So What If It’s an RPG World?


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Hey? Why is there a HP Bar and a Title above your head? Why do you know magic? Hey, why are there people slashing their swords at me!? What’s wrong with this world? Why is it so much like an RPG!? HEY!!

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UnknownSaint171 rated it
May 11, 2016
Status: --
This Novel has a lot of flaws that will give you headaches. There were many times I wanted to drop this. The story is Random and all over the place. Don’t read this for Plot or Setting. But read this for the Action & Comedy.

Ill say this here and now but the Romance is absolutely terrible. Don’t expect any good Romance.
... more>>

The Main Character is incredibly insensitive and Alters the Memory of his Fiancé to stop liking him. He also has called a 7 year old attractively beautiful. What the hell? As for the Yandere tag. The Author has failed making a Yandere. The Girl Oyando is merely obsessed with him to the point of annoying. Most of the time she doesn't even act her Yandere role! It was forced upon her.


Here are a few points I’d like to make. Please read them.

-Characters and their personalities are well thought of and great but aren’t used to their full potential. Which saddens me. Once they have a Role they are discarded for later.

– if you like RPGs or Transfering World stories this Novel is for you. Especially if you like Death March. This Novel gives a very Japanese feeling to it. Which makes it easy to read.

-First the Main Character is strong then weak then strong. The cycle never ends. Its really irritating.

-Their are Arcs that feel very forced. Like School Arc. Makes no sense why its there.

-its true what some reviewers say. The Author is indecisive and can’t decide what to do with the Main Character and other Characters! He never thought things through..

– The only cool thing about this story is Players wrecking Havoc on a parrelel World.

I think giving this story 3 stars is approtiate. How can you give it a perfect 5 when it has so many inconsistencies?But I am fond of this Novel. Its a good read. Just don't give it 5 stars and falsely give high expectations... <<less
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NaM rated it
March 10, 2016
Status: --
So what if its an Rpg world? I can only say that its a Chinese Novel with a Japanese Feel.. Well written novel. Funny and definitely more hilarious than some japanese novel with the same "Transported to another world" theme.. A bit slow phased and more on goofing around.. But soon you will realize that all those goofing around are slowly connecting with the plot. Which is cool in its on way.. if you guys wish to read a "LIGHT HEARTED" (non serious) novel.. Then this novel is for... more>> you! <<less
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Charslay rated it
January 16, 2017
Status: v9c10
Personally I really like this kind of main character. A lot of people called him a pushover but I think he's just more laid back than other main characters out there. I've read all the chapters currently translated. The powers and events that happened never felt dull or rushed to me, and the characters weren't all the average run of the mill side characters that can't think for themselves with no personality at all.

The main ''objective'' felt kind of ignored most of the time while they all went about and... more>> did their own things, they never really addressed things such as why they were there, how they got there, and if it's possible to get back. Obviously they are trying to find ways to figure that out, but so far they have made next to 0 progress.

The main character is OP for sure when he gets into a fight, but despite that even when he wins a fight against someone, he doesn't kill them or injure them greatly unless he considers them to be an enemy... AKA someone who hurt him or his friends. To me this gives a lot of appeal to this novel because he isn't the typical arrogant bastard you find in a lot of novels.

Overall, despite it's occasional faults for me this novel is worth the 5 star rating. Give it a try for the first volume or so to see if it appeals to you. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
October 12, 2015
Status: v8
The chapters jump all over the place. The first three volumes are ok, but the fourth volume has ten different settings and constant new characters being introduced with the plot jumping all around.

