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The second moon marked the beginning of a revolutionary change.

With the emergence of monsters and dungeons in modern society, and the ability users who fight against them, the world faces a shift in its paradigm.

It heralds the advent of a new energy source and the decline of traditional occupations.

Common sense thus becomes warped and imagination becomes reality.

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Dima1 rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: --
This is a good novel... it gets a bit repetitive, and if you stop reading it and come back week to week it loses some appeal because harder to remember his 50 skills and be as into it. But it’s short, 2/3 over, how bad could that get? Feels like other world novel but in real world, so no recreating soy sauce and all that nonsense.
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Narmi rated it
December 1, 2017
Status: c229
Pros: The overall story itself is interesting, and the plot has specific goals the characters work towards.

Cons: The characters are kind of lackluster and show little development. Jokes get repeated to death, and everyone acts childishly to the point where it's aggravating. Fight scenes drag on much longer than they need to. Every new character that gets introduced is another girl that acts basically the same as all the other girls the MC surrounds himself with.
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Merciful rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: --
I can't believe everyone else is a returnee and this novel has the same author! The MC is dumb, the people who are clinging to him and falling in love with him are idiots. His father who was one of the strongest person in earth at the pre dungeon times is dumb. Every single character are so stupid in this novel that it makes me cringe. The girls are too damn clingy. Although everyone else is a returnee was really similar but it was a lot more enjoyable.

This whole novel... more>> is 10% action, 5% story progression, the rest 85% is just useless banter between MC and the slutty females around him. Not even one of them has a little bit of intelligence. Its like they think from their vagina not brain. <<less
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Vvibulo rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: c133
Fun read actually but it's specific to chp 1 till 100.

Ah it really make me sad, actually I really like MC when he was an orc. But all changed now. I think we need physiological tag here

Mc's arrogant (now). No, don't get me wrong. I like arrogant and badass MC, but I think author screw it up. Acting high, haughty and all knowing or wise in front of enemy it's cool. Until ... more>>

you act like that in front of a 12 yo, blind, and on wheelchair girl. Ugh it's really a big let down. Even 8 grade student still got hero syndrome.


Undecisive MC about the girls is a big minus for me, it is just like japanese harem.


A downhill betrayal of one candidate harem, spice the story more attractive but it was too short, the execution is poor and the conclusion is not that good. No foreshadowing of the betrayal, and how MC know about it. And add with that 12 yo girl, I closed the curtain.


If author make many scene about MC and his father maybe I can hold on.

Contrary to what other said the story is not similar to returnee. It is vastly different.

the MC isn't smart, schemer nor cunning but act like one.

1 star for first 100 chapter, and 1 star for father son's interaction. <<less
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Yurika rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c9
Since it's the first work of the author of Everyone Else Is A Returnee, I thought that I would see a lot of mistakes or something. But just wao, never expected that 'twill made me like the novel even though there's just a few chapters rn.

And the elements that we've love from EER is certainly here, the comedy and interaction of MC with the other characters is gold!

Pretty much this is a must read novel and many thanks to the translator/s that kept on bringing wonderful works
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Megascops rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: Completed
I think that the author, Toika, has a particular style that is going to be extremely grating to some and extremely entertaining to others. Personally, I like it, but it's essentially light and mindless action and comedy, backed by a plot that's interesting enough that you want to keep going, but not deep enough to really deserve much praise. Quite frankly, there are certain arcs that you can pretty much skip without losing anything.

ICDS was written earlier than the author's other fully translated work, Everyone Else Is A Returnee, and... more>> it shows. It's definitely not as clean and clever as that work gets at its high points, but I still find it quite charming. The comedy is really what makes it work, so if you try it out and don't find it funny, there's not much point in continuing. <<less
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KingSlayer98 rated it
January 29, 2018
Status: c245
This started as a great idea with a bad execution and from there it went downhill

Seriously dense MC, plot armour everywhere, stupid harem characters (like actually dumb)

Poorly done cliches

I am not hating on this type of novel, I actually enjoy reading stuff similar to this but common this seems more a wish fulfillment fantasy for the author than anything else
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lumiere rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: c9
Wow! I must say that I didn't expect that!

Honestly the summary above wasn't really drawning me in, here's how it really goes:

"Kang Shin has been trained by his father to master the spear since he was 8 yo even though they are living in a very normal modern earth. His father would from time to time tell him that it was all for the sake of entering a dungeon, thus it became Kang Shin dream. When he was 15yo he became a very very muscle man and his father gave... more>> him a phone that transported him to a dungeon. Thus began his adventure to gain qi (or mana) "

Just to say I have read "everyone else is a returnee" and other similar genre however this one IS UNIQUE!

