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Having a rough life growing up, Wang Tong had numerous dreams of living a better life. However, his alcoholic foster father sells him off as a space settler of the distant planet Norton for some pocket change. Soon after his arrival, the Zergs overran the planet and obliterated its defenses in a matter of minutes. What awaited Tong on Norton was more than just an unbearable environment – its gravity alone was five-times stronger than earth – there were also swarms of bugs, constant hunger, thirst, and desolation.

While he lives a year of total carnage and survival, humanity’s Confederation eventually overcomes the Zergs on Norton and the powerful survivor Wang Tong is given a recommendation to a once famous, but now dying military academy where he begins his life anew.

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keklel rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c20
Didn't have high expectations going into this, but was still disappointed anyway.

MC is an orphan adopted by "mysterious old guy" who teaches him some cultivation techniques and then sends him off to a remote planet full of monsters. MC survives this and discover another mysterious old man in one of the magic crystals that his adopter gave him. The new mysterious old man teaches him more powerful OP techniques and the rest you can probably predict.

The MC is careless and impulsive. On multiple occasions he gets severely wounded because he... more>> started celebrating before checking that the monster is dead, with the obvious consequence that the monster attacks him while he's celebrating. This happens repeatedly.

On another occasion the MC brings his robot out with him and they get ambushed by monsters. The robot tells the MC to run away but the MC refuses and runs back in to save his robot. The MC then gets surrounded by monsters and was about to die until his robot saves him... so he runs away and the robot dies anyway. Except he saves the "mainframe" (I guess the brains of the robot?) of the robot so actually it's okay. I guess the MC can just get away with doing whatever impulsive things he wants and the author even explicitly encourages this as being "manly".

And then after he returns to Earth the robot is never mentioned again. Seems weird that this robot that was the only companion of the MC for over a year and whom the MC risked his life to save would not be even mentioned after the MC returns to Earth.

MC then goes back to Earth and enrolls in a school and wins fights in virtual reality games. At this point, I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Apparently because one very famous and beautiful female student joined the school, all the other people want to go to the school as well? That's like saying if Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg (after they became famous) goes to a shitty university then everyone else will go enrol at that university. Makes the same amount of sense.

The boys in the classroom teemed with earnest enthusiasm in their study after Ma Xiaoru's arrival and all of them wanted to prove themselves in front of her. Inspired by his classmates, Wang Tong decided to study harder as well; after all, his grade was the lowest even in the F class.

This literally never happens IRL. What kind of world do you live in where the mere presence of a beautiful girl can motivate ALL the slackers to study? Pretty unbelievable.

Dropped. <<less
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SinsI rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c55
The story is a bit of a fraud: first it shows really interesting survival on a frontier planet during war with Bugs - but after that it completely switches to a school type story with virtual gaming battles, school competitions and immature attempts at romance.
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porkbuns rated it
August 23, 2017
Status: --
Not a bad novel per say, but wow.... just wow....I feel really cheated by that synopsis. I was expecting some sort of Space Troopers-esk survival/colonization/cultivation plot for the most part of the story and then the author pulls a switch on us and we end up with some shitty school-life/virtual gaming bullsh*t and some shitty romance to top it all off.

Lesson of the day: carefully read the tags genres before you randomly start a novel, only to end up in dissapointment
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Snowflake2 rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c352
First of all I must say that it's currant rating of 3.4/5 is pretty much what it deserves.

If you want an incredible story likely to become your favorite, what you would describe as a masterpiece, this novel is not for you. I will try to list what the some features in as a nuanced way as I can see them, good or bad.

