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The second moon marked the beginning of a revolutionary change.

With the emergence of monsters and dungeons in modern society, and the ability users who fight against them, the world faces a shift in its paradigm.

It heralds the advent of a new energy source and the decline of traditional occupations.

Common sense thus becomes warped and imagination becomes reality.

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New obsessed-reader rated it
August 21, 2017
Status: c54
Take away the romance tag. Romance tag implies that there will be a romance. Idk about you but a beyond dense MC, who increased his intelligence but his intelligence never rose, that doesn't like any girl except his little f**king sister does not mean romance. This novel has such a cool idea but obviously this author sucks. It gets really boring. Also having a beyond dense character and hundreds of girls flocking to him but since he is dense he is like why are all these annoying girls here might... more>> be cute to you but it doesn't make it a good story. This is your typical japanese anime with the dense MC where no actual character development happens and him loving his sister in a very creepy way. But if you all like this type of story than good for you and someone needs to keep your little sister away from you.

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New nixxara rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: ch 124
I would go with 3. 8 but 4 stars would do.

Interesting but really repetitive. I don't really like harem romance either, since they seem really shallow.

I kind of skipped over the last few battle descriptions and got to the point but unfortunately, the majority of the story are battle descriptions so it would suck if I had to keep doing that.

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RynDeeVuo rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c41
There's nothing interesting to look forward to and what currently happens doesn't really make you that interested. The goals are only to get stronger and save the world.

Half of the cast of characters are harem members. Said harem members mysteriously fall in love with MC for no reason. They always blush or stutter when talking with MC. All of them are tsunderes of different levels, always somehow getting mad at MC.

The comedy skits are Japanese level of cringyness. If you don't like Japanese dialogues like me, don't read.... more>>

Foreshadowing the future, for me, kinda made it like it's all going to go all fine anyway, why bother reading.

There's no actual mature person, everybody acts like teenagers, even the father and the 300+ shop owner noona. Characters don't act their identities. 300+ shop noona is an easy to fall teenager, strongest person on earth is naive, guy who assumingly spent 2 yrs on the dungeons doesn't know how to communicate with others.

The leveling system isn't that clear. It was stated that the lvl 15 him could take care of 3 lvl 10 hims, but the lvl 50 strongest person on earth is shocked to see lvl 20 him one hitting spiders. He grinds floor masters and has best equipment, but random guy with claymore is physically stronger than him.

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Commentator rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: --
Very interesting, it is face slapping comedy so far. It's rare KR comedic novel.

Story about boy who dreaming to become explorer on dungeon that no one knows about it's existence.

MC is naive but strong, thanks to training from his father since he's young.

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Suzzie rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c16
As expected of the author of Everyone Else is a returnee. Filled with nonstop dungeon explorations and comedic moments makes this novel very interesting. Will wait for more chapters to be translated before I start again... hehe
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trollballz rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c30
Great humor, fun characters, tons of action. ICDS basically sums up why I read Chinese webnovels.

That said, everyone has their own cup of tea, and this may not be yours. If you want a MC who thinks 81 steps ahead, brooks no insult, and slaughters all who oppose him... this is not that story. If you like "Everyone Else is a Returnee", Arena, or other novels that mix humour with action however, you will certainly like this.
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Yurika rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c9
Since it's the first work of the author of Everyone Else Is A Returnee, I thought that I would see a lot of mistakes or something. But just wao, never expected that 'twill made me like the novel even though there's just a few chapters rn.

And the elements that we've love from EER is certainly here, the comedy and interaction of MC with the other characters is gold!

Pretty much this is a must read novel and many thanks to the translator/s that kept on bringing wonderful works
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Novela rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c16
Seems interesting though the first few chapters felt boring, well later it was funny and got a bit of hype! with addictiveness :3. Hopefully it becomes better because it has the potential to be really good..... no greater than that :3

dungeons + level up !

strong --> stronger
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lumiere rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: c9
Wow! I must say that I didn't expect that!

Honestly the summary above wasn't really drawning me in, here's how it really goes:

"Kang Shin has been trained by his father to master the spear since he was 8 yo even though they are living in a very normal modern earth. His father would from time to time tell him that it was all for the sake of entering a dungeon, thus it became Kang Shin dream. When he was 15yo he became a very very muscle man and his father gave... more>> him a phone that transported him to a dungeon. Thus began his adventure to gain qI (or mana) "

Just to say I have read "everyone else is a returnee" and other similar genre however this one IS UNIQUE!

First the MC isn't 100% OP i'd say he's only 30% OP which make it very interesting.

