Tempest of the Stellar War


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In a distant future, the empires of mankind span the galaxy, and glorious Earth has devolved into a peripheral backwater.

In Shanjing city in the Asian region, Wang Zheng’s dreams of becoming a mech pilot are crushed when his college entrance exam genetic score turns out a pathetic twenty eight, barely above an animal.

To make things worse, people get the impression he attempted su*cide after being rejected by the campus beauty.

Then the closest thing to a family he has, the old man in the book store across the road, goes missing, leaving him only a mysterious birthday present.

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Stellar War Storm
Tinh Chiến Phong Bạo
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Haigi rated it
May 10, 2016
Status: --
Reviewing at volume 9 chapter 10

What can I say? I have ran through the raws after reading the translated chapters. Still on going but I'll leave a good note about it here.

The base of our MC is quite OP considering the fact he has trained in a time chamber to become a super soldier. He's a bloody genius at physics as he was often alone at home and went to talk with an old bookshop grandpa (who turns out to be a physics prof and gave taught him all this... more>> knowledge including math theories when the MC was a kid).

Not at all over the top. He practices humility but when people overstep his boundaries he won't hesitate to teach them a lesson.

The story juggles around his martial and physics brilliance in school and occasional virtual mech battles where he uses the most basic battle mech in the game (and how he kicks ass against higher spec machines and garnered a crowd of believers). The scale of opponents not only come from Earth but all over the Solar System and, better yet, other galaxies much more advanced (in the future). I'm looking forward to how our MC spreads his name and prowess in the future. <<less
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pentadrian rated it
March 15, 2017
Status: --
Sci-fi written by someone who does not have a sound background in a science related field. There are so many fundamental inaccuracies that it's hard to handwave it all way claiming "future science", which the author tends to do. It would even be acceptable if the author claimed alternate universe etc, but unfortunately the series is set on Earth. Our MC is literally Jesus, with a dash of Superman and Einstein added in for good measure. There are no flaws nor is there any character development. All the development we... more>> see is only the MC becoming stronger as the series progresses. There is no emotional development and the MC does not get streetsmart, which is a big PITA, as the cast end up revering the MC to ungodly levels and he takes it with all the emotional range of a 21st century robot.

The plot does not develop in an organic manner. We see a lot of deus ex machinas and new power levels being introduced. The novel itself isn't quite sure on whether it wanted to go the VR/future war/unlocking the body's secrets route. In the end, it feels like a jumbled mass of plot points which have only two things in common - "school beauties", aka women who throw themselves over the MC for no reason and a Gary Stu MC <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c150
Take a look at the 4 star reviews and read them, see what they're talking about and at which point of the story they are in. I don't blame them honestly, because I do agree with them to a certain extent.

The story starts of strong, MC is misunderstood and downtrodden by nearly everyone except his fatty best friend. No issues here. MC finds a cheat, left behind by the weird old teacher guy that lives near him. Again, standard xuanhuan cliche. MC gains best of the best cultivation technique, or... more>> at the very least, cultivation technique that can rival the best, with potential to be even better in the future, from said cheat. Standard right?

The problem?

