Forty Millenniums of Cultivation


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“Even if this universe is truly nothing more than a brutal, bloody, shadowy forest, we Cultivators will burn all that we have just to give off a single weak flickering spark in the darkness!

No matter how weak each spark is, how short-lived, how small… As long as the sparks flow unabated, then one day one of those sparks will light some tinder, and that tinder shall light some fallen branches, and those branches shall set ablaze each and every last tree of the forest!

In the end, even the smallest sparks will eventually set the shadowy forest ablaze, and illuminate the whole world!”

Short Summary:

In a world teeming with cultivators, Li Yao, who makes his living collecting scrap metal, encounters the soul of a titan powerhouse from forty thousand years in the past.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation average rating 4.4/5 - 425 user ratings
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s rated it
October 25, 2016
Status: c1209

Hello everyone, this is my first review because I don't normally bother writing them but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Cultivation of 40, 000 years (as google translated) being translated so I had to write something.

This probably the most logically backed and imaginative sci-fi Xuanhuan. It even explains some of the doubts like how after meditating in a cave for 10 years will make you stronger even though we can't even stay still for some time without body aches let alone years.

This is recommended for those who like clear novels and not those fuzzy logic ones like drink potion and destroy the universe.

The author has also applied the logic of the critically acclaimed Chinese trilogy Remembrance of the Earths past, specifically the dark forest theory.

So I won't give any spoilers but tell you that it is action packed, science packed, adventure packed and a little bit of romance along with humor packed.


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mrttao rated it
April 14, 2017
Status: --
This started out amazing. One of the better stories around.

But sadly it did not last. The MC has become utterly insufferable, he keeps on setting situations where people rightly do not have faith in him, and then he shatters their views and proves himself vastly superior and justified in his arrogance. The author seems quite clueless as to how silly and petty this is. As well as to the fact that the MC is often in the wrong even though the author insists he is in the right. This has... more>> become bad enough that I dropped it. <<less
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crazykat rated it
November 27, 2016
Status: c23
A Very Unique story, with a great start so far. The author is an amazing logical writer. I am loving every bit of the novel. Also my recommendation for new readers is to hold on till around ch 12-13 before you decide if you want to drop it or not. That is where the story picks up.

The translation seems Decent so far. Hopefully they keep up the good work.

Translation: 8/10
Grammar: 8/10
Novel : 10/10
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RynDeeVuo rated it
March 11, 2017
Status: c81


Ahh, so good. What a shame I've caught up to translations. I WANT MORE!!!!

Well anyway, the story is pretty much what happens if sci-fi and xianxia had a child. You can really say that this novel is really good since, first, sci-fi novels are a f**king pain in the ass to read for, which was quite true in the first few chapters, like 1-6 or so, but after that, it's pretty much easy to understand and is actually quite... more>> intriguing; second is that, even though I read a lot action novels, very few make me 'love' the battle scenes, and a good example of this is Lord Xue Ying, where the enjoyable part is the training part, seeing him get stronger and actually understand just how much he got stronger, which I think this novel is about the same if not better in this aspect.

World-building is one of the best I've seen. The universe is somewhat similar to The Desolate Era's, having 3000 Major Worlds and Pangu. Pretty much roughly 45 thousand years have passed since the start of the history of Cultivation, and 40 thousand years have passed ever since the Ancient Cultivation Age ended. I'll only give you that since the history of Cultivation is somewhat a spoiler in itself, although not that much of a spoiler, it will still be more enjoyable to know about it yourself in the novel. So pretty much, in the Modern Age, cultivators have developed high technology. Now the best thing about this is that they used this technology for Cultivation, having high efficiency drugs, electricity powered flying swords, flying shuttles, flying battleships, arrays powered by CPU, and whatnot. I like this part the most because it's pretty much the same with other novels, just that they are powered by technology, so 80 chapters in and we still haven't seen guns. Banzai!!! Meh, it probably won't be long before we see guns and mechas.

