Monster Paradise


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800 years ago, 3000 dimensional gates opened across the entire world. In that moment, it was as if 3000 different colored eyes opened across the world as hordes of monsters swarmed out of these gates like tears.

Some could destroy city walls with one strike; They had bodies the size of a giant and fed on humans

Some latched onto humans, absorbing their bodies’ nutrients and enslaving humans

Some infiltrated the humans’ cities, disguising themselves as normal human beings while feeding upon human blood to sustain themselves.

In a night, the Human race fell to the bottom of the food chain.

The world had turned into a paradise for monsters…

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Quái Vật Nhạc Viên
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91 Reviews

Nov 18, 2017
Status: c54
Very shoddily translated.

MC gets transported to another world, but it's one of those transfer MCs where you question why they even bothered since none of his thoughts are ideas are from Earth except when he thinks to himself "this system is like the card game I used to play." Wait, I almost forgot, he also thought to himself, "Oh, this is just like the webnovels I read on Qidian". MC gets a gacha card "system" with pretty absurdly strong powers, which is fine. MC proceeds to use it very poorly,... more>> which is less fine.

World in general is what I call "low-intelligence worlds", where a moron from Earth is a genius in this world. MC hailed as a genius for having mediocre ideas. Note that this is despite the world being seemingly at least equal to Earth in technology along with a large variety of "system" magic and magic tools.

And it gets worse. Characters are needlessly wasteful of resources and lives. Characters are randomly cruel or self-centered in ways that normally don't survive 8th grade, and this includes the MC. Character personalities are completely inconsistent, and so far his life and powerups are a series of random encounters that has essentially no input by the character or supporting characters having any persistent, reasonable motivation. The world and its people seemingly only exist for the MC to do his thing, but the MC doesn't have a thing to do. He sort of had an immediate motivation in that his life bar was set at ~60 days at the start,


but that got solved partially without him trying because it turns out his system gives him like a year of life just for killing one bottom-tier monster and then it gets solved completely without him trying because of a random encounter was like "hey thanks for doing this thing that you did with no effort, btw, I am actually a god and I fixed your supposedly unsolvable problem without you asking me to"


But worst of all is the nonsensical things that happen. I would call it a plot, but that's an insult to actual plots



MC's temporary boss/high ranker/harem candidate tells him not to let anyone leave town because it might be too dangerous. Random low-tier noob says she wants to leave anyway. MC pulls out a gun and points it at her head and tells her he'll kill her if she leaves. Like seriously, out of nowhere. He could have just said, "hey, the gold-ranker says you can't leave because there are monsters roaming outside" but naw, straight to gun-in-face. Keep in mind this isn't some grimdark fantasy, this is a hyper-modern world where there's supposed to be rule of law. Our MC is a psychopath, but it gets worse.

Random bozo tries to stick up for the girl and say the MC is being unreasonable, which is what every halfway sane person in the room is probably also thinking. Not our MC! Our MC displays his genius thinking to himself "Huuuuh, why is this guy I can easily kill trying to stop me. Gosh, I know I'm not wrong so...I know! This random bozo must be doing this because she's pretty" and spends like a minute patting himself on the back that he isn't swayed by pretty faces like everyone else. Author makes it clear he's also proud his MC isn't, the chapter title is 100% for real titled "What's Being Kind to Women?".

We never get to find out what MC is going to do to them because, suddenly, for no reason at all, random mid-boss antagonist who has been harassing MC (and other people) jumps in to start a fight against MC, not because of the girl but because he wants to pick on MC. They look like they're going to get in a fight. Mid-boss is definitely stronger than him, he literally beat MC like yesterday and let him go because "you're so weak you're not worth killing." Which is a classic mid-boss line, except only about two chapters before the author established the only reason he's here is because he's uh, here to kill people he thinks are weak. Riiiiight.

MC doesn't back down, because I don't know, being a dumbass threatening some random girl with shooting her in the face so she doesn't endanger herself is more important than his own life, which is all so s*upid I can barely breathe. Fortunately, they're suddenly interrupted by random bullsh*t and everybody forgets what they were doing. In the ensuing few days MC exerts his dominance by beating up shit-tier background characters with no names and doesn't let anyone leave.

