Transmigration: Raising the Child of the Male Lead Boss


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Yu Yaoyao was a snake spirit who died by lightning and as a result, transmigrated to a novel she had read in her past life. This third-rate actress had the same name as her, but then she remembered she was only a pitiful cannon fodder in the novel she had read.

This obscure actress’s life was riddled with scandals, and as a result, her diamond husband left her. She then hit the rock bottom of her career and ultimately became paralyzed by an accident. Not to mention, she had neglected her child, leading him to an early death.

Graced with a new life, Yu Yaoyao is determined to steer her path away from the plot’s death flags. She’ll be the best wife, the most loving mother and she’ll rise to the top of the entertainment industry!

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120 Reviews

New tangtang07
Nov 30, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a book with its own flaws but I would still recommend reading it. As it is a very sweet and fluffy story. The Baby is cute though in the middle he did become a bit more rude, especially to his father but nothing over the top. The ML is sweet and understanding 10/10 for him.

... more>>

The original FL according to the book Yaoyao read was kind of s*upid, she got one more chance at life after she literally stole everything from Yaoyao her childhood love, got her son killed, and even stole her husband (who later found out what she did) still want that man again and behaves as if she was superior than FL. She tries to seduce the husband in front of his wife.

The family of Yaoyao was also kind of messy I mean I get that the father doesn't care about his daughter but if she is married into so much wealth that his entire business is dependent on her husband he should at least treat her better or care a little.

Lastly, that s*upid actor Chen (forgot his name) hates Yaoyao because her sister told him that she loves him, I mean she never troubled him, and she never stalked him or anything. But later when you find that she is your white moonlight* you suddenly want her even though she is happily married and has children. And then you change because of a kid's words.


I personally feel that it could have been completed a hundred chapters prior to the original ending, it was stretched unnecessarily. <<less
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Fujoshi Next Door
Fujoshi Next
Aug 07, 2020
Status: c68
I felt it gets kind of repetitive and a bit too Mary Sue. It’s so... CONVENIENT. Like, world revolves around her. Example: when she needed a job but her reputation is sh*t to the point of prostitution, some random illogical tv show that doesn’t add up with a ‘not powerful’ but actually powerful director decides she’s the one and EVERYTHING she does and EVERYTHING that happens always CONVENIENTLY highlights her good points. It makes me feel as if the author is delusional. The mob mentality is sickening, seriously, everyone else... more>> are all so ret*rded and unable think for themselves. I don’t know why people think this is fluffy or Romantic, it literally is a one man play. I don’t even know what to say. The drama is so predictable it’s s*upid and the face-slapping... it’s more like brick-slapping. The psychology in this novel is absolutely.. uGGgh, like I’ve had so many moments of just ‘wut?’ Or ? that it completely ruins the flow. I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to see it how these other people see it but it made me feel like I’ve wasted my time and oxygen. There are some minor good points like her past but it is overall too disappointing. <<less
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Jul 23, 2019
Status: c186
hello hellooo!

this is the self-declared professional MTL-er! The story is funny anf quite fluffy! When they say characters carry the story, I'm pretty sure they mean characters like yaoyao! She's hilarious! I've smiled so much binge-reading this story, my cheeks hurt! Her interactions with her family and others are also quite sweet! But especially with her son! Aaahhh! So cute!! And of course, her relationship with her husband is very nice too, once they've become closer, shall we say? If you want something amusing and mostly light-hearted, you've got it... more>> here! <<less
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Jul 28, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is not groundbreaking in plot. However, it accomplishes what it set out to do beautifully. The novel is a highly enjoyable read. The Female Lead's thoughts and actions tending toward the unbelievable is usually something that has me dropping the novel quickly after starting. Instead the author had me hooked right away. I found myself drawn into the novel and easily throwing any disbelief to the wayside. I didn't want to stop reading. I desperately wanted to know what hijinks the female lead would get herself into next.

The... more>> author is hysterically funny. Which says a lot considering that I MTL'd the novel from Chapter 12 onward. Even simply using Google translate, the magic of the novel was easily expressed. The humor and fun family dynamics carried this novel. Though the romance was good too.

If you are looking for an enjoyable, fluffy read to brighten up a day, then I highly recommend this one! <<less
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Aug 15, 2019
Status: Completed
All hail the FLUFF!

