Battle Frenzy


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Amidst a disaster, an orphan contracts a sickness.

In his waking hours, he is tormented by his ailment, but when he slumbers, there is infinite darkness.

One day, when he was five years old, a strange Fate Trickster appeared in his dreams. Ten years later, he dreams of becoming a lord. To do so, he takes a chance to trade his fate!

That day, Wang Zhong once again stood at the gates of the Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy. He was about to start a brand new life.

Battle Frenzy average rating 4.2/5 - 289 user ratings
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hero rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: c114

I originally had decent expectations for this novel because of how good the "world" could have been. Sadly, like most of the previous reviewers had commented, it's way too drawn out. People have been commenting on how drawn out it is at the current translated chapters so that's nothing new. Let me tell you then on how drawn it it will be on the latest raws.

The "tournament" that's been mentioned in the translated chapters has been on-going in the raws for MORE THAN 200 CHAPTERS. Think... more>> about how ridiculous that is. We all know how repetitive tournaments in Wuxia novels / Xianxia novels are. Well, this isn't an exception at all. It's actually even worse than most tournaments despite it being the first one in this novel. I'll put some details in a spoiler tag.


There have been multiple times where the MC has entered the OP to match against other players so the method in which he wins isn't really anything new. Basically, he just pulls out battle technique after battle technique. Nothing new happens in the tournament. MC still keeps pulling out battle technique after battle technique. That's it. Well... I guess the new thing is that his teammates have also been pulling out battle techniques since they've already been made aware that he is All-Mouthy King so of course he'll teach them some techniques. That's it. No interesting fights, no interesting characters (protagonists / antagonists). Nothing interesting at all. In some Wuxia's / Xianxia's some battles come out as "epic". Absolutely none of the battles in the 200+ chapter and counting tournament have any epic battles.


I'm not kidding at all when I say that this might be the most drawn out and repetitive novel in existence. That says a lot considering most novels have a point where they get drawn out.

I mean, like I said, the world could have been interesting. The fact that there are monsters out there way more powerful than humans, the fact that the continents have been transformed and that there is a Nazi like group biding their time in a different continent, the fact that there is a different dimension which could be explored. The problem is that, no matter how interesting the world MIGHT BE, it's pointless if everyone drops it before those things are explored.

As for the comedy of this novel... well, there's nothing really special about it. It might give you a chuckle once but as the same joke gets used again and again, it just becomes something else the authors uses to draw out chapters. Everything's the same old cliches as well. The fat best friend who's lustful, really greedy and useless, the focus on boobs, boobs, and boobs, the female characters acting like the MC is the only guy in the world.

Romance? Even worse than the comedy. The romance started out with the MC pretty much raping someone because of how "naive" he was.

Well, I guess it ended the same way it started. Ridiculously. Reminds me of what happened with the first girlfriend of Linley from Coiling Dragon.


Anyway, this has gotten way too long like most of my reviews. To wrap things up, this I'll be dropping it and I won't really be recommending it to anyone. I'm not the type of person who'll say "just power through 200 chapters, it'll get better afterwards." Especially when I can't even promise that it will get better. <<less
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obsoletefactor rated it
March 26, 2017
Status: c46
After i've been reading a bit of this novel I feel I should give a realistic review and rating.

The story has a very interesting world and the lore seems well thought of, but I feel the pacing and flow is incredibly slow and superfluous. The author spends way more time than necessary on unimportant information and the MC has gotten less 'screentime' in so many chapters than a lot of other novels i've read. Information is regurgitated over and over, and the plot has literally not progressed in the last... more>> 20+ chapters i've read.

The 'romance' if you can even call it that, was forced and not believable in any way. (So far) I do like the combat and I like the mc's personality, also his best friend has a very likeable character. All in all, I give it a 2.5-3.5 (depending on if the story will start to speed up things) but I feel as of ch. 46 the 4.4 rating is completely unrealistic and overrated

Tl:dr The good: Interesting world and combat system, likeable MC and best friend. The bad: Slow progression and redundant information regurgitating, too little MC 'screentime' and unbelievable/unrealistic start of romance with love interest. (So far) <<less
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rdawv rated it
October 10, 2016
Status: c6
Initial impressions.

Written by the author who did Tempest of the Stellar War. It is similar in the sense that it also a story with a futuristic setting set in a school, a MC who is underestimated and had discovered a secret. Other familiar aspects include a loud-mouthed friend, aloof school beauties, and the MC's affable personality. From the mtl, It also has some sort of virtual reality combat where participants are of different classes (ranged/melee/tank), and the MC using a low ranked persona to unexpectedly defeat notable opponents.

