Nan Chan


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I have experienced all the eight sufferings of this world.

I do not ask for nirvana, but for you.

Wild and hard-to-tame demon (gong) x cold, ascetic and childish immortal (shou)


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Nán Chán
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New Darkfairy rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: c129
This is so good highly recommend it. They are so cute together. Alot of ups and downs they go through and experience such heartfelt pain and how they over come it while investigating cases throughout the story. It is a happy ending and there is bedroom scenes 😊 enjoy
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Lianyin rated it
June 6, 2019
Status: Completed
All I can say is that things aren't what they seem they are, especially when it comes to Tang Jiuqing's works. Just stop reading if it isn't to your liking, but please have the decency not to call out a specific plot BEFORE YOU FINISH THE NOVEL OR KNOW THE FULL STORY. That being said, I would like to clarify that I'm not against anyone leaving a negative review or a bad rating because the story... more>> wasn't to your liking. I respect that everyone has their own views and tastes, and everyone is perfectly entitled to voice his or her own opinions, but please kindly refrain from dragging the author into tirades. Drop the novel and move on if you don't like it. But please respect the author's right to write her story the way she wants. Thank you for your understanding! ALSO, Nan Chan is NOT for everyone due to some of the heavy themes it covers. If this isn't your cup of cappuccino, then please move on. Thank you!


Just Cang Ji alone is worth 5 stars.

Hnnnnn, mah bae.

But seriously, I find the story intriguing and I absolutely adore the pairing (1v1 ftw!). Only thing is that a couple of story arcs might get a little too dark and emotional, because, hey, it touches on the eight sufferings, so there. There are a few comedic moments too, and I love the main couple's chemistry and interactions!

Basically, the story starts off with the shou (Jing Lin) waking up with some memory loss after committing some 'atrocities' in the past and getting 'annihilated'. The story introduces the gong (Cang Ji) next who, having recently evolved to a human form, is pretty much clueless about worldly matters. The story then starts with a copper bell leading them through various cases alluding to the "eight sufferings". These cases may seem unconnected at first glance, but there is a common thread leading all the way to the big reveal. Among other things, these 'cases' will also serve as a platform to develop the gong's understanding of worldly desires and eventually his own feelings. Midway through, there will be a massive flashback amidst a major plot that will finally start revealing the intricacies of the story, including the shou's and gong's backgrounds. That's where things will finally start to unravel (and make sense).

The role of the bell, the source of Cang Ji's desires (and appetite), the reason for Jing Lin's actions in the first chapter, memory lapses and lack of desire to live, the origin of the little stone figure, as well as the background stories of the other characters, etc, will all be explained as the story progress.

All I can say is to keep an open mind until everything ties up at the end!

A word of caution though, there are really angsty moments. I cried for three chapters straight during the flashback.

Overall, it ranks up there on my list as one of my favorite novels! <<less
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yuukine rated it
April 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.65/5

There's a man I love. In the clouds. In the sea. In my heart.

This is one of those stories that is best devoured when it's complete. But also, it gets much easier to follow as the story goes. This is one huge mystery that involves journey of discovering emotions and their meaning through 8 sufferings.

Jing Lin (Lord Lin Song) is a fallen god immortal who has forgotten his memories. Cang Ji is a koi fish (brocade carp) who cultivates enough to become a human. Both of them are at... more>> the same place, at the same time.

For centuries, Jing Lin hid and spent his days recovering from his grievous injuries after killing his own father - the sovereign, and after suffering his punishment that should have killed him. What was meant to destroy him didn't work and he's now a broken shell of himself - once again unfeeling, stone cold mess.

Cang Ji's life begins as a fish with consciousness, in an aquarium of Jing Lin. He is however not a normal carp brocade spirit, but instead a demon that has a big appetite and urge to eat everything around him to evolve. He evolves from a fish to a child, to a teenager, to an adult whose mental state changes the more he develops. Meanwhile, he even drinks Jing Lin's blood as his blood (and flesh) give a big boost to his spiritual sea (vast expanse of spiritual energy). But his urges make him want to eat everything that moves, and he quickly crosses over Jing Lin from his list - because he starts finding him interesting. Jing Lin's life belongs to him, and he belongs to Jing Lin.