First the MC isn't 100% OP i'd say he's only 30% OP which make it very interesting.

Second, this is no gory survival story:


1. If the MC dies in the dungeon, he doesn't die in reality he's just blocked from entering for a week.

2. The earth is living peacefully so no monster (as of chapter 9). (Edit: in chapter 11 monsters came to earth)

3. There is only 5 human who ever entered the dungeon (the MC and his father included), so no secret society as of now.


Third, the flow of the story is pretty thrilling (as I couldn't stop reading until I finished the chapters!), and I like the tinge of humor in it.


The MC is stupid (just in the beginning) witch makes him soooo cute


All in all I strongly recommend it, it's a very promising novel!

And a huge thank to the translator!!! <<less
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lohwengk rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: c352
The start of the story was fun. The ending was not bad, either. All else being equal, I would have rated this story a solid 4. But 2 issues made me drop 1 star:

1) The MC's irrational hatred and criticism of Ciara, one of the characters in the story. The author provided some reasons through the MC's internal monologue, but it's pretty much a bullsh*t reason, IMO.

2) From around the middle of the story, as the plot started becoming deeper and the MC started becoming OP even when compared to... more>> other high-rank explorers, the author liked to make the MC play the "Tricked you! I already knew you were plotting against me and I'd made my own counter-plans." Except that from the MC's previous internal monologue, he didn't have a clue.

Do I regret reading this story? No. Would I re-read this story? No. <<less
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Distolace rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: c334
Excellent book so far, and most likely one of my favourite korean novels. This is book is a really good read, and I would definitely recommend it to those that like adventure/fantasy/harem/ comedy type novels.


I liked how the characters were portrayed, and although the harem aspect is a bit overboard, I believe it just adds to the story-line, since this novel also has a harem tag. The main character is dense at first, but he slowly begins to realize whats happening around him. (Especially with the girls) ... more>> In addition, the main character is stupid, but that is what makes this novel great. Although I have not read every novel, I, personally, have almost never read a novel where the protagonist is stupid at the start, which makes this novel's MC so unique.

The idea of this story is great and the way that the author tells it is good as well. But a down side is that this novel is extremely repetitive, which is basically just grinding for the most of the novel. But when I read these parts of the protagonist grinding, I found it interesting about the items he gained, and how he can ascend the dungeon at such a fast rate. This dungeon idea and the World Hero idea is what makes this novel really good, at first I didn't have high hopes for this novel, but as I read on I was warped into this novel. All in all, the story is very smooth and is a book that I would truly recommend.

Ps: If you can't stand reading repititive novels like these, then this novel is not for you, or if you are really impatient, and picky with your type of novel, then you will never get to the good battle scenes, so you don't have to read it. (But I recommend it) <<less
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Horoscope rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: c235
I am now dropping this series. Basically the MC has defeated the big baddie that was foretold at the beginning of the story with no legitimate sacrifices other than "Ow I am heavily wounded" which clearly doesn't stick in a world of perfectly flawless healing magic. What's frustrating is that what the author TRIED to pass off as sacrifices were the faceless subordinates of one of his harem members, and tried to make a legitimate deal out of it.

And while there are still other baddies to fight... the tension is... more>> absolutely GONE. He did it. That's it. It has been decided. It was fine before when he used trickery, wit and whatnot to best an enemy stronger than him because it still felt like there was a reasonable amount of room for growth that fit in naturally with the setting. Now, while logically he still needs to get stronger, does he really?

You honestly feel that it is set in stone that there is now absolutely no way for the MC to fail. And maybe this is true for most stories where the MC pulls themselves out of the fire more times than they are put into it, but now...I can see that there were multiple CLEAR reasons for me feeling absolutely finished with this story:

  1. First of all, the Harem played a big part in ruining the experience. It... it just got so fake! The balance the author set up with his charm being the reason he is attractive has been worn out and almost completely forgotten, being swept under the rug with not enough attention brought to it. He just kept increasing and increasing the number of women in the cast. Heck, even the harem members themselves started to get left out of character development stages because there were just too many harem members! The ultimate reason I feel that the harem is fake is because of this final blow:

The newest member of their crew is a Succubus queen who swore loyalty to the MC. She also haphazardly includes that she can't 'be with' anyone other than the MC. And also, she comes with an army of 200 some succubus who cannot hook up with anyone other than the MC.

