper at the peak of his cultivation (pretty pathetic bloodline). But this doesn't matters to him, his new goal is to surpass the Devil blades with his body alone because he doesn't believe in borrowed strength for which he would need to carry out blood sacrifices on innocent people.


Characters.... Some characters are good like the MC's bodyguards, his employer and even the bro he made even before becoming the mafia boss, while others are outright disgusting (their habits not their nature).

The good guys in this story are never actually good, but they feel more like humans striving for profit and accumulating power and the moment these good guys know about MC and his strength, they will kill him. They would feel bad or remorse of loosing a good pawn, but they will kill him or even cook him into a delicacy and then eat his meat in a feast. As Cannibalism is a huge part in this story and the details are stomach churning.
I loved the MC's family. They felt like true spoiled brats who f*cks like rabbits (A little bit in*est).

In ch95 or something, MC's brother disappears and is found later as a decomposing corpse filled with maggots causing MC's step mother to blame him (he was to blame) and spouting bad sh*t in madness, what does Lu Sheng do?.....l He bit*h slapped his mother!! seriously.... that's some bad-ass


The only love interest in this story is found way earlier in the story in the for of Lu Sheng Classmate. She is cute girl with long legs (MC's fetish is long legs), there was some drama in the story concerning her marriage, and it made the story feel real but it was not the most interesting part of the story so I am gonna stop on her.

World Building-
The earlier chapters contained mysticism and dread as the world Lu Sheng was living in was shrouded in mystery, hence due to it, the story felt surreal and contained horror elements, just due to it, even a supernatural organisation of 2 felt like unsurpassable mountain. But due to MC's cheat he was able to train fast and end the arc early. And it also never felt rushed as the author squeezed out all the potential of a given arc.
His never ending accumulation of subordinates is also enjoying to look at, how he maintains their loyalty (with fist). And how he uses them.
The best part of the story is that, the world doesn't revolve around Lu Sheng, there are people doing their own thing out int he world cut-off of him, I know that soon enough MC will come into picture like a big bear demon out to kill people, but it is nice to know the world from the point of view from others.

Well The end..... TL;DR!!
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sleib rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: c134
It has been a while since I've read such an entertaining novel. I read all translated chapters in one go. Novel has horror/mystery/supernatural elements perfectly mixed with xuanhuan. Action parts are well written and the world is interesting. Just read it already!
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davethwave rated it
November 9, 2017
Status: c92
Though some may not like it as it's slow paced and was given a lot of 1 stars probably because of that, it has a good plot, entertaining to read, MC is not dumb, not lustful like 90% of the other mc's in novels like this one, has restraint, somewhat more... lets say, less op luck type kind of MC as well, and though he does have restraint he still acts his age rather than a logic machine void of emotion.
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VLeeAzn rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: c37
To be honest I started reading this novel because I found there were surprisingly a great amount of 1 star despite it only having a few chapters, also I only found positive review on the comment.

I kind of like how the novel is right now, I actually thought that his cheat will be overpowered but now I'm just thinking that this young master is actually pitifully weak despite having a cheat.

I also feel like the novel is kind of long. Maybe I just don't like the way chapters are named... more>> like (1) to (5).

So far nothing really major has happened so I don't know. I will leave now and wait till there are more chapters.

What I really like about this now is the MC has yet to be provoked by other young master of another family for whatever reason, it's like people in this world don't make life difficult for others (at least for now).

The romance part is okay, the MC surprisingly doesn't seem to be the type who thinks with his bottom part of the body. Also at c37 he seems to start fooling around awkwardly like normal teenager which made me very happy because that was how I was.

I will update more after there are more chapters, it was definitely an ok read. <<less
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Brohatter rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: c200
Amazing story, a transmigrator that wanted to enjoy life discovers his happy time can all come to a screeching halt thanks to some creepy encounters with the supernatural, due to some luck he gets a handy tool that can help him grow, his motivation becomes surviving in a world where he finds out his plight in the lowest rung of the world, characters are well portrayed, the first chapters have an awesome scary vibe and the constant hidden dangers makes it suspenseful but not exaggerated.