There are many factors in this story. A copper bell that Jing Lin lost at the beginning leads the two on their journey to discover emotions by witnessing and getting involved in cases that touch eight sufferings: birth, old age, sickness, death, parting (with loved ones), encounter (with hated ones), unfulfillment (of wishes and desires), and inability to let go (thanks Lianyin! I just copy pasted that).

All those cases are very difficult and intense to read and more emotional than any other part of the book at the beginning, considering these cases are what we can see in real life as well. It's a bunch of circumstances and sufferings that develop and shape lives of others.

Meanwhile, Cang Ji and Jing Lin start getting more emotionally invested in those cases, while rediscovering who they are and what they mean to each other.

Nothing is what it seems and EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

This is high emotional journey that will rouse feelings as soon as the first case begins.

You may consider Cang Ji a selfish person who thinks only of his own desires and urges, but he develops into someone more mature and more selfless. The one who protects. He was not a selfish person, but he is possessive of things he loves and he's a force that protects.

Meanwhile Jing Lin is not as heartless and cold blooded as he seems, but is more like a person who was already broken from the pressure of his own family into unfeeling mess and a weapon that he is. After all - his true form is a sword. A sword is not supposed to feel anything. But then again, there is Cang Ji's involvement with him.

While the story progresses, you meet more and more people involved in Cang Ji's and Jing Lin's lives and their pasts and present. You meet a lot of Jing Lin's brothers who were involved in the tragedy that occurred. (Dong Jun is literally the most interesting so far.)

You meet people who were struck by the tragedies that changed their lives for better or for worse.

YES. THIS BOOK CAN BE HARD TO FOLLOW. But, I promise, it all comes together over time, and already by chapter 110 you will know a lot of stuff that transpired and that happened to Jing Lin's life that set him on this journey of trials and tribulations.

After a while you will realize that this story becomes better the longer you read it.

But of course, it's not for everyone. This is a hard topic story that deals with many warnings and many issues that some might find disturbing.



Child sexual abuse, human trafficking, torture (these 3 happened to side characters) ; f*ck or die situation BUT none of the people involved in the interc**rse were responsible for the drug that affected the other - it was a drug given by a third party with malicious intent. I cannot stress that enough. It is discussed and explained 2 chapters after. Mental torture plays a big part as well.


Thanks Lianyin for the gorgeous translation!


Characters: 5 - at the beginning they start as unfeeling bundle of non functional sentient beings, but as it progresses they develop.
Side characters: 4 - detailed, I got attached to everyone in the cases that were presented so far!
Story: 4.5 - logical, but sometimes hard to follow due to sudden POV change and there are some scenes you might want to read carefully. It's a story that needs concentration for better consummation. And it's worth it.
Emotional impact: 5 - So far I cried at least 3 times. There are many parts that moved me and made me sad and made me feel so much.
Humor: 5 - The humor is gold - half of the time I want to cry because Cang Ji is the biggest fool of them all! <<less
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Catzun rated it
October 19, 2019
Status: c32
A well-written and plotted out novel. The translation is a+++!

I am loving the story so far, and highly excited to continue reading it. Seriously, the meticulous care and effort that has gone into the translation simply endears the translator to you. &Lt;3

I would highly recommend this novel to anyone wanting to sink their teeth into a meaty plot with lovely wording.
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labocat rated it
December 6, 2019
Status: c47
I started this on a whim and it has quickly become my favorite, between the interesting premise, atmospheric writing (which the translation does an amazing job of carrying through), and meticulous plotting.

It's mysteries wrapped up in mysteries - from why Jing Lin committed the atrocities that got him kicked out of the heavens, just what Cang Ji's background is, to the smaller mysteries they come across in the process - that have all been slowly tying together and revealing more and more as they do. The side stories and characters... more>> may seem like a surface case for the sake of the next plot device, but I've loved seeing how they actually are all linked together and how everything keeps getting more and more emotional and higher stakes as we dig deeper.