We all love a shamless and hilarious FL, a doting ML and of course an adorable and smartass little bun.

One of best thing about this novel, both of the parents are present then they started building their relationship, feelings and family (unlike novels with little babies which usually start with either the father or mother is unknown)

Another thing is their relationship isn't hidden— the sweet antics of the ML and FL are shown on national TV/ LIVE BROADCAST hahaha so imagine how the all single dogs... more>> fans reacts.

Reccomended for all fluff lovers ❤ <<less
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Mar 06, 2021
Status: c232
Typically, a novel that is over 200 chapters becomes lifeless and unfocused. If the villains haven't been dealt with yet the story would need a good explanation of why. The only way is to have a good base and good characters.

This novel forms a strong base and focuses on the main characters, not the original novel's scenario. The plot is based on a 'transmigration into a novel', where the characters from the original novel are pulled out one-by-one and dealt with. The main story is Yu YaoYao - her family and rise to stardom, the original novel is like a side-plot that intervenes now and then using the original characters to create conflict. This is a great rom-com story.

Summary -

MC, Yu YaoYao: when she first transmigrates, she is forced to... more>> deal with the aftermath of the previous Yu YaoYao. The previous Yu YaoYao married and had a son 5-years ago, she neglected her son and avoided her husband. Her half-sister, green-tea b*tch, uses Yu YaoYao for money and creates a well-planned plot to ruin her life. The last attempt to threaten Shen Yichong for 5 million yuan with sleeping pills (half-sister's idea) allowed the MC to transmigrate into Yu YaoYao's body. Her husband started pressing for divorce immediately after that attempt, and the MC persuades him for one last chance. He draws up a 2-year contract: to be a proper mother to her son and a proper wife in the eyes of the public.

As a previous demon snake now beautiful human, she has a deadly case of narcissism and wishes nothing more than to be in the spotlight. Her shameless narcissism is hilarious and acceptable, it's not self-absorbed or conceited, even I wouldn't like a rude person. As MC's husband, Shen Yichong's frustration is our nourishment. MC practically flabbergasts this man 20x a day, and his son white knights MC and pits him. Please read this. I want you to work out abs like mine, you won't die from laughter if you pace yourself, read with caution I don't need you to send me a hospital bill.

Yu YaoYao immediately starts to change her new family's view of her, she dotes on her adorable 5-year-old son and begins to earnestly prove herself to her husband. Her son's longing for his mother, who neglected him since he was born, is both incredibly sad and adorable, I can only be grateful that the MC treats him so well. She adores her cute bun and even shares her bad habits with him. Since he was lacking maternal love and was suddenly showered with it, he sticks to the MC like glue and becomes her little white knight, also her partner-in-crime. He guards YaoYao and teaches Shen Yichong to treat her well, he often pits Shen Yichong leaving him speechless LMAO. (To dig a pit is a Chinese proverb. If you read Chinese novels you will already know this one lol.)

Her husband, Shen Yichong, knew he was done tolerating Yu YaoYao. After the last su*cide attempt, he talks about the divorce and gives her one last chance. The MC is of course different than the previous Yu YaoYao and immediately begins to mend her relationship with her husband and son, Shen Yichong finds her change hard to believe but eventually gives in to the new her. I, honestly feel pity for Shen Yichong. Yes, his background and current situation is bad, but that's not what I mean. Yu YaoYao is SO exhausting, her antics are lovable/hilarious but this straitlaced man has pressed his forehead temples so much that if it were a drinking game we'd be drunk by chapter 20. After all, her new attitude is a 180 from the previous quiet Yu YaoYao, Shen Yichong has gained a spoiled willful daughter but also a wife who won't stop shamelessly seducing him lol.

The relationship between Yu YaoYao, Shen Yichong, and Little Bun is sooooo fulfilling, this family is why I read. The story is great, but their relationship is the best part.


Even at chapter 232, we've seen one OG character completely destroyed, one OG character currently bashed online for being ungrateful to Shen Yichong (read the background), and one character currently running around like a headless chicken because her scheme was ruined by the MC.


This novel is so great because I FEEL STABILITY.

Other stories with this transmigration plot have one clear goal: to fight the bad guy and win. As you know, novels only show a snippet of a timeline where the story takes place, the before and after are unknown. So when the bad guy is ruined, the story would end, and I would think "why are there more chapters". Because from my experience, a lot of stories build their base on entering the OG novel's plot, leaving the after story to diminish in quality. This story builds the base on Yu YaoYao, her family and rise to stardom, which supports the story even when the OG novel's plot doesn't appear.

