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    Imperial Ancient Dao
    100 Series 0 Comments 6810 Views 7 Follows Mar 14, 2020 Imperial Ancient Dao
    100 novels about Cultivation with male female protagonists, whether they are Xianxia, ​​Wuxia or Xuanhuan.... more>>
    Imperial Ancient Dao
    31 Series 0 Comments 2215 Views 3 Follows Mar 11, 2020 Imperial Ancient Dao
    List of cultivation novels in the modern and future day.... more>>
    4 Series 0 Comments 574 Views 0 Follows Feb 26, 2020 alvin579
    No Tags
    No description.
    5 Series 1 Comments 596 Views 1 Follows Jan 31, 2020 Nosta
    The novels listed are novels without romance and protagonists are always male.
    27 Series 0 Comments 2665 Views 1 Follows Jan 1, 2020 CultivatingPanda
    No Tags
    Chinese novels I’ve read and reading since 2018. Probably not even 30% of what i’ve read but certainly best of the best.
    100 Series 0 Comments 6153 Views 3 Follows Dec 30, 2019 Elucidator1359
    No Tags
    novels i am reading, finished or droped.
    Kaptan Flint
    37 Series 0 Comments 8303 Views 8 Follows Dec 26, 2019 Kaptan Flint
    No Tags
    No description.
    65 Series 0 Comments 10173 Views 15 Follows Dec 7, 2019 Vellekoop
    No Tags
    Great Books, various tags/genres... more>>
    46 Series 10 Comments 8715 Views 54 Follows Dec 1, 2019 Tsukkin
    Here of some of my favorite novels, i tend to like novel without romance, harem, ecchi, or tragedy tags. I also like stories with great... more>>
    10 Series 0 Comments 2944 Views 1 Follows Sep 20, 2019 Zanzatora
    This list is dedicated to avid readers who have exhausted their favorite genre, and seek more good stuff to read in other style of novels.... more>>
    71 Series 3 Comments 11648 Views 23 Follows Aug 29, 2019 GoGoInTheA55
    No Tags
    A list containing novels with zero harem[love triangles in some] and good stories to my preference. Not tags as there is no central themes. But... more>>
    52 Series 0 Comments 5806 Views 5 Follows Aug 21, 2019 Acheron
    Novels that i have finished reading or still reading . The lists main purpose is for me to track record of the novels that i... more>>
    33 Series 0 Comments 5521 Views 12 Follows Aug 6, 2019 JEREMYDUFFY79
    When I look for a novel I like looking for novels withs theses tags, this is the books that I'm reading... more>>
    35 Series 0 Comments 13243 Views 17 Follows Aug 6, 2019 Zaroz
    Novels containing individuals that have an ability/trait to have monsters and other creatures be their allies/pets or novels in which nonhumaniod creatures are smart enough... more>>