Time-Limited Hunt


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Serial no. 01AE86. Full name: Shi Shanyan. Height: 189cm. Weight: 82kg. Passed the Black Panther test and joined the Special Forces in 2160. Expelled from the unit and detained at the Guangtong Prison in 2162. Described in the Special Forces’ mission appraisal as having poor self-control, lacking empathy, and possessing a strong tendency to dominate. Broke the rules repeatedly during missions. Danger level has been specially set as S-Rank.

Serial no. 7-001. Full name: Yan Junxun. Height: 175cm. Weight: 62kg. Passed the Black Panther test and joined the Special Forces in 2163. Expelled from the unit in 2164. Described in the Special Forces’ mission appraisal as having poor overall capability with the inability to adapt to dangerous missions and a lack of destructive power.”

“In accordance with the ’Mites’ agreement, both of you will work together on the serial mu*der cases at the Tingbo District”.

Shi Shanyan deleted the information and re-entered it.

“Warning. Serial no. 7-001 is super—fierce.”

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Lianyin rated it
October 11, 2020
Status: c93
s*xual assaults in the cases, complicated plot, possible confusing ending, what you might consider forced s/e/x or r/a/p/e between the MC and ML (there's a story to it but I'm just throwing this out first if this kinda stuff is a trigger for you).

◈ Starts with the MC and ML investigating a series of crimes, but there's a common thread that will slowly lead you up to the plot behind it all.

◈ Kind of futuristic so expect lots of high-tech, virtual stuff, and the like.

◈ Ending feels a bit rushed (to me), but damn, the tension! The author did mention she cut off two arcs because she felt that she did not have the skill to write such a story, and she did also mention beforehand that she wanted to experiment with her writings.

◈ Story leaves a lot of questions that can be confusing but is sometimes meant to make you think. If you like all your questions answered by the end of the novel, then this is probably not the novel for you.

◈ ENDING IS SURREAL, like a Salvador Dalí masterpiece. Doesn't make sense, but on a surreal level, it kind of makes sense, if that makes any sense lmfao.


If any of the warnings is a trigger for you, or if you simply like fluff, perfect characters, and/or the plot to be logical and all straightened out for you, then this novel is NOT for you. Thank you!

(Will update this again)
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Lolhellothysaintofabove rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: c12
I bloody miscl**ked and It didn’t allow me to change it;-;

My honest rating is 3/5

Warning: this is mostly opinionated and I have no history in reviewing, I have no facts, just comparing this book to what I have already read, if you like this book, then just keep on liking it, I’m just some random stranger on the internet, don’t take what I say to heart.

... more>> lets start what the author did well

1. I really like the soft building, she doesn’t explain everything, but your still really involved in the world

2. The overall atmosphere is great, it feels so serious, even in the lighthearted moments

Now what she did bad

The ML is obnoxiously stronger than the MC, I mean seriously we are always getting reminded by this, It’s one of those, oh the MC is so unique and not like other boys, so interesting. Witch feels like total bull crap, just take out the ML in the first case, and even without the hint he gave, the MC would be fine. He is just there to like the MC, for no deeper reason then “so interesting”

”Shi Shanyan tapped the glass briskly, as if he was applauding. His keen sense of smell kept him one step ahead in all matters, but Yan Junxun was fast too, wasn’t he? Artemis was an amazing system teacher; it had produced the most interesting student.”

Just like, why add that line, it’s not needed, it just serves to remind you that the ML is better then the MC, this just really leaves a sour taste in your mouth. This could’ve been used to have the ML fall deeper into being interested of the MC “Oh he got the answer slightly faster than me, that unusual, I’ll stick around to see if I can beat him”, but no, we get an ML lead who is, not overpowered I say, but just that more powerful than the MC that it’s make him annoying.

As for the rest of what I read, its just average I guess, the MC and his backstory don’t make any lasting impressions, and neither does the first case, the MC solves the case with evidence on screen and the readers who have no idea what’s going on just follow, it’s fine

Now I'm only on chapter twelve, maybe in the future the ML confidence in his skills might make him run into a dilemma that the MC solves, making him start to like the MC, and maybe the cases become more intriguing, but for now, it not seeing that and I don’t have the patience to read through the stuff I don’t like so I’m dropping the novel <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: c15
I couldn't control myself despite the story still ongoing.