Somehow, this makes people trusting and admiring of him, which is important because he's about to lead a squad into battle because his boss/harem candidate thought all that previous bullsh*t was genius work by him. A couple of chapters later he declares he's going to stay and defend the town from monsters despite being having a power rating of effectively zero when there are literally a thousand other super-powered high level humans running around. Tens of thousands of years of combat experience between all of them, and somehow MC is piping up with his shit-tier ideas and people are calling it genius. It also feels super weird because our MC has been relatively focused on himself and his sister so far, and this is the first hint that he gives a sh*t about anybody else, yet he's suddenly burning with self-sacrificial desire.

Not long after, it turns out this was a tremendously s*upid idea (which more experienced people than him told him at least three times, but he ignored because he's dumb) and he's going to die, 100%, no take-backsies. Just then he gets a system notification: Would you like to get your get-out-of-jail-free card I didn't tell you about and you didn't know you had? He's like: "sure". And then the magic wish automatically determines how to get him out of the situation with no input from him, and kills millions of monsters with a nuke that only hits bad guys and instakills everyone but the boss, and saves the day. No, I'm not joking or exaggerating in the least.

But wait, it didn't kill the boss. Boss appears and says, haha, you humans are so dumb, Superman-Goku Macguffin the 3rd isn't coming to save you, Superman is a dumbo and is fighting my sekret clone. By the way, I'm going to kill all of you, especially you MC. Suddenly, harem candidate goes, "Wait boss monster, can you please give me 3 minutes to confess my love for MC? Pleaaase? Pretty pleeaaase?" Boss monster goes: "Okay, sounds fine with me, but don't doublecross me or I'm gonna like, kill you. Uh, I guess I'm gonna kill you anyway but I'll like really super duper kill you or something", and he goes to sit in the corner and jacks off for awhile.

Harem-candidates grabs MC, and then is like, "omgersh boss monster, you so dumb!" and then she pushes through MC through a portal while boss monster is distracted. Staring at the portal he goes, "How dare you lie to me!" "Curse you humans and your predictable yet inevitable betrayal!" "It's a good thing you were too dumb to take your own portal, now I'm going to kill you even harder!"

But then she goes "Wait, let me give a dying speech. Okay, still giving a dying speech. man, why am I not dead yet? Guess I'll speech some more. Also, it's sort of weird that I pushed MC through the portal and stayed behind but he's still here but oh well, if the author's not paying attention why should I? MC even though I met you like last week and we've literally never had a conversation, you are the most amazing man ever and I love you."

Boss monster: "That's great, I'm gonna kill you now."

POW! Suddenly the goddess our delightful MC met last week in yet another random encounter roll after feeding a squirrel who turned out to be a immortal god-beast who was the pet of the goddess back in the day so he was like, how about I show you her corpse and then just because MC is MC the goddess came back to life from him getting a plot boner or something and was like "Oh hey MC, we're soulmates and I love you. Please ignore my irrelevant background story which makes it seem like I should vengefully kill all humans." Anyway. Goddess shows up and her pet squirrel smacks boss monster to death with a single slap. Actual Deus ex Machina. It's not every day you get a god to solve your unsolvable problems. Unless you're the MC. Anyhow, Goddess says, "BTW MC, since we killed a immortal super boss monster, why don't you take its soul. You can raise it as a soul pet and get super powers you didn't work for, again, just like the time you became a grandmaster in a sword technique that takes a lifetime of effort to learn by watching me make tea."

MC: "Huuuh? Oh, okay. Oh yeah, goddess, can you help save this harem candidate who I met last week?" "long as you're here doing miracles, y'know?"

Goddess: "No, that is impossible... unless I had a boss monster soul or something like that, but those are pretty rare and it's not like we just have those lying around." "Oh whoa, it turns out there's a boss monster soul I just gave you. But are you sure you want to give it up? You worked so hard for it. Oh wait, no you didn't I just showed up and gave it to you."

