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Three years ago, the animals and plants on Earth underwent crazy and unexplainable changes that included transformations, reversions, and the addition of otherworldly species. And it was the start of a brand-new type of profession in the new generation of humanity – Monster Trainers, people who specialized in taming monsters.

On his 18th birthday, the story’s protagonist, Gao Peng, suddenly received the ability to see the attribute data frame of monsters. With his ability, he aspired to become the strongest monster trainer that ever lived while looking for a method to revive his parents!

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AndyDarren rated it
January 1, 2019
Status: c43
Like the majority, I started reading this novel because of the premise of monster taming and with it being a CN novel I was expecting something along the lines of The Charm of Soul Pets. However, after properly reading up o chapter 30 and then groggily skimming through to chapter 43, I must say that I am severely unimpressed. When it comes to a novel with this premise I expect the MC to use smarts and innovative training to strive for strength and present something of interest for the readers... more>> to enjoy. However here we have an MC who simply uses cold hard cash he gets from his newfound job that he was instantly able to acquire from he start courtesy of his cheat. His cheat itself is severely lackluster as all it is is a stat analysis that is basically a walktrough on everything the MC needs to do to strengthen and evolve his monsters. It literally displays a material list and fully detailed recipe on stuff he needs to strengthen his or other people's monsters. That would all be well and fine if the MC at least went hunting in the wild for what he needs but no, he literally buys everything at the local supermarket with his unlimited supply of money from his newfound job. Throughout the entire story so far minus what I've skimmed through the MC has engaged in actual wilderness combat only once and that was basically a straight up dog fight between his centipede and a wild snake. Other than that it's straight feed to grow and off screen grinding. People keep giving the novel great reviews simply because of Pokemon nostalgia but in my opinion the novel is tr*sh that doesn't deserve the rating. <<less
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Data rated it
December 31, 2018
Status: c81
The novel is pretty boring and there's ton of fillers in the chapters. The cheat is too convenient and adjusts every single time before a problem comes up.

... more>>

oh hey, you're about to take a test? Well, I know your cheat works for live monsters but now it'll also work for pictures and videos as well


Also the characters are bland as hell. The first familiar would spend at least 10% of the chapter it appears to say it's hungry. It's a slog to get through this

His situation is also too convient too


Grandpa is the f*cking president yet he can't even protect protags parents and goes about things in a roundabout way


The world is also inconsistent and happen stance. There are so many instances where the author constantly changes the world.

earlier in the novel credits are 10000 dollars but by chapter 78 it becomes worth 10 dollars



the author also introduces random convient sh*t such as electron microscope and not seeing DNA way later into the chapters. Like what the f*ck

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Jawke rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: c20
So far this seems to be a simple monster evolution story with a hardworking protagonist who gains a cheat ability that lets him better understand the monsters around him. The story does not seem to be a dark murder hobo world and the protagonist appears to have a decent moral compass. It is my hope that the story continues in this vein and does not have people that are arbitrarily evil or s*upid come by to show off how awesome the protagonist is.
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Rosver rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: --
It is kinda meh.

The concept was really interesting. Many would be reminded by pokemon since the concept is about bonding with monsters and training them, but the execution just make it sound so boring.

For one, the characters are really dull. They feel like severely neutered anime characters. They are all extremely simplified, I guess that is the word. Like, this story would suddenly focus on random characters to make them display some cliched gimmicks, like that overly excited boy and older sister who keep hitting; or to display some shallow... more>> emotion, like with the woman whose the bird nearly got killed. We really don't know them so we can't care about any of them.

There is also the protagonist... what an incredibly dull protagonist he is. His background is so cliche. He barely has any personality. His cheat ability is wasted on him. He is just so... BLEH! He is a kind of character that makes any story, with this kind of character as protagonist, so uninteresting.

