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A mecha otaku is reincarnated into another world as Ernesti Echevalier (Eru). In this world there exist huge humanoid weapons known as Silhouette Knight. Dreaming of piloting those robots, Eru, with childhood friends, Archid Walter and Adeltrud Walter: together they will aim to become a Knight Runner, pilot of Silhoutte Knight.

Knights & Magic average rating 4.4/5 - 308 user ratings
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Knight's and Magic
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Lachiel rated it
October 31, 2015
Status: --
Modern world -programmer who likes mecha's gets transported into another world. He finds out that mecha's are a real thing in this world and then goes on his goals of.. Owning his own mecha.. :D

While the MC is a bit weird it gives him his own uniqueness. The side character's are great they all have their own roles and it seems they are growing along with the MC as he moves on in the world creating his own path.
Its a blend of slice of life - Mecha and action.... more>> I recommend this to anyone who likes these kinds of things~ <<less
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ninthlite rated it
December 16, 2015
Status: --
Another one of those wish fulfillment novels, the MC is a perfect genius who is loved by all. Every other character is solely used to display how op and wonderful the MC is. Also the mech fights are boring when you know the MC is going to perfectly win, and it is even more boring to read how a uber genius MC is "revolutionizing" the mech engineering.
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whosays25 rated it
November 6, 2015
Status: --
This is one of the greatest sci fi novel I have read. Knights and magic is really the one for those who are already sick of harem type novels and are looking for something unique but fun to read.
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knighteem rated it
February 2, 2016
Status: --
Very unique story where MC slowly makes robots of his dream. Anything related to robots will have his 100% undivided attention.

The are reviews are good enough but I just want to inform you new readers something abt this series. The review from chojen is good but there are a few facts that he didnt really mentioned which makes his comparison a bit off and wrong. I will try explain in more details so chojen and bakadogeza, if u are reading this, no offense intended.

Skythewood translations is actually a chinese... more>> to english translation. The translator doesnt know anything about japanese. Meaning its a double translation from japanese to chinese to english. In this context, There will definitely be mistranslated portions here and there.

Another point to note is that since he is translating the chinese version, he needs to wait till the chinese novel is release so he is actually not dropping it. Just waiting for the new release so that he could translate it from there. Therefore, even when the japanese versions are already a few volumes further, if the chinese version is not released, our translator have no work till then.

you could say that he is doing his best effort to give use quality work and he also doesnt mind if there is anyone continue his work.

Since I have been following skythewood, I could not compare it with Bakadogeza objectively.
i have read his work and in terms of quality, I feel its lacking and a bit weird sometimes. I do not know weather that translator is doing a jap to eng translation or double translation same as sky. It is due to this that it is hard. I could sense the level of perfection when I read sky's work tho there are a few grammars mistakes, he is updating it as u can see a v2 on the links on his content pages.

another thing to note is that bakadogeza's work isn't that consistant. Doing only a certain few chapters and most in parts (which isnt a problem for me tho). Unlike sky who did 3 whole volumes with great consistency, baka has only done about 4 chapters in weird order. A prologue, chp 20, 24 n 29. With this in mind, I could not grasp the quality of his work and it seems to be more appropriate description that he is translating by the moment. <<less
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Drace rated it
March 8, 2016
Status: --
Interesting Novel

Highly recommend with a casual OP, SmartAss MC

Just chilling around making mech's that leave everyone to the dust

Magic, Mechs and a pretty nice MC all make it a worth while to at the very least TRY IT OUT
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pauguste16 rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: c25
25 chapters in and all I could say is meh. The general premise of the story is okay. The very first major battle however was the highlight of what I've read so far. The novel suffers for being excessively wordy and descriptive for things that you will inevitably forget. Additionally there are paragraph long descriptions for actions as mundane as walking. Basically what I'm saying is you can skim chapters and be fine. On another note the side characters are very very very 2 dimensional and over done; not at... more>> all interesting. You have the serious stoic Edgar, the hothead Di, mature female helvi/tiffa, young and in love Female love interest Ady, laid back guy Chid, burly mans man Boss/Batson, you even have the eccentric King. All their actions revolve around these actions. Which is not Necessarily bad but makes for an uninteresting series of events <<less
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Fossil rated it
September 14, 2016
Status: v2c14
This is a great novel! It's main emphasis is on mechs, building mechs, fighting with mechs, etc.