Speaking of emotional stakes, I adore the relationship between Cang Ji and Jing Lin. The initial premise of "carp gets a human form and is the gong" was enough to get me to start it, but I was not expecting such an interesting dynamic, and I was absolutely hooked by the sixth chapter. Between Cang Ji's desire to devour Jing Lin to keep him close and wanting to wait and understand what these feelings and tension between them are, they dance around each other, close as they can get for now but with the tantalizing mystery of their missing backstory over them. It's the perfect sort of slow burn for me, where emotions are acknowledged, but there's still evolution of feelings yet to come.

Mixed in with side characters who I was not expecting to get quite as attached to as I currently am, and what feels like a new reveal each chapter (or at least a layer pulled back on this tangled mystery), I am so hooked and early awaiting each new update. <<less
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Xiao Xinxin
Xiao Xinxin rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c102
I made an account just to say this, but I cried like a baby reaching chapter 100. Although there are some trigger/landmine scenarios, and Cang Ji can be a quite overbearing in the early chapters, there are reasons for his behaviours as he learns what's right and wrong. Although I don't approve of his ways in courting romance, and want to smack him in the face sometimes so he can stOP, most of it has to do with his nature as a demon and how he can't control himself sometimes.... more>> So spare the plump fish some mercy! (&Gt;~<) Honestly I'm not sure what else to say, but major props to Lianyin for the translation it's so beautiful and sticks to the original well, I'm in tears every time ;_; If anyone wants to give this novel a shot, go for it, but be prepared with tissues. And if you're not fond of bl, detailed violence/gore, or deep romance scenes, drop this immediately as it certainly isn't for everyone. With that being said, I hope you all enjoy the novel and support the author by purchasing the original!

edit: btw if any of you liked reading Erha, you're definitely going to love this novel :,) <<less
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sath rated it
December 4, 2019
Status: c46
I'm absolutely hooked on this novel. I started reading it because of the unusual premise and I ended up so emotionally drawn in by the main couple. The author ties together seemingly unrelated plot threads in a really satisfying way, and the sexual tension between Jing Lin and Cang Ji keeps building up. Cang Ji's motivations aren't very human, which makes him interesting. Melancholy Jing Lin's my favorite - I can't wait to learn more about his past.

The novel definitely isn't light reading - it gets very dark at times.... more>> But it's so worth it if you want a compelling story, strong writing, and a unique main couple. <<less
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wallyblob rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: Completed
"You are just like my reverse scale. You live, I live. You are my life. Therefore, no matter how difficult things are in the future, or how arduous life becomes, I want you to live." —Cang Ji

I'm bold enough to sum this novel up for you:

60% Jing Lin and Li Rong fighting and giving headaches

... more>> 30% Jing Lin faced with hard choices while it's raining (literally, everytime it rains he encounters problems both emotional and physical LOL)

10% pain and sadness and feeling horny (because of Cang Ji, the little scoundrel)

I know it's weird, but in the flashback dealing with Ninth Heaven (Jing Lin's sect "family"), I read it and imagined them as a reality TV show like the Kardashians. And everytime Jing Lin and Li Rong fought, I imagined the camera panning to Lord Jiu Tian's facepalm. Every moment with these three characters is meme-quality and you can fight me on that.

Also, one time, a chapter ended with Lord Jiu Tian telling Jing Lin something like "you'll be okay." And then the next chapter started with something like "But Jing Lin was not okay" and I almost dIeD asdfkl; I couldn't breathe. It's not supposed to be funny because that moment was one of Jing Lin's most traumatizing moments but HeLp—

This story requires a patient soul, as the beginning is quite slow and the backstories of the main characters are ambiguous (but that's the whole point because everything gets revealed later on in the flashback). But the wait is worth it because Cang Ji and Jing Lin's story is heartrending and emotional, especially since you know how it'll eventually end for them seeing as Jing Lin basically exists as a broken shell in the beginning chapters (Cang Ji and Jing Lin have a tragic history that precedes the timeline of the main plot). Plus, the translation is beautiful and reads smoothly. I love how the fight scenes are translated.