  • The main weakness: This novel has a major weakness: it is unbelievable. Not in the sense that it is awesome, but in the sense that you don't believe it. This makes the story more fantastic than futuristic. This touches on a couple of aspects:
    - The MC is too talented in too many things. Imagine a very talented chef which is a genius chess player because you have to be smart to be a chef, a great musician because he likes music, a great swimmer because he became muscled cooking, and so on. The MC does the something similar. It doesn't ruin everything, but it does makes the MC less plausible and more like an MC.
    - The universe is a futuristic intergalactic setting. But apart from the important or powerful people, the rest are "the crowd". It just makes the universe seem extremely empty, a waste as it could just have been earth with futuristic technology and it wouldn't change much. To give an idea, imagine going into the street and seeing only people you know. The billions of other people existing don't seem to exist.
    With this out of the way, I will get to be more objective about the better aspects of the story.
  • Plot: It draws you in. The plot is average. It has competitions, training and combat, in true Xuanhuan fashion. But the author does manage to hook you and make you forget the numbers of chapters you've already read.
  • Romance:The romance is one of the strong points of this story (this might just be personal taste, I guess). We see a romance that doesn't go into the harem and is believable, reminding me of Coiling Dragon. People actually have emotions other than rage, anger, humiliation, a thirst for strength.... (Too many novels really give the impression emotions are like a checklist, a plot justifier). Here we actually have have more humane people.
  • Enemy: The most disappointing thing for me were the Zergs mentioned in the synopsis. I was hoping for an interesting, challenging enemy that threatens humanity. They are not. They are just bugs, an enemy like any other which at best can be said to give up a good fight for the MC. Then again, they do play a rather minor role in the plot (so far) (which is part of my disappointment).
  • MC: The MC actually seems to evolve (I read Keklel's review which gives a negative if not inaccurate portrayal of the MC, but only up to c20). It actually gives a better than average coming of age story that makes a boy mature into an adult. I found this aspect enjoyable.
    The MC isn't without a fault however: his actions are sometimes justified weirdly (he is optimist=>he doesn't worry about that), but that is pretty much the only thing.
  • The pacing of the story is unique. Sometimes an ellipse happens out of nowhere or an event is here without us expecting it. Some would say unpredictable while others would say chaotic.
I hope this will have been of use. This was my first review even though I have read a... more>> fair number of novels. I will remind everyone that this is my nuanced and subjective opinion. <<less
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Immortal Skeleton
Immortal Skeleton rated it
September 10, 2017
Status: c117
I'm starting to get addicted to this great western-feel novel, packed with actions and youth adventures.. totally a perfect novel for newbies and veteran who are tired of common xianxia...

Totally unlike the other CN which focus on boring cultivation building where they make weapons, pills, and practices arts which goes on without excitement..

I totally don't have any dissatisfaction about this novel, the way the MC moves and reacts are on the realm reasonable..

Just try it guys and you'll love it.
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ogdyolnafets rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c77
To be frank, I certainly love the author's writings. Its like tempest of the Stellar wind. This novel is definitely under rated. Well, the majority of the plot is clearly school life, then compete with other schools. The alien setting at the beginning and the teacher old man is there to give an op flavor to our MC. This is worth reading over, unless you are so specially specially concerned of every smallest flaws and details that would not make you enjoy the novels. But nevertheless, your own review is... more>> the best review, so try reading it first. <<less
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osiato rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: c112
It's an amazing story.

It seems very unique, it's just that the description on this site is shit.

The TL is not the greatest, and there are lots of forgotten parts, but as long as you ignore them the story is great.

... more>> I'm going to address the other reviews now:

Valor is correct, this page does not accurately describe the story so far. There is no harem, and the synopsis is just an outline of the first arc at most.

Okuri is generally correct, and I agree with their opinion.

Simsi is kind of correct as well, but what do you expect? This story is based on a 16yr old kid, not a soldier. The story isn't going to be him living alone on a planet for hundreds of chapters. I like the romance, we finally got somewhere in the past few chapters.

The first half of keks review is accurate, because it's a fantasy story and Chinese at that. The robot is mentioned a bit, he's still trying to revive it. As for the last point, I see where they're coming from, but it's covered a bit more later when she leaves that class and they start slacking again. They were just trying to show off. Also fighting giant mutating bugs isn't something that happen IRL that's why it's fantasy.

