Emperor of The Cosmos


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When humans step into the Galactic Era, the ancient art of cultivation thrives once again.

Regardless of the time, cultivation is never obsolete. In the Vajracchedika-prajna-paramita Sutra (a Buddhist scripture), Subhuti (expounder of emptiness) asked Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism,

“How does one control his heart to become a buddha?”

This one sentence reveals the essence of cultivation: mastery over one’s heart.

The heart is very powerful, which is the reason why the Monkey King is also called the ‘Heart Monkey’. Everyone’s heart is like a Monkey King; mastering the monkey, one can become something else.

Allow me to demonstrate to you the essence of cultivation.

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XingHe DaDi
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Setra rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: c37
Your usual xianxia with futuristic skin. That's my overall impression about this series. The futuristic aspect was only skin deep in favor of cultivation, which by all means not that interesting.

First of all, the worldbuilding is bad. I've read up to 37 chapter and barely got the impression of futuristic world. These are only mentioned here and there (e.g. Wormhole, battleship, cure for aids). Considering mecha, lightsaber, or dominator gun, that really lacking. The only thing relevant would be a conveniently multipurpose card device. And these miraculous healing spray, also... more>> those kinds of miraculous serum essential for cultivation (some are illegal, which is strange since those people only care about raising their life force).

Now about the cultivation. Where to begin with. Okay, first about the life force. Oddly, rather than normal starting point with 1 or maybe 10 they begin with 0.7 for no apparent reason (look! How scientific!). Second, to cultivate they need to enter deep sleep by means of imagining/contemplation/hypnosis, now that was ridiculous. But there's more! To remove impurities they have to imagine a crystal body breathing in and out. HAHAHAHA. To top it off, apparently hypnosis here could be used to damage your brain. You'd think with those power, all the hypnotist would be controlled under the government. Sadly no. Really can't take this series seriously now. And yet, with all things to consider before you go cultivate, there's academy for it! What did they teach? Of course cultivation (yet some still stuck at l.f. 0.7. Talking about credibility) and combat (what's for? Use your goddamn technology). <<less
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ellyrichy rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: C6
Geez! I must confess am very much in love with this story. It's world settings are futuristic and strength is determined by life force. Just read a few chapters of the novel, and it got me hooked by the positive potential of later chapters.
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ZhaWarudo rated it
August 9, 2016
Status: c27
Meh standard xianxia, only in the future, without much focus on the future lol. It's the 26th century but author keeps mentioning 200 years back as our present. So apparently Iron Man was filmed in the 24th century. There you have 4th year high school characters who are supposed to be slightly evolved humans (focusing on the brain, meditation and chill) but ofc they are all cliche xianxia idiots charging at our MC. If this was one of my first ~40 xianxia in order of... more>> reading, I would read it at least to the latest chap and followed some more, buut I'm a xianxia veteran and am tired of this bs. <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
December 22, 2016
Status: --
Honestly, I'm kind of disappointed.

Okay, PRETTY disappointed.

While the story IS interesting, it's nothing like what I was hoping it would be. I was expecting a world full of the mildly strong ~ godlike cultivators we see in most xuanhuan. I wanted to see towering sects and Saints or Immortals on distant worlds or wreaking havoc with/against futuristic technology. Maybe something like ISSTH or Desolate Era, but brought into an age where science is blended with the mystical elements of xuanhuan.

... more>> But that's not what this story is.

It tries to be spiritual and scientific at the same time, but it falls flat IMO. The re's all sorts of BS about brainwaves and strengthening the spirit (which I thought was cool at first, but now dislike, because cultivation is very unclear -- the stuff people can do at varying levels of life force is also very inconsistent in terms of tonnes/running speed). The martial arts are BORING, with cool names for half-assed moves like dislocating bones to strike further. I've also got mixed feelings about the cultivation resources. Some are OK while others are just s*upid... mammoth DNA isn't magical. A mammoth's muscle fibres aren't supernaturally strong, so it doesn't make sense that their DNA would give a cultivator monstrous strength. This would only have been believable if the DNA came from some genuinely mystical species.

