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The universe. This infinite field of stars is the dream of every Hunter.

For the Hunters who run amidst the stars, the only limit they truly have is the universe.

Is there a limit to the universe? And where would this limit lay?

When the Shadow Hunter; a young man named Cillin obtains a strange chip by accident, he begins his journey into this endless field of stars.

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xīng jí liè rén
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ninthlite rated it
December 5, 2016
Status: --
This is poorly written novel. The MC is a cardboard cutout, and a complete mary sue. The MC has a past with a ex-girlfriend who died to genetic problems, gives a tragic and heartwarming past for the MC but it is never explained in anyway. What is even the point of mentioning her? Additionally the people he interacts with are all incredibly stilted and unnatural. The world is a sci-fi and people are divided by the genetic levels. The MC starts out f-rank, the lowest genetic score without detriments and... more>> this lasts for a total of 5 chapters before he gains a cheat skill which allows him to immediately raise his genetic score, and control every feature of his body. What is even the point of making the character F rank if it lasts for three chapters before he finds the cheat skill which makes him op? After he gets his cheat skill he immediately leaves the planet, and then gets in a serious of events where the MC is a total mary sue. (I.e perfect in everyway and loved by everone). I feel like everything that happens to him is so extremely forced and unlikely. This reads like a fan ficition pulled from fanfiction. Net but proof read. Read this if you want to read about cardboard Mary Sue in pointless story. <<less
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Pleasefilter rated it
October 11, 2016
Status: c51
Writing resembles TJSS' Skyfire Avenue a lot right now, but that can't quite be helped given the setting and progression of the plot. In terms of overall quality I wouldn't rate the prose as solidly as I would Skyfire's. I'd put that more on the author perhaps than the translator as Etvo and her crew are a crack team of beasts. Craxuan (mispronounced pun intended) among them.

The MC is a bit of a dead fish at this point - I'd like somebody to piss him off, get some kind of... more>> reaction from him. We know he has a past and a goal but there's too little to really interface with right now as a reader. He's one cool cucumber. Being, for some reason, a regular victim of kidnapping doesn't seem to faze him in the slightest. Maybe it's his low-genome upbringing. Either way, I love the world building, which I would also compare very similarly to Skyfire but with an emphasis on inherent genetics and more space opera, reminiscent of "unlocking" as well as some of the sci-fi film action in Terror Infinity that is currently on WW.

This novel has a ton of potential and I look forward to seeing where it goes. I'm giving it five stars despite overall feeling it reaching only about 4 because I'd like to promote its popularity and counter the 1* reviews that give no justification for their ratings. Happy reading!

UPDATE as of Ch24, I'm liking Cillin more and more as he deals with new situations and unveils new reactions. The expanding cast of side-characters all seem well-constructed. Be warned if you don't like space-college elements, those are coming heavy and fast, but they're being exceptionally well done. Somewhat like Tempest of the Stellar War at a very basic level, but upgraded to the level of planet-school and with a totally different trajectory given the MC and his reasons for being there. Excited to see the opportunities Cillin will create for himself with his "I give f*cks, but I steal them from other people first" attitude. Keep it up, Craxuan. <<less
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Alverost rated it
November 20, 2016
Status: c27
I absolute am in love with this novel and to be honest it start to get interesting around the 15th? Chapter. I do think the power level and strength can be developed better. Besides, the power level I like concept of genes ranking and the story development is very incredibly fun to read.
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Bento rated it
November 24, 2016
Status: --
A modern storyline. A nice sci-if novel with an interesting setting. A setting that is easier to relate to than mountaintops and sects.

The writing is nice, not repetitive or filled with exposition. Translation seems nice, and edited nicely.

This is worth at least trying a few chapters. I'm enjoying it a lot.
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llltiagolll rated it
November 17, 2016
Status: c24
It isn't really that similar with Skyfire Avenue, its just that there are few good futuristic novels to make comparison with. The MC here isn't as strong as the one in Skyfire Avenue (for now at least) , nor is he a idealistic high class MC but instead a pragmatic Dark Horse kind of MC instead.
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Bakker rated it
March 15, 2017
Status: c16
Traditional clan-families, being son-of gives you a privileged position in a planet-sized institution, words like "background" and "backing" thrown here and there. The author obviously don't know that not all societies are organised by Guanxi and turned the whole galaxy in a technologically futuristic China that kept it's current social organisation.
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Davr rated it
July 10, 2017
Status: c90
I was really into it at first, the first 70 chapters really immersed me into the story with well fleshed out characters and an MC that had a serious/calm personality that didn't jump at any woman that opened their legs for him.