MC: "uh, sure, yeah, whatever G-dog"

Goddess: "haha, just playing, I don't need the monster soul after all. It'd be too much of a pain in the ass to write another monster in...I mean, I don't need one because I got others. Despite me being dead for the last thousand years or whatever" "Bippity-boppity-boo! This girl is alive! But hey we're still gonna get it on at some unspecified later date when you're a god through remarkable happenstance, right?" "also, the girl is super mega powerful now cuz I put a god-beast in her. The soul I gave her was like a super rare Phoenix soul I just had lying around."

MC: "Yay!"


And that's when I stopped reading. <<less
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Jan 12, 2020
Status: c1264
As I have read ahead of the (at this very moment) translated chapters, this review is enclosed in spoiler tags. Assume it contains spoilers.

... more>>

First off. This review will be straight to the point.

Monster Paradise is (for lack of a better metaphor) "post high school". Its focus is not the drama between people. Colleagues, friends, enemies and the like. There is hardly a very strong mentor to always appear Deus Ex Machina like to protect MC, or the baddie. And the MC is, for the most part, surrounded by elites, or very patient mediocres who spent a lot of years of hard work and collaborated. In such a world, without backing, what is the most important tool for a character? Hiding. Appearing very non shiny. The one who hides deepest lives longest. The tree that stands above the forest is the first to be felled by the wind and all that. Or perhaps more accurately, sustainable shining. If it can't be kept with one's own two hands, revealing even its shadow is su*cide. Inevitably to do that, MC will have to be intelligent. The poor man is guilty for owning a treasure. Since even those with backing just as easily *ahem*.

It won't track an antagonist for an arc and repeatedly compare the MC's progress to them (remember: non shiny to live), but before the MC surpassed the antagonist give the antagonist handwaved (lampshaded?) random powerups to keep them in sync with MC's (usual for the genre) quick progress with the hope to emphasize "MC's progress is not good enough". In its world, this is not enough to gain strength. Why? In this world, if you are not strong enough, you die. Or you inevitably, unwillingly, watch your loved ones die protecting you, just before you.

It will not badger you with random self doubt. What is self doubt in the face of death? In battle, all other things equal, hesitation is a luxury that paves the way to death. Now in some ways, self doubt is universal, to some more than others. Some people are like that much more often, which is fine (I personally know some wonderful people like that). But some people are not like that, which is also fine.

It also won't pester you with angst, pays no heed to bully taunts and will not claim to profess that the best reward in life is to slap the faces of others, though there may be taunts and there may be some faces slapped, far in between. Because the reality is, with strength (where strength is currency) is the inevitable decline of the value of the opinions of (lots of random) others, that never mattered in the first place.

If you're looking for "taunted, grows, shows them he is better, others marvel ooh and ahh, repeat", there are lots of other stories like that. Some of which have their very enjoyable other points.

As for " (not?) focusing on other characters", while I personally would have liked to see "just a bit" more of some very few other characters I care about, to the MC, compared to other "social drama posed as cultivation novels", very few people mean enough to him to matter to his motivation, and those that do, mean everything to him.

Even then, how much time can one spend with the significant people in their lives if they must increase their own strength? "Increase in strength", not in the "get the next Legacy Item from the Last Great Emperor taught by The First Sage under the further tutelage of The King of Heaven immediate boost in strength" type of increase in strength, which item's value will eventually decline (I can think of at least 4 other stories like that I unwillingly let go of, off the top of my head right now) as a character progressed, but actual progress, in a world where "how far you go is (mostly) up to you (and a high degree of self awareness) ". Its the question of inevitably having to choose, reward now, reward later or intermittent bite sized reward in between, in this as in life. Even so, he is not unfeeling, simply aware of his need to do, not chat (I'm looking at you, The Gamer), but do.

As for weapons having levels, to me, this makes perfect sense. Would a well developed nation cling to conventional bows and arrows as their weapon of choice? Then reject proposals to upgrade them from sisal string? In the same way, a god's weapon is not a chicken's weapon and to expect them to be the same will not only miss the point, but will lead to frustration, regardless in which story.