It's stuff like this that just takes you out of the story. And a few other things... for example, it makes ZERO sense that a blatantly criminal city would be able to exist on a civilised planet during the galactic era, where police can co-operate across planets. First of all, nobody would realistically overlook a city like that, or even allow people to come and go as they please. Secondly, a whole host of police from off-planet would descend to purge the city, rather than allowing it to remain. And thirdly, NO BUSINESS LIKE THAT COULD POSSIBLY WORK. If getting r*ped and mu*dered is practically guaranteed, nobody is going to go anywhere near that city. Even real life crime syndicates will ensure the safe coming and going of their "customers", because otherwise their business would die.

This supposed future just doesn't work on so many levels.

On the other hand, if you really want to see a futuristic cultivator world and don't mind a low power-level universe with no real cool abilities then by all means, check this out. It may sound like I hate this series but I don't... it is enjoyable, but I'd grade it somewhere between D and C+ compared to other xuanhuan, depending on the part of the story. <<less
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mrttao rated it
March 7, 2017
Status: c46
There is a very thin veneer of futurism on top of a completely average cultivation story. There is law, except when there isn't; earth is united, but now other cultivation states are simply called different planets inhabited by foreign humans. And wormhole tech means you do not even need a spaceship to arrive from one to another. They also study a bunch of ancient martial arts and despite saying that modern is better it is clear that ancient inheritances are superior.

MC is a complete and utter moron with plot armor... more>> thicker than the earth's crust. He keeps on effectively committing su*cide only to be saved by a breakthrough or his cheat item. He also keeps on compulsively and pointlessly lying to his family, hiding from them his wealth and achievement and the names of his enemies (and those are not secrets in general, 800k (yes, 800 thousand!) people in his school know but he keeps it a secret from his family because "reasons"). Which causes disaster after disaster. But its ok because plot armor resolves everything in the end.

There are also various plot holes and insane troll logic. <<less
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September 7, 2016
Status: c38
If you liked Romance of Dragons and snakes, you'll probably hate this. It has all the typical webnovel tropes, from being a power fantasy, to snobs with the unfair advantage of being rich being beaten up by the protagonist with the more unfair advantage of being the protagonist of a wish fulfillment fantasy, to having the typical character one may expect in a wish fulfillment fantasy despite supposedly developing the soul, which one would imagine should involve character development.
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Callista Soo
Callista Soo rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: c12
This novel is sssoooooo gggooooodddd!!!!! The MC is different from the usual cold, ruthless ones. He had average aptitude but had the good fortune to stumble upon a stone artifact that helped him progress in his cultivation. Pity his background or he would have immediately shot to the top and become the king among dragons. However he needs a purpose to power up otherwise the novel might go downhill. Still there's potential and is definitely a must read for those who like sci-fi or martial arts or just looking for... more>> something new to read. Kudos to the translator and the novel for the amazing novel!!!???? <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
clam rated it
July 2, 2017
Status: Completed
This boy oh boy guys this has been a huge let down for me honestly. When I first read this I fell in love with the concept I really did it. IT is really enjoyable until it reaches around chapter 400.. The rest of this novel is a huge struggle to read.

... more>>

The author really ruined his own novel. Yup I know your wondering how did he do that lets start with the small things first. The author of this novel never makes up his mind he seems to want a op main character and mid way he changes his mind when ever jaing le gains a power up the author always changes his mind and make him revert to being weak some how his life forces goes to 20 the drops back to 3 happens all the time during this novel. And it just so happens when ever he is weaken someone powerful is trying to kill him and for s*upid reasons to.

I know your saying so what that doesn't ruin the novel well no it doesn't BUT this does he pulled a lin dong and ling qinzhu. For those of you who don't understand that he basically made the main plot of the novel revolve around r*pe yup. Jaing le and the enemy etc a girl from the jaing clan that wanted to kill him still does to the very end of the novel not to mention she's is like the last boss and doesn't die also she's beyond op not to mention a bit*h.

And she vs jaing le becomes the main point of the novel s*upid utter garbage the author had a huge brain fart during the novel and just put it to waste. It is constantly her randomly getting s*upid bs power ups how she keeps up with the MC is beyond me like I know we shouldn't be using regular logic in a Xainxia novel but at least give a reason why she is so damn op. After she became the main enemy the story became dull. Why he keeped her alive also makes no sense he could have killed her but lets her live knowing that she wants to kill him. It's really a shame I really enjoyed the beginning and the concept of this novel but wow. I gave it a 2 because it really had me hooked at the start I really did fall I love with this novel but it was so sad the way the author took it and ruined it.