What I mean is, this is Yu YaoYao's story which interacts with the original novel's story. Even when an OG novel character is ruined, I don't care because it won't shake the core of the main story. Which is amazing.

232 chapters strong, this novel does not rely on the 'original novel's plot' to continue, because from the beginning Yu YaoYao created her own main story. The content only enriches itself, it does not diminish in quality... I've never thought that the progress was slow because each chapter was hilarious and interesting. Like I said this is Yu YaoYao's story, not the 'OG Novels', the first mention of the OG heroine was a passing 'look at my eyes, honey answer me straight' and 'I'll bite you if you cheat' from Yu YaoYao to Shen Yichong in chapter 228.

Well, I'm done reviewing my eyes are tired. Seriously, give this novel a try. I'm not a fan of 'childcare' tags but this one doesn't have the typical boring 'playtimes'. Most moments with her son are when; she is plotting with him against Shen Yichong, when he is lecturing his dad on 'how to be a good husband', or when he *sniffles* feels lonely from his incomplete childhood. He photoshopped his picture into their wedding pics *criesss* and he hugged his mom when she was asleep because he was afraid she'd be angry... I can't. It's like I said, sad and adorable. <<less
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Jun 10, 2021
Status: --
The MC likes being the center of attention and she would do anything to get the attention she wants. The MC likes that everything is about her. That is not a bad attribute to have if it only came out when nothing important was happening.

This attribute of the MC kept appearing everywhere specifically when the ML was working. For example, the ML have a very important meeting that would make tons of money (I'm not going indepth because this happened everywhere thoughtout the whole story), money that later he... more>> would use to pay for himself, his son, the house, the cars, and lastly the most important thing, the MC and every type of clothing and jewelry she wants. However, just because he is busy with work, you know to earn money for the expenses that need to be made, she gets mad at him and makes him cancels the meeting.

I'm sorry but I couldn't agree with that. Maybe because I'm adult and understand that the things I have cost money which resulted in me not understanding the MC immature behavior.

The MC's behavior is so childlike that it has led me to believe that she is a kid. (That is one of the reasons that I couldn't continue reading the story, it was like a kid was dating an adult which disgusted me. It made me feel that I was reading pedophilia🤢🤮.)

Like I wrote before wanting to be the center of attention and childish is not a bad thing, however when it happens all the time then there is a problem.

Seriously though, how do I now forget this whole story existed? It makes me feel so yucky. 🤮 <<less
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Aug 31, 2019
Status: c35
This is another chinese story involving transmigration and having a buy-1-take-1 handsome husband and adorable son for free.

I like how sassy the MC is in just the right way. Even though the story's plotline is a bit over-used, (The MC is a transmigrator who decides to be kind to her new child, pursue her new acting career, and love her husband to death), but in the end it still has a unique twist to it.

... more>>

The MC's past life was originally a snake spirit.


Due to how direct and seductive the MC is to her new husband, be prepared for fluff rides and prepare your insulin dose in advance. ? <<less
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Little Pretty
Little Prett
Aug 17, 2021
Status: c130
It must be said that the female lead in this story is really interesting in my opinion. She's flirty, cheeky, and cunning, but at the same time, she's simple.

... more>>

FL was a snake spirit (demon) who used to live in a zoo in her past life. After she was struck down by lightning, she reincarnated into a novel. She became YaoYao, an nth-line actress who’s also the wife of the biggest entertainment company's boss.

Ori YY isn't in love with the boss, and only got married bcs they got a little bun together. Ori YY is instead in love with a big name actor and basically neglected her son.

The story is mostly FL using her snake/animalistic mentalities to act out scenes as an actress. (Imagining her past life where the zookeeper prefers soft, fluffy animals over snakes to act out “wanting to be loved, yet unable to change one’s own nature”, imagining getting her chicken stolen by the snake next door to act out “vengeful beloved concubine who was killed by another concubine”).

Also, a lot of FL flirting with her suspicious husband, and spoiling her little bun. Fluff.


+ (What's so good about this novel?)


The FL is definitely really cute, I honestly feels that the way the author explained what she thinks of while acting is interesting.