I have a friend who really likes stories with magic, wands and chants. Some years ago when we went to the movies and chatted into the inevitable post film discussion which we usually did with excitement, he revealed with a poignant look "I didn't like it!" (We watched Avengers, if that matters. No judgement of course). Curious what lead to his very strong opinion, he declared "There were no magic wands!" (One could also argue Clarke's 3rd law, assuming an uneducated observer, but that's for another time) I stared, speechless. "Sucks, if you waited 2 hours for it and it didn't show. Its not about wands though." I probed, to which he promptly folded his arms and proclaimed "It would have been better with wands."

Some people like a (comparatively more) intelligent antagonist. They want to feel the danger as palpable. Which inevitably leads them to experience desperation. There are many stories like that, some of them can be enjoyable. But what makes one story good is not what makes all stories good, or maybe, perhaps, they feel intelligence is valueless on a protagonist. But what if intelligence required to remain undetected is the only way to live?

My friend, who has the most extensive collection of magic fiction media of anybody I know, having spent a sizable chunk of his income for a while getting it put together later admitted, pained, "Some magic wand stories really suck." Either way, he would have been a lot happier and gotten more sure reuse if he looked past that, to what really it is.

As to the point seen in more than one review of MC


Holding a gun to a character's head. What if you consider what Monster Paradise is really about?

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Jul 29, 2017
Status: c156
First let me say the series description is rather poor since the series takes place LONG after humanity has already adjusted to living in a world of monsters and the initial invasion is nothing more than a minor backstory. This series so far is interesting and has potential. It's got typical elements of chinese novels like cultivation but a few twists. First off cultivation in this world is done by absorbing life crystals which may or may not drop when monsters are killed. Meaning there aren't any pills or centuries of cultivation. To cultivate you just have to either be REALLY good at killing things or have enough money to buy crystals from those that did gather them. Additionally the MC has a special divine blessing that allows him to just absorbe energy directly from ANY monster killed by a monster he controls. The way he obtains monsters to control and strengthens them is VERY video game esque but it's done in a way that doesn't feel too unnatural. One of the strong points of this series is it's MC who is a refreshing change of pace from most chinese MC in that he's not a ruthless killing machine.

Early on he runs into conflict with a spoiled noble and his followers. It goes about as you might expect for a chinese novel until the noble proves he's shockingly smart and actually offers a treasure as an apology the moment the MC shows his strength. One of his followers doesn't take the hint and tries to continue the fight but the MC only half kills and threatens him and then lets him go after looting him.

If this was ANY other chinese novel chances are their MC would have slaughtered the lot of them.

To those wishing to avoid spoilers I'll just say seeing an MC who isn't a wimp but also not a psychotic madman is refreshing. Another thing that is refreshing is it's use of modern weaponry and technology. Most chinese novels tend to look down on science and technology and act like science is nothing more than an obstacle to true power through cultivation and true comprehension and all that nonsense. The series progresses at a pretty decent pace with the MC going through various battles, getting various power ups, ect. Overall it's fairly standard for a chinese web novel but it does have some elements that let it stand well enough as it's own thing like the monster taming aspect, the MC's tactics to getting out of situations, and even some of the fights and powers are pretty interesting.
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Nov 29, 2017
Status: c177
It's the first time I write a review, and I planned to never write one, but I just had to tell my stupefaction at the low score of this novel. I often read reviews that talk about the originality or whatnot of the novels, but more often than not I find myself dropping a novel not for the originality but for a complex set of reasons that can be generally summed to one single point: is this novel boring? With boring I don't mean only the story but also how... more>> smooth is the flow of the events.

I found this novel quite entertaining, with a good story, and not at all boring. This is all I need to give 5 stars to this novel with a clear conscience. <<less
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Nov 26, 2017
Status: c55
I rarely review but this is a must. The translator updated this novel pretty fast.. But the problem lied on the author.

The MC was coddled by the author. Like that Arryn boy from GoT, still breast feeding when he should've stopped years ago. MC never struggled even once. First accident he escaped, I was happy that he got a power. I love OP. But then it got to the point of.. He got everything in his lap. Just like that.

... more>>

"I've been attacked by a vampire!" - vampire became his s*ave, ok that's cool.