And the pacing is just boring. You could say slow, but slow is more about how the events are told. Maybe there is a lot of descriptions, introspection, emotions, etc. or the writing is verbose repetitive, etc.. This story doesn't do that. What it did is to focus on the mundane, the in-between moments, those things where nothing really happens that any decent author knows should be removed from the story or not spend time on. Like talking to the neighbors about inane things. Most authors would just write a sentence or a paragraph about it, something like "They talked about the weather and " and that is it. This story however spends a chapter or so about such things. Really riveting author. Really riveting.

And the story... well I didn't read the whole thing yet but after two dozens of chapter, there should be something. Right? Well, there are moments but I don't really think the author is trying to tell a story. As I said about the pacing, the story is focused on the in-between moments, those moments that shouldn't be in the story. Those that should be skipped to only tell those scenes that are important to the story. But the author includes them, and there are lot of them. The important moments, those moments that actually are about the story, those that move the story forward, are so far apart. In between them are just long stretches of nothing.

And the storytelling, I've worse ones but this isn't good. A large part of the text is infodumping. Most of it is repetitive. Worse, a lot of it seems like the author thinks the readers are dumb. I know that paralyzing poison paralyzes it victims. Even the repetition of information make it feels like the author thinks you are like Dory and forget things just after a few moments.

And, while I know this is just a translation, the prose is just bland. It close to being beige prose. It is just so plain.

Also a problem with the prose is the empty meaningless phrases that is just used to pad things. Just take this sentence for example: The current date was the 14th, which meant that it would be happening tomorrow. Can't the author just write: It's tomorrow? Just two words. That is all you need. And almost all sentences are like this.


What can I say? This is boringly executed, terribly boring. The concept is kinda fun, it is after all has a concept that it shares with Pokemon, but everything about it seems to try to make the concept uninteresting as possible.

If you want to read a boring version of Pokemon, this is it. <<less
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: c534
This novel is great for light reading. Don't let its serious overtones fool you, it's a simple comedic read about a down-to-earth MC making his pets stronger, making money, making more money, raising familiars, then having to deal with each of their distinctive personalities like their father, going on adventures just for the sake of it and many other fun stuff.

Overall, the story is just like an aimless wandering and slice of life piece involving monster pets to act as a reason for most actions.

The MC develops and focuses on... more>> bigger goals (if you are nitpicky about his execution and management and development then he is pretty sloppy about it) but remains true to his intial personality. The familiars on the other hand are the main cast! They develop from child intelligence to silly, hilarious adolescence and very unique adulthood.

It starts out a little vague and hard to get into but it picks up the pace afterawhile. The plot armor and the cheat ability are enjoyably OP for the humorous setting, and the characters, both the monster familiars and important people, are very unique.


Even when the number of monster familiars pas ten, each one can be easily remembered because 9f their sillyness and loveable traits.


While he has a cheat and OP background, things don't always go as planned.


The beautiful gold chick he named Goldie went bald after it evolved! I nearly cried tears of laughter from that one. Or the time he made the short familiar he promised help get talker shorter after evolution. Even with his cheat he doesn't know how thing will turn out.


Overall, it has a lot of potential (nice idea points), though it very disappointingly doesn't live up to it, it's good for a nice laugh.

Remarks: Don't look for a hard, adventurous read here. Read for fun, especially in between updates or after angst-inducing novels. <<less
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terrythor465 rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: c338
This is filler. A lot of it is filler and it's done right.

But it suffers from its main plot. It feels like the author tried to do foreshadowing and failed hard. At some points it feels like the author decided to skip some important things.

An example is when the MC is listening to one of his clients. The entire conversation is skipped and the led up to it made it seem important.

MC also has a bit of problem. His personality is terrible. He's a loner to the max that cares... more>> a lot about his familiars. Most of his human relationships can just be summed up as acquaintances at best. By chapter 300, he realizes he needs loyal subordinates that aren't just his familiars, but the author takes the lazy route.

His cheat is also pretty simple. As long as he views a monster, he can see its info card. Weakness, evolution methods, type, rarity, grade, and name. It works as long as its a monster that he's viewing. Picture or not.

Most characters are also pretty simple with one defining trait, but that doesn't really when other than the MC and his familiars get so little screen time. Most of familiars also follow this one trick trait.