She's also smart at *coughcough* flattering the ML. I think this is one of the few novel with a flirty FL from the start.

The ML is your usual taciturn, but hyper-competent CEO. But, I think he's a pretty good father.

The novel is fun and full of fluff, and there's not much over-drawn drama.


- (The one thing I personally really don't like with this novel)


so, I actually really don’t like how this novel treated mother and father. I’m someone who believe that a father’s love is no lesser than a mother’s love. This novel was fluffy almost to the point of immorality. That was a negative sentiment.

ML at the start of the novel, was a busy boss, but care for his 5 y/o son. Before FL gets possessed and ML and FL fell in love, his son seems to be his sole reverse scale. He took care of his son's need despite being busy and he was shown to care for his son through the course of the story,

FL, before getting possessed by the snake spirit, was a neglectful mother. She wanted to divorce her husband and abandon her son to chase after a popular celebrity. At the beginning of the novel, the status quo was that her son could get close and hold his mother as long as his mother is asleep bcs his mother wouldn't allow it if she was awake. It was even hinted that her son was traumatised that even after FL treated him nicely, he was afraid to point out that he doubted his mother's acting talent bcs he was afraid his mother would ignore him again.

That was why as the novel goes on and it kinds of really annoys me when the story goes and made the son prefer his mother over his father. Like— “My father is a useless ATM and his only use is to give stuff to my beloved mother” kind of preference.

Like, from the beginning the ML is the one who cares for the son and when the FL suddenly changes personality, he's the one to care if it's just FL’s trick and worries that she'll harm his son. Before FL gets possessed, he was basically a single parent. The fact that ML is basically being treated as a second-class parent by his own son irritates me to the bone.

I don't mind the FL being sue-ish, I don't mind that the antagonists are s*upid, I don’t mind the plot being predictable. But I really really mind how the author treated the ML as a father.

Like, even if the son prefers mom over dad, at least give the slightest nudge towards it being “I like mom bcs she's the nicest and lets me eat sweets, but I know I can depend on my dad” instead of it being an absolute preference.


despite the whole paragraphs I wrote, I still feel like that one big minus is actually a small part of the story. And honestly, you could just skip those paragraphs if it irks you as much as it does me.

Actually, I read this months ago, but bcs of that minus, I stopped reading and gave myself some time away from this thing.

But I'm trying to reread and I just got to this part and wanted to just explain my thought up to this point. I wanted to read further and see how the story goes. <<less
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Aug 14, 2019
Status: Completed
This is actually a really good romance story. There's lots and lots of fluff, the only misunderstandings occur at the very beginning and are quickly addressed, no angst, no tragedy, not even bloody revenge. It's about choosing to live well and falling in love.

MC was a snake spirit who lived in a zoo, and spent most of her time reading tr*shy novels and watching dramas on the tablet/smartphone secreted away in her den. Then one day she died and then transmigrated into a novel she had read recently, as the... more>> canon fodder tragic victim character, before the host did herself in and got divorced from the male protagonist (also current ML). So of course she avoids the original plot and decides to hug the ML's leg, doing her best to turn around the misunderstandings that had been causing a rift between him and original host, and fixing her relationship with their kid.

The majority of the story are about how MC's... odd point of view (due to being former snake) causes a lot of humorous situations, and the sheer cuteness of her interaction with original host's (now hers) five year old child. <<less
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May 05, 2022
Status: Completed
This story was kind of an average story compared to most.

Nothing about it really stood out to me. The ML was okay but although he isn't the most overdone ML (Cold president), he didn't bring anything new.

The MC is kinda weird in terms of characterization, like she's supposed to be a snake spirit that ascended, so naive and new to the human world.

... more>> We kinda see that through the fact that there are slangs she doesn't understand and that she's kinda oblivious.

Like she can feel when people are malicious (somewhat logical, animals can generally feel bad intentions) but she shouldn't understand word games and someone framing her (framing someone is not a concept that exists in the snake animal world).

But magically, she somehow manages to always answer in a weird cryptic animal metaphor that always refers to the situation at hand and face slaps her opponent.

Honestly I couldn't really take those scenes seriously, they were kinda ridiculous.

Also didn't like little bun (their son).

At first I liked him, he was cute and their interactions was heart warming.