Past Cang Ji knew Jing Lin was his tribulation, but the part that made my heart ache was that even while knowing that, he willingly and voluntarily fell in love. Many people complain about Cang Ji's character, but I understand his childish ways in the beginning of the novel considering he's basically rebirthed and has to relearn the emotions he's long forgotten. And plus, character development! Throughout the story, his character evolves into a mature person that can fight, defend, and think for himself in terms of what he thinks is right and wrong. I almost cried when he and Jing Lin were discussing their perspective on Qianyu, and Cang Ji stubbornly insists they shouldn't make Qianyu forget his beloved, because I could sense the double meaning in that conversation and it hurt (basically saying Jing Lin also shouldn't forget Cang Ji). I fell in love with the Cang Ji of the past. He really cherished Jing Lin and was so flirtatious.

Lord Jiu Tian said with pity, "You originally had no weakness. If you had killed Jing Lin on that day you met him at Nan Chan, you would not have to suffer this fate today. But, in the end, you didn't do it." I'M DYINGGGG... this is the equivalent of that meme: "I should have left you on that street corner where you were standing"/ "But cha didn't" XDD

In conclusion: i'M nOt oKaY. <<less
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Laito Sakamaki
Laito Sakamaki rated it
September 4, 2020
Status: c1
Think Sherlock Homes, Constantine, Lord of the rings and Harry Potter all mashed into one! That’s this story!

I love the ‘who done it’ plot.

I love the fight scenes.

... more>> I love the supernatural elements!

I love the horror in this story.

I love the extensive and well built world and lore in this!

Its not overly romantic either and I love it! Sometimes romance stories take away from the actual plot but not this one. The MC and ML are amazingly written with flaws you can relate to and understand. In fact all the characters in this story are well written including the antagonists! There are many characters and I love this, and not one character is it out rhythm.

This story is dark, with dark themes and I like that boldness to it. It’s not a sugar coated pink gay love story! It’s more than that! Its grim, raw and bloody! It’s a ‘mystery, thriller, action, horror who done it’ genre! Well written, well presented and well researched on the authors part.

The pacing was great too, compared to what I usually read, this is a short story with only 128 chapters in total, but the author did a good job jamming her story in only that many chapters. I’m on chapter 114 now and I’m already wishing we could have more chapters of this because it’s that good! It’s a world I really don’t want to part with yet! I want to know more of the demons, hell, heaven, dragons and deities! That’s just how intriguing this is! <<less
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alfi rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I haven't read TJQ's novels before so I didn't know what to expect. There were moment which made me feel uncomfortable but I decided not to jump to conclusion till the end. And I was right! This novel is quite complicated, many things are not what it seems, sometimes you may change your opinion to completely opposite. Just be patient and you'll see this story is beautiful! Cang Ji may scare you but that's fine, he's a demon after all (and s*upid at the begining :"D), I don't wanna... more>> spoil just remember he is not that bad!

Many thanks to Lianyin for translation! ❤❤❤ <<less
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springday21 rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: Completed

my first Tangjiuqing novel


i cannot express well my thoughts but please hear me out. This author and her danmeis deserves spot for popularity, story telling is just brilliant!

and may I mention BOTH LEADS are STRONG characters that alone made me immediately jumped to this novel

anyway please check out all her novels (too) <3
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Moocakey rated it
October 17, 2020
Status: c125
Easily made one of the top 3 fantasy BL novels in my list. Once I started to read it, I couldn't put it down. A large part of this is due to Lianyin's excellent translation, making the story so seamless. There are some tragic moments with angst but I am hopeful of that HE as stated in the synopsis. If you enjoy stories like Heaven's Official Blessing about cultivation and immortality, then this novel is right up your alley.
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shi.aya rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: c80
Very good novel. Great translation.. Will keep you excited and suspense all the way... I am now waiting for more fluff and the history of their reationship and the reason of the MC and ML's tragedy on their dark past.
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Achiless rated it
February 25, 2020
Status: c73
Well apparantly I'm the only one who dislikes Cang Ji. The story: 5/5. I mean just look at the description. Absolutely amazing. First I was like WTF is this leading to, but everything falls together. The protagonists are slowly discovering a very big secret/scam, and while doing so the Cang Ji starts to realise his feelings for Jing Lin and understand human feelings. It reads like a mystery novel and an action one, what else do you need?