Simple story and system structure

Decent Pacing

Good Filler


Extremely weak main plot

One trick characters

UP to you:

Most enemies are monsters, very rarely will a human ever become the MC's enemy

MC's Grandpa


He's stuck on an island during the cataclysm which killed MC's parents. He's also the president of one of the world's current highest powers.


He's there and not really there.

Overall - It's good to read as a maybe a slice of life, but as it puts monster taming int eh forefront, it fails really hard. System is simple. MC that has money actually uses it to get what he needs. Weak main plot, but filler is quite well.

Reads more like an author's first work, but I'm not sure if this is the author's first work. <<less
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December 24, 2018
Status: v1c20
As from reading this far, I can say that it is a novel which is based monster tamer and monster breeder where growth of monster i.e; pet from their term which help them to strengthen thier soul to control more pets, if they can get... They control or talk with their pet by establishing a blood contract.....



Story start as suddenly earth experience worm hole type gates from which different type of monster enter earth which leads to the mutation of wildlife like animals, insects, birds etc as well as plants,... more>> tree etc <<less
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goldmark25 rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I enjoyed the novel for the most part but was disappointed by the ending for sure. While the novel is amazing in the beginning it slowly kinda takes a step backwards when he becomes too strong. The ending was extremely rushed everything moving in fast forward and skipping alot of details. The epilogue technically isn't even an epilogue and more of just the end and not like what happenned as a result of the ending.
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Nosta rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: c700
I’m not the kind of reader that notices too many details about a novel. Some say the novel contain too many fillers and there’s no character development, but for me, the atmosphere of the storyline is more important. I prefer novels that contain adventures, danger, and the MC getting stronger, but not to the point that the main character suffers tragically. I’m not a fan of angst and tragedy (if you like angst and like to see the MC suffer, try ‘Dark Blood Age’).

I personally prefer the fact that Gao... more>> Peng, the MC, never really develop a close relationship with anyone besides his monster pets and his grandfather and that he’s not interested in romantic relationship. Gao Peng’s not bad personality-wise. He’s confident in his abilities, but also know his limits. There’s no romance in this novel which is a big plus for me.

The first few chapters were unbearable at first because Gao Peng didn’t have any abilities yet. It’s dull, but once he obtain his unique ability and start powering up, it gets interesting. This novel is easygoing and not too hardcore. If prefer your novels the way I prefer mine, this novel is for you.

ଘ (੭ˊ꒳​ˋ) ੭✧ <<less
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DDieu rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: c834
Good novel. Really good. Except the end that I found annoying and rush but he take pleasure in the reading so it's good for me to say that I was happy to finish. The end isn't so bad. It's a good end for a bad novel and a bad end for a good novel so. Read it because you will pass a good moment with Gao Peng and his monster.
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cosmicimmortal rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c329
It's not bad, it's not amazing. The MC has a cheat ability and has a very unrealistic goal for the world setting weve seen so far but like it's a good idle read while I wait for other books to update
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Dezth rated it
March 5, 2019
Status: c185
Ahem... This is my first review and the reason I want to write this review is simple... cuz I really really love this novel and point out few pros and cons... so people can judge this novel correctly and not ignore it simple cuz of few simple review given by people saying this is slice of life LOL. And I am skipping on some things which are already mentioned by other people through reviews.

cons :

-MC this funny...i mean his thoughts are funny.. author did this intentional to make it more... more>> unrealistic... xD yes unrealistic... cuz you would not want to think how this monster might taste the first time you see it.

-the pace is slow at first.

-and I can't think of other cons right now...

pros :

-first it does seem like pokemon but way more detailed on monsters.

-Monsters are cute and dumb cuz they have child like mind early chapters cuz monsters themselves are only few year olds.. but people take it as a con... but I don't think so, these monsters are funny makes story way more interesting.

-MC is smart and and and does things properly like if someone has intention to kill him then he will not spare them unlike some other MC who are wishy washy and spare enemies just to get annoyed by them again.

