Overgod Ascension


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When I woke up after being transported to another world, I am suddenly the antagonist? This script is wrong! I stole the other guy’s girl! I also have a super strong big sister! This script is even more wrong! There’s even an Overgod Space, along with the infinite worlds? I must be dreaming! Wu Ming calmly maintains his neutral expression and journeys ever onwards.

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Ilumie rated it
July 14, 2018
Status: c5
I think it starts up pretty good and I'm a big fan of all The Plagarist novels I've read up until now so my hopes are high and I have yet to be disappointed.

I really hope the translator will continue and not give the novel up allready ^^
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July 5, 2018
Status: --
This novel tricks people it look like its going to be like the Strongest senor brother but it turn out to be a Gantz stlye novel.

After the MC deals with the so call "MC xianxia" he steals his cheat and that is pretty much a Gantz room didn't read too much but this could be a great novel or terror infinity need to see more chapters to know for sure.
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apa rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: c20
After reading Warlock of the Magus World, I really wanted to know what happens after, as stated in the last chapter of WMW.. This novel started up some what interesting but soon realized that it was not going to be what I had imagined.

The novel itself is not bad in any means, but its not just my cup of tea. I really had unrealistic hopes..
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absenior19 rated it
September 9, 2019
Status: --
Summary :

MC Style >> Kind, Calm, Intelligent, Keen, Active, Smart [ If you think this story is like WMW, then you are wrong, here MC is kind to strangers and his own people < even who he just met as a companion in mission word >.

" Let him murdering to seize the treasures, especially killing companions who were still fighting side by side and swallowing their trophies, Sorry he can't do it" [ Here, companions are people who he met recently in this mission world for the first time and... more>> don't have so-called any companionship, can even let them die.] So MC is ironic. Can't even do what he said himself [ Maybe Author will show this as his immatures side and will let him grow ]

MC didn't do any Evil or Villainous Act until now [ Chp 31 ]

MC is kind enough to leave money, even when he doesn't have much to strangers [ He got 5 Silver coins, later in Chp. Leave few to a girl because he asks her some Question, but he has also saved that girl mother life and wasted a precious item for saving her < Girl even ready to marry or do anything for him, but even then he left few, I don't know correct amount. But he still has to live in this world for 7 days. As for how he will live only Ghost knows.

MC has still retained his Earth human character [Kind, Following Law and order, don't kill just for some benefits ]

Of course, he is not an idiot, he still knows how to kill the enemy and even removing roots. OK
MC life is too smooth, almost no betrayal or backstabbing act. Completely good and adventurous life so don't compare it with WMW, Terror Infinity, Reincarnation Paradise.

MC make teams in a different world and solve missions with his team [ A happy fuc* life ]

[ I want the author to give this MC some tragedy or setbacks like betrayals so he can grow up, otherwise his boat is too smooth sailing. F*ck where is Reality ? ]

The story is not like WMW. Completely NO NO NO NO

Harem + Polygamy [ But, not harem seeking MC], Many Wifes [ For giving birth to children and increasing his empire in different Realms ], True Love [ Maybe only one, as mentioned in Last Chp. Under the tree < A girl was waiting and he goes there with a smile > ]

MC got Main God System [ become an apostle of main god < Rare Job >], Complete missions in different realms, become strong, marry in different realms, in future defeat main god consciousness and finally main god body.

And become the owner of the main god temple.

This story won't have a romantic subplot, Romance is minimum, Love interest or his wife play very few roles.

A Lot like WMW, but here MC at least is not cold to his family and loved ones compared to WMW.

Above was a Rough Summary, Now below are Spoilers [ Watch with your own risk ]

Main God Temple: It is an eight-level power, an artifact created by the infinite snake.

In the beginning, it was an infinite snake. Later, the infinite snake was killed by a nine-level existence. The main temple was broken and became an artifact. Later, the instrumental spirit that claimed to be the "main god" was born, and then Wu Ming defeated the "main god" and took control of the main temple.

World Involved:

Big week world

Star world

Ghost world
Fuso World
Shenwu World

Sur World
Steam world

Main world [ MC Lives here and introduced in chp. 1 ]

> This world, originally made up of many promoted mainland sections, is made up of many promoted mainland maps! There is only one world that transcends the previous form of the universe.

Locations : East, West, God Court/Heaven Court <<less
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drollawake rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: c771
Another solid Plagiarist-style novel, so expect just enough detail to keep the story moving and no excessive explanations or filler. This time, he takes on the infinity genre, which is a great match for his blueprint of writing scheming protagonists that gather powers from different worlds. For those who don't know, the main feature of the infinity genre is people being routinely sent to different worlds or settings to complete tasks, with rewards provided according to the degree of completion.

My main gripe with the novel is the constant warring and... more>> commentary on the changing of fortunes in the real world. One big reason I've read almost all of his novels is because of the good pacing so I almost dropped a star since the war stuff comes across as a boring distraction from the overarching plot about the Overgod Space. I found it too long and hard to care about, especially when the protagonist's main reason for staying involved is his wife's ambitions. Yes, Plagiarist wrote in an actual love interest in this novel even though there isn't much focus on the romance, so no one's getting invested in her success. In fact, the romance matters so little that I don't even remember why the harem tag applies (I read this a year ago). That said, another reason I like his novels is the lack of romance so that's not a con to me. It seems like he tried to broaden his target audience and didn't do a good job of it. <<less
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