  1. The cheat I mentioned comes in the form of the super special rubiks cube mentioned early in the story. Basically serving as a time chamber where it can and does drill 2 years worth of SUPER GOD LEVEL physical and combat skills, in just 2 days. Nothing wrong with this per se, but the majority of the story up to here, especially in which the MC uses his 2 years worth of newly gained skills to triumph in an Online game in mech vs mech combat. That's basically it, there is zero to no meaning in the combat, it is ALWAYS the MC supposedly killing the opponents by being overly skilled but there is no depth in the combat itself. The MC also basically fights like God Level Kakashi and copies all his opponents skills in just one glance and uses over the top "calculation" to infer weak points, or bounce laser shots that no one else can imitate. All this, from a 2 year worth of training, condensed into barely 300 worth of words, so as a reader, I simply feel like this guy got strong out of nowhere. At that point, the MC just feels like a blank self insert for us readers wank off/wish fulfillment. The MC himself has the personality of a wet blanket, and a dumb one at that, to makes things worse.
  2. The physics/einsteinian bull sh*t can be more or less ignored, partially because I do not have the ability to verify what they say, and partially because it has little to no impact on the story itself and mostly serves as just another way for the MC to show off his intelligence. Again, its empty noise because we dont know if the science is right or not, but when EVERYONE AND THEIR BLOODY GRANDMOTHER starts FAWNING over the MC over it, it becomes really tiring and annoying to read.
  3. The MC's complete and utter lack of anything resembling EQ. I'm not sure if this trope became popular or something, but recently i've been seeing alot of this kind of MCs. The kind that get effortlessly strong, but are hampered by God Tier IDIOCY. To illustrate: It's ALREADY known that he gets a portion of the bucks from the viewers whenever he fights. HE KNOWS IT TOO. But what does he do? Fight once a month. Why? He wants to save money from renting the internet room, so he only fights one battle to reduce the cost. There are MANY more examples, but thats the one that annoyed me the most. It's cute, but after a while, you really just want to slap him around for being so ignorant. It was the same for me after suffering through nearly 200 chapters of it in Library of Heaven's Path, and it is the same here.
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SinsI rated it
October 2, 2016
Status: v2c10
The MC is too much of a brainless Mary Sue - all everyone is talking about is him, he has ungodly levels of brains and brawns, but he throws away all the rewards that are thrown at his feet to single-mindedly pursue his goal. Author also didn't learn his physics - magnetic field has almost no effect on lasers, aside from some tiny quantum effects that won't affect concentrated beam in any substantial way (though it might just be an error in the VR game he is playing, even though... more>> it is supposed to be modeled after the real mechs). <<less
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shuiko rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: v1c1
Is a very fun story. The beginning can feel very lackluster cause its mostly setup and world building. But after the first 20+ chapters its gets AMAZING.

1) Awesome MC with values and swag? Check

2) Fun support cast of characters? Check

3) Moments of some of the funniest sh*t ever? Check

If you're waiting for English Translations, I would recommend waiting till chapter 65-70 for you to get the most out of it. If you can read Chinese (raws) go at it.
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
May 7, 2017
Status: Completed
Finish read human translated, worth continue to raw.

What I hate most of this story, which result in only 2/5.

** The worst plot is "star wars" in the novel title. It practically does NOT exist at all. **

... more>> In summary, this novel should be named as Tempest of the School War.

This sci-fi novel is not the 'must read' one. It's not to the level of the legendary Asimov's Foundation or Clark's Space Odyssy, but not so that bad.

Up to vol.5, it's still world building, Chinese-novel style. A bit thick plot armor. School life (groan).

MC is best at everything except ability to think clearly. So don't expect much. Plot line is still in the school (groan) with wave after wave of despair situation which only MC can solve. Some puppy love and romantic with very, very, weak background and reason. A bit too much of harem flavor. Fighting scene is pass-able. Dialogue is not bad, although a lot is being borrowed from other novels, which is very typical for Chinese novel.

Science is a bit - un-science, but within acceptable range. Some people may be upset by the "laser can be shielded by magnetic field". However it's really not as outlandish as Starwar's Death Star or light "saber" that can reflect both material and energy projectile, or explosive sound in total vacuum.

Translation quality is good. BUT it's pretty slo.................. w.

Finish the raw on 1 Jun 2017

Mixed bag feeling. The story is the repeatitive Mecha Fighting Contest. One school fights the next school, then looped. The good is the fighting actions are not that boring. But repeatness is repeatness. Sigh.

The author is doing good when he developed three subplots in one story. MC's mecha fighting competition, his best friend business fighting, and the last the development of the star system. So the story is not boring to dead.

Another "Why only 2/5 stars"

As there are three parallel subplots, each is very strong, the story is a bit jumping and complex.

Lots of the very-important characters that just exists but no role at all, such as those bunches of Atlantean Royal Family, or bunches of Sky Level super soldiers, or the biggest & strongest enemy of all humanity, The Ruler of The Universe : the Zagora Clan. All of them are just name.

Repeat: No Role At All. <<less
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gyro2death rated it
May 2, 2016
Status: --
Finished Chapter 14.