Well, no, but it's close enough.

My one complaint: You see that cover image? That's supposed to be a heroine, right? She looks quite feminine as well.... Wait, let me correct myself. He looks quite feminine as well.

Yes, the MC is a trap. No, I don't like it. Do I care? Yes. Will I still read the story? Of course! It'll still bug me, though.

Now read the story already!
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captain crunch
captain crunch rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: v4c37
Rating: 3.5 stars (maybe 3), Translation: 4/5

(My reviews may sound negative, but I'm just listing reasons why I didn't give 5 stars.)

[[5 star = almost all readers will enjoy. 4 star = large majority of readers will enjoy. 3 star = 50/50 of readers will enjoy. 2 star = a niche audience will enjoy. 1 star = maybe portion of niche audience will enjoy.]]

[[5/5 = Infrequent minor errors. 4/5 = Frequent minor errors or infrequent major errors, no difficulty to read. 3/5 = Frequent major errors, some... more>> difficulty to read. 2/5 = Difficult to read. 1/5 = Unreadable.]]

A programmer and mecha otaku dies and is born again into a fantasy world. His memories of his old life return when he becomes age 3. The country he lives in borders a demon zone, and defends itself with magic-powered mechas. From the moment he becomes self-aware of his old life, MC's goal is to become a mecha pilot.

Has a medieval fantasy setting, demon beasts (but not really at forefront, just isolated incidents), magic system (more like part of natural world rather than RPG system), mecha and other magic technology, reincarnation from birth to teenage years, school life arc when MC trains to be a mecha pilot, moderate amount of combat (with demon beasts and other mecha), some politics/factions. There is a harem and romance tag, but I haven't seen any of that, as of chapter 37 (girls dote over MC because he looks and sounds like a girl, not because of romantic feelings). MC is not OP, but other people are relatively unskilled.

This is an interesting setting, the translation is good, and the imagery isn't bad. But there are a couple problems that I have, but other people may not: how programming relates to magic, and the believability of the MC's accomplishments.

I'm not sure if the author is a programmer, or if it's the translation, but "scripts" controls magic in this new world. The author sometimes says they're "compiled, " but scripts usually do not need compilation, and are different from programs. It's also strange why everyone has to continually write scripts when it sounds like software is already installed on their magic devices. The author's description of how magic works in this world is a bit vague on what "scripting" looks like and how magicians interact with the system. The mechanism he describes also seems to be violated by the MC and companions, even though they don't have any special abilities. This issue may not be a big deal to most people, but to me, there should be a higher standard of consistency needed to suspend belief when trying to use a real-world activity or knowledge in a fantasy setting.

The MC's accomplishments are related to his creativity with magic techniques and mecha engineering innovations. The problem is that many of MC's improvements are fairly ordinary changes, and the reactions of other people to them are so exaggerated (almost falling down, heavy breathing, loud exclamations). Mecha technology has existed in this world for many centuries, and it sounds like it takes 100-200 years to come up with a new mass produced mecha. The author explains all this by saying there's just a difference in "common sense" in this world. But, to me, it sounds like the people in this world are unimaginative or terrible soldiers and engineers. It makes me feel like MC's accomplishments aren't all that impressive, and people's reactions feel a bit annoying.

Other general issues are common ones that I see in many LN/WN: frequent time skips (backwards and forwards, sometimes multiple per chapters), frequent change in setting/location with no warning, not much character personality or development, redundant or obvious information, not a lot of suspense or intrigue. Sometimes I just speed read over uninteresting sections.

This is an interesting combination of magic and mecha in the reincarnation/fantasy genre. I really want to like it. I think the combined issues mentioned above would make a rating of 3.5 out of 5 on my scale. Somewhat more than 50/50 of readers may find something to like about this series. Others may lose interest during the slow chapters or from the storytelling style, especially if they're not into this fusion of genres. Some may be disappointed that there is no romance or harem, despite being tagged. My 2 personal complaints, I think many people wouldn't be bothered by them to the degree that I was. But if many people were, it might lower the rating to 3.