But after the first arc, ... more>>

The part of the story where Cillin is disguised as the son of the big family successor

What I read was disappointing. Two new characters are introduced: A loli girl that was taken in by the hunter organization that the MC is a part of, and a talking cyborg cat that was added for plot armor or something because I don't really see any other reason why the author would add this character.

The tone/mood of the novel thus changed from intense and exciting to humorous and light-hearted. It was like reading a bunch of joke filler episodes.

It was at this moment that I knew that the author was steering this novel into an entirely different direction than I thought. Reminded me of all those other Xianxia that introduced pets to the MC that had "extraordinary" backgrounds and how the pets would stick around and be annoying until their backgrounds are revealed.


Honestly, I think that the author didn't have to add the loli girl hunter into the novel. It could ave been a middle-aged woman and the story might not have changed as much. He only added the character to add a comedic element to his novel and in turn ruin the immersion of the reader with a bunch of BS slice of life/comedy.

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Iris Lazuli rated it
December 5, 2016
Status: c35
Edit chapter 85: Really loving this series. And tbh there's too little of this genre that are being translated right now so if there's anyone that loves action packed sci fi novel, then why don't you give this a try? And what I love with this novel is that the interaction between the MC and his gang/friends is really funny and interesting. The only downside for me is that MC is sooo Op compared to his peers and other so there's no tension at all for him now.
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agila0212 rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: c219
Amazing novel. Probably the best Chinese sci-fi novel I`ve read. I normally dont like sci-fi novels without cultivation aspect but on this novel I was hooked right away.

This has full of adventures and what made this novel unique for me is how the author writes the different organizations on this novel. They are complex and mysterious that makes you want to know more about them as you read through. There are also side characters that have different personalities make the readers laugh and care about them.
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Saitama.sensei rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: c90
I hardly write reviews but honestly this book truly struck me, to be honest I wasn't really keen on it when I read the synopsis and saw that galactic dark net and swallowed star are the recommended similar novels due to various reasons which caused me to drop those novels but mostly because they started out strong and just kept going downhill non stop, I truly hope it isn't the same for this novel but I doubt it because its only 400+ chapters long which I'm looking forward to reading... more>> as its translated!

Moving on.. First of all the MC isn't an idiot, he isn't a pervert and he isn't full of himself. On the contrary, he's quite smart even before becoming OP (which happens in the first few chapters), he's hard working, persevering and he's loyal to his lover (i wont go into it too much but you'll understand if you read the first few chapters). In addition, he on the contrary shows off when it's required of him and super low key when necessary which is a trait very rarely seen in CN MC's.

I wont make one of those super long reviews, so i'll end it here but I recommend you give it a shot because I think it's worth it and it's much better then galactic dark net, swallowed star and the likes. But lastly and most importantly, I'd like to point out that the translator does an excellent job in translating and the editor is top notch too, sure you might find a mistake here and there but you gotta remember they're human, just like you and me so there's bound to be a comma out of place or a spelling error every now and then! But it's not as common as a lot of other works out there and they truly have done an excellent job so far, Thank You for your hard work so far and I'm looking forward to new releases soon! XD <<less
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Lady_Crystal rated it
February 3, 2017
Status: c64
I love it because the MC is quite adorable (for me). The plot is raising consistently and totally interesting. The MC's friend is a very good supporting character... it makes the MC more gentle and friendlier. Although the story is quite unbelievable but in a humorous way. I totally like the mindset that the MC have (totally my taste^_^) lets see how far SRH can go... Fighting!!
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January 22, 2017
Status: c61
I really like this Series! I'm not really a critique who likes to demean the plot of a novel. I'm the type to fall for the characters interaction. I love the MC because unlike other novels he had real talent and cool temperament. He's not hotheaded and he's very amiable. Just imagining him make me blush. I think it's in the preference but if you like a cool kick ass MC who have a healthy environment and quirky friends who is plentifully loyal and practically a partner in crime then... more>> you should try this novel!

I also like the build-up of the relationship. A master who treats him as a son and like to squish his cheeks like a little kid. Friends who have talents comparable to the MC and Action filled with many amazing scenes of badasshness.

The MC is like a shining star constraining its brilliance as it hid among's the sea of million stars. It also have a dramatic feeling, you know a build up of anticipation of whats going to happen next. The mysteriousness of his birth, the thrill of a mission given to him by his foster father, and the anticipation of a secret mission he's undergoing under the douance family. I realy hope that they update a little faster. Teehee! XOXO (A wish of an avid reader) <3

You should try to read this if you like those mention above. But for me this is a very good read. XOXO <<less
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Sushi rated it
May 11, 2017
Status: c129
Honestly, this book is unique in a sense. Not great but not bad either.

In a way, there is no family, clan or superpower holding him down and dealing with political bs (right now) like 99.99% of xianxia has.