Eventually he becomes kinda annoying, he's an attention seeker, he's upset at his dad or kinda badmouthing him (in a joking way) a lot because he prefers his mom and thinks his dad isn't good enough for her, even though his mom has basically been ignoring him since he was born and only changed her attitude yesterday.

It's all supposed to be cute but for some reason I just found myself more irritated at his antics than not. Don't know why, I've accepted these stuff in other novels but in this one it just grated at me.

I feel it's because he starts to kinda low-key dislike his dad although his dad has been the one raising him all these years just because his mom became nice to him.

The sweet factor didn't make it for me. <<less
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Oct 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Light-hearted fluffy hilarious read with amazing character settings. Almost no character to dislike (except 1 disgusting villain).

MC and ML are OP in different ways. They both compliment each other so much the romance is so fluffy. MC is hundred years old snake demon transmigrated into the body of a cannon fodder female character in a novel right before an event that's supposed to trigger the downward turn of the character life. ML is the husband of the MC body in the novel.

Before MC comes, ML and the original body owner... more>> relationship has already cooled and on the verge of ending. MC tried hard to quickly turn around the situation but ML remains unmoved for some time. Which is understandable as you read the novel. Their relationship flows nicely afterwards and their interaction is both funny and sweet.

They had a son before MC transmigrated and the son was also estranged from the original body owner. Gradually MC managed to patch up her relationship with the son.

The dynamic between this son and the ML is also hilarious. The father finally ushered his spring and the son finally ushered his sweet childhood so they clash a lot, lol. Probably because they are quite alike deep inside. Like father like son.

I also like this novel because despite the dog blood plot, it doesn't use misunderstanding troupe which is prevalent in thia type of novel. Most misunderstanding between characters are used to create a comedic effect, which really makes you laugh. The characters are told in a consistent way that you have this feeling something funny is going to happen but you laugh either way when it happens.

I highly recommend this novel. The characters are really lovable and they develop along with the story. And I look forward to the proper translation by the translator.


I can't get over the part where Shen Rui (the son) told his parents that he felt his little sister will grow into a black bellied woman because she inherits Shen Yichong's IQ and YYY beauty and that it would be awful, lol

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May 11, 2020
Status: c108
I'm so in love with Yaoyao. I'm sad at how slow the pair is moving, but I'm rooting for them. Yaoyao is a fun and amazing MC. Our little steamed bun is this family's precious son and we love him so much.

I almost paid $90 to get those extra chapters but we're in lockdown and I don't have any money for it.
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Jan 08, 2020
Status: Completed
Very much recommended for those looking for maximum fluff ~


Yaoyao's a snake in human form. Sexy, spoiled, slithering~~everyday anywhere anytime with her husband yo~~. Small bun is hilariously a carbon copy of dad-he likes everything his dad likes.. Hahha


Just invest a little patience at the start since their relationship isnt stable yet and she just settled in "her" human body but it will be very good later. At most chapter 10 in mtl.

pheeeew. Soo nice~
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Nov 01, 2019
Status: Completed
It was really interesting and fun to read. Especially MC personality bring some comedy here and there and it is gold. ML reaction are also priceless. There's also a good baby here~

You can see right from the start that this novel have some major difference than other marriage entertainment novels which is MC and ML marriage is not hidden and already publicized to the public right from the beginning. Which means no hidden dog blood drama here which is a good thing~

MC also has some comedy gold in her personality.... more>> Even people like me who don't really like comedy feel amused by her antics. Also like the fact MC can still be serious in doing her job while still maintaining the same personality off scene.

ML is such a good father and husband~ he's willing to do everything and serve MC anytime cause he loves her so much <3 and the rivalry between father and son to get MC attention is also gold~ ML is like a home stayed husband that can do housework but he is still a big boss :)

I also like how it's not only ML that gave his love endlessly to MC, but MC also gave back the same love to ML which is really sweet awww <3 considering MC usual antics you would thought she doesn't really seem to be the type to give love but only to accept which is why it's much sweeter than usual <3

MC work in the entertainment industries is smooth sailing because of her own efforts in her good acting and some of the film in the movie take some real life world problem which can make the reader be more aware of that problem which is a good thing! And also because MC and ML married relationship already known to the public, there's no toxic black fans that smears MC name for clinging to ML and other usual toxic chat isn't seen too and that's good~

The only problem I have is that the last 30 chapters out of 215 chapters seems like a filler and not much is going on and it is boring so I skim over it until the last chapter. But still the first 180 chapters is really good and lovely!