Other: I believe this is the WN version. As of March 2017, the translation team is on hiatus after completing Volume 4, or Chapter 37, because they are using the Chinese translation to translate into English. Volume 5 hasn't yet been translated into Chinese. <<less
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BrotherofHavok rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: c33 part5
Completely believable! Modern day fan of Giant Robots fighting, finds himself in a world that HAS giant robots that fight other giant robots and monsters that threaten to destroy towns and thousands of people? What fan wouldn't have a raging nerd-boner in that kind of situation?

Love the monster battles and love the troubles of building giant mechs and the near constant war between kingdoms.
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z4raki rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: v4c33
This novel is about a Robot-lover programmer that died and reincarnated in a world where Robot and Magic coexist. And because Magic like programming, he strive to make Robot he likes.

One think I can say about this novel is that the passion of the writer (and translator) was clearly felt. It has no remarkable twist, no drama, and no intrigue. But it makes this novel simple and likable.
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Dream Seeker
Dream Seeker rated it
June 6, 2016
Status: v2 prologue
An interesting fantasy novel that weaves programing principles into an alternative world. The story is the basic Knight to Hero story, but written well enough to be pleasurable read. I would recommend this to fans of mechas and Knights.
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chojen rated it
November 30, 2015
Status: --
This is a pretty good light novel, it has a lot of familiar tropes but I think that it tinkers with the formula enough that the end result is unique enough and interesting to read. The problem is the translations, at chapter 28 the series was dropped by Skythewood and picked up by Bakadogeza and though I can certainly appreciate him taking the time to do translations it becomes so much more difficult to stay engaged with the series reading his posts.

Here's a side by side comparison of the same... more>> statement from the two.

The requirements were too amazing, even Ady who was listening by the side almost said: “What kind of requests are these?” Despite that, Eru was still smiling happily.

On the contrary, Even Ady who had been hearing the whole thing, and had a thought of [Which part of it that was not a big deal?] and almost protest this, It was Eru smiling with his ease when he response to the order with overflowing joyful that stop her. <<less
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arnoldstrife rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: v4c37
It's a fun novel. It's part of a new generation of protagonist where the protagonist is horribly overpowered and just win. Like No Game No Life and other similar novels.

What makes it interesting and not just bland is the interesting world, fun characters, and innovative problem solving. Also, the main character is fantastic.

His skills are almost a Deux ex Machina. It's saved from the horrible crutches of Deux ex Machina in that the lead up to the resolution of the conflict is well paced and foreshadowed so it's not unbelievable... more>> to you, his friends, and those in the know. It's only Deux ex Machina like to the antagonists. It makes for a fun anticipation to see the over the top way he's going to resolve the current issue and the reactions when it happens. The dissonance in how he thinks vs how the world sees him is part of the humor.

This is not a drama, the outcome was never in doubt. It's an adventure and drama is a punch in the face with the power of friendship (and mechs).

Let's talk about the main character. He is really likable, he works extremely hard and the character is internally self-consistent (this means his goals, motivation, and actions through out the story are consistent and not driving to act in a certain way for plot reasons). He is also much more like Negi (A child genius) from Negima than he is from any of the typical reincarnated series. His reincarnation is not a major point. His hard work, dedication, and genius from a young age are. To help emphasize that he has 2 friends he meets at a young age who joins him on his adventure and following his life style. They learn from him and train with him and have similarly become pretty overpowered themselves. Although they lack the same drive and out of the box thinking. In addition, he was born in this world and has a family he cherishes. The reincarnation is only an odd thing that leaves him memories in addition to his own. He doesn't refer to himself as someone who is reincarnated only referring to himself as Eru, his current life. It makes it seem like it isn't that he was reincarnated that was special but it is his personality that is special. Such as even if he didn't have his past self's memory he would of eventually revolutionize the world anyway. It might just have taken a bit longer.