Needs more chapters... more>> to distinguish itself. <<less
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Evanbond rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c350
Oh my god! Just what happened to the author?! Did he get hit by some grandma behind the head? This is ridiculous! This novel; at least this one I had more hope for but got disappointment in return. After some chapters this novel takes the clich

d route of typical Chinese novels. Which are these you ask?:

    1. Young master this, young master that. Everyone must agree with young masters of the great families or they will get assassins on their asses.
    2. Like all the repugnant novels, this novel also has intense mockery and face - slapping. Nobody can't make a mistake while they speak! Every words they say in their life counts! It isn't visible on first 250 chapters but later this stuff happens so frequently that makes one to drop the novel. Also the MC gets so much mockery for no reason. Everyone mocks him and his team, literally everyone even after MC and his team defeats their opponents they still mock him. The announcer mocks him, random guy in the audience mocks him, this guy that girl; fffffuuuuuu.... *sigh* This is the hair pulling part of the novel. Everyone acknowledged he is strong yet he gets mocked repeatedly as if author had a blood feud with the character he created.
    3. The MC is really something. People want to harm him but he has nonchalant attitudes about it. This is a spoiler; he once had an assassin visited his home and almost got done in but the assassin failed. Expectation should be the MC telling and getting help from other people but he decides to be silent about it. When I read upto this, I was wondering which bred of dog did the author ate while writing the novel. It sure took his commonsense away.
    4. Sci-fi? Lel! Forget about physics, author doesn't even have any thread of commonsense and it is visible. I wish at least one Chinese author would agree to the Newton's 3rd law F=MA. If anybody did, these novels would be very pleasant to the eye.
There are many other situations but these are the stuffs that struck me the most. Anyways, I have lost the enthusiasm for this novel. Now I am just waiting for it to be fully translated and get over with it.
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faerro rated it
May 22, 2017
Status: c108
Filler filler filler filler. So much filler!

If the author watered down his plants like he waters down his chapters his plants would be dead in 3 days or less. There are so many useless descriptions, predictions and commentary that enire chapters are wasted on them. For example, the MC decides he wants to fight a match because he is a little drunk and charged up. Two and a half chapters of nonsense later, the fight finally starts.

This story has so much more potential, but the author is really blowing it... more>> for me. Stellar War is much better so far, though it still has its filler moments as well.

Everything else aside, the TL and editing quality is great. <<less
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Kezzarus rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: c100
This is the protagonist of my dreams, not too strong from the start, a genius at the basics, incredibly smart, constantly learning and evolving, and most importantly, doesn't seem too interested in chasing grils, but then he meets the one girl is instantly smitten, and then just makes it happen like a boss.... Can't wait to keep on reading!!

Maybe the story goes a bit too slow... But I still think this is amazing!!
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iamdoge rated it
March 16, 2017
Status: c69
The novel has a similar feel to all the battle school theme novels but has better pacing than the rest in my opinion. I like the MC and all the sub-characters that surround him. If you like Tempest Stellar war then you'll like this.
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xDlMao rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: c70
The Novel itself is not the worst out there, but its definitely not even close to being that good.

First, the MC, is a 'perfect' guy, has no weaknesses, has all kinds of special abilities that people call 'rare', and with the way the level of powers that have no basis and are confusing as hell, you can already assume that the MC is the strongest guy until proven otherwise, because hes won most of his matchups on a destroying fashion, don't get fooled by the '99 losses bs'

Second thing is,... more>> as I mentioned before, the power levels are too random.

The characters are all childish as sh*t too, the author keeps mentioning how hard it has become to live in this new 'Earth' yet everyone lives a carefree life, more concerned about the big 'titties' than surviving, and lets not forget about the classic comments from the crowd when it comes to fights, you can only facepalm about that.

The thing is, I feel like the author couldve made the novel so much more interesting if he just focused on the badass characters (and I don't mean the MC), the characters that really give the world meaning, the Kaiser empire chars or the deserted continent. Give the carefree people a reason to fight for.

Overall, I think ive criticized the novel more than I shouldve, but im pretty sure it doesn't deserve the '4.4' rating in anyway, All characters think of is getting into someone's pants with exaggerated comments about how strong people are :O! <<less
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RandomEnchanter rated it
March 14, 2017
Status: c66
Battle Frenzy is a very good 'modern day post Apocalypse ability' novel the only real major turn off is that the start isn't handled anywhere close to satisfactory. A prologue would have been good to introduce the main character and explain a bit about it. Or even the description could include it.