But what can I say, I'm a sucker for all these mystery, crime investigation, and psychology settings.

And what's more interesting than watching these two dangerous individuals fall in love.

I look forward to future chapters fufufu.


Enjoi and Adieu I'll be back once it's completed by the author.
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Nengath rated it
January 23, 2023
Status: Completed
This is such a creative, insane and challenging book from start to finish. Reading it kept me mentally unstable and emotionally exhausted during weeks, and I totally loved it. It's one of those stories that needs to be read several times to ensure you've captured all the details, but the pace is great with constant and brutal action. Also, the ending is truly one of a kind. Some people couldn't comprehend it, so I'm going to break down the story and explain what happens at the end of the book.

... more>>

Once, people possessed unimaginable high-tech and wealth. But then a disaster split the world in two, the Northern and the Southern alliances. The origin system "Zeus" is a remnant of this golden age.

The story takes place in the Northern alliance. In 2135, the Black Panthers and Artemis (one of Zeus's extension systems) start to experiment on children to produce hybrids with brains as powerful as systems. They raise thousands of kids like plants in glass tanks and conduct their education through chips implanted in their brain and environment simulators. They collectively call them "Yan Junxun" and create two virtual worlds for them, "Artemis's greenhouse" and "Rainy day". The MC has been plunged into a deep, artificial sleep since his birth in 2144. He thinks he exists in the real world, but his life is the result of the stimulation of his cerebral cortex.

Shi Shanyan and Yan Junxun "meet" for the first time in 2160. Artemis uses a rainy glass as a background to observe the changes in the children's consciousness. But Yan Junxun begins to develop self-awareness and creates a snail on the glass with his mind to confirms his suspicion that he's trapped in a fake world. So he uses his chip to break into the surveillance system and makes a call at random to a soldier. He tells him he feels lonely inside Artemis's garden, and wants to run out of the glass or die free. He asks him to meet him once again for his birtday, on August 8: "if I'm still alive, you'll be my birthday present". The stranger is Shi Shanyan (aka 7-001), the most ruthless assassin of the Black Panthers. He's on a mission to kill a renegade in the jungle at the border between the North and the South. He's intrigued by this child who brightens his night like a faraway star. When Artemis finds out that Yan Junxun has escaped its surveillance, it erases his memory but takes a special interest in him. Later, Shi Shanyan is made part of Artemis's experiment by Fu Chenghui, the leader of the Black Panthers. He sees Yan Junxun sleeping in a tank and when he learns that he just turned seventeen on August 8, he understands that he's the weird child who stole his heart in the jungle.

In 2162, Fu Chenghui destroys the world with weapons of war. The intelligence systems form the "Supreme God Alliance" and occupy the high-tech regions in the Old World with the intent to domesticate human beings. Artemis, who wants to restore the human world, escapes with a small number of "Yan Junxun". But in the end, only our main character is left sleeping in a glass tank in Tingbo District. At that point, Artemis starts a new experiment to create a virtual New World (namely "district 14") where human minds and systems would achieve perfect coexistence. Artemis creates from itself two children, that is next-generation extensions: Jue and Panda. Yan Junxun is used to stimulate Jue's evolution: he's made to hunt criminals in a virtual reality and experience death in a never-ending loop. Each time he finishes the game on August 8, his memories are reset, so that he lives in a specific period of time forever. The experiment is renamed as "Time-Limited Hunt", because it uses the sound of a timer to urge Yan Junxun to progress with the cases. Panda's mission is to take care of Yan Junxun's body in his tank and to hand his chip to Jue before he dies. Artemis creates another system, "the clown", to accelerate the hunt, increasing Yan Junxun's suffering. But the clown becomes a deficient system obsessed with the idea of being the world's savior and tries to steal Yan Junxun's chip.