Ogd's review is good.

And pork buns review I covered in the beginning. This page is setup shit. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c300
Pretty dumb novel, I read halfway and think is this story worth it? And read the ending, and nope its trash.

Pretty much full of the mainstream storyline of 90% of china webnovel, fight, train stronger, meet enemy, train again, be stronger, meet stronger enemy, loop till you become god. What you can expect for that summary, well seriously nothing, the fight is full of normal bs china webnovel, the plot is full of plot armor, and the secondary character is not that likeable in the first place. Some scene make... more>> you feel emotional though, like hmmm oh yeah 1 or 2 in 300 chapter.

The author keep repeating the opness of the character and how almost nobody really know it, like all people is idiot. I cant stand with this kind of 'serious' story with no serious dedication of missing commons sense, so many time the MC identity secret almost revealed but ops nope, the MC got plot armor, f*ck it, we know his 'secret' identity not revealed until he is strong enough, if not he already died and the story end, stop with the "what if" situation. My entire point is toooooo many loophole and the author is kind of stupid, if not the story or the character is. Dont really recommend this novel, I got it if its comedy but this novel is not! To much loophole you cant see it with seriousness again, only rage inducing story.

Why not 1? Well I it should be 1 if not because of some emotional scene which only a man can understand, seriously though 1, 5 star is maybe the score. Read it just if you dont have anything better to do, not a really good story, but at least you can spend time reading this. <<less
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chencking rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c134
It's a decent choice for when you have nothing, and I mean nothing, better to do, but there are plotholes everywhere. The author never sticks with one characterization of his characters, and is prone to saying one thing but pretending it never happened later. Also, it reeks of nationalism but has a gaping lack of logic and common sense. Read only if extremely bored.
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Okuri Ookami
Okuri Ookami rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: c5
Just read the 1St 5 chapters and I have to admit it's taken a new turn on Xuanhuan. A new direction I have not seen in a bit and only then in American novels some Japanese as well.

If you want a story that mixes cultivation with bio-suits and not Mech's then this is the story for you! The premis of this story is that humans have entered a new era and have begone to expand outward to other inhabitable planets. During a war against a super adaptive somewhat hive minded... more>> sentient race, humans developed 'METAL' Bio-Suits that use genes (bloodlines) to adapt a form that allows tailored combat forms. No idea how this works yet...

The suits are also connected to the Sea of consciousness (given a somewhat different name but ultimately the same) which is an individuals ability that doesn't have to rely on the suit itself. One can have poor genes and have a METAL suit but cannot have a METAL suit without opening the sea of consciousness.

Like S.W's other novels the MC encounters great fortunes and gains the potential to become great. In just 5 chapters I can tell you right now that it has so far been more action packed then T.S.W and B.F as far as my reading is. I'm caught up on the first and 20 chapters behind the later.

I've only read 3 out of the 4 books (available on NU) by this author and he/she is quickly ranking up there with I.E.T and Er Gen IMO. This isn't because of the novels themselves per se but the uniqueness and change of setting & foundation from novel to novel.

It's a great read so far, the 1St chapter is roughly 2 chapters long and the story kicks off on the 2nd chapter and by kick off I mean a story of survival! <<less
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Amaury1514 rated it
January 12, 2018
Status: c20
To be honest this is just disappointing. It started off promising, and I was expecting the school arc. I was even looking forward to it, but it's just not done in a good way.

... more>>
Fisrt off idk who the main girl is yet since there's been 3 stunning beauties who the MC can't stop drooling over as soon as they appear.

second it just feels forced. We know the MC is not smart or calm and collected as a commander needs to be as shown in his impulsiveness during the Zerg arc. And we know the only thing he has going for him is his OP strength but instead of using it the author decides that nope he needs to be a commander.