The MC, Li Yao, is not the best MC that I have seen, but he is surely among the better ones. What I like the most is his decisions which makes sense, and not just make sense, but actually was better than the answers I thought of. He has a sharp mind and easily understands situations, which saves us the trouble of waiting a few chapters before finding sh*t out. Well, this might be because of his cultivation, but there's not just one MC out there who, despite being some kind of top expert, is a f**king no-brainer. He's pretty leans on the lucky side, but at least he has backbone, has skill, and his strength doesn't come from his lucky encounters.... uhh, at least not entirely.

The side characters are pretty well fleshed out. Not really the best, but is definitely better than most. At least we don't see the MC sitting inside a cave for a few millennium (how about 40? Cuz, you know, the title, pfft!.... nvm), or have chapters explaining how a punch works. Well, we do have chapters explaoning the history, but at least they are enjoyable, and that they are cut into parts, feeding it to us slowly, only appearing when we need it, or when the characters talk about it. The other characters really play a major role in explaining how the world works. We don't need wall of texts about how important the vibration of the spear is, and then explain how this skill's vibration is special, and then comparing it to the rest! Yep, luckily, they don't explain how this ancient punch technique is used, or how the flame-attribute axe works and how it's made. We won't see how those... umm.. damn, I forgot their names already... those, uhh, high-tech blacksmith, which our MC is one of them btw, make some special options in the weapons they make that only they or those better than them know, we only see why they have this, and just explain how this thing came to be.

Antagonists- I have to say, this is one of the ones I enjoy the most among all the novels I've read. We pretty much have these intelligent fiend beasts and demons. Well, as well as some few conflicts among humans I guess, but the place they live in is pretty much upright. Although we still have an arrogant young master as an antagonist, at least he's used properly, and not excessively, since he's pretty much cannon fodder to the MC right now, even though their conflict isn't done yet. Well, I mean we still have the father. And probably the grandfather, who knows, we haven't seen him yet.

Not much of a romance, but there one or two love interests, or make it three, since there was the girl who sang the song. We still haven't met her yet though. I have a very good feeling about this though.

Now I know some elitists might disagree with me, but please do forgive me, this is my first sci-fi novel that I took seriously. Maybe I just have the wrong image about sci-fi novels..... still not reading them without the xianxia/xuanhuan tag though. Pretty much power levels in general.

So far we've only seen a drop of the ocean of the entire univers of the novel, and this novel just makes you want to know more of it. I really look forward to the MC's adventures, and I think that's all, thank you! Peeeeaaaace out. <<less
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Trent rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c125
This is a cultivation story which flips off the mass of copy-pasted xianxia and makes its own path. It’s not as exciting as some others, but it’s among the more original and well-written ones.

About its “nationalism” (it doesn’t actually need a spoiler, but whatever) :

When it doesn’t terrify me, I actually like the “nationalism” in this story. Partly, that’s because it’s not nationalism: nations are forgotten, and no area of people seems to think it's better than another area. It's actually humanism. And partly, it’s because it’s reasonable for it to exist, and is a major building block of the story. In the setting, humanity has just recently freed itself from its nonhuman overlords, and is still in the shaky process of establishing its territory and beating back the monsters. Of course the Federation will propagandize how humans must stay united against everything else. The result is that civilians are in awe of militants and soldiers who have gotten injured fighting for humanity, while soldiers in turn are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the civilians. It makes for some emotive and awesome scenes. But it’s also likely that the MC will someday be forced to realize that non-humans aren’t automatically bad, and that humans aren’t necessarily in the right. We’ve had hints of that all along.


Worldbuilding: 8.5 / 10. Uncommonly grand and unique, but often dry; the novel isn’t able to smoothly realize its ambition. Basically, there’s lots and lots of background thought up, but too much of it's info-dumped, and characters often speak unnaturally to explain relevant topics.