Everything is all about completing the mission, being the mission and interacting with characters that are humourous in their own ways.

... more>> Pros -

-No sticking his nose in other people's business or being a shining white knight helping damsel in distress just to force the plot

-Good interaction with friends (although how they met and the fact that they all have big background makes me feel its a bit forced)

-Lack of cardboard characters (especially females, god I hate dumb brains who open their legs the minute they lay eyes on mc) yay

-No being sidelined from the plot (which is currently the missions he's being handed as being the plot atm)

-Not a lunatic, blood sucking warrior, a rapist, a trash talking justifying wannabe or longwinded MC. He's calm and clear about his priorities.

Cons -

-Mary Sue with no explanation on how he came about these knowledge (like understanding cryptography, science, engineering etc)

-Author doesn't understand the difference between memorising stuff (eidetic memory) and understanding them. There is a big bloody difference, then again this isn't a reality book but fantasy.

-Quite a few deus ex machina moments to exemplify the MC awesome, which I find idiotic.

For now, its a 3.5 <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c216
This is the first sci-fi novel I have ever read and I was not disappointed! ^~^ Pro:

1. The MC is generally OP, but in a low-key way so it's not annoying to read about. The MC is a calm and cunning character so the moments when the MC shine is very fulfilling. The MC is also a loner! I've been avoiding all the novels with the romance genre/tags because I got tired of it, so thank goodness I finally found one with a capable single MC.

2. The antagonists are very well... more>> thought out with depth. There are no "I don't like how you look so Imma kill you" cannon fodders/villains.

3. The side characters (Lung, Knight, Ci Jicheng) are a great combo! Each character is like a pillar of the story and pay their own role in supporting the MC and providing funny moments. The one thing I love about this is that the MC is literally surrounded by a bunch of influential male characters (low-key Mary Sue hahah). Because of all the great male side characters, I kind of wish this was a yaoi/shounen ai genre because I can totally see it happening. (My fujoshi soul: activate!)

4. The descriptions of the futuristic/sci-fi world are so colorful that I can almost imagine it in my mind. Like the descriptions for the different planets, robots, scenery, flying cars, etc. Is actually interesting to read about, but this may be because this is my first sci-fi novel so I found all the descriptions new and amusing. XD

5. THERE ARE TALKING ANIMALS! Ahem, I didn't exactly come to read this just for the animals/beasts, but it was one of the deciding factors. ^_^ I just love the cat. The cat is sarcastic yet honest, ruthless yet innocent all at the same time, so how can I possibly not love the cat?!


*slight spoiler*

1. The beginning of the plot has too many holes. If Genya/Genja (Cillin's guardian) wanted to go back to his family/world, then why didn't he try to find it in the first place? He had the money to travel and the connections to ask around, but he didn't do any of that. Furthermore, if Genya wanted to ask Cillin to help him look for his family, then why didn't he provide more info to Cillin? Just giving out his surname, a ring, and the name of a tree doesn't really help. He could have told Cillin the name of his family's planet, where it may be located, any family company/business Cillin can try to contact, business partners that may know his family, etc. I find it hard to believe that Genya does not know the name of the planet he freckin lived in and came from. Beside the major plot hole at the beginning, the rest of the story flowed pretty smoothly.

Overall, I am excited about the story and can't wait for more chapters to come out. I finished all the translated chapters within two days, so I am obsessed with this novel! I highly recommend this story for first-time readers at the sci-fi genre. This is a hidden gem! <<less
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clowred rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: c165
When it's great, it's the best sci-fi novel you can find around. When it's bad, you feel like drinking a 2 liter bottle of coffee just to stay awake. To say that this novel doesn't have flaws is impossible, especially since the protagonist feels like a machine that is always on time about everything. His backstory, sigh, is so full of sh*t that I almost dropped it. For some reason he was saved by someone who was an extremely important figure from an unknown planet and was also taught some... more>> extremely powerful martial art that allows him to become a hunter, a special profession that is the offspring of an adventurer and an assassin. Because of this even though he had a weak genetic value, an F, when the worst is G, he was capable of dealing even with those of D rank... Isn't this full of sh*t? Oh yeah, it is. Later on he is kidnapped by some mysterious old man that puts him through an experiment that changes the genetic code of our protagonist to some deux ex machina, literally. Of course, the experiment is dangerous and many died, but the protagonist could induce some coma so that he could deal with the pain. (In every novel, for some reason as long as the character can deal with the pain it doesn't matter that the brain still receives information and can fry even though the character is in a coma, or that the body is still dealing with the same sh*t no matter how much the psyche can endure) No, as long as the protagonist knows some special breathing technique he will survive and obtain greater power by sheer will... "If you wish it hard enough you get it" kind of logic. Oh yeah, he also had a girlfriend, no, there is no value to this information, but the author put it anyway.