Let’s get the good out of the way. This story has a great start. The MC in this one feels a lot like what we get from True Martial World and it’s prequel Martial World. This means that he’s both likable and intelligent.

World style feel pretty unique, though we haven’t got far enough to see how it develops. Space empires are pretty fun to see, and mech combat is pretty rare in a world where we get cultivation. I get Sky Avenue vibs from the world... more>> but we’ll have to see how they build it.

Now for the little bad. It likes it technical jargon, and is pretty interested in making physic theories sound plausible. For the types who like fully detailed magic combat like in Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, you’ll probably find this to be a plus. However, others might not care for the explanations. Also so far combat isn’t the most verbose. Again this can be both positive and negative. This isn’t Against the God levels where everyone holds back their power equally at every clash only to raise the exact same power the next strike... However, the details are a bit weak, leaving it hard to fully imagine what is happening. We only get the information needed for what happened, not ‘how’ it happened.

Anyways this is a very early review, but I’m truly captured by the story. I hope the author doesn’t subplot the romance aspect because I absolutely loved the first love interest for the MC. I may be weak to the ‘mysterious girl’ introductions but she was fantastically introduced and I would hate to see her taken away for 10 books (looking at you Stellar Transformations). <<less
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Recklezz rated it
April 14, 2016
Status: --
I must say I am in love with this novel. The first 12 chapters from bagelson really kicked the translation off. I hope that the translation speed will be fast, from those who will pick it up. The novel is a modern take on cultivation/military action novel. The interactions between the characters are awesome, the story has so much potential!
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Timid rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: c80
A Chinese Novel that has all the hallmarks of a bottom class Japanese Mech Anime.

  • Overpowered Mary Sue main character.
  • Boring slice of life school segments.
  • Sudden and cringeworthy 'romance'
  • Story is going nowhere
Honestly, I don't see the point of this. I mean sure, I get that there's military training on various different worlds and MC starts off at a low rank one. So he's going to show off his ability to be the best Mathematician, Physicist, Martial Artist, Pilot and anything else he comes across.

But why?

What are they fighting? So far there's no... more>> alien race. There's no War. No invasion. No point for a military at all. I'm not seeing the logic here. Dreadfully boring. <<less
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Stark3 rated it
May 2, 2016
Status: --
Reviewing at ch. 22 (machine translated)

An absolute blast. Most xuanhuan / xianxia I read reads like they're written by old fogies. This one has an irreverent youngish air all through out, the modern setting is fresh, and the way cultivation is integrated with tech is refreshing so far.
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ThatScottishFan rated it
April 17, 2016
Status: --
Really found this novel intriguing, really can't wait to read the next translations to come. Left the readers at a very good cliffhanger will definitely bring in the fans wanting to find out what happens next.
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: c62
Frankly, this novel is just doesn't have a huge amount of redeeming qualities.

The MC's journey is not compelling. The MC's cheat power makes him literally the most talented young master in the entire galaxy. What else is there to do? The MC faces no risk, there are no enemies. No challenge. What is the goal of the novel? No idea.

Apparently, when the tag says early romance, it means REALLY early. The princess of the galaxy apparently just falls in love him when he is a nobody, in chapter 10?. And... more>> she's also super faithful to him, for no reason. That in-itself isn't too terrible but their romance also has zero challenges, no other prince or talented young masters to challenge the MC for the female lead.

Mech battles, this novel would actually be decent if it was real mech battles. But its not, its virtual simulation mech battles. Basically, the MC is a god at mech battles and wins every battle. Also its video game so death and losing has no meaning. There is no suspense. No tension, no challenge, garbage story. <<less
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FateXero rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c118
4 out of 10 points Slightly Below Average

... more>>

This is my first review as as a complete amatuer so take it with a grain of salt. Also my grammer sucks so forgive me. First of all I don't believe this novel is deserving of one star. Second this novel definitely doesn't deserve a 5 star either because it currently has some glaring flaws.