I mean come on, that's not poorly set up AT ALL!!!

It just... got too outrageous. This is a core example of 'falling for the MC' gone spectacularly WRONG


... in short, having a literal army of women waiting for the MC come home really kills any possibility that he won't, in fact, come home.

2. The world building has painfully weak buildup. I'm not even going to hide this spoiler because of how little the author magnified this. In a conversation on the level of 'light banter', it is revealed that the universe has reached the max number of worlds, and to halve that number, 'god' decided to pit them against one another to wipe eachother out, setting the defenders as the 'good guys' and the attackers the 'bad guys', whether the villains liked it or not. The defenders got a lot of favour, being buffed up by the infinite competitive dungeon society while the attackers were left with the options 'give up' or 'slaughter other worlds'. The author doesn't so much as give the MC time to process this, and proceeds with pitting him against one of said attackers of another world, with no way for him to utilize the crucial knowledge he just acquired (he could of at least THOUGHT of trying to talk it out).


3. The MC is flat out untouchable, and therefore completely unrelatable. As I mentioned above, the MC is now the strongest defender in all worlds. While there are still enemies capable of killing him, his track record, dare I say, FORBIDS him from failing. He is 'The Chosen One',

a guy with the alleged power to destroy a world if he wanted to, surrounded by a literal army of SSS+++ grade women, with the future of saving the cosmos.

... There is not a human on earth that has a single thing in common with this guy. You're male you say? And the MC is male? Where you not paying attention? This glorious bastard is a whole 'nother kind of male. What kind of male on earth (or even in your own imagination) has upwards 210 women begging him for attention?

Hell, it's not even conceivable to imagine it! It's unrealistic to the max.

These reasons make it a chore to read, and unless I am exceptionally bored, I think I am dropping it for good.

Old review at c165

This novel has a pretty sly author behind it. The novel seemed to be doomed to the classic cliques of typically found fantasy novels like a harem, a dense MC, cheat like abilities/destiny, and things going right at convenient times.

However, in the later chapters, the depth into the story reaches a whole different magnitude.


The MC gets major back-stabbed by a potential 'harem member', plunging another heroine into a level of depression that boarders on insanity that is hard to describe with words.

The MC learns that the only reason he is charming is because he is the 'hero', an existence who's death will result in the absolute destruction of his world. Thus, he is given charm to attract people to protect him. Upon learning this, he is forever burdened with the fact that the girls surrounding him are being manipulated in a way that is impossible for him to advert. The best he can do is refuse their advances by trying to act dense, as he is aware of the truth of the matter.

The character development that stems from this is marvelous, deepening the MC's self reflection as well the battle between resolve to persevere and self doubt.

The MC is slowly realizing that the monsters that appear on earth are not necessarily evil, rather their own world's are crumbling and are desperate to invade other's to survive.


The MC's growth was indeed attributed to him being a 'hero', but the immense responsibility of this title balances it out. Plus, his warrior training sets him apart as well as his desire to literally go beyond. Though he continuously receives challenges that seem to be easy, there is still a set chance along with a precedent to match it that indicates that he could fail, thus I find that there is still a fair amount of tension. <<less
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Novela rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c16
Seems interesting though the first few chapters felt boring, well later it was funny and got a bit of hype! with addictiveness :3. Hopefully it becomes better because it has the potential to be really good...... no greater than that :3

dungeons + level up !

strong --> stronger
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 26, 2019
Status: c128
Once upon a time there was an orc. He was raised by his orc dad to be strong and kind. But he was still an orc and his looks even made his little sister cry.

The orc started adventuring and became stronger. The orc met a princess tsundere and they squabbled happily. All was well.

One day the orc became an ikemen.

(ノಠ益ಠ) ノ彡┻━┻

The tsundere couldn't talk back and even the little sister had hearts in her eyes.


I really wanted to read about an orc.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 23, 2018
Status: c352
The further along the story got, the worse it became. Towards the end, it was a total trainwreck, and the ending was both forced and came out of nowhere. Truly a waste of time.
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May 5, 2018
Status: c338
pros: fun read nice fight scenes no big plot holes or pulling wins out of the ass

cons: somewhat bland characters too focused on grinding the dungeon at some point near the end the MC is quite op and the novel doesn't show the main antagonist until the last few chapters so the novel isn't t0o exciting.

conclusion: solid novel fun to read don't expect a master piece

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BlackHat88 rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c203
Start up really well, MC is a bit of a muscle brain really good at combat.