Second, this is no gory survival story:


1. If the MC dies in the dungeon, he doesn't die in reality he's just blocked from entering for a week.

2. The earth is living peacefully so no monster (as of chapter 9). (Edit: in chapter 11 monsters came to earth)

3. There is only 5 human who ever entered the dungeon (the MC and his father included), so no secret society as of now.


Third, the flow of the story is pretty thrilling (as I couldn't stop reading until I finished the chapters!), and I like the tinge of humor in it.


The MC is stupid (just in the beginning) witch makes him soooo cute


All in all I strongly recommend it, it's a very promising novel!

And a huge thank to the translator!!! <<less
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rusty32539 rated it
July 15, 2017
Status: c42
Finally a Dungeon Explorer with a MC that is not a Amoral Asshole. MC gets stronger though pure guts and determination, well at least in the beginning once he reaches a certain level of strength it speeds up some. A good mix of humor with action, without the overwhelming amount of angst of most Chinese stories and strait boring fact telling of most Korean stories.

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lordofthebooty rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: c90
WE HAVE TWO TYPES OF DUNGEONS. If you die in the main dungeon city setting, you can just revive back on your home planet and you'll wake up. The M/C starts off as one of the first 5 dungeon explorers on Earth, (his dad is one as well). These five dungeon explorers talk more and more as the story goes on. Anyways, he learns how to fight monsters, and dungeon bosses from an early age. This dungeon city is special. We have a gigantic fantasy city where 150K different... more>> beings from different planets all join on one location, and fight monsters/dungeon bosses, trade items, mana stones, level up... etc. Floors go from 1-100+, and they are ranked from bronze to platinum.

With enough qualifications, you can even buy a house in their residency area, allowing you to stay there permanently and avoid real life death on your home planet. Most people here have to get stronger to protect their home worlds from invasions and real monsters.

The M/C at first, is weak, and because Earth doesn't have any mana techniques, he is stuck at the fifth floor, while his friends move on to fight higher monsters. Due to this, he keeps fighting the same raid bosses over and over again, until he is able to solo kill them, earning rewards other can't get. He gets elixirs to strengthen bones, skin, brain... etc, rare stuff. He manages to find a mana technique, allowing him to finally move past the fifth floor and onto the sixth floor. He spent 3 years fighting on the fifth floor, so he earned the nickname "Crown Prince, " for carrying others, while his party from 3 years ago are already on floor 25 lol but he catches up soon enough.

Shin has multiple titles like Hermes (can fly/walk on air for 10 min, once a day), even one called "Earth's Hero. " (Each planet is assigned a hero, so yeah, very important status lol)

On Earth, monsters also start appearing, throwing the world into chaos. The 5 original dungeon explorers start talking more and more and helping as well. One has a fire ranked ability, she is an SS ranked girl from China.

Soon enough, we start seeing people with powers come out, everyone has abilities, some are very unique and high ranked. Earth has a law called "New Moon Act. " It's a law created to deal with monsters and monster-related work. It outlines the government’s response when a monster-related disaster happens.

So we see ability users that help the government, these are called "Guardians, " and you have your ability users who made their own group without government help called "Freedom Wing. " The last group are rogues who really serve no one but themselves, just wanderers.

It's nice to see the different sides and how they all act when sht goes down. M/C is a rogue, he isn't in a group at all. He helps others when he can but other than that, he just fights.

M/C's class is "elementalist. " He has a unique "very rare" lightning elemental girl named Peika (ability to grow and get stronger), and he just got an unsealed ice elemental girl named Ruyue (Same as Peika). So he now has lightning and ice abilities to use in the real world. He also has some unique items, like the Pocket Watch Collector. It's a watch he got after defeating a raid boss that allows him to store up to 12 skills from the raid bosses he beats. Right now, he has 7, which proves he has defeated 7 raid bosses SOLO.

He has an elf shop keeper waifu (universal dungeon setting) named Loretta and a college classmate girl that he just NOW made into a dungeon explorer (Earth dungeon setting) called Su-Yuen. On Earth, we'll have event dungeons, from rank F to S, some will be 10 man dungeons, others might be 1000 man A rank dungeons, so it gets crazy.

Our M/C Shin is doing his best to hide his identity (mask) so only his mom, dad, sister and of course the newly recruited Su- Yuen know about the real him and how they're both dungeon explorers.