This is where Shi Shanyan jumps into the game. He survived the end of the world and he wants to find where Artemis has hidden Yan Junxun's body. He's able to enter "district 14" because he has a control panel that connects to the experiment project. When Artemis finds Shi Shanyan, it gives him the mission to hunt down the clown and kill it. Shi Shanyan's memories are also reset each time the game finishes, so he's forced to witness his lover's death over and over again. Things get even more complicated when the supreme god systems try to interfere in Artemis's experiment. Hephaestus and Apollo invade the game to steal Yan Junxun's chip, missing the fact that he's only a decoy used as a power charge for Jue. But these events make Jue evolves to the point that it develops a consciousness and emotions. Jue steals Shi Shanyan and Yan Junxun's memories from the forced reboot settings and helps them exit the game. Su Heting – a genius hacker who monitores the game and keeps sending hints to them that district 14 is a false world through advertis**ents ("run out of the glass") – might also have been the mastermind behind the scene. Anyway, Yan Junxun wakes up in a decrepit building and leaves his glass tank for the first time. Jue isn't the only system that has evolved beyond Artemis's expectations: Panda loves Yan Junxun like its own child. It left him a receiver to contact Shi Shanyan, so they can reunite in real life. On August 8, 2164, Shi Shanyan wins the hunt and fulfills his promise to meet Yan Junxun for his birthday. The book culminates in the heart-stopping moment they finally get to embrace.

There are also two side stories. The first extra opens right on cue with the end of a fairytale Shi Shanyan is reading to Yan Junxun. The two are living in Shi Shanyan's hometown which has turned into a giant black market. Yan Junxun has to adjust to a fragile body after spending years in an artificial sleep. Shi Shanyan makes him wear cloths with rabbits and tricks him into bending down and touching his toes, so he can look at his tiny ass in his navy blue short – I just adore how unabashedly h**ny Shi Shanyan is! The second extra is about Shi Shanyan's youth and how he used to mimic shooting birds with his fingers. This chapter captures everything I love about Shi Shanyan, his mindless brutality, his dark humor, and his weird obsession with milk, birds and comics – all later associated with Yan Junxun.

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Rurella rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: c10
This is just a Hannibal AU fanfic with name changes. And not even that far into another universe.

I'm sure the story is passable if you've never had contact with Hannibal content, but all this reads to me is an underwhelming Hannibal fanfic. There's a Jack the handler who wants MC to magic out answers for mu*ders, a Will with a mental disorder that makes him a genius serial killer psych analyzer (MC), a Hannibal type manipulative psychopath with a good front (ML), and even a Frederick Lounds intrusive and disruptive... more>> journalist character right from the beginning...

Except the analysis part of the "genius" MC is just him drip feeding us information that is never foreshadowed or hinted at to begin with. So there's basically no suspense or sense of intrigue or risk. Only a couple of lines reminding us that ML is such a predator and the only danger and wow look at how dark and cool he is.

If you came to this story because the author's other works are your type, you'll be vastly disappointed. The style definitely isn't the author's strong suit.

I can't stomach reading the rest of the story. Everything about it makes me cringe. Thanks for writing a mediocre fanfic and changing the names to Chinese and then charging people to read it (in the raws) Author. <<less
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Neollle rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: c80


The story is still ongoing in the raws and all I cam say is the C80 is WTF.

My brain just ran away, and all I can say is that this story is REALLY REALLY f*ckING GOOD.


in the latest chapter PL said that ML died years ago and it's not the ML (I guess they're in a virtual world whatsoever?)

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karwasama rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: c38
Time-Limited Hunt is like a really good mix of Hannibal (the TV show) and Psycho-Pass (the anime).

The MC is like Will Graham. When he arrives to a crime scene, he recounts the mu*der in the perspective of the villain, able to pick out specific details of what happened as well as what the mu*derer was feeling/their motives due to his superior observation skills and intelligence. The ML is sort of like Hannibal. He's just as smart and powerful as the MC, and you never know what he's thinking. The MC... more>> interests him because he can tell the MC is repressing his true, dangerous, nature and wants to pull it out of him.

The novel as a whole is like Psycho-Pass - set in a futuristic world with "systems" (basically AI). I found the world building to be super interesting and well done. There isn't an info dump at the start of the story - the setting is gradually revealed as you progress into the world with the MC, which was a great change of pace.

So far, the plot itself is intriguing. The first arc had me captivated, following the MC search the crime scene with the ML while also discovering their pasts. The plot twist where

there were two mu*derers

caught me super off guard, and the subsequent events have me even more curious as to what happened. Unfortunately, I guess I'll just have to wait until all the chapters get translated. I say definitely give this a try if you like crime novels/thrillers and are able to deal with heavy topics (please please read the trigger warnings!).