Plot: 8.5 / 10. One arc in particular has hinged on unbelievable things. The goals of the MC's journey are either too nebulous or easy for him to accomplish. However, each part of the story so far has been original and pushed the plot forward.

Cultivation: 9 / 10. Each stage of cultivation is distinct, follows different rules, and is connected to more than simply greater generic power. The MC power-skips where he should and doesn’t where he shouldn’t. However, disparities between power levels aren’t well defined.

Action: 9.5 / 10. Fight scenes are generally brief and poignant, though the author may sometimes devote too many words to short battles, creating “slow motion” and reaction scenes which are sometimes cool, sometimes annoying. The MC doesn’t fight all that often, but when he does, you can get goosebumps.

Characters: 9.5 / 10. At first they’re mostly bog standard, but they become three-dimensional and impressive like few web novels can do. The MC isn’t the only, or even the most dazzling, “genius” in the world; other people are given their due. And characters don’t have to be powerful cultivators to be awesome. The MC has moments of awesomeness, craziness, and recklessness, but he doesn’t become an arrogant toerag that you can’t empathize with. He can be vengeful, sure, but in a humorously “cruel” way instead of the “massacre everyone who doesn’t give me face!” way. He periodically shows how he’s still, at heart, the guy he was before he got his lucky chance. Like, at one point after he finishes being a solemn heroic badass,

a young female author gives him a pair of novels to read. He forces himself to skim through the Shoujo one. Then he turns to the second, realizes that it's BL, starts sweating, and ‘Nope!’s out of there.


So, 4.5 if we’re taking each part individually, tearing me between a 4 and a 5 (and it’s easily a 5 for the standards of xianxia). But there’s something missing from the story which keeps me from ever really getting into any chapter. And the translation’s really well done, and does a great job carrying across the militant tone! But for whatever reason, the story doesn’t have much of a feel that pulls me into it; the style’s too mechanical. So I’m reading and objectively appreciating the story, but it never comes alive to me as some more poorly written stories can do. So it’s a really good novel, but not a fantastically good story.
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Yuzu rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c340
Dropped, logic migraines due to me reading too many xianxia conflicting with this author's logic.

Overall, a decent novel if you're looking for a novel that breaks away from standard cultivation settings and fusing it with more futuristic concepts of sci-fi. Where the focus isn't solely on cultivation practices that time skip years. Instead it's mostly crafting, majority of the novel is crafting related. Be it making formulas, developing new weapons to armr to battle ships, repairs, or inventing new things. That is the main focus of the novel as it... more>> uses 'cultivation' as a premise for how humans grow stronger and their enemies aren't aliens but devils/demons/beasts. This is the MC's path of becoming the best while knocking down those who stand at the top of creating artifacts.

A warning to anyone who does read this, the story is very heavy on the whole patriotism in the story. Many chinese novels are like this with strong military reflection of their culture. One for all. all for humanity, being the main premise of why people cultivate in this novel. Lots of self-sacrificing is done in this novel which makes it quite annoying when it comes to the stereo type path of cultivation.

Thus be warned that the MC will always get a sermon about sacrificing for the weak or for humanity by others or to himself.

Age wise, majority of characters so far in this world of xianxia doesn't seem to go past 120 average. The oldest character read so far is less than 300 that is a yuanying iirc. So many are very young and you won't read up monsters disguising as lolis.

MC is too much of a modern soldier/spy/assassin, majority of all fights in this novel are not like normal xianxia ones where they rely on spiritual energy and their honed skills/techniques. Instead this novel is all about 'technology' he makes, uses and tactics employed that makes it interesting to read but not so much when trying to comprehend.

Author seems to stuff too many ideas from all over the place to make the novel seem more complex and interesting but for some may find it very confusing and simply making the MC appear too OP at all times. He really needs another setback, last one was after the first 60 chapters. Barely any failures.


Sci-fi and mech are the main parts of this novel. Enjoyable but very confusing. Especially in the medical aspects. They can 'cure' broken bones that are smashed to dust or mutilated body parts but can't come up with regenerative medicine to repair body parts or even throw in bionic eyes for the blind?