There is a lot going on and it's only getting better. <<less
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keklel rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c49
Suddenly, Ren asked me a question.
“Are you dating the shopkeeper?”
It took me a moment to process what he said. After standing around as if I suffered from a lag, I barely managed to reply.
“... What?”
“No matter how I look at it, that was a lover’s quarrel. ”
Our conversation from just now? I suddenly thought of a possibility. Ren certainly had a masculine face and a healthy body. But...
“Ren, have you been single your entire life?”
“H-How did you know?”
I was right. I could tell because I was the same. Damn it, I didn’t want to relate to him like this!
“You think any man and woman talking friendly are in a relationship, right?”
“If you see a girl staring at you, you fix your hair and think about what to say when she starts walking toward you, right?”
I planned to continuously tease Ren as we walked to the boss room. But because I felt like I was tormenting myself, I stopped.

This novel is quite close to The Tutorial Is Too Hard in terms of overall atmosphere and setting. However, I feel that it is slightly inferior due to a few problems.

The first is that there is no seriousness in the novel. I dislike slice of... more>> life, so this is a minus for me. There has been 50 chapters already and there has been zero mentions of anyone doing anything bad ever. The author tried to excuse this by saying the dungeon only chooses those with a good personality, but what about the ability users? Are they "chosen" for having a good personality as well? Seems pretty strange to me. Especially after Guardian became corrupt and profit-seeking instead of seeking to protect humanity from monsters, it seems that ability users aren't all saints, yet there is no mention of any evil ability user even though these must exist. Every character whom the MC interacts with is a good person. Every single one. Even if you are the most reclusive hermit, if you live in a big city you are bound to encounter a thief or a scammer at least once in your life, but not the MC. Every girl he meets is tsundere (or dere-dere) for him and nobody ever tries to cheat or betray him. In short, this novel suffers from a lack of villains. I personally don't see why the MC wants to get stronger if he doesn't have a reason to. I mean, his father makes good money just from doing the dungeon level 5, and it's not like they're under threat from monsters or anything, so why go through that much trouble?

The second is that the grinding became a little bit annoying for me by chapter 49. There is no reason to read through the MC fighting with minor monsters in a dungeon where there are no consequences for dying, and even fighting with boss monsters does not seem to teach any lessons that might be useful in future. The Tutorial Is Too Hard also has grinding, but it mixes in interesting things during the grinding that relieves the tedium, for example:

“You must be hunting whole day. Are you not bored of it?”

The response was,

“Are you not bored of living? Life is repetition of daily routines, and I get to repeat what I like to do every day. I don’t get bored of it. ”

I became a professional gamer because I liked winning. It was not because I liked playing video games.

This is, for me, what sets The Tutorial Is Too Hard apart from Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society. TTITH is littered with musings on life, whereas ICDS can only be barely considered self-reflective through the jokes. Although the jokes contain hints at a deeper meaning, they never manage to delve as deeply into human nature as TTITH.

Third, and yes, you might laugh at this, but the fight scenes in TTITH are more interesting and better written than the fight scenes in ICDS. Compare the TTITH MC's fight with the lizard woman Idaltaru to the ICDS MC's fight against the lizard knight. In the battle with Idaltaru, although the MC thought up a strategy to win against her gaseous form transformation by using a weak attack to bait out her evasion ability and then following up with his most powerful attack, it didn't work because she went berserk after his provocation and didn't use the evasion ability at all. He only narrowly avoided death by appealing to her love for him. Whereas in ICDS, the MC won against the lizard knight by simply cancelling its attack spell with his own attack and then beat it up using martial arts. And this "spell cancelling" is supposed to be some super special high level technique, wtf! Anyone who has played a video game knows it! The fight against the spider woman was also rather underwhelming - the MC literally just jumped on her and punched her to death. Not very interesting for a boss fight.

This novel does a lot of things fairly well. Firstly, on the humor side, it pulls off a lot of jokes well (like the quote above, from chapter 38) because they are in-character, making fun of the characters' ignorance for example. It does not overuse the jokes too much, for example the MC keeps on forgetting to call back Palludia (a running joke).

Fourth, the MC has to interact with multiple annoying female characters, such as Palludia and Loretta, whose lines are just frankly annoying. Yes, Loretta has her counterpart in TTITH in KiriKiri, but at least TTITH has normal female characters like the archer and the leader of the Order. In ICDS there has not been a single normal female character in the entirety of the first 50 chapters! The author even notes this himself:

Why were all girls around me so strange? There was Yua, who was strange as her cuteness went beyond the realm of humans, Palludia, who after seeing me only once 4 years ago, shamelessly asked me to climb to the 25th floor in just three months, Su Ye-Eun, who had a bigger monsterphobia than ordinary people even with her cheaty stealth ability, and Mastiford, who I couldn’t tell if she wanted to fight me or draw me into her organization... and Loretta too.