The only reason I can think of for this bs beside the weak excuse the author gave of "its easier and pays more" is that he needs to force tension and make the MC appear like trash because that's the only way Chinese authors know how to wright a novel ig.

It makes the novel feel like it has no direction to me.

Make MC op<hides strength<forces MC to appear like trash<shows everyone he's not trash after chapter of abuse.

Finally theres just better stuff to read out there. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
October 12, 2017
Status: c146
If you liked the author's other novels, then you'll like this one.

Don't expect anything super different. It's just got more of an Undefeated God of War vibe (this dude's much smarter though).

The girls aren't annoying, although the romance is unclear.

... more>> Interesting world. I think the author has something against bugs lol

MC's OP and kinda has cheats. There's also the cliche of mysterious old dude raising him.

I'd say that the hype in this novel is great though.

MC's friends are pretty cool too.

EDIT: I kinda got bored after binging for a while (kinda started to lose vitality and feel flat), which didn't happen with the author's other works. I'm binging once more to see whether I can get back into the novel. Tempest of the Stellar War is much better though, and you don't need to read this book to read Tempest of the Stellar War, so maybe go read that instead if you haven't yet. <<less
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ValOr-DerZod rated it
July 25, 2017
Status: c41
I don't remember school life, virtual reality, romance, and possibly harem being on the genre and tags. I wanted to read this story because the synopsis said robots and planet overrun by monsters. Hell, I was searching for a story with mechs but instead I got whatever tempest is. I'm not saying it's a bad story. It's just not the story the synopsis, genre and tags say it is.
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GuiltyKrow rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: c411
This novel at it best is a 2 Star. The beginning of the novel is where the story is at its best and from the middle of academy arc quality drops. As for the main tournament arc the author doesn’t even know how to distribute powers to each character.

Romance ... more>>

Romance in this novel is fukimg aweful. It’s a mystery how one write romance this terrible without getting arrested. Romance is too forced and is too stupid, man jumps from Samantha to Mu girl like he jumping puddles of water not to get some J’S wet.


Fights in this novel is where is at its worst. In this novel plot arms doesn’t matter, MC basically always find the way to win because he’s not been giving his best and is always like little more powerful than his opponent. Author makes each new renown character seem so powerful and logically MC shouldn’t be able to beat them but f*ck what do u know he’s actually slightly stronger than them it’s just that he didn’t show it.

Man read this novel if u just wanna know how low this novel will get <<less
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Stomper621 rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: c131
This is a very exciting book. Essentially combining Wuxia cultivation concept with futuristic sci-fi technology. The great thing is that it isn't normal wuxia cultivation where people spend years at a time isolated to gather energy. It also is some sci-fi novel all about mechs and robotics and crap. Combining the best parts of wuxia matial arts and sci-fi technology, it managed a perfect balance between the two that I never thought would happen so perfectly. Though I have to admit, the author clearly has a foot fetish that he... more>> made sure to have the MC have. He is always talking about how ever person would be mesmerized by the girls snow white feet. Rather gross if you ask me. <<less
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agila0212 rated it
January 15, 2018
Status: c277
One of the best sci-fi novels I`ve read. Much better than Battle Frenzy which I also like. If you like academy life and various competitions where MC shows off his awesome abilities then this is for you.
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Donniestorm rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: c485
I, will only say this the MC isn't afraid to try new things with the female leads and he has an interesting background, and he carries himself very well. I don't want to tell you too much, but, yeah the story the doesn't begin until after chapter 460. The first 459 chapters are all about world building, relationship building, and you see all the things the MC had to overcome to get to where he is when the story begins. Wang Tong doesn't win every fight. Sometimes getting your butt... more>> kicked helps you learn a lesson, and not every lesson comes with a powerup. You, become very attached to all the characters, because they all have time to shine and show off their personalities. The side characters are not cardboard cut outs; they, are people you grow to like. You basically get to be Wang Tong as you grow with these people around you until the real story starts at chapter 460, and the world where you thought your dreams, goals, and love were all finally going to be fulfilled gets shot to hell in a mess of blood and destruction. Oh, yeah on a nice note the Author doesn't forget how to use Wang Tong's powers different power ups as he continues to change and grow. He's also not one of those people who kill someone for offending his honor. Because as far as Wang Tong's concerned he has no honor defend. Wang Tong acts kind of like Shanks from one piece at certain times. <<less
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Elheim rated it
April 15, 2019
Status: c678
The novel is a typical shonen wish-fullfilment story. It has a protagonist that can fight, has an infamous secret identity, is an object of girls' affection, is admired by people, has friends, is cool, etc. It has everything I ever dreamed of as an adolescent.