"I need to get stronger!" - some guy let MC copied his sword technique.

"My house is ruined.." - it got a makeover.

"Birds chased me." - sent a distress signal (which is ok but..) and then stayed at the hotel before going back out.

"I can die any moment now because I'm born unlucky" - a girl out of nowhere healed his one flaw (which made him unique btw)

"I'm just watching her make tea.." - BAM! He learned all the sword technique wtf.

"Oh my god, some boss will attack us please hear me out!" - upper rank guy just trusted him and gave him a team to lead (the no rank MC).

"Wah I'm being attacked!" - I'm not really reading seriously by this point but I think he got a bomb card for 10k something radius. Boom. Problem solved.

"Hot examiner almost died because of me." - the same girl came and helped him save the woman.


I stopped reading after that. No more.

MC was a big baby not an OP MC. The author was his mommy. MC wanted to eat, author will chew and spat the food for MC (MC didn't have to use his perfectly good teeth). MC wanted to poop, author opened MC's butthole for him. That's how bad this novel was. Don't know how this was number 3 in qidian. <<less
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Jul 22, 2017
Status: --
I give it a 5 stars because it looks really fun. Gives me a nice feeling for the upcomming chapters and story. It has a modern setting but has wuxia elements. For the start it kinda is a bit rushed, I kinda need some more info but it has started with the world building and it seems intresting. Never heard or seen this translator but I hope he will update regulary. The novel is really new.

Dont be fooled by the picture as I have read the monsters are not that... more>> fluffy and nice.

I will keep this reeding and update the score when 50 chapters come out. And again with the nex 50 chap. <<less
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Aug 18, 2017
Status: c40
Warning, contains spoilers up to chapter 40.

... more>>

After reading the first couple of chapters I was really intrigued. The author sets up the novel as if the main character was in one of those Japanese, card-collecting mobile games. He can get cards from the monsters he kills, gain skills from the cards, fuse different cards together, combine fragments into cards, etc. It also has a system that reminds me of Absolute Choice, where he is assigned various missions from the "system".

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it could have been, but it was poorly executed.

The author drops you into the world with zero background info on the main character as most reincarnation stories do. He was just some random, unimportant dude who got transported into someone else's body due to some weird phone app. "Fortunately" he retains 98% of the host's memories so he naturally knows everything the genius host knows about monsters and the new world. Plus, he is super protective of his new sister to the point where he would fight a vampire to protect her. Let's not forget to mention the awesome combat skills he mysteriously has.

That aside, he does have one flaw. His "life wheel" if injured and he is due to die in 90 days or so. Awesome! Now we can see him struggle. Oh wait, nevermind. Anything his minions kill extend his longevity so he ends up extending his life by 8 years in the span of 1 chapter.

However, if he doesn't complete the missions given by the system, his blessing will disappear and he'll die from it anyways. That makes sense, the character does mention how awful his luck is after all. Well, no, his luck is actually phenomenal.

He's poor! Some random guy gives him an expensive life crystal and renovates his house.

He doesn't have an attack skill! Fortunately some random guy teaches one to him under the orders of some mysterious benefactor.

He used the SOS beacon so he should be disqualified from the trial! Good thing he's a super duper important beastmaster.

His life wheel is still injured! Some powerful yeti uses his blood to revive a sleeping deity and she heals him in 2 seconds as thanks.

Seriously? He has the audacity to try and say his luck is poor?

All these points aside, I truly enjoyed the story up until chapter 39. On chapter 39 the MC finds out there is a dangerous monster in the area and that he needs to stop people from leaving the hotel to prevent widespread panic.

Sounds simple enough, except that when a girl tries to leave he points his pistol at her head and threatens to kill her. Fortunately a couple people try to protect the girl, but they're painted as the bad guys because they have ulterior motives and aren't the MC.

The instructor eventually arrives and settles things by claiming the MC made the right decision and trying to get the other party to apologize to him.

I dropped it at that point.

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May 20, 2018
Status: 542
Very underrated.