But Cang Ji just ruines it all. I hated his character from the very beginning. At the start of the novel he's an ungrateful little brat, but since he was so young and just got his human body I could take it. But then as the story went along he was still like 'he's mine, I want to eat him, that's all there is' every single chapter. Like we understand that he doesn't know that his feelings are love ok? He doesn't need to repeat it so often it's so cringe. And when I read the raw I think I read

r*pe in his past life?????? That just did it for me I'm so f*cking done with him. If I interpreted it wrong pls tell me and I might just pick this amazing story up again.


He annoys me so much that the 5 stars fell to a three. I've never dropped a novel because of a character. However this novel is definitely a must read bc of its amazing storyline and Jing Lin, so I don't regret reading it.
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Cindamoon rated it
December 1, 2019
Status: c61
It took me two years to recognize the true worth of this novel. It's not like what I had expected at all, and I realized that I need to revise so much of what I once said. I was unbelievably immature from the freshness of the whole danmei webnovel world and jumped the gun when it came to making sweeping generalizations of the whole story based on previous novels and the little I'd read.

And it shouldn't even be me giving the novel another chance- no, it was the novel letting... more>> me make new judgements and bringing me on a journey that I never could've fathomed had I just been shut in my rigid views on how characters should behave and how plot should progress. I cannot amend the 3 star rating I've left on this novel but it didn't feel right to leave this review here when my thoughts on this piece have diverged so drastically from the original.

I've been awed a few times, by the ambition of the author to tie something as complex and universal such as suffering into a simple story. The warm and bold intimacy I had so scathingly scorned now generously shows how much love can matter in the face of life's bitterness, and how astringent it can be when snuffed.

Whereas before, I nitpicked on the small details and thoughtlessly slapped the label of "bad" on Nan Chan when existing ideas and settings didn't conform to my expectations, I see now that there is so much more to be gleaned from the thrill of being carried along by the read. I am relieved from being critical and allowed to enjoy the story and enjoy myself. <<less
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November 27, 2020
Status: Completed
5/5 Rating.

  • Well, Im not expecting that much to this story. But alright, I absolutely got hooked from start to end and kudos for the great translator and author for bringing this novel to light. It has great harmony of mystery-romance and action sub-plot and it blended accordingly. The fog shrouds from the very first chapter would make you suspect and surmise everything and everyone along your journey. Then, along the smashing of stones exposes the truth and feelings hidden in the depth. And gradually open up a path for the sweet. Lots of foreshadowing were encountered so if you liked it I recommend re-reading.
  • For the side characters, hm, it's 4.7. It's not that they were only made as mere cannon fodder, but for me, they lack much appearance in the novel. (??)
Actually, Im kinda annoyed with readers that judge the entirety of a character without pining and looking for their character development. It caused me to share my review of Nan Chan precisely for my opinion of Cang Ji (and the ratings.)

  • The CP, at first, I found the brocade carp way tooo hilarious and turns out he is indeed, the ML. I'll start with him. Cang Ji, was introduced with a greedy instinct from his memories as a carp to devour Jing Lin, our kinda invalid MC, for a life-long companionship. This gave me a vibe that made me ridicule him jokingly sometimes. With little knowledge, he thought there's nothing wrong with this. But he admitted, he yearns for his embrace, and he does'nt want to be separated from Jing Lin. You'll learn to love him if you extinguished judging him throughout the story. His development actually isn't new, it's very likely his more 'innocent' personality being thrown away to put up the better, experienced front. As the novel affirm, he is a safe harbor and you should believe this. And our beloved MC, Jing Lin, is a literal stone-cold person with sealed-off personality. That's it. But this made me love him more, I love his innocence about Cang Ji's thoughts and actions whether the present or past *heehees* and his somewhat facial paralysis (?) though he wasn't really described as that but I imagined their interactions adorably cute that I love re-reading it. Unfortunately, I pine for more extras but it's done.
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Sarah_Jae18 rated it
November 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I really like Cang Ji <3