I have read up to the current chapter, and I feel like no improvements have been made since vol 4. I was disappointed after the drop in quality in the vol 3 to vol 4 transition. Reading from vol 4-8 has made it even clearer that the author is constantly pulling bullsh*t out of his ass near constantly... more>> when writing this. The setting is near consistently inconsistent, with the main character being a perfect godlike being, and the side characters being incredibly one dimensional. The author makes up for not having a plotline or consistent settings by constantly pulling events out of his ass, I feel like I'm reading a marvel comicbook with their constant cross overs and events that "will change the marvel universe forever" <<less
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Liamrodhudson331 rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: v9c10
I'm proud of myself for reading until chapter v9c10. This novel just has so many flaws that it makes me wonder did the author actually put effort in it. Here are 2 biggest problems I found with this novel

1. Annoying Japan-based characters. And yes! I'm looking at you, love-interests! So we have a few tsundere who, just like every female characters ever, can't come clean with their feelings. A yandere sister type that can be very annoying. The undead elf, who openly expresses her affection to the MC but got... more>> forgotten 'cuz some annoying yandere won't let her get near the MC. Basically, this is a smash up between Japanese and Chinese novels. Chinese antagonists and friends while Japanese love interests. Oh! And don't even get me started on the MC, he's denser than Yuuki Rito in To Love Ru series! At least Rito sometime questions Haruna's love for him, but this guy is just plain out stupid. This is the biggest problem with the novel.

2. Plots are all over the place. I mean are you even trying right now author ? Your plots are so messed up I can't even describe it. Have you ever heard, one problem at a time?!! I mean f**k, I read this twice and I can't even understand what it is about. The biggest plot is what is this world, but the author seems to only focus on nonsensical plots that have no relation to the main story without advancing the story at all, and overly large amount of plots make it very hard for reader to catch on with what is happening. <<less
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Mundi rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: v4c58
So far, this whole story is without a goal. There is no build up, no climax, nothing. The MC wanders around doings quests, getting into impossibly idiotic sotuations, and just generally being op. Not only that, the constant tsukkomi comedy is terrible. No offence, I like that kind of comedy... in moderation. They "drop a tsukkomi" seemingly multiple times per chapter which are relatively short compared to other light novels. Honestly, I only started this because of how much content was already released but I just can't continue. I can't... more>> truthfully say I completely regret starting this novel but I can say I regret reading as much of it as I have. It was good for a short while. Thats it.


One other problem is just how many mistakes the MC makes allllll the time. For example, the unique skills (sacrafices). By the time he unlocked being able to upgrade the skills, he still had many, if not all of, his skill points. As we noted with his mini-map skill, the unpleasant side effects of the skills have the possibility of being removed with more level-ups. With that in mind, would it not be worth the risk to instead invest in an over-powered skill like the one mentioned earlier in the novel with the ability of a god within a certain area but being trapped for eternity. If he could invest all of the skill points he earns afterwards in the skill, wouldn't it be possible to be invincible?

The point is, this MC just makes too many mistakes and its kind of frustrating him walking around all cheerily when hes doind stupid sh*t all the time.

Also, side note, with such a care-free character, throwing in serious moments like when talking about his fiance with "World" is just awkward and throws off the pace.


Anyways, this is a post from the guy who read to v4 c58 and rated 2/5. Thanks for suffering through my complaints.

-Mundi <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Deohge rated it
March 24, 2016
Status: --
Def. 5/5 for me... And something the last reviewer said that is fundamentaly wrong... He isn't a Japanese MC... This is a Chinese novel ^^.. Anyhow.. From the cool skills /interface, the yandere little sister or the tsundere best friend.. Love this book
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Kami Association
Holy Dragon Emperor rated it
October 23, 2015
Status: --
Just to make it clear for everyone, this is a Chinese novel (the translator said so), but who said Chinese people can't write something like this. The plot was interesting, some say the author change the plot rather quickly maybe that's true but from the recent chapters, I can see that the author follow it with a follow-up plot.
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-faded- rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: v8c1
If I had to compare this novel to something it would be Death March.

Just like that novel it is rather funny and light hearted, and the MC spends most of his time wondering why has he been dropped in an RPG like world (it has not been verified if the world is a VR like Matrix or simply a different world with game like rules like Death March). True to the title the MC can't accept the world to be "just a game" and tends to always take the moral... more>> high ground, even when it gets him in trouble. Mostly the kind of trouble that leaves me roaring with laughter.

What I like most about this series is the leveling system, various classes, skills, races and abilities. Watching the characters progress through the story is quite interesting.