Recommend to read ~

MTL was ez. <<less
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Jul 29, 2019
Status: Completed
What is it? Fluffy, romantic, and extremely funny cnovel. That's it. As stated by others, it isn't groundbreaking but it is a refreshing read. No excessive face slapping, villains get their just desserts (no second servings too!), and surprisingly, our family have character meat in them (most of the cast actually). It ends in an appropriate length which is commendable compared to the repeated plot of a 1k chaptered novel. 5/5
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May 30, 2021
Status: c37
I don’t really know how I feel about this one. The baby is adorable and I more or less like the ML. I think my problem is that the original host genuinely did do awful stuff, and yet the MC has to gaslight everyone into thinking that she didn’t. And that’s played off as comedy. I feel sorry for the ML because he knows that she’s lying, he just can’t prove it. And all the lies she spins basically turn their son against him.

I see a bunch of comments saying... more>> that the MC is super funny but I personally found her a bit annoying. She’s just... s*upid. For example, she acts well because she’s substituting the character motivations with chicken. Okay?

It’s also so convenient. Everything just works out for the MC, even if it makes no sense. She has never acted in her life yet somehow can do better than actual seasoned actors. She gets blasted online, makes one post, and suddenly everyone's on her side.

I know I’m only on chapter 37, so I probably can’t judge, but ugh. This is good for wish fulfilment, maybe? I got bored. <<less
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Feb 20, 2020
Status: Completed
very good and funny!! I started reading the translation and I could not stop my curiosity and read the original version of Chinese (which is easy to understand) I like the FL that is very nice, self-confident and comprehensive (also the fact that her transmigration is different is so good), the ML is also nice, it is not scum, and it remains true to its personality since although it is a s*ave-wife it is still “cold” and corrects when necessary and does not say yes to yes to everything compared... more>> to other ML. The two children are also too cute, the plot manages to move forward and I liked the fact that it is not a hidden marriage. <<less
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Dec 08, 2019
Status: Completed
FL and MLs interactions get better down the road.

Villains? Doesn't exist in her eyes. Unintentionally destroys them lol. There was 1 on the verge but she realizes FL is better than her. She helped FL in the end.

FLs acting career reached its peak.


the film emperor and original FL actually met when they were young but her scheming sister is such a b itch that she tricked them both. She had her friend pretend to be FL when FL and emperor dude were exchanging letters. Emperor guy finally realizes all this and destoryed the novel FL. He tried to get FL back but it was too late. The only way he stopped chasing after FL when he entered the family's reality show but FL was on a break after giving birth. Her son talked to the emperor and they became friends.

Its funny reading interactions between FL and other actors. Especially the part where they read her script notes.


The end kinda got boring but thats okay. They lived happily ever afterrr

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Sep 24, 2019
Status: c36
This story is brilliantly written and doesn't take its self too seriously.

In so far add the plot goes, it's nothing new aside from the fact that it's a creature-human transmigration story (haven't read many of those... not even one).

The execution is what sets the novel apart from other ones of the same genre.

... more>> The characterisation of the MC is on-point and it reminds the reader often that the MC wasn't originally human which is a plus for continuity (actually ++). Asides from that, I do love me some shameless characters.

The steam bun attacks my heart with so much cuteness I could die.

Not much about the ML at this point besides his cold nature and his love for the kid but he gets a thumbs up too.

NI YI!! (All I can say about him at this moment) <<less
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Aug 17, 2022
Status: c65
Dropped. What I hate about this novel

  1. FL immaturity, s*upidity and obsession with being famous
  2. Author obsession with her beauty. Every other chapters there are over the top description of her looks. Whenever ppl saw her, they will drop dead because of her amazing look bla bla bla
  3. FL mary sue. Everything is too easy for her
  4. Unrealistic 5yrs old behaviour. This is very typical in cnovel, but what I hate in this novel is how the author turned the son against his own dad. The dad was his sole caretaker for 5yrs, but now mom is back she is all angel, and dad is all bad.
  5. The treatment towards the ML. From his own son, and also how for 5yrs he lived in hell but this novel pretty much undermined his experience.
Read this on... more>> your own risk, but make sure to put your brain on the side 😄 <<less
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