Being xianxia, there isn't one possible way to like you know, regrow a limb or two?

Funniest thing yet is that when it comes to xianxia, the thing that pops up into my head first is 'ALCHEMY'. Sure there is artifact creating which is literally crafting and refining but blown up together with modern manufacturing and sci-fi fusion. Probably since the author emphasizes resources are not enough, things like pill concocting probably got replaced or is simply nonexistent.

Too much logic problems and logic armour throughout that it becomes really mind boggling when the author adds more information or brings up new concepts that are used in the weirdest ways.
E.g. those 5 types of cultivations... zzz


Don't try matching xianxia standards to this novel as you read and you'll be fine. Don't understand, just read and enjoy. <<less
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Gaelas rated it
January 4, 2017
Status: c53
This is a fun, excellently translated story. I'm only a few chapters in, and even if the story follows a gradual path of improvement, this will be great. From what I read on Reddit, though, this novel is leagues beyond typical xianxia. I'm looking forward to catching up and writing a proper review.

EDIT c53: All caught up
... more>>

and the competition arc is starting to pick up. Unlike normal Xianxia, 40MC has the protag being looked upon favorably by some major powers, and one of the cliche "I'm better than you, you trash" characters is getting her eyes opened.

This is a good development that is not like the usual examples found in this genre. Keep it up, translators! <<less
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puffiness123 rated it
December 23, 2016
Status: c35
Took me a long time (weeks) to give this story a chance. I am currently at chapter 35 and I read it all in one go this evening. The first chapter was a bit difficult to get through in the beginning, but it got a lot better after that. The main character is a poor orphan who basically got lucky. He also perseveres during hard times. There is a lot of conflict situations in the story. It is pretty interesting. I personally enjoyed it.
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BlackHat88 rated it
November 5, 2016
Status: c11
Interesting concept, it's a modern type society based on cultivation. I find it refreshing and new and highly recommend to give it a try.

They use technology based on magic glyphs and the society seems to be driven by money. People wants to be cultivator in order to get money and you have to go through school and university in order to enter a sect.

MC is a poor orphan student in one of those high school and he's struggling to become a cultivator and an artifact builder despite the discrimination... more>> the poor students gets from the school and his lack of money. <<less
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hero rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: c131
I hadn't even gotten through the first chapter and I was already tired of all the unneeded descriptive / comparative phrases the author kept adding in. Let me write a short paragraph to show how annoying it is.

The author writes a paragraph and adds unneeded descriptive / comparative phrases, just like how Hollywood directors needlessly splits a short book into two movies. It's unbelievably annoying, just like how an unending itch on the skin is. However, every web novel author needs to add words of absolutely no substance in between... more>> those with, else they run out of ideas on how to proceed, just like how Anime makers add filler after filler in order to make sure they don't catch up to the source or to wait for the source to proceed with the actual story...

I mean, obviously the author doesn't do it every paragraph but these phrases stick out just because of how forced they are. This honestly might be the most annoyed I've been due to the authors writing-style. Usually it's because of dumb characters, dumb logic, dumb events etc. Actual components of the story itself, not the author's writing.

As for the story... people are saying it's a breath of fresh air but because I've just read (and dropped) Battle Frenzy, I don't find that to be the case at all. Cultivation system set in the modern world, has a simulation system, MC is not a cultivation genius at the start but is a genius in another aspect which just so happens to be extremely important in the set world, MC started at the bottom of the school, best friend has a lot to say about women, a "bitchy" girl in school who is called a genius who ends up "despising" the MC, his fat friend, and their kind (bitchy and despising are enclosed in "" because in BF it is shown that it was a misunderstanding and that the female was actually an extremely good person. Wouldn't be surprised if that turns out to be the case in this novel as well), etc. All these similarities and I only got to chapter 8 of this novel.