Yes, recognizing a problem is not the same as solving it. The fact that the author cannot write a normal female character speaks volumes about the nature of this novel. It is not a serious work. It does not even try to be serious, unlike TTITH with its Representative Federation. The entire story in the 50 chapters so far is just the MC grinding the dungeon along with a few side characters that are literally no more than comic relief.

Also, it is frustrating to read about the MC's plans to hide his identity constantly being thwarted by his comically stupid father. If hiding your identity was important then wouldn't everybody be doing it? And if it isn't, then what's the point? None of the other dungeon explorers concealed their identities.

Fifth, there are some plot holes that stick out to me. First of all, why does it take years to clear dungeon levels, when the information on how to clear them should be publicly available? The ability to form parties seems incredibly abusable, given how easily higher leveled people can help lower leveled. Of course in the story it is stated that you cannot challenge a lower level boss once you defeat a higher leveled one, but why is it that nobody in the other continents thinks of doing things similar to what the MC did, i. e just staying at a level and helping others get through it through parties? Isn't Palludia supposed to be super important in her continent? So why didn't she have higher leveled people helping her for e. g level 5? Especially given that certain continents are facing life-or-death threats from demon lords? Surely it should be a priority for the high levelled dungeon explorers to teach other people how to level up in the dungeons?

All in all, I think this is not as well written as The Tutorial Is Too Hard and it is not anywhere near as interesting. It's just a dungeon-crawling slice of life basically. I should have stayed away after seeing the Shounen tag. <<less
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Ramon54xg rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: c9
Definitively reading this novel, the MC is likable and funny, and it's just personally, but I like when the MC is handsome, at the start there is that gag of him with his 2, 10m tall mass of muscle, but it isn't used that much like some japanese novels where one gag is used infinitely, also, he being stupid was also an funny gag that didn't become tiring as he increased his intelligence stats, and he also found an way to become stronger and change his figure at the same... more>> time, becoming stronger even though he still has his limitation of not being able to use mana, it's an story with amazing potential, the author could explore only the thematic of dungeon and it would also be an amazing story, but from what we can see, the 'earth' world will appear dungeons and monsters, and as he already is sort of op, he will start ahead of most people.

The translation also is really good, although I can't say for others, since English isn't my main language but I didn't find any error that would damage my reading experience.

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crazykat rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: c9
Awesome so far. Its like tower of god but with individual people climbing the tower. I found the first few chapter lacking a bit of explanation but if you overlook that part its a good novel, they might explain why everything is happening later on in the story which might make everything clear but as of now its a bit unclear of exactly why the dungeon stuff is happening.

Anyways, I am not sure how this novel will be in the future but I am looking forward to it.

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giratina143 rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c117
I am reading EER and ICDS, and I have to say, this author has talent. Unlike those dragged out wuxia and xanxia novels, the plot is on point and doesn't exceed 400 chapters. It's pure awesomeness. I am always expecting more in the next chapter and it never fails to deliver. I recommend this whole heartedly !!!
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Dongasaurus rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: c94
I love this novel, and am always eagerly awaiting new chapter releases. The translator does a great job with speed and accuracy, the story flows as it should be. Great action and comedy. I love the interactions between characters especially his little shop elf noona :X, his potential harem members, and his pops. The only thing that annoys me about the MC is that he is so effing dense. Overall great novel, one of the due novels that keep me wanting more.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TsukiKun rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c10
This is turning out to be a really good story the leveling and explanations will be something that happen later in the novel. The premise is good and he being so dumb in the beginning and getting his intelligence up was great, he is still clueless about love interests, which is a great comedic change, so far loving this in the first 11 chapters.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
falcon010 rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c9
This is rare, for me to review something that has not reached c100 or so.

if I have something to say about this, is the fact that...

THIS IS AMAZING. I have read Everyone Else is Returnee, Praise The Orc, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, Against The God, True Martial World, Absolute Choice, and other godly K-Novel, C-Novel, and J-Novel.

and this is one of them. a story that sounds really boring and bland. at first, I was like "well, it does pass. can read it for wasting time. " and... more>> then after going to chapter 6 I was like, "OK, this is another novel at the Returnee level. "

this is so fun. the world building and world history is not godly like other wuxia novel. but the story plor and story flow are just sooo interesting.

if you enjoy a story about one person embark on a journey of his life, this is the one for you.

7/10 from me, a strict reviewer. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
August 7, 2017
Status: c127
Another gem of a series.