Some Cons

    • There's a lot of narration explaining the fictional mech/magic system. Many times it's repetitive of the same system previously explain.
    • The series goes really fast. Time skips are extremely often (developing a new mech isn't done in a span of a week after all) and for some reason, we get recaps of previous events as if the previous chapter actual was released months ago. This might be due to how it was released as a web novel. But reading it volume by volume it seems odd at how often you get a recap.
    • It's not a romance or a harem. He's in love with his mechs. That's it. There aren't multiple girls contesting for his attention and you can hardly say what's in the series counts as romance. It's an adventure, there are friends, and some of them are female. That's about it.
In conclusion. Don't take it seriously. Go for the adventure it's fast, fun, and will leave you in a good mood. No drama here. <<less
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shinikage rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: v2c18
To be honest is a generic novel about a reincarnated guy that uses his world common sense and knowledge/skills in order to change everything while becoming peerless and unbeatable at the age of twelve years old, pure wish fulfillment, nothing really new to see for those familiar with the genre, the characters are 2D you will find pretty much every type of cliche character here, the only interesting fights are the ones where the MC doesnt participate, since he is so op that is boring
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nakie08 rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: v4c37
It's a very good novel.

It's a story about a guy reincarnated in a world where mechs and magic exists. He retains his memory and uses his love of mechs (ie. Gundams) in the previous world to design and build real-life ones in the new world using his superior magic and knowledge.

The thing I love about this LN is that it only really focus on mechs and their creation, and leaves out harem parts which so many other LNs tend to focus on.

Also to those complaining about wish-fulfillment. It's a reincarnation... more>> story, by that it should be obvious that it's a wish-fulfillment story. 90% of novels on this site are like that. Come on, let's stop complaining about it as if that's not what we're really here for.

Update for Volume 4:
Volume for is probably the best volume yet. It's action packed. It really proves that the author has the capability to write great action scenes. Although toned down, the author also shows skill in presenting believable geopolitical and court intrigue. It's not perfect. One of the flaws is, ofcourse, that the MCs are practically invincible, but at this point I consider that par for the course. This volume is what made me decide that I would actively be following the progress of this novel from now on. <<less
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Graavi rated it
July 9, 2017
Status: v2
I love the concept of this but I cant take the hero seriously because of the name, same with location names, they use Finnish word and the capital city they live is called Hangover (Kankkunen) and Laihiala is basically place in Finland where all the jokes are directed. Still, great idea, lots of fun things in the novel, but my god... the names xD
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Asf rated it
January 1, 2016
Status: --
He will eventually make a mech similar to shin getter/ machine kaizer... the battle will also be against the odds. Mecha lover will deffinitely love that hot blodded battle. Lol
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nin rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: v5c39
Do you like giant robots? Yes? Then go ahead; it's honestly about as simple as that.

To go into further detail, while it does have the typical cliche of the OP protagonist, said OP protagonist isn't that bad because the novel goes into detail about how he trained really hard to become that OP instead of it being due to luck. It makes it clear that anyone who trained as hard as the protagonist could theoretically become as strong. Furthermore, if you hate harems, there's none of that here. Furthermore, while... more>> the protagonist does use his personal common sense to advance technology, I found that the explanation for why the protagonist's and the world's common sense on how to treat the mecha to be 100% justified especially if you consider that the time the world takes place in is pre-industrial/scientific revolution.

The highlight of this novel series are the magical mecha research and development sequences. The explanations for the technology and mecha designs are always fun to read. Unfortunately, in contrast, the action scenes aren't as strong, even if they are usually adequate. The first three volumes don't have much of an overarching plot and are very slice of life. The seeds of a plot are planted in volume 2 and manifest in full form at volume 4 though.

The protagonist is largely a static character and doesn't really go under much character development, but the side characters get their own somewhat interesting character arcs that let some of them be likable. None of the side characters individually are strong enough to carry the story along, but even though the protagonist doesn't really develop as a character, he is pretty easy to empathize with if you like giant robots enough and is compelling enough to be the center of the story.