... more>>

The premise of the story is quite good due to the existence of superior species and their treatment to the flowers and cattle known as humans, the despair felt by the race in general is quite satisfying, even our main character seems to deviate from the strongest humans and the more the story drags on the greater the changes to his character, hell he goes all testosterone bull and wild berserker on us a lot


Putting aside the sad waiting for new chapters, it's a fun read. <<less
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Legalt rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c192
The tags and genres say a lot about this novel, as with the name. I've read A LOT of different Chinese Novels, so it's pretty rare for me to find one that makes me so in love with it, and Way of the Devil is one of them. I mention a bit more specific things in this review, mainly because I always appreciate reading a review like this one before I dive into a novel... I like to understand slightly more about what I'm investing my time into. If you... more>> like the tags and my review, even if you just skim through, stop wasting your time and start reading!!

These are the words from the author himself "Way of the Devil tells the story of an ordinary mortal fighting against the entire world. Only a path of extremes can lead him to defeat the malice and darkness of this whole world. To pursue a world that he believes in and to transform all that he wants to change–he will tread on the way which crushes all other ways!"

The premise and a lot about it is just really different compared to others, and what the author said also says a lot about this. The MC, Lu Sheng, has been one of the most satisfying ones I've ever seen when it comes to his growth, and DEFINITELY more unique when it comes to combat. He's not an idiot and a complete brute; he can think and plan things ahead of time very well. The below will be more about him and has slight spoilers, but I think it's a good way to alleviate confusion about this novel when you see the negative reviews.


The MC starts off as a reincarnated weakling in a world that's more than what initially meets the eye. He also doesn't start off really young as he's nearly 20, which is an older start for a CN. After realizing the worlds peril, he starts to get strong pretty quickly and has a pretty big transformation, physically. I likened him to Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho, as I consider his body VERY similar to him. As a negative review mentioned, he becomes totally bald and gets increasingly muscular, but don't let that deter you (honestly, it made me more hype haha) as it doesn't last forever... Well, imagine all those other CNs where once you get strong enough, you can change your body. That's what happens, but that incredibly muscular form is more of his "true" form when it comes to combat... So, like Toguro haha.

His personality takes a bit of a hit as well. A genre tag is "horror", so you can expect the things he'll see and witness. He's not really evil, but the title "Way of the Devil" says a lot, personality wise AND physically. A lot of things end up being done mostly for his own benefit, as he can't afford to act otherwise.


Anyway. The writing has been good and the translation quality is excellent. There's a lot of mystery involved, and though it starts using some common CN tropes, all of them do. Just look at Western Style fantasy/RPG stuff: Mana, HP, Elves, Magic... All common tropes if you think about it that way :D.

As of now, this doesn't seem like it'll head the harem route, but it's eventually possible. As of now though, I've quite liked the romance between the MC and his interest, even if there hasn't been a ton. The characters have been pretty good and the antagonists as well. No typical arrogant young master crap.

The tags don't say it for some reason, but I'd consider "sect development" and "loyal subordinates" as being added... I like those tags, especially "loyal subordinates" haha. "Weak to Strong seems apt, but his strength develops quickly. He's far from some weakling pushover, which I always love.

Anyway, don't miss out on this novel. Check it out and enjoy! <<less
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Syntheticspirit rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: c303
I'm wondering what actually happened. The start was amazing. Horror, mystery, and cultivation was implemented perfectly. You could feel why the protag had to get as strong ASAP. But one of his massive power-ups straight up turnt this into a comedy. He suddenly handling everything like it's are nothing.

... more>>

To put it into perspective, around 250-300, the protag suddenly jumps from a snake realm prowess to a divine weapon masters prowess.... Did the author just give up and decide the protag was leveling up too slowly?


After that massive power-up, the protag suddenly starts fighting these invasive beings and it's as ridiculous as it sounds. At least it's unexpected and not a cliche.

To sum it up, Ch. 1 - Ch. 250, ★★★★★. Chapter 251-??? ★★★. And I think I'm being fair here. Even though I haven't read ahead, the other reviewers who have also agree that the story declines in quality and just never reaches the same level again. <<less
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omarct rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c223
Amazing. This is the story of a tiger in sheep's clothing who is hiding not to eat the sheep, but the shepherds. The story starts out super unique with the horror story feel and making the MC seem insignificant, but quickly turns on its head and the hunted becomes the hunter. The fights although not common are very satisfying and the MC's aggressive and unstable mentality serve to create some bad-ass hair rising moments where you can feel the fear and oppression that the main character emits to his enemies.
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