Good novel to read if you want something light to lift your mood. 5 stars. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bloodthirsty_Maniac rated it
May 6, 2016
Status: --
If you are expecting a something along the lines of ark or virtual world: unparalleled under the sky then this is an good read. If you are expecting something like coiling dragon, against the gods or RE:Monster then you will be disappointed. Things are getting boring then skim through until you get to bold letters and then start reading a paragraph or to above, you will still be able to understand to story if you do this. It is a fantastic thing to read as long as you don't think... more>> to hard, (IE: if you are bored) very easy to understand (as long as you are at least a senior in high school) and will get you hooked on it after a tiny bit of boredom. I am currently at the 3 volume and I only started reading this like 5 hours ago, (I stopped skimming after the first half of the first volume) <<less
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Deyalord rated it
April 1, 2016
Status: --
Kind of confusing to me the protagonist is going to a lot of places very quickly, its like the author introduces a place and people but doesn't like it in the end and than the MC goes somewhere else and same thing happens idk
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Parth37955 rated it
February 11, 2016
Status: --
The story is a bit random... , okay, really random. MC is surrounded by loli’s, resembles a Japanese novel, more so than a Chinese one. Really lighthearted for the most part because the main characters know that they can’t really die. MC tries to keep his distance from the game, not getting too involved with the “NPC’s”. But as the series progresses, he finds it more difficult to treat the world as a game. It’s a decent way to spend some time, not really a novel you’d read for sophisticated... more>> or complex plot or relationships. <<less
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Renaxan rated it
June 22, 2018
Status: v9c3
I assume this novel, altho its CN its damn similiar with JP novel. MC power is similiar to jobless novel. MC are one who do anything valuable for him, such killing stealing scamming etc, treat the world like vacation place yet he is nothing to aim, and so dense so theres nothing romantical progress in this story. This isnt bad, but felt out of place.

The story.. Since theres no clear aim, MC does anything. A lot character introduced, some of them has detail, rest you could call them filler character... more>> like in naruto anime.

Theres a good ammount of humor out of nowhere, MC almost like tsukomi anything he seen. I wouldnt lie to myself that im enjoying this novel so far. <<less
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Oukis Lips
Oukis Lips rated it
September 10, 2017
Status: v2c16
I won't say the plot is nonexistent, but the author places way more importance on crappy one-liner jokes than plot. Moreover, the entire first volume was a waste. I can't say exactly how without spoilers, but essentially you could just read the first 3 chapters (out of 28) and then skip over the rest of the first volume, and you'd still be able to understand the second volume.

As for the MC's personality: I think the author couldn't decide whether he wanted to follow the general Chinese WN trope of 'weak-to-strong'... more>> and 'pragmatic, ambitious, ruthless' protagonist, or the Japanese WN trope of 'OP' and 'naive, understated, pushover' protagonist. So he decided to mix the two... only he chose the worst attribute of each. We end up with an MC who has to work his way up from the dregs of the strength hierarchy, but at the same time he's a completely understated, naive, pushover who refuses to kill and wants to be viewed as a hero. <<less
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tuado94 rated it
September 9, 2016
Status: v2
The story for this novel is just all over place... main character is just a push over and pretty much follows the decision of what ever new character just turn up made, it's so dull... give out a feeling that he can't think for him self and is there to be ordered around.. There aren't much character development either, every single character feel stale and boring..

The story is just a mess, character could be in a dungeon some where and then suddenly appear in another country doing something else in... more>> like 5 sentence... 2 "main" character could be standing in a dungeon and then one of them die off because some bull sh*t reason, then the MC just continue with the story and like nothing ever happened. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DevilScarlet rated it
March 11, 2016
Status: --
A classic japanese novel... yeah it should be a chinesse but... Well there’s harem, loli, dense MC, OP MC, transport to other world, Harem member bullying MC, Augmented reality, god, devil... classic.

Well since I like this genre, that’s fine. But the problem is that the author seems to want his character to experience all the thing in the world so it’s a bit fast paced and there is lot of event for the MC to resolve. Allong the way the MC pick lolis (but the MC don’t like lolis)

And... more>> since the author put a lot of event it looks like he lost himslef in the plot and write things with no plan so sometimes the MC looks like he forgot something and then suddenly he remember and come up with a reason...