A large part of this novel is the mc's godly level of knowledge in physics and mathamatics. I actually like this aspect of the novel. Even if it is flawed, the science can be forgiven (in my opinion as someone who knows next to nothing about physics) as it at least attempts to sounds like it knows what it is talking about. Most sci fi novels simply say everything is possible because of "magical cultivations powers" or some kind of newly discovered energy. I like how thet author tries to give his universe some context. I also think he does pretty good job considering it's almost impossible to get all the science right unless one has done extensive research on the subject.

The romance is weak but it isn't a disaster like in this author's other novel. It feels kind of unnatural how their relationship formed as they fall in love seemingly overnight. The author takes the very safe, stereotypical route of the unobtainable princess in a far away castle. The hero will undoubtedly overcome many obstacles as well as the enevitable competition from great familes before finally getting the girl in an overwhelming victory. It's nothing new but the main point of the story isn't romance so even if it is boring and contrived and mainly there to give the MC motivation and conflict it's not to big of a deal to me.

Now the biggest missteps for me are in the mech fights, cultivation, and his cheat.

1. First the Mech battle are admittedly well done and exciting, at least at first. It doesn't take long for the reader to realize that every mech battle is extremely similar. The only real difference is how spectacularly the MC defeats his opponents. Sure there are different mechs but regardless of how different the author makes them sound they are all using similar weapons in similar ways. The MC is just way above them in techniques. Even if the opposing piolet is extremely strong and forces the MC into a corner there is no suspense as we all know he will never lose. Not to mention all the fights are in VR so there is little to nothing at stake. The problem here is that the mechs dont have enough variation in fighting style to make it intresting. Other novels have so many different elements to battle that it makes this novel seem laughable in comparison. They can use the elements, space, time, domains, powers of divine beasts, God's and devil's, ancient creature, myriad daos, mystical weapons, tyranical body cultivation, or any combination of them all. In this novel, differences in mech specs aside, they all weild similar beam sword (s) /dagger (s) or a rifle (s) /cannon (s).

2. Next are his cheat powers and the cultivation aspect of this novel or lack thereof. The MC undergoes grueling trials within his cube and has gone through years of hard work, blood, and tears to achieve his overwhelming ability as a super soldier. While that's all well and good the problem is that this happens withing the span of literally 2 chapters. This makes the MC's powers feel extremely cheap and unearned as we feel none of the effort he put into obtaining said powers. Unlike other MCs where we grow along side them through hundreds if not thousands of chapter thus becoming more emotionally invested in them, this one gains op powers through something similar to a Rocky training montage. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy op MCs, the problem that this guy isn't an op character, he's a Mary Sue. This guy is seemingly perfect. He has little to no flaws in his character, he is perfect in all forms of combat and is smarter then even the smartest geniuses. He also does not have a great supporting cast that most great op characters have. A Mary Sue isn't Mary Sue because he's op but because he is perfect. Now granted I have only read ~100 chapters, but within the chapters I have read the MC has had very little growth as a result of making him too strong right from the start. Most of the time he collects energy through battle so he can go back to his training space in the cube. Finally, when he goes back to the training space we are led to believe that he will be trained in using the forces of nature, finally advancing the cultivation of the MC which has gone seemingly stagnant since leaving the cube the first time. However, after leaving the cube, even though he just underwent grueling trining again, this time we feel little difference in his power. I'm not asking for him to become even more op I just want him to developed some kind of variation in his boring battle style. MC's cultivation is what makes him truly unique as cultivation techniques have seemingly died out since the last novel for reasons uknown. Even the cube can only make him just another genius mech piolet instead of a truly unique existence withing the universe.

This novel has an averge characters, below averge characters development, progressively boring mech battles, and bland romance, but has a semi interesting world and a a couple genuinely great moments. As this novel has barely started I can only give my opinion on what's there. Therefore this novel gets a 4/10 which is slightly below averge to me. Hopefully it gets better in the future.

P.S. Sorry for the long review lol

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ogdyolnafets rated it
January 2, 2017
Status: v3c12
If you a futuristic setting with mecha and galactic travel, this is definitely one for you.

This centers about the MC who acquired an artifact from his mentor (old man) who taught him advance theories and the MC doesn't realize the fact the he is a genius in this field. The MC aspires to become a mecha pilot but coupled with his assessment, he was rated as tr*sh, I don't know if the school got a wrong assessment about him but anyway. His journey started as he was able to enter... more>> into a prestigious university but was forcefully enrolled in a different course. Coupled with various comedic plot, you must definitely read this because the development is interesting.