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noxxenn rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c430
This is the kind of novel for people that can't handle all the overboard oppression from antagonists that seem to be above the MC no matter what. It still has plot armor and cliches, those are almost impossible to escape for the most part. But it uses them in a well balanced way.

The MC will suddenly power up in a fight and win etc, etc. But he prepares and does such things intentionally. The antagonists have higher social standing and oppress him but the law in this novel actually exists... more>> and takes action. There's many gaps in logic and lacking points but the story flows well enough that you don't care.

Overall one of the more enjoyable novels I've read, and it doesn't seem to derail later in the series like most others. A very good casual read without to much suspense but still enough to hold a solid interest in it till the end. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aklorto rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: c92
AWESOME ! A level-headed MC. He is smart and cares for his family. He can be ruthless when his patience reach the bottom line. He has a huge patience.

It is getting good every chapter. I hope they don't drop this novel.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Joker rated it
July 24, 2016
Status: c31
This novel is the best novel I've read so far! The characters are great. The MC really shows how he loves his family and I can't say that he's calm, well, rather he's discipline enough and he knows how to control himself. They're really civilize, I mean the side characters don't judge the MC so much. They don't boo like some ret*rd then later shut their shits when the MC showcases he's abilities. It's a well balance plot. If only I didn't need to buy something this month I will... more>> surely donate to read the next chap. Well, let's not forget that I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DONATE. Hahahaha. I don't think I'll ever get bored reading this again and again. Great Job to the Author and Translator!! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NaM rated it
July 11, 2016
Status: --
Great Story! A novel with great potential. As expected to its author.

The "Emperor of the cosmos" was set 200 years later after the event of the "Romance of the dragon and snake" (its prequel). The setting was set on a sci-fi universe in galactic era. Where, Literacy was no longer the primary subject and instead change by the strength of the individual's life force as the aspect of a person towards the world and society.

Different from other xianxia this story is a bit wuxiash. Martial arts and techniques are well... more>> defined in this story (like the history of the technique and such). And same with the prequel MC Wang Chao, the MC here jiang Li was also doing everything first for the sake of money but soon in the future will set the pinnacle of strength as its main goal. Im expecting a lot of time skip in this novel same way as its prequel.. Anyway to understand more of this novel you should also read the Romance of dragon and snake which is also super great! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Reggie rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: Completed
Its relatively short compared to other wuxia novels and its good I guess for a read.

The planning and the battles were good at the beginning and in the middle, but fell in the later sections as we transitioned from a cultivation of energy and body to a cultivation of the mind that transcends any materialistic values or any preheld conceptions of unknown and known.

... more>>

I think the ending was about how the ultimate goal of cultivation was not to break a new barrier and enter a new world, but to break free of your own limitations, finding infinity in the limitless potential of the mind.

Either that or that life is insignificant and that we should all su*cide as we have nothing to gain or lose, nothing is significant including our dreams and aspirations and emotions, and thus we would always be an insignificant blob of moving energy in a physical body unaware that the planet they live on, which is so much bigger than them is also counted as virtually nothing in a universe that may not be the only universe in a collection of multiverses that may be only the roving thoughts of another being. Well, good novel and thats my review.

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Dillmaka rated it
November 25, 2016
Status: c80
I have been through so many wuxia/xianxia/xuanhaun novels and I was suprisednwith this one. I hate most VRMMO novels so that cancels almost all futuristic novels off the list but some few are about cultivation and in the future! Tho most of those suck too. Anyways as of right now I love it because it doesn't just dumb on you everything you will need to know about the futuristic wolrld. Someone was saying how the only thing futuristic are convent things for the MC at the moment but later they... more>> get into mechas and stuff. It's just that he wasn't fighting people that had them. Even now he can't but a mecha and stuff. So. In the end. I like it compared to all the sh*t novels out there and the story isn't to fast or slow. Read it <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Skool rated it
July 11, 2016
Status: c22
I guarantee you, this novel is really good, because of the futuristic setting and how the background story and rank in people strength is pretty easy to remember & how the MC's learn about his power

Besides the new way to cultivate, definitely good if you're looking for modern xianxia, and doesn't like disappointment!

Read it!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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