So like almost every japan MC this guy is a bit selfish and even use the power of the “world” to change the memory of a girl.
Since there is lot of event :
He start with a girl and get separated from her (the main female protagonnist). This last for a whole volume with almost no word about it.
He disappear somwhere and don’t even tell his fiance where he his. And this last for a whole volume.
He make a suicide in front of lot of ppl and don’t tell he is alive (well he resurrected) to the girl who was with him at this time. Last for a couple of chapter.
He disappear in an abyss and don’t contact 3 of the girl he left behind for a whole volume.
He die in front of a girl that don’t know he can resurrect and don’t tell her he is alive or don't try to contact her, last for half a volume...
I think this list will never end as I read this novel.


Well don’t take me wrong, this novel is fine if you don’t get attached to one of the girl he meet since you don’t know whe he will forget about her. Remember that it’s a harem.

3/5 as of Vol 5 <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Metazone rated it
September 12, 2015
Status: --
Just finished volume one and not that thrilled. MC doesn't appear that bright, dialog is blah. Maybe the humor plays better in Japanese but in English it is coming off as something for 7th graders. Maybe it gets better and if it does, let me know. I hate giving a work a bad review knowing that a great bunch of people have invested a lot of heart and time translating it, gomenasai and thanks for your hard work.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mideris rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: v9
I honestly have given this a four for pretty much everything but the storyline. It lacks a fully linear timeline and jumps around a lot. Is it followable? To a degree. Is it good? It's not the worst I've seen. Is it amusing? Yes. Aside from there being so many lolis you can tell from Skybreak City when the author is in Mitchell Kingdom that they're a hardcore lolicon. Lucifer has come for my soul because I read this, and sorry bub, I lost that thing awhile ago. If you're... more>> looking for a fairly amusing story centered around a Jack-Of-All-Trades and enough lolis to populate 17 elementary schools, then you're in luck. Lolicons, be happy, most of the lolis are legal. Maybe not for you, but for the MC.

Aside from that, the writing is actually a bit more bulky than most light novels I've seen, the grammar in the tl is decent, the chapters and volumes are AMAZINGLY long. (For the love of Haruhi. volume 9 is 80 CHAPTERS! And the rest range around 40-50, it's just... so... beautiful...) <<less
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Qvintex rated it
December 14, 2017
Status: v7c32
Early volumes might be worth 4 stars, but later volumes go downhill (at least those which I managed to finish reading).

First five volumes were a decent read. Some plotholes and random stuff but not too much. In 6th volume story was getting slightly annoying and reading 7th volume was a chore. As for 8th - didn't even manage to get past prologue.


In regards to story, it is ok early on. World building might be a bit shallow, but it doesn't have big impact on the story. MC is OP with prety decent plot armor. There is some foreshadowing for harem, but sadly MC too dense. Many girls introduced, but nothing happening up until vol 7. No idea how it is later, but this point alone takes one star away from me.

Fights might be a bit bland, but don't expect too much when to use skills all they need to do is to press one button.

This review is uninformative and might be a bit negative, but I still enjoyed reading this story. But be warned, later volumes will become repetitive or annoying. And if anyone manages to get past vol 7, feel free to message me and tell if it gets better.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
thorlong rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: v9c70
Hahahaha~ Screw it, this is an interesting story, will never bore you, but might drive you mad. Loads of game elements but a $hitStorm of rule bending, super extra tropes, and plot shifts. Good luck on keeping track of what is going on, I often wonder if the author does. Translation gets 8/10 for the occasional human error that the translators could have fixed using G00gle D0cs grammar and spelling check. Best to read in volume chunks to avoid the sudden shifts or cliff hops (that is a cliff hanger... more>> that the author decided to write around instead of fixing, kind of like the feeling when a group of time travelers leave one of their teammates in a collapsed timeline and no one in the team seems to care). I swear this story needs a Wiki to keep up with the loop arounds. At least the protagonist knows he is only one dude and only has two hands. <<less
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