The main difference so far really is that, Battle Frenzy was way smoother to read. I'll use what the author of this novel likes using. "Mish mash". The author pretty much "mish mashed" multiple traits of different novels in order to form the setting of this world. The problem is that his writing isn't good enough to smoothly tie it all together. I mean, the whole test question just to bring up the world's history simply felt misplaced. It felt like the author just asked himself, "Hmm, how do I introduce the history of the world?" "Oh, I know, let's just make it an answer in a test so I can literally dump in an info dump which is multiple paragraphs long."

The thought is there, just that the execution just isn't up there. I dropped Battle Frenzy because it turned out to be waaay too drawn out. It's the same here. It's even more noticeable here since the author keeps forcing descriptions in. Not to mention multiple paragraphs full of technological babble / names.

Dropping this as I don't think I've ever been this annoyed at an author's style. Feels like the author decided to write a Sci-Fi novel just to add as much "Sci-fi" bullsh*t as possible. Here's a quote taken from chapter 8 which I'll leave for whoever reads this review.

"Li Yao thought and thought, and nodded his head, "A scraped heatsink is a common breakdown in crystal processors, technically it's not a big issue. The reason why none of the repair shops you went to were unable to repair is primarily because this model number of crystal processors is way too rare. The technology utilized by this processor is also way too obsolete. The heat sink used inside has not been produced in the last hundred years, and modern heatsinks used in modern processors are fundamentally incompatible. Anyways, it doesn't matter."

So much "Sci-fi" bullsh*t "added" in chapters just to make things longer (it's actually the case for fans in PCs). Like I said in a previous review, good authors add details which actually add to the reader's immersion / imagination. Bad authors just dump in details which just end up being utter bullsh*t used to draw chapters out as much as possible. <<less
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dniv rated it
May 9, 2017
Status: c108
This novel is amazing. It's honestly a breath of fresh air.

It takes a few chapters to establish itself. At first it seems as if it's not sticking to one major theme and was a bit all over the place... but it came through. Masterfully executed, volume 1 was quite strong, and I'm also enjoying volume 2.

The thing that stands out the most about this novel is that it actually puts forth a deep message for the reader rather than appealing to all this shallow, poorly handled destiny crap like most... more>> other Xianxia do. The side-characters are definitely a strength of this novel, and the MC is also great. I really find the world-building and the overarching storyline quite interesting.

The only perceived weakness in the storytelling is that we sometimes get short info-dumps (though they're relatively rare and they they're well-incorporated into the story flow). There is a LOT of attention to detail in this novel. It's refreshing. This is the sort of novel that seems to be getting much better the farther it gets along, and I find that to be a wonderful strength.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality novel. <<less
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Kilian rated it
December 21, 2016
Status: c35
This is my first time writing a review for a novel so please bear with me through this poor excuse of a review.

I would like summarise this novel shortly with the following sentence: "A story with boundless potential when it comes to rational worldbuilding, interesting details, character development with some humor to top it off". Furthermore I will give my opinion on why I think this novel is so refreshing in the webnovel genre.

First of all you won't find plot holes and vague descriptions to smooth out logical errors in... more>> this story as you would find in "normal" novels *glares at Qing Shui*. Every little detail in this novel has been carefully thought over and been reviewed by the author to make sure you don't have to accept that something just "magically" works that way without making any sense at all with regards to energy usage or some other form of common sense.

Secondly the MC is a smart and sly person but doesn't take himself too serious in his pursuit to become a Master Artificer. He has some fortunate encounters in the beginning but he certainly isn't overpowered in any way.
For example:


He survives an attempt from a ghost of an expert cultivator to spiritually possess him and has spiritually grown a lot because of this. Not nearly enough to be a genius but simply to have the ability to eventually bridge the gap between him and the geniuses, which is far more logical than to become a genius amongst geniuses just because of one simple fortunate encouter.