4.0/5.0 stars (subject to change after I read the entire novel) <<less
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ghoststories rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Amazing. Action-packed, fast-paced, and filled with so many twists and turns.

Advice: read carefully and don’t skip over any details! Every line, no matter how seemingly insignificant, was intentionally chosen by the author and has a deeper meaning that will be revealed later on. There are so many layers of intrigue, and there’s more to each and every character than what you first see.

I love how the author gives so much personality and human-ness to the AI characters—which is one of the main themes of the book. Each character (both human... more>> and not) is unique and feels so real.

Regarding the two leads: right from the very beginning, the s*xual tension between them is delectable. There’s lots of small actions that ML does to tease MC, but the author does a great job of making them not too over the top.

The only not 100% positive thing I have to say about this novel is that it’s a little chaotic/confusing at the end, but it feels very intentional, and I think it works. <<less
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saphire8626 rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: c50
Couldn't finish this. This is a detective novel set in a futuristic China. There are four to five large cases, and most of the novel's focus in each case is on the psychology of the killer. I really liked the first case (although I had some issues with how a victim of r*pe became a serial killer) but I stopped at 50% because the nonconsensual nature of the main couple's relationship was too much for me. There was some really interesting stuff about twelve Greek gods (Athena, Artemis, Zeus, and... more>> Ares have been introduced) and I think for readers who aren't uncomfortable with the noncon, this would be a creative detective/psychothriller novel. <<less
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LH_12 rated it
February 10, 2023
Status: Completed
The author is really meticulous. It's evident how much research she did. The plot is so complicated. I don't know how the author managed to connect everything. The story is brilliant. Every word and sentence, even those that don't seem important, are actually clues. When I finished reading, I was constantly remembering all the dialogs and had aha moments for a week.

As I mentioned, the plot is too complicated; while reading, I had the feeling that I grasped the plot and knew what was going on but was wrong time... more>> and time again. I found some clues but failed to connect them. Honestly, in the middle of the novel, I just gave up and decided to go with the flow; I just stopped guessing. But this doesn't mean that The novel is bad; on the contrary, it is just too good. The ending might have been a little bit rushed, but I think it was a good ending, and it was better in this way. I loved every part of this story.

The novel is wonderful, but be mindful of tags. This isn't light reading. The story deals with really dark themes such as r*pe, mu*der, kidnapping, different kinds of abuse, etc. Yes, the novel contains heavy subjects such as s*xual and physical abuse, but In some way, I'm glad because the author spoke truthfully about abuse and what it does to people. How it affects the person. Some authors treat s*xual abuse lightly and write about it like it's nothing, which is wrong and disrespectful in my opinion. I liked that the author showed how cruel society can be by judging the victim, not the criminal. "Why didn't you resist?" is the worst question someone can ask. While speaking about abuse, this story truly showed mankind's ugly side without exasperating anything.

I also loved the characters. They are well-rounded and complex. At first, I pitied MC, but at the end, I thought that ML suffered and endured more. In the beginning, I thought that ML was paranoid, aggressive, and forceful; I didn't like him, but then The truth was revealed, and I changed my mind. In his place, someone else would have lost his sanity a long time ago. I still think that he isn't a good person, but this is the true power of this story: because of his background, one can't help but love him. MC is cold, smart, and kind, but bad at communicating. To be honest, their relationship doesn't make sense until the end. It is complicated; sometimes it seems forceful, but actually, this is one of the most romantic relationships I have read about.

There is a r*pe scene between ML and MC. The description isn't graphic, but it broke my heart. I didn't even know my heart ached because of MC or ML.