... more>>

well overall the story is nice, but there're some matters that not be explain very clearly like when is Jin Ling knew the dragon is emperor Chang in their past story? Why he suddenly just knew about it? Even though he has suspicion but the author write it as if JL not get any clue about it (or is it me who missed the line?), and the second is JL is not regain his memory before Chang Ji so why he is being so intimate (as if he has realized his feeling already) eventhough he doesn't know about their past (bc before they fell into the so called river he still consider Chang Ji as a fat fish right?) (but JL is indeed just being the receiver whenever CJ do something to him before).


the conclusion is nobody around JL (his so called deity brothers) is good. <<less
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Pinku3B rated it
November 7, 2020
Status: C129
I was really very excited about reading this novel and while I don't regret reading it, it was a huge disappointment.

First and foremost because I didn't expect sexual abuse or emotional manipulation to be romanticized.

On the other hand, the way of writing the story doesn't seem fluid to me. He rambles through the stories of supporting characters in the first 2 books, and abruptly tells you the whole truth in the 3rd book, to give a hyper-tangled ending in the 4th book.

Aspects that deserve development (such as... more>> the identity and participation of JL's mother) are mentioned in passing to close one aspect of the plot.

The only scene that moved me to tears was that of

JL's torture and his phrase "Gege... take me home".


I loved the extras because they made me laugh so much and I liked how they end up closing

JL's desperate request to go home.

That really was very significant and special. <<less
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Yorokobiaaii rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: Completed
thank you for giving me another wonderful story to read, again and again and again.

At first I was confused about the flow of the story, and was utterly dumbfounded at how that silly fish wanted to devour Jing Lin, but who would have thought their story, their pain, suffering, their hardships, their "Mother to Gege" relationship, their reunion will make me shed tears like I haven't cried while reading a story before. 🤦🤭🤣 Aish! Enough with the "spoilers", thank you, Author San and translator San. 🤭 PS: YOU must Read this Novel, cause you will enjoy reading it, too. 🎏
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Ritu rated it
April 2, 2020
Status: c40
Dropped a star because this novel is confusing at times due to sudden switch in perspectives mid story. But overall even that is an interesting way the author keeps the plot going

It's super slow burn. Literally because the ML was a koi fish who evolved into a child then suddenly into an adult. It's very rapid for him and he does not understand complex emotions other than the base ones he already as which is to devour and grow.

But slowly he starts to value the MC. You also start to... more>> learn about the MC and appreciate him..

The author has a way of introducing characters randomly but you get attached with them. It's a slowly unraveling story that introduces you to a lot of emotions. A lot of the times it'll leave you sad. That's the beauty in it I guess.

Overall, , , the plot can be confusing at times as the author likes to randomly switch up the perspectives. But the story is pretty good still and all the characters are 3 dimensional. The plot is nicely driven by a single entity just known as the bell and we are slowly learning about our main characters.

The translation is amazing ! I am reading another novel by the same team and it's also pretty good. <<less
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myheartgoesbadumpforyou rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: Completed
this novel is just so tear-jerking and filled with details that's just sooo asjdkarwkjasd like yknow I cried so bad when he said, ... more>>

"gege... take me home."


also the 'rape' that cang ji did, it was clearly shown that it saved the MC cuz otherwise

he would go insane, cultivation would be ruined and potentially r*pe others because of the drug given to him by that who*e tao zhi or whatever his bit*h ass name is.


honestly, this novel is filled with details and characters that if you dont read carefully, you can miss alot. in a way, I really dont get all the low reviews. this novel is extremely complicated to the point that if you just end up skimming through it or leave it in the middle then obviously you'll think that the novel isnt good/up to par with all the other good reviews. translation was straight up spectacular, they did such an amazing job at it.

character development 9/10, plot 100/10, angst 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10. the heartbreak man I still cant get over it. no wonder why its specifically written that its a HE. I wish I could have amnesia just so I can experience all the rollercoaster of emotions I had through it.

i still can't get over the emperor cang's and lord lin song's love story aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my heart is fullyyyyyyyy satiated. <<less
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