It's a good read for those who like systems and world building at the same time. No ridiculous comedy that irritates you, no drama and harem bs. Just a talented young man being pushed by the waves. He doesn't offend everybody he meets because he's "awesome" and because he has plot armor along with his pride.

The world building is top notch. It doesn't give too much or too little. The exposition is just enough every once in a while.
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Mar 10, 2018
Status: c264
Story and world building: 9/10
So why just 3/4 stars?

Author's Writing: 6/10

Now, please read the rest to understand why.
The feeling I've gotten from reading this novel is that this is the author's first novel, so considering that, the story being 9/10 is amazing, the world building is fantastic and the writing is good.
I won't spoil anything but for me, the world makes sense even if we're not told everything, which is rare in my experience. However, the writing is sometimes a bit flawed, I have encountered continuity flaws, sometimes the flow feels a bit off, either going to fast or skipping parts that could have been used to fill in gaps and dwelve more into the world and it's characters. Some characters also feel a bit shallow. However, almost all of the characters are quite well written.

The only real downside that pulls it down a bit for me (and probably a lot for others) is that there are quite a few small flaws in the story. However, as I said, the novel itself gives me the feeling of this being the author's first novel, hence why the flaws are generally just fine, they aren't that big either so one can accept it as it is and just "fix" the flawed parts on one's own.

If this is trully the author's first novel.
My gut feeling tells me that when the author's writing skills improve over time, he might be an even better author than Er Gen or I Eat Tomatoes (which are two of my fav authors).
I hope to see more from him in the future if every novel he writes will have this kind of story, lore and worldbuilding.
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Jun 10, 2018
Status: c773
Truly a masterpiece of a novel. I have to say this novel does NOT start out very good, it had many mistakes here and there like someone that just started writing a new novel.

This novel however keeps getting better and better, slowly improving on its faults until it became something really worth reading. Later on where I am it becomes a must read Novel, but that's too early for you guys atm xD.

i see many people dropping this at ch40 or so. Give it a chance after all the story... more>> really gets going around ch500 xD.

The thing that's so amazing about this novel is in fact the world-build. It's just that massive and magical and dangerous, creating an incredible ride.

Stuff that needs fixing is the side characters which do not have enough personality. The author seems to try and improve this but it's still not there yet.

Overall this is a great read, if your looking for something with a massive world or something like the Hunter X Hunter new continent feel you might wanna give this a try.

(just to make things clear, the HxH new continent feel is what I imagine the new continent there to be like. Don't get the wrong idea xD) <<less
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Mar 27, 2018
Status: c409
MC plays a card game app for 6 months and decided to delete the app. A notification shows up asking him if he wanted to travel to another world. Eventually he accepts and was sent to a world where there are monsters, cultivation and is a much more advance society. As he is a traveler he received a 'gold finger' or cheat. He has a card system much like the app he had played. He also has a system that will help him named 'xiao hei' (I don't know if I got that right.)

His body's identity is a 15 yr old orphan living with his 13 yr old sister and was as a top student of a school (or was it uni?) but he was rejected from other college schools when they assessed him and found out that his life wheel was broken. (A life wheel is like a person's life span.) his life energy was burning up ten times faster than average so he only has two months to live.

Now that MC has taken over we all know what will happen in all other transmigrating stories.

Okay so this has awesome world building and just like the one of my fave categories where it focuses more on MC. (Some may get confused if they don't read chinese novels much. There are some terms in the story like references of cultural idioms and famous local shows but they aren't shown often in the story.)

/ I like the story so I just can't resist putting this review.
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Dec 11, 2017
Status: c207
There are flaws in the writing like the writer contradicts themselve sometimes on minor details. Like saying the MC didn't know what the top 100 were but then later would say I know this guy he is. From the top 100.

Its minor stuff. Mostly when trying to explain ranks, achievements or power level.

But overall all it's a fun novel to read. Oh and no repetition so far
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Aug 12, 2017
Status: c49
The story is confusing at first but gets you hooked with its narrative, interesting MC, side characters and antagonists.