Thirdly the technology in this novel is in fact deeply entwined with cultivation resources and it creates a completely new way of looking at the Wuxia webnovels which I find incredibly intriguing as the MC is a talented combination between an engineer and a magical item refiner. For example:


Technological items such as a 3D hologram projector which fuctions as a 3D television to watch the news and other entertainment has a lot of small technical parts and is powered by cultivation resources such as Glyphs and Runes.


To end this review I would like to explain a bit of the rationality and worldbuilding which makes this novel so incredibly detailed and logical:


There is a whole market system based on the development of new technology/magical items where for example the stock prices of certain armor refiner sects goes down because a new improved flying sword has been released by a flying sword refining sect. This type of detail for economics and global market workings you will find reoccuring in almost every other aspect of this world and is in my honest opinion praiseworthy.


The only question which bothers me is why it took so long for someone to pick up this great novel, since it already has more than 1500 raw chapters. With the current constantly changing translation speed of approximately 3 chapters a week it will take a very long time for this webnovel to catch up to the raws. It is therefor my wish that this novel eventually will be picked up by Wuxiaworld so that donations and other forms of encouragement will make sure that a bigger team of translators will be working on this novel so that the translation speed will stabilize and increase.

I wish everyone who decides to read this novel a very happy reading experience. <<less
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NaM rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: c99
Great Novel! Awesome plot!! Amazing story

This novel gave a totally newface in the xianxia genre.

A story set 40, 000 years later after the usual cultivation world (ancient cultivation civilization but in my opinion similar to the Desolate era).

Its kinda like technically the "Information era" of the cultivation world. But way more advance and also instead of Magitech or full science tech. The technology used here is a combination/Mixture of science, magic and cultivation commonsense.

Story gave a somewhat different vibe compared from the usual scifi xuanhuan such as "emperor of... more>> the cosmos" and "swallowed star" Which was overly futuristic and had their own troupes

Compared to those, This story was more inclined on xianxia troupe such as sects, immortal thingys and etc (i know you know what I mean). Anyway a pretty good read if you like both sci-fi and xianxia so recommended for both Sci-Fi and Xianxia Fans <<less
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albreo rated it
January 9, 2017
Status: c300
A good read with unusual concept. If you like cultivation genre, this one is for you. Plots were laid beautifully, heart string tucking, make sense and a lot of background stories explained. Story progressed steadily. Still, this novel has a bit of flaw. MC is too OP all around, later on can do almost anything. Also unfaithful to the initial concept, later on in the story there is only fighting, MC artificing is only a shore which I don't like it.
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WindyWind rated it
December 21, 2016
Status: c35
A very promising series. The premise is awesome, a sci-fi cultivation world. You could compare this to Swallowed Star.

If you liked that series, then ur absolutely going to love this one, as it's better in every way possible. Specially loving the depth of technology, and the unique part of it in the world. Really got me hooked early on, and couldn't stop reading till the end of translation. Anyway, short story even shorter, this is a definite must read.
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LNFanatic rated it
December 8, 2016
Status: c28
Honestly loving it so far. The MC is very realistic and believable. Although it's set in the future, it still has a standard feel as a cultivation novel. His first enemy is the typical rich young master but I hope that changes sooner or later. It would be boring if this turned into PMG. Everything is explained via science, or the best sciency explanation possible for futuristic tech/cultivation wise. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait for more.
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clowred rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c102
This novel deserves its rating as one of the best novels on this website. Mostly because we finally have a protagonist that delves deeper in the field of forgery. Maybe this in itself wouldn't have stood out too much if it had the same setting as most of the novels around. But the true ace in the sleeve of this novel is the modern cultivation world system. Not a world like ours, but one that evolved from a bonafide ancient cultivation world. Because of this it is hard for me... more>> at least to find a reason to give this novel less than 5 stars.

Cliches exist, especially the arrogant antagonist that is sustained by his family, by his talent and looks. The seemingly righteous protagonist that is also a brat. The old man that spits in the elders coffee each day before writing his name with piss on the sect's wall. The mysterious person who sees talent in the poor brat giving him cultivation resources worth enough for him to live like a king for the rest of his life. The "only" friend that is ready to put his meager worthless life at risk to protect the honor of his friend.