Skip the first chapter. It tries to be a good introduction but it fails miserably. All you miss out on is 'hey there is this kid that for ~6 years of his life he was it pitch blackness when... more>> he slept. He got adopted by two people after the city he was in blew up because something that was from beyond our dimension came into your dimension and picked our MC. Because of this thing our MC meets a dream clown called Simba and makes friends with him. Thus his dreams are no longer scary darkness' <<less
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Kylix rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c59
I find this novel very interesting as the MC has a very likable personality and good character development where we know some but not all of his past to add a little mystery, I do wish some of the side characters would be a little more fleshed out but I feel this is minor as the ones who appear to be important seem to have mysterious backgrounds that we will find out about later.

TLDR: the novel is good with a likable MC and decent comedic relief from the constant grind... more>> that some of these novels are, I would recommend it. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: c206
Update as of Chapter 206: Wish I could change my previous rating. Seriously, author reuses all his material and only changes names and appearances slightly. Templates for characters:

  1. Friend who is a master of Economics
  2. Friend who is good looking but doesn't get many speaking roles
  3. Good looking girl crushing on MC who won't end up with him but still entices him
  4. Another Good looking girl who gets with MC but suddenly has to go far away with hints of being able to get together again if the MC proves to be the most OP Badass in the universe
  5. Entire crowd of people who underestimate and hate on MC because he's "Trash"
  6. Virtual/Spiritual/Game space where the MC can display his OP combat techniques while remaining anonymous to everyone but those he blabs to
Everything just gets relabeled,... more>> but it basically follows a very linear template that has little to no change from the three different stories. Also, as noted by others, everything gets drawn out waaaaaaay

too much. Talking multiple chapters just to get a fight started, and multiple chapters detailing how big of a deal something supposedly is. While the author isn't that bad at it, he still suffers from "Telling" you that something is supposedly badass

instead of "Showing" you how badass it is.

Not an official review just yet.

I felt I must point out the major story writing flaw the author has displayed countless times:

He takes too much time detailing parties currently unrelated to the MC. Characters that have had any small interaction with the MC of a story hold at least a semblance of importance to a reader, but when the story is driven by unrelated characters it becomes a chore to read through. Exceptions to this are those who

observe the MC in some fashion, whether by directly observing or through passing notice it makes that character more interesting.

Just a small analysis I had to get off my chest before continuing to read.

Not even going to bother reviewing this anymore... Too many psychological inconsistencies... Too many uses of absolute trash forced logic. Just too many. <<less
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XECT rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: c118
To start off, I want to say that this novel gets 3.5 stars from me, but since the rating system can't do half stars, I generously rounded it up to 4 stars.

The biggest flaw of this novel is its originality, which is incredibly disappointing when Skeleton Wizard is very adept at writing charming characters. But it's anything from original, let me tell you.

Battle Frenzy is nothing more than the shadow of one of his previous works, "Tempest of the Stellar War". The main characters are one in the same, supporting... more>> characters as well.

The plot even follows its predecessor down to the bone, as you'll soon find out upon reading both works. It is simply a matter of whether you like the main character fighting with a mecha or with magic powers. Nothing else matters.

Skeleton reuses nearly everything from the previous novel, as if it was a cookie cutter template.

Another irritating aspect of Skeleton Wizard is that he cannot create anything even remotely believable when talking about romance. Even though he can create bonds between friends, rivals, enemies, and family, he cannot to save his life, create real romantic relationships.

It is much like god simply saying, "and then they fell in love without reason or explanation because I said so".

I find it hilarious that he can actually write good romance for the supporting heroines than the main heroine. I wonder how that even happens to be honest.

Nonetheless, Battle Frenzy is not irredeemable and is still entertaining if you like the same old song and dance.

But beware major pacing issues with this novel before starting it. I'm serious.


Around 50 or so chapters, the plot introduces that there will be a tournament between students in different schools (that MC will obviously enter). Keep in mind that this around chapter 50 or so. As of around 500+ chapters, the MC is still in that tournament. Eternally stuck in Namek. Source: http://forum. Novelupdates. Com/threads/battle-frenzy.30382/

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UnderTaker26 rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: c114
Its a carbon copy of stellar wars. Personally I would love everything about this and give it 5 stars but it's so similar to the authors previous work it's disappointing. Especially since I feel this author is really talented.