But seriously, the medieval mecha are cool. And in the end, perhaps that is all that truly matters for the hardcore mecha fan. <<less
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LivingCorpse rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: v5 prologue
Do you like Isekai Stories? Do you also like Giant Robots? If you happen to like them both like me, then this Novel is the epitome of men's wet dream. Also as a bonus, the MC is cute. Cuteness is Justice! Giant Robot will save the World! And this Novel has both! So this novel is The Justice that will Save The World! Wooo! Yeah!

Ahem... *cough*

So, this is a story about a young man (?) changing the world through his hobby. And his hobby happens to be building Giant Robot... more>> so of course, expect a lot of Robo Fight (Woooo! Yeah!). The story focused on Political and Mecha Building with a little Romance Subplot, so expect a lot of talking and confusing Jargon about Mecha Building.

I really recommend this if you're also a Mecha enthusiast and Isekai story lover like me. <<less
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deathcoy rated it
December 16, 2016
Status: v6
Usual reincarnated into a fantasy world but with a twist, rather than sword and magic its piloting mecha via magic. As a fan of mecha, this LN hit the spot for me. Although its pretty much cliche and shounen-ish as reincarnation themed stories go, at least the mecha focus made it unique story. If you hate mecha then this LN might not be for you.

Setting & lore: Its very original imo and I love it. Fantasy world with magic and monsters. People there don't fight with swords and magic but... more>> rather pilot mecha/robots which are a fusion of magic and technology. Various kingdoms litter the continent with complicated relations and diplomacy. There are also tons of uncharted regions inhabited by dangerous monsters big and small that can pose a threat to humanity. There are also other sentient fantasy race. The theme is pretty much "War" and "Crisis", quite a bland encompassing plot.

Main Character: Basically a gunpla otaku reincarnated into the mecha fantasy world. Very passionate about the mechas called Silhouette Knights and a genius at that, sometimes too enthusiastic it gets annoying. He is the cliche shounen protaganist which is kinda of a let down: he values friendship, has an affable and charismatic character, is an intelligent individual but dense when it comes to romance, a competent leader and strategist, he defends the weak and destroys evil, is pretty OP in combat and a genius at creating Silhouette Knights so much so that he revolutionize its technology etc; basically the cliche shounen MC tag. Oh, and he looks feminine too which provides some comedic relief.

Side/Other Characters: His entourage are made up of people with colorful personalities with their own perks and annoyances. You might like or hate some but pretty much are all lovable characters. There is reasonable amounts of character development & maturing but unfortunately they don't get enough limelight in the novel. Tertiary characters as expected don't have much lore behind them as they're there to progress the story. LN does shed some light on the motivations of the antagonists as well as their backstory but I'm not far enough into the novel to land a judgement on that.

Romance: Really not much of it in this LN. Its hinted and scatter here and there, love interest for the MC and probably the side characters but ultimately romance is not the focus of this LN. MC kinda has a harem but as mentioned earlier he is quite dense and too engrossed in mecha, so there is hardly any progress.

Fights/Action: Its needless to say its again the same old shounen showdown battles. MC is OP and winning the battle but surprise!!! A new challenger appears and puts the MC in a precarious position. He is outmatched and gradually being pressured but a sudden turn of events presented a crucial window of opportunity to attack and deal the fatal blow. MC wins and the world is saved, at same time MC's companions also win their respective battles and now they have another tale to add to their legend. Its more or less the same concept for every battle. Theres no creativity, ingenius tactics or manoeuvres in the battle sequences, just pure hot pumping action.

Writing: Good pacing and story progression. Plot transition and flow of events feels natural but is too predictable (well, it is shounen after all). So far I'm not feeling the grand scheme of things vibes or the underlying plots, not much foreshadowing to keep readers engaged. It is interesting but its as shounen as it gets; pretty light plot with no controversial writing, very simplistic chain of events and narrow context. Overall the story lacks depth and maturity. You probably won't find epic storytelling honestly. What I do like though is how the novel goes into technical details about the magic and technology, it is not as complicated as Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei but comfortable enough to keep it captivating.

Knights & Magic is a fairly decent read but don't expect too much from it. I'd recommend you give at least 2 volumes a try before making your judgement. If you're into mecha, shounen, high fantasy & technology hybrid or just looking for a light read to pass the time then this LN might what be you're looking for. <<less
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