Overall, I give this a 5/5. <<less
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rdawv rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: v1c20
The writing style reminds me of The King's Avatar, where we are slowly convinced of the capabilities of the MC as he builds up a mysterious reputation in and out of virtual mecha combat.

There is emphasis on some technical aspects as well as fast paced combat. The characters are colorful and the dialogue can be rapid-fire.

Plot-wise, the first 20 chapters sets up the setting and foreshadowing.

Edit: This isn't 5-stars, no idea how I pressed it. It's a 3 for me, 3.5 at most.
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littlerat rated it
April 15, 2016
Status: --
12th chapther so far it's good a little slow in some few chapters. However by now in chapter 12, it just left me hanging on the seat of my chair in suspense! I'm excited to see where it goes 4 into a 4.5 for my vote
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sneha rated it
April 24, 2019
Status: c713
Wang Zheng, a sweet young man from Earth whose dream is to be a mecha pilot in the army. He is a genius in academics, but is unconcerned about achievements in any other areas apart from those that concern his dream... There are a lot of books that describe modest protagonists, but Wang Zheng is modest to a fault. But perhaps this is his biggest flaw. Only unambitious people are truly modest in life.

... more>>

Wang Zheng introduces a major revolution in Physics that shakes the entire galaxy. He lets someone else take the credit and remains this 'background-less fellow'. The reason? He is modest and doesn't think the achievement belongs to him. Wang Zheng saves an entire planet and is revered as a spiritual symbol in that place. He decides not to spread the news because he didn't think he did anything special.


His attitude is truly admirable and makes one think that this is how a student should be. Being low-key about one's achievements when one is young and impetuous shows that our author knows how to build character in the protagonist. The problem is the pacing. This book is too slow! I read 700 chapters in one go, so I can still take in the disappointment. What about fans who are waiting for releases week after week, month after month, only to realise the story is going nowhere because of our 'low-key' 'modest' and 'relatable' protagonist?

The author elevates the protagonist's virtues to such a level that it seems anything is possible with his potential. But that potential never actualizes because the pace is too slow!

Even having said all that, I do believe the author knows what he is doing. Except in the case of a character called Lear, the author has never failed to fulfill reader's expectations so far. Although the science fiction is laughable (the author seems to be of the notion that mashing together a bit of jargon is all there is to sci-fi), other themes such as realism, school-life, politics, business and even entertainment have come together rather admirably in this novel. The world-building that involves complex galactic interactions, cultures and power-plays make for an enriching background.

Our author is very patient and very detailed, loving every single character he created dearly, not leaving any of them halfway. On the other hand downplaying the protagonist's worth too much is a major handicap because no reader wants to forever follow that "worthless guy without background who thinks he is something after winning a competition."

On a completely different note, I do believe the author is an expert in controlling the pace as well as the plot of the novel. Even the filler content in this book is not so bad for a single read. It gives me an understanding of how these projects are being run in China. As long as he can still hold a reader's attention, these authors do their best to prolong the plot. But the masterstroke is to introduce the milestones required before the said attention wanes or dies down completely. In this, the novel does decently well, at least until the half way point. Too bad, the trick is seen through and now I find it a chore to continue. But I can tell one thing for sure, all the anticipation the author built up so far without actually getting anywhere will not be for nothing.

I think most of the reviewers above have not really experienced Chinese webnovels. One really does need patience and the ability to keep up with bullshit. But this literary format, in the end, does have its rewards. Even though I am dropping this book for now, it is certainly one of the rare few among the Chinese novels that were memorable. <<less
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Aurega rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: Completed
Finally finished the raws. What can I say, it's a mess, but a decent mess at least. What people need to keep in mind that this is more like a xianxia story with sci-fi elements, not a sci-fi story with xianxia elements.

Let's start about the good parts.

Character development - Several characters in the series undergoes a lot of experiences and changes based on them. Sadly, this isn't true for the MC and main heroine, but it's still pretty good to see that a lot of the supporting cast are... more>> organic characters that changes as they experience the world. It also follows the typical "underestimated MC finds alternate route to get power" route, which isn't always a good thing but it is well executed in this case.