Spoilers (kinda)

Near perfect MC with a flaw turning into trash - check

... more>> Teacher making him a genius - check

Play an online game with a handicap and making him famous - check

Business minded best friend - check

MC falling for and loving a single girl - check

If I hadn't already read stellar wars I'd fall in love with this series but now, I'll just stick to stellar wars since I think the author did just a little better with that story. <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
March 23, 2017
Status: c70
Similar to the related series "Tempest of the stellar war" in the sense that the MC has some sort of special training from a powerful entity and becomes extremely skilled. What both series do well IMO is that the characters are interesting and the way the MC is OP yet underestimated often is quite satisfying to read. What BF does better is
1. Not Sci-Fi! This is great because, in the other "sci-fi" novels, people are still super-powered.. And this is not really scientific, personally I don't like the pseudo-science... more>> they use. I prefer plain fantasy. Additionally, the cultivation elements are always interesting for me.
2. The MC is actually weak in terms of "power", his skills are OP, but his actual power is low. This leaves room for progression and I enjoy reading weak to strong. <<less
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WENTIAN1O1 rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c71
This novel as various good features, but the best in my opinion is the MC. He is calm, cool, collected and a underdog but still wins his fights. Like the modern setting and love how the MC surprises the people who ridiculed him in the past. I also like how the romance is functioning. He right now has two potential love interests and it is proceeding fast, but I do not believe that it will be a harem.
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santosk rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c61
At chapter 61.

The novel is interesting in that it mixes sci-fi with cultivation. One of my favorite parts about this is the school setting. This novel reminds me of mahouka koukou no rettousei because the MC has a lot of hidden strengths.

The story has a lot of world building and although it might seem like info dumps at times, I appreciate that the author goes out of his way to explain all the different parts of their world.

The beginning of the novel can be a bit confusing and... more>> seemly random, but give it at least a few chapters before deciding. I think this novel is a uprising hidden gem for those that enjoy futuristic/sci-fi novels with action, comedy, and a touch of romance. <<less
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ccostin93 rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: c252
The story has a very likable MC and the world is incredible. I really enjoy reading each chapter.

As many have already said, the pace is slow and there is a frequent appearance of filler paragraphs or even chapters. Honestly, I don't really mind the fillers. Even when the author repeats some stuff, one can easily quick read (skip) the paragraph and just concentrate on the actual story.

Definitely one of the best worlds I've ever seen. Monsters, powers, semi-sci-fi. It has everything, but the world is as such they don't actually... more>> negate each other, which is my opinion is an incredible thing. <<less
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Sinai rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: c241 part1
I find Battle Frenzy to be highly entertaining. Very solid world-building, a MC who has balls but isn't particularly overly cocky, and a light romance that is believable in it's shallowness. Also, there are plenty of threads showing how the story will continue, while avoiding common issues in xianxia novels of forgetting past details as the MC powers up.

The battles are well-written and well-paced and the more ridiculous genre conventions are routinely avoided. Power-ups aren't random, lucky events occur but don't dominate the story, and MC has a s*x drive... more>> without pursuing every girl that crosses his path, and the MC doesn't hold on to his secret identity to the point of utter ridiculousness.

People are a little ridiculous in the xianxia way, but it's not particularly extreme, and it's more sane when the fighting is training or virtual reality and they're all basically teenagers rather than supposedly virtually immortal experts being retarded over and over again - the adults in the story are fairly level-headed and practical as you would expect them to be compared to the teenage main characters. Which is another strength of the series; characters aren't all the same. Most of the main characters are fairly layered instead of being one-note caricatures. Side characters and antagonists and allies are presented with consistent motivations that drives them, even if they're fairly simple like "support my friends who are like my family" or "near-mad scientist researcher" or "high-class girl looking to take her assigned place in society." <<less
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chencking rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c62
I just started this, but I'm really loving it. There are glaring similarities to Tempest of the Battlefield plot-wise, but the characters couldn't be more different! Wang Tong drove me insane; 60 chapters in and I still like Wang Zhong. I'm surprised myself at how fine I am with Wang Zhong and Carolyn, considering how abrupt it was. Hopefully this doesn't become a harem. Thanks to whoever's translating :100:

It's probably more of a 4, but a good, new CN is rare enough that... more>> I'll give it 5 <<less
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kosame rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: v1c98
alright 98 chapters in so i'll give my thoughts on it

So far the pace is normal.

There is a lot of useless information that is very boring to read I skipped a lot of it. The information does give more details to the setting of the novel but you should already have a clear idea of the setting.

... more>> Side characters have depth they also do their own thing around the MC.

The MC doesn't seem to be overpowered yet which is good in my opinion. He still fights people stronger than him but he beats them with technique and not just brute force. MC is rather smart but a complete idiot with love.

To little romance to say how things will go. I like the fact he clearly shows his affection to one girl. But there are 4 girls who seem to have fallen for him. No harem tag but the girl he likes is hardly ever spoken about she appeared 1 chapter then you get small mentions of her.

Overall its good but a lot of useless information that I skimmed over the fights are good the characters are good the story is typical romance is there but non existent. Slow if you include the side chapters where they jump away from the MC. 3 out of 5 <<less
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