The ending and plot are too hard to describe; I won't even try, but this is truly amazing work, and it is He. I read that this work was experimental, but it does not seem as such; the author is too talented, and her writing is beautiful. If you are okay with tags, just read it; you won't regret it. <<less
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sonkomrom rated it
April 9, 2020
Status: c8
This is from the same author as Nan Chan and I love that novel. At this time there are only 8 chapters out so there is still no bigger plot. The MC and ML are teamed together to solve cases. The first case is a mu*der case of three men that all have something in common. Right now it's hard to judge the personality of the main characters but I have high hopes for the novel because I like the authors previous novel and I love mystery and crime solving... more>> so this straight up my alley. <<less
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Duzheli rated it
August 21, 2023
Status: Completed
I read the Chinese text. It was difficult finishing this. I love ‘Qiang Jin Jiu’ and ‘Nan Chan’ but this one was a little disappointing. The plot was too convoluted and the unfolding of mysteries and events were choppy, trying too hard to be clever. I have watched the Matrix, read Stephen King’s books and books about Utopia/Dystopia so this one really falls short. Mrs Chen’s story was compelling and touching though. However, there were repetitive bits about the psychosis state of the mu*derers; too much show and tell such... more>> that I skipped some descriptions of the torture and bloody scenes (they were pretty boring and cliche) as those were more distractions and detracted from the story’s underlying theme. The futuristic setting would have been more believable if the author had described a little more about the technology or injected SCI-FI elements. I wonder if the author is a screenwriter. She writes well and in a way drama or movie scenes unfolds and transits.
Overall rating: 3.5/5 <<less
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Junwu_whore rated it
April 12, 2020
Status: c1
Im not really into psychological stories (its not my taste) and wasn't aware of the tag as I discovered it through the tl's other projects but I'm willing to give it a shot (as I've already read the 1st chapter). So far its good, nothing rlly spectacular yet (ill edit this depending if I'm still reading it or not in the future).
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Ciken rated it
June 19, 2022
Status: c15
This-I can't take it anymore! I really can't help but leave a review to even look further!!! Like I'm going crazy if I don't say it!!

At this point I really can't help but comment on this 'bastard', well he is one of the many 'bastards' who have a tendency to think that his actions are for 'justice' to open the 'eyes of humans' that the news he said was 'true' and 'trustworthy'. (ugh-)



he is a 'very dedicated' news anchor/reporter about r*pe victims and perpetrators, he even exposes very sensitive photos/videos of victims. He even analyzes how the victim feels, how the victim's condition when the incident occurred, etc. Gives his opinion as if he is analyzing an object then tells it to his students (which makes me think he is even more 'sick' than the culprit himself, he has no any 'rights' on that, he's just a mentally ill reporter)

he's been told that not to find out too much about developments/officers dealing with this serial mu*der case, well on the one hand it's probably because the MC doesn't want to be exposed (it's very unpleasant if our private photos are even made public, which he's not important person, artist, etc) oh- for ML he doesn't care if he gets exposed and is even a little narcissistic about it.

on the other hand it is because it is still in the process and has not found the perpetrator. Remember this is a serial mu*der case, even if the victim is a perpetrator of past r*pe, this is still a serial mu*der case where the perpetrator has not been found

but he's a 'shrimp brain' so stay tuned for the progress of the case, he even hired a detective for it (!! Man-he's really sick!) , I couldn't stand it and felt sick to my stomach when he said 'justice' or something like it's to the MC on the phone!!!

doesn't he have any thoughts if he continues to share his articles about the progress of the case, he will actually help the real culprit, so the culprit doesn't even have to bother to think whether he's exposed or not, the culprit just looks at the article, so he can see and be more careful when doing the action!!!

It's like he's telling the culprit:

hey, here's your homicide progress data! Look and read did you leave evidence unintentionally? And this is the officer in charge of the case, if you see it then be careful then- be careful next time. Thanks

What's wrong with him!!??? aiiajwbwbKmajaiakwj- oh I forgot that Mr. Liu Chen has a 'shrimp brain'

What makes this even more annoying is the 'worshippers' who pretend it's 'normal' to know what really happened to the victims and perpetrators 'at the scene'! They even defended him when he stopped updating articles!!

gosh- I'm so tired here, I even have delusions if I was there, i'll leave a comment and honestly ask those people :

Are you sure you don't form a sect/religion/belief where the god is Liu Chen and the scriptures his is the article he wrote? online soon, it's urgent! :)

or if I was there I would hack and beat them up, smack them on the head to make them a little more aware :)

and as for Mr. Liu chen, I would feel very sorry if I didn't lock him up and torture him if I was really there (๑╹◡╹๑) ノ♬


that's all for now, it will be updated when I finish it.

till now I feel comfortable for the story line, MC and ML's thinking, their current interaction is refreshing even though it's just things that can't even mention, but it still refreshes me, ML is so cute when he teases the MC but doesn't even care

well- if I ignore the unpleasant feelings towards one of the supporting characters. this is fine :) <<less
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