Grammar: 4. 5/5

Writing: 4. 5/5

Story: 3. 9/5

(Update as of Chapter 127: Dialled back on the Darkness, and is starting to color in the empty areas with some shady-ass Gray (the kinda Shady that makes you wonder what's really going on). All kinds of questions are starting to get a bit of color thrown in and assumptions can now start to be accurately made. I'm only afraid that the story will soon be running out of steam thanks to its current pacing. I can... more>> only pray that it doesn't.)

(Update as of Chapter 121: F*** you, my heart broke, the blood drained out and was replaced with acid. The sheer amount of revulsion I feel at this point (in all the best ways) is just down right wrong. Clean kills, simple logic, and some damn twisted story telling. I love this. That feeling I had about the inevitable Dark Twist hath begun to materialize.)

Another gem that's nearly polished to perfection. It's not the most original story, but the execution, dialogue, and events make it a superb read.

The grammatic skill displayed is amazing, not often do I read through a novel and find that it is to my liking. The writing is amazing, the flow is perfect, never feels too slow, nor dragged out. The pacing is exceptional as well as the cliffs left behind by a few of the chapters. The story, while not the most original, is executed to near perfection. I can't wait to read more. Binge read this from chapter 1-102 in a little under a day, and am regretting my rash decision to devour as much of this series as quickly as possible.

Definitely a recommended read for those who like Game Elements, Comedy, and what feels like an impending Dark Twist to the story.

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Pythonspace rated it
July 22, 2017
Status: c60
So... Well I will first start this off explaining the rating. For me if any novel does not have a sense of danger or anything threatening at all (this changed a tad later, not enough) then that by itself carries my rating down. The interactions of this novel between characters is honestly funny. There is one called, Loretta and that has go to be the best part about this novel. Anyways the novel is about basically leveling up and progressing in a dungeon. The goal is to get stronger,... more>> and my interpretation so far is this is to help citizens of that current planet t0 combat a threat that is around them. However, in the MC case that threat is basically nonexistent. He still goes to school. Now I understand for the socializing and whatever. I just can't see how or why he should because he socializes well with people from the dungeon. He can form parties and raids! Furthermore, if the goal of attending university is to have a stable job for money... Then that is a laughable reason to go to attend. Some of the drops from the dungeons are worth MILLIONS of won. Yes the author explicitly writes their worth. I tend to skip chapters of him interacting with people outside the dungeon (besides his dad), because quite frankly it's simply boring.

Now when I just started this story. I believed his circumstances would begin to change (threat in his world) like it is for his companions from dungeons (maybe in the future there will be). There are certain "threats", but there are so weak in comparison to the characters with abilities that it's meaningless to call it a threat. In a world where it's modern setting, I love when a threat is large enough, that it shakes up the dynamics of that world. This novel which is still in it's infancy... lacks that.

With all that said. MC? Pretty funny (humor may differ) I enjoy his interactions with some characters. He isn't all brawn no brain further in. The side character (s) are... Good enough that their interactions with the MC do not take away from the story that much. In fact sometimes add more to it. I honestly feel I have to think of reasons to add to make you read it. I rather you read 5 stars reviews for that or just anyone else who may love a LOT more about it than I.

To conclude I do not think this is a bad story it's pretty nice for passing time and the translator is honestly awesome! However, when a novel about dungeons and threats to their safety key point for me is his interactions with someone in the dungeon... Where fights happen. Farming like an MMO, constant grinding... I think it lacks something. That something is? Danger. Threat. Whatever you want to call it. I am sure in the later chapters it get's better. Especially on that end. Hopefully I update my review by then. Remember to look at how many chapters I am at. Because who knows it may had change 10 chapters from there. <<less
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Alexander Valdimir
Alexander Valdimir rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: c64
Before you read this review, It's good to note that my interests will surely be different from yours thus I may tend to be a bit more bias in my review.

The note you just readied was to let you know on why I am hating on the novel quite a bit. For the most part, the battles, dungeons, system are quite good, nothing spectacular nonetheless it's quite enjoyable. However even so, everything outside of the battle seems awful. The communications between the main Character and others feels unnatural, absurd,... more>> and leads to suggested that the author doesn't have much Social interactions. While I no doubt that their may be some people who behaved as the character does, it's absurd to suggested the majority of them do. It's extremely unrealistic to the point where I feel like if there wasn't any dialogue between the character than it would be better. Novel is more prone towards Adolescent age but I'm not one of them therefore I won't be reading much of it unless there's nothing else to read.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
arrogantyoungmaster rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c90
One of the best dungeons story I have read. Good action good humor a not bad romance with some mystery a likable MC and good sides characters. The story progress smoothly not boring and enjoyable. I have one thing that I find annoying is that the MC is a sis con (best waifu is loretta btw)
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