Going on, the protagonist is recruited by someone from an extremely strong hunter group the first time he left the planet by coincidence. Yeeeahh, coincidence. To this point we get a sh*tload of coincidences. Now, do you think they end here? Absolutely f**king not. But I presented enough of them.

Then again, the story also has a lot of good things, especially the side characters which have very intriguing personalities. The action, when it actually exists, is absolutely awesome and follows the fulfillment formula where the protagonist is always the most special out of everyone by far, no matter how high the differences are between him and the rest. At some point he

deals with a planet with about 200k criminals by himself

. Even so, it is interesting, a good read in other words... if it wasn't for the breaks between arcs. Each break has such a low quality that you barely stay awake reading them. At this point I lost all interest and I will wait to find out about the way it ends before continuing reading the story. If it doesn't end in a cheesy way, I don't care if everyone stays alive, I will read it. But if the power of love, or some never seen coincidence occurs, then I will drop it completely forever.

Conclusion? Read it, I sincerely urge you to read it. In the sea of blatant excuses of a plot, this novel shines like a gem. The author wasn't capable of making the prologue before each arc more interesting which dropped the quality of his story.

Going from maximum 5, the high number of coincidences - 1, the boring parts that are about 10 to 15 chapters long -1 equals 3 STARS for this novel. Good luck reading it. <<less
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Marca rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c183
Sooo. I find this novel quite refreshing. At the begining it seems as the MC is going to be the typical overpowered hero with a string of one episode characters behind him. But as we read on the characters start to develop further and they come back all the time. Additionaly even through we and the MC for some time think that he is pretty strong, we get a rude wake up call where both the readers and the MC learn that he is just a slightly more talented youngster.

The... more>> character developement of the MC is so-so. He has almost the same personality as in the begining with some small changes here and there. Fortunately his personality is pretty ok, without the so popular in xianxia and wuxia tantrums that characters like to throw. Overal the MC is a pretty calm and cool dude with just enought to keep things interesting.

The translation is really great too with just some small mistakes.

As of chapter 183 the quality of the novel is pretty high. I would recommend it to those people who are getting bored with the regular xianxia mc's. <<less
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ljin75651 rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: c221
Probably one of my favorite novels of all time... at least until c180, but I get to that later.

The MC might be a little too OP, especially since he never seemed to face a situation where he might be in trouble, but I never found myself losing interest. He found some very interesting ways to fight his battles, and this is only meant to be a novel of 427 chapters, so I'm personally more comfortable with a consistent power level than improbable power jumps leading up to the final chapter.... more>> In any case, I thought that the mix of comedy and action was overall perfect. I never felt that anything was rushed or unexplained. And in terms of the plot, there was good pacing, with a clearly stated goal and consistent world-building as our MC travels around.

My favorite parts definitely have to do with his interactions with his three friends that he met at the "college". There was definitely many funny scenes, but it never felt overdone. And also there were many "cool moments" for the MC to show off, which definitely was very satisfying for the readers who like to see strong MC's. But of course he also knows when to play it low-key so we could see some of his more sneaky maneuvers.

Once you reach around c180, it really starts to slow down and you get a bunch of block text of world-building. And the newest arc starting around c215 just seems to be completely different from the first few chapters....I have to say, I'm going to keep reserving my judgement until more chapters come out, but I'm definitely not liking where the story is going. Still love the first 200 or so chapters though!! <<less
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faerro rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: c60
I want to give this a 4, but after reading this far I am finding that the chapters are becoming increasingly laced with filler. There are only 450 chapters. Why then, author, are you wasting so many words on reactions, predictions, worthless descriptions of things that do not need to be described or worthless explanations of the most self explanatory things. I don't care what this minor side character and his whole group of friends thinks about the small consequence tournament match the MC just won. Move on with the... more>> story already! Entire half chapters are wasted on this, and I am finding myself skimming more as the chapter count increases. <<less
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SorrowSong rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c59
When I first picked up this novel I thought "this has potential, I want to see where it goes." Well, it went over the top... in an unbelievable but humorous way.

The MC can do anything with no effort, and do it better then anyone else. No back story or explanation necessary; he is just that awesome I guess.

We get an unnecessary school arc that makes no sense at all because of plot armor... or to let us bask in the MC's aura of awesomeness.

Despite being somewhat trite I actually enjoy... more>> reading the next absurd thing the MC will do. <<less
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January 28, 2018
Status: c215
This author's stories are awesome even without romance. I think it would gather more female attention if it had a late romance where there is a simple lifestyle. Only because it is too lonely and I end up feeling sorry for the MC. Otherwise love all the stories I have read so far.
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