These are some of the cliches you would see in almost all novels. The interesting part is how a few twists can make even these cliches seem refreshing as they are in a stable balance between the powers that act against the protagonist and the powers that try to protect him.

A more outstanding part of the protagonist's world is represented by the existence of the moral rules. In any other novel you would see sects killing anyone who annoys them without giving a sh*t. But in this world there exists a punishing organization especially for the cultivators that act according to their evil desires. This is a breath of fresh air as the number of protagonist hunted until they are a little more than dog food is by no means small.

At this point, after only 102 chapters I can't be sure how good the novel will be in the later stages, or if it will drop the unique parts because they are bothersome to be developed. But, even so, even at its worst it will still be a good novel, and its best, an awesome one. Time and the translation team will prove which one of those. <<less
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kedar080340119014 rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c97
Whew.... after reading the likes of Martial World, TMW, MGA, ATG etc... kind of similar stories centered around cultivation, I have to say that the author of this LN is more rational. I believe it is too early to pass on any judgement but I will say this. This LN is similar to pretty much all the other cultivation LNs (imo) with only difference being that it is set in a weird techno-cultivation modern setting. That is not to say that there is anything bad with it. I don't think... more>> there is a need to come up with unique story every time. However, one of the main strengths of this LN is a more rational story building. The power ups are not to far and few in between & it is not too fast as well.

1) Rational MC
2) Excelling Pacing
3) Not trying anything new but improving upon current Xianxia trend (which is perfectly acceptable to me)
4) Pretty good translation quality (one of the best I have seen yet. Kudos to translators)

1) There is no indication of any over arching story line as of this moment (unlike world of cultivation or TTNH)
2) Weird techo-cultivation concept, while sounds good, imo it does not read good (difficult to visualize or imagine such a world leading to disconnect between author & readers)

Worth a read <<less
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Jake-ish rated it
January 24, 2017
Status: c32
Sci-fi xianxia done right! If you want a futuristic cultivation novel, look no further. This novel is one of very few that I've read that explains everything logically and clearly without creating any plot holes; very refreshing.
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Hisagi rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: c152
This is the best cultivation world that I know of – rational, intelligent and dangerous. It’s thrilling.

The author, however, tries too hard to create an overpowered main character. There is, therefore, an unholy amount of coincidences and plotholes which plague the series.

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I do not believe that an orphan born in a toxic wasteland managed to survive –– and to survive in good health at that. We are never explained how the main character succeeded in closing the gap between himself and those nourished with heavenly treasures from birth.

Nascent stage cultivators are described as god-like existences. So I cannot fathom how a mere train could injure Ou Yeming – someone powerful enough to travel through time. Even more unbelievable is that his soul failed to possess Li Yao, regardless of his memories from the planet Earth. This is the most disappointing event of this novel.

Someone like Helian Lie must be busy training all day; where on earth would he get the time and the interest to bully Li Yao for no reason whatsoever? Their enmity is not reasonable.

The meeting between Fiend Blade Peng Hai and Li Yao is completely fabricated. There is no way it could have happened, there is no way Peng Hai could have taken any interest in him and there is no way they could have become friends.

There is also no reason for the classical, outdated methods of refining to have much relevance in Li Yao’s present – it seems, however, that the author conveniently forgot this in order to make Li Yao look cool. This is clearly an insult to the title of the novel – it has been forty thousand years, surely the refiners have continuously improved their craft!

There are many, many similar plotholes. How could the refining department of the Grand Desolate War Institution possibly explode, killing every artificer but one, right before Li Yao enters the place ? Even someone blind can see that this is a plot device – the author wants Li Yao to complete the skeleton suit project on his own and to get all the glory. Nonsense.

This is equivalent to brutally shoving fortunate events into the ass of the main character.


Read this for the world-building rather than the story. <<less
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