Crowning moments of awesome - Lot of "feel good" moments when everything falls together. Even in cases where you see it coming from far away, it doesn't take away from the moment.

Engaging story - despite lots of jumping around and genre shifts, the underlying story is still there and is pretty engaging.

Next, the bad parts:

Unrealistic Sci-fi - Author clearly only did surface research and didn't bother researching everything. How they can achieve instant communication and data flow to run a VR game in real time across the galaxy is never explained, neither is how a magnetic field can deflect a laser. Like I said above, it's not a sci-fi story, but a xianxia story so if you overlook the blatant scientific inaccuracies, the story isn't bad.

Story of... mech battles, battle academy, military sci-fi, and more - The author tried to make this into too much and thus derailed the story from time to time. I'm pretty sure the story would have been better if he just cut one or two things about the story, like the VR element, and made it 500 chapters shorter. Right now the story does get a little bit boring at places, partially due to the constant genre shifts.

Plot holes - Probably the biggest downfall of this series, too many unexplained happenings and random events. Why is the galaxy so militaristic when it's peaceful for the last century?

Gary stu (pid) MC - MC always wins, no matter what. At least the story tend to avoid random deus ex machinae events that so many other xianxia stories rely on, but the MC is too brilliant, too strong, and too awesome to fail. He's a genius in everything (except romance of course), yet is pretty dull and s*upid normally in most areas. Like I said above, the MC also lacks any character development. His development with the main heroine feels like the romance in star wars ep 2, which has been described as watching two chairs make out.

All in all, a decent story bordering on "good", but not a great story by any means. Still very entertaining and I do especially recommend this if you're into xianxia. <<less
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Calanar rated it
December 14, 2016
Status: v3c10
This novel is similar to Mahouka koukou no rettousei, but in my opinion it is even better. I like the MC, who is actually intelligent and hardworking. What I dont like about the MC is the everlasting "I HIDE SH*T", which is... such a cheap method to raise the tension and generate epic moments. That really makes me mad everytime.

The love-interest is awesome, even though I think that the "love" was developed way too fast (he may get together with other girls, which is kind of lame, but well...... more>> chinese novels...).

The Story is..., well I don't really see any story until now. Its just him living his life in an academy. This novel has over 1000 chapters though, so I don't really mind a slow start. This may sound boring, but I can assure you it is not, as he fights with his mech in an online game, trains his martial arts, is surrounded by beautiful girls and is overall a genius.

If you have read my review and are now ready to start reading, I feel like I have to tell you that the translation speed is... sloooow as hell. 1 chapter a week... and the raws are only visible through an abbonement on the original chinese publisher site, which is just plain bullsh*t.

Well you should still start reading, as this novel is awesome! Also if you like this kind of novel you should try Galactic Dark Net, Swallowed Star and Everyone Else Is A Returnee. <<less
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icecream rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: v4c6
It's really interesting and the characters are really lively. Their personalities and character interactions are just hilarious/crazy with each other. Also how characters react to each other doesn't feel forced by the plot, it seems like a character has their really own distinguishable mind/personality. Side/support-characters could even be their own MCs in another story, which shows how great characters are. SO, characters are awesome, story is really cool + unique. it's worth a read!


So I'm on v4c6, and nothing new has happened for the past 2 volumes now. It's the... more>> same thing over and over again only new chicks are added into his supposedly "non" harem. He basically has one, it's just he is so dead set on whatever her face is again, that you can't exactly call it a harem, but yeah that's all that happens. Chicks, then cool fighting (which is hype, but other than that nothing develops). The MC is becoming boring (because he has no goals unless u call getting into his gfs pants one, his interactions aren't funny anymore), and now it centers around him and other characters that I frankly don't give any shits about (because his cool friends left). I don't know about his world anymore than what I read in the first volume and there is hardly any plot. Wake up, go to school, show off his brains, later virtually fight people, show off to his gf..... repeat. I sure as hell didn't read this for what seems to be more like a slice of life <<less
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