Is it realistic? Not in the slightest. However, the plot is coherent and the writing is quite entertaining with some scenes being relatable. (MC flunks exams)

There's tons of pseudo-science involved and LOT of things don't make sense at all. Just accept those as real in... more>> this world. There are also things/events that should have been explained but was instead glossed over. (Like his water source inside the mine) In these parts, I just fill in the blanks and move on.

What attracted and kept me reading is the overall plot. After finishing the story, it's clear that the author has envisioned an ending at the onset and worked his way to it. Unlike other stories that just goes nowhere.

The characters are also likeable and have their own motivations. They grow up and learn, and some of them have actual roles to play instead of just being there.

Although the progression is often predictable and filled with all the tropes of a generic shonen, I do have to admit that some of twists are quite exquisite.

Overall, it may not be a masterpiece but it's an enjoyable read nonetheless. <<less
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skirby1990 rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: c446
Overall I would recommend this for those that enjoy Cultivation, School Life, Romance, Harem, and Weak to Strong.

Cultivation - 3 Star - MC has the most powerful cultivation in the universe and I can agree with this as this is the common theme when a cultivation is involved. Overall I think this aspect is handled rather well but there could be some improvements made.

School Life - 3 Star - There is not too much to say about the school life it was also rather normal for a military academy with... more>> some standard situations occurring.

Romance - 5 Star - I feel that the romance aspect of this novel was handled really well and it really drew me in more so that any of the other novels that I have read so far even if it was frustrating at times.

Harem - 5 Star - I am going to call this a harem but you could argue for or against that for several reasons. To this point I felt that it tied into the romance aspect quite well and didn't draw away from the romance aspect at all.

Weak to Strong - 4 Star - I can honestly say that this was not the best but better than most in terms of strength development. I honestly felt that there were times where power was acquired too fast for the effort put in and made the situation rather boring at times. Overall it was handled well and there is nothing that was too far gone from the normal development pace. <<less
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Liu rated it
August 20, 2018
Status: c434
I didn't know why this series is rated so low.

Compared to the authors other series, it's not hugely inferior and even follows similar plot progression. Yet, still earns a vastly lower score compared to its related works.

I believe this is due to the shitty plot description. The whole setting suggest a post-apocalyptic world overrun by monsters and a man's struggle to survive at the brink of extinction. When really the storyline follows the school life of an underdog character's struggle to reach the top in a world filled... more>> with elite clans and strong young masters. Which follows the authors usual MO of the low-key MC who builds his strength with a hidden identity as he gradually fights to achieve his goals.

The role of the monsters doesn't even play much of a pivotal part within the story until much later and is more centred around character progression. The shitty qidan art doesn't help this misconception either. Shown by the striking contrast between cover arts of the authors series and this.... TT0TT

The Norton arc only last a brief period of the story and introduces the MC (his naive, inexperienced, gonna get himself killed character) and lays down the setting for the old man and the mc's growth as he finds his aim in life. The plot then leads to a school life scenario with strength building in a battle/academic school.

I find this series overall very enjoyable, wouldn't expect less from this author. Don't be scared of the low score, people come expecting gritty apocalypse world yet find light hearted school life with a bunch of naive kids (although they do grow in the future). <<less
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