Chapters are kinda short which is a bummer but the translation speed is really good with 12 chapters a week (till 100 then its down to 6 : ( ()

Final conclusion

Translation: Little to none grammatic errors with fast speed. 5/5

Story: Interesting world with interesting characters. 5/5
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Nov 29, 2017
Status: c177
This is a very interesting novel. Though there are missing information on terms like 'life wheel', it is easy to understand since most chinese novels have 'dantian' and other storage for power. Others might say 'too much plot armor', I say 'don't read chinese novels anymore since most of them got plot armor'. Although it is already past midnight while writing this review, the story did not make me feel sleepy at all. Story aside, the translation quality dropped after being translated by QI. Terms like 'spaceship' when in fact... more>> it will not reach space. Should have used airship like in the previous translation. Read this if you want something with monster taming, fast power up, tr*sh talking A.I., abilities, monster vs humans, and hunters (HxH). <<less
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May 07, 2019
Status: c989
Translation: 7/10 There are some noticeable drops in quality on occasion which is most likely just because qidian is a typical chinese company, the made in china stereotype fits them as a company very well, they prioritize speed over quality and have slowly been getting rid of any decent translator they have in favor for machine translators. There is also random gaps where no chapters come out for extended periods of time like right now also because qidian is qidian.

World Building: 10/10 Honestly the world doesn't start out as a... more>> 10 but rather closer to a 7 or 8 but, as you continue through the story the world building gets better and better and you slowly get info on things to look forward to later on in the novel.

Characters 8/10 The characters are all written quite well written and don't suddenly disappear because the main character outgrows them, although this is majorly due to the world building and the fact that there aren't any big time skips.

Story 5/10 Not really sure the main character has much of a goal at this point, its more like hes going with the flow and is dealing with things as they come up. Minor spoiler

His goal at the beginning is fairly quickly solved as he gets help from some higher beings to save him, befriending the being at the same time, the only thing is that I am not sure if this is a plot hole as there has been no mention of this in like 800 chapters (I think its been just a few years though), but the upcoming big arc should have mention of whats going down. Also now that I think of it, there hasn't been any big monster invasions like there were at the beginning of the story that made you feel like humans weren't at the top of the food chain. So I really don't get why a lot of the story elements from the start of the story have been forgotten but like I said, the next big arc seems like it should have mention of these things. I will update the story score when that happens.


Enjoyment 10/10 This novel is really just a fun read and is a great binge not much else to say.

Total 8/10 Even though there isn't much of a story, the world building, characters, and overall fun of the story still makes this just an overall fun read. <<less
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Oct 17, 2019
Status: c1201
Many reader assume too much when reading this novel.

The story pacing is a lot better than many chinese novel.

Story has many interesting arc... though the first part of story, the author write some nonsensical stuff... it starts get better as the story goes.

... more>> Because of the special card system the main character has, many events turn out to be interesting...

Though there is many ways to use the cheat the character has but obviously has not thought about it.

Overall, this is one of the best chinese novels I have read and still waiting for more to come...

What I like is that lin huang "looks" real. he goes out to have meals and check in hotels... though many will say its s*upid to write such stuff into the story, I enjoy all the small parts of lin huang life... makes me enjoy the story and the world itself... Gives me a more real look into the monster world itself...

Dun say things like the people are so s*upid and keep being crazy like doing things against the laws in the world... Let me tell u something... In china, its like a lot of chinese novel and this story... rich and powerful can do anything they wan like killing people and get away with it... I am not joking about this.

In our world, its really like in this monster paradise... where people do evil things as they wan and if u a normal comes into contact will die... And in this monster world, the land space is 100 times big than earth and 100 times more population than our planet... but they have powerful monsters and human that can "eat" nuclear weapons with only a scratch... <<less
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Apr 06, 2019
Status: c935
This story starts off a bit shoddy in the sense that the author uses a series of coincidences to save the MC"s life. After I've read to chapter 900+ I can say that I am questioning if those first few events were coincidences at all. But alas the author hasn't said anything yet. Personally, I found the first 50 chapters a tad dull but after he reaches iron level the story really picks up. Especially when he gets summoning beasts.