The muscle brain part evolves as he increases his intelligence stats and we get a MC with normal intelligence.

I love how he does not want to fight monsters on earth in the beginning as it is no very heroic and it changes from the other stories' MCs.

... more>> I don't really mind him getting plenty of benefits from the Dungeon which in other stories could be called plot luck is kinda explainable in this story.

I like it how he starts to get strong friend and starts to build up strength to save earth.

However the Harem part of the story gets too heavy and ruins completely the story.

It's the usual complain, I don't like but don't mind Harem if it is well done but here it's like


Lorena: Hey I know you need to finish the Dungeon in 2 years or every one you know on earth will be dead but stay 2 hours with me or I'll make a scene.

Come on guys, there's only two years before your planet gets destroyed...


He had 4-5 love interests and each time he spends too much time with a chick, you've got the other ones are pissing a'd moaning about it and start their jealousy crisis.

In the end I stopped when he got 200 succubus falling for him out of nowhere, it was already barely bareable with 4-5 girls (with other future prospects) so if you add 200 to that... I'm out of there.

It's not realistic to spend half of the time on love drama when they are in a perilous situation like that when each second counts. <<less
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NothingPersonal rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c203
It ain't bad per se, but it sure ain't no masterpiece. I liked how the MC doesn't progress insanely fast, but is still way better than any other of his level. All that went down the drain when he soloed the 20th floor boss at the first try. How easy it was for him doesn't make sense. How can HE, but only HE, be able too do the boss that easily, but absolutely no one in the thousands of years before him did it? It just makes everyone else feel... more>> so weak in comparison, even though they aren't. Well, anyway, I don't care about the harem, even though I hate it. The story is good but the it gets overly repetitive, basically the same issue as "Everyone Else Is A Returnee", but even worse. I mean it can pass time, but you'll most likely force yourself to finish it. <<less
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rusty32539 rated it
July 15, 2017
Status: c42
Finally a Dungeon Explorer with a MC that is not a Amoral a**hole. MC gets stronger though pure guts and determination, well at least in the beginning once he reaches a certain level of strength it speeds up some. A good mix of humor with action, without the overwhelming amount of angst of most Chinese stories and strait boring fact telling of most Korean stories.
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Milkboost rated it
June 26, 2019
Status: c126
I have several misgivings for this novel.

First, the MC is a self-centered multi-timing jerk. He's multi-timing with all the girls who likes him but then pushes them away and calls them "friend" when they advance too far. Kissing, flirting, hugging and petting are fine but accepting an 'official' relationship isn't. He gives false hope to every girl by staying in a half-assed vague relationship. He's even hitting on his own sister...

On the other hand every women in this novel are one-dimensional characters who has only two functions: to get under... more>> the MCs pants or for comedy skits. The only one with minimal development is Palludia. The rest are simply there for skits praising or flirting with the MC,

In this novel stats are nothing but an accolade to show-off. It has no correlation to the strength of characters or the power-level. If you do the math correctly, the MC has stats comparable to peak dungeon explorers (90-100F) due to him hoarding elixirs, achievement, titles and set equipment. But for some nonsensical reason, he is weaker than an SS-rank ability user (comparable to 50-60F) in Earth. That's not counting his ability to fly, his 2 elementals that can join the battle, his set armor and unique floor boss skills. All of which the SS-ranker doesn't possess in comparison.

Some characters are going out of character just to give way for comedy skits or when interacting with the MC. For example, the MC's father. At the beginning he acts like a mature person but as the novel progress, his mentality regresses back into a teenager.

The battles are like reading logs. X character uses Y skill. Z enemy has fallen. The enemy skits are also repetitive. There's always this 4 monsters talking to one another and trying to make fun of themselves.

To sum it up, this novel is either a hit or miss kind novel. The type you would either love or hate. <<less
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Novelupdatesaccount1 rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: c205
This actually started out pretty great. The protagonist was unique in that he wasn't some perfect super handsome super genius Gary Stu character rather he was an ugly, mentally challenged and muscle bound. The world too seemed fairly balanced and decently difficult.

It starts falling apart after about 50 chapters. Currently (ch 200) there is no longer any suspense, every character is the same, the MC has become an overly righteous hypocritical mouthpiece spewing common shounen tropes, literally every female character but two in the story is a love interest (mother... more>> and pupils love interest). Every character sounds exactly the same. Every interaction with an old character is exactly the same as every previous interaction with them.

The author can start to set up a story but is incapable of keeping it interesting. <<less
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