-MC finds his background after 120+ chapters which is quite powerful (im guessing not that much in later part of novel) but his grandpa only helps with money and facilities... he leaves his grandson's enemies for him to deal.

-good adventures and Action (fight) between monsters is very detailed.

There are only 185 chapters translated for now, I can currently only think of these pros and cons. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c161
This is a monster-trainer series which led me to reminisce about Pokemon. People can form contracts with monsters and then train and evolve them. The nostalgia is strong, and the set-up is interesting.

However, the characters and their development is relatively weak. Although each monster has its own distinct personality, there are none that are particularly entertaining or get me invested. The MC is a stubborn loner who is supposed to be smart but does a lot of dumb things. His relationships with characters aside from his monsters rarely advances.

The plot... more>> itself is weak. There's very little suspense and no drama. It is extremely slow-moving, and the action is not exciting. After reading 161 chapters, all that has happened is that the MC has trained his familiars, gotten familiars, evolved familiars, and took some easy tests. Reading this series is trying my patience.

Aside from nostalgia and consistency, this series itself doesn't have any strong points. <<less
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March 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Initially I REALLY liked this novel, sure it was sort of shabbily written (almost as if the author played out in his head but didn't lay it out for us?) and translation was garbage. But it had that something, something that kept me going- maybe it was the plot or whatever but it was there. That's why I kept going until the end.

I cba to go into more depth due to my disappointment but lets just say the ending was utter dogsh*t that's bound to disappoint you too. Still i'd... more>> give it 2, 5/5 because it had that something. <<less
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ssniha rated it
January 26, 2020
Status: c503
Here's the thing, I quite enjoy the storyline but the plot of the story got lost. There are a lot of fillers and half of them don't make sense and a thing that I find with a lot of these CN novels is that because the authors tend to make them so long the further we get into the novel the more it seems to stop following the storyline and becoming more like we're writing just to geta much chapters as possible. For example this novel, I'm not sure of... more>> it's an issue with the translation or of it's the author themselves but story tends to forget whose name belongs to who and the level that the monsters are at and it can get quite frustrating and confusing but on another note, I do tend to enjoy over powered protagonist stories and that the fact that the protagonist in this story is not the one who is super powerful but his monsters are is a bit refreshing but the whole monster-trainer thing isn't really concise as a power as we don't actually get to see how these monsters train and become powerful. All we as the readers get is that the protagonist collets this material and that material and half the time he don't what material he is collecting for the upgrade of his monster🤦in a nutshell I enjoy the storyline but the plot sucks <<less
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Drake888 rated it
June 3, 2019
Status: c103
Interesting premise but the author bit off more than he could chew.

It's a monster tamer story with an acceptable plot and occasional humor. The problem is that the MC's power gives him extra knowledge about monsters, but the author clearly isn't good at world-building so we don't get to see it properly. For example, the MC can see all evolution paths that a monster can take but the author only ever focuses on one and we are simply told that other paths exist. Similarly, the world has been changed by... more>> a cataclysm but the author's explanation for these changes is basically "I dunno, things just happened. Also science doesn't work anymore".

The battles are neat, the creatures are interesting, the plot seems fine. But the author uses big info dumps to explain how this new world works and doesn't put enough thought into the details. It's a shame, because this story could be great if the author could just sit down and work out some rules for his world and maybe a list of monsters to draw from in the story. Instead, we have a story that claims to have interesting monsters for us, but only seems able to produce one or two at a time. <<less
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Greed000 rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: c269
The story isn't too bad but the author uses too much exaggerated language. Sometimes it feels like the author has a limited vocabulary: he described a girl as having perfect eyes, perfect lips, perfect nose and wearing a black sundress. The author also contradicts how the MC is like because in the beginning the MC was "low-key" but apparently now the MC likes being famous. Some of the pets were described as being from 30 ft long to 30 yards long.

I liked the story but Don't think will continue reading.... more>> I like OP MC but this MC is kind of dumb and keeps thinking hes a genius and the author loves the word genius. <<less
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