Later when the beasts gain more and more intelligence I find... more>> it great light-hearted humor. Additionally, the way friendships are handled is pretty fun. Each person is unique enough considering we never see any development for them.

The only stories we see developed are really the MC, his sister, and his master. We do learn of all his friends/acquaintances backgrounds but that's not really the same thing.

So let's talk quality. It's been a long time since I read the earlier chapters but I can't recall any major complaints. At chapter 900 with the new translator, the quality is great. Updates are twice a day which is a good pace and the story is developing at the same pace as the story has always developed. A decent clip but not too fast.

The MC's personality isn't really discussed. You learn about it more from his downtime than anything else. He doesn't do deep thinking personality evaluation sessions. You just read the MC doing stuff, Like sunbathing in a desert eating frozen cake while his monsters hunt. That type of stuff.

World background. Well, it's a big world. LIke 100000x the size of earth. It's got its rules and its got a fairly well-developed history. You'll learn about several disasters that happened over time and why it matters to us now. He learns the signs of impending disaster and gains strong motivational reasons to grow stronger faster.

So all together, this is a fun action/adventure story with a developing monster theme in later chapters. In fact, the MC and summoned monster pet interactions are some of my favorite in the whole story.

I would definitely recommend giving this a read. <<less
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Mar 08, 2019
Status: c800
Just to be clear, the MC is OP. If you don't like that, this is not for you. You will find reasons to hate it.

Frankly speaking, I don't understand the bad (1 star) reviews. The majority of the bad reviews are people who just dropped the novel pre-chapter 100. I think the novel definitely gets better over time. Be that as it may, I will admit that the novel isn't perfect. The MCs utilization of his monsters isn't satisfactory especially because of the fact that huge amounts (of what I... more>> would call filler) chapters are spent on upgrading them. That one mindless monster upgrading arc was the only thing I realllly disliked about the novel. His motivations and end-goal is also questionable, however that's not really a negative point since most novels are like that. Living every day life and becoming stronger is a good enough goal. There doesn't need to be some specific end goal. People can learn karate because of self-defense, they don't need to have revenge or some other goal in mind. I would give this novel a solid 4 stars.

Only reason I listed it as 5 stars is because, in my opinion, compared to some (note that some, not all) of the complete garbage novels on the top 25 popular novels right now on NU, this novel is a gem. <<less
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Aug 10, 2018
Status: c699
Honestly, Compared to a lot of different Novels on here, this is easily one of the most enjoyable ones. The updates are steady with no random Hiatus in between. Premium is a bit annoying but its not too big a deal, especially if you just go to reddit.

Its not an outstanding Novel by book standards, but CN standards? Compared to a lot of the s*upid xianxias and xuanhuangs on here or the other transmigration and reincarnation novels? Way better. Translation quality is high, The story never "stops", there is always... more>> something going on. The MC never stagnates.

If I were to rate a book Id give it a 4, but for a Novel here? Easily 5 stars. <<less
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Nov 06, 2017
Status: c94
I will have to say it is a good story. The initial confusion of the story seem come out of nowhere with no explanation at chapter 1 is because the translator didn't put in the prologue/ introduction chapter from the original web novel and directly goes to chapter one. Google the chinese name of this novel and u will find the web version.

Short conclusion of the prologue chapter : Main character (most likely from modern world same timeline as now) playing card collection game for 6 month and spending... more>> ten thousand of his currency only to fail to obtain most rare card category ingame Super super rare (SSR) and in a fit delete the game from his Iphone 7. Once deleted the app, his phone keep popping out what he assume to be advertisement/virus game pop up on his phone that refuse to goes away. He has no choice but play along with the pop up and term and condition that state game has a high chance of death (73%) and he accept it. In next page a wheel of fate with start stop button of 12 selection (goldfinger) and he spin it (seem no different of all 12) once it stop a flash of light goes from the phone to his head. Finally, the pop up state the start of the game and he just vanish from his world with his phone smash to the pavement.

Hope this reduce the confusion of most reader here and darn EndlessFantasy Translation pick up your game and add in the prologue. For those wanna read the prologue now with google translation here the link http://www. Uukanshu. Net/b/54171/16253. Html <<less
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